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tv   Invisible Threat  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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in indonesia the police took time while protesters rallied along the main roads. don't let me die and in india the message was no less passionate it would be personally getting diluted had the climate is close to full of change in mindset of our government of the people of. this protest in south africa was no less noisy. this groundswell of global thanks to passion for action and change from young people has surprised some in governments many have been inspired by the teenager gretta thornburg who last year started skipping school on fridays to protest outside the swedish parliament. in just a few days world leaders will meet in new york at the united nations conference on climate change we must hope but we we must also be prepared for.
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that nothing comes out of it and then we need to continue no matter what because giving up cannot be an option that is citizens called leaders making new york will affect the future of these young people from within themselves it is a youth and pulled in by a desire to change and he would al-jazeera in london across africa climate protest as a demanding mag governments acts now before it's too late nicholas hawke is with demonstrators in the kenyan capital of nairobi oh these protests are not just taking place here in nairobi it's across africa in johannesburg and cape town and go bowing to your seat in senegal and in loamy why because out of the 10 countries they will be most affected by climate change 7 of them are all the african continent and it's already started with the hurricane sweeping through mozambique flash floods in south africa you see here a leo and droughts are due. biting people in the sun how. to move hundreds are at
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risk of going something every day because of this and so many young people here are growing impatient with their leaders. and if you did you mean if you had a healthy climate just as we have and it passed in a. 3rd tasters have just taken over the streets of one of the major capitals about that they're headed towards the ministry of energy because the government has put in place policies that then is going ahead with their old with a plan to build. a world heritage site right here in kenya and these protesters are angry about this climate changes by some of these at least. come here but deceiving because you know it's a political figure so this is a listen. there was the national assembly president.
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said denouncing. their leadership or ignoring their own. it feels like this is a movement that's gaining momentum i'm going to go no longer be ignored. ok let's take you from nairobi t. new york and speak to al-jazeera is gabriel and tell us what's happening where you are and and across the states when it comes to this climate change process. yeah there are over a 1000 different climate strike protests happening it throughout the united states but the biggest one is right here in new york city it's wrapping up but i can tell you it was tens of thousands if not well over 100000 people absolutely unprecedented effort of people we saw demonstrating on the streets we've never seen any numbers as big as this demonstrating against climate change it was overwhelmingly young people young as well as 1215 years old with their parents and
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also some older people as well but make no mistake about it it was a youth driven movement while this is happening in over 150 other countries around the world this one here in new york is big and it's particularly timely because it coincides with the united nations general assembly which really kicks off this weekend the u.n. will be hosting a youth climate summit on. it was to gathering in new york city at the united nations for the big meetings and also be hosting a climate summit at the un as well there so that's just what we're seeing here is really the young people coming out and saying this is no longer about trying to bring attention to climate change this is now trying to be bring attention to what needs to be done to stop it there's a whole host of proposals they have out there but the young people here in new york at least at this climate strike say 3 key things they're focusing on at least today that say they want to in the use of all fossil fuels by 2030 they also want to
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switch to all renewable energy by 2030 this is all their hopes here what they're striving for and they also say there needs to be more punishment for those that pollute the environment around the world but i can tell you this is just a huge huge crowds we've seen here we've seen people speaking at a stage behind me their message very loud and clear it's time to end climate change all right much more from dave in the coming hours in new york bikes and much. i still has on the private am the german government announces its official response to the calls for action on climate change. plus optimism from britain's breaks that secretary off talks in brussels with the use top negotiator to run over time.
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again i will come back to you in a national weather forecast here across europe it is kind of cool out here towards eastern it's very nice out here towards the west but things are about to change let me show you what is going on right now we have an area of low pressure that's been spinning but a lot of clouds in cooler air all the way down towards the black sea now temperatures are going to be in the teens but that's not for long as we go to the weekend and into sunday and monday tempers will be coming up across that region here across the west though looking quite nice we're looking at paris 28 degrees but notice the clouds out here in the atlantic well that is a nother front and once that comes on board that is really going to bring a lot more clouds and rain across the region we're not going to see the temperature drop yet but we're going to be seeing a lot of rain coming into place all the sun you saw on saturday that is going to go away we're going to be seeing clouds as well as winds clouds are also going to be a big problem here across parts of north western africa and in those clouds we could be seeing some embedded showers as well we're talking morocco algeria so in those areas expect to see off and on rain showers we don't expect to see much of accumulation at all but
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a little bit more towards the east it is going to be nice to play at 30 degrees there and as we go towards sunday cairo we do expect to see some winds coming out of the north attempt a few of $33.00 and down the nile for us one it is going to be a sunny day with a dry day at 41 degrees. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and in the dredge sand some. the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business when they go take the say on their own fill the sand is our fair game to save this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sound walls at this time on al-jazeera. but
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again undermined are the top stories on al-jazeera the goofy rebels say nyet say they will stop targeting saudi arabia with drugs and all the weapons but they expect the saudis to also stop targeting yemeni territory. united states has announced new sanctions on iran that now include ukrainian central bank. and millions of people around the world to take in policy in a global climate strike to baltic governments to do more to competitions for the damage to the place he's able to support. down to 0 as manuel rapala is live at a climate events in mexico city so how are the protests and the campaign been going where you all manuel. well we are it downtown mexico city right now
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behind me you could see the angel a jewel of independence a famous landmark here in the mexican capital as with other cities around the world we're seeing many young people a lot of students who decided not to go to school today people that decided not to go to work to participate in this global in this global climate climate strike of course mexico city is notorious for its air pollution every year thousands of people are sick from diseases that illnesses related to to poor air quality here in mexico city right now overseas this large group of people continue to gather getting ready to march from downtown mexico city to the famous historic center where the government is and what we're talking about government actually this while knowing that there are so many national governments in other countries that. don't even believe that climate change is real there's a lot of optimism over policies here in mexico and in mexico city there's other
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cities as well that part that are participating in the climate strike here in mexico such as betty that there were 11 that nobel prize winners that. a demonstration in many there including the over at the mint you forgot their mother who won the nobel peace prize in 1902 she held a ceremony on a mine ceremony asking planet earth for forgiveness this was one of the one of the 4 more quiet moments one of the most solemn moments that we've seen so far in these demonstrations here in mexico but again talking about policy in the country we should note that mexico has. is pursuing certain policies that are more friendly to people that are that are demanding change from the government one is legislation that will ban single use plastics nationwide by the year 2021 so at the very least that is something positive that we can note but at the moment people here seem very optimistic that the government is doing more than previous administrations and
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again it looks as though the march is now starting to move so we'll follow we'll follow them where they go excellent mamma we'll catch up with you later thanks so much. well the german government has announced a multi-billion dollar pond to try to curb emissions among mashes are increasing incentives for buying electric cars raising road tolls for trucks from 2023 and pumping money into rail networks the mccain has more from but it. here in the german capital many tens of thousands of people of all generations all ages have marched through the streets carrying their placards chanting slogans saying that they demand action to combat climate change the point here is that this country has had real commitment issues in so far as the political elite is concerned about achieving targets that governments had signed up to that's something that the green movement here very very keen to stress how important it was that politicians from
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as it were and the government of angle americal climate cabinet as she called it has agreed what they call a new climate package a new clean package it's going to cost billions multi-billion dollars to bring about change in this country over the course of the next 1011 years flight prices will go up for airline passengers but those traveling on trains will pay less there will be a rise perhaps in the cost of fuel for private motor vehicle users the question is how will people who have been protesting on friday react to this news the green party in parliament has said it is critically disappointed with what has been agreed by the coalition government in germany as i say the question is for the protesters what do they make of what this is. at least 12 people have been killed in a bombing near the iraqi city of karbala south of baghdad police say 5 others were hurt when an explosive device detonated on
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a bus near the entrance to the city no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. thousands of algerians returned to the streets of the capital algiers for the 1st the 1st week in a row to demands political change. last despite a crackdown by military chief guide salah who had ordered security services to block people entering the capital the protesters want to so see it's a former president of the lizzie's bit of flicker removed from power for any elections are held the rights group amnesty international says dozens of demonstrators have been arrested over the past 10 days. twitter says it's removed more than 4 to half 1000 political spam accounts being used to target catarrh in a coordinated campaign the accounts were based in the united arab emirates and egypt twitter says the fake profiles push content critical of catarrh while promoting saudi arabia's government twitter has also suspended the account of
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former saudi royal court advisor aside any who's been implicated in the murder of the washington post journalists. britain's bricks that secretary has expressed optimism following a meeting with the european union's chief negotiator in brussels stephen barclay says there is a common purpose between the u.k. and the e.u. to see a withdrawal agreement in place by october 31st the talks between barclay and michel barnier focused on the contentious irish border issue the goetia sions are due to continue on monday as prime minister boris johnson meets the e.u. council president in new york where we had serious detailed discussions today with bonnie any steam there's a common purpose we both want to see you have a clear message has been given both by president younger and the prime minister who want to see the teams reach a deal the meeting actually overrun which i think signals the fact that we were
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getting into the detail and would have further discussions which week. now thousands of u.f.o. enthusiasts a gathered in the u.s. state of nevada close to a top secret military base all started as an online joke to storm the gates of area 51 for him to turn serious in the end only a few dozen people gathered in the early hours of the morning at the actual gates of the remote official space which conspiracy theorists believe might howls aliens but they're all serious concerns thousands more may overwhelm local towns with little or no infrastructure auditor cast reports. it all started as a joke university student matty roberts had been bored at work so to entertain himself he turned on his computer in created a meme about a pretend event he imagined on the spot the title of the event is star mary $51.00 that can't stop all of us area $51.00 is a top secret u.s. military base in the nevada desert it's where the cia developed spy planes at the
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height of the cold war and where classified military testing continues today but some believe this is also where the u.s. government studies aliens you can imagine that if indeed there is an alien race with the technology to be able to arrive here on our planet their knowledge would be very useful to us so it's very possible the rumors have always been that we might be in collaboration with some off world intelligence conspiracies are enjoying a resurgence in american pop culture then enter roberts me about to be something funny for the $62.00 followers that i had on my page and apparently i was completely correct and it was funny to the entire world so funny that more than 2000000 people are as v.p. to online for the september 20th the vent of course not all those millions of people will show up but hotel rooms and campsites have sold out in this very remote
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area and nearby desert towns. used to supporting populations of no more than 100 are bracing for a potential onslaught of as many as 10000 alien hunters who will bring with them their very human needs there's nowhere to find food water or gas for tens of kilometers 2 counties have issued emergency declarations ahead of the event and the u.s. military says it will of rest anyone who trespasses on to area $51.00 as the signs warn lethal force is authorized against those who disobeyed so what does roberts think of storming the base now but i think it's terrible. yes the creator of storm area 51 is telling people not to storm area 51 but it may be too late because one some things launched into the great unknown of cyberspace it may return with alien life heidi joe castro al jazeera rachel nevada well on one day of
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global environmental process scientists are preparing to embark on a yearlong expedition to the arctic to try to better understand climate change the ice breaker vessel set sail from tromso in northern norway it all to expected to be the longest projects of its kind hundreds of rotation researches from 19 countries will spend the next year near the north pole it's the 1st opportunity climate scientists will have to study the arctic during the winter season much more many of our stories can be found on our website the address as ever al jazeera dot com al-jazeera dot com. for most of the headlines here all al-jazeera who the rebels in yemen say they will stop targeting saudi arabia with drones and other weapons in a statement multi elma shots the head of the who peace political office says group also expects the saudis to stop targeting yemeni territory.
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we will cease to target saudi arabian territory with military drones ballistic missiles and all other forms of wetlands and we wait for a reciprocal move from them or even better for them to clear that all kinds of attacks including aerial bombardments will cease we reserve the right to respond if they fail to reciprocate positively to this initiative and the continuation of this war will not benefit any side on the contrary it could lead to dangerous developments which we do not wish to take place we say this knowing that the ones who would suffer more are the enemy nations or the extensive damage has been revealed of the 2 saudi arabian oil facilities attacked by drones last week cake is the world's largest oil processing facility and the attack knocked out half of saudi arabia's output yemen's heathy rebels say they were behind the 2 drone strikes the u.s. and saudi operating in iran. and the u.s.
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has announced new sanctions on iran that now include the arabian central bank also targeted al the national development fund iran and. pascoe. an iranian company that u.s. officials say is used to conceal financial transfers iranian military purchases. millions of people from around the world of taken part in a global climate strike demanding governments to more to curb emissions before the damage the planet is irreversible students and workers worldwide took the day off to illustrate the seriousness of the crisis. and thousands of algerians returned to the streets of the capital for the 31st week in a row to demand political change that is despite a crackdown by military chief guides the last food ordered security services to block people from entering the capital. and those are the latest headlines risking
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it all is coming next the story of 2 of the world's most dangerous jobs in vietnam and laos stay with us. going to go. go. go. go. go go go. go. go go. go go again ok. ok ok. ok ok glenn
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ok go. again oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. 000000000 again. global there are 2 staples to vietnamese life rice and bamboo for its many uses. for thank you. ha ha ha ha. well we're going out not on the without. me horse we never got you know. i am going
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to make one more. thank you when you get a new little what are you going to. help and got to see that you think you want to be done. for me to. leukemia no i mean here we make up someone is out there that is the money we didn't get took me here and you going to be going to one place battle living but we can go to. the province of town who are as one of the largest bamboo forests in southeast asia . in just 3 years bamboo still can grow up to 8 metres tall. and in my field the lamb. salad that was given my meat in the galley and i know. that myself. until night means i came. to line in.
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a later. model. they carried the bamboo for more than a kilometer. probably bother while a. lovely human contact visit would you do so no matter. what . the labor is just over a dollar a day cutting and transporting the bamboo. but the bravest among them can make 10 times that much transporting the goods.
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if you know already i mean. by my. own will build me to a boat. if i need. to i cannot do a little let me down. my . view on a lot more than
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a thaw the news that joy. and lucked out. and why. we'll keep them we're told they are. in the top. a good draft must be flexible and narrow to offer minimum resistance to the current . the raft will be nearly 50 meters long. in fact that we do know. no poor. no poor movie comes out i'm sorry you got none. you mean lassie out of.
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the captions no well the challenge that awaits them. i don't need no money we handle the take away the gimme on the penal law in. india by the name of the indian be indian a car bomb. that belies the don't know about. dharma. not only in waikiki not only. 30 kilometers lie ahead and folly boughs of being tossed about by the river.
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bank . thanks i don't know what's going on thank god. i'm hungry. the time is the hold the bamboo i'll slowly loosen and every time the raft hits some rocks. the raft risks breaking up. the hook .
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thank you thank. you the old i stood you level old boy hold me put me on me help me all my all but i'm livin the week you'll be on the ground and you can go there you go. warning me that you'll be on the detail the help when you all can. go. you know. we have. the men know well the dangers of the long river. up ahead the cave ghost passage will test.
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the legendary mekong river old mother of waters is vietnam's main waterway. it nourishes the 6 countries through which it flows including laos which borders vietnam. after travelling 5000 kilometers from its source in the himalayas this is where the river vents its rate. over time it's carved out the cone fulls one of the widest waterfalls in the world. yet allow fisherman jump into the water without fear. are for me before the right one mile walk. for a credit card card for proper care come get you if you are going to your didn't call our number but not god what if. some new knowing is 52. he says
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it's no coincidence he's never had an accident in 40 years. oh. no you need one who would pull back outside that about what would you buy out by a guy that had set up but the why don't we hear it one boy be at that by what the do what. the full stretch over navy 10 kilometers. allow call this region see found don't the full 1000 on. land just south from the foals and countless waterways of the mekong. this is a familiar hunting ground for. getting there takes good balance
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and steady nerves. at work but on. the other. side. but that's about. it. i. like the
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elf. but i got caught up on my last. flight and i. fish worried upstream. they eventually become trapped and will pull this further down the river. but. that of the take a bit. yeah oh. yeah casts his net relentlessly and. why. they. call the bit. let me tell you.
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why. i. get that and on that i thought it was not in life if you want them back. why
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what. i several families share the dangers of the rapids. each has its own fishing take i hope. noya and his colleagues catch up to $100.00 kilos per day using a remarkable method. that i. love it was not about. what i. feel but. the current pushes the fish into their ingenious wooden ramps all they have to do
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is pick the fish out of the water. the mekong is home to 200 different species of fish eye the largest of which are cool with a trap that must be set in the middle of the rapids. you . take a cock up not like that ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha this.
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the the. 10 and i love this and i'm in the book and i'm good and i'm not that good that.
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someone is going to come back i don't want to sound like i'm not. going to head up the q. one but you'll. learn what they had to good people i don't think either of you know what if you know all about it below is it up i said it was. good no. good motherly in the light of hope i say he in what their. fears have you got it but i. each year to all 3 fishermen i'll take on the make all. the law abiding i want to make. that argument. he said be inaccurate to say and i'm a cop. i don't need the dollar.
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by law. abiding by law like a guy. i bought i don't but. slowly the fish are disappearing. pesticides as well as a series of dams a largely to blame. in vietnam on the long river the bamboo raft as in smooth the world has the men take advantage of the calm to reinforce it. cuts as usually belong to the moment ethnic group. allies of the french and then the americans in the 2 wars that have shaken vietnam the hmong are still discriminated against. it's hard work
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for some of the lowest wages for you and me talk and when we where. that don't mean that only going to look like you guys are talking about it that. you're not going to do a lot of them do what you want but don't go to congress i'm told by my local one to one that i'm going to go by normally. as the watch has become agitated the raft seen begins its mad the rush. limbaugh.
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turning a run nearly 50 meters long. no easy task. in the distance lies the infamous ghost k. one of the most turns in the river. this time the ghost was leaving. on their last trip the raft was ranked against the
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wall. and its bamboo cargoes scattered into the rhythm. one song the song. a motor boat comes to help. the river bank marks the end of the trip. anybody. can give me a born again. and then again. now i go
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to what i know like you have to be if i get though i don't know if. i can lead you to. doubt it was a down day though i didn't know you. back on land the bamboo must travel another 30 kilometers through rain and mud before reaching the processing plant. of. the jungle road so slippery on the droid the band leader can only take a portion of the goods. being car hungry been mounted him in the night out back and have been flooded accurately and been manatee hope and are in him enough i need a hand with you but you know that call buddy in the morgue and i share my pain like you knew i wouldn't go in the car any need i mean a bit of a beacon to do not go and he said i knew what.
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a deal is struck but for twice the price of $1.00 slip or wrong turn and van lead could be crushed under his vehicle. santa going to highland joe pa title i decide that i know what i need to do and now when i'm going to pull out will be all on the rule i tell him you know that's all the fuckin guy loves officeholder 2011 we'll still have to hire you but i always had only took my money to. but when the film opened was a choice between the mom who keeps the money night arnold and i wonder how much.
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he can deal with now when i call to roll out. the vehicle plug. along at the speed of an office car. after 5 hours the bamboo finally reaches the processing plant. dirt tracks may well become a thing of the past in vienna. as one of the last communist countries to join the free market the country is throwing.
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this bamboo is near the end of its journey. seen consumers across vietnam will put it to a variety of uses and the hard work of harvesting and transporting it will begin again. on counting the cost billions spent on ads offenses but drones take out more than i'll put saudi arabia's oil production well look at the knock on effect bandpass the $30000000000.00 plan to move indonesian sinking capital and the importance of
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the dollar to a team comes in the costs on al-jazeera. also this is the opportunity to understand the train a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave after . dinner.
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hello i'm marianna mozzie in london with a quick look at the top stories this hour now yemen's who is the rebels saying they will stop targeting saudi arabia with drones and other weapons in a statement the last the head of they can seize political office says the on group expects the saudis to also stop targets in yemeni territory and they reserve the
4:49 am
right to respond if riyadh continues to target than. lead or. we will cease to target saudi arabia territory with military drones ballistic missiles and all other forms of with us and we wait for a reciprocal move from them or even better for them to clear that all kinds of attacks including aerial bombardments will cease we reserve the right to respond if they fail to reciprocate positively to this initiative and the continuation of this war will not benefit any side on the contrary it could lead to dangerous developments which we do not wish to take place we say this knowing that the ones who would suffer more are the enemy nations mohamed el a tab has more now from the yemeni capital sana'a. this is more than one occasion the whole of these called for you literal ceasefires the saudi arabia of not responding and not committing to the clear cease fires.
4:50 am
but hopefully many. expect that the latest initiative declared by the head of the whole of the transitional council which is the running the government affairs. this ceasefire would hold its place. we have declared that we will stop their attacks on saudi arabia's 2 trees special following be our own the oil refinery of and the whole race which has led to catastrophic consequences for the saudi arabia meanwhile new pictures a shiny extensive damage caused by drone attacks on one of 2 saudi arabian oil facilities last week cake is the world's largest processing facility and the attack knocked out half of saudi arabia's output saudi authorities earlier allowed media into the smaller horray site which was also damaged yemen's who the rebels say they
4:51 am
were behind the 2 drone strikes but the u.s. and saudi are blaming iran when other developments the u.s. has announced new sanctions on iran that now include the country's central bank president trump says he prefers financial sanctions as opposed to the use of military action in order to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons the u.s. is also sanctioned the national development fund of iran and an iranian company which washington says is being used to conceal financial transfers for iranian military purpose purchases. we have just sanctioned the arabian national bank that is their central banking system and it's going to be. at the highest level of sanctions we are continuing the maximum pressure campaign this is the last remaining source of funds so both the central bank of iran and israel well as the national development fund which is their sovereign wealth fund will be cut off from our banking system so this will mean no border funds going to the r.g.c.
4:52 am
were to fund terror and this is on top of our oil sanctions and our financial institutions sanctions were a very major factor is what we do these are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country we've never done it to this level millions of people from around the world have taken part in a global climate strike demanding governments do more to cut emissions before the damage to the planet is irreversible from australia to the u.s. europe to africa and asia students and workers took the day off to illustrate the seriousness of the crisis and its impacts from czech generations. and thousands of algerians of return to the streets of the capital algeria's for the 1st week in a row demanding political change this despite a crackdown by military chiefs who had ordered security services to block people entering the capital of protest as want to sociate of the former president i'm going to freak out and move from power before the elections are held on december
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12th. the headlines sound was is the program coming up next. we bought the house about c. years ago hoping that we would be able to retire here but from here you could see how much sand we've lost underneath the house. the world is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal mafias around the world. have been employed. to create a video i like that i was simply. washed away by rising sea levels. being in the middle of the indian ocean for the last 5000 units become just. lost
4:54 am
to human greed and stupidity. when we use that mean we loose. our life. we've never needed so much sand so badly with beaches and entire islands already disappearing who will win the samplers. for most of us san makes us think of days at the beach sand castles and sunshine and once the holidays are over we slip back into our busy lives. but is feeling the sand between our toes or caught in our bathing suits the whole story. does this so familiar substance play any other role in our daily lives. standard is what i like to call the unsung heroes of lloyd's because there are just
4:55 am
endless examples. of the way in which sarah and intersects with daily lloyd's which we all really know commonly aware of. sand has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world melted and transformed into glass it sits on every shelf. it's also the source of silicone dioxide. a mineral found an hour winds cleaning products detergents paper dehydrated foods hairspray toothpaste cosmetics. and an astounding variety of other products we use every day. but it's a strategic mended such as. you. think about your computer. no and it can be manufactured if you do not have high quality said. the minerals extracted from sand are at the core of our hyper connected society
4:56 am
a form of basic material for microchips without which our computers credit cards bank machine cell phones and many other devices would not exist. sandie been helps us fly in our airplanes the plastics lightweight alloys of the fuselage and jet engines even the paint and tires are all made with sand. it's almost become like a they don't think too much about it but you can't live without it. and the industry with the biggest appetite for sand. construction. for the last 150 years sand mixed with cement to form concrete has shaped the contours of our increasingly urbanized world. because of its low cost strength and ease of use this grey slurry has become the dominant building material around the globe.
4:57 am
the quantities used are astronomical. to build an average house it takes $200.00 tons of sand. for a larger building like a hospital around 3000 tons. each kilometer of highway devours 30000 tons. and to build a nuclear plant the estimate is about $12000000.00 tonnes. production of facts and exceeds 15000000000 tons. and that is a quantity that is so huge that it's beyond imagination how much as 15000000000 tonnes you don't know because no one of the resource is used in such vast quantities as
4:58 am
maybe with the exception of water. so where in the world does that much sand come from. let's just say the sand men who work in the aggregate business have not been affected by the economic downturn. behind air and water sand is the most used commodity in the world. business is booming but meeting this demand is not always an easy task sand is not something that's easily found like you might think it is used to be that you'd have a sandy gravel deposit and you'd simply go and dig it up out of the ground so you'd have to make your roads bridges and buildings up but that type of material is all been taken away it's gone abuse it already. with the process of service and exhausted we started dredging rivers for sand but this is lead to flooding.
4:59 am
now we've turned to the oceans for sand. to satisfy our seemingly insatiable appetite for said we've been dust for allies extracting it from beneath the waves. and the workhorse of the industry is a dredger. a giant tanker equipped with a suction arm capable of pumping huge quantities of sand to the surface. the right bessel in the right location can pump up to 400000 cubic metres of sand to the surface every single day. dredger cost anywhere from $25000000.00 to $200000000.00. but the sand is free. so the thousands of tankers coming the world's oceans have every incentive to suck up as much sand as possible for their increasingly hungry clients.
5:00 am
to buy is an astonishing example of this appetite within a few decades this fishing village has morphed into a mecca of modern architecture it's a sandbox for developers were no fantasies to grandiose. but do projects swallow up a lot of sand using huge volumes of sand and construction projects concrete and indeed just making more land as as dubai has been doing with the with the artificially constructed islands. to buys landfills or even bigger consumers of sand the concrete. with a booming economy the emirate launched an ambitious expansion project. the palm.


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