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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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as with our. sad look in the theater come with a hot head of. a lot of horrible cognitively i'm ashleigh. hum said a lot. have him on the 2nd bus or heard him and i kind of hear that your mother is here look at rocky in the live in a horrible mill at all. a lot of woman look none of. us feel. blessed to be there might help that you have fear fear whether such joy georgia man feels about the slow. lad called for i am not going on the hush now about power the house and a lot when they must go to jena you must live here in a bit at odds with alec of sob am a lot of the so harvey. i feel that much a lot. in
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the early 1990 s. now that obeidi and her family moved from yugoslavia to cyprus where her father worked as a journalist for an arabic magazine after some time the family chose to return to syria. st i thought saying. it was atlanta city every day our lady. look at that but that. added i said no. idea what that might have a son only a few that were that this would include all of that there was a few to much to but for to appear a decision not to follow more value to a little while it all did our lot for our governor. and you know marcia that scene
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or some. other script for them. by shutter minimal has a little fewer than a couple gotten. how i lay. that i should. get a 3rd of the budget don't pass even a spell i left the line and i couldn't. and there's a classic of that. in the. pass when us men were in the seattle to live kind of had the and could be adam been spending. a lot of volunteer. or your balance again there and that island and whole india. what took. them to end it but gloated all of the credits at that arsenal come to. that i would.
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know what they meant but the folk in the. college it. is a timing dutch town not far from the city of trashed. remembers it not for the scenery but for obstacles and challenges she faced while living there. the 2nd only. the one. who had gone under what fun. can administer. be had in medina allowed to.
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move for the home for the holiday. in medina medina. little mother jamal. jamaal 2nd will show out of. medina. a lot of us a collation have a little bit of health. you
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know. he worked hard and achieved excellent grades in secondary school as a result she gained a college place training as a research scientist at leiden university from there she moved to trust university where she achieved a master's degree in pharmacy. about
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10 years ago at the 20072000. that was wonderful i was impressed by a mission and she was one of. find students and she she had a background coming from iraq and. making a new start in a new environment but she picked up very rapidly so we were very happy with her as a student. made only for. him out of the way of. how. how do you. feel. about our mr may danny and. skeletor. at the met. and you might.
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have more time other. than a kind of. you have a. it's always important that a university keep close contacts with this was the radio let me sort of the people who have done their studies and university in the case of not it was it was very clear that her skills her quality or professional role also could also contribute to the profession as it is today and she contributes for instance to the national pharmacy journal and a regular column in her writing but also the way she contributes to teaching is very much appreciated so i hope she will continue to do and.
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that's phenomenal. to some. kind of. this suddenly i'm the hit it out on the had many a kind of luck. a futile and a shake up of the months ahead to say the lia. of it all going on at the time with the side. so i just. thought it could more toward the side. for thought it could lamble what got a top up on. center what. some of us the cleveland. had that do list i should get all the months. of my. if you would all of us have a inman a bomb a national sub ahman i should have. just done. that a can't. miss what's been and what the feeling was even wish i could.
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feel it and. when i see me i let the clip and sort of build me a plan for the percentage of them. a financial assistance should get in hossa kind of with it and took it i mean how who are. beneficial thought dolly mia if you want to know that if i feel and that be that i decided that the fact that my dad has come through that i could how i lead to thoughts and i want some of that us to model al aside the. sentiments. when i can family feel of mush. that he be sure to continue our lengthy padmanabhan it. a shock a few and so that at the feet of the. witnesses he. got
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to know not i think roughly about 5 years ago when she was a managing pharmacist of one of the pharmacies that was operating in our network. and i was responsible i'm still responsible for finance and i did 4 for the organization i work for and she was interested in obtaining a share in the pharmacy she's operating which is where we are located now some sort of autumn of the early shaka tea. sister that suddenly had free blood at the macand the white and jazz that could be had a. sudden. smile a shaddock ality a sure fire they had been mrs tyler. money a 1000000 euro. funds but a lot of. that's not that will remove him. and matter that look at them hell is about him a little buzz about a guy like not
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a picture professional work very seriously and she's also very driven personality also very proud of what she has achieved but also of her background and that is what you can use and apply as well in the inner inner exercising a role they have you have this so that. the in world of. how was the thought of agency athlon. took any. pakistani and what that it has a the national be. accessible and seem to me at the cleburne mean what and how that hamas will actually be and how will and what then could. be looked at him in what. was a shame a maze non-hunting. had
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this idea to busy. beauty him. fuck out religion laugh. at you i don't mean well i can. just let the awesome man love the many and ye shall not have been the lesser forgot. 3 aside the leo is so often caught. just cannot decide that he would. i am in sunny were jennifer and sunny from. the center to be. more. fearful and what i like i'm afraid i wish i had that what i cover till mother for say the lia how is the
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pickguard in the. mother that the heart of a sally it can hear. mother lick and the other. sob. is that the cult. of pharaoh out of a posh. any. other ship and. that's. dr he has achieved a great success as a pharmacist and businesswoman in the netherlands. where experience of our arriving
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in europe as a young girl remains fresh in her memory including the difficulties and challenges of landing in a new country. she devotes time helping today's refugees to find jobs and to integrate into society. to belong to the very forward for a hold. the. moment hill fell love looked a little syria and i made the law books of up with dacre and now. they have 4 inclusive and guards or who are more the over it. all or the particular in the or here. we're a city beautiful horse and that's very that's a hard on there's an openness that is about a whole hour for the overheads them in the economy. in the beauty of their vehicles
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because. the drill here not to. really. solve all the little. hill for her all to keep. sorta like off from arkham. rocks the upper take a k. to the hill who are some of the dogs and that is what they all love to do. how can that defy being how they love them or should get into. a market that they have the leisure is sort of you that say they look a sort of a one. woman feel that if the one among. the logical and you don't really have the bad side then that's some of the other law. the body but not the basha side less what again. so that's a lot like the. doctor not that everybody is a high profile successful business woman of our parentage living and working in the
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netherlands aside from her business commitments she makes time at seminars to share how workplace experienced with young people from a variety of national backgrounds. some students find it very difficult. to overcome all the challenges that they have to overcome if they want to become an entrepreneur and so now they have. teamed up with. with the business community a female entrepreneurship. truth and selects together of course which got the staff there can be to make sure that coaching will take part and then of course we hope that all students. well eventually i got 30 and started. to. say that i'm a. sahm feel. that
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. i have been equal. been. there. and i miss my little holly or that. we have in our network we have a yearly election of ethnic minority business woman of the year and every year we have a major affair and it's a black tie event with 5 from their people the top of the netherlands the politicians the ambassador everything that means something in the netherlands is on this affair and because for 15 years we've been organizing this and in
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2015 was one of the nominees who was presented for the ethnic woman award of the year. we have an independent jewelry chose her to be d. at the businesswoman. at the thomas philips a posh. i haven't been on the island. for climber who or. was it a thought to be a muscle and was. the model for the coffin. so i did them being. looked over only he had of course.
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it's been many years since now dad left her native iraq she hasn't degraded well amongst the people of the netherlands family gathering serves as a reminder of her iraq your roots. how in than a year window regina ireland. want to lochner men and women and. how on earth and father robert the s.s. you are all.


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