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of the israeli palestinian conflict and close coordination with washington in terms of of the final part of your question i mean israel has always wanted the 2 state settlement to be off the table and i bite my responsibility that this makes it that much more difficult doesn't take anything off because israel wants the table the key issue here i think is that when it comes to these actions of the occupied territories israel has for all intents and purposes and acting with impunity for the past half century and the key issue now is will the international community continue to give israel at most a slap on the rez look the other way or will it confront israel with serious meaningful consequences for its conduct most of about who would say in ramallah i mean what are the palestinians options right now what can you dave. well let me 1st
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say that tomorrow will be the 26th anniversary of illusion i don't call it an agreement i call it an illusion it was a trap. palestinians in. israel used the time very well to consolidate settlement expansion of the patient and the system for apartheid i do not see a difference i don't see any perspective for the peace process as long as the balance of power between us and israeli source skewed in the interest of this israeli trend which is the right to enter in i don't see a peace camp and there is no peace camp in it which can in gauge in a real feel for the process and let me let me put it clearly what is the difference between gantz in the 20 al gore and lieberman on the issue of yours and him none what is the difference between that and your guns and liberman on the issue of removing settlements none what is the difference between the 3 of them and the
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issue of palestinian statehood also none they are all against separation of you lose a limb that are all against removing settlements that are all against palestinian state and in that sense i don't see a peace camp and that's why i think what we witnessed today and the israeli announcement liquids in a an ounce mr kids' announcement is about declaring the deaths of the so-called 2 state solution what could change the situation only 2 things palestinian resistance to this plan and international sanctions and as i don't see sanctions coming in i see a growing boycott divestment sanctions at the public level at the grassroots level but the governments of the world only issue a condemnation and statements which mean nothing unless there are acts of punishment unless as israel knows that there will be punitive acts against coalition of international law this course will not change but that does not leave palestinians without an option i believe. what we should do is 3 things 1st of all
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immediate end of internal palestinian division only fight palestinian leadership as soon as possible 2nd in doing the illusion of all civil and declaring a new alternative palestinian strategy which is based on popular nonviolent resistance as well as boycott divestment sanctions campaign and helping palestinian steadfast and still on the ground because we all know the israelis know that our numbers here in palestine is equal to the number of israeli jewish people and that is the main obstacle to the zionist plan finally i must say we should declare as palestinians that if you kill the 2 states option which is happening we will demand one state solution one state with full democratic rights for everybody from that over to the sea they don't want 2 states ok we'll fight against apartheid i know it will take a long time but that's the only course we have we have to fight for freedom we have to struggle for justice we have to struggle for real peace for
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a lasting peace that can only happen on the basis of equality between the both people let's bring in mitchell brock when israelis have somebody like mr berger to speaking that way saying actually the 2 state solution is dead we need to look a real alternative in a one state solution that will scare a lot of people in israel but clearly what you've said and what you have been saying is that fair work for netanyahu is something that he's using to his advantage. well you know i 1st of all have to disagree with something dr barghouti said he says there's no difference between netanyahu and lieberman but there is a very big difference because netanyahu campaigned in 1996 that he would cancel the oslo accords he did it he was the one who implemented the oslo accords ok he was the one that withdrew from hebron ok against the wishes of the israeli people he was the one that enforced the oslo accords in the beginning when he was prime
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minister when he took over as prime minister a decade ago when he took over as prime minister they're going to he gave the speech in parliament supporting a 2 state solution i didn't hear ganser lieberman do that he was the finance minister i'm doing it is a single easement one month before the disengagement they made sure all the money was there to do that so any of the people in it and now is the most liberal it's and now it's done more for 2 state solution it's a now does more than any of the one i'm sorry i'm not i adding heart let you know i stick around i like you i can't let you say that without with impunity michel he has built more settlements and that all illegal under international law than any other israeli leader and he hasn't read the peace process i believe that is not correct i die i actually think it is but let's say there was a listening up with the prime minister is he then born settlement he's declared his land in 94 or it will he is not what he had done he hasn't been prime minister well that's an occasion that i believe that i think in the suburbs he must reply to what
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i mean to him or busy it's i totally disagree with what was said not then you know perhaps in the land the death of agreement he planned the death of 2 state solution or you need to do is to go back and that he and his book which he showed in 1900. police under the sun in which he said he's going to fight the possibility of a palestinian state that it was the bank some idea that he would put building settlements he added if it did the israeli public to assassinate the it's. graben he was behind that and he's the one who blocked the implementation of oslo agreement and he and shot on later did everything they could to bury it he is the one who built so many settlements and not only him of course shot on participative every israeli that did that and that's why i said there's no difference between guns and not then you know india lity they're all of the prison think one zionist movement that believes that the whole of palestine is jewish and that's why they
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passed the jewish state law under not then you know what is the jewish state law it's about today this isn't it's about saying that palestinians has not i to be in this land this man has contributed and established and consolidated not only occupation but a system of apartheid that is trying to kill any opportunity for peace and an opportunity for a future palestinian state that is the reality if there is a man who killed or slow more than anybody else it's not any oh let me bring in more in rabbani here from washington d.c. you've heard our other 2 gas agreement is nowhere near or even a consensus and fags between them what is left for the israeli palestinian peace process they don't seem to have an honest broker in the u.s. the e.u. seems to be failing when it comes to all of this and start organizations there doesn't seem to be any light on the horizon or am i being very pessimistic. well
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let me 1st start by pointing out regarding the differences between the main history of leaders contests and next week's election the response of blue and white leader bennett dance to netanyahu is an exhibition proposal was to accuse netanyahu of stealing its ideas so that perhaps gives an indication of how close the mainstream israeli leaders are or that leaders who currently represent the israeli mainstream on issues when it comes to the city and i would argue there was a 60 meaningful peace process from the outset oslo was never about ending the israeli occupation of the west bank and the gaza strip and lamenting city itself determination throop our city and state but just as a refugee question oslo was a way to get around that consensus and a mechanism through which israel could reconfigure its relations with the
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palestinians and in the aftermath of the 1st intifada that because israeli leadership came to that was an satisfy it was untenable but it was simply to continue the occupation through different means and that's the real issue i think if we're going to have a meaningful peace process i think the last 25 here is as demonstrated well beyond any reasonable or unreasonable doubt that israel is and capable of made game the kinds of compromises that are necessary for a durable israeli possibly in peace and the balance there for agreement in the correct of the international community. to take the necessary measures and i think there would have to be served by palestinian actions to demonstrate that the status quo that was established by ausiello is as untenable as
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a status quo that we had and the late 1980 s. and early 1990 s. so i mean it's a very bleak horizon. well yeah but actually over the longer term it can be successfully challenged let me bring in mature ok we are running out of time but i want to ask you this question you've heard most of the barghouti speaking in ramallah you've heard our guest in washington d.c. morning rabbani do you still believe that this is electioneering chutzpah from netanyahu and that's actually the palestinians shouldn't worry about this announcement and once you know the election is over and done with everything will go back to normal for want of a better word. i mean let's just where do you think that's a now is today he had to go to russia 5 days before the election to meet with president putin is there something that is so pressing right now that it's urgent to leave the country during an election campaign no he's actually going out there for the photo op so that the russian voters can see that he is as he says in
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a different league he was last week with boris johnson in the united kingdom the prime minister there today he's with the russian president. it's just electioneering meaning and he never is held to this these standards of what he said during the election and he'll retracted and the question that has been asked by many people mr nixon yeah you've been prime minister for 10 years why didn't you extend israeli law before that why didn't you extend it anywhere on the west bank through the settlement blocks of arielle of the should see own of doomy why haven't you done that why did you wait for the last election to declare that you were going to do it but in a whole decade you haven't done it and the reason he hasn't done it is because he doesn't necessarily have intention to do it he realizes that to take a unilateral step like that is something that has to you know have a real reason to do he also knows the trump plan is coming out and this is just electioneering i really don't think we're going to see that anything concrete take
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place again it's going to depend on where he comes out in the election but i wouldn't take too much seriousness and even whoever's elected whether it's the tell you our gods the likelihood is is it's not going to be a hard core right of center government and we may see some real change in the middle east especially now that trump is going to look to be reelected we already out sometimes and i do want to bring about who is he and who responds to you michel brooke is that anything that you've heard from a guest in ramallah that may have helped you change your mind at all are you convinced that it's still the same. again now unfortunately i have to say i totally disagree with mr barak totally because actually what netanyahu is doing is step by step and next in the west bank step by step separating completely gaza from that is the palestinian territories what he is doing is implementing his but isn't a list of the to plan and it's not his plan only i repeat it's a plan of whole movement that is supporting him that's why what he says is very
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dangerous and let me say maybe we used to talk about status quo before but there is no stick to school anymore actually there is a change that takes place every day with every building of a new settlement with the segregated the road to the did not exist even during the apartheid system in south africa what we've seen during the last 15 years especially under netanyahu is the full and total consolidation of apartheid a system of racial discrimination against palestinian palestinians a system that every israeli should be ashamed of a system that has to be fought back at and the system that has to be changed there can be no peace no prosperity and nor good future for both israelis and palestinians without in the end of this system of apartheid without allowing palestinians to have total equality and total freedom i'm afraid we are out of time i just want to thank all our guests but your brock must about booty and knowing
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rabbani and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to her facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the whole team here bye for now. i.
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3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyze home gone what began as opposition to an extradition or escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and what would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the causes and possible consequences of hong kong summer of defiance on al-jazeera israel oxen take to. go back to the polls for a 2nd time in a certain 6 months. will benjamin netanyahu. riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the banners on al-jazeera. 0 world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive
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countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon remarkable human stories of arabs abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. a lot has of seeker in the hollow top stories on al-jazeera a massive strike. much of paris is public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reforms 10 of the 16 metro lines are closed while buses and trams have also been affected the been long traffic jams in and around the city and people have been asked to work from home as possible tasha butler has more from powers. well this is the worst transport workers strike in
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paris for 12 years most of the metro rail lines the shot the boss and train services are really at a strict minimum so it's making very difficult for people to get around the city and the transport workers of cool this day of action many of them are behind me at the transport workers the headquarters here in paris they say that they are angry over the president's plans reforms to the french pension system now the french presence of manal michael says the france's pension system needs to be overhauled he said it's too complicated he said it's also unfair because even though most people can retire at 60 to some people there are some jobs where you can retire at $55.00 including some transport jobs matter marko says the system needs to be streamlined and needs to be standardized and also it's costing a lot to the french state so you want to try to make it more sustainable in the future but the workers are saying that they're very worried that their pension
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rights in the future are going to be eroded or that they're going to be forced to work longer there's no doubt though for money markets can be very difficult to push through this reform previous presidents have tried to change the system but they have failed because of street protests and for macro it's also something of a personal challenge she's had a difficult year because of the yellow vests a protest movement a lot of anger directed against him but opinion polls suggest the recently his popularity has gone up a little bit he's doing better the economy is turning around so be very careful not to be treading very carefully to make sure that he doesn't face a new way. street demonstrations are pakistan's prime minister says he wants the world to know that india's crackdown on canada kashmir cannot go on imran khan is holding a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than a month since new delhi revote indian administered kashmir is autonomy effectively
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and next in parts of the territory almost $4000.00 people have been arrested since then start divisions were on display as 10 u.s. democratic party presidential hopefuls failed faced off in a national debate in houston texas reforming the health care system gun laws and immigration were major themes. the u.s. will release the name of a saudi official believed to have been involved in coordinating the september 11th attacks name will only be revealed to a limited circle of people including lawyers victims' families. and egyptian businessmen is causing a storm by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president sisi an army generals mohammad ali who worked as a military contractor for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels and a seaside palace for sisi is putting his videos online from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile the videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views. i wonder why spend
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a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that stacy's wife didn't want to sleep in the same home with mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite it being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than $1500000.00 the army also ordered me to build $125000000.00 hotel in cairo's 5th siegelman hundreds of people had been protesting through the night in mind more is done about sexual violence in south africa presidency around the policy has admitted south africa is facing a crisis and has promised tougher laws. those are the headlines right now in
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sports stoking the endless chase. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level never has the pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great something new and this is super sport to. cycling football power sports injury and sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work where studying
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instigation of bad things parts could i touch no i'm sure i've no comment. about that. mule yes the part of russia's 800 metres champion in 2011 unveiled to the world how russia creates its champions that has damaged octets about a person spit on top of a lot and the stars of high performance sports can spend up to 100000 euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development the extreme growth of the sports business has gendered a lucrative black market in doping worth an estimated 30000000000 euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport under the best of us get on it could use either one or speak to. sponsors and sports federations a partly responsible or not that way with any that they thought there was a. more likely part of
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a broken you've got. to get the photo but they've done that. in a world that values performance and competition so highly other proponents of clean sports fighting it losing battle. i believe it's a force by 1 fact i think you need to be able to get past our i pod your brain going. as a sport that relies on technique would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by matchmaking and corruption as the last. case we had was during 994 when the united states but i don't. live in a journalist's conducted a lengthy investigation into doping in football because i did a large number of testimonies. so much before. that stuff and much in august. was. also food water exactly how to force push people's milk and then
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but you went off of this can only go to become a different sport lol at the human that are not generally quite it's got to. fit mustard for the germs to quit if you got to admit it works for someone still in dance class are talking with. opinion football has taken much longer to be exposed . it was found that the german team were taking and fed to means during the $96.00 world cup. you venters are known to give in their players blood transfusions and olympic demand say injections before matches were commonplace doping carried out under the supervision of the clubs yes for 4 quid from this also come the thought that i'm including. hope i thought to defeat the gangs and that's all and then fall fish short cut and then asked if i work on a ball or to where you can leave out how to me go get it. unstuck and i'm done fund
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in full on often by a good student of a cunt in for i in the office it's kind of hoping for i don't get is going to get indecent if i. give it a fine stopping come ons are going on and i notice that i'm out in find that he found in a few another value offering moved out of all in favor. well i will break into programming now to take you to rather mean south yorkshire in the u.k. where prime minister parsed johnson is speaking there head of a meeting with the e.u. next week let's listen in which is the of course that the plural of mad gnome which you everybody knows is the latin for ice cream and great to be at the biggest ever convention of the north only right one meeting here on the banks of the don't really the crucible that forged the history of this nation and indeed of the modern world when nelson defeated the french at trafalgar and said this country
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on course for about 100 years of imperial expansion the cannons of h.m.s. victory were forged here will croon company it was rather i'm pipes that brought fresh drinking water to hong kong rather i'm steel that clad bruno's great eastern form the skeletons in new york skyscrapers and did you know that every 5 hydrant in new york was cost in british steel listen to miles from here at the works of guest and crimes and that was will anybody in america who would put tariffs on british steel this place where we meet was in fact so central to our national life that it was bombed in both the 1st and the 2nd world war and so it's entirely 50 that 50 years ago the works here at temple adopted as its logo the phoenix perpetually rising from the ashes and across this region you can feel that phoenix like transformation as the northern parts which jakes just spoke so eloquently from into
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life with a low carbon fuel efficient role look at catholic where a factory that once made soup a glass is now being used to use by mclaren. to turn super light super strong yorkshire carbon fiber into the fastest production cars on earth right next door of the advanced manufacturing research center exhaust technology of producing the world's most environmentally friendly washing machine that's the space and i bet it's true boeing chose sheffield as its 1st civil aerospace factory in europe with nearly half its prejudices taken on half its employees taken on as apprentices and did anybody have a bagel the smalling did you. know if you did it was probably made just up the road in mexico where the largest bagel factory
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in europe produces 43 quarts of the bagels eaten in britain every day sheffield is the home of the u.k.'s largest provider of hybrid and electric vehicle drive systems company called mag tech a world 1st initiative mac tech is retrofitting sheffield's refuse lorries with battery power with enough juice to negotiate the 7 hills and recharge themselves with energy they generate from the very rubbish they collect rubbish powered rubbish thans there's a joke that somewhere trying to leave it to you to work i tell you there is no limit to the imagination innovation and ingenuity of the leadership in the north and i have a profound belief that talent and genius are uniformly distributed around the u.k. but opportunity is not and that is why we need to level up.


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