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even in that light for us that would be something that could be you know one of the positive things that would come out of this how would you describe the way in which police handle such cases in the event that they are actually reported. it's been a it's been a challenge with our police and system it is one of the areas that has been recognized as as quite weak by many government organizations and sometimes by the police. it becomes another side of secondary victimization for for for victims of gender based violence. i think that that area as well can be strengthened in fact not just the policing but the criminal justice system itself seems to support the perpetrator more than it does the big him just because of the kind of journey a budget has traveled or to actually access and find justice if at all the 2
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well thank you for shedding some light on this for us len model activist and women's women's rights program manager with action aid thank you thank you so much buck is don's prime minister has told kashmir residents that he will raise india's decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy at next week's un general assembly iran car was holding a rally and was off or about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than a month since india revoked the region's autonomy status causing fear in pakistan almost $4000.00 people have been arrested in the ensuing violent protests kemal hyder was at a rally in missouri for about. thousands of people have gathered there already over stadium air and the stadium was not from water also the capital markets are no administered kashmir they were on conduct reiman out our eyes almost or so the people of targets on the run shorter sure know where their leaders on the other
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side of the line of their while also not allow you know you're not sure the coverage out of the prime minister really addressing the united nations general assembly within the next. 40 libya are lighting the light of many hundreds of. food and many have stated over and over. the western world is not paying attention to what's happening in indian administered kashmir but the entire muslim world is watching among the 1250000000 muslims many will take up the guns in retaliation for the prime minister speaking to al-jazeera also said their father started recorder and is limited to support me and their daughter the message from the very clear. done that for the people of course me. and the people express their point of view when it comes to the always on that you are
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working on human rights that please speak for the human rights of push me to please speak for the humans after we are not any meds i would rather that and i was just as i'm in you know by this me the at. the brutality of me and i me and the higher on that. scale of humanity why it is finally done this time on pushed me to how much in what we did females of pakistan's administrates kashmir want to tell modi that we are not weak and we are standing with our sisters and brothers of indian administrate kashmir we would need to make me. would go through kashmir will get its independence. and you can watch the interview that with imran khan macmall was just mentioning there on top of that program coming up on saturdays there are 430 g.m.t.
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still ahead on this news hour from london we've got one of the shock to make donald trump a one term president. a plea for unity as 10 of the democrats vying to take on trump clash in the latest presidential debate. public transport grinds to a halt in the french capital as workers strike against pension reforms forcing brazilians to get on their bikes. and the top ranked rugby team in the world gets a traditional welcome in japan the head of the world cup after those details later it's. turkey's president has threatened to open the gates into europe for syrian refugees unless the european union supplies more aid ship type criticize the amount of help turkey has received from europe to support refugees fleeing the war saying his
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government has spent $40000000000.00 so far he also said ankara may host a 4 way summit in october with france germany and russia to discuss the conflict in syria's a province and the refugee crisis that now a businessman is causing a storm in his native egypt by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president abdel fatah sisi and on the generals. who worked as a military contract to 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas hotels in a seaside palace he's posting from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile the videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views. i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that safety's wife didn't want to sleep in the same home with mubarak's wife stayed taken. to
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a new level i built a 5. palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than one point $5000000.00 the army also ordered me to build $125000000.00 hotel in cairo is 5th siegelman. let's discuss this and more with our feet can with the fire his chair of the egyptian community association here in the u.k. accusations of corruption in egypt and nothing new and perhaps won't come as a great surprise to many egyptians both inside and outside the country but why do you suppose these videos have sparked so much interest and fascination i think it because this would use come from an insider and as well it exposed the tip of the iceberg of the scale of the corruptions among the high ranking military in egypt i
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think it's very serious blow to see this is a regime to see such details turns on probably hundreds of millions to spend on palaces in villas. commissions money siphon abroad i think this is terrible and of such and the country is very poor look egypt where people probably garbage. i mean we haven't seen documented proof or evidence of these allegations mohammed ali hasn't provided that and we it's also emerged that his company is a good sum of money by the government over the can over some infrastructure projects so perhaps he has there might be a most of that he has some monetary interest does that deserve some consideration or at least some caution in regard to these allegations i'm sure he had fallen out
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with them as part of the rings of corruption but. the fact he have given names given addresses and given details and facts and you should be looked at and seem to me in egypt the judiciary the police the government to sort of are not willing to can action just so degrading what is this about not addressing the facts the facts he said which seems through to everybody listen to it like we serve. should this online campaign continue might the government take some serious measures for example to block internet access in the country i would be surprised i don't know how much limitations they can do but i would imagine they would do and i fear for the life of muhammad wholly the contractor who exposed this because it simply means is a lot of shock inside the military. in egypt
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and his some being arrested because egypt is quite a very opaque country no information i cannot really clarifies things and that's a big problem but for egyptians i think most of them know because he'd given facts so 1st time to hear we know this corruptions we know there is money been stolen from the country and been taken abroad but we never know how much or way or but he mention names of generals many many generals which is very disturbing in a country of almost total tourney a feat mustapha thank you thank you. well now some news from tunisia 2 days before the country's presidential election a court has refused to release a leading candidate now being a car we ending the verdict in his corruption trial lawyer announced the court's decision on the final day of campaigning despite allegations of tax fraud and money
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laundering the media mogul is still leading opinion polls. on sunday with 26 candidates to choose from stephanie decker has more from tunis. today says will be electing a new president on sunday that was here that thousands of people 8 years ago came out to the streets demanding change or they managed to get rid of what they called the dictator the man who was in charge of this country for over 20 years but many people now will tell you that even though yes there is some form of democracy when it comes to the politics that nothing has really changed on the ground issues that they will fight the economy there is unemployment and demick corruption and also security issues so we've been talking to the people here on the streets of the capital to see what they have to say. how much of this candidate will bet candidate but what i hope is that economically speaking and socially we will improve is pushing the youth i am a young doctor and i don't have
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a job a graduate of 4 years ago. we need something new really new not just lies and promises we love tunisia it's our country we don't want them to win the chair and we just stay in the same problems it can't be only words they must be doers. when in fact friday is the last day of campaigning that saturday a day of silence and then sunday 26 candidates will be up for the public vote now if any of them gets over 50 percent that means that will be the outright winner but no one is expecting that to happen there is the expectation there will be a 2nd runoff between the 2 top winners and i will be in november for a free for that parliamentary elections also to elect a governor. and and the prime minister everything is up in the air here the question is is the face of today's are going to change or any of these politicians going to bring something new to the table certainly everyone we've been speaking to say that that's what they want and that's what they're going to expect. the
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opposition democrats who hopes take on donald trump in next year's u.s. presidential election a back on the campaign trail after that latest televised debate former vice president joe biden clashed with his progressive rivals elizabeth warren and bernie sound as but retained his front runner status amongst the 10 leading candidates from houston texas where the debate took place reports. there were sharp exchanges as the candidates debated health care criminal justice race relations and more former vice president joe biden came out strongly attacking his rival's plans for government run universal health care nobody has yet said how much it's going to cost biden clashed with senator bernie sanders your 1st social if you've got a lot more confidence in corporate america than i do but i don't speak leader joe in the united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on health care if the canadians or any other major country on earth. former cabinet secretary
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who leon castro produced gas from the audience when he seemed to question the 76 year old biden's memory by hand in polish are you know you forgetting what you said to matt it's going for. already what you said just 2 minutes ago amid the bickering senator cory booker appealed for unity we've got one shot to make donald trump a one term president and we cannot lose it by the way we talk about each other or demonize and degrade each other we can walk and chew gum at the same time the candidates were united in denouncing president trump for inflaming racial tensions that we have a white supremacist in the white house and he poses a mortal threat to people of color all across this country climate change was another area of general agreement with candidates promising to rejoin the paris climate agreement is the axis dental crisis of our time it's you know that movie
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the day after tomorrow it's today we have seen a warming and our world like never before we're seeing flooding in the midwest flooding in houston fires in the west the candidates also discussed a slew of gun control measures former congressman beta or rourke whose hometown of elf. asso is still grieving following a mass shooting last month was cheered loudly to ban assault rifles oh yes we're going to take your a r 15 you're a k 47. x. . 5 sen kummel harris said trump for some responsibility for the el paso shooting him pull the trigger but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition. foreign policy got very little attention in the debate sanders had a smack down on trump's china trade war trump thinks but trade policy is
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a tweet at 3 o'clock in the morning. there did not seem to be any standout winners or losers senator cory booker may have revived his flagging campaign with an eloquent performance biden seemed more energetic than he had in past debates although he did seem to ramble at times sanders repeated well worn themes of democratic socialism while warren seemed to disappear from sight for long stretches of time during the debate the next democratic debate will be held on the 15th of october in ohio robert oulds al jazeera houston. u.s. actress felicity huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for her part in a university admissions scandal desperate housewife stop pleaded guilty in may to paying $15000.00 to fix her daughter's entrance exam school she's one of 50 people who were challenged over the scam hoffman was also find $30000.00 and given 250
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hours of community service she says she accepts the decision and deserves a punishment. much more still ahead this hour roads turn into rivers after 2 days of torrential rain caused severe flooding across southeast by. rising sea levels prompt a radical proposal from indonesia's president he wants to move the congested capital to the island of borneo. and japan's olympic organizers test a new way of keeping a fans cole attack your summer games. hell or the weather the last 2 days and probably the next one is going to be and has been pretty severe in east and spain the circulation of cloud around was an
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early autumn no really it's just been pounding he says fame particularly around north sea and just to the north with rain storm off to rains too it's also reached it be certain the other body erika has don't think the forecast will keep it in the east and spain for at least the rest of saturday before we see eventually move on saturday to sunday might expand the risk to rest as buying but reduce it where it's currently so bad ass the rest of europe quite the most part as you can see scandinavia the british isles increasingly windy cloudy and sometimes wet which is all consistent with the change of season now given what's been happening least in spain you think well maybe the nearby northwest africa will be as badly affected algeria's had some big storms that basically is a wind as the interior keeping things warm so it's to in tunis so to knowledge is and as the rain moves away in the low fills in the temperatures remain in the low thirty's now here and today we're about down to about 24 south of this and much of africa is quite the rains are going slowly size so some pretty big shows in south
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sudan for example and places to the west. i don't know that corruption has reached a love call like ever before in our john kerry. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best about to see this documentary by will compel the onion the onion the sweetness bar the hugs and the soup the can promote if you go on to remind continues with cambodia's olsen business. this is
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actually to be crazy scene and just allowed us to pick up full kids from his infinite they now can out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera. welcome back quick look at the headlines stories now less than 2 weeks after hurricane dorian another storm is bearing down on the northern bahamas destructing the search for more than 1300 missing people hundreds of women have protested through the night and into the day in south africa demanding that more be done to stop sexual violence and pakistan's prime minister imran khan has promised kashmir
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residents he'll raise new delhi's decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy at the un general assembly. next week. well in other stories we're following 42 taliban fighters have surrendered in afghanistan's to car province saying they are ready to live under government control it's the 2nd significant surrender of anti-government forces in 10 days tony has more from kabul the taliban fighters surrendered in takar province in the north of afghanistan close to the border with to stand they walked into the governor's compound there and handed over their weapons of a k 47 assault rifles rocket propelled grenade launchers and machine guns and said they were now prepared to live under the law of the afghan government but they also said they've been subjected to intensive aerial bombardments and a big ground offensive by the afghan army they said they suffered more casualties whether or not this surrender is genuine remains to be seed it will be tested over the coming weeks but it's significant because this is the 2nd significant surrender
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of taliban fighters in the last 10 days including our province $150.00 taliban and perhaps some ice or fighters gave themselves up for similar reasons shows that the aerial campaign may be affecting morale of taliban and i saw in that area president trump promised that the campaign would continue that the taliban was being hit or hit harder than ever before the taliban say also that they are taking territory and they are inflicting casualties on the afghan army president garny the afghan president said today that at least 2000 taliban fighters have been killed in the last week that's disputed by the taliban they say they're inflicting casualties and that's not the case but of course the fighting has intensified in particular since the the abrupt cancellation of talks by president there's no prospect of those talks being with in the near future so this violence and these campaigns and the
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fighting on the ground and the air is going to continue and will be more casualties . and investigations underway into what caused a fire at a hospital in brazil which killed at least 11 people dozens of patients were evacuated as the flames spread through the building in rio de janeiro alexy o'brien now reports. the streets outside the hospital transformed into a makeshift field clinic doctors and firefighters racing to raisky patients from the burning building some already the area in intensive care when the fire took hold we didn't get in that this is not many people want to jump out there was a lot of smoke many people were screaming nurses with their medics trying to get everyone out of that to evacuees they were very quickly was the firefighters were on their way panic spread along with the flames and the dance black smoke blocking exits below. outside patients sat in wheelchairs or on straight or even mattresses
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on the pavement still attached to life saving medical equipment as doctors decided which were the most vulnerable and needing to be transferred 1st. distraught family members crowded nearby waiting for information from the oh my god my mother's inside syria so i mean you have no idea can imagine dearly for knowing that my father is alive he's 87 years old he was alone but thank god he's fine. everyone received good news though with firefighters searching through the night to recover the bodies of those who couldn't get out in time brian al-jazeera to zimbabwe where the former president robert mugabe will be buried at a national shrine in the capital thousands have been paying their respects to a man seen as a country's founding father who died last week in singapore aged 95 but for some zimbabweans mugabe's death leaves many questions unanswered as well as an economy in crisis. more from harare. patterns of matters
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older brother itar used to stand opposite the parliament building every day calling for robert mugabe to step down saying he had failed as a leader 4 years ago it was bundled into a car and hasn't been seen since cats and policemen are working for the zanu p.f. led government took his brother it ties one of many zimbabweans critical of the government who have mysteriously disappeared over the years and lot of people killed his cause people were many and and not all people can motionless gods because there have not found closure for example today. independence mental age are well over 50000 individuals who have been reported missing. and political ground on political grounds since the government came into power and those issues resolved decisions of. its ties family don't know whether he is alive or dead after mcgovern was removed by the army in
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a coup in 2017 they asked him away it was it he knew nothing about it is just one of many unanswered questions in the early 1980 s. thousands of people were murdered it must be led provinces for allegedly trying to remove mugabe from power the former president called that period a moment of madness but is the state of the economy the straights in the us what was once a prosperous nation will gladly took over in 1980 is are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment some basic services aren't readily available including water you can see all these children now won't visit going to screw with old bad thing and we are busy. fetching water. all day. and there's no electricity when the water when their legs use it becomes a very new warfare toward our once in a while. was
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a polarizing figure in life and there was even controversy over when and where his body would be buried now the family says his final resting place will be here. heroes acre is an important national shrine with some of those who fought in the white minority rule are buried robert mugabe's 1st wife sally is buried here next to her is an empty grave reserved for the country's founding fathers family members and after the official government ceremony they will have the own private event to say they go by. praising god his policies on education and land reform at the synagogue his legacy of disputed elections allegations of human rights abuses abductions and disappearances and a ruined economy will continue to haunt the current us al jazeera had. a massive strike brought much of paris as public transport to a halt earlier on as workers protested against pension reforms that could stop them retiring early 10 of the 16 metro lines closed all buses and trams were also
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impacted sasha but reports on this now from the french capital. they were tailbacks on paris's famous charles lees a ave and across the city with most of the metro bus and train service is closed people sought alternative ways to get around the biggest transport workers strike in the fridge capital for more than a decade cause travel chaos and frustration for commuters the idea is to be able to strike a protest using methods which don't prevent others going to work a boy doing public transport because i thought you told me that even until 8 transport workers a protesting against the french president emanuel macros planned pension reforms the french government says it wants to streamline the complex and costly pension system to make it fairer and financially sustainable in general don't but yet we're going to build a truly universal system which for every year contributed gives everyone the same rights whether they are workers shopkeepers researchers farmers civil servants
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doctors or entrepreneurs these transport workers say they worry their pensions could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer most people in france can retire at 62 but some transport workers can retire in their fifty's the. pension schemes are sacred except of jobs with shift work we're responsible for public safety but now they want to take our rights away. all the subiaco prove we are being asked to take on increasingly difficult working conditions while losing what little compensation we had. many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system previous french presidency of trying to reform it have backed down off the public opposition reforming france's pensions. system was one of a man all macros campaign promises but it's fraught with risk opinion polls suggest that the french president's popularity is finally on the rise after a difficult year domestically because of the yellow face protests so he'll have to
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tread carefully if he wants to avoid a new wave of street demonstrations because most french people probably accept the system needs changing it's no longer financially viable for the coming decade so it's a calculated risk but emanuel macro has gained in popularity since his good results in european elections and he's great national debate so he has momentum the government says it will draw proposed pension reforms after lengthy consultations with trade union leaders and the public a strategy the president may be gambling on to give him the green light to continue with his sweeping reform agenda but it won't be easy workers from other sectors are planning similar strikes in the coming weeks natasha butler al-jazeera paris. 2 days of torrential rains of course severe flooding across much of southeast and spain at least 4 people have died and hundreds more were evacuated in the valencia and mercier regions where roads turned into rivers and cars were swept away and i
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would reports i love water pools through law thout capita spain's mediterranean coast this is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain and. the impact of the deluge further inland can be seen from the air with buildings in the landscape swamped by the downpour. overnight emergency teams work to evacuate people from properties in the flooded town of. the oregon we're going to we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came in flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like that the water almost got inside and the morning no rest spite rescuers managed to reach a man whose car had become trapped on a motorway to look more like you're braver than a robot you know mostly are full of internal fears that he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the
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officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help people in the worst affected towns and villages and work is on the way to clear the day this should still be holiday season put this part of spain but the have been record breaking levels of rain and more is expected and the hayward al-jazeera teenage swedish activist has joined climate change demonstrators outside the white house in washington d.c. a 16 year old and dozens more teenagers helped banners and gave speeches demanding that political leaders address the climate crisis right in the united states last month after a 2 week transatlantic journey on a sailing boat shihab rattansi has more from washington. but affirmed began her climate strikes every friday preferring to protest outside the swedish parliament for urgent action on climate change rather than attend school and that's become
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a global phenomenon now on this friday she joined students in the washington d.c. area for their school friday climate strike outside the white house. have a great 2 home for every single mom i'm so. people i think i am a lot i'd expect and i love him so i've met him and. the fears me so this is very overwhelming. but just. that's a given point while we will continue to. see you know that's the point of a 20 year. old so this is just a precursor to what's supposed to be happening next friday september the 20 years not just students walking out of class but a general strike walking out of their workplaces demoing action on climate change in the days before a u.n. summit on the issue in new york. times are underway to move into nation's capital
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to the island of borneo jakarta has a reputation as a crowded pollution megacity which is steadily sinking into the sea but israel mohamad reports now from east kalimantan concerns about what move to borneo would mean for the people who live there this largely untouched part of east will become the new capital of indonesia if the president has his way. it's in stark contrast to the capital jakarta clogged with heavy traffic smog and sinking the pressure to move is rising along with sea levels which may mean the city of more than 10000000 people could be under water within the next 30 years. and this is where the city's relocation may end up borneo island known for its lush rain forest and rare wildlife. while it was chosen for being less prone to earthquakes and floods there are concerns the massive move will threaten conservation efforts
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activists say mining and logging have already damaged some areas.


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