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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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a deep cut by iran's foreign minister using remarks by pompous predecessor against him back into her run a military advisor to the supreme leader left little doubt about iran's conviction millette the heart of the americans think of any plots the iranian nation will respond from the mediterranean to the red sea and to the indian ocean american should take what he said seriously any movement against iran will affect the whole region no veiled threats here invoking the name of the hizbullah leader in lebanon it a clear nod to a close ally and a reminder to would be aggressors iran has back on the latest world words was sparked when saudi and american officials said an attack on saudi oil facilities claimed by yemen's hoopy fighters was really iran's handiwork iran's forceful denials in rebuke of u.s. and saudi accusations is likely to dominate the conversation well into next week that's when we're expecting iranian president hassan rouhani who was also just
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granted a visa it seems to speak at the u.n. in new york. the united states has announced new sanctions on iran that include the iranian central bank also targeted here on the national development fund of iran and. iranian company officials are saying that it's used to conceal financial transfers for iranian military says the president donald trump says he prefers financial sanctions as opposed to the use of military action in order to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. we have just sanctioned the arabian national bank that is their central banking system and it's going to be. at the highest level of sanctions we are continuing the maximum pressure campaign this is the last remaining source of funds so both the central bank of iran and israel well as the national development fund which is their sovereign wealth fund
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will be cut off from our banking system so this will mean no more funds going to the r.g.c. were to fund terror and this is on top of our oil sanctions and our financial institutions our actions in a very major factor is what we do these are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country we've never done it to this level. well mike hanna joins us now from washington and mike on the face of it these sanctions look it's all they're all positive president trumps maximum pressure campaign on iran but on the other hand does it signal that he would prefer not to take any military action and to escalate recent tensions and perhaps a different sort of way. well it does appear that he's intent on ratcheting up economic pressure sensually these new sanctions are layered over a series of sanctions that the trump administration has imposed on iran in recent months or indeed since the u.s. unilaterally pulled out of the iranian nuclear deal last may difficult to tell at
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this particular point exactly what impact these latest sanctions will have it's not particularly clear how much business the iranian central bank called software and fund does with the united states banking system so that will play out in the days and weeks ahead but as you mentioned the fact that president trump is taking today to announce new layers of sanctions against iran could perhaps indicate that he is continuing to back away from any military action intent on letting this economic pressure this wretched up economic pressure begin to take its effect and of course this comes ahead of. the united nations and we know that there have been efforts led by the french president to manual macron to try and bring the u.s. and iran to the table or to at least reach a negotiated solution of this i mean with the imposition of these new sanctions that seems further away than ever. well this is something that needs to play into
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it as well with regard to what type of action president trump might take now we've heard from the secretary of state for example in the course of this week that president trump prefers to continue imposing economic sanctions rather than resort to military force but there is another factor delaying a ultimate decision by president trump on this issue and that is his desire to form some kind of alliance in terms of dealing with the iranian question now we do know that he's earmarked to the u.n. general assembly next week as you mention to talk to various allies in ways in which a united front can be certain in terms of dealing with the rain issue in terms of placing greater economic pressure on iran now that's going to be a very difficult process indeed given the fact that the u.s. unilaterally walked away from the nuclear deal angering and worrying many off its allies who signed that particular deal with that the question of whether or not he
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may meet in reining in leaders still well president trump is on record as saying that he's prepared to meet the iranian leader the iranian president without any preconditions iran continues to say such a meeting is simply not going to happen while these sanctions remain in place thank you very much mike hanna in washington. you know al jazeera live from london well still ahead has been optimism from britain's banks itzhak trail after talks and proselyte make the news top negotiator run out of the time and thousands descend on one of the wilds most secret military bases as an online joke at serious and out of hand. logan well this time of year when we see a front coming through australia it normally means we can be seeing some severe
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weather as well and here is that from the boundary pushing very slowly from west to east now we did see a lot of active weather pushing through adelaide and with it a big temperature drop once the front went through before the front we were talking into the high twenty's now it is going to be about 12 degrees as we go towards saturday the runs going to be moving towards melbourne as well as hobart you are going to be warm but once the front goes through we're going to be dropping those temperatures as well about 10 degrees so expect to see chillier nights in the evening over towards city it is going to be a rainy day for you on sunday with a temperature of 20 degrees well for the north in the south island this weekend it is going to be quite nice we're going to see really high pressure dominating that means a lot of sun across the area and the clouds going to be more towards the west and temperature wise we do expect to see still in the teens for many areas so for auckland at 16 here on saturday and as we go towards sunday we do expect to see temperatures coming up slightly for christ church but clouds could be a problem by the time we get into the evening hours and then here across japan we are dealing with a a developing typhoon down towards the south that's going to be
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a lot of rain across much of the area so for saka expect to see a rainy day here on saturday a 26 in tokyo a little cooler with a temperature of 22. on counting the cost billions spent on add to fences. but drones tell you don't need them all for saudi arabia's oil production and look at nocona for part of the $30000000000.00 plan to move indonesia's sinking capital the importance of the dollar to what comes in the colts on al-jazeera.
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a quick look at headlines stories now several people have been arrested in anti-government protests in the egyptian capital cairo demonstrations against president abdel fatah sisi took place in taipei a square and all the parts of the city but with and broken up by police similar protests smaller protests and also been taking place in all the cities across egypt . has the rebels in yemen say they will stop targeting saudi arabia with drawings and other weapons and expect that the saudis would also stop targeting yemeni territory. the united states has announced a new sanctions on iran that now include the country's central bank. now millions of people from around the world taken part in a global climate strike demanding governments do more to curb emissions before the
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damage to the planet is irreversible from australia to the united states europe to africa and asia students and workers took a day off to illustrate the seriousness of the crisis and its impact on future generations and the hail it begins our coverage. this is a movement led by children by college students backed by many parents millions of people coming together to protest when they would normally be at school instead they're calling on governments around the world to take action on climate change i think that it's bad to miss one school day and then have a few jets you know how many chinese at school people need to realize that the promise is something we need as many people are protesting here for the 1st time but want to be part of this moring movement cormorant governments to do more to tackle climate change. and this truly is a phenomenon across the pacific islands many of which are already experiencing the
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impact of rising sea levels a pledge to fight climate change there were big protests in australia where several 100000 people skipped school college or work to take part in thailand hundreds of young people by death outside the end garb of ministry demanding action. we. were missing on. the run. in indonesia the police took time while protesters rallied along the main road. don't let up by guide and in india the message was no less passionate it would be personally getting deluded had the climate is closed it would change in mindset of how government of the people. this protest in south africa was no less noisy. this groundswell of global
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thanks tim passion for action and change from young people has surprised some in governments many have been inspired by the teenager gretta thornburg who last year started skipping school on fridays to protest outside the swedish parliament. in just a few days world leaders will meet in new york at the united nations conference on climate change we must hope but we we must also be prepared for. that nothing comes out of it and then we need to continue no matter what because giving up helping an option that is citizens' world leaders make in new york will affect the future of these young people farmer within themselves it is the youth and pulled in by a desire for change and he would al-jazeera in london. well i'll asunder n.p.'s he joins us now from the ball guitar and has been writing that today alessandro but
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that's done nothing to deter people from timing out to protest or to dance and that there. well yes roughly a few hundreds of people children and also college students have come here to central to apply the fall of the bard to participate in this global call to protest against climate change and inaction in people here are saying that the columbia is a particularly fragile particularly under threat when it comes to change its. climate they're saying that. it's true we have seen an increase in the number and then the severity how severe this is both droughts and periods of rain have been in a number of regions of colombia they say that the people of the south of the many unique. eco system needs to be the forest service and that are at risk of
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being lost in particular of course we talk about the amazon region and while colombia hasn't seen the widespread fires that stand out that have happened are happening in brazil and what do you get is the truth that the torah station is like shooting problem here in colombia and that's also manmade that has to do with the expansion of the agriculture of people from here which cattle ranchers that are cutting down trees in this region of the amazon are better off one that mantle 40 years ability of the world and that's why people have taken to the streets here and in a number of other cities that in that the longer they're demanding this government and the band took a hearing to get to do more now the president took the last of the monster calls for a package for the amazon with a number of other kinds. but people here say that that back. alone
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will not be able to do much. all right thank you from bogota with all the latest on that the climate strike protests there alessandra patsy. on now the u.s. president on trump has dismissed a whistleblower complaint against him as a political hack job and says it relates to a phone conversation he made that was totally appropriate u.s. media reporting the complaint concerns a personal phone call between donald trump and a foreign leader believed to be from ukraine a white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has more. a state visit between the leaders of the united states and australia overshadowed by questions of political impropriety by u.s. president donald trump i've had conversations with many leaders that are always appropriate for the oval office trump defended and downplayed the allegations he abused his position of power during a phone conversation in july with ukraine's president vladimir selenski allegedly
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asking him to investigate a democratic presidential opponent former vice president joe biden it doesn't matter what i discuss but i will say this somebody ought to look into joe biden statement because it was disgraceful and somebody ought to look into that and you wouldn't because he's a democrat but that phone call has now become the focus of a congressional investigation following a whistleblower complaint from inside the intelligence community one of the trump justice department reportedly tried to block democrats accuse the trumpet ministration of a cover up that whole purpose is being frustrated here because the director of national intelligence has made the unprecedented decision not to share the complaint with congress democrats alleged may have tried to help his presidential reelection campaign by pressuring kiev to investigate business deals between ukrainian companies and biden son will biden was vice president. according to the ukrainian government trump expressed support for their efforts to have best to get
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corruption during a phone call with selenski in july shortly afterwards the u.s. reportedly began reviewing the possibility of suspending 250000000 it military assistance to ukraine the white house announced this month it is providing the money to kiev trump says the accusations are politically motivated it's just another political hack job after initially dodging congressional requests president trump's acting director of national intelligence has now agreed to testify next week before congress about the whistleblowers complaint this as president trump continues to deny any wrongdoing we're also scheduled to meet with ukraine's president next week at the united nations general assembly can really help get al-jazeera the white house to as it says it's removed more than 4 and a half 1000 political spam accounts being used to target cattle in a coordinated campaign the council based in the united arab emirates and egypt
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twitter says the fake profiles pushed content critical of cattle while promoting saudi arabia's government to it has also suspended the account of the former saudi royal course adviser tommy has been implicated in the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi well now to algeria thousands have returned to the streets of the capital algiers for the 31st week in a row to demand political change. this despite a crackdown by military chief who had ordered security services to block people entering the capital the protesters want associates of the former president i'm done as he's but a fluke are removed from power before any elections are held by its group national says dozens of demonstrators have been arrested over the past 10 days. version's bricks that secretary has expressed optimism following a meeting with the european union's chief negotiator in brussels stephen barclay
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says there is common purpose between the u.k. and the e.u. to see a withdrawn agreement in place by october 31st the talks between barclay and michel barnier focused on the contentious irish border issue gosh ations a jew to continue on monday as prime minister johnson meets the e.u. council president donald tusk in new york where we had serious detailed discussions today with bonnie any steve common purpose we both want to see do you have a clear message has been given both by the president you and the prime minister you want to see the teams reach a deal the meeting actually over iran which signals the for that we would get into the detail or would have further discussions which week. thousands of u.f.o. enthusiasts a gathered in the u.s. state of nevada close to a top secret military base was started as an online job to storm the gates of area $51.00 threatened to turn serious in the end only a few dozen people gathered in the early hours of the morning at the actual gates
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of the remote f. or space which conspiracy theorists believe my house real aliens but there are serious concerns thousands more may overwhelm local towns with little or no infrastructure i do joe castro reports. it all started as a joke university student matty roberts had been bored at work so to entertain himself he turned on his computer in created a meme about a pretend event he imagined on the spot the title of the event is star mary $51.00 that can't stop all of us area $51.00 is a top secret u.s. military base in the nevada desert it's where the cia developed spy planes at the height of the cold war and where classified military testing continues today but some believe this is also where the u.s. government studies aliens you can imagine that if indeed there is an alien race with the technology to be able to arrive here on our planet their knowledge would
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be very useful to us so it's very possible the rumors have always been that we might be in collaboration with some off world intelligence conspiracies are enjoying a resurgence in american pop culture then enter robert's me about to be something funny for the $62.00 followers that i had in my page and apparently i was completely correct and it was funny to the entire world so funny that more than 2000000 people or is it online for the september 20th a vent of course not all those millions of people will show up but hotel rooms and campsites have sold out in this very remote area and nearby desert towns used to supporting populations of no more than 100 are bracing for a potential onslaught of as many as 10000 alien hunters who will bring with them their very human needs there's nowhere to find food water or gas for tens of
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kilometers 2 counties have issued emergency declarations ahead of the event and the u.s. military says it will of rest anyone who trespasses on to area $51.00 as the signs warn lethal force is authorized. against those who disobeyed so what does robert think of storming the base now but i think it's terrible. yes the creator of storm area 51 is telling people not to storm area 51 but it may be too late because once something's launched into the great unknown of cyberspace it may return with alien life heidi joe castro al jazeera rachel nevada. scientists a warning that the increasing rate of deforestation in brazil's amazon could one day turn the region into a dry savannah despite a 60 day ban on fires to clear farmland in the amazon wildfire writes it's still only slightly down from the highest number in a decade in america at
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a silly season human reports from chicago dusk one liar is in the state of mato grosso. 60 year old agronomist. walks through the charred remains of his land for the 1st time since fire destroyed it all. these were my seedling beats years of work here you would grab the dirt in it smelled it differently it had life now it's and. but governor will apply to sustainable system without artificial fertilisers only native species to make the land more productive. and all his work to grow his 1st pineapples sugarcane fruit trees and corn went up in smoke in just a few minutes he says that filmed this video on september 7th just before he had to run to save himself. he describes what's left as
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a prelude to total dysart if occasion. the characteristic of this next of forest is its ability to survive decades of fires but with every new fire it becomes more degraded and smaller until it withers away and the only thing left is it does it. last month the number of wildfires in the amazon tripled compared to the previous year and as elsewhere here in the most impacted state they continue spreading until a week ago all this looked like a kind of in chanted forest what scientists call an environmental corridor with more than 100 native species and not just trees but also animals like wild deer armadillos wars poulos and many many more are the fires have destroyed all this in some cases were accidental in others intentional but in all cases they were manmade . the mato grosso state environmental department argues that the number of fires is
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relative. compared to 20 i tane which was a rhyme a year. amount of deforestation will double this year if you compare it to other years that's quite average nothing extraordinary. actually but that's not really the veil says she's lived in the area for 20 years and says her family never experienced anything close to an wildfires came right up to their doorstep they survived by a miracle she says. 5 i'm very frightened still too afraid to even go to work because i don't want to leave the house of my family alone it's jane generous. she's right to be worried the temperatures have been hovering at nearly $43.00 degrees for weeks the start of the rainy season is at least a month away and even that won't guarantee that this vital tropical forest will be out of danger you see in you and i just see that shot by other digvijay singh
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brazil or elsewhere more than 29000 military personnel and police are continuing to fight thousands of forest fires burning across indonesia smoke from the fires has caused a toxic haze to blanket the country as well as neighboring malaysia and parts of southern thailand the crisis is being blamed on the global demand for palm oil its belief as a setting fire to the land to make room for new crops. meanwhile in indonesia capital hundreds of thousands of people have been participating in climate protests to mining and the caring of land for 100 has more from jakarta. it's the best about to speak here in the capital to ponce away around 400 students some as young as 10 years all that get us the students are demonstrating for what they're calling climate action they want the government to enforce the climate imagines it to deal with some of the issues that's currently facing the country much of this is around absolution they say they want clean and blue sky now all of this comes off the back
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of all the major forest fires that have happened in indonesia for the last couple of months on the island of sumatra and on borneo and it's causing a very bad haze that's affecting the population here and also it's crossing borders into malaysia and singapore many of the people here i think you're right so we are taking you now to the pentagon where we are just about to hear from the u.s. secretary of defense mark s. and i think that's the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joseph dunford there alongside him let's listen then is waging a deliberate campaign to decide as the middle east and impose costs on the international economy in recent months iran has increased its military activity through direct attacks and support to its proxies in the region in the persian gulf and gulf of oman which are vital waterways for global commerce iran has threaten the safe passage of ships by tech and commercial vessels and eve legally seizing a british oil tanker in yemen iran is perpetuating war by providing sustained
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financial support and advanced weapons to the who the insurgency. and on june 20th iran shot down a united states unmanned aircraft that was flying over international waters despite repeated calls from president trump to begin diplomatic talks iranian aggression continues to increase in the face of the sustained malign behavior the united states and other countries have demonstrated great restraint in hopes that iranian leadership would choose peace and reverse iran steep decline into isolation and economic collapse. but the attack on september 14th against saudi arabian oil facilities represents a dramatic escalation of iranian aggression it is clear based on detailed exploitation conducted by saudi united states and other international investigative teams that the weapons used in the attack were iranian produced and were not launch from yemen as was initially claimed all indications are that iran was responsible
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for the attack the united states has a responsibility to protect our citizens and our interests in the region and the international community has a responsibility to protect the global in a of the global economy and international rules and norms all of this is threatened by iran's significant escalation of violence this week i've been in dialogue with the saudi defense minister and other partners about this latest attack to prevent further escalation saudi arabia requested international support to help protect the kingdom's critical infrastructure the united arab emirates has also requested assistance and response to the caymans request the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves the purpose of the additional defense
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of support we will provide is as follows 1st to send a clear message that the united states supports our partners in the region 2nd to ensure the free flow of resources necessary to support the global economy and 3rd to demonstrate our commitment to upholding the international rules based order that we have long called on iran debate. as the president has made clear the united states does not seek conflict with iran that said we have many other military options available should they be necessary we urge the iranian leadership to cease their destructive and destabilizing activities and to move forward on a peaceful diplomatic path. general dunford i will now take your questions thank you mr secretary thank you you said here in missile defense is primarily good to be able more specific about are you talking about patriot missiles are you and what what number of troops are you talking about sending you know. circuitry pompei i
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just came back this morning and the saudis asked for enhanced offensive capability so we will do now is take the president's decision i'll talk to centcom over the weekend we'll talk with our saudi partners and we'll work the details of that point we'll be able to share that with you next week so it's been no decision on specific no we haven't so i don't specific units broadly keep as the secretary said to be capability so enhance their missile defense it's not my job to come back with a shock to the secretary with the details of what we believe would meet the saudis requirements and is sustainable really i just think this is a follow up and it would be were exactly my thousands of troops struggling hundreds of troops and also just the secretary. do you think this is going to be enough or why do you think this would be you know terrans and further attacks we think given the state of play now and then based on whatever assessments we get from central command what the joint staff and the chairman do and other discussions we're having with partners we have to continually sess at we think for now that would be sufficient but that doesn't mean that there could be additional deployments as
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needed based on the changing situation you know numbers. i would see this point of moderate deployment film will have more details for you next week but but not really sure of the details on thousands and thousands would be a lot of it that's fair to say not thousands. of them. or 30 but i'm sure that he plans to hold the lincoln straight group any longer than planned we're not going discuss any operational details at this time or this is all over for either of you does this now represent a full u.s. commitment to tip and saudi arabia. and to the oil infrastructure saudi arabia and for several time for it in particular what's your concern about their ability the iranian ability to launch swarms of drones and very great distances without any air defense detection of this incoming attack so what i'd say barbara
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in terms of what we're doing is we're contributing to saudi arabia's defense we would be looking as the secretary said for other international partners to also contribute to saudi arabia's defense and with regard to dealing with the specific threat like you just spoke about you know no single system is going to be able to defend against a threat like that but a layered system of defensive capabilities would mitigate the risk of swarms of drones or other it or other attacks that may come from iran i want to double down on the chairman's comments 2 ways 1st of all i agree what we would be deploying to the theater would be what would it what would be necessary to help support and contribute to the kingdom's defenses and at the same time we're calling on many other countries who would have also have these capabilities to do 2 things 1st of all stand up and condemn these attacks and secondly look to also contribute defensive capabilities so we could defend those things outlined in my remarks
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whether it's the infrastructure in saudi arabia and then the broader issues with regard to freedom of the seas navigation the strait and then the international rules and norms that iran is clearly violating. so should we take this is this is the president's decision about the response to the attack in saudi arabia and there is not a kinetic response that we should expect from the united states this is the 1st step we're taking with regard to responding to these attacks and again for the reasons i outlined to help the bolster the defenses of saudi arabia and provide equipment to both the saudis and u.a.e. a 2nd to to ensure the free flow of commerce of the strait and 3rd to ensure we protect and defend the international space order and try can. the iranians to get back on the diplomatic path but the deployment of these kinds of assets can take can often take days if it leaks is there should we expect any other kind of more immediate response from the united states but the united states has a robust presence in the gulf already.


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