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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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you. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam and this is the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes 2 bombings in afghanistan one targeting the president's election rally another near the u.s. embassy dozens have been killed. back at the voting booth for the 2nd time in 6 months israel tries again to confirm who should be prime minister. and the clouds of smoke spread in malaysia thousands of things battle to bring indonesia's forest
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fires under control. and. all the day's sport news including 2 time asian champions league winners but they're placed in the semifinals of the series competition i. we begin in afghanistan where dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate bombings just 11 days before the presidential election the taliban says it was behind the attacks and afghan security forces were the targets the 1st bombing at an election rally for president bush of granny in part one province killed 24 people than him self was unharmed the 2nd blast near the u.s. embassy in kabul killed at least 22 people bride is live for us in kabul what does the aftermath look like now rob. that's right sami well this hour the empowered when the hospitals are still dealing with the casualties and we know that the death
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toll is now going to $26.00 people killed there with at least 30 injured and now the interior ministry tells us that 4 of those were soldiers so once again it means that the vast majority of the victims were indeed civilians just caught up in this attack but it does seem to be a part of the taliban's threats to disrupt this election campaign ashraf ghani was due to speak at this event and it's threatened to disrupt other election events throughout the country so it is certainly a concern also of course was the 2nd attack in kabul itself right in the center of the city in an area that is very tightly controlled where the should be very tight security it's where it is home to all of the embassies of the government buildings the. heads of the military and police and so on and this explosion did take place in the ministry of defense close to the u.s.
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embassy now we're getting reports from the interior ministry that the death toll is over 20 with possibly 30 plus more people injured the taliban again claiming responsibility saying that it was targeting military personnel and soldiers but again it's not clear just how many of these people killed and injured will indeed have been serving with the military or will have been civilians well let me at this point to bring in tammy amass a who is a former deputy defense minister this is a building that you know very well it's should be one of the most secure buildings in the most secure part of kabul and yet this is happened to be how can something like this take place. to do with the intelligence failure success and intelligence failures within the afghan intelligence community and strong critic of the intelligence sector in afghanistan i've been calling for intelligence reform but let's. we should also be mindful that the taliban have tended on many
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occasions to attack the ministry of defense and other you know security installations especially they declared and various twitter accounts that are sympathetic to them that they would attack military installations inside kabul city and inside other major cities and they are to civilians to say out of so post a breakdown of peace and military installations has been one of the prime targets of course this comes as afghanistan prepares for elections people watching this would say how can you organize an election that means anything in such an environment well the security environment is very tight as you know and the president's spokesperson declared a few days ago that they would within 10 days they would secure many of the areas but security is a major concern just so falling and ways are insecure and then decide to cities you see a lot of mass casualty attacks by the taliban and they probably take. responsibility for that but with the taliban it mean control of what may be up to half the country
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which is it and the election result that's going to mean a. well it depends how you look at it it's a disputed figure whether they control half of it or half the country or not it's they got the government claims that they secured that they control majority of the population centers where the taliban talk about territory whether the election will happen in a secure environment i highly doubt that you will see that the taliban stepping up their attacks there you have the military caught in the middle of this tasked with making sure that this election happens. tell us about the morale within the military i mean how would you describe their morale is high post president trump street and also john mckenzie to centcom commander was here. previously it was a little down because of india so i thought that they're being compromised down but since a prison trumps and also the secretary general of nato secretary general stoltenberg . the statements in mckinsey's statement presently ernie's the statements the
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morale has gone awry and the attacks have sabine stepped up and increased i mean i see your point the soldiers would say we don't want to do that these are the taliban we've been fighting for all these years how can we sign a peace deal but there must be other soldiers saying thinking just when will this end and seemingly if no deal is signed then there is no end in sight to the fighting it's not only the soldiers just the fast majority of the afghan people who are tired of this war and they want an end but what kind of an end and dignified one a sustainable that's what the desire of all afghans are time and thank you very much indeed for joining us well as we continue in preparing for these elections the military across the country are still setting up guarding polling stations but we know that the said the numbers of polling stations 5 years ago sammy it was $7000.00 already the government has accepted that the number will be far less than that can be secured possibly around 5000 so many thanks so much from mcbride there live from kabul.
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now israelis are voting in their 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister binyamin netanyahu is hoping for a 5th term he failed to achieve a majority or form a coalition in april called for an unprecedented rerun now he's trying to gain more supporters by promising to annex all settlements in the occupied west bank benyamin netanyahu his main opponent benny gantz is voted in these hometown. dances blue and white parties seeking to improve on april's votes when it picked up 35 seats the same as netanyahu likud party bernard smith has more from occupied east jerusalem. one of the biggest fears of all parties is voter apathy and that might lead to a low turnout it was just under 70 percent in april and parties fear less than that may mean more votes going to more extreme parties there was also
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a lot of security in april some people working in the voting stations complained of intimidation even violence from some people so there are an unprecedented 14000 police officers on duty and 3000 observers wearing body cameras this election is about change change. change i think it will be divided again yeah because it's really close it's time to chose the country is split in so many different ways that it's very sad the polls will close at 10 pm local time and soon after there'll be an early exit poll which will give a good indication of the way the vote has gone and then there could be weeks or months of political horse trading to decide who will be israel's next prime minister. i mean it is outside the polling station for us in tel aviv for this voter turnout look like now. well at this
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particular moment there's a trickle of voters coming into this polling station but we did speak to the workers inside and some of them said that they actually saw in the morning a bit more people coming to cast their ballots now the electoral commission says that as a day local time do turnout was slightly higher but just by a 2 percent probably a bit early to figure out nationwide how is the turnout and i think it's going to be very important after that to really look at these numbers and figure out geographically really where was the turnout higher or lower indeed because you know this is a divided country. for example here in tel aviv no one really expects likud to fare any better than it did last time it only got 19 percent and devote the lion's share going to do blue and white party and many of the people will tell you that that is exactly what will happen this time so really turnout will be important but the
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geography of des turnout will be as important. and what is the mood like now as the 2nd election is in the since april. you know the very shaky coalition projections ahead even after this one people have a lot of faith. well i think you know there's a lot of cynicism going into this election was just speaking to a couple who were cast it were about to cast their vote ballots i asked them how was the lead up to this election how was the campaigning and they said it was worse than the one back in april that there was a lot more hysteria another person told me that this election is really the only thing that was discussed is whether binyamin netanyahu will stay or go and nothing no substance in there so certainly people
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a lot worried many people will tell you that if they're worried about the future of democracy in this country they're also worried about how the country is hearing and no one is expecting a result to be much different than the one back in april so many will tell you we're going sort of a neck catch 22 situation tomorrow will be exactly like the day after of the april election the negotiations to form a coalition government might be exactly the same but there are some differences and those differences will be made by the smaller parties because this is the one voting system really here in israel where you have parties who get the lion's share of the votes but it's the ones that get to the small of those that are actually the decision makers kingmakers in the end so certainly you have this mixture of worry of this illusion that anything will really change and also people say well
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we need to have a change we need to move forward we need to paddle out of this place where we have been sort of stagnating for a while now we need to put pulled the country forward because there are a lot of challenges not only domestically but an international levels of people so you have all these mixed feelings going but not much expectation that any real change will come about. i mean in tel aviv. the aftereffects of an attack on saudi arabia's all supply are becoming clearer as the u.s. continues to blame iran officials in china have been told its oil deliveries will be delayed and there are reports saudi arabia is trying to buy diesel for urgent delivery saudi arabia says the attacks were carried out using your rainy and weapons but they're on denies that who if you rebels say they were behind the attacks they say it's their way of protecting the oil market would be for the saudi led coalition to stop its offensive in yemen the u.s.
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president says it looks like iran was behind saturday's drone attacks which crippled more than half of saudi arabia's oil production but he says he will wait to see definitive proof before deciding how to respond trump says secretary of state might on paper will be traveling to riyadh at some point to coordinate a response carol hours on the reports from washington. president donald trump says the u.s. is still collecting and analyzing intelligence related to saturday's attack on saudi oil facilities but says all evidence gathered dust far points to one country when asked if that country was iran this was the president's response which looking that way will have some pretty good to. have a some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. we'll let you know the spectrum said he does not want war with iran but said his administration would coordinate closely with riyadh on in response the saudis
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want very much for us to protect them but i say well we have to work there was an attack on saudi arabia and there was an attack on us but we would certainly help them but despite the alliance between washington and riyadh there are doubts about how much clout saudi arabia has to force the u.s. into military action this alliance has been very interested in the past few months . on many issues so the trouble mistress and the u.s. in general has looked willing to basically fight a war and we have the sultan's the who the rebels in yemen backed by iran claimed responsibility for the attacks on monday iran's president hassan rouhani flatly rejected the u.s. ascertain tehran was involved saying the who these were behind it and for legitimate reasons. the many people are exercising their legitimate right of self defense the attacks are reciprocal and the main solution is to halt these attacks
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the solution for the yemeni crisis is also political we believe that. president trump said it was a large attack against saudi arabia but could be met with an attack many times larger this is threatening language trump has used in the past against syria north korea and even iran without following through with significant military action but clearly tensions are escalating trump said secretary of state mike pompei oh and other administration officials would be traveling to riyadh soon to coordinate a response gabriel sandow al-jazeera washington plenty more still ahead of the news hour including losing their homes by police closing a camp for migrants in northern france and in sports spain's world champion basketball team arrived home to a big celebration of that story this. runoff
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vote is expected in tunisia 2nd presidential election since the arab spring revolution 2 outsiders are in the lead. and imprisoned media magnate nobel most of the votes have been counted and the press conference is expected soon stephanie becker is live for us in tunis so we understand most of those have been counted i guess that means no one is expected to emerge as an outright winner. yes i think this is what they've said even before the elections because of the vast array of candidates you had sammy 26 that no one was going to get over 50 percent of the vote so it's safe to say there will be a runoff the latest date for that will be the 13th of october and i think also at this stage safe to say that the 2 main men who will be going through our political
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outsiders if you will need a constitutional law professor a man who ran without a political party ran with a very small campaign or even a campaign people will tell you with no money he went from areas in tunisia knocking on people's doors in cafes but people we've been speaking to this morning certainly political analysts saying it was surprising how he's had such reach even though the polls did put him as a front runner and then the other one you mentioned there and we immediate mogul who is in prison facing charges of money laundering and tax evasion he's going to television channel he's better known here used to be part of the main political party but running again as a sort of anti establishment character we've been on the streets here this morning sam am always interesting let's say 9 out of 10 people we spoke to all said they either voted for criseyde or they were going to vote for him in the runoff why
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because they said they wanted something completely different they wanted someone who seemed to be honest and that's not what the politicians here had delivered so far or and so then if this does go to a 2nd round houses post to show. well you also have parliamentary elections on the 6th of october so you're looking at a new prime minister new president a new parliament all within the next couple of weeks it's back and forth in the sense of whether the date of these runoffs are going to be on the 6th of october together with those legislative ones or whether it's going to be a bit later because of the appeal process whether any of the candidates are going to launch an appeal as to the final results which we are expecting any time now sammy we're expecting that press conference within the hour that's been delayed for 2 hours and then moving forward again people will tell you they want change and the question now is whether whoever is going to be elected as the president as the
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prime minister is going to actually deliver that right thanks so much to feed back of that. 74 session of the united nations general assembly is due to begin in the coming hours in the week in the next week world leaders will arrive to push their global agenda it's a critical time politically the u.s. is that the center of rising tensions with iran china and north korea leaders are also trying to negotiate an end to the wars in syria and yemen the u.s. has long been the united nation's largest financial backer they contributed $10000000000.00 in 2017 a president trump has been pushing for other countries to raise their contributions or for more on this we're joined by christopher hunt in tampa florida he's a former u.s. federal prosecutor and is currently a senior fellow at the atlantic council good to have you with us so the new session of the general assembly starting any reason to believe it will be more effective.
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well look there's always reasonably that will be more effective i think the united nations is in some ways more critical today than it has been since its inception in 1905 the united nations continues to represent a set of enduring values and ideals that are unifying and that's important to call to mind as begins because of how diverse of these times are not merely the united states but more globally it's it's worthwhile to call to mind intentionally that there are a set of ideas ideals and values that that are unifying that cross boundaries now this is of course coming in the trump era with the u.s. president is widely known not to be in favor of multilateralism that is the u.n. still relevant today i think the
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united nations is even more relevant today specifically because of the president's . attacks on multilateralism and attacks on institutions that promote multilateral engagement his attacks on diplomacy his attacks on the rule of law and here domestically in the united states is attacks on institutions that serve some the same limiting functions that the one that that the united nations can serve so i think that it's critically important for members member states to both elevate and celebrate the accomplishments of the united nations look ahead to how the united nations can continue to improve to execute on its mission but also to invite a broader dialogue about what the challenges mean for all of us who believe that the evolution of civilization from chaos toward an ever more common good requires shared commitment shared sacrifice and a set of shared beliefs you know this week i happen to be talking with my 11 year
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old daughter about a world history project she's working on that that charts that evolution from chaos toward the common good and what she knows and i think what most of us know hope worldwide is that evolution did not happen by accident it was intentional it takes work and the united nations is in the modern era one of the great and good examples of the intentional commitment to achieving an ever more common good is characterized by an ever more peaceful stable and secure and prosperous global society. does that mean that we're we're there of course not but the united nations to me has even greater relevance given the challenges that that we're facing right now and i what we've seen of course the trumpet ministration call for other countries to fund more we've seen the trumpet ministration cut funding for some un programs like unrwa always seeing other alliances if not other
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institutions but certainly the case of syria for example which we in russia turkey and iran are we seeing other alliances in some cases try and step in and fill the void well don't trump attacked nato donald trump sought to deal with them eyes various institutions the united states he sought to undermine the united nations so i do think it's important for both nation states and thoughtful leaders around the world to step into that void right now that has been characterized by disengagement to put it politely by the united states the present united states leadership so how how we do that going forward is i hope going to be a topic of discussion at the united nations general assembly thank you very much for your analysis christopher hunter. now thousands of firefighters are working round the clock to try and contain forest blazes in indonesia they're burning in
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sumatra and the borneo islands the smoke has spread to neighboring countries bonking a diplomatic route over who's responsible and police have arrested more than $200.00 people accused of contributing to the disaster forest fires happen every year in the country usually started by farmers clearing land for crops and that is is president joker widodo says his country has been negligent in tackling the fires. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the dry season starts everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has gotten bigger. mohamed has more from pick up a bottle in indonesia. president joker we don't know is visiting the city of peckham bar in the province of 3 hour on the island of sumatra to assess the forest fires that have taken over this entire region $49000.00 hectares of land have been affected in somalia and in reality where we are it's 640 hotspots that the authorities need to contain now in
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a closed meeting with the president had with his military and the disaster management agencies he said that prevention is better than extinguishing and the forest fires should be the responsibility of the local government in terms of operations the president says that ground and al freshens need to work together to make sure that they're able to quell the fires efficiently and what we know so far according to law enforcement that 370 companies have been listed for allegedly burning land here slash and burn methods are considered illegal in indonesia but this is also very common we've seen them for many years where farmers and companies burn the land to try and clear it for further plantation efforts are being made to clear the haze from malaysia's capital florence lawyer. this is what kuala lumpur and many parts of malaysia no look like the heavy smoke is caused by hundreds of fires burning through forest mainly in neighboring indonesia during the dry season
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land to set alight by farmers to clear it for new planting. across malaysia schools are being shut on days the air pollution is considered very unhealthy. ilhan bin mohamad chatah has asthma and the frantic syndrome and has had to skip school for several days on one hit so much difficulty breathing that he had to go to the doctors 4 times. we're worried about his health but his body he keeps complaining about wanting to go back to school and be with me his friends and all that. yeah i think if this situation you know we're not going to be quite a cool way to strace stressful time for us as a family the malaysian meteorology department is conducting cloud seeding hoping to artificially create a rave in an effort to clear the small salt crystals. loaded onto
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a plane to be dispersed into clouds scientists say the little water that's in the air will condense around these newly introduced particles thicken the clouds and increase the chance of rain for that to work there has to be enough clout to produce rain and even if there is there may not be enough rainfall to reduce the haze. as long as there are still forest fire and the winds continue to blow from day to disregard the his will return but at least we'll be able to temporarily reduce the pollutant index in indonesia the government has sent in thousands of military and the police to help put out forest fires in sumatra and the province of kalimantan in borneo its environment ministry has also sealed off plantations operated by dozens of companies where some of the fires were allegedly started but until the monsoon season arrives next month the smoke is forecast to
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continue choking the region florence li al-jazeera kuala lumpur. my nanda is with the world wildlife fund he says many of the people starting to find the being backed by wealthy financier as the fires are this disaster is manmade it's basically when people are poor and to to clear the land for agriculture or control and as long as that keeps happening this will just continue to happen year after year some of these people are actually being big banks years in either in jeopardy or that are capital cities of the provinces or even in the u.s. provincial or district city so. you can imagine that the. plantation may be like fall flat they should you need.
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30022500 dollars per hectare and what we're seeing is. a farmer is opening like 5102030 hectares there and it's most likely that he's being financed. from a backer and these things are sleepy legal. now india's monsoon is in retreat rob how is it looking this year well 1st the september week starts with a draw to remember it came in rather erotically run in quickly and then concentrated in one area so the picture as it stands is for the whole of india compared with the average for 204 percent our course is going to be more rain as it retreats the east the northeast which includes the wettest place in the world 18 percent below average because much of the rain fell as you probably know fairly recently in magic pradesh a maharashtra so central in this had a huge excess with
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a lot of flooding now we are sort of in retreat you have to tell that from the satellite pictures the sun has to develop more of the place but generally speaking that's the line of the limit and that should be the heaviest rain it is 200 minutes is just north of mumbai this dots elsewhere as you can see but the concentration is probably still where it ought to be retreating and that's the line cutting into this whole area so potentially wet cutting in the retreating monsoon so it's already ahead of itself but as i said it's been stuttering and stammering over the middle of india anyway for a long time so that's the position we've got the next couple of days with the accumulation it's just take the next 3 days if you like sort of sits in the same place anything above $250.00 millimeters somewhere like southern the pole in the line across or to protest budget british time to maharashtra it hasn't moved much so i suspect to be more flooding as well let me. thanks so much rob still ahead on
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al-jazeera how a shortage of fuel in haiti is igniting the anger of protesters and this italian side secured a win that was 7 years in the making details coming up in sports i . want. to strengthen the good you have to sure do good all the more with your game still fight against corruption. news hero which heroes like no who are a barber who refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of euros like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better plage nominate your anti corruption mirror. and
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. didn't the us treasury report just a collapse go say that no child was simply let me bring you the stories and developments the dramatically changing the world we live in what's behind the lies of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera to. come back here watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now at least 46 people have been killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan just 11 days before the presidential election the taliban says it was. the attacks forces were the
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targets concerns about global oil supplies a growing following saturday's attacks on oil processing facilities in saudi arabia china has been told to expect supplies to be delayed by up to 10 days the u.s. and saudi arabia say early indications point to iran being behind the attacks. israelis are voting in a 2nd general election in less than 6 months prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking a 5th term he called a rerun after failing to achieve a majority all for okoya lucian in april's vote let's bring in sheindlin in tel aviv she's a columnist plus $972.00 magazine and the public opinion strategist good to have you with us so we understand voter turnout looking pretty good what's driving people's interest in voting pattern that this point the policies of the personalities. i think it's very much the personalities but i would not assume that
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that negates the policies when people talk about being for or against continuing benjamin netanyahu is leadership they it's really not just about personal like or dislike the people who oppose him do not like the way he's leading the country they do not support the annexation us policies they do not support you know his political rhetoric what many people consider to be incitement and they certainly do not support the corruption investigations against him so it's not just personal the people who support him or on his side absolutely support the policies that he represents they think that he has great foreign relations they think that he represents israel well in the world they appreciate that israel has decent macro economic success and data. they think that the charges against him are largely overblown so all of these things can be reduced to the idea of personality which is why some people see this as a referendum on the tanya who is that driving the turnout we don't exactly know because we don't yet know who is turning out there are we have seen about 2 percent
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higher turnout than comparable times in april but we don't know if it's higher among any particular political community and what it will mean. nevertheless the level of to suggest at the very least that the result might be significantly different to the april results that lead us back to the stage. if they if by the end of the day turnout is significantly higher and let me just remind you that we're talking about small percentages because in april the turnout was just over 68 percent and in 2015 turnout was about $71.00 nearly 72 percent so these are small differences we're talking about probably only a difference of a few percentage points but for that reason there's no way to tell which way it goes if that rise is driven by the arab palestinian citizens of israel then it could significantly shift the map if it gives the joint list which is
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a combined list of the arab palestinian parties and israel if they do you know if they get a couple of seats above their current weight or their current polling it could shift the map if on the other hand they are primarily jewish voters especially if they're right wing voters they could boost the fortunes of some of the right wing parties including the smaller right wing parties which could add possibly 4 seats to the bloc of right wing parties if one of the smallest ones crosses the electoral threshold so it's just you know we're hearing reports we're hearing anecdotal reports of high voting in some of the arab palestinian bedouin communities in israel but it's hard to know whether to trust those a because they're anecdotal and b because some of them are politicized natanya whose camp the right wing have been using this these reports of high turnout in arab areas to try to scare right wing voters into turning out more so you know we're dealing probably with political manipulation and
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a little bit of dissent from ation too we really don't know until you know much later in the day or i thank you so much for your analysis. hundreds of algerians of march to oppose a presidential election called for december they say they won't vote until their demands are met and the government demonstrations have been going on since february they forced president with a fleet had to stand down protesters say they want more of the ruling elite removed before they'll go to the polls from. the supreme court challenge to barra's johnson's decision to suspend parliament until mid october is under way in london the court will decide whether the british prime minister broke the law when he said members of parliament home for 5 weeks until oct 14th the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. less than 3 weeks after they returned to london journal joins us now live from london so i think we can still see we can see some live pictures going on next in
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the box next to you joe and give us a gist of how things are playing out in court when you. well this 11 judge panel the dish green court that's a full complement of the ship dream court gives you an idea of how much significance is being attached to this is hearing arguments for legal counsel in 2 cases both being appealed on parallel lines here of course that issues the question in both of whether boris johnson acted unlawfully in progress or suspending part of it as it is now until october 14th lady hale the judge president oakley proceeding said this was these were serious and difficult questions she said as evidence by the fact that 3 judges in scotland reached a different conclusion 3 judges in england and wales now to remind you a few weeks ago the high court in england and wales decided that it simply was not
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for the courts to make a decision to pass judgment on what was effectively a political decision to provoke part of it it wasn't for them to decide whether. there are good political reasons or bad political reasons for that that's an orthodox view based on the separation of powers all the scottish judges last week said well yes that may be so but if it can be shown and they believed it was that the prime minister had exceeded his powers or it used his powers for purposes other than those for which they been created well then it was for the courts to step in and prevent it and they had found that his intention in corroding parliament was to stifle or silence parliament to muzzle it for me able to scrutinise his brakes of policy and in doing so had lied to the queen in advising her well the supreme court has got to try and square this circle it's got to reconcile these 2 views and decide whether and when it is appropriate for courts to interfere in politics and that decision of course will have far reaching consequences for the constitution an
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unwritten constitution based largely on legal precedent it could be deeply important for boris johnson the prime minister if he is found to have lied to the queen will be huge pressure on him to resign and it could have very far reaching consequences for breakfast and for this parliament many m.p.'s desperate to get back to work as the clock ticks down to breaks it day on october 31st. our journey thanks so much for that. now police in northern france are clearing migrants from a camp called the gym around the 1000 being moved from the site near the port of dunkirk it's being closed the british border police intercepted $120.00 migrants crossing the english channel in small boats in the past week sunday guy ago what's the police operation. since early tuesday morning police have been gradually emptying this area around the gym in dung which has been home at least to some 170 people and yet another 500 people at least have
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set up a tent settlement around the area now while police have been moving there have also been riot police presence here as well as the local gendarmerie and a team from the u.k.'s home office as well we have seen them being separating. families from unaccompanied men they were put into separate coaches and taken away to michael and centers around the country whilst we were speaking to people here on monday evening some of the people here were afraid that they would possibly be deported and a lot of people here of course found themselves coming via turkey through greece and other parts of europe in order to arrive fare some with the intention of trying to get to the u.k. no matter how dangerous that journey is and would involve paying thousands to
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people smugglers for a place in a very small on stable boat to try and cross one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world but still some people cling on to that in order to avoid what they say is an existence that they have been trying to keep up with which is see them destitute losing everything and still with absolutely no security they say taking the risk to try and get a better life in the u.k. is better than the situation that they are currently in. turkey's president says there's been progress towards a political solution to the war in syria of the one hosted the leaders of iran and russia are in ankara talks focused on province the last rebel held province attacked for months by syrian government forces and russian air force bombers their campaign is forcing many more refugees to seek safety. we have refugees amassed on our borders and we can't sit and watch this such a dangerous development will affect not only our country but also europe we need to
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continue our responsibilities and we have decided there is a need to establish safe areas support our troops. demolish our reports from that summit in ankara. a re emphasis on the policies pursued by turkey iran and russia are underlined by the opening statements of their respective presidents in this 5th round of trilateral summit that's trying to find some sort of a solution to the almost 9 years now war long war in syria the turkish president focusing on his country's menu truth namely that of the syrian refugees almost 3000000 that have been living in turkey now for several years and the need to establish a buffer zone or a safe zone on the syrian side of the border up until the east of the euphrates river inside syria if we could maybe divide the issues that are being discussed
4:44 pm
here in this summit into 3 categories short term medium term and long term short term the most immediate issue that the 3 leaders are talking about is the issue of it live the last remaining stand for armed opposition groups opposition groups through the regime of bashar al assad turkey wants to ensure that there is a total hold true russian and syrian air strikes on attacks on this issue not only to ensure the safety of the people there now and that they don't flee and to try to keep but also to establish that saves on that i mentioned so that syrians in turkey can actually start moving back and that brings us to the last point which is the longer term issues and that is what will happen post conflict how will syria be governed and here in the summits we understand that there will be a discussion about the formation of a constitutional committee to draft the documents that would help post war syria be governed but it is difficult to see how an agreement would be reached considering how much blood has been spilt in this war hong kong's lead to carry land says the
4:45 pm
government will start talks with activists next week in a bid to end pro-democracy protests police retaliated with tear gas and water cannon after protesters threw firebombs towards a government compound on sunday and khan's international. credit rating has been downgraded from stable to negative. also in hong kong a commuter train derailed during the morning rush hour 5 passengers were taken to hospital hundreds of others walked across the tracks to safety the call media say engineers replaced rails there hours before the crash sparked online rumors of a link to protesters who vandalized train stations recently of khan's transport secretary urge people not to speculate. haiti's capital is at a standstill as violent protests continue over fuel shortages in the corruption scandal the president is also facing renewed calls to resign car dealers are they on reports. and are on the streets of haiti's capital already struggling with
4:46 pm
a weak economy these protestors are calling for an end to high fuel prices and shortage x. . during violent clashes with demonstrators police are accused of shooting and killing a man amid protest in product threats posed by one of his relatives is overwhelmed with grief i days of how tests have left the caribbean nation at a standstill roads have been blocked and some schools vans and government offices have closed their doors. are conditions and humane here in haiti the situation cannot continue. fuel supply your say haiti's government owes them about $100000000.00 they have refused to make deliveries until the debt is paid and a corruption scandal has made things worse auditors say the government embezzled about 2000000000 dollars from a fund linked to a subsidized oil program for caribbean nations that money was meant to improve
4:47 pm
infrastructure education and health services. but. president has plundered the country's economy and become richer by making last pour we demanded a step down because if he continues the system will not change. over the past year corruption scandals have led to anti-government protests throughout haiti where the minimum wage is less than $3.00 a day despite the frustration president always has refused to go earlier this month the country's newly appointed prime minister address the crisis. the government will focus on enforcing the justice system and public security ring forcing the laws of social equality at accelerating economic growth in order to generate employment protesters say the crisis is about more than fuel prices they say the demonstrations will continue until the president and his inner circle step down.
4:48 pm
al-jazeera. late night talks to end this strike at america's biggest carmaker failed to make a breakthrough nearly $50000.00 general motors workers are staying home for a 2nd day they say they're owed higher pay and better contracts after rescuing the company from bankruptcy 10 years ago particle hyun has more from detroit. in the shadow of the iconic headquarters of general motors their workers now off the job and rallying the public was passing by with peeps of support. daniel rider should be making engines but he's here and he's angry i'm also angry about the profits that they said. continue to ask us to give give give the giant automakers asking employees to pay more for their health insurance but the union says there are bigger issues they want more money fewer temporary workers and a slowdown in downsizing g.m. has plans to close 5 plants in north america this one is closing in january taking
4:49 pm
with it chaz acres job installing headlights every car keeps coming down the line we have a certain allotted time for a huge every car there is no stopping there is no sitting down we stand up and move 8 plus hours a day the closures have angered president donald trump and he has been rallying against him on twitter and in the white house that continued on monday we don't want general motors building plants outside of this country and we're very strong on that he hasn't been able to stop them but these workers are betting that this strike can the negotiations are ongoing at this hotel behind me in the background of all of these talks those going to be what happened at the beginning of the great recession general motors was going bankrupt so federal taxpayers gave the company $33000000000.00 since then they've been making tens of billions of dollars in profits. we sacrificed a lot for the bailout and now they're getting the profits and then i get enough
4:50 pm
money in the province g.m. says they've made a strong and good faith offer but some here say it's not even close to enough. remodeling a little less anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months because they're so far apart that will cost g.m. billions it will cost him thousands and if it goes on long enough it could potentially cost the broader u.s. economy as well pedicle hane al jazeera detroit michigan. so the head of al-jazeera has a big day of grappling of the wrestling world championships and has extended all the action coming up in sports.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
all right sports for father said think this through the football yes that's right sammy think you are a reds how their nerve to reach the last 4 of the asian champions league the japanese team shanghai on away goals 1st leg of this tie in china had finished in a 22 draw shinzo croaky put or ahead in some of their home crowd shanghai equalized after the break but current kept the 2nd goal they needed or hour and win this title for the 2nd time and the year it's. all tea time asian champions league winners outside have also advanced the cattery side had to recover from a 21 death set against visitors nasser of saudi arabia after misstates gave the lead in the 26th minute amounts of that size before this brilliant strike by all sides captain has an hour how you do. that algerian forward bad side with
4:53 pm
a jog converted a penalty in the 80s the minute sealed a 31 win. away with the from support from the beginning of the match gave a strength to thank god we could repay them but i don't say the match was difficult but we controlled the game from the 1st half until the end didn't threaten our half until we were able to stop their advances and now we look to the semifinals. neymar suspension from european competition has been reduced home now miss 2 games rather than 3 mm the brazilian had been punished for abusing the video review officials on social media as his team p.s.g. were dumped out of the champions league round of 16 last season the court of arbitration for sport made the decision after hearing on friday here she will face round dread on wednesday we know messi could play his 1st match of the season later on choose days barcelona begin their champions league campaign away to dortmund forward has been named in bar says quad for the match he's been recovering from a calf injury and last played in july for argentina the copa america bar saw last
4:54 pm
won the champions league in 2015 and were knocked out in the 70s last season. i must know i do not think there is more pressure this season to succeed in europe even though there is always pressure in the champions league we play at the highest level you can and we try to win every game we can we wouldn't know what's happened in the last few seasons but we have worked hard and hope that shows now. liverpool begin their champions league defense against napoli in italy where they were actually beaten in the group stage last season they won all 5 of their premier league games this season and are 5 points clear of manchester city but you're going to cop still think city are better. and we can all be the best team in europe because it is the best in the world. it's the same play that i heard. so and there are a lot of good teams are of that you have to prove that cause the last really good you were the best you are really good at the right moment. but she had claimed
4:55 pm
their 1st win since returning to italy's top division after a 7 year absence they made it to syria after being promoted in 2 successive seasons on monday they beat torino 2 want to weigh ending the northern italian side's unbeaten start the season when also secured their 1st points of the campaign. that just 3 days before the rugby world cup starts in defending champions new zealand are preparing for their opening game against south africa this was the all blacks training in tokyo on choose day as they aim to win their 3rd ball cap in a row saturday's game against the springboks in yokohama and on paper it promises to be one of the standout clashes of the pool stage they played each other recently and the rugby championship unsure of 16 all. it's one of these 2 speeches. he wants to play and i for myself some of my greatest memories when i was a little father was waking up and i'm watching those crimes of the mother not so i
4:56 pm
am having that opportunity price said it's going to world cup are being gamers is pretty cool 103 given the opportunity to play spain's basketball team have been busy celebrating the country's 2nd ever world title. that europeans partied with thousands of fans in central madrid on monday the day after defeating argentina in the world cup final in beijing. but. i want to thank all of you especially my family and my 2nd large family who are these players thanks to all the players for helping me make this summer so special and allowing me to lift this long live spanish basketball. the ukraine and cuba picked up their 1st gold medals of this year's wrestling world championships and cousin stan give his goal came in the 67 kilogram greco-roman final is my agreeable lino took down defending champion our team strong goals and in the 87 kilo class. ukraine added to
4:57 pm
his 2015 world title by beating victor lawrence for the gold championships are also serving as a qualification event for next year's olympics. and american swimmer sarah thomas has become the 1st person to swim across the english channel 4 times without stopping. a. little. but here she is on the beach near dover after coming back from her 210 kilometer swim which took just over 54 hours to complete was even more incredible the 37 year old breaks the record just a year after receiving treatment for breast cancer. and that is all your support for now more later sami back. well that said for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with another 4 shows so to stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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seeking. find the most toxic substances believed to land me in visible threats on al jazeera. 2 bombings in afghanistan one targeting the president's election rally another near the u.s. embassy dozens of being killed. and i'm salman say that this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up back in the voting booth for the 2nd time in 6 months israel tries again to confirm who should be prime minister. and those clouds of smoke spreading to malaysia thousands of firefighters battled to bring in tunisia as far as eyes.


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