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2011 they asked the world anti-doping agency to lift the ban. the theme was that this is of the all. guess was the wonder senior. north beret us. an email was cool that you know i mean there are cases where your dear friends of him even though you know. him best of your most. so football has used a band method and then still manages to get it validated by the world anti-doping agency the world's most popular sport has rewritten the rules on doping. caught helmet lead explaining pretty short keep pace a sawmill you'll do all this your career national sport energy to do point 3 let them bash shots if equal miquel it will be on to your court be successful vote for plan go toward to see it go off it burst city get
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a quick. it took about circular of well with what research what if in all cities bob. bulis book. formula. didn't succeed the our corporate model every year but it was on both princes your points on duties really worth going to it's also a silly gak just. the last one as disregarding the concords you know about don't. let it go you simply resilin don't give me no support composer injuriously courses but i'm sure a lot as it says on the be i strongly about modern. reforms for amongst them spotless record we had already. done denise. her poor demonic severity this doesn't account for the depeche so called occiput of them all are just under lexi's and it could be as well he's related happy and all
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the less i saw it in a spend and then i thought still they said if you know a lot i make evil fav evil looking to feel it it's this book perhaps it's only the . players unions federations and sporting events balkanize as all have opposing interests to the success of anti doping the tour de france association and the $100.00 television channels that cover the event do all they can to maintain the clean image of the sport the race claims of u.s. ship of over 3 and a half 1000000000 year. it's the 3rd largest global sports event after the olympic games and the football world cup. a lot of that. was if it is your.
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3159 kilometers 9 mountain ranges for different altitudes of course with 21 stages and only to rest days according to some this route could certainly encourage doping. thank god thank god i was going to be was. that's going to be going. for the head of the tour doping belongs in the past. but it was a lot of good looking men to do all the audit on these other issues i've only thought of this if i'm on the famous stomach yesterday i
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was however some traces of the past are always present i. respond surface stina and team cool fetus remind everyone of significant doping cases. star athletes that used to dope have returned such as alexander vinokourov who's now the head of team a stana. others have gone on to become consultants on televisions like who shot the film. in spite of the 16 year and re tests that proved negative in the tour de france 2015 edition christopher froome the winner of the tour could not escape a suspicious public. don't don't destroy me you know mick so tell me to do more that you can get it dirty so he sits there must come to the ball i don't want you all some son jeffrey to tweak the roof when i sing almost
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using home. good to see you fall. short on these altar boys. there's so many people talking. so how effective are the tests carried out for the torah from us. through the nose up to look. over. the curia delivers the samples to one of the french anti doping agency's analytical burra trees near paris the winner of each stage and wearer of the yellow jersey attested every day. in the sectors of. north. korea don't. have a kind that is it on any. team you know and their bodies and your particular tickle
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you can maybe do either all see it all or see if they all said. there is another. critter just manual going all. out of 365 year in tests there was only one positive in 2015 cyclists are doping less than they used to or better so favorite put. on took up on top of that to. push. more young mean i want to. the dope the athletes are far ahead of the game the bara trees have never uncovered
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significant doping cases labs look for products that the athlete. do not take anymore. meanwhile athletes products that the labs do not know about every 10 years scientists football is another athletes have used don't bring mechanisms without being detected. a simple customs check caused a scandal in 1980 in the car of the medical agent for team festina 235 vials of doping substances and dozens of other products were found the no athletes had tested positive for. me in 1988 christophe pusong was a part of team festina when it was disqualified from the tour. at the time he was the only one to denounce doping in cycling and early whistleblower. when. he left the professional the main still continues to contest the v t frontally
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championship at the age of. crystal for a song has not forgotten the race for substances between the tour de france competitors. no communicate they are still puzzles that i want to point it will last us in about our top up almost 20 yards of all because of all. places it's. a long. shot if you think of it i mean you're standing. up to raise it up with will put you fairly. you know send it to say it is a keep committed where you know when you do nearly coming in when you're giving your own core that came up a computer is there for that i'll. give you the also if i could carry them for they don't say it on you google it compare it to. the keeper of the committee. i want to
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put you in as who got everything given in to keeping me all in one unit that when you sent it to the core within a system no longer and what i can work with you move interesting. was. the. to the on of so very popular live yes or to do the normal or normative thing i did . learn almost this will be that the vast impossible. don't go well here it will not muck issues with it but i'm open for you to do quintile thing you don't know scar you mungo's up on the would be on the cross it is for sale on 4th day of how to put on the tour de france made up because you know what quality for please show your skin you poor idiot that said. can meet 100 meter highly pocket
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on. me all by this wave hits herself upon 1. 1999 christoper song denounced his 1st tour de france a year after the festina scandal he was the only one to maintain doping was still prevalent. divan thank god i did he did do but he didn't would you say you don't. need to bodily labor for more than on some form of so you might apply thank him you tend to perform i tend. to continually make a new thing just to clear. the press calls him mr clean but in reality he's perceived as the black sheep of the cycling world he carries on thanks to the help of his wife. it's. like you don't bash satyr say take us leave your. country.
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some plenty really and i need to stick around your way so he has the votes to cut down a force that i think will institutions but what will tell the don't know having the president of with. us. here to vote on people for. that year lance armstrong was preparing to win his 1st tour de france the start of a long series of wins this would never have been possible if the international cycling union u.c.i. had acquired the proper tools for dope testing. biologists general diem had proposed that the cyclist be given an enhanced biological passport. because your i defy any playground will demean of socket and i deserve a laugh when you think 2 more see keep out wolf is
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a good cheesy sit up post so little the fortunes of those social coup leaders are going to talk to that all the false who crane year group are note or other i will meet you obviously that levied it all falls see that we do jussi all to get over this we do mean other storm or at the immediate most respects the dr during a mountain stage because stuff challenges the american attack. attack the us or. kill method i read of auk. in anything i'm just curious about here folk when it's all about you what other people want more than this recess while arkansas was. in with your to scheme idea new models you came across a christian unity government. because you see human sympathy. for our presence i mean you and i mean our. bicycle and
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has a performer poker. rejected by the group of persona brings down but the 12 stage he quits the to be understood that there would be no change lance armstrong would take 13 years to admit the truth. did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes. under me do the guys some form of were offered to do believe. that while some think there is a. feature some want to use i was an example for the more serious has almost had to pass for the. money this week by sellers who know some artistic or mattresses among it. they stole money to kuroki street over the counter put it. up as he went to contrary put it if you were to visit a potter one you want to meet people quote there is some precedent there was it
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exists a 100000000000 u 2 is one trillion sharma and you go over those it down when i mean as anthony by some of the depositor as a perky on the uniface york of one or 2 more than you and then. ready there are programs along on those who probably was better but we have got some good will. before our casket was in the armor being certain basic up with i am going to tell you. what was persecuted by mc critical of. a person the image is a wash she by the way. sure. it is objective. and you. may well. to support shipping one stuff i may appear in your short mission but. i hope your see someone.
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if you don't want it is something. that. i support him i think you do cash you pointed us all to see profit that annoys you and post all you pointed it exploitive settled all sit in for me to t.c. with and calls on the panel some to see it is a community disbelief. in a holistic communities and then back to south i. don't see put it loose books have the lab a trois. in public key and suppose that this was a book says he did and in a society that boasts of competition continuously to itself more and more people are interested in dating techniques. how much is mimicking athletes boost to performance and effort market in constant growth. the sports nutrition sector has become very competitive. you never think you're going to want to look there's no on
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call father did it if you spoke to you but your wallet the time enough to buy your wallet is a system you need but you are just so dumb to put a stamp that would seem to would be silly to pull one of its each of us just tell me what you're there when you're there people personally to me just to fill up the subject. but you join your devotional results are good for you and yours are still like the need to be so filled with it don't mean you got your bottom. dollar shelf off of to carry out those that are your public right to do support people must be don't force it to do good business to see if they do all the stuff and if it hurts it. and new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship that going to destroy them
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that we have can we overcome it challenges here looks at the new democracy and ethiopia's fast changing political landscape through the stories of food divest ethiopians simply this is my studio where a shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to be. freedom . going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but your story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. that corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our country. run counter.
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to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. from winning the white house on fair game on al jazeera. how i missed. with the headlines on al-jazeera heavy rains and strong winds are threatening to disrupt the sats and rescue efforts in the bahamas the national hurricane center has warning of a potential tropical storm within the next 36 hours parts of the bahamas were hit hard by a powerful hurricane nearly 2 weeks ago the u.n.
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chief is in the bahamas to raise global awareness about the effects of climate change. pakistan's prime minister is warning new delhi has cracked down an indian administered kashmir will push more people into taking up arms and one can held a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir promising to take the issue to the un general assembly but he also spoke exclusively to talk to al jazeera and one khan said he is anti war but will respond to any aggression from india when do nuclear armed countries fight if they fight a conventional war there is every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if sit back a stand for god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that
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when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death it has consequences so that's why. we have approached the united nations we approach we are we are approaching every international forum that then must act right know because this is a potential. a disaster which would go way beyond the indian subcontinent more than 40 taliban fighters have surrendered and afghanistan's talk of province saying they are now ready to live under government control it's the 2nd significant surrender of anti-government forces and just the last 10 days. and american actor for the state hoffman will spend 2 weeks in jail for cheating the us college admissions process she pleaded guilty to paying a $15000.00 to rig daughter's college entrance exam results 50 people have been indicted in a scam helping children gain positions in top u.s.
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colleges she is the 1st parent to be sentenced all those are the headlines and now it's back to sports starting the endless chase stay with us. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence the disproportionately impact indigenous communities tribal police departments are understaffed and under-resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns of the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lot of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there
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should be the a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't help me yet. after having fought for clean cycling former cyclist christophe muscle hopes to encourage decent practices and much damage has become an interest in an anti doping advisor in the southwest of france supported by the police and customs officers as is the tests. on. the. dispy. this year are some additional. would be punished on the bunch of the league this year the solution of . france's bodybuilding championship an amateur and allegedly aesthetic
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sport which consists of developing muscle mass. oh. somebody builders use banned products. for the media but. should devote an hour or so soon you are too good as he needs me to stand up on the sunset for me to come along. on a sudden thrust or something like you were going. to post articles a pimple you shills will help us what is going to be done about snowball. some to destroy a force on your. t.v. take. on the. high only almost. a year but. it works a lot easier than last week. result nearly a quarter
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a positive. you have it's also known this as on that would result of let me thank you no no no no. i'm bored. everything i longed to f. it was a need to. get out there were one that. told a lot of on the phone no no don't. say. that that you can afford to do a. coffee on it and. the police and customs officers regularly seize banned products from the homes of sellers it's a flourishing black market estimated to be worth over $30000000000.00 euros a year worldwide. less risky than prostitution and narcotics this illegal trade is in the hands of large criminal organizations.
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should be. yes it operation organisation don't go to see meant the norm we already. actually. did the rest of this and it's obvious on this is the opposite on that. so where are these don't bring products manufactured. the republic of moldova near ukraine. right in the center of the capital is balkan pharmaceuticals. a laboratory employing a staff of 80 into pollock uses it of illegally selling dope and products all over the world. funnier for. me to come in here to disperse them with cardiovascular fortuna stimulus to. the home of the deposit
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to put a part of me to come even if out of your thoughts here. busy just for thought for the last one just not sure but if i think. the menu. such products is perfectly legal in moldova sportsmen though use many of them for purposes other than those intended. clomid or clomid a drug usually prescribed to sterile women is used by bodybuilders after testosterone treatment. likewise side to made or 9 sodium a thyroid hormone used to supplement steroids and pyrrus attack psychostimulant that works on the central nervous system is used by athletes to improve their ability to concentrate. to me to get me to look at a publisher will call for much of this until you get a good idea it's much much co-publisher lot of money coming to. this medication falls into public domain and many major pharmaceutical laboratories have stopped
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manufacturing it some of them have been banned from being sold in europe such as claimed buter of a drug intended for race horses what is it just i guess what i think about the top dogs. in reality it is mostly used by athletes to melt away excess fat. they something. you don't want to cheer. much with. not licensed yet their products are sold on various specialist websites in a range of languages. these illegal sales finance the construction of this new law bar a trade efficient cost of which was $26000000.00 euros far higher than waters annual budget.
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doping products sometimes calls it reversible damage so the trivialization is worrying for doctors. zoe is a 5 time weightlifting champion for china for the 48 kilo category she retired from the sport in 1903. and it was you who said they were little you know what you do just. as you stand there now as from what you did when you. to achieve this she took masculine hormones and you did to the other woman the mate can make a she didn't this was out in someone's yard and years ago my son got.
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this medication consisted of steroids used for enhancing muscle mass many of the other athletes in her team suffered side effects. then you all know they all 21. years and they were so horrified that in. their i believe the others and me and what. you're this is. what you are when you hope you know you have bought for you. in the eyes of. the heart of any. of us why is it your way so i have heard are so and they are these are they say they're high they're in a domain of the rich are when the dollar. that already is for you know.
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also available online on state of the art undetectible doping products these products are unavailable on the market and are very dangerous products such as the growth hormone d.n. p o d n e trophy no extremely toxic. it was identified by interpol who raised the alarm after several people using it died of hypothermia the orders are delivered by mail often escaping customs checks. growth hormones and t.v. 500 a miracle molecule used by cyclists once paid for into an account in thailand then dispatched from china via hong kong. these thyroid hormones were paid for by bank transfer to an account in slovakia and dispatched from poland. even do need to phenyl used for rapid weight loss and fatal at 4 times the recommended dose ordered
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from a website based in panama it was dispatched from the u.k. . even more amazing is this molecule sent from china known as f.g. 4512 pharmaceutical abar trees are still testing its effectiveness against certain forms of anemia so does around $400.00 euros a gram one month course of treatment for elite athletes would cost almost $3000.00 euro news. these products a proof of worldwide trafficking a parallel market with the barra trees websites and dealers spread out all over the world a global market which athletes willingly use. only but require you to please or your mobile to do it all or similar all of it in a fit of in unison narrative up with. the best that to me you know is
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a popular or soon you will do best remote when you don't show me a species on time when you point me to all of these on the sophisticate yet because of the people you must go on the previous shot on often all of us you meet go some you know all city sit ups in my own drugs ruin some strong rubs every 2 julie is to falsely produce what is to keep the vicar to reporters john must be jesus shortly can you do this is going there people because it's not going to force them on open your presence in week one can get creative egoist austin in egypt with the. you guys don't seem to depend on be go with them go on an image what's on your ball automatic and even when you want to. learn some strong matter going to look at yourself go but hip with or not to the torso from the o.b. would also you notice the still on the zone of a man on something so so that if he. says all armitage back to start trucking. i least it's also wrong to aid in the medical or
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let you more sophisticated is it a or to shit. to lead it's applied real fs only a little nadir always asked to operate it because it's who forgot. because it emits saki swampy gig e.q. what's that going to get the shorts you seek. into that yeah leave or evil show from the courtroom you sure don't know i am the living and it had to laugh. at ted would say that because short look at who showed the oval office way machine and quirky free buescher pleasure they've had to push me where do people think it was you we did. among the accomplices implicated is michele ferrari lance armstrong's dope a physician who helped him secretly for 1000000 dollars given a life span by the italian cycling federation in 2002 he continues to work discreetly with athletes.


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