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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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it was played a bit of a challenge for people to get around because this is the biggest transport workers strike in 12 years so many of the metro lines the shot the inner city train services and only one in 3 buses is running so you seen people as you heard there just a short while ago you see people taking bicycles or scooters just trying to find alternatives to get from a to b. or staying at home simply taking a day off and and extending their weekends now the transport workers have said that they've called this one day strike in order to protest against the french press and demand all my. pension reforms amount omark all says that the pension system in france is too complicated it's too costly for the french state so he wants to try and streamline it's a he wants to make it fair and he says at the moment retirement age is 62 but in some professions including in transport for example people can retire early 55 and that's supposed to take into account the fact that they often have liked to work
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for more responsibility or quite risky jobs now workers say that their stream be worried about any upcoming reforms because they're worried that their pension rights or their pensions are going to be reduced and also that they're going to be forced to work later into their later years i should say. and it's going to be a real challenge then isn't it for the government to push through this reform. yes any sort of reforms in france do tend to come up against quite a bit of political and public opposition and pensions really touch everyone because most people parents of public pension there aren't profits many private pension schemes is extremely rare so this really would be a reform that will to affect everybody and previous presidents have tried to really overhaul this very costly pension system but they have failed they faced street demonstrations they faced political opposition and from out of my course of
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particular challenge really because he's had quite a difficult year domestically he has faced street protests from the yellow vest movement a lot of it's really directed very personally it's him now recently though his opinion poll ratings his popularity ratings seem to be going up and that could be to do with the fact that the economy is doing a little bit better unemployment rates are going down and he's also worked a lot on his image you might say so people perceive him as being less arrogant so he's going to be very careful indeed what he proposes these reforms in the way in which he does it you want to be careful to make sure that he convinces people that this is really for the country's good and that he's doing it in a way that they feel in a way is fair because you won't want to see a return to months and months of street demonstrations all right natasha brother live for us there in paris next. china says it will examine to us poor soybeans and other agricultural products from any new tariffs that is another
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conciliatory move before a new round of talks hoping to ease the u.s. china trade war both sides have recently made some concessions and china has put additional tariffs on 25 percent on u.s. agricultural goods and raise those on for consorted beans again on september 1st. plenty more ahead on. the floods causing chaos in southeastern spain as to wrenching rain and heavy winds back to the country. have brought the epicenter of the longest running armed rebellion. is finally insights and the top ranked rugby team in the world gets a traditional welcome in japan ahead of the world cup details coming up with. 3 people have died following
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a 2nd day of heavy rains and flooding in spain hundreds in the provinces of. been forced to leave their homes and several have been left without power and hayward has the latest. floodwater. capital spain's mediterranean coast this is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain the impact of the deluge further inland can be seen. with buildings in the landscape swamped by the downpour. open night emergency teams work to evacuate people properties in the flooded town of. someone going to go there but we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came in flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like it the water almost. in the morning no rest spite rescuers managed to reach a man whose car had become trapped on
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a motorway to look more like a than a wrote in an imaginary window here's how he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help people in the worst. depicted towns and villages and work is underway to clear the day pre the should still be holiday season for this part of spain but the have been record breaking levels of brain and more is expected and what he would which is there are . no antigovernment protesters are gathering in hong kong victoria park to celebrate the annual middle autumn festival unlike the often one pro-democracy rallies of the past 50 weeks this one is expected to be peaceful let's cross live now to sarah clarke it is the mid autumn festival holiday weekend all the protesters planning to to gatecrash or join those events.
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we're victoria park which is the one of the mine assembly points for the middleton festival celebrations preparative pro-democracy protesters have said they'll join numerous rallies that they are simply points of being held across hong kong this weekend but it will be in a peaceful manner because a couple of 100 of the protesters milling around behind us but they're seeing glory to hong kong but by no means is there any violence that we witnessed at all tonight they stress that this will be a peaceful demonstration a peaceful rally joining the middle of a festival which is all about family and we've got thousands of people who are still rolling behind me gathering and merging in this part of my the luna festival or the middle of investable which is all about lanterns and lights and this week we've seen a diversification of the strategies used by these protesters they've been gathering in in various shopping centers thousands of them singing glory to hong kong now the police have said that stress and ever quest for the middleton festival to remain
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peaceful they've asked for i meet all of them festival cause over this holiday weekend and what about the year the rest of the weekend then we'll be more rallies is there an end in sight. it looks like a very busy weekend of rallies again this weekend in hong kong the civil human rights front which is the organization which was behind the mass rally where we saw one and 2000000 people of the various different weekends march from here into central they've requested to go ahead with a mass rally again on sunday now the police have denied permission for that to go ahead we're yet to find out if the organizers who push the protesters to join that rally but we do expect people to assemble in some way tomorrow which is saturday here in hong kong we've got a number of other rallies but got one in the new territories once again the commission have denied the request from protesters to hold this particular assembly but i plan to go ahead anyway so if the government had hoped that the protesters
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would be worn out by now that was certainly wrong it's been called the summer of dissent where now in all some of these protesters have said that they will continue until all their demands are met all right sara quote why 1st. now to gyptian businessman who's causing a storm by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president add the fact that his c.c. and army generals mohammed ali who worked as a military contractor for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels and a seaside palace for sisi he's putting these videos online from spain where he lives and self-imposed exile the videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views some people in egypt are demanding he's tried for treason i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that sixty's wife didn't want to sleep in the same home when mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level
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corruption to a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite it being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than $1500000.00 the army also ordered me to build 100 $25000000.00 hotel in cairo's 5th 6th woman mohammed in mostly is the chair of the media and media and journalism at the da institute for graduate studies he says the absence of evidence doesn't matter to many egyptians. egyptians largely know that the government is corrupt i mean egypt egyptians aren't dumb. egypt score is very low on all of the corruption indexes write them we know about the corruption during the mubarak presidency for example so i do know that the military controls the gyptian economy some estimates suggest
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that the egyptian military controls up to 50 percent of the economy they manufacture bottled water they manufacture furniture they own construction companies and i could go that's a very long laundry list so when he says these things it resonates because people sort of already believe it they're saying now that you know he's a muslim brotherhood sympathizer they're saying that he's got an ax to grind that we shouldn't believe anything anything that he's saying but the reality on the ground is that many egyptians are watching these videos they're starting to have doubts even sisi supporters are starting to have doubts about his integrity as a leader and about the military's integrity so i think it's significant. the problem ocracy protesters have taken to the streets in algeria for the 30th straight week has been without an elected president since demonstrators forced president. to resign in april and many one sweeping changes including members of the former regime being put on trial.
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a british from mr boies johnson will meet with the european commission president jiang claudio connex week to try and renegotiate the u.k.'s brigs a deal in the meantime he left london for a meeting greet with people in the progress in town of doncaster in northern england and an address to local leaders the prime minister focused on domestic issues and regaining control from the european union. i certainly won't be deterred by. anybody from our goal of coming out of the e.u. oct 31st which i think most people this country want us to do and they want us to get breaks done i believe they do. but i also won't be deterred from getting on with our domestic agenda and i think the people this country also want to hear yes it is absolutely true that the opposition parties they put it you want to have election nor do they want to deliver bracks and i have to face that that reality at
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the at the present but what people want is to hear how we're going to get on and deliver on their priorities and that is what we're going to do so i think it's entirely relevant to come not just to the north but to all parts of the country and say how we're going to live a $20000.00 more police on the streets and what we're doing to invest in our hospitals well john howard joins us live now from london so journey they did british prime minister they're going on all what seem like an interim impromptu election campaign even though he hasn't been able to call an election. what i think it's pretty clear that the conservative parties in gauge now in an unofficial election campaign all the parties know an election is coming and they're all getting their policy promises slogans and messaging right boris johnson for the 2nd time in a week after in the north of england in labor party heartlands former steel producing
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areas of the country rather and voted 70 percent for leavin the conservative strategies to try and with those voters back based on labor's sort of wavering policy towards a particular 2nd referendum at the moment i don't see it will go down as a bomb storming successful boris johnson this he was confronted in doncaster market on those public spending promises by a voter who said people have died here from austerity you've got a cheek to tell us that austerity is over that will leave the e.u. and everything will be fine it's just a fairytale she said and then during that speech a heckler took him on over the suspension of parliament they forced suspension or proration of parliament saying why aren't you in parliament boris with the m.p.'s sorting out this mess that you've made of course johnson did his best to try and recover from that setting out once again his timetable that parliament back on october the 14th for a queen's speech he won't be deterred from setting out a domestic agenda then the e.u.
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summit he's cautiously optimistic of a deal on the 17th and 18th of october he's meetings on that in looks from luxembourg on monday and he says m.p.'s will have plenty of time to vote on all of that the one thing the one big thing that he isn't doing gauging on and that is the new law passed last week just before parliament was suspended requiring him to get to get an extension if he can't get a deal or a chance and says simply we will be out on the 31st and that of course one of a number of potential showdowns to look forward to in the latter half of october all right janet thanks and i don't know how life 1st there in london. well we've got a new tropical storm developing in the caribbean here's jenny tell us all about you know good news this whole has because this of course is the exact spot where we saw the recent tropical storm which became that massive hurrican doria let me just remind you really what we're dealing with right now because of course we've had thousands of people impacted 5000 people have been evacuated from bahama and grace abaco you've got one in 5 people actually home is 2000 people in shelters and that
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is still 1300 people actually missing now this is what we're watching next this massive cloud you can see here it does not have a clearly defined eye but that was just like hurrican dorian however there are some dissimilarities shall we say because this storm system although it does look for taking the same track it really will not be expected to have the impact asshole that dorian did that this is a storm system now it's going to continue to move towards the west this is the cone of possibility over the next couple of days it's moving quite quickly as well and you can see it's pushing on through freeport not this really is taking pretty much the same track as dorian but the good news is the waters and so much colder because they will so without hurrican when it came through and these storm systems they have to have warm water to continue to fuel them so that is some good news now what it will do though despite whether or not it develops into a strong storm right now it is going to number at number 9 it will continue to produce some very heavy amounts of rain so friday through saturday you can see its
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progress pushing across the bahamas and actually by sunday most of the rain will have pushed out of the picture however we will of course he's in pretty big accumulations over the next couple of days so some areas certainly the islands could pick up maybe $1150.00 millimeters of rain some thunderstorms in the mix as well and then some areas but generally over the open waters here has we could see another 250 millimeters of rain so keep it so we'll keep a close eye on this storm. all right thanks jenny was still ahead on the edges it i will explain why protesters in johannesburg want to shut down parts of the city. also look at new zealand's latest efforts to tighten gun laws after the mosque massacre. and the russian president celebrating his country's top fighter war with libya in sport. the biological and chemical agent even more real weapon on just throughout history
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a lot more from the 1st words head with me and started fighting me and developed by nation states there will be another approach we take every child now within reach of those seeking. find the most toxic substance in the world with. me invisible threats on al jazeera. the latest news as it breaks while there has been officials expect to see the images will be over with details coverage dangers remain from black blood the wrong way before catherine i want to get up to. dorian. from around the world his body will lie in state for a few days. at the national geo cities in the capital. and
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again you're watching i just had a reminder of our top stories this hour stock divisions on display as 10 u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls faced off. in a debate hundreds houston texas reforming the health care system gun laws and immigration were the major themes. a massive strike has brought much of power says public transport to a halt unions they're protesting pension reforms most of the metro lines are closed for buses and trams have also been affected. pakistan's prime minister is warning that new delhi's crackdown on indian administered kashmir push more the world's muslims into extremism imran khan has been holding a rally in pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than
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a month since new delhi revoked indian administered kashmir as well tommy. come on hi i was at the rally in was off at about 1000 off i have got there i already know about their dear man and a 3rd of them are not from water. administered kashmir they were on conduct i did it i'm going to i don't want to destroy the people of target run shorter story no. a on the other side of the line of their while also not a lie in order not to order the budget on a prime minister remember her address in the united nations under it and only within the next. 40 b. are lighting a light of men and of course. who demand he lifted off the party prime minister speaking to argentina also 3rd their budget on record or any let me just support
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the people i know me and. the signal from budget on our. progress on religion or your tax dollars no matter what busy. and the indian government's decision to revoke the autonomy of indian administered kashmir is costa shadow on peace talks with a rebel group thousands of kilometers away in the north east priyanka gupta reports from camp hebron in naga land. twinkling is one of the top leaders of india's biggest group the national socialist council of isaac weaver at $85.00 maybe think he's the most capable of sealing a political deal with the government a deal that's been 22 years in the making the argument in 2015 very dream of these government and the rebel group signed a framework agreement at the talks now appear to be the final stages all mothers
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will have to be in the indian village that is what they taught us not story we reject it but there's a problem or the institution will have to be. ours your organs is yours. now and our flanks will have to be ours your friends will have to be your critics but they are finding it difficult no. no not at all group has up to $5000.00 fighters and grounds it's all part of government the issue of territorial political sovereignty for the nagas has been at the heart of the conflict since india's independence nagas want what they call now going in or a homeland consisting of naga land parts of trained in states and some areas in myanmar but some groups are also calling for a more practical solution you know. elisa venu belongs to a separate coalition of 7 split doggle of groups also in talks with the government
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because i don't know why consideration have been always been mentioned about this unless you know. and the. country nation it's been a glorious on these and how can you have a constitution. not allowed became part of the indignity of 963 other dark eyed habited areas are split between 3 other indian states these celebrate independence day one day before india does they don't pay taxes to the government but to different groups fighting for their cause. but that system has crippled infrastructure and choked its economy in today's reality many look at it youths are suffering because of this economy conditions people are frustrated. so peace talks are critical but the indian government's decision to hawkish weezer told me it's also casting a shadow of the taking of the autonomy from the english we have taken it and you're
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promising it to the nuggets so what value does that promise have for the mothers and this is what is impacting the dogs. the governor of now glad has stalled it did media that talks are stuck on the symbolic issues of flag of the constitution. but after decades of fighting the guards are still waiting for a settlement that fully respects ties to their land their history and identity. al-jazeera now the land. of hundreds of people have been protesting through the night to demand more is done to tackle sexual violence in south africa it's estimated that a woman is raped every 36 seconds their presence has acknowledged south africa is facing a crisis on this issue and has promised tougher laws i mean a mirror has more from johannesburg. organizers of the protest have handed over a memorandum to jana's book stock exchange they are demanding that quote brits are
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africa that businesses listed on the stock exchange contribute at least 2 percent of their profits to a fund dealing with gender based violence they say it's time for businesses in this country along with the government to do its part do their part to fight gender based violence they say not enough has been done in this protest way hundreds of people have come to demonstrate is taking place in the economic hub of south africa sandton which is the richest square mile in africa they say this is. if the decisions are made and if government's going to take notice it should be now and it's because they're targeting businesses in this country we've spoken to survivors of the sexual assault of rape who say that they've been raped a number of times and that there's been very little assistance and support only one in 8 south african women report instances of a sexual assault that they say the problem is with in a system that does not support them women here and men as well are pleading for
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help to deal with what they are calling a national crisis. often see her son is a youth activist and member of the provincial legislator she joins us live now from johannesburg thanks very much for being with us so why in your view are these protests taking place now. look i think that it's coming out of your frustration and really an inability to deal with gender based violence and 7 site in south africa in many ways what we're seeing are not just young women but women of all kinds really taking to the streets to say enough is enough and really something has to change so it's coming not just because there's been a spate of violence over the last few weeks in particular it's coming because there's a much bigger structural issue in south africa that really has resulted in high instances of gender based violence and 7 cite. the president has acknowledged that
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this is a major problem and here suggested making the the sex offenders registry public what do you make of that is that it is a step in the right direction. look i think that could be a step in the right direction but i don't think it's radical enough what we really need is a much bigger change we need to look at the criminal justice system we need to look at how we report instances of sexual assault and gender based violence very often there's a retrial or type station that victims have to go through there's a lack of training by police and different investigative offices and there's a huge stigma around it so most victims of sexual assault actually don't come forward and that's something that we need to deal with in addition to the fact that you know we have a constitution in south africa that you are innocent until proven guilty and a lot of activists on the ground are starting to question that to say that in instances of sexual violence maybe perhaps the onus needs to be turned the other way around to really protect victims more than we do perpetrators. if the rules are
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toughened against against sexual offenders that's that's only one part of the issue i mean because a lot of people say this is it's an issue of the culture. towards towards right there and that's something that's going to take a lot longer to changes and i fully agree i think having better laws as one system but we do need a multi-pronged approach and i do think that we need to start educating in an learning very toxic behavior that we see not just in the streets of south africa but in the workplace in general spaces and i think that also speaks to an education and i think we need to reject the notions of even at a sort of early childhood development stage where people are saying boys will be boys etc etc those are things that we need to start changing now in addition to legal change in addition to immediate response but i fully agree we need to tackle the idea of rape culture more holistically good to speak of you 1st he hasn't
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thanks for being with us thank you for having. now it is the final day of campaigning in tunis u.s. presidential election voters go to the polls on sunday for $26.00 candidates in the running and they include prime minister yousuf head and jailed media mogul and the real cut only who's leading in opinion polls stephanie decker has more from tunis. today since will be electing a new president on sunday that was here that thousands of people 8 years ago came out to the streets demanding change how they managed to get rid of what they called the dictator the man who was in charge of this country for over 20 years but many people now will tell you that even though yes there is some form of democracy when it comes to the politics that nothing has really changed on the ground issues that they will fight the economy there is unemployment and demick corruption and also security issues so we've been talking to the people here on the streets of the capital to see what they have to say. i'm not sure this
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candidate will bet candidate but what i hope is that economically speaking and socially we will improve is pushing the youth i am a young doctor and i don't have a job i graduated 4 years ago. we need something new really new not just lies and promises we love tunisia it's our country we don't want them to win the chair and we just stay in the same problems it can't be only words they must be doers. when in fact friday is the last day of campaigning then saturday a day of silence and then sunday $26.00 candidates will be out for the public vote now if any of them gets over 50 percent that means that will be the outright winner but no one is expecting that to happen there is the expectation there will be a 2nd runoff between the 2 top winners and i will be in november for a report that parliamentary elections also a government and a prime minister everything is up in the air here the question is is the face of today's are going to change are any of these politicians going to bring something
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new to the table certainly. everyone we've been speaking to say that that's what they want and that's what they're going to expect a smug case from wildfires in indonesia has sparked health concerns and forced the closure of an airport authorities say there are more than $3600.00 areas burning on the islands of sumatra and borneo efforts to stop the fires are continuing with more than $9000.00 people deployed are also in indonesia as rising sea levels there threaten the capital president joker we don't know is urging m.p.'s to back a plan to relocate it to the island of borneo but as regina mohamad reports now there are concerns about what that will mean for people who live there this largely untouched part of east kalimantan will become the new capital of indonesia if the president has his way. it's in stark contrast to the capital jakarta clogged with heavy traffic smog and sinking the pressure to move is rising along with sea levels
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which may mean the city of more than 10000000 people could be under water within the next 30 years. and this is where the city's relocation may end up borneo island known for its lost rain forest and rare wildlife. while it was chosen for being less prone to earthquakes and floods there are concerns the massive move will threaten conservation efforts activists say mining and logging have already damaged some areas. and you up until here will destroy the eco system it will cause forest the structure and raise the temperature of risk forest fires and during the drought years old will create a water shortage. moving the capital has been discussed for decades but recently resurrected by president joker we don't owe. estimated to cost $32000000000.00 it will be one of the world's largest single infrastructure projects. the plan is to
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build the city on land between east to largest cities public and summer into connected by this 1000. the 1st stage of construction will be around this will be a presidential palace ministries and housing for governments and schools elsewhere they'll be hotels businesses and offices to meet the demands of the cities of new population. while the new capital is welcomed by many indonesians villages in pasir fear they'll be forced off land they've lived on for generations. we worry about. 20 percent of us have the legal documents he longs to us foreigner have been coming here it's goes intention in the community government leaders in jakarta say the exact site of the new city hasn't been revealed to avoid property speculation. we don't need to ask people when we want to move the capital it's up to the
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government to decide as long as we don't destroy the environment or harm anybody. while plans are still in the early stages the 1st construction is expected to be completed by 2020 full movie and entire capital city will be a delicate balancing act for indonesia's leaders preserving the natural habitat while building their vision for a new concrete jungle for him mohammed al jazeera borneo in indonesia. the indian capital will enforce strict new rules on the use of private cars in november in a bid to improve air quality that the toxic smog blanketing new delhi is from a combination of vehicle and industrial emissions dust from building sites and smoke from burning rubbish it gets worse in the winter months as the winds drop for 2 weeks private cars will only be allowed to use roads on alternate days the government will so distribute free facemasks new zealand's.


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