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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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not in ours has been one of the major achievements of the data agreement so far i work on these problems step 3 or 4 steps and to improve access for delivery of humanitarian aid and we must be reminded of is this how dangerous remembered was and is a humanitarian agreement these were our shop continued to be the primary goals of that agreement reached instructor last december. on the basis also mr president of detail analysis in the last r.c.c. meeting of the it's 2 surrounding the phase one redeployments we have all been waiting to see happen for so many rounds and on the basis of the proposal i had table to them. the parties now have a revised proposal with them on the basis of questions for the urgent consideration to allow those redeployments to take place we're expecting their response by the 20th of september and i appeal to the parties to respond positively
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so i mean listening there to martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy to yemen appealing for more calm especially in this situation with aid and also reporting as he sees it some progress having been made in implementing the stop home agreement let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bass he's live for us at the united nations james what do you make of that. well martin gryphus addressing the u.n. security council at a regularly planned meeting on yemen the monthly meeting on yemen to update them on the situation in that country but clearly a meeting that has been overtaken by recent events the attack on saudi oil installations and that was the subject of the very start of his address to the security council he described this as a terrifying moment that made regional conflict more likely he said that in
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conjunction with an attack on a prison at the beginning of the month that killed more than $100.00 people and the tension in the south in aden and the separatist attendances there made him very concerned about the situation i can tell you that other ambassadors are going to raise the situation and the attack in saudi arabia on the way into the security council meeting i was speaking to the ambassador in kuwait he certainly agreed that the current events had changed things dramatically he said he would be raising the attacks in saudi arabia when he speaks a little later in this security council meeting on the situation in yemen but also clearly they're discussing the important developments that have happened in recent hours in the saudi arabia will be interesting to listen to the reaction from all of the members of the security council but in particular as we watch how the trumpet
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ministration is going to respond what the u.s. are going to say what the u.s. representative at this meeting is going to say sami all right thanks so much james plays there. now president donald trump has tweeted about american accusations iran was involved in the attacks in saudi arabia remember when iran shot down a drone saying knowingly that it was in their airspace when in fact it was nowhere close they start strongly to that story knowing that it was a very big lie or he added now they say that they had nothing to do with the attack on saudi arabia we'll see question mark. white house correspondent kimberly how he brings us more from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump has continued to point the finger at iran early monday morning his latest tweet accusing iran of lying in its denial saying that it had
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nothing to do with the attack on saudi arabia the president also accusing iran of lying when it said that there was a u.s. drone back in june in its airspace and that is why iran shot it down the u.s. president arguing that that drone was never in iranian airspace this is just once again the latest tension heightening that has occurred between the united states and iran the u.s. now mulling some potential military response although there have been no details provided we do know that the u.s. president on sunday met with his defense secretary he also tweeted that he is in consultation with the kingdom of saudi arabia discussing under what terms we would proceed that is certainly raising some eyebrows given the fact that the u.s. usually acts independently when it comes to some sort of military response but it
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appears the u.s. president saying that there is some serious consultation taking place with the kingdom of saudi arabia well there has been an effort on the part of the pentagon we understand urging some restraint in terms of moving forward a lot of concern about where things stand. bring us the details from to wrong. latest reaction to this event sort of unfolded is that the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson on post mousavi has reiterated the country's position and that is that these accusations are baseless and it's not the 1st time that iran has received such accusations from the u.s. government the foreign ministry spokesperson up us with that he said that the yemeni people have the right to defend themselves and the iranians are not supplying weapons to the who see fighters there but that it is saudi arabia who is the aggressor and iran will continue to push for some kind of a peaceful resolution in yemen they've offered in the past to negotiate dialogue
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between all the parties involved they've stressed that the situation is yemen is critical to the stability of this region but when it comes to the blame that they are being accused of launching these attacks the iranians say that they have had nothing to do with it and that the accusations are baseless they have yet to the american government has yet to provide any kind of solid evidence or proof that iran was behind such an attack the analysts that we've spoken to here say that these latest accusations from the u.s. come at a time when the u.s. president donald trump is eager to have a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani at the united nations later this month when the 2 will be there but the rain in some said that that will never happen until the united states lifts the sanctions that it's imposed on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal. the office of iraq's prime minister says the u.s. secretary of state might on pay or call that added abdul mehdi this morning to discuss the attacks in saudi arabia charles stratton has more from baghdad. the iraqi prime
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minister's office has released a statement regarding details of a phone conversation that was had with you in the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and the prime minister here saying that the u.s. secretary of state confirmed information that the iraqi government have that iraqi territory was not used to launch these attacks the statement went on to say that iraq's or itself is having a vital role in trying to diffuse this crisis it's fair to say though that this tension has escalated in recent months between the u.s. and iran a lot of attention has been paid towards certain very powerful armed groups in this country that are backed by iran that support iran here the so-called popular mobilization forces that were set up in 2014 to fight i saw were integrated into the iraqi security forces in 2016 and there's been as i say
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a lot of questions as to how they would respond to any kind of potential military escalation by the u.s. against iran or iranian interests now there has been no official statement by the popular mobilisation forces in relation to this current crisis the iraqi government is very keen to stress that iraq is very much doing all it can to diffuse this crisis but of course this major u.s. ally iraq its biggest regional ally is iran iran has a huge role here politically economically and militarily and as this crisis goes forward and seems to escalate it just highlights just how difficult the situation is for the iraqi government. the leaders of turkey russia and iran are meeting in ankara hoping to find a political solution to the war in syria turkish president welcomed the president's has done rouhani unlike any of putin to the capital for their 5th summit on the conflict the summit focused on it live the last rebel held area where government
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forces backed by russia have been fighting to retake control a cease fire was imposed in august but it's been tested by attacks such as one last week that killed 6 people turkey worries the army's offensive will send more refugees over its borders. joins us now live from ankara as we're understand that final summit communique is been delayed or press conference was going on now. well so i mean we're not quite sure exactly because all of that has been taking place so far today has been behind closed doors save the photo ops of the iranian president being greeted by president followed by the russian as well currently there are actual talks taking place between the russian president vladimir putin and the iranian president hassan rouhani this will then be followed
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by this tripartite meeting and then their press conference we had expected that that tripartite agreements would take place or that meeting rather would take place or starts roughly a half an hour ago it has been postponed so when a part sure exactly when they will meets whether this delay is due to other issues taking place namely obviously the latest developments in the arabian oil persian gulf or whether it is because they are now unable to exactly agree on certain sticking points we're not quite sure about if we're true identify at least where those sticking points i mean so we know what is at stake here you're talking as far as the turks are concerned what they would like is to be given free rein so to speak up through the use of the you're afraid to see in order to ensure that there is a safe zone for not only for the people of syria to remain there but also true repatriates
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some of the millions of syrian refugees that are here back to their homelands there is a problem there which is that there is the kurdish separatist groups which turkey considers to be terrorist organizations they operate there obviously they get support from the americans were also present there but also by bringing more syrians back there considering the ethnic makeup that's the demographic shifts where you've had our populated villages essentially being cleansed out of all of their populations for. in favor of kurdish ones. those is posing an issue for the russians on their ring ins as well the russians want to ensure that chart you will govern this armaments of armed groups that are opposed to the regime of bashar al assad then obviously they are very have an interest there are true there were initial reports that maybe even more optimistic outcome would have come out of this meeting because there was discussion possibly that some sort of agreement would be made on
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a constitutional committee that basically all these 3 major players in the syrian war put together a very nominations or people that they backed within syria to form a committee to write up a new constitution in order to start the post conflict but we're not quite sure if there is much truth in those reports and if there is how much agreement will be reached obviously everybody is waiting for that press conference and as soon as it happens obviously we'll be crossing that life and bringing you the latest details from a journalist from ankara british prime minister boris johnson has been holding talks in luxembourg with the head of the european commission jumps and says he's there to negotiate a break that agreement the e.u. and said repeatedly the deal will not be reopened. has more from luxembourg. well this working lunch in luxembourg is the 1st face to face meeting between the british prime minister boris johnson and the european commission chief
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also there is the use chief negotiator on briggs it michel barnier and boris johnson has said that he has come to luxemburg to media because he wants to talk about what he has what he describes as the rough shape of a future briggs it deal he says he's going cautiously optimistic about making progress and also that he wants to make it clear that he won't be asking for any further extension to the briggs's deadline now boris johnson's made it very clear that he wants to pull the u.k. out of the european union by october 31st with or without a deal of course that would then ignore the fact that parliament has recently passed a law blocking a no deal and requesting a further extension now as for younger he of course will be wondering what exactly this rough shape of a deal is that boris johnson wants to present what are the details and most importantly does he have any real and viable alternatives to the irish backstop which is the real sticking point for boris johnson the e.u.
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says the backstop must remain as part of the withdrawal agreement because ensures no return to a hard border between island which is in the european union and between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. but johnson says that he feels that would still tie the u.k. to some of the e.u.'s customs rules and what he and his supporters want is a clean break but it would be very difficult to see if we could have any change of position from e.u. officials are certainly in no position to make any decisions alone because all decisions in the e.u. are done unanimously by all member states and eve officials and leaders have been very clear up until now they say there is a withdrawal agreement it's already on the table it is a good one they don't want to say a no deal but as far as they're concerned they see no reason to reopen this withdrawal agreement and over the weekend said for him a no deal scenario would simply be a big mess. too political outside of his neck and neck into newsies presidential
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election with almost half the votes counted well professor. and another anti establishment media. on the front runners official results on tuesday when it needs more than 50 percent of the votes 70 deca has moved from tune ups. so who are these 2 men will criseyde is a constitutional law professor he was unknown really here in tunisia until after the 2011 revolution when he started coming on television shows breaking down the legalities of the constitution because of course there was a new constitution drafted here in 2014 he speaks classical arabic many people here jokingly calling him a robot because he is so specific and so citing the law when he speaks i spoke to one man who voted for him this morning also king why he said because he is a clean man he's an honest man and he loves his country and we voted for the all the others and look where it got us now the other top runner and of your family he is behind bars he's facing charges of money laundering and tax evasion he's someone
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who is far more involved in the political establishment here a founding member of the main to his party split with that recently is a media mogul he's used to television channels to show him and his chargeable work really focusing on the poor but his future is uncertain when it comes to the legalities of how he goes forward even yesterday the electoral commission saying that if a court rules him not to be allowed to go to this runoff in the 3rd counted it will go ahead so everything is still up in the eye here but certainly the message from the people is this they have moved away from the traditional political parties here going for 2 men who have really run on a genda of independence of new change whether they'll be able to deliver that we're going to have to wait and see. in france more professional service joined a protest against proposed pension reforms doctors lawyers nurses pilots and cabin crew were out in force in paris president is trying to streamline 42 different
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state pension systems so you're going to go has more from paris. since the 1990 s. there have been several attempts to completely overhaul france's pension system i'm president and manuel mccall believes he is the person to do that however on monday lawyers medical professionals and professionals from the airline industry gathered in central aureus to push back against those proposed reforms because they say it will leave them out of pocket. when we'll be retired it's to gain dating low in the us so we pay more for less is not for us we are not we're not. fighting for us so we are fighting for goods a system that works a justice in france we paid huge sums to to for the for our retirement we don't want to take questions by the government now one of the main moderates unions has
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said that it agreements to these plans pension reforms but as there are currently 42 systems in place mr macro wants to see it consolidated into one system where it will be based on individual contributions the union saying however that it is in effect penalizes against people who have wage increases because of promotions 0 experience but however the unions have failed to mobilize any big movements all general strikes and mr mccollum is currently receiving a little bit of a boost in the approval ratings what hill look to avoid is trying to consolidate on that and avoid as what's been happening all year which is another tying in with other issues such as the fuel tax hike going to hike in fuel prices and avoid mass disruptions as we saw in the past year with the yellow vest movement.
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let's take a look at some of the headlines here now just here and now. the spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. alliance in yemen says the attack on iran because all plans were carried out with iranian weapons a claim the u.s. is also made saturday's drone attacks on saudi all facilities triggered a record jump in the price of oil prices of since dropped iran denies the allegations britain's prime minister boris johnson has been holding talks with the head of the european commission in luxembourg johnson said he's there to negotiate a break that deal with the e.u. downplayed that saying here is yet to suggest any legally operable proposals johnson later met luxembourg's prime minister but skipped a joint media conference. went ahead with the briefing saying time is ticking so stop speaking and act turkey's president is hosting the latest summit on the
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war in syria. one welcome the leaders of iran and russia are in ankara their 5th summit focused on the last rebel held province under attack from syrian government forces and russian warplanes so he worries the offensive will force more refugees towards its border to political outsiders are neck and neck in tennessee as presidential election with almost half the votes counted more professor and another anti establishment candidate jailed media magnate you know being part of we are the front runners official results are jus tuesday that will lead to more than 50 percent vote in france more professions of joint protest against proposed pension reforms doctors lawyers nurses pilots and cabin crew were out in force in paris president mike ross trying to streamline 42 different state pension systems indonesia's government is gramling to control widespread forest fires causing a toxic haze to spread to other countries the smokes causing respiratory problems
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and disrupting flights. it's creating diplomatic disputes to neighboring malaysia and singapore it's told desire and also do stay with us. and for us. to see. it's been a year since former cricketer turned politician imraan khan became pakistan's prime minister khan's campaign slogan was nigh a pakistani or new pakistan a reflection of his promises to turn the country's economy around and end corruption but the 1st year of his premiership hasn't gone as smoothly as he may
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have hoped or even expected especially in terms of the economy the pakistani rupee has lost 35 percent of its value during his time in office khan's critics call him the prime minister of the u. turns as he has been forced to go back on many of his campaign pledges in an attempt to rescue the situation. but have any of these u. turns had a positive impact on the country in terms of foreign affairs pakistan is closer than ever to its neighbor china but relations with its other neighbor india are at a new low are these 2 nuclear countries at risk of another major conflict or war. and how much of a human islamabad prime minister can recently mark one year in office i sat down with him in discussed his government's controversies as well as pakistan's foreign and domestic policies pakistani prime minister imran khan talks to al-jazeera.
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pakistani prime minister imran khan thank you for talking to al-jazeera you'll soon be at the u.n. g.a. in new york you'll be making your debut there as the prime minister of pakistan what message do you hope to impart to the international community from their well under normal circumstances i would have. talked about climate change by just done as one of the few countries that is most wonderful to climate change i would have spoken at length on that and secondly about islam. islam a phobia the way muslims suffer from islam before especially living and western countries and of course in india islam of will be in india right now muslims are. subjected to persecution but because of what is happening in kashmir i would be i would be merely talking about the situation at the united nations human rights council in geneva pakistan's foreign minister sharma mood he made remarks saying
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that he believed that because of what india was doing in kashmir that india and pakistan could be led into an accidental war do you believe this is a possibility absolutely what is happening is that india is more or less conducted conducting a genocide the sort of racial attacks on the population. i don't think it's been witnessed since nazi germany what is happening is the indian version of a final solution for the muslims of kashmir so it 1000000 muslims and kashmir under siege for almost 6 weeks and why did this gun become a flash point between india and pakistan because what india what we know already and just india is trying to do is to divert attention from the illegal annexation and their impending genocide on cash meet their draw they are taking the attention it away by blaming pakistan for terrorism and this is what the last february when
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the there was a suicide attack a young boy blew him self up against an indian military convoy and india blamed pakistan for it and then bombed us so we fear that this will happen again because what they're doing in kashmir will lead to a reaction some sort of a reaction and they will then blimp august on for it to divert the world's attention from this the genocide in kashmir prime minister khan you're speaking about kashmir being a flashpoint of course that raises concerns about potential use of nuclear weapons either in pakistan or in india now recently you made remarks saying or at least the remarks were interpreted as you saying that pakistan would never use nuclear weapons 1st in any potential future conflict with india but then a few days later pakistan's ministry of foreign affairs clarified that there had been no change to pakistan's nuclear defensive posture so there is some confusion
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now what exactly is pakistan stance and is there a scenario by which you could envision nuclear weapons being used 1st by pakistan as a defensive posture there is the confusion what i said was that pakistan would never start a war. and i'm clear i am a pacifist i'm anti war but what i said clearly was that when 2 nuclear armed countries fight if they fight a conventional war there is every possibility that it's going to end up into nuclear war the unthinkable i mean you know if if said pakistan for god forbid we fight a conventional war we're losing and if a country is stuck between the choice either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom i know pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom so that when a nuclear armed country fights to the end to the death it has consequences so that's
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why i am we have approached the united nations we have proposed we are we are approaching every international forum that there must act right now because this is a potential. a disaster which would go way beyond the indian subcontinent where do you stand now when it comes to potentially seeking dialogue with india because at 1st you had said you were open to it you had made overtures and then recently you said that's no longer the case from the time. i assumed office pools last august. we have made repeated attempts to start a dialogue with india to mend to live a civilized neighbors to resolve our difference and there is only one difference that's kashmir to resolve it through through a political settlement. and that why trade was important between pakistan and india
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both countries of a from poverty both countries suffer from a huge impending disaster of climate change both of us of us have similar problems so i approach them that we should you know resume talks and sort out our differences and we repeatedly tried that all the time where we were trying to. do a start a dialogue and. asked for talks we now i realize that this was misinterpreted. this b.g.p. extreme right wing racist fascist government was treating us as we were scared of them or they took it as appeasement we were trying to please them and as a result we discovered that while we were trying to have dialogue they were trying to push us in the blacklist in fact of if we are on the grey list that pakistan is pushed into the back blacklist of that means there will be sanctions on pakistan so
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they were trying to bankrupt us economically that's when we pull back and that's when we realize that this government is on an agenda the gender is to push pakistan to disaster so a so there's no question of talking to the indian government right now after the. revoke the article $370.00 of their own constitution and they annexed illegally against the united nations security council resolution which had guaranteed the people that they would be able to hold a referendum a plebiscite to decide the destiny so they have unilaterally. not only broken international laws but also their own constitution so there's no question of talking to india in these circumstances so if downgrading of diplomatic ties hasn't changed india's stance toward kashmir and if cutting off trade ties with india
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hasn't changed their stance and if there is no longer a prospect of dialogue what else can pakistan do salute you there's not much more we can do except approach all the international organizations that was set up after the 2nd world war many the united nations so we are hoping that this is appealing to these institutions and the stronger countries in the world the superpower the u.s. joint china is a supporter of russia european countries where we are approaching all of them that this flashpoint what is kashmir if they do not resolve it this has potential of having an impact on the entire world and unfortunately because of this whole thing about big markets you know countries look and markets and trade and employment in their own countries they look upon india as a market of 1000000000 people. they do not realize that if they do not intervene
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right now this is consequences not just as i said on the subcontinent on world trade everyone will be affected by this you mention the us you talked about countries potentially intervening in this crisis and when you were in the united states in july and you met with president trump he had made a public offer to try to mediate in the dispute over kashmir between india and pakistan you were open to that prime minister modi was not do you think that this is something that could happen because just in the last few days president trump has said again that he would be willing to mediate do you believe this can happen you see 1st of all i mean you know we are thankful to president trump because. you know he is the president of the most powerful country in the world and if the united states the president of the united states intervenes in this and seriously into weans it's it's one way that you can guarantee that there will be some sort of resolution secondly even if he doesn't intervene directly the united states has
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this power in the united nations security council. that can as a security council the the u.n. can act you see why i think. india is stonewalling the situation because india knows that once the international community gets involved then then the ruling will be for the people of the international community will insist on the people of kashmir exercising their right of self-determination i'd like to focus on another component of your meeting with president trump for just a minute because when you were there much of your meeting time was taken up with the issue of afghanistan now i want to ask what do you make of president trump basically calling off the peace talks with the taliban and how do you believe that's going to impact the security situation for pakistan. well 1st let's just concentrate on of honest on billy from
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a human point of view everyone must want to. help the afghans get peace so therefore pakistan is playing its part whatever little influence we have on the taliban we have asked them to you know go on the dialogue table they've all agree the talks with the americans actually were a pretty advanced state the only thing was now to get the taliban to talk to the yvonne government so that you know they can all get together and decide what they want to do not this is unfortunate what i think it's because of the bloodshed that is going on in afghanistan the idea that there is be you know talks dialogue and at the same time you're fighting that always was going to be tricky so i hope that this is a temporary thing i hope that president trump will get the talks going again because there is no other solution there is not going to be a military solution if there was in 1000 years there would have been one this is
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already the longest war fought by the americans so the only way out is getting back on the dialogue table are we spoke a lot about the security situation i want to turn for a bit to the economy how would you classify pakistan's economy many people say that it's failing many of your critics blame you including former finance minister is hocked or he blames you for the current economic crisis what do you say to that and to the other critics who are blaming you for have the economy is right now pakistan inherited the worst economy ever in our history we had the biggest current account deficit you know which in our history nor the government has had to face that that the rupee the moment we took over because there were a shortage of dollars because we were selling much less than we were buying from the world that meant there was a pressure on our rupee and so the rupee devalued when the rupee devalues. there has to be inflation because everything import few. affects electricity.
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because you know 40 percent of electricity is from imported fuel than gas to be import l.n.g. that everything gets expensive so a country goes through a difficult period but the problem is we get headed to this huge deficit but the good news is that we have brought down the current account deficit by 70 percent we have exports are going up we've got tailed imports so the gap has narrowed and our current account deficit which means we're going in the right direction political leaders around the world they get branded with nicknames now surely you must be aware that there are critics of yours and others in pakistan who call you the prime minister of u. turns and they do so because they say you make u. turns on policy promises and and once that issue they talk about when they mention this if they talk about your stance on the i.m.f. and they say that before you had promised not to seek out any more help from the i.m.f. and that now you are your economic plan is based on
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a bailout and if this would be approved this would be the 13th time in the last 30 years pakistan has received an assistance package from the i.m.f. . what's different this this time i mean why let me just say one thing i'm glad this. prime minister of u. turns only an idiot doesn't do any utahns only a moron it when he's on a course and he comes across as a brick wall only that stupid idiot keeps banging his head against a brick wall and intelligent person immediately revises strategy and goes around it so you're ok with the nic as as i was when i was a cricketer i mean we would have a strategy when we would go on the field but all the time i would be genuine started you got into the situation i mean only of forward brand someone not doing u. turns if these corrupt a leader in our country if they had done a u. turn from corruption they would be in jail right now and he would let me go back to
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the input i have when we go to office. we had you know we did a $6000000000.00 a $6000000000.00. deal with the i.m.f. we had 90 in the half $1000000000.00 trade current account deficit so while how were we going to fill in this gap and listen and we had a loan in between and in that time we raised exports we cut dollar exports so until that time was there was a good to be a time that the time lag how were we going to last from that period to the time when we had curtailed that you did a bridging the gap we did a bridging loan so you know this i mean they should judge me. inshallah when my 5 or 5 years are complete then they should ask be. why when i am responsible for my economy am i going to rely on loans or not and in
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charlotte this will be the last. package we will ever have but as far as now to day does this mean talking about the u.-turn in this policy does this mean that you are recognizing that it is necessary for pakistan's financial stability and for the economy that you must ask for external support and i do not believe if you if a country manages its economy properly it does it should not have to borrow money from from miami for anyone the fact that you have a big deficit and you have to go at borrow money means that you are not running your economic economy properly but when you inherit a sick economy then i'm afraid in the short time before you can raise your income to bridge this gap i'm afraid you have to take loans so. what i'm pledging to my people that inshallah when we when we are not term is completed we will leave
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a surplus economy but does that mean that the i.m.f. could exercise more control over pakistan's decision making. while they have an exercise any control right now apart from telling us to you know put a house in order in terms of cutting down our expenditure and raising our revenues they haven't really asked us to do anything which is against our sovereignty we have a very important relationship with china we're talking about the economy pakistan is the beneficiary of chinese aid and investment it's part of the global belt and road initiative but the chinese government has been fiercely criticised by especially western countries for its reported treatment of weaker muslims have you had a chance to formally discuss this. issue with president xi of china no i haven't frankly you know we have been physics so many of our internal problems right now that you know i have not really i don't know much about this problem and let's face
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it i mean ever since we've been in power for one year domestically apart from the economy you know apart from dealing with the situation and kashmir really we've been inundated with problems but i would say one thing about china for us china has been the best friend prime minister can you have been criticized these past few months for not issuing any statements of condemnation when it comes to china's reported treatment of the weaker community do you have any stance on the issue. while i again appreciate you know i am at the moment my responsibility a people of pakistan i have 21020000000 pakistanis i am responsible to they are my responsibility and therefore my my number one effort is to help my own countrymen there is an ex parliamentarian from your party brother kumar he has said
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that he is trying to seek asylum in india and he has argued that there are minority groups that are being persecuted in pakistan he has also said that the old pakistan is better than your new pakistan what do you say to that. if if i remember right this is a guy who has who is responsible for assassinating one of our one of our most loved member of a party member of parliament. in saying he was an assembly and this man was responsible for assassinating him i don't know where he is right now but last i know he was in jail. for him to say things like that let me just make it clear ever since by government has come into power. we have this one government has pledged that every pakistani regardless of his religion would be an equal citizen of this country our government has opened up the power cord or made
11:42 pm
great efforts for the sick community in opening up the religious sites we have we are going to do. all the religious sites of all different religions like hindus. the secularism the christian community my government will be protecting all of them and i'll just say one other thing you know if 9 order to use a mistreated in pakistan that's against our constitution it's against our religion it's against. the principles of a holy prophet peace be upon him because minorities will always regarded as equal citizens in islam so when we are unjust to them we go against the ideology and religion the difference between us and what the r.s.s. back to be j.p. government is doing in india that when they mistreat minorities it is according to
11:43 pm
the odd ideology they do not believe that minorities apl citizens that's the big difference sorry you've also faced criticism by civil rights activists saying that the space for dissent for freedom of expression has shrunk since you took office there are journalists in pakistan who said that there has been a crackdown against the media that even television stations have been taken off the air what do you say to those criticisms this is utter. nonsense pakistan is one of the free a space in the world and media. you know the members of the media have said things against me against my government they would never get away and any other democracy they have busted attacks against we had had this been any other even any other democracy democracy the t.v. channels would have closed down the freedom that journalists have in this country is unprecedented this is one of the most tolerant governments ever although we
11:44 pm
think we've gone overboard we think we will stay we will strengthen our regulatory body that fake news on that basis allegations should be made against the government against the ministers against against. anyone so we are thinking of tightening the regulations i think we just people can get away with anything they say or you've been you've been in office now almost a year many of your critics say that you have not delivered on a new pakistan but i want to ask you do you believe we are now in a new pakistan and what should the pakistani people expect going forward i think we already knew pakistan. new pakistan means number one rule of law never have negara criminals ever been put into jail like they have right now. the big difference in this pakistan is government has has been well we've been in government for 13 months there's not one corruption case against any minister any
11:45 pm
prime minister this is unheard of none of us are building up a business empire as we have conflict of interest none of us have got businesses going as was the case in the past but most importantly this government is devolving power right down we have a local government system which will liberate the people from below which is just coming into effect right now and you know the difference between now and then is that 1st time we're actually taking the most difficult decisions to fix our economy our power sector we have got down you see the problem was before that we had this huge debt accumulating in the power sector because apart from the fact that they were but the generation of electricity was more expensive than what it was being sold to the people there was message theft of election electricity and that theft was passed on to the consumer we have cracked down on or on theft and really
11:46 pm
brought down the. you know the amount of what is called line losses so this government has done things which no government has done before but you know as the say rome wasn't built in a day when you start making these massive changes and reforms it takes time the time to judge a government is after 5 years but in our case we feel that from now on the most difficult period which we've we've passed through the 1st year was the most difficult period but from now on words people will start seeing the difference already we are cut have got down the losses in our airline we are about to start. the next 4 months the steelman big government corporations closed that will start functioning as i said in the electricity the bar theft has been got up so the direction of the country is not right and from there on was will go from strength to strength pakistani prime minister moran can thank you for talking to al-jazeera .
11:47 pm
is winning elections take to. just go back to the polls for a 2nd time in the less than 6 months will benjamin netanyahu come on to power one riddled with criminal investigations. israel's political future in the balance on al-jazeera. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. new chiro church heroes like new who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight the dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption miro now. from
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coming up in the next 60 minutes the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen says initial findings show the attack on a ram coal oil plants was carried out using iranian weapons. turkey whole see russian any raining leaders for another syria summit where the attention focused on the governments bush into the last rebel territory also this hour. british prime minister boris johnson is booed as the least breaks it talks in luxembourg and on people simply $1.40 telling police a race team heads of hard line using to supporters groups on accusations of blackmailing with club filming tickets. thank you for joining as the blame game is intensifying over the attacks on saudi arabia's key oil facilities the zante led coalition fighting in yemen says the
11:50 pm
attack on the aramco plans was carried out using iranian weapons and did not originate from yemen but the spokesman for the coalition did not provide evidence to back up what he called preliminary findings. those kind of. you see where i've got. right now to spot the one point those attacks. that they have been have conducted that we know the. initial assessment and also with the. iran denies involvement but u.s. president donald trump has declared he is ready to strike back over the attack not exactly how long it will take to fix damage to the world's largest processing plant is yet to be revealed but prices spiked to 19 percent their biggest single day increase on records when monday trading began since settled nop around 10 percent
11:51 pm
doesn't donald trump tweeted that the u.s. is quote locked and loaded waiting for confirmation of who attacked the oil plants on saturday yemen's who the rebels claimed responsibility and have warned they may target the facilities again they say the drones use new engines meaning they can reach anywhere in saudi arabia and we have complete coverage of how the saudi aramco attacks are impacting the middle east and the world our white house correspondent kimberly hockaday standing by in washington dorset jabari is in tehran and we have our diplomatic james editor jane space following developments at the united nations forests live to them all in just a moment after this report from. the u.s. government says it's already knows who did this but iran denies it was behind the attacks on saudi or infrastructure claims by yemen's who say rebels in going to have. more we reject these types of statements and projections islamic republic of
11:52 pm
iran has clearly declared that it supports the people of yemen and their rights but to accuse the islamic republic of iran of these attacks and defensive measures is in line with the united. state's maximum falsehood policy is the state owned oil company saudi aramco says the fires knocked out more than half of its entire day the output close to $6000000.00 barrels of oil donald trump warned iran that the u.s. is locked and loaded to respond to the strikes on up cake but other countries urging caution you would is how to design the who have taken responsibility for these attacks if at the moment we are analyzing along with our partners who is responsible for this attack you anyhow it could happen we need to do so with the necessary call and i want to know your. about that we have noticed the relevant reports pondering who is to blame in the absence of
11:53 pm
a conclusive investigation i think is in itself not very responsible china's position is that we oppose any moves to expand or intensify conflict the impact of an estimated 5 percent dip in global supplies sent or oil prices on a wild ride up 20 percent before coming back down some investors and analysts were also initially spooked. much more likely. already in there from. chinese growth in china. and growth in the u.s. . the last thing we need is this. and then this rush in. but by the time european markets opened assurances from the u.s. and countries like russia that reserves would be freed up would help settle nerves although some european markets opened down a little contagion from this attack does appear to be limited for the moment but as
11:54 pm
donald trump's bellicose tweets highlights this is a volatile situation and how long it takes for saudi to get production back on track plus the next moves from washington and tehran are all things to watch out for rory chalons al-jazeera london. oh yes person donald trump has again tweeted about iran's involvement recalling the shooting of a u.s. drone by iran in june he said remember when iran shot down a drone saying knowingly that it was in there as space when in fact it was nowhere close they stuck strongly to that story knowing that it was a very big lie he added they say that they had nothing to do with the attack on saudi arabia we'll see live to our white house correspondent kimberly hockett in washington d.c. kimberly so another tweet from the president this time recalling that incident in june when the u.s. planned and then at the last minute called off an attack on iranian military facilities after iran allegedly downed a u.s.
11:55 pm
drone what kind of action or response can we expect this side. we're going to watch very carefully the u.s. president expected to speak when he departs the white house and also in some meetings today expect that he may comment on this further but he's certainly been prolific over the weekend and again on monday. on twitter on social media not just accusing iran of lying with regard to this attack in saudi arabia but also is sensually finger pointing repeatedly not just referencing that downing of a u.s. drone back in june but the u.s. secretary of state in fact over the weekend saying that iran has been responsible for hundreds of attacks on saudi arabia with regard to this latest one saying that there is no evidence that it has come from yemen so the united states very clear at this hour in terms of where they see the blame in response to this as a result of these latest attacks the question becomes now what the united states is going to do about it we do know that it is considering an mulling over some sort of
11:56 pm
military response we are hearing that the pentagon is urging restraint at the same time we do know the u.s. president meeting with the defense secretary on sunday so moving forward it's unclear where things stand we know that the united states president of course in order to ease the impact on oil prices has authorized the release from the strategic petroleum oil reserves but also moving forward the question becomes the concern from the u.s. standpoint about its assets in the middle east certainly considering that they are now much less safe and also calling into question one of the larger goals in the midst of all of this and that is perhaps a sit down between the u.s. president and the iranian president something that potentially could have happened in the future now seeming to be very much in doubt as a result of these latest developments and the u.s. president's response to it. thank you very much for kimberly allocated washington let's get the view from tehran now. correspondent in the iranian capital dorsai so
11:57 pm
in the last hour the saudi coalition spokesman saying that their national findings were that even any and weapons were indeed used to attack the iran bill facilities and the reaction from tehran. while over iran remains defiant that they have have nothing to do with this attack that these accusations are baseless they have yet to be provided with any kind of concrete evidence from either the saudi government or the united states since they would choose the wrong of carrying out this attack the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson up us moussavi had said that this is not the 1st time the u.s. government has done this that they accuse their own of carrying out such actions in this region that the iranian position with yemen is that it there needs to be a diplomatic solution that this situation cannot continue because it does jeopardize the entire region the rain and some said that they've provided opportunities for them to mediate between all the different parties involved to try and bring an end to this conflict now when it comes to
11:58 pm
a good future of relationship between tehran and washington it appears that many analysts here believe this move this attempt to point the finger yet again at iran is an attempt to try and pressure the iranian government to come back to have some kind of dialogue with the u.s. over the nuclear deal which the united states abandoned last year but all of those of government are saying at the moment that given the current climate any kind of dialogue between these 2 sides is very very unlikely given the hostilities that are continuing to rise thank you for that dosage of live in tehran meanwhile the united nations envoy to yemen has been holding his scheduled briefing to the security council on the conflicts that speak to our diplomatic editor james space at the united nations james a briefing that's been overtaken by the attacks on the saudi oil facilities tell us about what the special envoy to yemen has been saying. yeah this is the monthly race briefing of the u.n. security council to discuss the situation inside yemen the grim life for people inside yemen but as you say overtaken by events and dominated by that attack on the
11:59 pm
other side of the border in saudi arabia the security council was briefed by special envoy martin griffiths one thing we can be certain and that is this extremely serious incident makes the chances of a regional conflict that much higher and other approaches more that much slower and with yemen in some way or other linked none of that none of that is good for yemen and this is frankly terrifying and is an eventuality which runs completely counter to the many and detailed conversations i have had in recent weeks with people in the region in yemen and elsewhere in favor of a series of steps to be taken by the parties towards deescalation. the security council meeting is still underway here the french ambassador speaking as i speak and we've already heard from
12:00 am
a number of other ambassadors most notably from the u.s. ambassador in only her 2nd security council meeting kelly craft said this was a direct attack on the world energy supplies she then added in this backs up i think comments that we're getting from washington that in the u.s. is views emerging evidence shows responsibility probably lies with iran we also heard from the u.k. ambassador karen pierce she said it was a despicable attack and she said when they find out the details she hopes they'll be a responsible united response thank you for that james space life or is that the united nations and at the office of iraq's prime minister says u.s. secretary of state might bump ale has called. to discuss the attacks in saudi arabia charge safford has more from baghdad the iraqi prime minister's office has released a statement regarding details of
12:01 am
a phone conversation that was had between the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and the prime minister here saying that the u.s. secretary of state confirmed information.


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