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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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israel's election too close to call with exit polls placing benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz as posses neck and neck. hello i'm marianna mozzie in london you are with al jazeera also coming up oil prices fall off to saudi arabia says production will return to normal by the end of september despite saturday's attack on a strike it's an election rally by the afghan president and in the heart of kabul killing at least 46 people. and how indonesia and malaysia using artificial brain to try to clear the toxic haze blanketing large parts of southeast asia.
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will exit polls from israel's 2nd general election this year show the prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the opposition of the benny gantz neck and neck netanyahu had been hoping to secure a record 5th term in office off to failing to form a coalition following the 1st vote in april carney the channel 12 polemically exit polls show that netanyahu with 33 seats and alliance with 34 all the channels are showing them similarly close they need to form a coalition with a 61 seat majority in order to take power. the israeli palestinian jointness led by a man a day in 3rd place with a lemon seats and hardline a. with 8 seats making him a potential kingmaker. well he says that the only option is
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a unity government is i think joe lieberman making these remarks in the past hour and he is calling for a national unity government between his own and the 2 biggest parties. he shouldn't wait until the official results in an unofficial manner on this coming friday what better than on a friday afternoon prime minister benjamin netanyahu should invite the leader of the blue and white bunny guns to tool. we have correspondents at the headquarters of both netanyahu could party and that with the blue and white party of benny gantz and holder is there for us now and so hard to these comments by avigdor lieberman he seems to be saying that a grand grand coalition government between these 3 parties is the solution to any any sense of as there been any response to this there benny gantz has had forces. we haven't heard from benny gantz so far tonight we think he might be coming soon
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simply because we. just witnessed some microphone test on the stage behind me where after tell you that the atmosphere has brightened up here there's many more supporters not large numbers but certainly many more and the latest exit polls that were just revealed a few minutes ago actually now put the blue and white party in the lead with 32 seats followed by benjamin netanyahu and his likud party at 30 seats now also the projection showed that actually at this stage. benny gantz would have a coalition of $59.00 seats that would include a recommendation by the joint lead and whose latest poll now showed that they have $54.00 from the 11 of the earlier exit polls are certainly there's a bit more optimism where i am standing here. again as you said
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earlier avick door believe a man and what direction he will take away this is who he will back or what will happen with him is really at this point according to this latest exist poll at least the king maker is all of this if indeed as it's also. believed that now the joint list which is basically the palestinian israeli list will indeed give its recommendation to the president to go to back over to ask benny gantz to try to form a government as you say hunter it appears that the horse trading in the negotiations behind closed doors are probably already well underway what would benny gantz want to achieve from any coalition what would his priorities be. well he would have really s.
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should have a could a listen that would include than leftist parties that's will have different commend asian as a said the palestinian israelis but they would not be parched that coalition day was still remained in the opposition in knesset and then dimba new ad what party now that it's as a as you said then as everyone is saying hears these as still early days is a lot of negotiations that will be on go in and those good take several weeks to avars going to be arsed or toss to tried to form add government will have about 40 days she do so and whim sued see a lot of horse trading do during those 40 days all right thank you very much hedda i don't mean that blue white party headquarters and herring force it is. in tel aviv and just looking at those comments quoted in the times of israel by unity adelstein a senior member of the could saying that the policy is determined to stick by
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benjamin netanyahu and of course if we all going in the direction of a grand coalition between several different parties it's not at all clear whether netanyahu would be an acceptable leader for everyone. well that's right especially given the fact that i believe him and in any such secularist broods coalition government that he's been talking about and given the fact that he has potentially doubled his his number of seats for his israel bit a new party inside the knesset for him pulling out of the coalition was very much about netanyahu as much as it was about his secularist ideology versus the ultra orthodox partners on do you know who is for so long relied to have a stable coalition so would he want not just them out of any coalition but also netanyahu out of a coalition he hasn't specifically said that he wouldn't serve with netanyahu in
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the future but that is very much the expectation of most of the analysts to be sounding out his and analyzing his position during this campaign as well as that of course benny gantz has made his home political effort since he came into politics earlier this year to be the sound alternative the return to a more traditional style of israeli leadership away from what many characterize is the increasingly far right extremist positions that netanyahu is either taken or has allowed to be voiced from within his political camp so. would either of those men serve with netanyahu if they wouldn't woodley could finally decide that his time was up a lot of people feel would it be too early for that as you heard from a joke for an edge a sign. that that is too early for them to to make that kind of determination the
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other thing to think about is that if dance is given the 1st opportunity by the president rivlin to try to make a coalition and then fails then potentially would be up to netanyahu to go and nobody wants a 3rd election so would he be given more scope even if you fail in the 1st instance to get the chance to form a coalition could he come up on the rails in the longer term everything is still very much up in the air now and i suppose this is the problem that we're expecting the result of this election to be very close but if those exit polls are to be proven correct it is particularly inconclusive her and then there are questions about whether a national unity government with these 3 parties will survive and whether we will end up where we are now in several months several months down the line if not sooner a 3rd election. well yes that's something that the president riven rivlin has said he wants to avoid but he wants to see a government formed quickly and one that that harnesses that the will of the people
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as expressed in this vote so there is given those comments given lieberman's comments given the expected sort of propensity as far as doing what is concerned for for some kind of. potentials of centrist secular administration there is a lot of weight behind that idea but the sticking point is very likely to be next in yahoo's own position i mean one potential option that's been talked about is some kind of a rotating premiership between benny gantz and netanyahu but with his corruption cases in the offing. his 1st. korean dykeman hearing just next week that complicates matters still further thank you very much harry for sit there look at party headquarters.
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crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent up to saudi arabia announced it's restored 50 percent of the production was caught following saturday's drone attacks a saudi energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month yemen's who the rebels who are fighting a soundalike coalition claim the attack on the iran coal oil plants but the u.s. has blamed iran for the drone strikes which crippled more than half of the kingdom's oil production the us secretary of state my point here will hold talks about the attack with the saudi crown prince on wednesday iran denies any role in the strikes. for that to. be over the last 2 days the damages have been contained more than half the production by the terrorist attack has been restored therefore the company will fulfill all its commitments to its clients during this month using its rule of the kingdom's production capacity should be restored to $11000000.00 barrels per day by the end of september of 12
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1000000 barrels by the end of november. well afghanistan has been rocked by 2 deadly bombings 11 days before the country's presidential election the taliban are saying that it was buying attacks which killed at least 46 people one blast targeted an election by president afghani who was not at all that went through a high security area in the heart of the capital crime reports now from kabul. with a week and a half to go before the presidential election which the taliban has threatened to disrupt the group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks. the 1st happened at a reelection campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in part of an province. the taliban says its suicide bomber was targeting special forces soldiers but as with previous attacks most of those killed and injured were civilians young a sudden only a minute on the motorbike arrived in a huge explosion happened
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a lot of people heard a martini and it was that the attack will be a major concern for all the presidential candidates as they campaign across afghanistan in the coming days even more worrying for the author of teach here in kabul was the 2nd attack happening in what should be one of the most secure areas of the capital the taliban bomber managed to evade tight security surrounding the diplomatic area of the capital detonating explosives at an office of the ministry of defense and then. i heard an explosion and then dust started rising from the side of the attack and there was gunfire i scaped body parts were spread everywhere it was confirmed the gunfire was actually warning shots from security forces trying to clear the area because they feared a secondary attack. as the countdown to election day continues the why defeat for
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the afghan government is keeping the security situation stable enough to allow voting to begin rob mcbride al jazeera kabul. i said i have for you on the program 2 political outsiders shot the tunisian establishment and into a 2nd round in the country's presidential election and britain's highest court begins hearings to decide whether farce johnson broke the law when he shot down a plan and a 5.6. hello again welcome back we're here cross the southeastern part of australia and the eastern coast we're going to still see some rain as well as some clouds here we do have a massive system that is making its way towards the tasman sea and rain is going to continue here for sydney as we go through the day here on wednesday and as we go
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towards thursday things begin to improve we do see attempt there of 21 degrees speaking of temperatures though they are on the rise for adelaide we do expect to see you going up to about 30 but they're going to drop in for perth down to about 17 with clouds coming in from the southwest there well for the north in the south island of zealand where you had a big system push through things are going to be getting better though once the clouds make their way towards the northeast forecast wise it is going to be quite nice for auckland as well as christchurch we do expect to see maybe some clouds for christchurch with a tempter of 12 and by the time we get towards thursday maybe getting to about 14 degrees few but very nice conditions as we end the week and as we go towards japan things are looking quite nice across much of the area we are going to be watching though down here towards the south as we go through the end of the week another weather system coming up to the north and by the weekend we could be seeing a typhoon across much of southern japan until then we're going to see tokyo at 23 degrees with some rain in your forecast and as we go towards thursday things get much better with a temperature of 27. peace
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between ethiopia and eritrea has meant a park area future for the iraqi people here if some of it doesn't we have to create for my for our souls for arabs it's a matter of survival. i'll move my trunk shows us how the iraq coping with life on the edge of the border. might if you.
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come back a quick look at the stories making headlines exit polls and israel's election child benjamin s.m.l. his likud party slightly behind the centrist blue and white the former defense minister avigdor lieberman is saying the country's only option now is a unity government between his policy and the all the too. crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent off to saudi arabia announced it's restored 50 percent of the production that was caught following saturday's drone attacks and at least $46.00 people have been killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan 11 days before presidential election one targeted a rally by president combing the taliban says it carried out the attacks. well now to tunisia tunisia they're all having to go to the polls again to choose the next president a runoff is being planned sunday's election failed to find an outright winner stephanie decker has more now from tunis. after almost 2 days of counting votes
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it's finally official there will be a presidential runoff almost predictable. the way it went. very strong candidates. completely vanished with these elections the man with the most votes guy saeed profession or of constitutional law and with no political party completely unknown before the 2011 revolution introduced into households as the appeared on national television decipher the constitution in classical arabic earning him the nickname robocop his challenger. immediate tycoon and philanthropist who's in prison facing charges of money laundering in tax evasion he's been far more involved in the political elites here recently splitting from the may need to his party and running on his own ticket the potential charges will affect his future remains unclear 45 percent of registered voters came out on sunday to cause their ballot the message a clear rejection of the political parties the dominated politics here since the
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2011 revolution society. yes i like him let's have a new experience let him work people who came before him are not better and haven't anything i don't know much about. but it seems older people voted for him because he hopes the board. most illusions we speak to say they either voted or will vote for chi saeed it was that jimmy he is a university professor he specializes in constitutional law he understands what the powers and limits of every authority but in terms of administration he doesn't have experience political watchers say even though saeed was popular in the polls it's surprising how he managed to reach so many people we see him today becoming the frontrunner with no political party with no big electoral campaign with very little means it seems some say they didn't vote because the 24 candidates were too many to choose from and now that there are 2 clear options they will they want this is the
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time for political change in order for tunisia to look after it's used to keep them away from illegal migration and other wrongdoings they say that good things take time and here we are waiting there also legislative elections jus here next month need tire political landscape could be about to change within the next few weeks illusions will have a new president new prime minister and a new parliament people here have overwhelmingly voted for change and the question now is whether tunisians new leaders will deliver stephanie decker al-jazeera tunis . or hear the u.k.'s highest court says started hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law when he shut down parliament for 5 weeks government lawyers say he was entitled to suspend parliament even for political reasons but those arguing against the suspension of called it the biggest abuse of power by a prime minister for 50 years john holl reports now from central london. the
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barricades that shifted temporarily. breaks in battle is a royal at the supreme court we have the force to appeals one from england and wales one from scott. they both involve the same issue whether it was lawful for the prime minister to advise her majesty to authorize the provocation the parliament order in council at issue whether the court should stay out of politics as the english high court had ruled or a scottish judges decided last week whether the courts should step in when the powers of government are used for purposes other than those for which they were intended our case is that when the prime minister exercise. he's admittedly removed discretionary power to advise her majesty
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on publication it is an improper purpose for him to be motivated by and wish to avoid armament you control over the policies of his government and we know. that the parliament may be proved for a variety of reasons at political as much as formal. and sasan the. greek parliament is not in any sense innocent and to the preparation in ukraine speech the supreme court's decision when it comes could have far reaching consequences for an unwritten constitution in this country that relies heavily on legal precedent for a government that may yet decide it wants to prorogue parliament again and for parliament itself there are many many m.p.'s very keen to get back to work as the clock ticks down towards briggs's day on october the 31st and if the supreme court
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were to confirm the scottish judges finding that boris johnson lied to the queen over his reasons for suspending parliament they'd be heavy pressure on the prime minister to resign fundamentally this case is really quite simple it's about this proposition government admits that parliament doesn't get control whether it's suspend it. and government says courts can't control it either and that is just writing proposition an absolutely striking proposition and the supreme court's going to have found difficulty accepting it and you're a star democracy so that's not a popular view among sections of the crowd outside the court 6 as ever tensions on display are ugly combative divisive trial no decision look the supremes court is going to change that job the whole al-jazeera to london because. spain's acting prime minister pederast sanchez has called
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a snap election for november 10th this after the spanish king said no candidate has enough support to form a government sanchez's socialist party has been trying to form a government since april the country is the 4th election and as many as you've been . police in northern france have cleared a migrant camp home to about a 1000 people in the port the closure of the count called the gym follows british border police antiseptic 120 migrants crossing the english channel in small boats in the past week or so i go reports now from france's northern coastal city of dunkirk. they carry as many of their belongings as they can a family on the move one small from a place that was far from ideal and they still do not know what awaits them under the eye of the french police these asylum seekers do what they are told making do with whatever they have and relying on the french authorities were told that it up
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and off the state services are now responsible for what happens to these people in a company but as they're also being referred to the local authorities. this makeshift camp is james and john kirk was where some 700 people many of them families had set up some kind of shelter they are now being taken by police and will be dispersed across the country. they had no idea where they were going the most they hope for is to escape a life of destitution but there's no guarantee that they can do this as aid agencies have seen before many times at the end of the day what will definitely happen if they don't wish to claim asylum here and they don't because they don't speak french and they don't have family here and they will come back. the night before the eviction some were already preparing for another up evil others like this syrian man severely wounded he says by bombing in syria wants to cross the sea
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to the u.k. where he says he has relatives he doesn't want to be identified for safety reasons but he believes a better life awaits him there for us hours in syria and my life was terrible i spank her and have until i got through i want to go to you people are great. because very very dangerous or someone to cry. why avoid until we can get. the hundreds of people who were. they have now been moved on most of them want to enter into countries legally to work to send their children to school some will make it others will full through the cracks and in these times when immigration drill strong opinions from across the political spectrum a viable solution to the situation is still
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a long way off. al-jazeera. well indonesia's president is saying that his country is doing everything it can to battle forest fires that have spread a toxic haze over southeast asia is using aircraft artificial rain and even prayer the blazes are raging on the islands of borneo and sinatra sending a choking haze towards malaysia and singapore more than 3000 square kilometers of land have been lost an extra $5000.00 troops have been deployed to help the $9000.00 already based at hotspots 263000000 liters of water have been dropped by helicopters and aircraft are also being used to create artificial clouds indonesia says 99 percent of the fires were set deliberately to clear land for plantations 185 people have been arrested resident djoko widow has told one of the worst hit areas where he visited a mosque praying for the fires to end. we shouldn't need a meeting like this every year it should be automatic before the joy season starts
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everything must be ready but this time we've been negligent again so the smoke has gotten bigger meanwhile malaysia stepped up its own efforts to clear the haze that had blanketed the capital florence low reports to us now from kuala lumpur this is what kuala lumpur and many parts of malaysia now look like the heavy smoke is caused by hundreds of fires burning through forest mainly in neighboring indonesia during the dry season land to set alight by farmers to clear it for new planting. across malaysia schools are being shut on days the add pollution is considered very unhealthy. ilhan been mohamad chatah has asthma and the frantic syndrome and has had to skip school for several days on one hit so much difficulty breathing that he had to go to the doctors 4 times. we're worried about his health but his body he keeps complaining about wanting to go back to school and be with us meant meeting
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his friends and all that. yeah i think if this situation you know cannot go we are going to be quite a cool way to strace for the stressful time for us as a family the malaysian meteorology department is conducting cloud seeding hoping to artificially create a raid in an effort to clear the small. salt crystals. loaded onto a plane to be dispersed louts scientists say the little water will condense around these newly introduced particles. in the clouds and increase the chance of rain. for that to work there has to be enough clout to produce rain and even if there is there may not be enough rainfall to reduce the haze. there's still forest fire and the winds continue to blow from day to disregard the his will
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return but at least will be able to temporarily reduce the air pollution index in indonesia the government has sent in thousands of military and the police to help put out forest fires in sumatra and the province of kalimantan in borneo its environment ministry has also sealed off plantations operated by dozens of companies where some of the fires were allegedly started but until the monsoon season arrives next month the smoke is forecast to continue choking the region florence li al jazeera kuala lumpur now an american cancer survivor has become the 1st person to swim across the english channel 4 times without stopping. thomas began her swim on sunday morning and finished just over 54 hours later and should have come in 135 but was closer to 215 because of the time it's thomas was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2017 she dedicated her
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victory to fellow cancer survivors. i was feeling real. good this is. he said you got this. white house is saying it still is. just a quick look at the top stories now exit polls in israel's election show benjamin netanyahu is part and slightly behind the centrist bill and white party former defense minister avigdor lieberman says the country's only option is a unity government between him and the 2 biggest parties netanyahu suffered one of the biggest defeats of his political career and he failed to form a coalition after the 1st vote in april powerful said. there are all sorts of potential scenarios that people are talking about the sort of most extreme of those would be that we end up in exactly the same position of as before in some way that
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that neither benjamin netanyahu is able to to form a coalition nor benny gantz and his blue and white party which could see as heading back towards a 3rd election already a 2nd election election rerun is unprecedented the motivation to prevent that from happening again could according to some analysts mean that there would be more options on the table. crude oil prices have dropped by 5 percent after saudi arabia announced it has restored 50 percent of the production that was lost following saturday's drone attacks the energy minister says output will be fully restored by the end of the month yemen's who is the rebels who are fighting the saudi led coalition claimed the attack but the united states has blamed iran for the giant strikes which crippled more than half of the kingdom's oil production iran denies any role in the strikes. at least 46 people have been killed in 2 separate bombings in afghanistan 11 days before presidential election one has
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a rally by president musharraf's gone who was on haunt and all the blast ripped through a high security area in the capital kabul the taliban says it was behind the attacks and afghan security forces were the targets. and 2 political outsiders are advancing into the next round of tunisia's presidential election the electoral commission says law professor chi saeed has come out in front narron ahead of imprisoned moodie a magnate might be a karai counted it reached a 50 percent threshold needed for an outright victory which means there has to be a vote coming up how peace between ethiopia and eritrea has led to an uncertain future for people living along the border that story in my ethiopia coming up next. with chinese scientists the bottleneck daring. searching for. reviews charges under water.
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get in on. demand. yeah nato you said of course and. i know of a n a ok. and over the k.k. many. of us will. find out. you know with my bottle man to help you.


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