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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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for a 2nd day it's a stadium in harare where thousands are paying their respects his family and the government had disagreed over his final resting place the hero's acre site is reserved for top officials of the ruling zanu p.f. posse mcgarvie of a sort construction with north korean architects so i have for you on the program. we've got one a shot to make donald trump a one term president a plea for unity as 10 of the democrats vying to take on trunk clash in the latest presidential debate and roads turned into rivers after 2 days of torrential rain causing severe flooding across southeast spain. hello the weather the last 2 days and probably the next one is going to be and has been pretty severe in east and spain the circulation of cloud around boston early
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autumn really is just been pounding he says fame particularly around north sea and just to the north with rainstorm off to rains too it's also reached it be certain the other body erica has done i think the forecast will keep it in the east in spain for at least the rest of saturday before we see eventually move on saturday to sunday might expand the risk to rest as buying but reduce it where it's currently so bad ass the rest of europe quite the most part as you can see scandinavia the british isles increasingly windy cloudy and sometimes wet which is all consistent with the change of season now given what's been happening least in spain you think well maybe the nearby northwest africa will be as badly affected algeria's had some big storms that basically is a wind as the interior keeping things warm such to in tunis so to knowledge is and as the rain moves away in the low fills in the temperatures remain in the low thirty's now here and today we're about down to about 24 south of this and much of
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africa is quite the rains are going slowly size there are still some pretty big showers in south sudan for example and places to the west. i don't know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will ask the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera.
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welcome back quick look at top stories now pakistan's prime minister emraan khan is warning that the indian government's crackdown in and in this administered kashmir push more of the world's muslims into extremism. less than 2 weeks off tarkan dorian another storm is now bearing down on the northern bahamas disrupting the search for more than 1300 missing people and hundreds of women in south africa been protesting through the night and into the day demanding that more be done to stop sexual violence. a businessman is causing a storm in his native egypt by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president abdel fatah assisi and army generals 100 ali who worked as a military contract to 15 years is saying they wasted millions of dollars on villas
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hotels and seaside palace he's posted from spain where he lives in south imposed exile videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that sixty's wife didn't want to sleep in the same home with mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite the being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by sixty's wife cost more than $1500000.00 the army also ordered me to build $125000000.00 hotel in cairo's 5th see it all meant. well a piece of news from tunisia 2 days before the country's presidential election
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a court has refused to release leading candidate not be a car we pending the verdict and his corruption trial crowleys lawyer announced the court's decision on the final day of campaigning by allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. the media mogul is still leading in opinion polls voters will cost that ballots on sunday with $26.00 candidates to choose from now the opposition democrats who have to take on president donald trump and next year's u.s. presidential election are back on the campaign trail after their latest televised debate former vice president joe biden clashed with his progressive rivals elizabeth warren and bernie sundays but retained his front on a status among the 10 leading candidates from houston texas where the debate took place reports. there were sharp exchanges as the candidates debated health care criminal justice race relations and war vice president joe biden came out strongly attacking his rival's plans for government run universal health care and nobody's
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yet saying how much it's going to cost biden clashed with senator bernie sanders 1st so sure if you've got a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do but i don't speak leader joe in the united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on health care as the canadians or any other major country on earth. former cabinet secretary who leon castro produced gasps from the audience when he seemed to question the 76 year old biden's memory by and holler fire you know you forgetting what you said it matters who paid for. already what you said just 2 minutes ago amid the bickering senator cory booker appealed for unity we've got one shot to make donald trump a one term president and we cannot lose it by the way we talk about each other or demonize and degrade each other we can walk and chew gum at the same time the
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candidates were united in denouncing president trump for inflaming racial tensions that we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a mortal threat to people of color all across this country climate change was another area of general agreement with candidates promising to rejoin the paris climate agreement is the axis dental crisis of our time it's you know that movie the day after tomorrow it's today we have seen a warming and our world like never before we're seeing flooding in the midwest flooding in houston fires in the west the candidates also discussed a slew of gun control measures former congressman beto or roark whose home town of el paso is still grieving following a mass shooting last month was cheered loudly to ban assault rifles hell yes we're going to take your a r 15 your a k 47.
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sen kummel harris said trump for some responsibility for the el paso shooting him on the trigger but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition. foreign policy got very little attention in the debate sanders had a smack down on trump's china trade war trump thinks trade policy is a tweet. 3 o'clock in the morning. there did not seem to be any standout winners or losers senator cory booker may have revived his flagging campaign with an eloquent performance biden seemed more energetic than he had in past debates although he did seem to ramble at times sanders repeated well worn themes of democratic socialism while warren seemed to disappear from sight for long stretches of time during the debate the next democratic debate will be held on the 15th of october in ohio
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robert oulds al jazeera houston. and mike hanna joins us live now from washington and we were just seeing images that are of biden warren and sound as all on the same stage what's changed to off to this debate mike has anything changed. oh very little merriam exactly in a way yes it was before indeed since the start of this presidential campaign among the democrats and a number of debates that have been held the candidates are roughly still in the same pecking order joe biden still very much ahead in the polls followed by binny's saunders and indeed elizabeth warren so nothing in terms of the results of this particular debate caused any major shift in the democratic picking order certainly joe biden was regarded by many commentators as having given a bit of performance that he did in previous debates still there were questions
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about his memory from early on cust row but a number of other democrats have mediately pounced on that and there's been much could criticism of kustra in the course of the day the one thing with this debate might have been slightly different is the great to degree of unanimity between the democrat candidates clearly a growing awareness that they cannot 70 of each other and tear the party apart bearing in mind that whoever's going to come up against president trump needs to do so at the head of a united party so once again that is a back and forth about this particular issue how candidates can debate against each other without rancor retaining the unity of the party while trying to pick on the divisions between themselves. right and interesting with joe biden because he's widely been seen as the front runner and you were mentioning castro that who he certainly was very combative with biden what's biden's position now.
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well bided remains of frontrunner and certainly the democrats themselves are staying away from questions about his age biden is 76 president trump of course is 73 but biden's not the oldest contend many sambas is in fact 77 but still that issue of age is something that the democrats generally have sighed away shied away from and who leon kustra in the course of the day made very clear that his comments about memory were not referring to joe biden's age but that skill come up the whole question of his age and certainly the question of a democrat party that would advance as a candidate and elderly white men now this is something that sectors of the democratic party are very much opposed to they do want a young good candidate to possibly a female candidate to reflect the shifting demographics within the party yet
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despite all of this joe biden remains a frontrunner it's very difficult to see and if the other candidates overhauling him at this particular point his lead in most polls is pretty substantive and certainly if debates follow the pattern as they did last night there's not likely to be that gotcha moment in a debate where one of the candidates suddenly springs ahead of the other but there is still a good gong period of time before this campaign is finalized before the democrats decide who is going to lead that campaign against president trump thank you very much from washington mike hanna. 11 people are confirmed dead after a fire at a hospital in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro firefighters rescued patients from the upper floors of the deme hospital after the fire broke out on thursday night hundreds of patients and medical staff were evacuated and doctors set up makeshift treatment centers in the street 4 firefighters are now being treated in
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hospital well 2 days after torrential rains of course of a are flooding across much of southeast in spain at least 4 people have died and hundreds more were evacuated in the valencia and mercier regions where roads turned into rivers and cause was swept away and the hayward reports. flood water pools to last out capital spain's mediterranean coast this is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain and. the impact of the deluge further inland can be seen from the air with buildings on the landscape swamped by the downpour. overnight emergency teams work to evacuate people from properties in the flooded town of oil from an hour ago they're going we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came in flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like that the water almost got inside and the
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morning no rest spite rescuers managed to reach a man whose car had become trapped on a motorway the looked more like you're braver than a road you know mostly are full of little appears that he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help people in the worst affected towns and villages and work is on the way to live a daybreak this should still be holiday season but this part of spain but the have been record breaking levels of rain and more is expected. emma haywood is there are a massive strike has brought much of paris as public transport to hold his workers protest against pension reforms that could stop them retiring early 10 of the 16 metro lines of closed while buses and trams have also been affected schools big traffic jams in and around the city despite people being all still work from home
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if possible reports now from the french capital. they were tailbacks on paris's famous charles lees a ave and across the city with most of the metro bus and train services closed people sought alternative ways to get around the biggest transport workers strike in the fridge capital for more than a decade cause travel chaos and frustration for commuters the idea is to be able to strike a protest using methods which don't prevent others going to work a boy doing public transport because i thought you told me busy and delayed transport workers a protesting against the french president emanuel macro's planned pension reforms the french government says it wants to streamline the complex and costly pension system to make it fairer and financially sustainable. but yet we're going to build a truly universal system which for every year of contributed gives everyone the same rights whether they are workers shopkeepers researchers farmers civil servants
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doctors or entrepreneurs these transport workers say they worry their pensions could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer most people in france can retire at 62 but some transport workers can retire in their fifty's. pension schemes are sacred except of jobs with shift work we're responsible for public safety but now they want to take our rights away. we are being asked to take on increasingly difficult working conditions while losing what little compensation we had. many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system previous french presidency of trying to reform it have backed down off the public opposition reforming france's pension system was one of emmanuel macro's campaign promises but it's fraught with risk opinion polls suggest that the french president's popularity is finally on the rise after difficult here domestically because of the yellow face protests so he'll have to
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tread carefully if he wants to avoid a new way. street demonstrations most french people probably accept the system needs changing it's no longer financially viable for the coming decade so it's a calculated risk but emanuel merkel has gained in popularity since his good results in european elections and he's great national debate so he has momentum on the government says it will draw proposed pension reforms after the lengthy consultations with trade union leaders and the public a strategy the president may be gambling on to give him the green light to continue with this sweeping reform agenda but it won't be easy workers from other sectors are planning similar strikes in the coming weeks natasha butler. paris india's capital will bring in strict restrictions on the use of private cars from november to curb pollution delhi's chief minister says a quality deteriorates sharply in the winter months to counteract this private vehicles will only be allowed to use the roads on alternate days during that period
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this will be regulated through odd or even numbered registration plates residents will also be given free facemasks and one of the stories to bring you pro-democracy activists have joined it made autumn festival celebrations in hong kong's victoria park unlike the often violent pro-democracy rallies of the past 15 weeks this one was peaceful the annual harvest festival is one of the most important dates in the chinese calendar it's traditionally a time for thanksgiving and praying for good fortune. just a quick look at the headlines now pakistan's prime minister is warning that the indian government's crackdown in indian administered kashmir could push more muslims into extremism imran khan was holding a rally and was offer upon the capital of pakistan administered kashmir he told al jazeera he is worried about an escalation. when do nuclear armed country is fight
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if the fight a conventional war there's every possibility that it's going to end up and do nuclear war the unpredictable less than 2 weeks off to hearken dorian another storm is bearing down on the bahamas disrupting the cleanup and search for missing people the national hurricane center has warned a new weather system could turn into a tropical storm some 1300 people are still unaccounted for 42 taliban fighters have surrendered in afghanistan's to com province saying they're ready to live under government control is the 2nd significant surrender of anti-government forces in 10 days turkey's president has threatened to open the gates in a year of a syrian refugees unless the european union supplies more aid ship type one has criticized the amount of help to is received from europe to support refugees fleeing the war european powers are again pressing iran to cooperate with the un's
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nuclear watchdog the e.u. france germany and the u.k. have issued a joint statement stressing that they continue to support the 2015 need clear deal to spy iran continuing to reduce its commitments women have been protesting through the night and into the day in south africa demanding that more be done to stop sexual violence president cyril ramaphosa has admitted his nation is facing a crisis and has pledged new measures on the family of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe says his burial will be delayed for a month until a special site can be built at a national heroes a come on you meant the governing body has been lying in state for a 2nd date a stadium in harare where thousands of paying their respects his family and the government have disagreed over his final resting place risking it all is a program coming up next looking at extreme dangers faced by workers in the south american not business more news after that in about half an ounce time.
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you union for. the folks in the humid undergrowth of the bolivian jungle a family collects the shells from giant brazil the folks . alcohol and of. mother get the folks
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there by a bullet to fix the place is infested with insects and snakes. jan code the eldest of the feelings had a terrible experience no longer use the phrase and most of its ethical code will point the a lot imo but i bet any there a lot going on there and there. i was in which ended up 100 for me what i think on the mark siegel and it may have been what it had been the mental and the. whole thing coming up with them and when we fight for them in the air and i've got them in for the juncos wife claudia has never been bitten and still collects the shelves with the batman but her great fear is torrential and i think. this is much better that on. 5 hours the whole family works to near exhaustion collecting the shelves around the giant know. if.
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you have one and i don't want anything when i'm at the flag i don't quote what i mean on a quarterly i've got a note above that i am what you are on your bill i'm an author i prefer mindful of everybody graphic handle. the shell the too heavy to be carried they have to be opened to extract the know that are exploited worldwide for chopping the shelves requires skill. the blade of the machete is shot and can be dangerous if if if caught and then fell about on the roof that if.
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i don't i would be among the low water around them as the government wanted them i wanted one for the record cold arsala. i moved in for fear among all your medical if. by the end of the day they filled 2 bags of brazil nuts but then must be heavy at this and they're going to haul it and as a little kid a lot of the above but nature often provide solutions he. feel . if $100.00. 50. 1. if. the tropical rain threatens to raise old trade to try. the family decides to leave the deep forests to see if they can.
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live. fly on the way home the young couple who know each other since childhood already knows that the bag of nuts will not provide enough money for the whole family and it's no longer possible to collect any more because the torrential rains will turn the forest into a quagmire for weeks. since
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the death of his parents 26 year old genco is the head of the family and has 15 mouths to feed and. he had to give up his medical studies and claudia her dream. genco is younger brother roma who's 18 will go to university in his place but there's just been some bad needs them on there from the public they said. yeah ok i think it's a hassle. if each of us on the north of them becomes a. few. looking for a solution janko tries to negotiate with the village co-operative for more than the usual prize. that's
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a good plan or thanking him for. $50.00 or $0.25 a kilo one be enough to pay for roma's university registration. lower rates ensure the bolivian harvest has continued to live hand to mouth. there's a consignment of nuts that my roth due to the moisture. to avoid losses i get must deliver them as quickly as possible to a processing plant. but he's just found out his tank is empty and he has to buy fuel from a colleague. planted in the month of may. despite
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his troubles edgar is happy because for once he won't make the trip alone. if. a taxi has just dropped off his son we haven't seen in months. to young alan his father's blue truck is amazing the. moment this from the point of view none of us can. be there but then the single message. this week amaze me out again as he says there will be another nickname last. year when the gift of the motor me made it because we've kind of here. with the people here. with their.
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precious cargo of notes begins a perilous journey through the bolivian amazon to the capital la paz. edgar was divorced a year ago he lives alone and this trip during the school holidays is the only opportunity to see his son. to make him. feel that way but yeah i wasn't all that that was you going to want that i wanted to feel like. in 3 days' time it's back to school alan 1370 kilometers away. if he's late is afraid he's ex-wife will no longer allow him to have his son. but it's the rainy season and the route
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through the forest has already flooded slowing the traffic. across a tributary of the amazon the rio benny. this year exceptional rains have caused massive flooding. is. more inclusionary fun for. going to us and. the doctors disappeared under water. there are no boats to cross the river. the long wait is frustrating.
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ferry struggling against the current finally arriving. edgar is one of the 1st to pull but there's not enough room for every one. moment that people from going to some of them but not. in the bus on. the bus is too long. so the sailors let the real wheels rest on the rusty. they usually try and get as many customers as possible on board ignoring safety. with an old engine and a very strong current piloting the ferry is tricky. thank.
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god but i'm a gun. control going to showboat looking for a nickel thank. the ferries no longer being pulled. and begins to drift. it's dangerously close to the banks of the river. the steering cable is finally repaired and. at the last moment the pilot manages to safely guide the ferry across
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. i. get as you know the owner of the truck and once he's paid off the hire the fuel and the food this trip will hardly make enough to live a. few if any of us on him come into the middle. yeah i mean don't fool me. the rest is history and that's what i was going to say on the. basis that if. after 3 days and 445 kilometers ed good completes the 1st stage of his journey a river around town. isolated and near the brazilian border the small town grew as a result of the rub of gold and timber industries. today 100000 people live in these muddy streets and depend on the not processing plants for their
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livelihood. in this warehouse tons of the precious nuts arrive every day. because of the dam many will rot even before they're open. to be drawing it they have to be ventilated but since there's no breeze the employees are continually moving the mountains and mountains around. the operation is repeated at the other end of the way house. them better love one of the. better ones but they are. like to. code in this polluted atmosphere bacteria often contaminate the no. miriam the director of the factory and forces measures to deal with this year as
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a model and it does a lot of money if it is also on the farm if. monday he'll look yes i need somebody to say i got it i want. and inside a 1000 workers mostly women are manually dissecting the notes. again i began it was because i mean i'm a given that. this is the basic problem is that if it was self-defense how do you know you get it if it was that was a young lady was. in fact several members of the same family are taking turns on
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a single machine. this family averages less than $360.00 a month. teacher who's only 18 has worked here for 2 years i was telling you that is was . a was you that was. the workers repeat the same mechanical action all day long i was . paid
4:38 am
per kilo of shelled knots the workers hardly ever rest on quickly develop illnesses i did it because it was a little doubtful. brazil nuts will continue their journey to shops around the world where they'll be sold for around $30.00 a kilo. you. edgar has just learned that the road to lopez is flooded and impassable. he doesn't know how we'll get allen back in time for the new school year. the unseasonable rains continue and the river benny has now flooded.
4:39 am
the main road to the capital is submerged. the country is split into. this year the flooding has been extensive with entire cities being affected. the bridge on the main road has collapsed. the force of the waters makes matters worse. because. ramiro is transporting timber to the bolivian capital of pandas. looking at the damaged bridge he weighs up his options. this time and then i do but i stumble come on. so you want to hold them off but at the knee i was. told that it's going to hell in the bottom.
4:40 am
but it's what they see is special treatment that angers those who've been waiting for a day. but you know i get it but i don't care but. fed up with waiting ramiro risked everything. to its utmost be until she went back to the. us how to help us out. he could easily be swept away by the current.
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house. he must now get across a mountain area eroded by deforestation you're no good what about on amadeo he may go to go family probably go yes go go to stalin look see at the 1st dump where they keep out the stuff. that you're not the man of it all say about. the model. which you didn't bother coming up. i'm going to home as you like it but i'm going to weed out the because you know how it's going to weed out what i want what god. the rain doesn't stop
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and bolivia's slowly sinks into a major natural disaster i remember oh he's making slow progress towards the pounds. but now it's a whole hill that's went down over the road. to a. civil hospital he thought he. was impulsive episodically didn't get that high but i was not. to stop to look at any of that i had. quite get there but i would be dead. a landslide has swept away the roads are 100 metres below. i got a bit of here's another number up at an average 1380 so this. does not have that much of the stairs. travelers are angry they say
4:43 am
the road was poorly constructed. maintenance teams are overwhelmed in the trying to open an alternative route to believe they can miss the moment you walk in a moment 1st a quick one you know at c.s.u. one move i meant that i do view almost didn't play them then i was to get close again before the. flood. and see course you must refuse you. again see and we can go on with this thing is to see give him time to say see you my hand there's so much so if you're not in the official what will you be a misstep. the trouble is have no choice but to brave the danger.
4:44 am
stuck on the other side the truckers are fed up and now want to try them. you know your driver board but what if they all say that that is a lot of court case yes i'm not sure if it is none of them really like it was a bus. went to hospital by for a little bit of attention oh yes i guess it was you know my mother you don't have a good just a little bit of fun then you know. when are you going to use and you know about what is going through the kitchen and she can can hear you john. of the compound jumping on and off with the noise you're going there if you're missing much of a battle because there's no noise big day or you see the only one of the wind up on the web that i think that's. going to connect at the. most of this he is the one nobody that's the best and.
4:45 am
ramiro will have to wait he counts another 4 days the full being able to continue. you. had 3800 meters above sea level. as the capital of the andes also suffers from flooding. the. young alan made it back to class but was one week late. he and his father both flew home with help from the government. not a ploy or money and can only put a little pocket. shutters or other workers that are yesterday in the ennahda house with a stint with his truck stuck in the embers and edgar has no vehicle and has to earn a living doing odd jobs mobile money her and nicole what open or must
4:46 am
story you're seeing him hold on to yesterday's can of this make me for stand of a bunny for me despite its natural beauty ready year after year the rains in bolivia continue to have an impact on people's lives. ringback to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. needs heroes heroes like no who are a barber who refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because your best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's from a rural debate to bleach nominate your anti corruption nero now. charlie
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there's a 4th part for real football fans who don't think about the court really had heard of the experiment when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something for the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you go to your home in part 2 of this series all using recounting news to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to bring the endless chain on all jews era. lord winning programming from international film makers quit
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driving around looking for drug addicts on the streets of kabul just the arrest sets the stage these men are demanding. because no one hard committed to giving voice to the voiceless have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population but open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london with a quick look at the headlines stories now less than 2 weeks after hurricane dorian another storm is bringing rain and wind to the bahamas disrupting the karoff and the search for missing people the national hurricane center is one that the new weather system could turn into a tropical storm a warning has been issued for most of the northwestern bahamas including great abaco island and grand bahama which were devastated by the harken 5 hearken for the
4:49 am
category 5 hurricane more than 500 people are still unaccounted for one in 5 have been left homeless and thousands are sleeping in shelters alan fisher has more from the sound. we're just being to the briefing here at the national emergency management agency and now so they tell us that the number of people still missing after hurricane dorian is 1300 that number hasn't changed in the last 24 hours there is a bright spot though they're getting better communications into grand bahamas and 2 islands that were very badly hit on the hope that with better communication they'll get better information and that number might start coming down there is a problem though there is a potential tropical storm brewing off the coast of the bahamas and one mortal puts it heading straight for the places that were badly hit by the hurricane that could put recovery work on hold and certainly means that people in the next few hours
4:50 am
have to start heading to the shelters one more time nurse spoke to one woman from grand bahama who is here in ny so she came after the big storm and she's in a shelter along with about a 1000 other people she said conditions there on 2 by the watch thing she said of the stories that people are telling of how they lost loved ones in this storm when i told her there was potentially another tropical storm heading for the island she just burst into tears that's the place she called home and she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to return. don's prime minister is warning that the indian government's crackdown in indian administered kashmir could result in more extremism and was holding a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir and more than a month since. the status of indian a menace to kashmir causing fieri in pakistan almost 4000 people have been arrested in the ensuing violent protests. when nuclear armed countries fight if the
4:51 am
fight a conventional war that has every possibility that it's going to end up and do nuclear war the unthinkable. a businessman is causing a storm in his native egypt by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president sisi and on the generals mohammed ali who worked as a military contract to 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels and a seaside palace he's posting from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views of european powers or grant again pressing iran to cooperate with the un's nuclear watchdog the e.u. france germany and the u.k. of issued a joint statement stressing that they continue to support the 2015 need a deal off to iran has reduced its commitments. hundreds of women in south africa been protesting through the night and into the day demanding that more be done to stop sexual violence it's estimated that
4:52 am
a woman is raped on average every 36 seconds in south africa presents a poser has admitted his nation is facing a crisis and has pledged new measures including making the sex offenders registry public and making public transport safer. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe will be buried at the national heroes acre burial site but a date has not been set of obvious body has been lying in state for a 2nd day at a stadium in harare where thousands are paying their respects his family and the government had disagreed over his final resting place. and 11 people are confirmed dead after a fire at a hospital in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro firefighters rescued patients from the off of falls of the but the hospital after the fire broke out on thursday night hundreds of patients and medical staff were evacuated and doctors set up makeshift treatment centers in the streets for firefighters and now being treated in hospital oh the headlines coming up next on fair game.
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the election of the 45th president of the united states raises ethical and potentially legal question. today mainstream media can easily be disrupted and personal online data easily accessed. how can this information be used to sway the outcome off an election. and can it undermine the basic tenets of democracy that are so cherished.
4:54 am
i think if americans knew this was happening they would be outraged. we just weren't mentally able at that point in time to see that. this is democracy taking place in darkness it's not democracy. i look presenting the facts plainly at hottest. staten island new york. in a state that's considered a stronghold for democrats this suburb is an exception. most of the people here voted for donald trump. scott libido lives here patriots artists
4:55 am
and a big supporter of the president's. is unconventional. i am unconventional i mean new york city artist i'm selling for $45.00 because he's the 45th president is a new sheriff in town knows we're going to get a clean house we can kick some ass did he need the media to win the election when it was stacked against him you know it's always stacked against a republican no matter who won it's the media is like that and just like that than that the ugly hatred you know the extent the obvious it's like you put on you know c.n.n. knows the psych alright alright alright alright but i'll flip around and it's like holy. you know it's an innocent b.c. and it's like relentless they can't stand bad he beat them
4:56 am
because they said he wasn't going to win fed up with traditional media god gets his information on the internet it's you know i'll spend like analogous said before i go to sleep i'll have my phone on and you know i'll go from this to that and then all chant made a speech i didn't hear it today let me hear it now and i mean and sometimes it's i don't even honestly i don't look like who's giving it. like millions across america scott believe most of what he song the web with middle question for example this article trump a leaves millions voted illegally or this one that hillary clinton received over 800000 illegal votes i'm not chain off 3000000 ah but i'm sure a lot of them are absolutely you should not be able to vote if you are in a leak if you're not of legal citizen thats it's at of charlie but that's out works and then they want to change that like no that's not how woodworks this information
4:57 am
is of course false it would be nearly impossible for illegal immigrants to votes in the united states articles like be these are examples of what is now called fake news scott is far from being be only one to refer to these source's white part new uses one such sourced known for its a misleading stories on breitbart we can trying to articles like this does feminism make women ugly or this would you rather your child had feminism or cancer bright barters also obsessed with the west versus islam is the new cold war or political correctness protects muslim rape culture its content has been called missile janessa stick is xenophobe ache an
4:58 am
racist by liberals and conservatives a lie right part is it you know it's a it's a right wing media ella that was founded by the late andrew breitbart a conservative activist and commentator and journalist right bart is it a real french publication it's the representative of what they call the old right you know people who want to take of the step as quote politics but do so in a very divisive way there they rail against immigrants to this country they rail against people of muslim faith they you know devout use taxes to divide people on the basis of gender on the basis of race. breitbart became a main source of information for the american far right it's the sensually served as an organ for sort of the tribe of men. the worldview projected by breitbart was in line with donald trump's and it touched
4:59 am
a nerve with his outlook towards. people wanted to describe the trump voters as angry i'm not sure they were angry i think they were more fearful worried concerned scared about about the future in the spring of 2016 if we looked at the people who were voting in republican primaries these people were very concerned about terrorism very concerned about immigration they they saw the 2 of them working together as creating a threat annex almost an extension threat to the to the united states and this was something that was being spoken about by donald trump and not necessarily by other republican candidates these concerns were heightened as trump played to existing anxieties. ted division has been in politics for 40 years for him it would be
5:00 am
a mistake to think that fake news has no impact on american alec toro behavior here's what's happening in our politics people are consuming information entirely different ways that we used to you know when i started doing presidential campaigns when jimmy carter you know has an office i mean we turn on the news at 630 at night and we'd watch 3 networks at once and that was the way america. essentially consume news now there is a constant flood of information both on television in the cable environment and particularly online you know that that online consumption of information is having a real effect on things because what's happening is the legitimate media is being supplanted by you know this fake news where people get information which sounds like it's real and true but has no basis in fact and in fact much of it is just made up and delivered you know by people who are attempting to you know affect the outcome in an election by introducing false and.


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