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last numbers we saw over the last few months were so 1.7000001 way canned another weekend we saw 2000000 and a week earlier we saw 1000000 people bought shot but certainly big numbers and they're all holding up their hands but the number 5 in this is representative of the 5 key demands i still want the government to make and i carry and the chief executive has withdrawn the extradition bill but the other demands i want message number one they want to have this particular protest not referred to as a riot they want an independent police highball privates the police accusations a separate place bought into accusations the place have behaved violently against the protesters and they want universal suffrage so certainly we're seeing big numbers here today and i must remind everyone that this is actually done more for assembly because the simple human rights front organizes this probably by request of permission to go ahead but the place tonight that approval so this is a more friendly rally and we do expect the police to have a heavy presence here as results in syria as we mentioned before there was
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a protest outside the british consulate earlier what was the circumstances there. the circumstances there were simply they the hundreds of people together they were trying to put pressure on the u.k. government to remind themselves of the of the agreement the joint agreement i might retire after that 997 handover when they respect the one country 2 principle such a few quick process where that would be simply i gather there reminding once again china and you quite distinct respects the agreement that my 2nd night and i said you are getting yet another huge mall right gathering if i may as in american flags and certainly at this stage outside the site died it takes a tens of thousands but thousands gathering at this stage so for now thanks very much indeed. still ahead on al-jazeera beyond frustrated palestinian refugees in lebanon make an appeal to the world.
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well i'm pleased to say we've got some quiet weather now pushing into that western side of the mediterranean we had the flooding rains across the eastern parts of spain you still see this area cloud this little circulation so we have still got some rain in the forecast here is not seeing a little further westwards pushing inland actually of course the plain but it could see some showers as we go on through sunday further north lossie dry some wet weather there into northern parts of england pushing up into scotland northern ireland or seeing some wet weather and some rather wet and windy weather looking rather breezy weather will autumnal across parts of scandinavia notice a little bit of snow over the high ground for good measure further east for got some very heavy rain pushing across the baltic states into that western side of our russia further south is fine and dry we got 28 celsius in athens some of the
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temperature in rome over the next couple of days staying breezy across northern parts as we go on into monday and by monday we could see northern parts of spain also seeing a little more cloud wanted to showers creeping in here but the central and southern parts of spain things should start to quieten down by this stage largely dry and quiet meanwhile across northern parts of africa a little bit of cloud there into northern areas of algeria from time to time i just pick up the road but essentially it's looking fine and sunny. al-jazeera world meets 2 arab immigrants who left the middle east and built exceptional lives overseas. weaving into the fabric of society of their adoptive countries finding success in germany and canada yet never forgetting their homelands of syria and lebanon. remarkable human stories of arabs
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abroad the politician and the inventor on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. secretary of state my pump a.o. has accused iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone strikes in some of saudi arabia's most vital oil facilities saudi arabia has been forced to cut its oil production by $5700000.00 barrels per day. polls have opened in china's is a 2nd presidential election since the arab spring 36 people are vying to replace beijing hired i said see who died in july aged 92 many chinese ins are for
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straighted with the lack of progress under democracy. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters in hong kong have defied a ban and the gathering to continue their push for democratic reform and protection activists say they're fighting indiscriminate arrests and authoritarianism. west african leaders have pledged $1000000000.00 to fight armed groups in the region an emergency summit held in booking a faso discuss the growing threats from groups linked to al qaeda and i saw catherine so i reports from the capital ouagadougou. a moment of silence for 29 people who were killed in 2 separate attacks in northen book enough last week one of the attacks happened at a location where all jazeera was filming just the day alia a minibus carrying civilians drove over land mine 15 people were killed. heads of state tended this emergency summit organized by the regional bloc raised concern
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about the increasing number of cross border attacks by armed groups in this a hell they're also worried the balance could spread to other coastal countries. in the last 6 months there have been many terrorist attacks we've serious consequences violence and insecurity has caused an unprecedented humanitarian the crisis millions of people displaced in the region. the summit brought together presidents from the hell countries known as the g 5 mind to fight terrorism and illegal migration across the board as representatives from other west african countries affected by armed groups like the book was also here they agreed to share intelligence joint patrols along the border as invest in training security forces and so on they also pledged a 1000000000 u.s. dollars within 5 years for counterterrorism activities. we have asked the defense
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and security missiles to put together a practical proposal or not be a causal standby force going to be deployed to help. some security analysts say regional efforts to contain the crisis have not quite been effective in the past because of conflicting interests by individual countries and regional organization as well as competition for resources and visibility are both say that a military intervention on its own cannot work without a development agenda. the fight against terrorism is not only about deploying troops there are many regions that have been neglected by governments for years people are poor and frustrated the issue of disparity must be addressed. they've been more than 2000 attacks by armed groups in this hell in the last few years just over 11000 people have been killed in book enough many of the displaced have sought refuge in schools camps set up by the government and aid workers as well as with well wishes in safe areas where they fled to. their leaders say the action plan
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they've endorsed is solid implementing it will be the hardest part catherine sigh al-jazeera whether dugu fassel. 5 defense witnesses have testified in the trial of former sudanese president omar al bashir may include in the director of bashir is office atom haasan but he'd said he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon through an envoy millions of dollars in foreign and sudanese currency or recovered from but she has residence after he was arrested in april but she has trial and corruption and money laundering charges will resume next week. more than 80 refugees and migrants have been allowed to leave their charity rescue ship and step onto the italian island of lampedusa it's the 1st time in 14 months that a rescue ships been allowed into an italian port the new italian government gave him permission to dock after getting guarantees from other european countries that
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veiled resettle the passengers brannon reports. the news brought tangible relief to ocean viking after nearly a week in limbo. her. place. was. it sparked a spontaneous celebration among the rescued migrants in florida we're very happy about the news it is amazing to arrive in a place where people understand and listen to us if they're happy to learn that we have some backing and. it's a nice new prime minister decepticon tech has been in power just a week and conti center left coalition government supports a more humane approach than the hardline closed ports policy of the previous interior minister matteo salvini but ministers insist that does not mean it's only
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now has an open door policy. i believe there's a big misunderstanding about the safe port given to ocean viking it was assigned to ports simply because the e.u. stuck to our request to take the majority of the microbes it must be clear that all rain is to ensure that those who arrive in italy or redistributed to other european countries. that hasn't stopped salvini from criticizing. redistributions in europe are just words because i am still waiting for the other european countries to take a few 1000 of those they have already promised to take so this is a surrender obviously one of contest promises to europe was to be would return to being a refugee camp. back onboard the already planning where they might be sent germany has promised to take 25 percent of any refugees rescued in the mediterranean but the rest of the distribution is less clear the subject will certainly come up when
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e.u. interior ministers meet in malta on september the 23rd. paul brennan al-jazeera palestinian refugees living in lebanon are demanding asylum elsewhere saying they don't have enough money to live they say they've been hurt by a crackdown on undocumented foreign labor then a lot of reports from beirut. they're demanding a dignified life a future for their children palestinian refugees have been gathering outside western embassies in the lebanese capital beirut demanding humanitarian asylum. give us opportunities to live. we want to give our children indication palestinians are criticizing a recent lebanese government crackdown on undocumented foreign labor as refugees they believe they should be exempt lebanese law already bans them from working in many professions and denies them access to public services as part of
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a long standing policy to discourage them from staying. if we are denied the right to work and open businesses then how do we pay for medical treatment for example and it was says it covers 100 percent of the cost but that is not true only 10 percent of my father's operation he was a cancer patient and he has since passed away international aid for palestinian refugees has decreased in recent years the un relief and works agency which supports palestinian refugees says it is providing services to all of them but it needs $120000000.00 to be able to fund operations until the end of the year palestinians have been living here for more than 70 years since the creation of israel but now the situation is getting worse unemployment was already a problem before the recent decision by lebanese authorities that requires them to take work permits are not only expensive but they are also difficult to get
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palestinians who own shops like us are were also affected by the government crackdown this 27 year old lost his livelihood in a country going through a severe economic crisis. told me i have no right because i'm a palestinian. many of us are graduates of the u.s. of children right. they are not allowed to work there is anger and resentment among the almost 200000 refugees they say they should be given special status not be treated as foreign workers but many have lost hope in their host country and they're looking for a better life outside lebanon. beirut a new school year has started in yemen well behind millions of children have been deprived of an education more than 300 schools have been damaged or destroyed since the war began who 3 rebels are being accused of making children as young as 6 recite pledges of allegiance before classes in some parts of the country. spoke to students and teachers at one school
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in sun are. students of the capital so. there is call here of 20192020 spider of the war. is going through. that's all things that they keep telling us do not go there are air strikes and aggression especially in areas near the school but our family and school teachers keep encouraging us to come. back an explosion happened in an area very close to the school we were asked by teachers to go to the basement the teachers kept searching inside the building for other schoolmates not fearing for their lives. we are now starting the 1st school year since the beginning of the saudi aggression on our country most of the educational infrastructure has been destroyed there have been many direct attacks on school teachers and students and
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who could forget the merciless attack on the school bus of. in more than one occasion students and schools have been attacked but these students are determined to continue their education. after their relocation all the central bank of yemen to aden many teachers had been deprived from their monthly salary. that even though we haven't received our salaries for months and we face difficult circumstances we feel obliged to fulfil our teaches we are also forced to work in more than one place aside from public schools now students have been ruled now inside their classrooms hooping for better future as well as for seed and fruitful school year. the united nations secretary general has toured the storm devastated islands of the bahamas antonio guterres was visibly shaken as he saw the destruction in the
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albacore islands out of condoning and made landfall there as a category 5 storm 2 weeks ago at least 50 people are known to have died but 1300 more are still missing tens of thousands need aid because harris says the relief effort will need all the help it can get or there was some good news that was tropical storm a tropical storm a largely miss the bahamas that's given locals a chance to continue with their grassroots campaign to clothe and feed people who've lost everything alan fischer reports from the capital nussle. they are the everyday things that will rebuild ordinary lives ripped apart their t. shirts and shorts and dresses and toiletries all gathered by the people and now so for those who lost everything in the hurricane literally thousands of people are coming from the island with nothing but the clothes on their back some not even with shoes so they lost everything and so this set up is just to be there to help
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people regain. sometimes you know when humanity and just good feeling about themselves and to be independent again. it started as a call to a few people when vital suddenly became a major operation the next step is distribution was no organization grouping it was just a message sent out and the people responded well locals are playing their part the international community is doing what it can it's assessing the damage caused great bahama and. can even begin to repair rebuild and recall behind this door is where the huge international operation is being coordinated there are so many agencies so much what going on they don't want to let the cameras in this is by far and away the biggest disaster ever to hit the bahamas the rebuilding will take months it will take years and the cost will be millions it will be billions we're
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trying to get information from areas that have compromised communication systems so we're really working with a coalition of partners to be able to collect that data and analyze that so that decision makers feel confident in their next steps as they plan towards mid-term and long term recovery. the displaced hundreds will start to collect donations on monday taking what they need giving them something that says things are going to get better giving them hope alan fischer al-jazeera the bahamas. there's been another defection from u.k. prime minister ballers johnson's ruling conservative party. has joined the pro europe liberal democrats in a parting shot he accused johnson of veering towards populism and nationalism. this is all just here these are the top stories u.s.
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secretary of state mike pump aoe has accused iran of direct involvement in saturday's drone strikes on some of saudi arabia's most vital oil facilities saudi arabia has been forced to cut its oil production by $5700000.00 barrels per day. that we've seen many images of the attacks from the ground but photos from space are offering a new perspective of the scale of the drone strikes a thick black plume of smoke spanning about 80 kilometers can be seen rising from the our oil processing facility polls have opened in june is a 2nd presidential elections since the arab spring 26 people are vying to replace. see who died in july aged 92 many of the 7000000 tunisians are expected to vote. tens of thousands of antigovernment protesters are gathering in hong kong to continue their push for democratic reform and protection the rally which was organized by the civil human rights front has been banned the activists say they're
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fighting indiscriminate arrests and authoritarianism. 5 defense witnesses have testified in the trial of former sudanese president omar al bashir including the director of bus use office i think husain but he'd said he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince muhammad bin solomon through an envoy millions of dollars in foreign sudanese currency or recovered from but she is residence after he was arrested in april. more than 80 refugees and migrants have been allowed to disembark from their charity rescue ship and stepped onto the italian island of lampedusa it's the 1st time in 14 months that a rescue ships been allowed to dock at an italian port the new italian government allowed it in after getting guarantees from other european countries that resettle the passengers. the united nations secretary general has toured the storm devastated bahamas and a show of international support and tony returned as was visibly shaken as he sold the destruction in the abaco islands i can don't even made landfall there as
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a category 5 storm 2 weeks ago but at least 50 people were killed and those are the headlines more details on the website al-jazeera dot com but coming up next on al-jazeera it's inside story by for an hour. on counting the cost and the defacto leader has been ousted well his replacement in saudi arabia is any any better looking than struggle to get more for its boil plus the cost of adapting to. counting the cost. 2 weeks of protests in algeria show no signs of banding government is refusing calls to before and you election and i think break the stalemate and is there room for compromise this is inside story.
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welcome to the program. it's been more than 5 months since mass protests forced algeria's long serving president. to step down since then members of his former government have been resisting calls to as well. demonstrates how 30 weeks of they want former minister ahmed to give power to civilians and to release detained opposition leaders but the powerful military chief is standing firm. his people to support plans for a presidential election as soon as possible by the protesters want him and the ruling elite to go before and if. they have to ferry all those detained salah and his government prime minister nurdin better way
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everyone has to quit. if you want the protest movement to stop there's only one way and that is to yield to the algerian people this will be peaceful until the end it is the future of our children who will remain peaceful and. these politicians should be brought to justice and we should witness this the people will not stop until their demands are met as the elections it's up to the people to decide they want voice and they'll be no elections. and here's how the events unfolded in algeria tens of thousands of people took to the streets in february to deny their arses with a fair cause plans to seek a 5th presidential term. weeks of mass demonstrations eventually forced him to resign in april and he was replaced by interim president. but protesters say the real power lies with the army chief. the protesters then pressure the
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government to cancel presidential elections in july but the government of the military have been reluctant to offer further concessions general guy saleh is pushing for an early vote and wants the interim president to announce a december date. let's bring in our guests here in the surgery. and professor of political science and international relations of qatar university in algiers on skype a column hey of journalists of the middle east i also in algiers on the phone a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social sciences welcome to your use of why do protesters reject. push for elections to be held by the end of this year simply because the demands of the plotters have not been met yet obviously since the 22nd of february when the demonstrations started do mostly
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clear to them and some of them have been for instance opposed to the kind of. left who will do you the president of the constitutional council but did mostly still asking for it but we and his government to go up till now but we still the prime minister and. he will to the for the time being over and see the elections of jillian's i've been quoted in. full but we used to go he was. minister of interior he managed to get 6 almost 6000000 signatures for the bid for the cause. 50. people say they don't basically trust him they don't trust him because therefore he has to go there for years to go the models are also asking for an independent commission to supervise the elections for the time being
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in the. last few days ago that but with days in office number and the 2nd the 2nd thing is that the minister of justice the missiles are multi. promised algerians the commission with independent commission to sort of ideas elections will be established shortly and it will be completely independent so to me this is a move at least to appease the demonstration telling them that where the if they win elections take place it will be clean honest and transparent. the politics is. about compromise the amici if i'm a guy saddam was hoping to see lashes take place in july protester said no and i think the army caved in to those demands but now they are insisting that needs to be a constituency in a way out of the crisis knowledge of the other people saying at the same time know
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the truth of his something that could lead to deep political crisis in algeria. yes and you are pointing something very important which is the stubbornness not to start today we have a chief of staff who is the totally absurd of this idea are for going to. election no matter how it will be done and at the other side we have anger growing every friday because every day that passes mistakes and things people are arrested and new laws new people are appointed that are upsetting the. people on the streets yes. there's a need for compromise but today we don't see anywhere from the chief of staff from the region to any condition front and they could have been.
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successful to make people go back to their homes by releasing political prisoners out of freedom of expression prison prisoners so anyone can call ready them. if you want. he could have also 6 been very successful by. suggesting the removal of the prime minister appointing some non partisan. ministers or prime ministers and so on so there was no confusion made by that. since 6 months now and this is making. more and more angry but it also. shows their. progress without leadership works because without this leadership the regime and the government alter the chief cannot apply any
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pressure on people cannot by so does iraq resilience shown in the movie a man if the army chief insists on taking the path of elections by december and the opposition or the praja moccasin movement is saying no we're not going to go that way what are the options left for algeria. well there are actually several options but i think we should not think of the army are the people has to one type of have enough negotiate to get over they have been fit program you have sheaves and for the past 6 months and that has been the kind of time of negotiation that has been going on between the han the all the generals and the people of the district and from the had they spent 6 months has led to a situation that i'll just have never experienced before and which is the refusal
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of the people to play by the regions lose and that will be crucial to understand what kind of way out we can come to their homes they have refused to move to simply withdrew from fishel political life you know that before anjan we think well we know that's not going to have shame elections we know that bullshit probably related to begin again and that's not a business we'll just with feel that now to say no we won't come for them that's one of the cold demands we want both teams that are able to make days elections from parents and i come to the land that's not something that going to jump they also say before the wedding they be satisfied with the there is a traditional or ran scramble now to say no we want the proper cards with the king to come and that's also something very important they laugh but also quite indifferent algerian before as a victory 22 times a 2nd towards repression so i think it's not a conflict between us and between the army the conflict between the human and do
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a position popular and now this you know we are all confident about our kids with all the original in the midwest how to guides about she's going to war not because you can from a corporate occasion she said it's about the young on the point and from what they have and watched that and that was. the rebirth of a nation that is going on up to only a matter of have elections on notes and the most important such events i believe that will have a major. pact. we want to. make. use of because it's the most organized area the army found itself other very heart of this whole political debate now in algeria could it be that they are concerned that any way that is not within the constitution could drive as area to words
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a unchartered political territory and this is why they are rejecting the notion of a radical change without going to elections 1st of all obviously like you said the . the military is the most organized institution in the country it has always been the real power the whole deal in algeria let's not forget that the military all the algerian army was born before the before achieved its independence so and the military institution sees itself as the custodian of the nation i mean every single president of italy has been drawn from the middle east or had mutely support . the gates son has always insisted that the solution should be we do in the constitution and we should not be seen to get out of the constitution but obviously the situation we're in at the moment is not necessarily constitutional gates wants something actions before the end of the deal this will obviously depend on
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luck and luck is refusing it for the last 13. weeks also i think the heloc has grown stronger that they know it's a very very important. ok jand that it should not for the very important opportunity that you'd not be missed if they miss it they will be they will go back to how do used to live from the looks to t. and so it's very very. potent for the hillock to make sure. that the new system is established we talk about moving to a new republic or a 2nd republic whatever you want to call it but they know that if they miss this opportunity it will be a basic did the hope is lost i think but gates is making some compromise with the talk about gates and not as a person but as the institution it appears and so his he is making some compromises
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even though the compromise is not obvious i believe that called in for the creation of the establishment of the independent commission to supervise the elections and in particular somebody who has been fighting corruption over the last few weeks he put some very very important issues in the good for the cause leisure in jail he called he called on the jury in parliament to lift immunity on some other names so probably they will join. in the next 2 weeks or so so this is this is some somebody that the algerian trusts very much and he's promised that he would fight corruption and he also promised that the new established commission to supervise elections will ensure that elections will be fair and transparent and it will be independent and all the nice world that algerian wants to is so i see this.
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as a compromise from the military institutions as a way it's like an olive branch to the protesters but the protesters to my mind have the upper hand at the moment because they can disrupt everything at the end of the day they will not sign because every body who. who wants to become president needs 60000 signatures from different. maybe the protesters would not give. his problem for nobody will be to the constitutional requirements to be the one for elections the 2nd thing how the hell can they or a country to help when he or she ran her presidential campaign even if the street is not up to that so i think that the street has the upper hand of the stage at the michael's for a little concessions let's not forget that this. commission of
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dialogue headed by. former president of the algerian parliament despite what been the problems of the something something good came out of it because he said that the president is not necessarily against the idea of but do we know when writers told us last week that but with days in office are numbered so let's wait for the see what happens next a week or so i can i mean we do understand why she needs to be seen as standing firm on the case of let's get saddam but when you say in a speech to the people of either with me or betraying algeria isn't there some kind of message that would further untag own eyes hundreds or thousands of algeria so i would see the army for what inning them in a way or another to follow its guidance yes. i think. for its behavior or political in this building from. here is applying too
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much pressure on too many people and it is getting more and more. about. and also about the reaction of people you have seen in changing narratives in one or 2 in one on or 2 speeches so. we. really issue is that today. we have a misunderstanding from the side of the army that the. people who are now industry they don't want. to be the army and they don't want even to negotiate something. with the army apart from a regime change and also more political openness and more political freedom and the . amount they arrest of karim tabel one of the key figures in the problem across
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the movement how is it seen in algeria is it an indication that the army perhaps is not willing to accept this because the last statement he made or interview was a staunch was was lashing out basically at the time a guy thought well it's much much much more of chad has a way to fight in the doing of the protesters as before i mean getting something is not the 1st to have been i respect that it's own again it's not about when you talk to people or the country living or that it is not jr who are protecting as i said it's not about religion it's not about individuals it's about how which roads will lead to the negotiations and they may be treating the out of 3 ways to 2 scenarios well 1st business as usual use of the option of out of which i can even accept addictions to be held in the center to cancel their maybe now you know of the and
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that's something that's algerian has given some protests with a from the very beginning which means that they may organize their own traditions their own local councils to discuss the possibility of having the national constitution personally elected outside of any kind of this framework but it's too difficult because they don't have the. they don't have the money to the so the i mean it could be complicated if i think they are not. and i don't think it will be that and i know we've got more coverage so that you could build a good sheet of our back to the remains of the that we've had now. and of back effect this notion we do not have nucky pictured as had been told to have the army exported quite a country so everything is done to make the feel like it and moved and wanted to negotiate anyone but the army 1st. need to have the army to adelaide that could
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be negotiated that we've. reached between the army and the boat and into oblivion are all about genuine free and that's what will include a kind of give and take kind of. miscue around them so this is the only way to get and it does not mean control and people should be if you really think that this is we're talking about those future scenarios. the problem us movement has the upper hand however that it has been saying that basically this is a movement that is leaderless in a way or another isn't this have on its. own because how can you negotiate with people who don't seem to have a sense of clarity a chain of command about how to move forward what kind of transition would like to have for the future what kind of candidates we have to put into place for the presidential election who should be the member of the national unity government they are talking the talk but they don't seem to be willing to walk the walk.
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obviously they don't have obvious leaders simply because they said from the beginning that if we do of. dispersant could be both could be taught and could be what developed so they don't want to to have a proper leadership. organization people talking to each other will get in the organizing themselves official movements and so on and so forth but the most important thing is that the demands on. could yield a house of clear idea of what they want and they shared so many collected collecting sticks they just don't want anybody from what difficulties you exclusions of to get rid of but we and his government so many. that are clean who have not been associated with corruption and really like. for instance was mentioned as a potential person to the head of state a dimension that would be told for instance and the few names in the so it doesn't
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take a genius to figure out what there was the models want obviously what i say have the upper hand in terms of they can do stop it in the gov the numbers they would not go and give their signatures to potential candidates they would know they have leverage you know just the decision but to me again is the most important institution and it needs to make. the tell it is not a circulated move they want to make some sort of concessions to be seen that they go in with the likes of the establishment of a proper democracy do you have a sentiment that the project ocracy movement is losing the battle because we've seen that over the last few months particularly before the summer building momentum does that that does not seem to be the case anymore there are no longer hasn't in most of the cities across the country and they are very much confined now in
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basically one or 2 streets in the capital is years it is. a degree is. now during. during ramadan. even there were it decreases during that period because there were weather conditions were very very hard the critical mass that meant something politically was always achieved by we always have tens of thousands of people in the street at least in 234 picks it is across the country and also the slogans and the chants who are still very strong and very meaningful what we see now since this back to school since the beginning of september is a huge revive her out of the not going to use that they were
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a great thing. hundreds of thousands of people in the streets and for acting more than 45 cities in the country so which is pretty much signify see a point. do you feel like the army has managed to alt smot the protesters and that ultimately it could be what the army decides full the future of undo it. i think at any point to mention the room we were happy to act on what planet would you people want. to go get along now we will have to move well and what the. other direction than a plan of the credit with ben. bernanke turns around the end of
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a bit of well i think that probably means your move. that you don't show your ignorance in the shape of not to protect those who do not form but couples who've got. all they have shown for the 4 months that they want to grow a bank they'd buy a room on the 3rd for the home going on with. the bank from the boom. then didn't the real hope. for their own horn on important bundling the affairs of their on this public confidence in. their own all. right thank you thank you thank you will be interesting to see what it will take all the key players to come to a compromise and break the political deadlock a mental block of. use of blondel i really appreciate your contribution to the
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this infinite they now con out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera israeli elections take 2 photos go back to the polls 1st 2nd time in less than 6 months will benjamin netanyahu hang on to power while riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon bolivian family as the band lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. it's catching the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking a tool to believe be out. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera balconies documentary film festival screens documentary films carrying strong messages with the power to change the world it is upon us to decide whether the change will take place let us change the way we view the world and the way we treat others let us be an example to future generations 2nd a.j. be dog film festival organized by al jazeera balkans 20 it's to 24th september. saudi arabia's oil production cut in hall for us drone attacks and set plants ablaze the u.s. is blaming iran.
4:49 pm
hello i'm rob matheson this is all to see a live from doha also coming up. tens of thousands of people defy on another police bomb to march in the home called maintaining months of anti government protests. voting begins across june is here to replace the late president who led the country into its democratic era. west african leaders promise another $1000000000.00 to kick start their stalled fight against groups. iran is dismissing u.s. accusations that its was behind drone attacks on the walls largest all processing plant in saudi arabia a spokesman for the iranian foreign ministry called the claims meaningless and this comes after u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 cold saturday exactions an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply
4:50 pm
and accused iran of direct involvement writing in a tweet tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks in saudi arabia while rouhani and zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy amid all the calls for deescalation and iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply he says there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen but who the rebels say they are behind the attacks in the world's largest petroleum processing facility an alcoholic and an oil fields in the case the strikes have force idea rabia to temporarily cut oil production by about half and we're going to get the view from tehran shortly 1st this report from his own go in washington d.c. . the reaction from washington to this attack really took on 2 forms we never heard publicly from president donald trump on this on saturday but the white house confirming that he did speak to the crown prince of saudi arabia and it really just
4:51 pm
trump was offering his full support to saudi arabia and the crowned prince saudi arabia a self defense is a trump saying that is the u.s. would support saudi arabia and also saying that this is attacked was a threat to the global economy but then you saw a very strong statement again from mike pump a.o. the secretary of state a later on saturday if there be a twitter and this statement just really pointing the finger at iran directly so a different tack from the president who just sewed support for saudi arabia's saw a pump a.o. basically coming out and sing this was an attack by iran in iran will be held accountable for it just shows the 2 different messages that were really coming out of washington on saturday on this support for saudi arabia but also pointing the finger directly at iran important to point out the pump a.o. did not give any or provide any evidence it all on is that of where he comes up of the idea that iran was behind this will be watching that closely in the coming
4:52 pm
hours in days to see if the state department door defense department anyone else can given a it's any evidence on this a clearly to big strong messages coming out of washington on saturday support for saudi arabia and also bailed threats to iran threats that they are behind of this according to the us there here let's bring in algis it as doses are body in teheran door so what about their reaction from iran tell us more about the odds well rob the foreign ministry spokesperson up us mousavi issued a statement saying that because the united states policy of maximum pressure on iran has failed they are now moving towards a policy of maximum wise the iranians of the smiths these claims made by secretary of state my pompei o. the foreign ministry saying that these kinds of accusations are actually dangerous and outside the framework of politics the foreign ministry spokesperson also said
4:53 pm
that these are actually steps that hints that the united states moving towards some kind of action against iran of course all this comes as the iranians have said over and over again that the war in yemen must come to an end they rein in is do you have a diplomatic and political relationship with the who's the fighters there but they have denied supplying them with any kinds of military aid during this war they said that the issue here needs to be resolved through dialogue and they have offered to hold negotiations between all sides to try and bring an end to this war u.s. president donald trump has been quoted as saying that he is open to talks on the sidelines of the upcoming u.n. general assembly what does this give what kind of impact does this have on any hints of diplomacy now between the u.s. and iran. well i think this will just make things that much more difficult they are one step further away from the possibility of any kind of
4:54 pm
a meeting between president hassan rouhani and the us president donald trump they way news have said that they are not willing to have this meeting until the united states removes all the sanctions that they've put in place since they withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal last year the kind of pressure economic pressure that they've put on iran since then is something that the iranians are calling economic war and they want that to stop before they will even consider coming back to the negotiating table to talk about the 2015 nuclear deal the position here is that the united states is not serious about any kind of dialogue since not only have they put sanctions on iran selling its oil on the international market but they've also sanctions highest levels of government here in place that they would have these discussions with so the position here is that this accusation being made here now is just another step away from any kind of dialogue between the 2 sides though so thanks very much. tens of thousands of people are marching in hong kong in defiance
4:55 pm
of a police ban continuing their push folk political reform despite the withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill by chief executive kerry lam about he was organized by the civil human rights front which is drawing millions of people to its weekend marches over the past few months now activists say they're fighting indiscriminate arrests and the thought of tearing as someone said a klutz joining me live from hong kong how do the numbers on this protest compared to the ones that we've seen before sara. we got side by side tens of thousands of people are marching in the streets today on sunday here in hong kong they started up in force by by and it's like they white church essentially which is where we are now that they were meant to stop trying to god which is right in the heart of the central business district that she haas that at the moment might never see behind me but the largest interior god given to us and my kids white program and other words the list of council building as you mentioned
4:56 pm
this was meant to be organized by the city human rights front is the organization that runs these mass rallies attracted the 1w2w people in these mass street much as i've lost the months which they were quick to commission for this to go ahead but the police denied their mission so this has been declared an unlawful assembly by the police so these people are gathering illegally which is why soon we expect. there were periods of last feed to hong kong we will try and get it back of course but in the meantime let's move on polls have just opened for what scene is june is most unpredictable presidential election and its short experience of democracy a crowded field is vying to replace beijing. who died aged 92 in july when the 1st democratic elections which followed the 2011 revolution and many chin is ian's are frustrated with persistently high unemployment and reduced spending on services
4:57 pm
26 candidates are in the running including a media mogul who's in prison staff echo reports. for 20 years feisal has been sitting in this exact same spot in tunis is ancient medina creating souvenirs engraved with tunisia's past but the future is far harder to hammer out militant ideas with been going downhill since 2011 and everything politicians are arguing and we pay the price what used to cost $1.00 day now is now tino more mate used to cost team day now now it spirity we ask him if he will vote in sunday's election and maybe know. he voted many times before he tells us and that's been more than enough for him he doesn't trust the politicians. 36 year old abdul harder feels the same disappointment he will go to the polling booth on sunday but in protest for him for the system i will cast a blank vote so no one else can use it many of us are not satisfied the
4:58 pm
presidential elections were brought forward by 2 months after the death of the late president 92 year old. it's the 2nd major elections to be held here 8 years after mass protests force the ouster of strongman saying that aberdeen banally are $26.00 candidates among the prime minister and defense minister a former president a couple of lawyers and even a media tycoon who is currently in prison they represent a cross-section of political social and religious ideals illusions have a lot of toys and that's a real difference and before the protests broke out here in 2011 which is in decades of single party rule tunisia is often cited as the only success story of the uprisings which swept across north africa in the middle east from 2011 but it's not that simple 1st of all i mean having. the democratization process succeeding and this is happening because in the middle of the middle east and north africa this is unique this is an exception we cannot deny that at the same time what can
4:59 pm
democracy provide in terms of economic demands that's the major challenge so it's a mixed story if we meet a group of ladies in the medina they too aren't happy with what's been achieved in the last 8 years economy security corruption the main issues everyone highlights was after the revolution everything had to change but nothing has changed everything is actually worse infrastructure for instance we just had terrible floods here the economy before everything was covered up but after the revolution it's now out there for you to see tunisians go to the polls on sunday if no candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote there will be a runoff in november many will tell you that is an almost certain scenario. parliamentary elections will take place in october the next 2 months could reshape the entire political landscape and determine what tunisia would look like moving forward. stephanie decker reporting there from tunis the weather is next and then
5:00 pm
we speak to the people of the mile forest in kenya who fear being wiped out. we've got quotes where the pushing into western parts of the year are now high pressure coming in and that's going to settle things down in places like that does include spain still a few showers here that eastern side a spy was quieter than it has been the showers just not in the way they were further west was pushing inland over towards the central parts of the country allowing the cleanup operation to get under way but you can see kind of awful conditions that we do now have to deal with now those waters are beginning to subside name that will gradually improve as we go on through the next hour says
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that there are showers pushing into central parts of spain to get up to 24 celsius in madrid like should be warmer in london on sunday a perfect cricket weather fine dry and sunny.


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