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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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say that iraq seeks to play a positive role in trying to diffuse this crisis but it was only about an hour before that that al-jazeera spoke to a source close to the prime minister's office who said that according to him the u.s. secretary of state had said that there was evidence that the attacks may well have been launched from southern iraq and pointed the finger certainly evidence to suggest that the finger of blame was the p.m.s. now these are the popular mobilization forces that are very well supported by iran that were formed in 2014 to fight eisel that were integrated into the iraqi security forces in 2016 now they are very powerful in this country and as we know iran plays a huge role in iraq both politically and economically the iraqi government has repeatedly said that the p.m.s. are very much under their control and have flatly denied as we've heard on more
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than one occasion in the last 24 hours any role in these attacks but i think these kind of contradictory statements certainly are drawing attention to the kind of pressures that iraq a major u.s. ally is under when of course it is such a huge regional ally with neighboring iran iraq relies on iran for around about 40 percent of its electricity needs it's a huge economic player as well a great economic help to this country of course shares a strong religious ties so there has been a lot of speculation as to how these these armed groups these iran armed groups would react to any kind of escalation between the u.s. and iran and of course that puts a lot of pressure on the iraqi government or on charles' strafford there from iraq . as we mentioned china is warning the u.s. against blaming anyone without evidence u.s. allies are being cautious too while describing the strikes as outrageous britain's
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foreign secretary dominic rob says in terms of who is responsible the picture is not entirely clear i want to have a very clear picture which we will be having shortly germany's also looking into who's to blame. at. the rebels claimed responsibility for this attack and we are now evaluating with our partners who's responsible for the attack and how it could happen we have to do this with super mindedness but the situation is extremely worrying and this is the very last thing that we need in this conflict is one more one bashar is al jazeera senior political analyst joins us now live from london good to have you back with us marwan let's start with the claims coming from the u.s. that iran is responsible are we seeing an effort underway here to try and build a kind of coalition for some kind of strike or action against iran
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from the looks of it the last 48 hours the last 24 hours it seems more likely that secretary president trump are echoing one another about iran's responsibility and the need. to respond to that with all options being on the table awaiting some sort of an explanation slash green light from saudi arabia. in order to prepare for any possible action against iran or against its all lies. but on the other hand this could all be part of a psychological warfare that would lead to the exactly the opposite scenario which is hiking up the tension with iran putting a lot of pressure and creating that kind of psychological scare so much so that iran would agree to sit down with you with the president trump maybe in september or around the united nations meetings or or some other time in order to
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discuss or read discuss the iran nuclear deal since i mean the the kind of diplomatic escalation that we're seeing and the and that war rhetoric could lead to war but that's a good also lead to diplomacy so that 2 opposing scenarios are an international conference for peace and security in the gulf with the russian that the chinese and the europeans and the iranians and the saudis of course being that they have irgens and opposite side there is a possibility of an american war against iran and then there's the 3rd which is probably more likely than any is any scenario in between that combines at the worst case scenario some sort of a big back been picked strikes against against iran or against iranian installations or against or in our allies bloss some sort of an appeal towards towards diplomacy with iran one at the same time i
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mean that we always come back to this point what kind of action can be taken and we went through this kind of round a few weeks or months ago with attacks on pipelines the bomb will kind of action ultimately can be taken against iran anyway. by the way i mean just to mention what you just said it's because it's very important to see i mean we are discussing the temporality of the moment what is happening or what's going to happen next the water the next week but certificate analysts are looking at this on a whole different way we're witnessing the further transformation of the war theater or the theater of war in the persian gulf and elsewhere they use of drones the way they've been used both in syria iraq by israel also by hezbollah of wrong lebanon on from the golan heights as well by iran and its allies and now allegedly by the who thiis against the u.a.e.
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against saudi arabia and so on so forth that kind of use of drones that will exhaust the defense systems of any you know mid mid size country or mid-sized defenses around the world is actually in the process of transforming transforming at the theater of war and in the gulf is particularly important because iran and its allies can reach any enemy or oil and that should target in the whole persian gulf and so whenever the united states would consider that and their response. if it's going to be limited i think the iranians are and then to spawn their limited way as well i mean if anything what we have learned the last 48 hours is that the iranian threats regardless of the facts i'm talking about the analysis and the electrically speaking and it's up for the various people to find the facts and the letting of the speaking the iranians said if we can't export our oil the others will not be able to export their oil if this is not our realisation of that
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threat i don't know what is regardless whether it was guided by the whole thing is by someone for iraq or regardless of the claim so if one has been fulfilling its threats and what we've seen in the last. 24 hours is the kind of escalation against saudi oil. facilities that i think we shouldn't make everyone pose about what's next because if anyone was going to start escalating further that's going to mean an out an all out regional war on the other hand if the americans are serious about dialogue with the whole with ease in yemen and they will order one to sit down seriously with or without preconditions probably without preconditions as trump said back in july 2010 with the iranians then we are talking about diplomacy and possibility of the escalation and i think
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of course the escalation is going to be about that what everyone because once again what we've seen in the last 48 hours is that escalation could lead to disaster all right thanks so much more to one be shot of that. the rest of the day's news is ahead including what's next for braggs it to the british prime minister holds crucial talks with the head of european commission plus. i. will tell you about the city in japan that's become a home away from home for the world rugby team that's coming out in. the leaders of turkey russia and iran are meeting in ankara hoping to find a political solution to the war in syria turkish president of the island welcomed
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presidents has some rouhani unlike the emir put into the capital for their 5th summit on the conflict the summit focused on the last rebel held area that's where government forces backed by russia been fighting to take control the ceasefire was imposed in august but it's been tested by attacks such as one last week that killed 6 people turkey worries the army's offensive will send more refugees over the border. joins us now live from ankara survey found some common ground over it. no worse still waiting to find out because all the meetings that have been taking place on have been behind closed doors it started off with bilateral meetings between the truckers president and president rouhani of iran then followed a similar one between our 2 on imports and of russia and we're going to have the trilateral summit so to speak just starting or do that title meeting just started roughly about 15 minutes ago after which there will be
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a press conference whereby we will hear from those days what exactly they have agreed upon this is the 6th such meeting between the 3 countries ever since this kind of tripartite attempt at trying to find a solution syria kicked off roughly a year ago it was a power no line to what the united nations had been trying to do for several years in terms of bringing an end to the war what this did was it honed in the city of the most major players most significant players in the conflict and they started by working on an area by area so we remember several months back it 1st started with aleppo and now as you mentioned the focus here has been on italy and an attempt to try and ensure that there would be a suspicion of hostilities there namely by the but charlotte assad regime as well as the russian air force as you mentioned their key. interest is to ensure that there is a safe zone in that area not only to ensure that there are more syrian refugees
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coming into turkey but in fact so that there can be an opposite direction of movements whereby turkey would be able to really house or. treats some of the millions of refugees that are conquering psyche considering that the issue of syrian refugees and become such an important one in turkish domestic but it's called discourse obviously the russians as well have their interest with regards to this war and wanting to wind it down and the iranians as well but there are sticking points including the presence of turkish military and how far that will go . including support from the russians and maybe other countries towards kurdish separatists armed groups there as well as obviously what would happen with regards to the future of syria and how there could be some sort of normalization of diplomatic relations with which is responsible for murdering killing a 1000000 people for not more according to some estimates and century displacing more than 5000000 people or of that obviously
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a long way to go to reach some sort of final solution through this but this process and itself has at least been more successful in reducing the number of those who are being killed albeit not being able to put such also and to the carnage in syria . all right thanks so much to. britain's prime minister abbas johnson is in luxembourg for a meeting with the head of the european commission johnson says he's there to negotiate a break that agreement but the e.u. and john called you have said repeatedly the deal will not be reopened. joins us now live from luxembourg so what can we expect from this meeting. with the british prime minister and the head of the european commission have had a 2 hour working lunch and when they came out of it they had no comment to make but we were told before it downing street said that boris johnson was going to be
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offering some new proposals and new ideas of alternatives to the irish backstop a contentious issue in the withdrawal agreement and one that boris johnson and his supporters want to scraps now he said that he was cautiously optimistic going into that meeting but whether he will be afterwards is less clear because we have had a statement now from the european commission in which it says the drunk load younker believe that there were very few proposals offered by boris johnson and certainly not the real alternatives to the irish backstop that the e.u. believes has to stay within the withdrawal agreement because it ensures no return to border on the island of islands and it protects the e.u. customs union there really seems as if very little has moved there's been very little progress the only positive sign perhaps they came out was downing street and the european commission both said that they would agree to continue and intensify talks but we are waiting to hear from boris johnson the british prime minister
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who's actually having a meeting now with the prime minister of luxembourg and he is perhaps possible that he might touch on these issues after. agreeing to talk is that all being interpreted as willingness to change its position. i think the use very unlikely to change its position because it's had the same position for for a long time now that the position is basically that they. did a withdrawal agreement with boris johnson is pretty decisive to resume a they say there is a deal on the table they want to keep the irish backstop the only window of opportunity is perhaps that they say they are willing to continue to discuss with the u.k. whether or not if the u.k. can come up with any alternatives to the backstop but as we've seen today it seems that no will turn it is are being proposed that would be palatable to e.u. leaders so for the time being the message really is from the european union that
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they are looking towards a possible no deal the u.k. is supposed to be leaving the european union on the 31st and if they don't accept the deal on the table well that's what's going to happen in the e.u. preparations are underway right now to prepare for that scenario we know that they use on blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in order to help. countries that are going to be really directly affected by a possible no deal bragg's it including for example france where they've been trial runs in ports like cali to prepare for any eventuality or. fines for. israel heads to the polls on tuesday to elect a new government the israeli palestinian conflict has been at the heart of foreign and domestic policies of israeli politicians prime minister benjamin netanyahu benefited greatly when his close ally donald trump declared jerusalem israel's capital last year and move the u.s. embassy there and just a few months ago trump recognized israel's claims over the occupied golan heights
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in just the last year israeli forces have killed and maimed palestinian demonstrators as they protested in gaza and the west bank netanyahu was also approved new illegal settlements and expanded existing ones and only a few days ago and now vowed to our next illegal israeli settlements that are in the occupied palestinian territory smith is in west jerusalem. this is. 2 the foreign minister he's in favor of i like seeing how i spotted the old west banks in favor of the settlement construction cutting all ties where i was doing things i listen to lectures will be about certainly my last day getting out the right wing how far right wing in the colleges go walk and they promise a much about the people missing to take land from the palestinians i think that's
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why i'm not voting tomorrow because the only one who will win is netanyahu someone clever once told me sometimes the only choice you have is a bad choice so i won't follow it. they are hunting him down you know better than me how much money and how many investigators they used to find something about him but they found nothing. out holes open to all morning change day at 7 am by the end of. days in addition we now have and i know whether they have been sending money on his money just going on our own folks in the hole and say i'm going to marry ferryboat to do too close to call but netanyahu this age might just be a specified. all right his time to catch up with the weather how's it looking have been well we do have a withdrawal of the monsoon but that's happening in the northwestern part of india unfortunate for thailand we're talking about a lot of rain over the last couple of days things have been quite active across
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much of the sara talk about a lot of flooding in the region take a look at satellite as we put into motion for the last 24 hours you notice this big band pushing from west to east here well this band has been really hovering over central parts of thailand over the last 24 hours a received 179 millimeters this is on the eastern part of the gulf of thailand basically for the whole month so far they've received about $556.00 when you have this much rain in a short power amount of time scuse me this is what it looks like on the video i want to show the video that has command cross the area they have been dealing with very heavy rain since the weekend that heavy rain has cost massive flooding in the community and we are looking at rescue relief efforts going on right now across much of this area the damage has been quite significant as well lot of roadways as well as homes have been destroyed in this area and they're still rescuing people because of the very high water that is going on now the next few days we do expect to see more rain across much of this area and you can see this belt of moisture that is pushing across the region unfortunately we do expect to see anywhere
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between another $200.00 and possibly even higher amounts of rain millimeters of rain across much of this area and that area that i showed you for the heavy rain that's where we see $200.00 millimeters of rain but as you see back here towards parts of the islands we're looking at rain totals probably into the 252300 millimeters there back to you sooner thanks so much karen while among the stories to come an indian call rules the government must ensure that life returns to normal in indian administered kashmir inside the apartheid era hostiles the south african police. behind johannesburg recent anti immigrant violence. and coming up in sport with action from day one of the world wrestling championships and as it stands.
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it. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in 2 hours to get on juries in the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly why those 2 cultures north and south america. very important.
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and you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the headlines now saturday's drone attacks on saudi owned facilities triggered a record jump in the price of oil prices since drops the u.s. says iran is behind the attack but other world leaders caution the leaders of turkey russia and iran are meeting in ankara hoping to find a political solution to the war in syria the summit focused on that last rebel held area government forces backed by russia been fighting to try and retake control. britain's prime minister bars johnson is in luxembourg for a meeting with the head of the european commission johnson and john called the
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uncle spoke over lunch johnson says he's there to negotiate a break that agreement but the view is downplaying that suggesting is yet to offer any legally operable proposals. to return to our top story with stuff. in tehran he's the editor in chief of iran's foreign news agency good to have you with us so let's start of course with the u.s. allegations that iran is behind these attacks all the drone attacks iran's way of sending a message to saudi arabia indeed to the u.s. . hello and thanks for having me well as a matter of fact this is another legation by the united states and they have never been able to prove anything they have been raising similar allegations against iran in the past when the movie's a started using. technology and the war against all the arabia
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as as long as these claims and allegations are not supported by a shred of evidence and the corroborated fall. proof of they are worthless because some others could say that this is been netanyahu is israel that has rushed to escalate the situation before and next week meeting of the un general assembly where there could be a meeting with bin iranian and american presidents although you on has ruled out any such meeting still some believe that from is very much looking for meeting with president rouhani and netanyahu hole is afraid of any such development so he has been trying to escalate the situation but as long as these theories and the sampson's are not proved by corroborated evidence they are worthless but hang on the iran is supplying in arming shiite militias in yemen in iraq and other areas
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right. now as a matter of fact iran has been very much a look went in stressing its support for the lebanese hezbollah movement for pulse . and iraq. and with the rain the weaponry. no at a time when iraq was being under attack by the eisel terrorist group and they were very close to cities and to the borders with iran in the east then the government as well as the court a stand government a call for help and according to the court the senior kurdish officials iran was the 1st to rush to their aid before sending arms to other groups including the shiites iran arm the kurdish groups and push the eisel back down rise and even if
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you're. just to show you aren't suddenly now it's been claimed but now it's being claimed by the u.s. officials that those same some of those same iran groups in basra are. launching these drone attacks on saudi aramco. well 1st of all iran is never. fly drone to these groups we are talking here about arms rifles machine guns and so on and so forth when we are talking about iran's on shipments to the iraqis not just the shiite groups in iraq secondly as i said they have never been able to prove anything back because i believe there was something wrong with the americans as well as other western politicians and some media believing that a nation could develop its own technology and could have its own military systems
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what they have learned i mean that the a main aid the iran has run there to all other groups including the yemenis is not its arms shipments or technology it has been. teaching them to stand on their own feet when they are on their attack to teach them how to find in an assay metrical war this is the main lesson that iran has been giving to all of groups across the region not the arms shipment or the technology the american citizen raised in similar claims about the missile technology when they started in the yemen they started attacks on sol these. but this by the hilarious show that. nikki haley staged at the u.n. even nato allies never came to believe what they claimed about iran's myside a to the yemenis lay there the yemenis are stressed that they have. received these
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about this that. from russia over a decade ago on their president up the last day and the russians confirmed the shipment lay there also the yemenis the yemeni army and their chief command there is a stress that the same ballastic myside had been tamper by the yemeni. defense engineers for new objectives insall the arabia so if they have the engineers in the defense feel to change these ballastic technology to strike new targets in seoul the arabia how come they don't have the same experts or engineers to change civilly and drones primitive ones into military ones for a military applications last night a solve the expert military expert told the russian media that the sophisticated air defense shield that they had purchased from the united states had failed to
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intercept running even to trace the yemeni drones because they are primitive wow ok so they have already confirmed that these are the yemeni was going to happen to have one's thank you c o. now a top call to new delhi has ruled the government should ensure normal life is restored in the indian misted kashmir valley the region remains in lockdown 40 days after india withdrew its autonomy among khan reports. at 1st glance it looks like a smeary photojournalist. who is going about to daily business of getting the news but because of the indian government's clamp down on freedom of expression in indian administered kashmir she's unsure whether her pitches will ever be published it is for the 1st time witnessing this down i know late. first day like the are not able to see you on the other day we do daily would you
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know report or story on a particular dime or do justice with our job. in protest at the restrictions on reporting some of the largest news organizations english media launch legal action at india's supreme court that case is on behalf of one of the largest newspapers in the region that has many times and several other news organizations such as this one because. other journalists who are part of the legal action say it's censorship plain and simple the government of india does not want the media whether it be. indian media or the international media to report freely out of the coach me the valley in particular. a few selected journalists. who are known to be sympathetic to the government have been literally flown their battle. and they are the only ones who seem to be allowed to operate.
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monday's ruling by the supreme court the judges specified that india's government must ensure normal life is restored in indian administered kashmir at the earliest the government's responded by saying everything is but normal and it's the decision of newspaper owners not to publish unless a life in the kashmir valley is far from normal and rights are being eroded if that be the case in article $21.00 which is the right to life which is an absolute fundamental right which can never be the right to liberty right to free speech right to protest right to equality before right to be treated as equal citizens how has that been watered down these are your fundamental rights in the basic structure of the constitution that can never be tempered by with any government no matter what the. editors say staff have been harassed and often can't get to work because of all the roadblocks journalists hope that the supreme court ruling might change things but they don't think it will be any time soon iran can 0 in france doctors
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lawyers nurses pilots and other flight crew enjoying protest against proposed pension reforms france currently has 42 different state pension systems something that president micron is trying to streamline. is senior research fellow the global policy institute he joins us on skype from. in france good to have you with us so 1st of all why does france have so many 42 i think it is state pension systems. it's a result of a long history when to pension to social security system was created and they created a retirement scheme for everyone there were already before some professions who had good pension schemes such as just the workers guest workers miners seders instructor though the verifications very good regimes as we called them in france
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and did not want to be part of the universe or system the general system which was less generous and that for some voters it just you were. able to retire at $55.00 and if you venture some pensions it is undefined or wage. paris transport work or so can retire early age so it in name of fairness mccall decided that it would reform the system dispatch work of systems and try to create a universal rights system where that based on torts rather. years worked and with everyone and title to same rules and same benefits and obviously there would be winners and there would be losers. today is there once and she and loses from that universal regime they went straight in and
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you see symmetry crew. talk about winners and losers does that mean those losers of enemy people will be paying more tanks and working much longer. no easy does that mean that if we work longer than actually it is same rooted upright to everyone i you need to work 42 years and that is same diamond the government has promised that it would take into account where the do work was difficult. position where. and there full there we could get extra points at that to so the governor demonstrate to reassure that there won't be any real or losers but the defeated we will be so that this a done this reform at the moment is not meant to be about wrist. financial balance of the system it's done he did i'm a fantasy but you know it is
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a mind and and therefore to government is moving very very very slowly or i thought if the government is moving slowly the government will take into account some of the different circumstance.


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