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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 257  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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then even our close family member this. prediction of human behavior through the combination of personal data and psychological tests is shockingly accurate. david garrow is a media professor at parsons university in new york. he battled for months to retrieve the data that cambridge analytical had on him. he was amazed by what he discovered. this is the excel spreadsheet that they provided it is broken into 3 tabs core data election returns and models the model on the one hand personal data that the firm has gathered from the web and then my registered now this is all the voter data here and this is what would normally be public in voter records but it it's all accurate it has the day i registered to vote and it has figured out my birthday my address the zip code
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down to you know all of my address it's connected it to census information and it's connected to all the different kinds of elections so u.s. congressional state senate state house state legislative then you have some consumer information here like the designated mark information and f.i.p.s. it is another kind of consumer voter code and when you on the other hand the psychometric interpretation of his personality together that's how you can really 0 in and target the model is my profile so you can see the different topics were ranked in order of importance my registered partisanship my unreligious your partisanship you clearly see who their client was it didn't measure me as a democrat or republican just a very unlikely republican and you can also see sort of the model itself is in the interest of sort of finding. conservative voters especially conservative voters who
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might be registered as a democrat but are actually going to vote republican so being able to go down to the zip code level and then reus sociate that to all other election districts allows you to geo target. so precisely and that's how you're going to move the needle in u.s. elections i think if americans knew this was happening and happening internationally they would be outraged. funded by robert mercer and headed by steve bannon naturally cambridge on a little car would offer its services to candid donald trump. by late june 26th seen the partnership with a done deal. on july the 29th the 1st payment was sent to the company you can find it's in the campaign account. with 4 payments between july and october
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26th in cambridge an emoticon would receive nearly $6000000.00. at the same time the political action committee for donald trump funded by robert mercer paid cambridge analytic top $5000000.00 between november 25th and november 26th in. ultimately the firm would receive $11000000.00 to work with the trump campaign. a digital targeting strategy was made possible and set to run for donald trump. all that was needed was a way to put it to use in the american elections certainly beat some camp which include cambridge analytical saw something in the american electorate that the clinton campaign and the media certainly did not see. it's been reported that thanks to cambridge analytic cuz knowledge of the electorate trumps advisors devise the highly targeted strategy based on the particularities. of the u.s.
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voting system. in the united states the president is not elected directly by the people but by the electoral college appointed in each of the 50 states. not all states have the same number of electors making some states more important to women than others. the trump camp suspected that they would not win the national vote so with strategists decided to concentrate on the state. knowing that they would lose the national popular vote. how do you win well you win by capturing the electoral college how do you do that you try and figure out a way of where you can go to appeal to relatively small numbers of people he was going to places that a lot of people thought why is he doing that he shouldn't be doing that he should be going someplace someplace else we didn't there was a strategy of looking at places that had been thought of as consistently democratic
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states states like michigan wisconsin and pennsylvania all 3 of which mr trump carried on in november. this was the strategy reportedly recommended by cambridge analytical not to try to convince millions of voters across the entire nation to vote for trump but rather to target only the 10s of thousands that the firm knew through its analyses were hesitating. if you are somebody who's. clever. and you're just you're looking i mean what he does algorithmic trading it's all about finding the tiniest edge is that tiny tiny tiny edge that you have of your competitors that you can leverage and make a massive difference and that's why you make the money and i think this idea of using data and the potential manipulation through
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a platform facebook is that can just be enough to give you that edge that then you can exploit through things like faith and all these other techniques and tactics. here are the techniques that motion by the data scientists i cambridge i know. using the information they had on the other words they defined 32 types of personalities throughout the country. it's believed that individualized messages were sent targeting those considered to be the most concerned about issues. was discussed by trump during his campaign. the firm identified many such voters in 3 states wisconsin michigan and pennsylvania 3 states bay believed could swing in favor of trump. in a press release cambridge analytical openly explained its strategy.
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busy there remains one question that the firm does not address just how did they reach these targeted voters. they did it using a little known facebook feature dark posts. they do sit in on top is when bashed his book such a massage. and book readers should determine that because from a search for certain movies you said because one of them a certain about but it's all a version of those i cannot expect out of it if the decline of depth of battling this other stuff is a book i make them as such but also when they get if not can you that make critical
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mistakes are not so i thought as for this christmas as the above but i had the manuscript. it's so dark posts are very personalized messages visible only to the person for whom they are intended how does that work exactly let's go back to mr x. analysis of his online data i can determine whether or not he's in favor of carrying firearms a message can then be created targeting him did you know that hillary clinton wants to take your gun away. he'll receive this message in his facebook news feed at a specific time boarding to has happened and digital fingerprints. no one but him will see the targeted ads and it will disappear a few hours later. because no record of them you've got no way of investigating that you have no idea who saw what and this is democracy taking place in darkness
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it's not democracy if you're going to have a political debate have you out in the open you know who is all doing what and here is being told what and the idea of just sort of like sneakily targeting people with who know what's on their phones and on their computer and with anything they could have been saying anything we'll never know because that's gone when it's on facebook said this is interesting thanks but they're not giving up. this digital strategy for the trump campaign was focused on the last few weeks. on november the 8th 2016 against all odds trump took wisconsin 523000 votes michigan 511000 pennsylvania 543000. in total 77000 votes in these 3 key states kerry trying to victory when he was
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3000000 votes behind over the entire country. the digital targeting strategy had proved effective we can see that approximately 70000 voters made the decision for everyone else because they were the ones in the districts that ended up deciding to really i think this highlights as well our electoral college system is a vulnerability that if software and data allows the most important voters to be easily. found it and diminishing the vote of everyone else effectively. politics and democracy was the next industry to fall we knew that technology interrupted newspapers and journalism and music and it was like actually here is we've been talking all this time about how great you know technology is it. for the next disruptive technology and i was like this is
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technology disrupting politics and and it's not just politics it's democracy and donald trump is the great disruptor. after trump's election when 2 former employees of cambridge analytic claim that the front collected the data of tens of millions of facebook users i don't believe collection was done in violation of privacy policies. christopher wiley was the 1st whistleblower he's the former director of research at cambridge analytics. britney kaiser the former business development director was the 2nd on march the 20th 2018 c.e.o. of cambridge analytical alexander nix was suspended after secret recordings were broadcast off next boasting if using fake news campaigns and honey traps to affect
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election campaigns globally. on may the 2nd 2018 s e l group announced that it was filing for insolvency and closing all of its operations including its subsidiary cambridge analytical. cambridge analytical stated that it has been vilified for activities that are legal and widely accepted as a standard component of online advertising in both the political and commercial arena as. however the acceptance of this digital strategy continues to be challenged as the manipulation of public opinion becomes clearer. donald trump's campaign strategy expose democracy to new threats however it also drew more attention to data technology's role in politics around the globe.
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unless there were a significant change in privacy policies personal online data can continue to be used to destruct politics all over the world. we got some pleasant solve some weather across parts of north america basin places a cloud over towards the eastern seaboard eastern parts of canada as well but the hate still there a lot of dry weather temperatures typically getting up around the mid twenty's high
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twenty's maybe even into low thirty's for some you can see there is some wet weather just lurking around the middle of takes days pushing up towards the genius heading up towards maryland as well little bit of wet weather to just around the other made west further west as generate tribe we have got some very heavy rain coming in across the pacific northwest through b.c. that western parts of canada seeing some very heavy rain well we do also drawn towards this very wet weather that says tropical storm which is making its way very close to that eastern side of the u.s. pulling away from the bahamas by this stay elsewhere it does state dry it does stay warm 32 celsius in d.c. 27 in new york dry and warm to across a good part of the caribbean before the north you can see the location of a tropical storm just pulling away from that northwestern corner of the bahamas causing further problems here mr quick templates aside from monday it does turn somewhat dry and bright but we had this for the lesser antilles.
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the magical chemical agent hard weaponized throughout history alhaji warfare prospered its head when men started fighting developed by nation states there could be enough to face every charge now within reach of those seeking. by the most toxic substance in the world over the manmade invisible threat on al jazeera.
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ground 0 cost technocrats and the defacto leader ok has been around the world is replacement of saudi arabia's energy minister for any better than struggle for its oil the cost of adapting to a warming planet counting the coals on a. 0 . calorie i missed and this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next 60
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minutes saudi arabia cuts oil output by nearly hoff following drone attacks on key oil facilities. the us secretary of state james iran for those drone attacks on saudi aramco despite claims of responsibility by yemen's who's the rebels. and the bahamas relief efforts are stepped up to help people left homeless after hurricane dorian. plus off to 6 days at sea dozens of african migrants leave their rescue ship to safety in italy. now u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is accusing iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone attacks on some of saudi arabia's most important oil facilities he tweeted saying tear on his behinds nearly 100 attacks on saudi arabia while rouhani and zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy amid all the coals for deescalation iran has
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now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen but the rebels say they are behind the attacks on the world's largest petroleum. processing facility an advocate and an oil field in her race and that's forced riyadh to temporarily cut oil production by around 50 percent u.s. president donald trump is calling it an attack on the global economy he spoke to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond saying he would guarantee saudi security a sum of binge of aid begins our coverage. the world's largest oil processing facility went up in flames after a drone attack amateur videos captured the fire and smoke at saudi aramco has uptake unit it was targeted by drones belonging to yemen's routine rebels with the capacity to process nearly 7000000 barrels a day of big plays a pivotal role in iran because operations and the oil fields in her race which
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produces a 1000000 barrels a day also came under attack. state media carried a statement from the interior ministry and said the fires were brought under control saudi arabia has been leading a coalition against the who he's in the war in yemen since 2015. the rebels say they want the world to see that they have a list of targets which they can hit in the kingdom of god some. attacks are our right and we warn the saudis that our targets will keep expanding we have the right to strike back in retaliation to the air strikes and the targeting of our civilians for the last 5 years saudi arabia accuses iran of backing the who these are charged tonight by the rebels some believe the saudi response to the drone attacks is going to be more of what's been happening during the war in yemen this would probably help them project their what they've been doing in yemen as something legitimate especially given the international report about the violations and about the at truscott is committed in yemen i think the saudis would continue or the thing that
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they've been doing over the last 4 years is bomb bomb bomb would he find his tactics have evolved in the last few years and their drone attacks have become more frequent accurate and long range as conventional air defenses struggle against multiple small drones some see aerial attacks on oil facilities as a possible game changer in the conflict a drone like this can be assembled from $10.00 to $15000.00 or explosives this provides a unique opportunity to target the military and in this case it's also more concerning because you will want to target facilities that have a huge impact besides the physical damage the hoodies also seem to have time the attacks just a saudi aramco announced it is moving forward to sending a part of the state oil company the stock listing has been on again off again but attacks like these will not help investor confidence to bring in billions of dollars to diversify in the south the economy the prime minister has been historically accurate also. maybe someone.
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yes saudi aramco is no ordinary company it's the engine of saudi arabia's economy and a source of power for its rulers it's also the crown jewel of the saudi crown prince's ambitious plan to diversify the economy but with seemingly expanding strike capabilities from the war in yemen this would give investors a moment to pause some of the job it is their. correspondent a rebel is under joins us now live from washington d.c. gabriel some strong reaction from the white house and the state department now pointing the finger at talk us through the dynamics of all this. yeah you really saw the washington reaction to this come in 2 different forms really one form you saw president donald trump who did not speak publicly about it at all but calling up the crown prince of saudi arabia the white house confirming there was this conversation saying that the president trump offered his full support to saudi arabia and there's right to self-defense and also saying that this was attack was
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a a threat to the global economy so he saw trump signaling support for saudi arabia but then you also saw this really strong statement by secretary of state mike pompei all that was put out on twitter very strong statement really pointing the finger directly at iran you know and this is something he's done before in the past really trying to he wasted no time and really signaling out to where the u.s. position on this is it left no doubt at least in the u.s. position that this was an attack by iran but. he offered no evidence at least on where the u.s. came up with this or or what he has to back up that claim but also up to see very clearly in the coming hours or days really if pompei or washington come up with any evidence really backing up that claim are really 2 different tax year trump supporting the crown prince in saudi arabia another side you had pompei o basically coming out and basically saying it was iran behind this thing in and also saying
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that iran will be held accountable for its aggression without going into detail what exactly he means by that david elizondo watching that story there for us from washington d.c. thank you game well for more on this let's speak to santa has already has a foreign policy advisor at gulf state and the essex and he joins us now on skype from tampa in florida same as we've been hearing from our correspondent in washington about the the strength of the u.s. saudi relationship how might all of this impacts the regional tensions in the gulf that we've been seeing build a fence on time now. i think this is not a the attacks were not an isolated incident and we should look at it in a broader perspective. saudi iranian proxy war and iran this sort of resistance to the u.s. pressure in terms of saudi iranian tensions you could argue that this is iran if this is actually in fact the iranians you could argue that it is basically volume's
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that are trying to be disallowed these in yemen. if you can use a $15000.00 drone to attack an oil processing facility that's a very good strategy to get out of saudi treasury and in terms of. u.s. hirani and relations i think iranians are trying to send a message and they have repeatedly said that if we can export our oil everybody is going to be in trouble so there are 2 perspectives that we have to look at it they haven't taken up. an official position yet but i'm quite certain that they will do nice and involvement but they will embrace the tax well we have been hearing my strong words out of the u.s. state department but there is no evidence yet that it actually was iran so in your mind what sort of strategy might be a play here folks from washington in particular. i think.
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well 1st of all as your report suggested there are 2 different positions one is secular from those position which very quickly blames iran and hasn't offered any evidence that it was actually iranian and 2nd it was president trump's basically a position. that he offered full support for saudis and their right to self-defense but he hasn't mentioned iran. and when we look back. and his country very center of accepting france's. proposition to give iran a 15 dollars 15000000000 dollar credit line i think when you compare these 2 i believe there are 2 different what this sense one president from which really wants to sit down and talk with the iranians and there's another one with secretary powell. and former national security adviser john bolton all part so there are 2 different perspectives that basically washington's or the white house has implied
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it's well given all of that infighting who is likely to win out especially given that the u.s. commander in chief is the president president trump. well if there was any other president i would say that you know given the pressure of the. president from his under from his advisors one would say that any other president would cave then president trump is not an order president and eventually he if he doesn't like someone he fires the person so i am hoping that president trumps. thinking or option would prevail and eventually there's a new there are some talks with the iranians because not not talking and only you know escalating the situation is not in the interest of either either very raw onions or the americans seen as
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a foreign policy adviser from the gulf states i'm less excited to feel inside fell out of there if you know it's all on top of the news valentine's ical strong besser has moved away from the bahamas bought heavy rainfall is still hindering rescue efforts in parts of the island that was devastated by a hurricane just 2 weeks ago alan fischer reports now from the capital in the south . everyday things that we rebuild ordinary lives ripped apart their t. shirts and shorts and dresses and toiletries all busy gathered by the people in ny so for those who lost everything in the hurricane literally we've had thousands of people to come in from the island with nothing but the clothes on their back some not even with shoes so they lost everything and so this set up is just to be there to help people ready regain some kind of dignity and you know one then humanity and just the good feeling about themselves and to be independent again. it started as a call to a few people went vital and suddenly it became
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a major operation the next step is distribution was no organization no grouping it was just a message sent out and the people responded well locals are playing their part the international community is doing what it can it's assessing the damage caused great bahama and abaco and can even begin to repair rebuild and reform behind this door is with a huge international operation is being coordinated there are so many agencies so much what going on they don't want to let the cameras in this is by far and away the biggest disaster ever to hit the bahamas the rebuilding will take months it will take years and the cost will be millions it will be billions we're trying to get information from areas that have compromised communication systems so we're really working with a coalition of partners to be able to collect that data and analyze that so that decision makers feel confident in their next steps as they plan towards mid-term
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and long term recovering. the displaced hundreds will start to collect in nations on monday taking the.


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