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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes dozens killed as a bomb explodes that's an election rally for the afghan president then a blast and gunfire near the u.s. embassy. the effect on the saudis all supply starting to be felt as the u.s. claims iran for an attack on the world's biggest all refinery. back in the voting booth for the 2nd time in 6 months israel tries again to confirm who should be prime minister. is clouds of smoke spread into malaysia thousands of firefighters
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battled to bring in the museum's forest under control and have all the day's sport news including time asian champions league winners booked their place in the semifinals at this year's competition i. will begin in afghanistan where dozens of people have been killed in 2 explosions one time getting a presidential election rally the all that was near the u.s. embassy in kabul right now security forces are still sweeping through that part of the capital the 1st blast happened moments before president i'll shove that he was to take to the stage and part of the province at least 24 people were killed than himself we're told is on hom as details emerged on that attack in. capital kabul
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there was an explosion near the u.s. embassy a gun battle also reported there ron mcbride is live for us in kabul so 2 attacks reports of a gunfire ongoing is the situation under control now. it is still developing sami if we want to turn 1st to the attack that took place here about an hour or so ago here in kabul this was a building close to the u.s. embassy it's actually now we're told it is the headquarters of the ministry of defense sites the in the human resources departments of the ministry of defense building here little more than a kilometer from where we're broadcasting from all of this area of kabul busy is home to various government headquarters military police a lot of the embassies so as you would expect there is very tight security here there is a constant police military cordon around this area that has often
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targeted and it does seem as though a bomb that got through and detonated at the m o d the ministry of defense building now there were also reports of gunfire initially it was reported that this was potentially a gun battle that was in searing we know that from one of our producers who was at the scene within just a few minutes or so that what they say could well have been according to passers by who we spoke to there at the scene that this could be the security forces actually firing in the air to keep people back there is always the danger with bomb attacks like this that there could be a secondary device a secondary explosion times just to try to catch out 1st responders emergency services as they turn up at the scene of the 1st blast or even passes by and journalists and it does seem as though these were warning shots fired into the air all of this part of kabul has now been sealed off as you say while security forces combing through this this part of kabul the coldness still in place but as far as
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we know the situation here does seem to be under control so i mean any claim of responsibility yet. not as yet but obviously this is specially with attacks on government buildings here in kabul always falls on the taliban the taliban have claimed similar attacks like this they say that this is a legitimate target even though these a civilian workers they work for the government the government is a target and so that's how they justify attacks like this the danger is of course busy that in attacking what the taliban regard as legitimate targets be they government employees or members of the security forces it evidently we see passes by civilians getting caught up and indeed as bear out time and time again there are often more people civilians who are actually injured and maimed and maimed and killed in these attacks than the actual intended targets we do know from the same
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producer who just returned from the scene talking to people there that a number of structures have been seen taking casualties away from the scene but the as far as the casualty numbers from the attack here in kabul goes we're still waiting for that summary or i will leave it there for now thanks so much from brian long live for us from kabul wrapping the latest developments in those twin attacks there we can continue this conversation now with ahmed rashid he is a central asia security analyst joins us now live from madrid in spain good to have you with us so is this seen as the fulfillment of the taliban promise to disrupt elections is that what's going on. yes certainly i think that's what's that's what is happening the taliban are going to do their best to try and derail the elections president actually danny is determined to hold elections on september 28th and the taliban want when the talks broke down between the americans and the khan of our
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last week in door cutter the. taliban promised to bring all that they could bear upon the government to make it. postpone cancel the elections i tried various refused to do that and but the staggering thing is now we've got with here is a list of casualties i mean in the last month alone over 2000 people have been killed that's about 70 people a day and that means mostly civilians and the taliban are not making any friends or are they're not winning any popularity battle by insisting upon continuing this militant campaign which now they will say quite probably rightly so that they're being bombed. non-stop by the americans we don't you know the americans are not releasing exactly figure or facts about what kind of where they're bombing who they're bombing but they are certainly in the taleban in their
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eye and out all over the country through bombing now if that is effective and what is the level of civilian casualties. it's difficult to say but here we're we're we're we're all set i think for a very bloody election. all right and i'm just getting word as we talk that there has been in fact a claim of responsibility by the afghan taliban claiming. the attacks that have taken place today not a entire surprise you so you've already said it fits into the pattern of what we were expecting is this also i'll attempt by the taliban to raise the price of the u.s. ending those talks and to put pressure in terms of the negotiating process yet either way it is also there's still the issue of the taliban meeting
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other afghan politicians and meeting with the government none of which has taken place formally yet and the taliban also raising the price of don't they want to be in a commanding position the idea i think that many people had one point in time that the taliban would be interested in forming. an interim coalition government and bring about a ceasefire and get things moving on the piece of peace front that has failed to happen and that taliban do not seem guilty or tall. they claim their full total innocence and it's all the americans for but when we look at the savagery now going on in afghanistan which by the way i've been covering for years and years and the only time i remember sat savitri was the early part of the soviet union invasion of guns and the early part of the or that took place
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so obvious destroyed entire villages massacred people much in the same way as the taliban are doing now. or i thank you so much. now moving on now and the true effect of an attack on saudi arabia is all supplies becoming clearer as the u.s. continues to blame iran chinese officials have been told that its oil deliveries will be delayed and there are reports the kingdom of saudi arabia trying to buy diesel for urgent delivery saudi arabia says the attacks were carried out using a rainy and weapons to iran denies that yemen's who 3 rebels say they were behind the attacks the warning more strikes are coming the u.s. president says it looks like iran was behind saturday's drone attacks which crippled more than half of saudi arabia's oil production but he says he will wait to see definitive proof before deciding on how to respond donald trump said secretary of state mike pompei will be traveling to riyadh at some point to
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coordinate a response. begins our coverage from washington. president donald trump says the u.s. is still collecting and analyzing intelligence related to saturday's attack on saudi oil facilities but says all evidence gathered dust far points to one country when asked if that country was iran this was the president's response which looking that way will have some pretty good to. have a some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. we'll let you know the spectrum said he does not want war with iran but said his administration would coordinate closely with riyadh on in response the saudis want very much for us to protect them but i say well we have to work there was an attack on saudi arabia and there was an attack on us but we would certainly help them but despite the alliance between washington and riyadh there are doubts about how much clout saudi arabia has to force the u.s.
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into military action this alliance has been very thirst of the past few months. on many issues so the trouble mistress and the u.s. in general has looked willing to basically fight a war and we have the sultan's the who the rebels in yemen backed by iran claimed responsibility for the attacks on monday iran's president hassan rouhani flatly rejected the us ascertain tehran was involved saying the who these were behind it and for legitimate reasons. the many people are exercising their legitimate right of self-defense the attacks are reciprocal and the main solution is to halt these attacks the solution for the yemeni crisis is also political we believe that. president trump said it was a large attack against saudi arabia but could be met with an attack many times larger this is threatening language trump has used in the past against syria north
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korea and even iran without following through with significant military action but clearly tensions are escalating trump said secretary of state mike pompei o. and other administration officials would be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate a response gabriels andro al-jazeera washington. has the reaction now to her on. the latest reaction to this event sort of unfolded is that the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson outpost mousavi has reiterated the country's position and that is that these accusations are baseless and it's not the 1st time that iran has received such accusations from the u.s. government the foreign ministry spokesperson up us with that he said that the yemeni people have the right to the found themselves in the arabians are not supplying weapons to the who see fighters there but that it is saudi arabia who is the aggressor and iran will continue to push for some kind of
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a peaceful resolution in yemen they've offered in the past to negotiate dialogue between all the parties involved they've stressed that the situation is yemen is critical to the stability of this region but when it comes to the blame that they are being accused of launching these attacks the iranians say that they have had nothing to do with it and that the accusations are baseless they have yet to the american government has yet to provide any kind of solid evidence or proof that iran was behind such an attack and the analysts that we've spoken to here say that these latest accusations from the u.s. come at a time when the u.s. president donald trump is eager to have a meeting with iran's president hassan rouhani at the united nations later this month when the 2 will be there but the rainy and some said that that will never happen until the united states lifts the sanctions that it's imposed on iran since they withdrew from the nuclear deal.
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now israelis are voting in this 2nd general election in less than 6 months from minister binyamin netanyahu is hoping for a 5th term failed to achieve a majority or form a coalition in may and called an unprecedented rerun now he's trying to gain more supporters by promising to annex all settlements west bank. opinion polls indicate israel's rerun election will be as closely fought as the 1st held in april defeated in his effort to form a coalition government that's now prevented anyone else from being given a chance there's no guarantee this election will lead to a definitive outcome either for netanyahu reelection offers a better chance to fight off 3 looming corruption cases parliament or knesset even vote to grant him immunity if elected to a 5th term now as promised to annex the jordan valley and part of the divided city of hebron both policies designed to motivate his base of supporters and
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smith joins us live from occupied east jerusalem so how's turnout looking now. i know something is groundhog day here again in israel 2nd election in 5 months actually this morning the election commission put that turnout is quite high by 10 am certainly compared to an election in the early eighty's where they got just about 8 below 8 percent turnout i should caution that it's very early to predict that as a turnout for the whole day because the polls close at 10 o'clock tonight in the might have been a bit of an early morning rush but voter apathy had in fact been one of the concerns of many of the mainstream artist the concern being people don't turn out and that will give more seats to the ultra-orthodox parties because their voters are ordered by their rabbis to go and vote so they'll still vote and then get a great great proportion of the vote so if there is a higher turnout that might help blue and white coalition party benny gantz who is
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trying to unseat benjamin netanyahu sami. bernard the road ahead looks like it could be as complicated as the road behind us in terms of coalition building right . because all the polls right up till yesterday put it neck and neck and last time around in april netanyahu. blue and white they got $35.00 seats each they need to build a coalition to get them to 60 want to give them that majority in israel's parliament netanyahu was unable to do it last time essentially because door lieberman withdrew his supporters refused to sit with netanyahu a former friend of netanyahu leave him refused to share to form a government with him because he said he was giving too much too many concessions to of ultra orthodox parties so lieberman has predicted he might get between 5 and 10 seats this time around that would make him
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a kingmaker and he has said he said this morning when he was voting there will be there will not be a 3rd election in israel it would be surprising if he threw his support behind that now after everything he said but he's changed his mind many times before sound. we'll leave it there thanks so much bernard smith. thousands of firefighters are trying to contain forest blazes in indonesia they're burning and some are trying to borneo islands the smoke can spread to neighboring countries sparking a diplomatic row over who's responsible indonesian police have arrested more than 200 people accused of contributing to the disaster indonesia's president joker widodo says his country has been negligent in tackling fires. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the dry season starts everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has
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gotten bigger. mohammed has more from i can borrow in indonesia. president joker we don't know is visiting the city of peck and bar and the province all 3 out on the island of sumatra to assess the forest fires that have taken over this entire region 49000 hectares of land have been affected in somalia and in reality where we are it's 640 hotspots that the authorities need to contain now in a closed meeting that the president had with his military and the disaster management agencies he said that prevention is better than extinguishing and the forest fire should be the responsibility of the local government in terms of operations the president says that ground and need to work together to make sure that they're able to quell the fires efficiently and what we know so far according to law enforcement that 370 companies have been listed for allegedly burning land here slash and burn methods are considered illegal in indonesia but this is also very common we've seen them for many years where farmers and companies burn the
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land to try and clear it for further plantation. has mentioned the fires have become an annual problem in southeast asia as has pollution caused by people setting people in the forests along to clear the land for farming much of the slash and burn practices take place in indonesia the worst affected areas on the islands of borneo. for the smoke and haze also affects neighboring countries like malaysia florence louis reports from kuala lumpur where efforts to clear the harmful highways are ongoing this is what kuala lumpur and many parts of malaysia now look like the heavy smoke is caused by hundreds of fires burning through forest mainly in neighboring indonesia during the dry season land to set alight by farmers to clear it for new planting across malaysia schools are being shut on days the air pollution is considered very unhealthy. ilhan bin mohamad chatah has asthma and the
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frantic syndrome and has had to skip school for several days on one hit so much difficulty breathing that he had to go to the doctors 4 times. we're worried about his health but his body he keeps complaining about wanting to go back to school and be with me his friends and all that. yeah i think if this situation you know they're not going to be quite a cool way to strace stressful time for us as a family the malaysian meteorology department is conducting cloud seeding hoping to artificially create a rave in an effort to clear the small salt crystals. loaded onto a plane to be dispersed into clouds scientists say the little water that's in the air will condense around these newly introduced particles thicken the clouds and increase the chance of rain for that to work there has to be enough clout to
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produce rain and even if there is there may not be enough rainfall to reduce the haze. as long as there are still forest fire and the winds continue to blow from day to disregard the his will return but at least will be able to temporarily reduce the air pollution index in indonesia the government has sent in thousands of military and the police to help put out forest fires in sumatra and the province of kalimantan in borneo its environment ministry has also sealed off plantations operated by dozens of companies where some of the fires were allegedly started but until the monsoon season arrives next month the smoke is forecast to continue choking the region florence li al-jazeera kuala lumpur. well i did hear by and is the policy and advocacy director of the world wildlife
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fund indonesia joins us on skype from jakarta good to have you with us so 1st of all why do we see these fires flare up every year and then it seems everything every 3 or 4 years become really out of control and start bothering neighboring countries. oh thank you for having me here i think the reason is quite elementary. the fires are this disaster is manmade it's basically when people are poorly to the cleared land for agriculture or control. as long as that keeps happening this will just continue to happen year after year i guess what's different. previous year in 20161718 was that it wasn't really looked at lee. season which. this year this is
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a more normal crises and that's why the fires are coming back. it seems like a very elementary thing of course that it's people burning but is this just down to farmers acting on their own or are there corporations behind them pushing them to play this to use it for development to use it for a palm oil harvesting and so on. so. i think on the politics of the big corporations most of them are not using fire to clear out. and when i see people it's not necessarily smallholder or small their farm or. some of these people are actually. it's yours. either ensure that their capital cities of the provinces or even in the nearest provincial or district
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city so you can imagine the. plantation maybe like girl told that they should you need to be 30022500 dollars dollar and what we're seeing is. far more openly like 5102030 hectares. and it's most likely that he's being financed from out from up there and these things are slightly illegal or i will leave it there for now thanks so much turkish president took time out of the line says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria he hosted russian and iranian leaders in ankara for talks focusing on it lip the last rebel held province home to many people who've been displaced from other areas under opposition rule it's under attack from syrian government forces and russian aircraft. we
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have refugees amassed on our borders and we can sit and watch this such a dangerous development will affect not only our country but also europe we need to continue our responsibilities and we have decided there is a need to establish safe areas support our troops. reports from that summit in ankara. re emphasis on the policies pursued by turkey iran and russia are underlined by the opening statements of the respective presidents in this 5th round of trilateral summit that's trying to find some sort of a solution to the almost 9 years now war long war in syria the turkish president focusing on his country's menu truth namely that of the syrian refugees almost 3000000 votes have been living in turkey now for several years and the need to establish a buffer zone or a safe zone on the syrian side of the border up until the east of the you're afraid this river inside syria if we could maybe divide the issues that are being
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discussed here in this summit into 3 categories short term medium term and long term short term the most immediate issue that the 3 leaders are talking about is the issue of it live the last remaining stand for armed opposition groups opposition groups through the regime of bashar assad turkey wants to ensure that there is a total hold true russian and syrian air strikes on attacks on this issue not only to ensure the safety of the people there now and that they don't leave and to try to keep but also to establish not safe zone that i mentioned so that syrians in turkey can actually start moving back and that brings us to the last point which is the longer term issues and that is what will happen post conflict how will syria be governed and here in the summits we understand that there will be a discussion about the formation of a constitutional committee to draft the documents that would help post war syria be governed but it is difficult to see how an agreement would be reached considering
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how much blood has been spilt in this war 2 thirds of the votes have been counted in tunisia's presidential election looks like 2 political outsiders are in the lead official results isn't expected until later on tuesday but it looks like a close race between law professor highside and jailed media mogul the bill totally the winning candidate will need moment 50 percent of the vote. and i will have all the weather with rob but still ahead here on al-jazeera france all is the closure of a migrant camp that's leading to a rise in refugees fleeing to the u.k. . for my american football star heads home help the victims of harken doria. this italian side secured the win that was 7 years in the making he tells the school.
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well it's not really fire season in australia but after a dry winter fires have been breaking out this is in the northeast of new south wales on the border with queensland a little place called draycott areas around it is already taken 16 houses with it and these fires this is just one of many broken out of the last month or so it would be nice to have some rain and you get an idea from this cloud that there has been some rain the various funds are going to trust which will tend to stay further south and cause tasmania a lot of trouble with too much rain but in this case we've got some downpours something of significance don't so much in the capitals 1930 but inland target 50 millimeters it's not much to be honest what it normally does is just makes it a little bit miserable the commute since sydney would attest to just a couple of pictures to prove the point just
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a wet day more significant rain is still to come in the sydney area and back down towards the camp camber as well the whole system last another 24 hours or so before it slowly declines and it's the most active one in australia at the moment for the rest of the continent there's some hint of change here waltzes to getting cold in the west there is war to be found in the middle of australia the incoming summer story makes its face showing. whether sponsored by cats owning is achieve of chinese scientists him bartunek gehring deep sea me shoes searching for rare was also the see one who were nice for abuse china's underwater 0
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logic still your mclay jim molar with put on just throughout history a lot more for the for speared its head with me and started fighting me developed by nation state us there could be a nothing face trial now within reach of those seeking funding post a toxic substances illegal with the up to meet in visible threats on al jazeera welcome back you're watching out just 0 reminded alvah top stories this hour
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taleban says it was behind 2 bombings in afghanistan that if killed dozens of people hold me 24 died in the 1st this hack it's and election rallied for president josh of ghani and along province valley was on whomp 2nd mere the u.s. embassy in kabul killed at least 6 people afghanistan is preparing for and election at the end of the month concerns about global all supplies a bro ng following saturday's attacks on all processing facilities in saudi arabia china has been told to expect supplies to be delayed by up to 10 days the u.s. and saudi arabia say early indications point to iran being fined the attacks. are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister binyamin netanyahu seeking a 5th term called a rerun after failing to achieve a majority or form a coalition and a vote. of the israeli palestinian conflict has been at the heart of foreign and domestic policies of israeli politicians prime minister binyamin netanyahu
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benefited greatly when his close ally donald trump declared jerusalem israel's capital last year a move the u.s. embassy there and just a few months ago trump recognized israel's claims over the occupied golan heights in just the last year israeli forces have killed and maimed palestinian demonstrators as they protested in gaza and the west bank and yeah it was also approved new legal settlements and expanded existing ones though only a few days ago and in the next illegal israeli settlements that are in the occupied palestinian territories for more on this let's bring in kill hoffman in west jerusalem he's the chief political correspondent at the jerusalem post good to have you with us so is this election more about policies or personalities. absolutely personalities sami all of the things that you've mentioned over the last
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minute are not what people are talking about at all in this election in fact even the leaders of the peace camp they haven't been talking about the palestinian issue whatsoever they've been talking about nothing out there whether it. should stay in office after a total of 13 years in office or whether israelis should be going in a different direction people either like him or hate him and that's what's deciding how people are voting today how domestically popular that has netanyahu is promises to essentially violate international law and annex occupied land if he's reelected is that going down well with the israeli electorate. i don't think people notice to be honest with yourself i know that this was a big deal knowledge and then international forums and everything i hear people realize that you don't trust what any politician says a week before an election in any country in a kind of surprise that the world took it so seriously netanyahu has made campaign promises before and not kept them what's expected after the election is not israel
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an exciting anything it's israel withdrawing from land because there's going to be a peace process donald trump is purposely postponed and veiling it while he is waiting for the israeli election to end which has been going on now for months and when that ends the then he'll reveal whatever the sticks are that israel will have to pay do you think that maybe the reason the outside world is taking some of that seriously these because we've heard strong words of support coming from the u.s. president towards things like even recognizing israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights parts of jerusalem which the u.s. administration seems to recognize israel's move in terms of the embassy given that background is there no reason for the world to take seriously when the prime minister says you know he's going to annex more compiled land. i understand that and the prime minister of israel is very close to the present a united states but i think that the president has helped out netanyahu by
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purposely not saying whatever the drawbacks are for israel in one any kind of peace plan that he's been working on for so long he says he's got the deal of the century ready and then obviously they'll be 2 sides to it let's not forget that when the president dies states announced on december 6th of 2017 that he was going to be moving them to sea to jerusalem he said this does not preclude there being an hour an arab capital in the city and i assume that there would be an arab capital to a palestinian state in the arab neighborhoods of jerusalem not far from where i'm sitting right now prime minister is expected to be challenges in the in connection with some of those bribery and breach of trust allegations i always thought he's standing now and how might shape what happens off to the elections. that is definitely something that has a major impact on how people are voting and what can happen immediately after the election we don't know yet who the president is going to call upon to form
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a government right now it's looking like the opponent benny gantz would have more recommendations to form a government including the joint arab list which in the past elections did not recommend anyone if they recommend bennigan's they could put him over the top and that it's possible against won't be able to form a government and then it's now be given a chance but that chance would be right when his indictment is a supposed officially come and that could result in the likud having to replace him as a leader or it could result in many gods having an easier time to form a government and that's and you know it could very well be especially if it's now does not get a majority the seats in the parliament today for his right center block that because of that and because of the investigations his political career could be over. all right we'll leave it there for now thanks so much. police in northern france are clearing account for migrants around a 1000 to being moved from a camp called the jim hall dung cook sports gymnasium was opened last december for
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migrant families seeking shelter from the cold so we're going to go to joins me now live from hong kong so how is the operation there to remove this crime going. well i mean the clearing has been happening all morning and has been proceeding in in a calm manner organized you've heard president you've had the presence of riot police here as well that's been the and even the team from the u.k. his home office as well has been present as they've been clearing out the area around the gym which is sort of had a tent encampment around there as well as people who were actually staying in the gym some of them had been staying in there for months following a court order last month that the area to be cleared out because
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of the health and safety reasons they had many of the people inside had been bracing themselves for this there had received a couple of warnings last week but today is the day where it's sort of seemed to kind of be followed through the families were kept apart from single unaccompanied men most of them have already been taken out and put on buses coaches rather that were laid out on and been taken to different migrant centers around the country they're informed they were when they're on the coaches themselves. would come out of a separate exit out of the gym jim we're seeing some of them now actually they're being patted down and. and searched by police officers as the as they're leaving there now there had been concern certainly when we spoke to people here last night that they were worried in case that this might have been used as an excuse to
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deport some of them this is a constant worry for a lot of people who have had to make terrible very distressing journeys often by foot from via turkey and into greece technically what they're supposed to do is seek asylum at the 1st european country that they learned in but. most of them have gone through and some of them maybe even have been tension especially here along the northern french coast to try and see if they can get to the u.k. that's certainly something that we've heard from people who've been so desperate and have found themselves stuck in this for them like in this nowhere land where they don't have a home they don't have worked and what many of them want to do is either to be reunited with relatives that they have in the u.k. or at least try and get some stability in their lives after flee the syrian war violence in iraq and other places so even though the general and i would be
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extremely dangerous i would involve paying thousands of dollars to people smugglers to get on a very precarious vessel some of them think that that is a risk worth taking because essentially what they're dealing with is living a life of destitution with no hope of getting everyone moving and if they continue or more trying to get to a place of safety that's what they want to do to me just explain this. process for happens to these people now if the camp is being dismantled what happens to them. what this is why they're laying on the coaches provided by a french government to take them to our thought migrant centers they will have the opportunity there to be able to apply for the asylum process however some people are fearful of that because they're fearful of the fact that they could be deported back to the 1st european country what they may have been registered at that's the case a lot of people don't want to do that than they could escape through the cracks is
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it were and try that situation back again you've got situations where you've had families of officially registered themselves in other countries but of try to give this another dough and go to a different country but then have been sent back to that 1st country of origin there's all sorts of of situations that they find themselves and the facts of the matter is is that people especially people with families do not want to be stuck in a life where they just sort of stuck as refugees and asylum seekers i want to get i want to build a better life for themselves so you guy from dung koch thanks for the us now our supreme called challenge to boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament until mid october is underway in london the call will decide whether the british prime minister broke the law or when he sent members of parliament home 5 weeks into october the 1st well the hugo use jews a leave the e.u. now most than 3 weeks after they've returned to london john holl joins us live from
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london so take us through the sort of arguments the 2 sides in the positions they'll be taking in court today. i mean it's a big deal in this case make no mistake of appeals to the supreme court hardly come more sort of politically charged than this $111.00 of the 12 supreme court justices sitting that's a full complement they have to have an old number to avoid becoming deadlocked and they'll be hearing they are hearing arguments from legal counsel in 2 different cases 2 different appeals running in parallel decisions in the english high court in the scottish high court over the same question that question of the legality of the pro gay sheep or suspension of parliament but cases that came up with opposing conclusions you may recall last week a unanimous decision in scotland's high court reporter session found that forest johnson had acted unlawfully that his advice to the queen to prorogue parliament
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had been unlawful in that it was motivated by quote the improper purpose of trying to stymie parliament to stifle debate to curtail parliament's ability to scrutinise the government's breaks its strategy with the english high court a few weeks earlier had found very differently not so much in favor of the government but rather on the more orthodox basis of the separation of powers had decided that it wasn't for the courts at all to adjudicate the legality or otherwise of what was a political decision it wasn't for the courts the choose between good political reasons and bad political reasons for suspending politics well those are the issues that the supreme court has got to try and reconcile in the next few days of course the supreme court's decision will be fun. jonah take us through just stay at this point for the prime minister. well. more broadly than the prime minister constitutionally this is hugely
1:44 pm
important innit. a country with an unwritten constitution so much of the legal norms and procedures based on legal precedent what happens here will have an impact on future decisions all attempts to procure suspend parliament and scrutiny applied to that that could yet of course involve what mary johnson does next we don't know as far as the government is concerned well if this goes against and this decision will be part of it may indeed have to be recalled rather sooner than october the 14th that could have been faxed down the line on what happens with bridget bear in mind the government's position on this its argument that it's done nothing wrong that it's operated in a perfectly standard way based on sound legal advice that probing parliament is a normal thing to happen when you have a change of government when you bring one session of parliament to a close you open another with a new set of legislative priorities and that is going on and that's the government's contention involves jobs and what all these have to say about these proceedings so far is that just wait and see what the judges have to say john
1:45 pm
howard thanks so much hong kong's leader kerry land says the government will start talks with activists next week in a bid to end pro-democracy protests police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon after protesters threw firebombs towards a government compound on sunday hong kong's international credit rating has been downgraded from stable to negative p.r. firms approached by the government also refused to get involved in helping restore this is these image of the united nations says 600000 growing are muslims who remain in me and mar wrist serious risk of genocide the u.n. says their plight makes repatriation impossible for him going the bangladesh around 700000 fled there from right behind state joining the military crackdown 2 years ago un investigators are accusing the men marmie of new war crimes including forced labor and torture. a strike by school teachers in jordan is into its 9th day with no end in sight for the 1000000 students being forced to stay home the
1:46 pm
government says it doesn't have the money to meet demands for a 50 percent pay rise reports in the capital. it's the start of the day at this primary school in amman and like other public schools in jordan the teachers are present but the students are not instead of holding lessons teachers are passing time by repairing what they can desks windows and other parts of the building that show years of wear and a lack of investment they too feel neglected and are refusing to do their job until they get a pay rise. when the school year began you had a very optimistic event to what was supposed to be a peaceful protest to express our needs but then the government suddenly exculpate of the situation and i thought das. and thousands of other teachers were met by riot police. these pictures went viral on social media appearing to show them being
1:47 pm
tear gassed and beaten more than 50 were detained outraged by their treatment the jordan teacher syndicate and its 80000 members announced an open ended strike which is now in its 2nd week. they say $560.00 a month used to be a decent average salary years ago but inflation higher taxes and a rising cost of living has taken its toll more and more public school teachers are becoming drivers waiters and taking other jobs in the evenings just to keep afloat even though it's against the law to do so. the teachers want to strike 5 years ago for the same reason then they decided to suspend the strike according to a verbal agreement that they would be paid. and now after 5 years of norming the problem the teachers have again decided to strike mom has doing her 9th grade homework even though she has no where to submit it her mother make sure she doesn't fall behind. and they descend into this center the home i'm definitely supporting
1:48 pm
the teaches and they have rights to get their demands and the government should respond to what they're asking for in my opinion i don't think they're asking for too much on the contrary being crace they're asking for doesn't even cover living expenses these days those opposed to the strike worry their children will get behind in their studies the government says it can't afford to meet the teacher's demands and wants them to return to the classrooms talks between government leaders and the teachers association are stalled for the time being so students will remain absent from class across the country it appears that the teachers have the public on their side for now at least the grievances over low pay and the rising cost of living are resonating with other jordanians who are also struggling to make ends meet and are chapelle al-jazeera among. the spread of disease is a major concern in the bahamas 2 weeks after hurricane dorian devastated the islands among the buildings flattened hospitals and health centers on tears are setting up temporary clinics to treat the sick and injured than fisher reports.
1:49 pm
this may not look like much but for the people of high rock it means everything this hilltop. community on the island of grand bahama lost its clinic in hurricane dorian the building flattened but no for the people here there is a temporary clinic staffed by 20 volunteers from the international medical corps we have doctors nurses medicines mental health experts and we're seeing things that we commonly see at this point and it may crop very lacerations people that are running out of medications chronic conditions turning to acute conditions and wound care a lot of room care getting giving out tetanus as well as people coming back and are trying to clean up what's left of their homes the international medical corps has committed to be here for at least 3 months the facility is pretty basic but the reality is it will save lives. among those helping out myron rolle
1:50 pm
a former american football star he's now a neurosurgeon in boston but he was born in the bahamas and that's was pulled him back to health and so i saw the hurricane hit being up in boston and my nice apartment at harvard you know i was i said man i have to do something for my people for my countries means a lot to me this country has as taught me much and i visited every summer as a child you know i was christened here i was baptized here i'm on a national stampede i mean this country is tied within me and and so i called our staff at massachusetts general hospital if there was a global disaster team that was going to the bahamas i want to be a part of it one big concern is disease in the days and weeks after a disaster it can be a killer the clinic makes that place likely and reminds people here they haven't been forgotten alan fischer al jazeera hierarch on the island of grand bahama. well
1:51 pm
still ahead it was a big day of. playing out of the wrestling world championships in. moscow all the action coming up in sport.
1:52 pm
all right it's time to find out what's going on the latest and greatest in the asian championships his followers thank you so much samuel 2 time asian champions league winners outside of book their spot in the semifinals of this year's competition cattery side had to recover from the 21 deficit against visitors master of saudi arabia after the states gave al side the lead in the 26 minutes last year
1:53 pm
then equalized before this brilliant strike by al side captain hosmer al-haj objects and algerian forward baghdad just converted a penalty in the 83rd head to seal a 31 win and put them through to the last 4. 0000 the from support from the beginning of the match gave a strength to thank god we could repay them for the lhotse the match was difficult but we controlled the game from the 1st half until the end did not threaten our half until we were able to stop their advances and now we look to the semifinals. lino massi could play his 1st match of the season later on choose day as barcelona begin their champions league campaign away to dortmund the forward has been named in quad for the match he's been recovering from a calf injury and last played in july for argentina at the copa america are slow last won the champions league in 2015 and were knocked out in the samis last season
1:54 pm
. no i do not think there is more pressure this season to succeed in europe even though there is always pressure in the champions league we play at the highest level you can and we try to win every game we can and we wouldn't ignore what's happened in the last few seasons but we have worked hard and hope that shows now. liverpool begin their champions league defense against napoli in italy where they were actually beat in the group stage last season they've won all 5 of their premier league games this season and are 5 points clear of manchester city but you're going club still think city are better. oh it can be the best team in europe because once it is the best you win it well. it's the same player that i heard at and. so on there are a lot of good teams are of that you have to prove that concert last year they were really good we were the best when you're really good at the right moments. have claimed their 1st win since returning to italy's top division after a 7 year absence it made it to syria after being promoted in 2 successive seasons
1:55 pm
on monday the be turino $21.00 away i mean the northern italian sides unbeaten start to the season when also secured lecce their 1st points of the campaign. just 3 days before the rugby world cup starts and defending champions new zealand are preparing for their opening game against south africa. this was the all blacks training in tokyo and choose day as they aim to win their 3rd world cup in a row saturday's game against the springboks isn't yokohama and on paper it promises to be one of the standout clashes of the pool stage if we'd each other recently in the rugby championship and dream 16 all. it's one of those 2 speeches. he wants to play and i for myself some of my greatest memories when i was a little fellow was waking up and i'm watching those games in the middle of the not so i'm having that opportunity process is going to work out my brain game is is
1:56 pm
pretty koan hunt 3 given the opportunity to play. spain's basketball team have been busy celebrating the country's 2nd ever world title. champions partied with thousands of fans in central dread on monday the day after defeating argentina in the world cup final and the. i want to thank all of you especially my family and my 2nd large family who are these players thanks to all the players for helping me make this summer so special and allowing me to lift this long live spanish basketball. legendary new york yankees relief pitcher marianna rivera has been honored with the presidential medal of freedom by u.s. president donald trump rivera was the 1st player to be unanimously elected to the
1:57 pm
baseball hall of fame he is a 5 time world series champion and 13 time all star 49 year old also holds major league baseball record for ses with 652 in his 19 season career. and the ukraine and cuba have picked up their 1st gold medals at this year's wrestling world championships in kazakstan cuba's gold came in the $67.00 telegram greco-roman finally smiled took down defending champion our team so cross. and in the 87 kilo class a sign about ukraine added to his 2015 world title by beating viktor lorenz for the gold the championships are also serving as a qualification of that for next year's election. and that is all your support for now sami back to you thanks so much for him as the end of this news but we'll be back in a moment down to the now the full show so to stay to. rewind
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returns with a new series and brand new updates on the best about to see this documentary i will compare the pool of onion the onion the sweets box the hugs and the sea within 2 months if you go on to rewind continues with cambodia is often in business. this is actually to trace the scene and just allowed us to pick up full sheets from this infinite action they knock on out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera about documentary film festival screams documentary films carrying strong messages with the power to change the world it is upon us to decide whether the change will take place let us change the way we view the world and the way we treat others let us be an example to future generations 2nd a j. b. dog film festival organized by al jazeera balkans 20 it's 220 fourth's september. of. 0 will meet. with roots in the middle east both build successful lawyers rule over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading. but never forgot where they came. to try to put forward
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a different takes than the stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera. dozens are killed as a bomb explodes at an election running for the afghan president then another blast of gunfire maybe u.s. embassy. and i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in fact on saudi arabia's all supplies starting to be felt as the u.s. blames iran for an attack on the world's biggest oil refinery. back of the voting booth for the 2nd time in 6 months israel tries again to confirm who should be prime minister. out of clouds of smoke spreading to malaysia thousands of firefighters battled to bring the.


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