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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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a divide in the democratic party between the pragmatic wing that looks i think a bit more realistically about costs and dollars and what they can do versus the idealistic wing on many of these questions was there a winner or busy last night's debate in a way that changes who's ahead right now i think the loser was julio castro because his attempt to shine a light on biden's age backfired i agree with rob reynolds i didn't see any great winners but in this case you know many of us had expectations that with elizabeth warren and joe biden on stage that that would be the defining clash in collision because they are the 2 front runners right now that didn't happen so everyone came out a little bit deflated i think that that that that didn't occur i think joe biden is a bit of a winner he came out a bit strong even though he did fumble and he did fade a bit into the forum i think that on the emotional front there are a lot of americans that feel he's sort of on their side no matter the detail but
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that i think people like clover char and people to judge did better than many analysts are thinking because they put themselves as pragmatic problem solvers and even peacemakers on that stage and i think they got a little bit of a boost we'll have to see other numbers come out what do the debate tell us then about how easy or hard it's going to be full any democrats one seat done. well i think right now we're already beginning to see that you know the top 3 candidates bernie sanders elizabeth warren and joe biden already control i think about 65 percent of the vote and right there you've got 3 people that are at the front so it's going to be hard for others to really break through i think that's why hujan castro tried to take such a flamboyant swipe at vice president biden because he wants to put himself in that race i don't think it worked for him so right now with the americans have already seen their positions harden around these 3 and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders
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are appealing to people with many of the same ideas so it shows how strong that progressive liberal wing is that's worried about climate gun control and and women's rights to choose on abortion and many of the issues that donald trump has sort of been radicalizing the political left with there's a larger portion of those people in that track than there were in the last election so that makes it tough for joe biden but it makes it even tougher for everyone else . thanks so much for your thoughts. now and china will exempt us polk soybeans and other cultural products from any new tariffs it's another conciliatory move ahead of a new round of talks aiming to ease those u.s. china trade will tensions both sides of recently made concessions. 30 more still ahead on the news including the floods causing chaos in southeastern spain tarantula rain and heavy winds battered the country election time intern is here
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but one of the leading candidates for president is conducting his campaign from behind bars and the top ranked rugby team in the world gets a traditional welcome in japan ahead of the world cup coming up with peter in sport . a massive strike has brought much of paris is public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reform 10 of the 16 metro lines were closed buses and trams have also been affected have been long traffic jams in and around the city people have been asked to work from home if possible. they can't take away our social benefits like that i've been working almost 25 years for this company seen all the 50 i don't want to work in time 70 getting up at 4 in the morning it's very hard so today we speak for all our a.t.p.
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network workers. commuters and tourists in paris with the most affected by the strike we had to get some help with our tour guide with their bus because we're doing some free time otherwise we'd have to. take forever to get back to our outside of town or outside the city so it took us over 2 hours to get here this morning. it's complicated i usually took a tram and the metro but neither working so i had to take it took 40 minutes with. i had to share the right and it took me an hour and a half to get instead of 30 minutes. and tasha butler has more from paris. well this is the worst transport workers strike in paris for 12 years most of the metro rail lines the shot the boss and train services are really at a strict minimum so it's making very difficult for people to get around the city
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and the transport workers that have cooled this day of action many of them are behind me at the transport workers headquarters here in paris they say that they are angry over the president's plans reforms to the french pension system now the french presence of manal michel say is the france's pension system needs to be overhauled he said it's too complicated he said it's also unfair because even though most people can retire at $62.00 some people there are some jobs where you can retire at $55.00 including some transport jobs medal marcos says the system needs to be streamlined and needs to be standardized and also it's costing a lot to the french state so you want to try to make it more sustainable in the future but the work has a saying that they're very worried that their pension rights in the future are going to be eroded or that they're going to be forced to work longer there's no doubt though for money markets can be very difficult to push through this reform previous presidents have tried to change the system but they have failed because of
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street protests and for macro it's also something of a personal challenge she's had a difficult year because of the yellow vests a protest movement a lot of anger directed against him but opinion polls suggest the recently his popularity has gone up a little bit he's doing better the economy is turning around so be very careful not to be treading very carefully to make sure that he doesn't face a new wave of street demonstrations. at least 3 people have been killed in flooding brought on by record rainfall in southeastern spain power is out and paul saw closed and roads destroyed in and around the towns of a near. them i would prefer. floodwater . capital spain's mediterranean coast this is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain the impact of the deluge further
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inland can be seen from the air with buildings and the landscape swamped by the downpour. overnight emergency teams work to evacuate people from properties in the flooded town of. some an hour ago there were no we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came and flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like that the water almost got inside and the morning no rest spite rescuers managed to reach a man whose car had become trapped on a motorway to look more like you're braver than a robot you know much you know full of internal fears that he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help people in the worst affected towns and villages and work is underway to clear the daybreak this should still be holiday season for this part of spain but the have been record
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breaking levels of brain and more is expected and he would al-jazeera. another storm is beginning to lash the hurricane ravaged by halmos as the huge cleanup and search for missing people continues the national hurricane center is warning the weather system could turn into a tropical storm around 1300 people are unaccounted for one in 5 are homeless and thousands are sleeping in shelters. pro-democracy activists have joined mid-autumn festival celebrations in hong kong's victoria park unlike the often violent pro-democracy rallies of the past 15 weeks this one has been peaceful the annual harvest festival is one of the most important dates in the chinese calendar it's traditionally a time for thanksgiving and praying for good fortune sarah clarke has more from hong kong. thousands of people are joining the weekend of the festival celebrations here as well as
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a number of different other celebration points across hong kong the pro-democracy protesters have said they'll join these rallies but very much in a peaceful way now this week we've seen diversification of the way these protesters have been demonstrating. in and assembling in. hong kong which has become the anthem. of the protests this weekend we expect to see a number of mass rallies we've got one on sunday which is expected to go ahead despite the fact the police mission on saturday be another one in the new territory the government force these protesters would be worn out by now they're wrong we started these protests. called the summer of dissent it's now and these protesters have said they will not go back and they won't stop demonstrating until. an egyptian businessman is causing a storm by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by present.
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and army generals mohammed ali who worked as a military contractor for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels and the seaside palace for sisi he's putting these videos online from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile. i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that wife didn't want to sleep in the same home when mubarak's wife stayed taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5. palace for the president in a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite it being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than one point $5000000.00 the army also ordered me to build $125000000.00 hotel in cairo's 5th siegelman
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muhammad is the chair of media and journalism at the institute for graduate studies he says the absence of evidence doesn't matter to many egyptians egyptians largely know that the government is corrupt i mean egypt egyptians aren't dumb. egypt score is very low on all of the corruption indexes right the more we know about the corruption during the presidency for example so i do know that the military controls the gyptian economy some estimates suggest that the egyptian military controls up to 50 percent of the economy they manufacture bottled water they manufacture furniture they own construction companies and i can go that's a very long laundry list so when he says these things it resonates because people sort of already believe it they're saying now that you know he's a muslim brotherhood sympathizer they're saying that he's got an ax to grind that we shouldn't believe anything anything that he's saying but the reality on the ground is that many egyptians are watching these videos they're starting to have
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doubts even sisi supporters are starting to have doubts about his integrity as a leader and about the military's integrity so i think it's significant. it's the final day of campaigning internews is presidential election voters will go to the polls on sunday there are $26.00 candidates in the running including prime minister yousuf and media mogul. is leading opinion polls despite being in prison he's awaiting a verdict in this trial for tax fraud and money laundering and was refused bail. stephanie becker brings us the latest from tunis today's events will be electing a new president on sunday that was here that thousands of people 8 years ago came out to the streets demanding change how they managed to get rid of what they called the dictator the man who was in charge of this country for over 20 years but many people now will tell you that even though yes there is some form of democracy when it comes to the politics that nothing has really changed on the ground issues that they will fight the economy there is unemployment and demick corruption and also
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security issues so we've been talking to the people here on the streets of the capital to see what they have to say. i'm not sure this candidate will bet candidate but what i hope is that economically speaking and socially we will improve is pushing the youth i am a young doctor and i don't have a job i graduated 4 years ago. we need something new really new not just lies and promises we love tunisia it's our country we don't want them to win the chair and we just stay in the same problems it can't be only words they must be doers. friday is the last day of campaigning then saturday a day of silence and then sunday $26.00 candidates will be up for the public vote now if any of them gets over 50 percent that means that will be the outright winner but no one is expecting that to happen there is the expectation there will be a 2nd runoff between the 2 top winners and i will be in november for
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a report that parliamentary elections also the government and the prime minister everything is up in the air here the question. it is is the face of today's are going to change or any of these politicians going to bring something new to the table certainly everyone we've been speaking to say that that's what they want and that's what they're going to expect. still ahead on al-jazeera south african women march and charmed through the night demanding action against sexual violence this reached crisis point a new zealand's gun laws backfiring police face accusations the new strategy is failing. japan's. testing a new way of keeping fans cool at the tokyo summer games it has more than the sport . hello that most of here cross the middle east although we are watching now have
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chad working its way across the caspian sea is that larry low pressure not much there in the way of rain where we will have the potential for rain is once again. sunday as you had off into sunday and then unite as across into turkey we've got this line of rain that becomes more extensive as we head into sunday wheeling comes in much of the north and northeast and pushing across into georgia we could see some heavy thunderstorms in the mix here but not a bad day in the sun of the high there of 25 what we have goals is hot air in place across into iraq so 45 celsius in baghdad the winds quite strong for the tools the south so forth. today but not feeling too bad what you will notice is quite a blanket of cat this is all part and parcel of those spreading across the arabian sea so we be pushing up as far as southern sections of saudi arabia and staying as we head off into sunday as well no real rain with that but certainly making for a 5 day but not a temperature sunday that is 7 degrees celsius then we are further to the south
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into southern africa 1st of all across into madagascar mostly case guys here but we've had this front just sliding. 3 cape town and taking the showers with it but a warm couple of days ahead in devon 24 on sunday. ah 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition or escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and what would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the cool zeus and possible consequences of hong kong summer of defiance on al-jazeera. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships.
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somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part 2 on a. new welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now pakistan's prime minister a man carney is warning new delhi's crackdown in indian administered kashmir will drive more of the world's muslims into extremism he made the comments at a rally in those awful about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir divisions
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between white house hopefuls have been on full display in the latest us democratic party televised debate. front runner joe biden fought off attacks from rivals hope to take on dog trump in next year's u.s. election one point he called bernie sanders socialist a massive strike has brought much of paris's public transport to a halt unions are protesting against pension reforms most of the metro lines are closed while buses and trams have also been impacted. hundreds of people have been protesting through the night to demand more be done about sexual violence in south africa it's estimated that a woman is raped every 36 seconds president. has admitted south africa is facing a crisis he's promising. for me the mirror has more from johannesburg. organizers of the protest have handed over a memorandum to the janice book stock exchange they are demanding that corporate
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south africa that businesses listed on the stock exchange contribute at least 2 percent of their profits to a fund dealing with gender based violence they say it's time for businesses in this country along with the government to do its part do their part to fight gender based violence they say not enough has been done and this protest where hundreds of people have come to demonstrate is taking place in the economic hub of south africa sandton which is the richest square mile in africa they say this is where the decisions are made and if government's going to take notice it should be now and it's because they're targeting businesses in this country we've spoken to survivors of the sexual assault of rape to say that they've been raped a number of times and that there's been very little assistance and support only one in 8 south african women report instances of a sexual assault that they say the problem is with in
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a system that does not support them women here and men as well are pleading for help to deal with what they are calling a national crisis the u.s. justice department says it will reveal the name of a saudi official who allegedly had ties to the september 11th attackers the individual has long been sought by lawyers for survivors and victims' families they accuse the saudi government playing a role. in the reports from washington. just a day after the 18th anniversary of the 911 attacks new information about possible involvement of the saudi government the u.s. department of justice released the name of a saudi government official allegedly involved with the system the 1st group of 6 hijackers came to the u.s. to plan the attack that killed. or than 2900 people the name of the official investigated by the f.b.i. has been kept under seal for several years when lawyers representing the victims'
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families by old lawsuits to hold saudi arabian officials they say were involved accountable lawyers representing saudi arabia have for years tried to block the name from being released it raises a whole host of questions about the nature of the saudi support for example who gave instructions to the saudi official in riyadh to give this kind of support to the hijackers the saudi hijackers who are here in california it opens a whole host of questions about the nature of official saudi involvement in the 911 attacks lawyers for victims of the 911 attacks say they are pleased with the justice department's decision but say they look forward to more revelations coming out in the coming days and weeks this all comes at a critical time in relations between riyadh and washington october 2nd marks the
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one year anniversary of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul a killing the cia said was likely ordered by crown prince mohammed bin. but u.s. president donald trump still considers saudi arabia a key u.s. ally because in part the kingdom buys billions of dollars in arms purchases from the u.s. some of those arms used in the saudi led war in yemen now in its 5th year it has killed tens of thousands of people but for the victims of the worst attack on u.s. soil getting to know the name of this saudi official allegedly involved will aid their efforts to finally get justice for those who died on 911 gabriel's andro. washington. thousands of protesters have gathered outside argentina's parliament to demand government action to tackle a hunger crisis the high cost of living means a growing number of the country's poor going hungry today is
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a bow reports from one of cyrus. for today's event might have been as has been living on the streets of one of sightings he and other family members set up a camp right in front of the argentine congress to demand a food emergency plan to help the poor. by the situation is dire for all of us i'm a construction worker but there is no work it's difficult to feed my children that's why i come here because the president's policies are slowly killing us. thousands of people took over the center of one aside is on thursday when the nowhere chambre met classified emergency plan to cope with the ongoing economic crisis in the country. the law was 1st passed in 2002 right after the economic collapse in argentina now it's been extended once again the government said these protesters are manipulated by the opposition to head of october's presidential election but this people say that they come here to request government help to help
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them cope with the double digit inflation rate that makes it difficult for them to eat every day. this is a congressman for the ruling coalition he says the government has been trying to help those in haiti we know. we have lifted taxes from basic food items increased the minimum wage increased cash handouts and lots of other things to help those who need it i don't understand why people continue to protest because we are giving them what they need. i didn't tina has been in a recession since last year and has one of the highest inflation rates in the world running at more than 54 percent. this month in an attempt to prevent the loss of foreign reserves the government implemented new restrictions on currency transactions so now that you have controls i think. that some degree of. stability or at least of calm tense calm one could say has come to the to the
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markets and things will be stabilized it remains to be seen at the end of the day today how many reserves the central bank actually sold to maintain the exchange rates but i think with the with the controls in place demand for dollars should somewhat. go down or should you should see some calm in that area. at least for the time being. i didn't tina's economy is unlikely to reactivate anytime soon the crisis is having a deep impact among those who need help the most. when i say this. indonesia and malaysia are blaming each other for the smoky haze blanketing southeast asian cities fires have been burning in parts of indonesia and borneo
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islands for more than a month small is also affecting malaysia which the country's government says is drifted from indonesia president juggle with dodos hit back saying fires are also burning in malaysia and on malaysian plantations in indonesia. and best occasions underway into what caused a fire at a hospital in brazil which killed at least 11 people dozens of patients had to be evacuated as the flames spread through the building in rio de janeiro but like sarah brown reports. the streets outside the hospital transformed into a makeshift field clinic doctors and firefighters racing to raisky patients from the burning building some already desperately ill in intensive care when the fire took hold we didn't get in that this is not many people want to jump out there was a lot of smoke many people were screaming nurses with their medics trying to get everyone out of there to evacuees they worked very quickly once the firefighters
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were on their way can explain it along with the flames and the dance black smoke blocking exits below. outside patients set in wheelchairs or on stretchers or even mattresses on the pavement still attached to life saving medical equipment these doctors decided which were the most vulnerable and needing to be transferred 1st. distraught family members crowded nearby waiting for information oh my god my mother's side since time if you have no idea you can imagine the relief knowing that my father is alive he's 87 years old he was alone but thank god he's fine not everyone received good news though with firefighters searching through the night to recur. over the bodies of those who couldn't get out in time alexey o'brien al-jazeera. swedish activist grettir thornburgh has joined demonstrators in washington d.c. protesting outside the white house for greater action on climate change the 16 year
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old and dozens of other teenagers held banners and gave speeches demanding political leaders address the crisis arrived in the u.s. last month after a 2 week transatlantic journey on board a carbon free sailboat so bob ways former president robert mugabe will be buried at the national heroes acre in harare garbos body is lying in state at the stadium and what are they where thousands are playing their respects his family and the government had been in disagreement over his final resting place died last week in singapore at the age of 95. the government to begin a fast says it's taking on a network of vigilante groups members of the say they're working at a local level to punish crime from fest to arm the tax they've been accused of human rights abuses catherine sawyer traveled to. booking a fast so to find out more. this is
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a meeting of people who say they're members of what they call the largest soft defense group in booking a facile. hunting guns and other homemade weapons the self-styled vigilantes are meeting in the country's south in district of by they're going to discuss security in the area and what they say are new strategies to keep people safe. this is their leader he says the group has members across the country. you know we're not civil servants we're a group of farmers herders traders women we provide security and advise our people on good investments if people want to reward us we take the money for our logistics . they call themselves. our bush dads in the lock on moral language they came to prominence in 2015 when government security collapsed after the toppling of former president place can power who had ruled for 27 years. to this day set so-called
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vigilantes continue to fill the power vacuum and. you know as i do like many big towns we have police militarily private security but in rural areas there is nothing so all the people see the group as a savior. in the village of ressam canned. and his you need to take us to the local market he says those like you who wear green uniform are special forces whose work is to arrest suspects and investigate crime. not i joined a group because my only donkey was told. and police couldn't help me find it. and i said enough is enough when you come to a small village centers like this one people will tell you that the group has helped the number of highway robbery that pedler that have gone down but have also been accused of human rights abuse in. their justice is instant when you steal
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a phone an egg or livestock you pay back 3 times the cost and face public humiliation but. what people fear the most is shame we tie them up to embarrass them so that they don't do it again and to deter others tell me which is a more serious violation of human rights killing someone and stealing property or our justice system. they're not formally recognized by the government and don't trust security forces it's an easy relationship the interior ministry fails to respond to our request for an interview but this mentality until everyone in the village is feel safe there. is not going anywhere catherine sorry al jazeera south and book enough. british prime minister barak johnson will hold briggs it talks with the european commission president on monday. in luxembourg johnson is seeking to renegotiate the brags that deal his predecessor reached with the e.u.
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before britain's plan departure on october 31st. repeatedly said it won't reopen the agreement boris johnson is due to speak shortly we'll take you live that when it happens. i certainly won't be deterred by anybody from our goal of coming out of the e.u. and october 31st which i think all the people whose country want us to do and they want us to get brakes it done i believe they do. but i also won't be deterred from getting on with our domestic agenda and i think the people this country also want to hear yes it is absolutely true that the opposition parties day politically want to have election nor do they want to deliver bricks and i have to face that that reality at the present but what people want is to hear how we're going to get on and deliver on their priorities and that is what we're going to do so i think it's entirely relevant to come not just to the north but to all parts of the country and
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say how we're going to deliver $20000.00 more police on the streets and what we're doing to invest in our hospitals and i'll say that was barra's johnson is already spoken and we're not expecting to speak again today new zealand's prime minister just has moved to further tighten the country's gun laws 6 months since a mass shooting in christ church killed 51 people interrogating the reports. prime minister just used to visit to a primary school in christ church to announce changes that she says will make new zealand safer including an increase in mental health funding and stricter gun laws we know that the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a license with firearms that have either being stolen or traded illegally arning a firearm is a privilege not a right that means we need to do all we can to ensure that our in the honest laura
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biting citizens can obtain firearms licenses and use firearms. are done 1st announced sweeping gun controls in march following an attack on 2 mosques in christ church that killed 51 people all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles were banned and an amnesty was put in place for the guns to be handed to police 6 months on and the government says more changes to the law are needed this bill includes the creation of a farm's register to enable the monitoring and tracking of every foreign legally owned in new zealand changing the length of time of farms license from teen years to 5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges the requirement to be a license holder in order to purchase and hold foreign parts magazines and ammunition the government hopes parliament will approve the legislation by the end
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of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another mass killing victoria gayton be out there. the very thing advocacy groups are disappointed with the u.s. government's plan to crack down on flavor the cigarettes saying prohibition doesn't work the center for disease control reports hundreds of people have developed respiratory ailments apparently linked to vaporing some of them faithful john hendren has more from chicago. at 18 doctors say adam her generator has the lungs of a 70 year old i was devastated because i didn't think that that little pod could do some wants to amazon on my body he arrived in a hospital emergency room vomiting uncontrollably his infected lungs nearly collapsed his doctors and his mother blame daily vaporing he's living proof of what us does that the pictures of his line the living proof of what they bang does to
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your life it's cases like his that have president donald trump considering banning flavored vaporing tobacco which critics say is designed to appeal to teens the state of michigan has already banned the products not only is it a problem overall but it's really specifically with respect to children we're getting some stories that we don't want to hear and we may very well have to do something very very strong about it according to the u.s. centers for disease control more than $450.00 people across the u.s. have developed ailments linked to tobacco and cannabis vaporing at least 6 have done by some estimates one in 4 teens vapor doctors say what's alarming is they're only seeing the 1st few cases it could be decades before they understand the scope of the problem one doctor told me the only thing that safe to put in your lungs is air we really don't know what's in these products that make them acutely ill but i
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think there's a big fear behind what he's not know and whether we're entering the sort of the early phase of this epidemic critics say the trumpet ministration has contributed to a growing epidemic by refusing to regulate the industry as it regulates cigarettes until health advocates successfully sued to force the administration to act the time to ministrations federal drug administration unlawfully refuse to regulate the sedes for in the years allowing these product. to be on the market without any indication of what chemicals these liquids contain and that is directly contributing to the public health crisis that we're seeing today the american vaporing association says it is disappointed the administration is considering a crackdown saying in a statement a ban will remove life changing options from the market that have been used by several 1000000 american adults to quit smoking in the history of the united states prohibition has never worked it didn't work with alcohol it hasn't worked with
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marijuana it won't work with east cigarettes at him her going raters says for users like him my lungs were just to sound like a baby bear was on the damage is already done john hendren al-jazeera chicago. give the usa the lead on the opening day of the solemne cop tells the truth.
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our i paid his head to take us through all the small sammy thank you very much
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spain have reached the finals of the basketball world cup of the dramatic victory of the restraint in beijing at one point in the semifinal the of straight aeons led by as much as 11 points but the spaniards fought back late in the game to force a double overtime thriller mark gasol hit 33 for his team fellow n.b.a. star ricky rubio at 19 and 12 assists spain came through 9588 well taken argentina in sunday's final. australia's cricketers are chasing england's 1st innings school of $294.00 on day 2 of the final ashes test in london england's bowlers have kept their team in the match though for archer has taken 4 wickets including that of david warner and monosyllabic shane but steve smith is still there he's on $66.00 no doubt the australians $166.00 for 6 they only have to draw this match to complete their 1st test series win in england since 2001 they lead the series 21. pakistan's cricket board says it won't shift the upcoming home
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series against sri lanka to a neutral venue this week 10 sri lankan players opted out of the after the team was warned of a possible terrorist attack threat they were due to play the 1st of $31.00 day matches in 2 weeks' time pakistan's captain is still hoping his opponents will change their minds they gave. pakistan cricket board has made a tremendous effort over the past 10 years over the past 3 years pakistan has successfully hosted the west indies sri lanka a world 11 and pakistan super league for a limited overs match as it tries to win back confidence of foreign teams to restart fully fledged international cricket at home but the international cricket council and other cricket board should also support pakistan because pakistan has always supported other cricket boards in their hour of need that south africa's cricketers have been a climatized to one of the highest grounds in the world in the indian turn of that
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i'm sure it's just over 1406 metres above sea level the proteas will play the 1st of 3 t 20 matches there on sunday and batsman expects it to be a challenge yeah i mean the indian team is those the stores that had won. the they probably through the strongest possible obviously a couple of times and be understood by little to be real now it's going to be real tough task as a young team europe lead the united states 2 and a half one and a half after the 1st morning's foursomes in golf solheim cup taking place at gleneagles in scotland this competition is very similar to the ryder cup except that it is for women golf even though the europeans are in the lead at this early stage with the americans are pretty in one of the most dominating displays on friday sisters jessica and nearly quarter threshed european duo caroline masson and jodi you get shot off 6 and 4. the great. you know i had
12:43 am
a fairly and then nellie having it in close and then just making that even though they were in trouble. as a dream star was a lot of fun i mean when you have your sister buyer you know she kind of calms you down and. you have someone to lean on with just a week away from the sort of the rugby world cup in japan. squad was welcomed in a traditional ceremony earlier captain rory best painted in the eye of a good luck to all call the. over the next week organizers will hold ceremonies like these for all of the teams taking part in will open a campaign against scotland on the 22nd of september and they are going into the tournament as the world's top ranked team if you told us after the world no one going into the world cup. only laughed at us so just shows they can just change you know over the matter of a week meanwhile the organizers of next year's olympics have been testing out some
12:44 am
novel ways of keeping fans cool they've been using artificial snow sprayed over stands of people watching the canoeing events in the japanese capital it regularly reaches temperatures of 35 degrees celsius in july prompting concerns that spectators could get heatstroke the snow didn't work quite as planned the temperature didn't change and one woman appeared to get some snow in our eye but i was testing out the technology appear to enjoy it. finish driver esa-pekka lappie has taken the lead after day 2 of the rarely turkey lap ears a here by 17 seconds of the 7 stages the citron see 3 driver took advantage of the clean a road than bess a growth spain's danny sort of oh seem to be user of these grp after puncturing attire unease hyundai he's down in 6 it was all presidential praises for mixed martial art earthly took
12:45 am
a bieber numa government of president vladimir putin congratulate to be our bintan russian know after he retained easy u.f.c. light way tightly nabu dubey last week 3 didn't see it he was a strong tough fighter no mcgovern of a move to 28 and 00 in his 1st fight since beating qana mcgregor in 2018 now heavyweight boxer tice and furious perceiving a rematch with world champion dion say wilder you also has another fi to prepare form fieri will take on auto wollen in los vegas on said today it will be he 2nd fide since the split decision drawer gains while the in december both meno undefeated holding going into this contest i fail fantastic of trained really hard that a catered rowley while in great shape arm alike as for ben for a long time fail stronger as our been for a long time fit our flak take one of my shave gob ever todd of not a law like or gold all positive to off that's all the sport for now be again a little later with another update sammy thanks so much faith well you can get much
12:46 am
more on all the stories we've been telling you about if you head over to our website the address is there for you al jazeera dot com you can see our one of our lead stories that. we're back at the top the hour stay with us. he did asia is in the grip of an extinction epidemic within dangerous species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too likes one when a still best to gates indonesia's crisis on al-jazeera is running elections
12:47 am
take to voters go back to the polls for a 2nd time in less than 6 months. benjamin netanyahu hung on to one riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera early it's a food fight for their football fans who don't think about opening. they had that lead explaining when real madrid of love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you know. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports dope and the endless chase on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to. he told pretty remarkable to 2 about
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a rear died last weekend crossing from mexico to you know to stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports that commit according to their tradition and life it is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. a tropical storm bears down on the bahamas just 2 weeks after being devastated by its worst can on record. hello again i'm sad to say that this is al jazeera live so coming up pakistan's prime minister warns new delhi's crackdown in indian administrate kashmir will fuel
12:49 am
global extremism plus. the. prime minister is heckled about suspending parliament while giving a speech in northern england. and the businessmen captivating egyptians and then raging the government with online videos about corruption. pakistan's prime minister is warning new delhi's crackdown in d.n.a. administered kashmir will push more of the world's muslims into extremism imran khan's been holding a rally and was offered about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than a month since new delhi revoked the indian administrate kashmir's autonomy almost $4000.00 people have been arrested since then. was at that rally and most often
12:50 am
about. administered kashmir they were on. orders or you know. a on the other side of the line of there are also not a light on here nor above it on a prime minister really addressing the united nations 100 and only within the next . body i lied. lied so many words of course i only ordinarily lifted off the pot of money a prime minister speaking to argentina. started recorder and. the project he made and there are. the signals from budget i don't plan. on really you know you're right no matter what. and there mancala has
12:51 am
spoken exclusively to talk to al-jazeera he says he is anti war bonds will respond to any aggression from india and is prepared to do whatever it takes when 2 nuclear armed countries fight if they fight a conventional war there's every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if said pakistan for god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death it has consequences so that's why. we have approached the united nations we have we are we are approaching every
12:52 am
international forum that then must act right known because this is a potential. a disaster which would go way beyond the indian subcontinent. and you can watch more of that interview on talk to al jazeera on saturday at 430 g.m.t. right here on our dizzy era a massive strike has brought much of paris's public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reform it was the biggest such walkout since 2007 leaving workers with few options but to walk to the office the reports from the french capital. they were tailbacks on paris's famous charles lees a ave and across the city with most of the metro bus and train services closed people sought alternative ways to get around the biggest transport workers strike in the fridge capital for more than a decade cause travel chaos and frustration for commuters the idea is to be able to
12:53 am
strike a protest using methods that don't prevent others going to work. public transport because i thought you told me the. transport workers a protesting against the french president emanuel macro's planned pension reforms the french government says it wants to streamline the complex and costly pension system to make it fairer and financially sustainable. but yet we're going to build a truly universal system which for every year of contributed gives everyone the same rights whether they are workers shopkeepers researchers farmers civil servants doctors or entrepreneurs these transport workers say they worry their pensions could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer most people in france can retire at 62 but some transport workers can retire in their fifty's. pension schemes a sacred except of jobs with shift work we're responsible for public safety but now
12:54 am
they want to take our rights away. we are being asked to take on increasingly difficult working conditions while losing what little compensation we had. many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system previous french presidency of trying to reform it with back down off the public opposition reforming france's pension system was one of a man all macros campaign promises but it's fraught with risk opinion polls suggest that the french president's popularity is finally on the rise after difficult here domestically because of the yellow face protests so he'll have to tread carefully if he wants to avoid a new wave of. 3 demonstrations most french people probably accept the system needs changing it's no longer financially viable for the coming decade so it's a calculated risk but emmanuel mack rise again in popularity since his good results in european elections and he's great national debate so he has momentum the government says it will draw up proposed pension reforms after lengthy
12:55 am
consultations with trade union leaders and the public a strategy the president may be gambling on to give him the green light to continue with his sweeping reform agenda but it won't be easy workers from other sectors are planning similar strikes in the coming weeks natasha butler al-jazeera paris. britain's prime minister barak's johnson will meet the european commission president next week as he pushes for a new break that deal in the meantime he left london for a meet and greet with people in the pro brings it town of doncaster in northern england dressed to local leaders the prime minister said he's working hard to get a new green meant for the october 31st deadline and they're getting close was john howard of course not everyone was convinced. well i won't i think go down as a ban storming successful boris johnson this his 2nd for a week into the labor party heartlands in the north of england former steel
12:56 am
producing areas rather him voted 70 percent almost to leave in the 2016 referendum heavily labor area the conservatives clearly hoping to woo those voters over particularly the light of labor's sort of wavering policy ahead of an election whenever it comes particular on the idea of a 2nd referendum boris johnson though confronted by a voter before his big speech in doncaster market on his promises of big public spending rises in the north people have died from austerity she said to him you've got a cheek telling us that austerity is over and that everything will be fine after we've left the e.u. it's just a fairytale she said and then he was heckled of course in that speech taken all over the suspension of parliament why wasn't he in parliament with the m.p.'s trying to sort out this mess with boris johnson doing his best to come back from that sticking to the timeline as he expects to see it now a queen's speech or domestic agenda set out on october the 14th nothing will deter
12:57 am
him from that then a deal hopefully he hopes on the 17th and 18th of october at that summit in brussels he's cautiously optimistic of one m.p.c. say what he said we'll have plenty of time to talk about think about and vote on all of these matters and then we'll be out on october the 31st he said the one big issue he doesn't engage on of course is that new law passed by parliament by backbench m.p.'s last week requiring him to seek an extension if he can't get a deal he's adamant he won't be doing that and that of course just one of a number of showdowns to look forward to in the latter half of the obama. china will exempt us poor soybeans and other agricultural products from new tariffs it's the latest in several recent concessions between the world's 2 biggest economies before a new round of talks on their trade war on wednesday u.s. president dan trump announced he'd for spying on additional tariffs on chinese goods and other storm is beginning to hit the bahamas barely 2 weeks after
12:58 am
hurricane dorian brought devastation to the islands many people are still missing and thousands are sleeping in shelters. of the latest televised debate between the men and women who hope to take on donald trump in next year's u.s. election is thrown up some stark ideological difference is front runner joe biden fought off attacks from the more liberal democratic party rivals rob reynolds reports from houston texas. there were sharp exchanges as the candidates debated health care criminal justice race relations and war former vice president joe biden came out strongly attacking his rival's plans for government run universal health care nobody has yet said how much it's going to cost biden clashed with senator bernie sanders 1st so sure if you've got a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do but i was pretty clear. in the
12:59 am
united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on health care as the canadians or any other major country on earth. former cabinet secretary who leon castro produced gas from the audience when he seemed to question the 76 year old biden's memory by hand and holler fire you know you forgetting what you said it matters who paid for. already what you said just 2 minutes ago amid the bickering senator cory booker appealed for unity we've got one shot to make donald trump a one term president and we cannot lose it by the way we talk about each other or demonize and degrade each other we can walk and chew gum at the same time the candidates were united in denouncing president trump for inflaming racial tensions that we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a mortal threat to people of color all across this country climate change was
1:00 am
another area of general agreement with candidates promising to rejoin the paris climate agreement is the axis dental crisis of our time it's you know that movie the day after tomorrow it's today we have seen a warming and our world like never before we're seeing flooding in the midwest flooding in houston fires in the west the candidates also discussed a slew of gun control measures former congressman beto or roark whose home town of el paso is still grieving following a mass shooting last month was cheered loudly out of ban assault rifles hell yes we're going to take your a r 15 great k 47. sen kummel harris said trump for some responsibility for the el paso shooting him pull the trigger but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.


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