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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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india ready. we worked hard and achieved excellent grades in secondary school as a result she gained a college place training as a research scientist at leiden university from there she moved to trust university where she achieved a master's degree in pharmacy. about
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10 years ago at the 20072000. that was wonderful i was impressed by a mission and she was on a. fine student and she she had a background coming from iraq and. making a new start in a new environment but she picked up very rapidly so we were very happy with her as a student. just to feel how the german. chancellor has made only for. him out of the way. how will a lot. of how all. of the 3 a southern african made any. at
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the met me. and you might. have a. lot of the kind of. you have a. it's always important that a university keep close contacts with this was the radio let me sort of piece the people who have done their studies and university in the case of not it was it was very clear that her skills her quality or professional role also could also contribute to the profession as it is today and she got to do it for instance to the national pharmacy journal and in a regular column in her writing but also the way she going to be used to teaching is very much appreciated so i hope she will continue to do and.
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that's phenomenal. to some. kind of. this so that the i'm the hit it out on the had many a kind of luck. a futile and a shake up of the months ahead to say the lia. of it all going on at the time with the side earlier. on i would just. thought it could more toward the side. if you thought it could lamble what it out of hope on. center what. some of us the cleveland. had that do list i should get of the month. with a few little of those of a in men. that i can't. might have been and what the theme was even
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a 2nd. field in the. land for the percentage of been. a fan are assessed. and hasa kind of with it and took it i mean how who are. beneficial thought that the media if you want to look at it i feel and to that at the base i decided in effect that meant that it's come to that i could how any thought of threats and i want all of them about us to model al aside the. sentiments. like and famine feel of mush hasn't got a. shot at you our lengthy padmanabhan it that. a shock a few and sudden at the feet of the. witnesses you. got
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to know not i think roughly about 5 years ago when she was a managing pharmacist of one of the pharmacies that was operating in the network. and i was responsible i'm still responsible for finance and i g 4 for the organization i work for and she was interested in obtaining a share in the pharmacy she's operating which is where we are located now some sort of autumn of the early shock a t. above a sister that suddenly had to be led at the macand the height and as that can be had a. sudden. smile a shaddock ality a sure file a had been misapply less money a $1000000.00 yodel ok that it is but a lot of. that's not that we had a promo him that thought it and i meant a little matter. a look at them hell is about in a little buzz about
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a guy like not a picture professional work very seriously and she's also very driven personality also very proud of what she has achieved but also of her background and that is what you can use and apply as well in the inner inner exercising a role they have you had they said let's. put the in world of the lisa how was the thought of agency athlon. took any. pakistani and what alec has a the national big. exception seem to me at the cleburne mean what and how that high school is libya and how will. the bit about him in what. was a shame a maze non-hunting. decidedly
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as busy. beauty him. religion. well i can. with the loss of a man love the many and ye shall not have been no less a forgot. aside the leo is so often got. just. decide that he would like or not common in sunny what janet and sonny from. cleveland center want to be a move along me a few men feel. and what they're like i'm afraid i wish i had that's what i cover
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to lot of other side the lia how is the garden the bomb to dumbass little mother. a one can mother the thought of a sally it can hear. mother lick and have another. sob. and the cult. fail out of a posh. county. other shit and. that's. the law. dr he has achieved great success as a pharmacist and businesswoman in the netherlands. where experience of our arriving
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in europe as a young girl remains fresh in her memory including the difficulties and challenges of landing in a new country. she devotes time helping today's refugees to find jobs and to integrate into society. for the long rags to go forward made her a hold. of this moment hill film of looked a little serious and the law books of up with dacre and now. they have 4 inclusive and i adore her or him or you over it. all or have looked at a particular in the or here we are with a bit of for horror and that's very. hard on there's an openness that is about a whole hour for now over. it's a car it's with l.v.
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of course people are. the driving enough to. release you know that would not. solve all this is. still for her all to keep. source michael farkas they have a little girl that upper take a k. to the hill who are some of the dogs and that is that they all love the new. how can that defy being how they love them all should get into. a market that they have the leisure is sort of game so i wish i had that side the look saudi you know what i don't want one fellow that if the one i'm on. and. the logical and you're good i'm going to have to be bad so then that's some of the. at the body but not the basha side less what he in. so that's a lot like the. dr not that i grew by he is
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a high profile successful business woman of our parents living and working in the netherlands aside from her business commitments she makes time at seminars to share how workplace experienced with young people from a variety of national backgrounds. some students find it very difficult. to overcome all the challenges that they have to overcome if they want to become an entrepreneur and so now they have. teamed up with. with the business community a female entrepreneurship. choosing select together of course which got the staff there can be used to make sure that coaching will take part and then of course we hope that all students will eventually get their diploma and start a successful entrepreneur wanting to cause me to. say that i'm a newbie on the. sam feel. that the.
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numbers that. have been equal. a man hierarchs been. say that our morale from a dear. afghan opium unless i don't feel the need. to continue our normal can. we have in our network we have a yearly election of the ethnic minority business woman of the year and every year we have a major effect and it's a black tie event with 5 from their people the top of the netherlands the politicians the ambassador everything that means something in the netherlands is on this affair and because for 15 years we've been organizing this and in
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2015 was one of the nominees who was presented for the ethnic woman award of the year and jewelry we have an independent jewelry chose her to be d. at the businesswoman. at the thomas philips a posh. theory i have on the island. seattle climber who or. was it a thought to be a muscle and was. the model for bitterness in any room for coffee in. the salon. he had a. it's
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been many years since now dad left her native iraq she hasn't degraded well amongst the people of the netherlands my family gathering serves as a reminder of her iraq you it's. how in the. window regina island i want to lochner men and women and i was 40 and images that are so am and how on earth and have father robert the s.s. you a lot of my little. know how is that leave a marvelous one marvelous wine and quite on an even manner. and only one more day in. all but one neck if you are mistaken on whom one is to argentina if not. a nurse or. how that i could liquid hydrogen such as never had
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a letter or cathartic and. no doubt the bundle of them in are meant to show the mush i fell in iraq i don't harbor here without a conclusion. yanni duffer and head. up couldn't. kill bill move out of. here because we are in which stated. above condition. what of but if. you still don't feel given us be what for and then the whole of us but that. was the mark of the black a sort of blood kind of the more. sob it. wasn't the. kind of blackness a 2nd before we. do you. have as
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a corner of the pulse of libya. doctrine and the pharmacist business leader and inspiration to many young people in her adopted home the netherlands. and in part to another successful woman this time based in italy so my up bill carter is an elected member of milan city council. of the a while about the power by party are clearly and so have all collini. but why are. my feet but how know how i like a theatre locally are near or what the. charlie this is for their football fans who don't think about doping. they had
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better read explaining when real madrid let's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you don't you're. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to bring the endless chain on al-jazeera as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general and tell you the terrorist will hold a climate action summit to sound the alarm but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they come on al-jazeera. defenseless against the winds have been indifferent to international marketplace. chocolate and political activist on a mission to establish
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a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their. people and power plant a taste of independents on al-jazeera. the top stories knowledge is there a saudi arabia has presented what it says is undeniable evidence iran sponsored attacks on its oil facilities to iran denies involvement yemen's who the rebels who are fighting assad the coalition there say they were behind the strikes and the us president donald trump says he's ordered new sanctions on iran in the wake of those attacks they're on is accusing the americans of waging an economic war on ordinary iranians. i did we'll be adding some very significant sanctions don't do it right
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now what we're hearing we'll be announcing it over the next 48 hours well there are many options as you know there are many options and this is the ultimate option and their options are a lot less than that and we'll see where the very powerful position are right now we're in a very very powerful position israel 2nd election this year has failed to produce a clear winner and more than 90 percent of the votes counted the center right blue and white party led by benny gantz has 32 seats well prime minister benjamin netanyahu good party is just behind with 31 weeks of coalition talks and likely before a new government can be formed. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has apologized after a photo emerges of him wearing a bra brown face make up to a party 2001 a picture was published in a school yearbook while trudeau was worked as a teacher in british columbia and was taken at the school's annual dinner i
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attended and then did year dallas for being with arabian nights. dressed up in a live in costume and put makeup on. and should have been. put in the letter but i didn't. remember the story. european parliament members have overwhelmingly voted in favor of another brags that delay but only if britain requests one and with conditions the u.k. parliament passed legislation last month forcing prime minister boris johnson to ask for a delay if no agreement is reached with the e.u. now despite that johnson is sticking to his promise that britain will leave on october the 31st with or without a deal. well those are the headlines we will have more news after all does their world stay with us.
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throughout the world live large and small of the arab diaspora men women and children who have settled on the road. why people move varies greatly persecution and conflict has caused millions of arabs to leave their homelands others leave for economic reasons or to follow their families. no 2 stories are the same yet what binds each of them is a connection to their arab heritage. europe has long been a favored destination for many from the middle east so many abdul qadeer lives in italy where she works as a public are presented to her is a remarkable success story as milan's 1st muslim female council member. so many are
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built there was born in the italian city of beirut to jordanian and palestinian parents she has enjoyed a special relationship with the city of milan since her student days at milan university had also lobola baba also asked them an advice and a. little slow. but he could for that of did ask so what by the most of the agenda in jena comes with about bernard. just to political football. what. i thought so i mean as a man in. santa claus some of us. and a lot of unnecessary margarette about it i think there are stuff about it. try to just see alitalia and our so many young men home while back about so many i don't
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mean to allow that you have can at the idea. and how do you have the sort of fight you have to kind of judge that when i ask you for the idea but the toughie adama remind. us of these caught you have. muslim in orbit are you sure honey i'm a. muslim i mean. the slimey yeah. the men of the west. medina to milano but there are still. that us to biology who are known. to be. mobile or. do nothing about now but that. but dick
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a bit of a year. old just south of me majorly i think in certainly. the hottest. fat . duck ormal to. be. allowed to. be in not going to run italy will ask you after. a. year old bust. me and. give fertile time a low mark but i'll be a lot of the band. that are so blessed. to. have a son the c.r.c. my son home i'm going to chill for love it or suffer live what i behave. with olive
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be happy. to journey to of what will be the most certain comfort to feel look. on. to know how that are to people for so the exterior digimon what about enjoy italia without one 0 my word what. one of us shardik my home who. do want to see it all but our one. every day is a busy one for so many hours. aside from politics she plays an active role in several muslim youth groups and is also
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a prominent women's rights activist. however she says that what drives her most is writing. becomes an awful lot of. well understood allows. her to very can a book that. mean almost illimitable of us an unlimited war. one of the few now take them 50 miles feared it might. feel bad to be a burden on your job iack woman and learn more all see a living. and it could. have been can one had it should be adol. but still it's not even the mean for you know we have we're only a small man and i mean how we could man not this would almost $35.00 women not what i'm most of the muslim i we must be and how. much i can for how i thought about blacks so you could shoot. the little you know. she's.
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a doctor and i'll talk with somalia could be enough to carry on the. bottle but under the queen the killer left the law in the momentum cui used office in that it's a the cupboard key with the disease there you go you know what idea i will feel don't pursue nobs we need to talk acquittal denard on the most money the yano that can quit on the way or do you need to in the law but i want to do the yana. between your letter so you brought a bottle because each arm a queer looking. careful see the school so what i'm on. the. point of it i think you live somewhere. political in southern fema. neighbors if you look at it is a slogan 53 here in new york will disappear from intercourse with a deity he had at least you see. and you christened while the
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busy. kenya morning. when i look at that is that a particle article in the salted on name was door going to far to some of the nipples e.q.'s some of them and you know by the quote one of them in more of a word or deed. that they have in the face of this. if i see fit in so have the goodness why. before i. left or when it meant rebuttal start with the possible point with that what's that isn't that a competency but i'll settle for a madea from 30. who. haven't
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. the queen to judge your horn must be lifted them and if we listen i was a lovely model do you know who made a will in some german mini bellowed beloved aussie. the whole. war and the east of there and it don't matter if we also had a job. than you but that you could vote we could start listing our name our father a commie general are one but several do live there and who are but i you would. know where your b.j. and your islam you. oh well enjoy your family edge on. the you still are your sure what we. can see the mud that i saw you merge my how i don't know. be. lad why young. blacks but relax and enjoy the time it has how long you thought you
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will be sure to be good little more so are you because they learn it all more. we see our service doctors are for the good for our neighbor so i thought she had the knowledge of that but they are near. to no one has done. much. work. almost one and a half 1000000 muslims now live in italy this makes. then one a few ups largest muslim communities the majority have integrated well into italian society while at the same time maintaining their arab identity. look at it that way it is clear that this is not the fault that we are having other things over here i'll tell you that we have
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a good idea we are. out of the serious business which is exactly that if i say that i think. that it's way i could ever say that the stuff you know about with us and with the shit that comes on us and a couple does we have a couple of them and. a. house with it all without them but i could put on the lot of you know would i no more would you call it that and not a sign of that of missing a little of its obvious talent for the sake of it myself talk about the body i do like it was how love will come to those who could not love me i don't think he would but that's get them out of the line not to be to satisfy but send us a little bit but that i could go. in 2016 for my ya bill cause it became the 1st muslim woman to win
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a seat in milan's local governing council previously she had been involved in politics working as a member of the italian democratic party. now as an elected councillor she found herself in a position to argue for real and meaningful change in her adopted city. i was she lesson sort of been no i. feel sad for the dia. i had to. feed her yesterday or mia must annoy your daughter is. what. will be our. fee. to say yeah i would a. little more mental had. to feel. c.r.c. myself. still feel the.
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fed a d. i would imagine what i see. c.r.c. must mark and i would offer cut in i still feel not ashamed of sci fi. we must. win one of them goes the other. if. you. want but here i ask you to mr shiling. but i only. got your lodger in door. got there late on their level would sooner care what us economy or point to.


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