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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 149  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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but the main island's not so the circulation as you can see is trying to drag in a bit of winter but it's a long way north still even in sapporo we got 60 degrees of light of all stark 90 the clouds spreading out of northern china is mostly cloud it's cold enough on the tibetan plateau for snow but a rain might fall out of it for beijing across the korean peninsula that rain is edging up towards the far south of the nonsense of pandas saka might see a bit of rain late in the day friday but mostly the picture dry continues for hong kong the humidity is dropping the temperatures are still in the low thirty's what rain there is on the high ground in western china of course as the snow again evening vietnam in the north at least it stopped to looking particularly wet that is because the main rain bout the seasonal rain is now here from the northern philippines back through vietnam cambodia and into central and southern thailand this cloud to the south of that which might allow a little bit of rain thunder rain maybe in kuala lumpur singapore otherwise we're still in the dry season.
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al-jazeera will meets 2 arab with roots in the middle east from successful life support over the last 5 years i've achieved a great deal of partnership with the country's leading families but never forgot with a cane. i try to push forward to different takes and stereotypical image of muslim women arabs aboard the businesswoman of the council on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the top stories on al-jazeera a partial results of israel's repeat election show and the deadlock between the 2 main parties is unclear whether prime minister netanyahu or his main challenger benny gantz will have the 1st opportunity to form a coalition government. iran's president says the fighters launched an attack on all of fineries in saudi arabia as a warning that it should withdraw from the war in yemen. again denied iran was involved. south africa is about to hold extraordinary session of its parliament on how to tackle gender based violence the president serving up or so has talked about crisis after growing protests over rape and murder figures show sexual offenses and general murder rates have been rising significantly in south africa over the last decade and 2018 police recorded an average of 58 murders every day while sexual offenses including rape have risen almost 5 percent this year and according to
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world health organization estimates the femicide rate in south africa is almost 5 times the global average with one woman being murdered every 3 hours well russia and then to lives in johannesburg she told us story your family us assizes you saw. i think gang raped. at 16. and that. that tribe me from 6 to 9 he was living my parents' home and he broke my nose and my mom was a rock and my mom the sitting me you know when my nose was bleeding continuously my mom was murdered in 2009 asking pleaded to get a spleen was structured she bled to death you know and that's my find you've been abusing you've been raped and they've taken away interesting
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rocking of you they're not taking away. your body that they can hide so that i have been so much pain but i have kids and i need to keep them strong and this is my story in this my pleat you know. for those kids for our kids for south african kids you know we've been. left in the end it's worse if well for me the minute joins us live from cape town has made a harrowing story there from that survivor just talk us through what's prompted this extraordinary session of parliament on gender based violence. well daryn it's very much because of the statistics that you mentioned a short while ago that every 3 hours a woman in south africa is killed and that
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a woman in south africa is raped every 36 seconds that's according to police statistics and in the last few weeks there's been a number of prominent cases that have caught the attention of the south african public here in cape town a university student was raped and killed when visiting a post office there's also a case where a the perpetrator has just been found guilty of raping a young girl in the restaurants toilets in johannesburg as well as a case in durban way a father killed 4 of his young children it's stories like these that have pushed south africans and women especially to say we've had enough and they want to response from the president's around what should be done and and this is what has now led to this extraordinary session in parliament and that's quite important because this is only the 3rd time where the president has called such a suspicion and so it's thought that he could possibly be making bold moves in response to the calls by south africans to wanting
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a state of emergency one ting greater conviction rates at this point only 14 percent of rape cases in conviction so even if there's talk of having harsher penalties many people are saying well if we aren't convicting the perpetrators how can we then punish them adequately people are asking for an overhaul of a system of justice system that deals with the rape and murder victims in south africa. in cape town for me to thank you. the european union's chief negotiator is warning pro briggs and politicians not to underestimate the consequences of leaving the e.u. without a deal michel barnier addressed any peas in strassburg he said sticking points such as the irish border will need to be resolved before britain and the e.u. can have a relationship meanwhile the u.k. supreme court is holding its 2nd day of hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law by suspending parliament for 5 weeks charlie rangel has more from london. we will be hearing more arguments on both sides because this case
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is fundamentally about whether or not the prime minister abused his and asking for that lengthy probation suspension of parliament at such a critical time and whether or not this supremes has the power to rule what is essentially upon them an issue right now we're hearing from james justice james he is the lawyer representing the prime minister and he is arguing that these courts have no jurisdiction on this matter and that the case should really be thrown out is obviously drawing on many. previous cases to emphasize that argument but the lawyers representing the legal activist are arguing that the rules suspending parliament and the bounds by convention and the use for a prime minister to set out new legislation for the coming year remember boris johnson said that he was probing parliament to tackle some domestic issues to look
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at funding the n.h.s. to try and get a grip on violent crime in the u.k. but noise they're all doing that that was not his true motive his true motive was to run down the clock on that debate so we'll be hearing from both sides to reiterating those arguments but the crux of it is does this court have any jurisdiction to rule lawyers say there is no legal precedent for it the law is on the other side say there is no legal precedent because no prime minister in modern times has allegedly abused abused his power in such a way. and that's. now an island survivors that anatoly is home for children are accusing government leaders of covering up a long running scandal involving the catholic church that's threatening legal action over the government's failure to examine the bodies of hundreds of children who died in the care of nuns some of the remains found in a burial pit 5 years ago were of newborn babies as lawrence lee now reports it is
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impossible to overstate the mental scarring of the survivors of the bodies of the riders are very little as are in there and they are peter lived in the home until the age of 4 when the nuns sold him on to a violent family by that time he lost his sister she like nearly 800 others had her name recorded in the death register to walk on this plot is to walk over the bones of the infant children for a catholic organization to put bodies in here there were baptized ties yet about the reindeer on consecrated ground and left them here like animals north break no records you know nothing savages fell for them like all the others put through his grandmother had to give her sons up to the nuns as punishment for becoming pregnant outside marriage both of them betrayed his 2 uncles died john
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francis only made a week apparently they didn't feed him. and your uncle's name is on this list here yes he's right here john francis malone 7 days. and the death certificate says that he died of malnutrition well it's as well as must but starvation eventually so so so starved to death in the care of the nuns. like many others patro believes the whole place is a crime scene there's still an awful lot of unanswered questions and without those questions being answered then how do we know it's not it's 5 years since a local historian uncovered the scale of what happened here and the government has promised to excavate the site a preliminary investigation discovered skeletons lined up in rows since the entrance is very narrow it's led to the suspicion that the nuns got the children to carry the bodies of dead babies down the pit after these photos were taken the whole site was covered over again the government minister responsible for all this
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declined an interview but the government's own interim reports suggest that they don't trust the testimonies of surviving nuns and they think that local people might know more than they've been prepared to admit in the meantime though the detective work is being done not by the police but by the survivors of choom and their families. the campaigners think the government is so frightened of the damage to the church that a full excavation would do that it is resisting it so they're threatening court action i think the only way in which this will be resolved is through an order of the supreme courts of this country i can't see any other way because there is no will there's no wish there is no appetite church and state in this country is still wedded in a poisonous pact. through thought to be dozens and dozens of other places like this around ireland a full investigation into the scale of what happened across all the countries
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mother and baby homes would be explosive and could destroy the reputation of the church hardly a surprise then the survivors think the government would rather bury the truth than dig up the past lawrence lee al-jazeera chim in ireland activists with hong kong's democracy movement have made a direct appeal to the u.s. congress for support. of the means ho urged a congressional hearing to adopt hong kong human rights and democracy act if it's passed in washington on kong will have to prove every year that it respects human rights in order to maintain its special trading status of the united states more than a 1000 schools are closed across malaysia smoke from forest fires in neighboring in the major continues to get worse malaysia's using emergency cloud seeding to try to produce rain and clear the skies. a major figure in venezuelan politics has been released from prison edgar zambrano spent 4 months in jail following the failed uprising against the president nicolas maduro and made some bronner's deputy to the
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opposition leader one guy do as well as vice president of the opposition controlled national assembly a government order to release him appears to be willing to move to row socialist party ending its 3 year boycott of the national assembly. campaign manager has defended the us president in a chaotic congressional hearing lewandowsky appeared before a panel considering whether to impeach the president because the 1st witness to appear before the committee's former special counsel robert muller testified last july when i was asked to look into russia's role in the 2016 election and with the trumps campaign polluted with it. india has banned the production and import of electronic cigarettes because of health concerns that follows 2 u.s. states banning flavored versions of the products federal health investigators are concerned by a rise in severe breathing illnesses linked to very pink manufacturers are accused of targeting children and turning millions into nicotine addicts.
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a quick check of the headlines here at al-jazeera partial results in israel's repeat election showed me a deadlock between the 2 main parties it's unclear whether prime minister benjamin netanyahu or his main challenger benny gantz will have the 1st opportunity to form a coalition government a prime minister needs 61 seats to command a majority in parliament. a palestinian woman shot by israeli security forces in the occupied west bank has died of our injuries in hospital israeli media say she was seen waving a knife for the kind of the checkpoint where this is say the woman lay on the ground for at least 15 minutes without receiving any medical help. iran's president says who the fighters launched an attack on all refineries in saudi arabia as a warning that it should withdraw from the war in yemen as an rouhani made the comments on wednesday alongside another denial that iran was involved. as well the
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yemeni people reacted they hit a location they didn't hit hospitals so why are you up to it they didn't hit schools they didn't hit the sun are bizarre they attacked an industrial site to warn you you should learn a lesson and do something to stop the war. extraordinary session of parliament is being held in south africa on how to tackle violence against women according to world health organization estimates the femicide rate for south africa is almost 5 times the global average with one woman being murdered every 3 hours. the european union's chief negotiator is warning pro briggs and politicians not to underestimate the consequences of leaving the e.u. without a deal michel barnier says sticking points like citizens' rights on the irish border will need to be resolved before britain and the e.u. can have a relationship in while the u.k. supreme court is holding its 2nd day of hearings to decide whether prime minister boris johnson broke the law by suspending parliament for 5 weeks. and activists
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with hong kong's democracy movement made a direct appeal to the u.s. congress for support joshua long and denise ho urged a congressional hearing to adopt the hong kong human rights and democracy at its past in washington hong kong will have to prove every year the.


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