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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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did you know i did 63 other dalgard habited areas are split between 3 other indian states these celebrate independence day one day before india does they don't pay taxes to the government but to different groups fighting for their cause. but that system has crippled infrastructure and choked its economy in today's reality many. are suffering because of this economy conditions people are frustrated. so peace talks are critical but the indian government's decision to walk or told to me is also costing the shadow of the big thing you are going to need from. or have dignity and you're promising the nuggets so what value does that promise have for the mothers this is what is impacting the dogs. the governor of now glaad has told it did media that talks are stuck on the symbolic issues of flood and the constitution. but after decades of fighting the bad guys are still
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waiting for a settlement that fully respects ties to their land their history and identity. the al-jazeera campese broad now the land. more than 40 taliban fighters have surrendered and afghanistan's tucker province they say they're now ready to live under government control it's the 2nd significant raise by anti-government forces in just 10 days tony betty has moved from the afghan capital kabul. the taliban fighters surrendered in takar province in the north of afghanistan close to the border with to. they walked into the governor's compound there and handed over their weapons of a k 47 assault rifles rocket propelled grenade launchers and machine guns and said they were now prepared to live under the law of the afghan government but they also said they've been subjected to intensive aerial bombardments and a big ground offensive by the afghan army they said they suffered more casualties
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whether or not this surrender is genuine remains to be seed it will be tested over the coming weeks but it's significant because this is the 2nd significant surrender of taliban fighters in the last 10 days including our province $150.00 taliban and perhaps some ice or fighters gave themselves up for similar reasons shows that the aerial campaign may be affecting morale of taliban and i saw in that area president trump promised that the campaign would continue that the taliban was being hit to hit harder than ever before the taliban say also that they are taking territory and they are inflicting casualties on the afghan army president garny the afghan president said today that at least 2000 taliban fighters have been killed in the last week that's disputed by the taliban they say they're inflicting casualties and that's not the case but of course the fighting has intensified in particular since the the abrupt cancellation of talks by president there's no prospect of those
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talks being in the near future so this violence and these campaigns and the fighting on the ground and the air is going to continue and the be more casualties on that's plenty more ahead on this news hour including israel prepares to go to the polls for the 2nd time in less than 6 months. striking workers at the transport system in paris to a standstill in a dispute over pension reform. and sports peace i will be here where all the action for the basketball wild. 75. now israelis are going back to the polls on tuesday for a 2nd election in less than 6 months and comes after the last one resulted in a chaotic breakdown of coalition talks issues topping the agenda security health care and prime minister benjamin netanyahu as potential indictments of
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a corruption herefore supports. who sews himself as israel's mr security kamal reminded of its frequent absence in and around gaza a week before polling day sirens gave notice of a new round of rockets forcing benjamin netanyahu from the stage at a campaign rally in the southern city of ashdod. his main electoral opponent former army chief benny gantz gaza is netanyahu is a weak point on security policy the deterrence has been absolutely eroded it's time to act it's time to put an end to this it's time to change the leadership challenge netanyahu to come to the southern time of steroids and look into the eyes of its frightened residents but stare out has long been a stronghold of netanyahu is likud party and in april's elections 2 thirds of its voters chose netanyahu or his right wing allies over gun says centrist bloc and. we hope it will be fine i don't have the tools that nathaniel will has i hope what
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should be done is done. netanyahu doesn't bring a security on the days rockets and more just that doesn't mean that i stop believing in him on one level netanyahu as approach is hardline israeli snipers have killed more than $300.00 unarmed protesters over 18 months of border demonstrations rockets out of gaza. with punitive airstrikes guns calls for a broader military campaign but it's precise outline and prospects of success seem as hazy as the gaza skyline from steroids for all the netanyahu is opponents criticize his gaza policy they have yet to come up with an alternative that is fully believed and supported by the residents of this area and as for the wider israeli electorate that yahoo's message to them as always been that israel's number one security problem is not gaza but iran and so days before the election netanyahu unveiled new allegations of iranian nuclear wrongdoing the only way to stop iran's
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march to the bomb and its aggression in the region is pressure pressure. militarily israel has been ramping up that pressure striking iranian interests not just in syria but in iraq i didn't gauging in across the border escalation earlier this month with iran backed hezbollah in lebanon but all the risks being forceful on iran is seen as boosting netanyahu electoral prospects there are israelis who are disturbed by some of his domestic tactics and he's embroiled in corruption allegations which he denies and so on but on security he seems to be pretty credible and he's also not seen as a military adventure and he doesn't want to drag israel into a major conflict. in recent days though netanyahu iran policy has lost some of its luster donald trump has raised the prospect of a meeting with iran's president a significant blow to netanyahu strategy of maximum pressure the challenge for his opponents is to convince israelis that they can trust such matters to someone else
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are a force that al-jazeera southern israel. the libyan war are clear for have to have been killed that's according to pro. they died during fighting south of the capital tripoli after us for a military offensive to capture the city back in april forces loyal to the u.n. recognized they have made advances in the area. so there flooding and yellen is making a humanitarian crisis even worse at least 21 people have died in a province where most of the people displaced by the war live in makeshift camps and with few resources it's hard for anyone to build new homes as her young reports . the. living conditions were already challenging in this camp for displaced yemenis now severe flooding has made it worse more than 1500 makeshift homes have been destroyed in archivists camp one of many affected and hard job province
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displaced families are now trying to rebuild their strong homes with whatever they can find like many families here fots amal lost all she had when she was displaced now everything has gone again as a widow she says her family now depends on this bread maker. sabbat alone or so but i'm not going to mother went through we need help organizations have come in but they've just taken our photograph and registered our names we don't have anything. the united nations estimates the floods have affected more than 80000 people in recent months leaving many in need of food shelter and sanitation. well you know obama when i you will obama we've been suffering here from ward 7 months from brain storming diseases the houses here all destroyed some organizations have tried to rebuild homes but they leave them with no groups or cover people have died. but
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many aid organizations are spread thin fighting between who these and allies of yemen is internationally recognised government pushed the country to the brink of famine and that was before the flooding not flat out honest that i used to have a little bit of cooking flour but if lots washed it all away we don't have anything to eat everything was flooded may god have mercy on our phone our children. people living in these camps have little support and nowhere to go we can only hope that help comes soon. percival yon al-jazeera. well united nations board of inquiry has now been officially set up to investigate attacks on un supported facilities in syria it is the last territory still in rebel hands diplomatic editor james bays has. the province of idlib is clearly the last target of the assad regime in the long war in syria in recent months regularly we've seen
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instances of medical facilities in hospitals being hit we assume that they were hit by the syrian air force and by russian aircraft the u.n. said in august that it planned to set up a board of inquiry the secretary general of the u.n. has now done that but in a press briefing his spokesman refused to pledge that they will release the full findings board of inquiries and they routinely happen our. internal documents and not for public release that's what i can tell you at this at this point it's also important to know that board of inquiries are not. judicial bodies they're not criminal investigations they make no legal findings all isn't it important the full facts given these are life and death situations are made public completely agree with you that these are life and death situation this is what i can tell you at this point negotiations at the u.n. security council still continue on
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a possible resolution proposed by 3 countries germany belgium and kuwait for a ceasefire in little a province for humanitarian reasons russia has some problems with that resolution and right now this month russia is the president of the u.n. security council well european powers are again pressing iran to cooperate with the un's nuclear watchdog tehran has been reducing its commitments to the time to 15 nuclear deal after the us withdrew last year and re imposed sanctions but you france germany and the u.k. have issued a joint statement stressing that they continue to support the deal john mccain has more from ballen. this is the most strongly worded statement by the 3 european powers so far this year regarding iran and its nuclear program the particular reference from the european powers to the natanz installation and indeed water iran
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has been doing that with enrichment of uranium involving the installation of centrifuges certainly from the european perspective they say that this is contravention of the agreement that iran arrived at with the 3 european powers with china with russia and with the obama presidency in the white house several years ago of course his successor president trump repudiated the agreement and so it is therefore only the europeans the chinese and the russians who are still involved in this this is a particular blow for the europeans because they have been trying over the course of this calendar year to keep iran within the terms of the agreement and they've been trying to do that with a financial scheme called instax designed to help iran legally to circumvent that is to get around the impact of economic sanctions from the united states government the problem here is that with each step taken by the iranian government these are the enrichment of uranium which goes beyond the terms of the agreement it becomes
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harder for the europeans to say that the iranians are not breaching the agreement which is why i must read this statement as a very strong as it were a rebuke from the europeans to iran one final point is that the i a e a general conference at the international atomic energy agency which which oversees such matters is meeting in vienna this week coming very interesting to see what is said about this situation. now britain's prime minister barak's johnson says he's cautiously optimistic of getting a new deal johnson is expected to meet representatives in luxembourg on monday irish prime minister earlier broadcast says the u.k. still hasn't presented viable alternatives to prevent a hard border meanwhile and johnson brushed off criticism of his decision to suspend parliament so close to the exit deadline. the yes i'm all in favor of are all in favor of aren't these what are you oh.
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very. much oh no i'm sorry to sound. like the last. one there is ample time for parliament to consider not just little kinds of things both before and after the european council table 17 let's get on. across the channel and a massive strike has bought much of paris's public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reforms 10 of the 16 metro lines are closed while buses and trams have also been affected there's actually about the reports from the french capital. they would tailbacks on paris's famous say avenue and across the city with most of the metro bus and train service is closed people sought alternative ways to get around the biggest transport workers strike in the fridge capital for more than a decade caused travel chaos and frustration for commuters the idea is to be able
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to strike a protest using methods which don't prevent others going to work a boy to public transport because i thought it would be delayed transport workers are protesting against the french president emanuel mark rolls planned pension reforms the french government says it wants to streamline the complex and costly pension system to make it fairer and financially sustainable in general don't bet. we are going to build a truly universal system which for every year of contributed gives everyone the same rights whether they are workers shopkeepers researchers farmers civil servants doctors or entrepreneurs these transport workers say they worry their pensions could be reduced or they could be forced to work longer most people in france can retire at 62 but some transport workers can retire in their fifty's. pension schemes are sacred except of jobs with shift work we're responsible for
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public safety but now they want to take our rights away. we are being asked to take on increasingly difficult working conditions were losing what little compensation we had. many people in france regard the state public pension scheme as a pillar of the french social system previous french presidents who've tried to reform it have backed down off the public opposition reforming france's pension system was one of a man all macros campaign promises but it's fraught with risk opinion polls suggest the french president's popularity is finally on the rise after difficult here domestically because of the yellow face protests so he'll have to tread carefully if he wants to avoid a new wave of street demonstrations most french people probably accept the system needs changing it's no longer financially viable for the coming decade so it's a calculated risk but emanuel macro has gained in popularity since his good results in european elections and he's great national debate so he has momentum the government says it will draw proposed pension reforms after lengthy consultations
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with trade union leaders and the public a strategy the president may be gambling on to given the green light to continue with his sweeping reform agenda but it won't be easy workers from other sectors are planning similar strikes in the coming weeks natasha butler al-jazeera paris well still ahead on al-jazeera we look at how they can a faster as government is cracking down on vigilante. a phone rings promise of prosperity but hong kong has protests cast a shadow over the middle zone festival. and in sports and day after and then baffling and fast violent john francia in the actual case i will have those details . it was. the a. it was.
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a i was hollowed out in the western pacific tropical cyclones are in fact developing which means an awful lot of the and she's gone in the right direction and we're seeing a much drive picture over china and over southeast asia has been a rapid collapse a collapse of the season the rains now there will be more showers more thunderstorms developing hong kong is involved in this but they're pretty much dotted around the active frontal system that you might think is up in sichuan i think he really has broken off broken off a limb of the monsoon trough which is heading south so about 2 if you like late season thunderstorms in southern china and here from hong kong west was a bit of a gap throughout southeast asia and his the line i was talking about that really is the seas no rain is drifting slowly so we've got the southern philippines northern half of borneo now in the risk area and that line of rain goes back towards central thomas drifting down through peninsula on the night so it might prompt a short term problem for singapore but it's
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a slow movement in the west is still looks like being in thailand so that implies unix largely drawn into these remains dry now the monsoon is still pretty active rain wise and india was magid pradesh once again the focus. the weather sponsored by qatar is. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale that would virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition escalated into a broader pro-democracy movement so how and why did this crisis develop and more would follow in the 2nd of 2 special reports people in power examines the core issues on possible consequences of homegrown summer of defiance on al jazeera. award winning programming from international film makers were driving around looking for drug addicts on the streets of kabul just the arrest sets the stage men
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are demanding. because no one hard. giving voice to the voiceless have you failed your mission to protect the civilian population but open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. on al-jazeera. hello again i'm the stars it's a reminder about top stories this hour heavy rains and strong winds are threatening to disrupt search and rescue efforts in the bahamas the national hurricane center is warning of a potential topple storm within the next 36 hours parts of the bahamas were hit
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hard by a powerful hurricane nearly 2 weeks ago the u.n. chief is in the bahamas to raise a global awareness of the crisis. pakistan's prime minister is warning that new delhi has cracked down in india the minute administered kashmir will push more people into. taking up iran can held a rally in the capital of pakistan administered kashmir promising to take the issue to the un general assembly. and at least 21 people have died after floodwaters swept through yemen's province many families displaced by the civil war have been sheltering there at least 1500 makeshift toilets have been destroyed. and at least 3 people have been killed in southeastern spain when record rainfall flooded towns their power is out airports are closed and roads are destroyed in and around the towns of alarie and more cheer in the hayward reports on the rescue efforts. blood water. capita from spain's
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mediterranean coast which is a seaside town popular with tourists in a region being battered by storms and heavy rain. the impact of the deluge inland can be seen from the air with buildings from the landscapes warmed by the downpour. overnight emergency teams worked to evacuate people from properties in the flooded town of. the oregon there because we've been incommunicado since this morning the storm came in flooded all the streets it seemed like a river i've never seen anything like that the water almost got inside and the morning no rest spite rescuers managed to reach a man whose car had become trapped on a motorway to look more like you're braver than a wrote in watching out for the benefit is that he was holding on to a traffic signal since we were talking to him and he wasn't responding to the officer and i jumped in to get him out. the army has been called in to help
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people in the worst affected towns and villages and work is on the way to clear the day they should still be holiday season but this part of spain but the has been record breaking levels of brain and more is expected and he would al-jazeera. it's a long ways from the president robert mugabe will be buried as a national shrine in the capital tributes to the country's founding father who died last week in singapore aged 95 but for the families of those who disappeared during his rule his death leaves many unanswered questions. from the capital harare. patton's the matters older brother it-i used to stand opposite the parliament building every day calling for robert mugabe to step down saying he had failed as a leader 4 years ago it was bundled into a car and hasn't been seen since cats and policemen are working for the zanu p.f.
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led government took his brother it ties one of many zimbabweans critical of the government who have mysteriously disappeared over the years and lot of people killed his cows and people were made and and not all people killed in motions gods because there have not found closure for example today. independence in 1800 well over 50000 individuals will have been reported missing. and political ground on political grounds since the government came into power and . it ties family don't know whether he is alive or dead after mcgovern was removed by the army in a coup in 2017 they asked him away it was he knew nothing about it is just one of many unanswered questions in the early 1980 s. thousands of people were murdered it must be learned province for allegedly trying to remove mugabe from power the former president called that period
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a moment of madness but is the state of the economy has to straighten minerals what was once a prosperous nation will gladly took over in 1980 is are struggling with soaring inflation and high unemployment some basic services aren't readily available including water again seeing all these children now won't visit going to screw with old bad thing and we are busy. fetching water. all day. and there's no electricity when the water when their legs use it becomes a very new warfare toward our once in a while. was a polarizing figure in life and in death there was even controversy over when and where his body would be buried now the family says his final resting place would be here. heroes' acre is an important national shrine with some of those who fought in the white minority rule are buried robert mugabe's 1st wife sally is buried here
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next to her is an empty grave reserved for the country's founding father family members and after the official government ceremony they will have the own private event to see the goodbyes while praising god his policies on education and land reform others in the globe is legacy of disputed elections allegations of human rights abuses abductions and disappearances and a ruined economy will continue to haunt them how to al-jazeera has only now protesters in south africa are demanding more action against sexual violence it's estimated a woman is raped somewhere in the country every 36 seconds outrage over the rape and murder of a university student in cape town has led to weeks of protests presidents around the person has admitted that south africa is are facing a crisis and has promised tougher laws. became a faster as government says it's cracking down on a network of vigilante groups the call where our group's members say they're
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working at a local level to punish crime in areas where official security forces have little presence but they've also been accused of human rights abuses catherine sawyer travel to visit southern begin a fast to find out. so. this is a meeting of people who say they're members of what they call the largest soft defense group in booking a fossil. hunting guns and other homemade weapons the self-styled vigilantes are meeting in the country's soudan district of by sega to discuss security in the area and what they say a new strategy is to keep people safe. this is their leader he says the group has members across the country. we're not civil servants we're a group of herders traders women we provide security and advise our people on good investments if people want to reward us we take the money for our logistics. they
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call themselves. our bush dads in the local moral language they came to prominence in 2015 when government security collapsed after the toppling of former president place can power who had ruled for 27 years. to this day such so-called vigilantes continue to feel the power vacuum and. you know as they do like many big towns we have police militarily private security but in rural areas there is nothing so all the people see the group as a savior. in the village of ressam canned. and his you need to take us to the local market he says those like you who wear grey uniform are special forces whose work is to arrest suspects and investigate crime i'm not. sure i joined a group because my only donkey was stolen and police couldn't help me find it then . and i said enough is enough when you come to
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a small village centers like this one people will tell you that the group has helped a number of highway robbery that pedler that has gone down but i have also been accused of human rights abuses. their justice is instant when you steal a phone an egg or life stalk you pay back 3 times the cost and face public humiliation but. what people fear the most is shame we tie them up to embarrass them so that they don't do it again and to deter others tell me what shows a more serious violation of human rights killing someone and stealing property or our justice system they're not formally recognized by the government and don't trust security forces it's an easy relationship the interior ministry fails to respond to request for an interview but this mentality until everyone in the village is feel safe that. is not going anywhere catherine saw al jazeera
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south and book in a fossil. and the gypsy the businessman has put videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by a president. and on the generals mohammad ali who worked as a military contractor for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on hotels and a seaside palace for c.c. he's been posting from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile i wondered why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision was he staying in a one bedroom apartment of course not the problem was that sixties wife didn't want to sleep in the same homely mubarak's wife stayed cc's taken low level corruption to a new level i built 5 villas facilities a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo i built a home in alexandria for the c.c. family despite the being an official residence in the same compound the modifications demanded by cc's wife cost more than $1500000.00 the army also
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ordered me to build $125000000.00 hotel in cairo's 5th siegelman. pro-democracy protesters have rallied in the streets of algeria for the 30th straight week the country has been without an elected president since demonstrators forced former leader. to resign back in april they're demanding sweeping changes including having members of the former regime put on trial. new zealand's prime minister just sent our john has moved to further tighten her country's gun laws now it's been 6 months since a mass shooting in christ church killed 51 people from the reports. was prime minister just used to visit to a primary school in christ church to announce changes that she says will make news even safer including an increase in mental health funding and stricter gun laws we
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know that the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a license with firearms that have either been stolen or traded illegally. arning a firearm is a privilege not a right that means we need to do all we can to ensure that our in the honest laura biding citizens can obtain farms licenses and use firearms. are done 1st announced sweeping gun controls in march following an attack on 2 mosques in christ church that killed 51 people all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles were banned and an amnesty was put in place for the guns to be handed to police 6 months on and the government says more changes to the law are needed this bill includes the creation of a farm's ridge to to enable the monitoring and tracking of every foreign legally owned in new zealand changing the length of time of farms losses from teen years to
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5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges the requirement to be a license holder in order to purchase and hold foreign parts magazines and ammunition the government hopes parliament will approve the legislation by the end of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another mass killing victoria gayton be there. now the main festival is one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar that this year the nettlesome event is taking place against a backdrop of months of protests in hong kong to melinda going reports. people here say the full moon brings her spirit in the brighter future but the moon grows over a different hong kong this year and the celebration has taken on a different feel. there are the usual carols and lanterns.


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