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to push a certain agenda on their readers we differ with our point of view we think that it fundamentally misses a key aspect of journalism which is the trying to cut through the fog and tell citizens here's what you need to know about your world here's what you can do about it. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers you know actually rafi nina the media in egypt are severely restricted under the government there but there is one very public dissenting voice going after the president himself what can you tell us about him this person who's speaking out richard is very well known in egypt he's a film and t.v. actor his name is muhammad ali and over the past few weeks he's been posting numerous half hour long video on facebook and youtube and he's doing it from spain . well actually. he gave an account. what happens to that now.
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now it's not surprising i really felt he had to leave egypt in order to see some of the things he's saying he's gone where few others in egypt would dare to go and he had extensive dealings with the egyptian military and says he saw up close clear cases of corruption and embezzlement by president sisi his wife and in a circle these videos richard have been going crazy online they've been getting millions of views and many of those views are within egypt so how are the egyptian media dealing with this given that criticism of the president there is such a no no well these videos have been seen as so incendiary that president himself came out to respond he was at a conference in cairo when he spoke about allegations but he will tell you i would go to be able to help liberate people and some of those who live to demolish the deal to totally. we haven't seen such a public challenge against president sisi before now that's in part due to the fact
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that the suppression and targeting of independent journalism has been so effective among the hundreds of journalists who are currently in jail in egypt there is as on mahmoud hussain who's been held without any charge for more than a 1000 days all right the other story we're looking at is in great britain the continuing chaos over brock's it and david cameron the prime minister who set this whole process off with that referendum called 3 years ago decides to choose this particular moment to launch a publicity tour yeah i mean cameron's been all over the british waves and he's promoting his autobiography. it was the moment he was finally in front of the camera and under the spotlight but the initial action collapsed and so it came to an end very quickly and i hated leaving the job but i love serving the country and he's appeared in just about any t.v. or radio platform that will have him and is even the subject of a 2 part b.b.c. documentary on his time in office the comment is the prime minister who called that referendum on britain's membership of the e.u. even though he said he himself is and he brags that history probably won't treat
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him kindly but the british media largely have helping him sell copies of his book which haven't exactly been flying off the shelves in the u.k. ok thanks mina. consider what you know or think you know about the favelas of rio de janeiro those sprawling hillside communities that are as synonymous with rio as the city's iconic beaches perhaps you see fellas as the brazilian media and many international news outlets have depicted them lawless communities virtual no go zones for police where the only realistic solution is a security show of force that prevailing view that the favelas need to be brought under control plays well for 2 politicians in particular president j. or balsa narrow and rio's governor wilson vets all both have given police more authority to use lethal force in the favelas through an ongoing shoot to kill policy and they routinely defend officers who kill on the job however there is an alternative media narrative coming out of the favelas that is emerged through
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community based journalistic collectives they use video footage posted on social media to document police violence and security abuses to counter the dominant mainstream media narrative on one of brazil's most important stories the listening post often now on 2 of those collectives popple hetero and not a.v. and the work they do. they begin early in the morning when the for that is the fleet who gets ready for police raids that come without warning and turn residents into hostages in their own time the middle sold the 1st one of my days of a helicopter gunship it's very disturbing. that we speak with residents from all over the complex people give guidance as
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a method of defense. be careful when going to such and such street the police tank is there with thank you write the information and decide what to share. i'm told you one of those days was able to turn the favela into a war zone and we share information in order to minimize the damage to people's lives not only physical damage but psychological too which is more serious for the residents our facebook page works as an information tool so they can feel saying there's a physical law that i'm for thurso this is cool that it was the importance of these media collective it's easy mets mainly to fill a void left by the mass media and why is that because the press doesn't answer that because these are territories with the state is not the person so if a thought is on your stop with something. they are the full bellows eyes and. media collectives like my t.v. v.m.
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popple have to fill in information void. one that's especially dangerous during the named daisy military raids in the back of the collective the photos videos and information in real time you can share them with residents on facebook and what. the decades really security forces have operated with almost total impunity in the for about the focus of the focus where you have to bring the idea to the what you're going to tell someone else opening day i want to cancel because i want to go ok this is that i don't want to facing off with brevity occupying and invading her . but not without pushback from the media collective well it's very english closely the scene there was several instances where we used our videos to get justice there was the case of it why do dishes lose a 10 year old boy who was shot by a soldier the 1st thing the residents did was called up where we wanted our video
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to serve as evidence of the crime scene to avoid someone moving the body or placing a gun in the child's hand the policeman wouldn't allow us in the area but we are from the favela the favela people have their own resources another resident let us go up on his roof and we filmed everything from above. a footage was used by the public defender in eduardo's case i made news across the country. rio's for velez i'm more than 100 years old they are impoverished communities where the state has historically showing little interest in residents while being in the 980 s. the drug trade pushed its way into the balance trapping the population bad between brutal warring gangs and police forces with a reputation for violent or brazil's president jaya both the novels and rio's
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governor wilson vessel both support more extreme action. while that is also in the us regarding rescue was all over the summer the movie sure it will go this route you must be sure. the governor i recently took part in a police operation. because. residents say helicopters are used to fire indiscriminately and launch grenades on the ballot. rio's militarized security forces now kill an average of 5 people day brazil of its wall government officials say a war on drugs that's inside the favelas feels more like a war on the pole. was when they use the war metaphor to justify this kind of action they forget that in a war there's a ceasefire a curfew a series of actions that should prevent the war becoming
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a genocide but both are not all as presidents and it's all israel's gov we have a synchrony of a state genocide policy we have a governor who wants to be rambo that was. my me i say meet you by chip and it needs to be said well that's on the plaza security policy in which success is measured by the number of bodies left on the floor. it's clear how this government's focus is on barbarism. how can anyone and violent if you increase the number of people killed rios police have been more lethal than during the 5 government came before so how can anyone solve security issues if no one invests in inclusion policies police operations have always existed in the for values death has always existed unfortunately that's all the fellows are used for they only see the favelas through the sights of their rifles favela or both of the flu. brazil's mainstream
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media have a troubled relationship with the for closure for you can't just say get go get there hold the favela the horse sing and all he would be if the majority of brazilians and the vast majority of the people of the bad of our of african descent the faces in the media and on the airways are disproportionately white when the media do report on the favelas it's for all the wrong reasons but. i must draw this is joyous the terminology can be problematic varies by his scumbag ideas it. may be. an official voices are often privileged over voices from within the favela. many journalists have also embedded with security forces and train with a valid in time one to locals have
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a cab ride out big skull. however the dangers for journalists covering this beat. in 2002 tim lock bags a reporter from the largest t.v. network. with tortured to death in what was called a macabre ritual of violence a trade mom. the natori of drug lord he was investigating dubbed the madman by rios tabular the brutality of his mudda shocked brazilians not least knew that it is who have been reluctant to send reporters into the favelas everything. when issues don't know whether a colleague of tim lopez. i'm going to press or p.r. officer for the mass media companies but we need to be fair here how can i as a journalist report those stories if i conquer in how i need to access these people's realities and what's the reality that we hear about it's violence bad news
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to traffic. my guess that due to the impossibility of access despite the tremendous richness from the favelas we get just one story about them this is not coverage. to cover is to be there but we are not for instance this interview is being recorded in a posh neighborhood in the south would we be able to record this inside of a villa we would need authorization. it's very common to hear t.v. journalists say that they don't go into the favelas because it's too violent we can't deny some of that is true this interview for instance we should be doing it inside the limo but today was an intense day of gunfights it would be irresponsible to tell you come let's do it day if a journalist wants a scoop from inside the for that they should listen to
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a favela person but what we say doesn't have credit following think a boy yes if not why not if you are fundamental because they have a direct link with everyday life they listen to the residence they give visibility and amplify those voices to have alternative communication tools like not a.v. poets are speaking out against the logic of war and the dehumanization of black bodies in the favelas is fundamental and for my mental. release 5 a lot of the people of the favela face the political establishment hell bent on treating them as a hostile population as well as media outlets hindered by difficulties of access but also by bias and a tendency to peddle the narrative of war. amidst all this the media collectives b.v. up ahead and the nearest others across rio tell stories from the inside broadcasting
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a reality seen through the lens of the band. and finally it's that time of year in many countries back to school time for students in china the 1st lesson of each year comes from the state and beijing's media apparat. yes as classes begin students and their parents are required to watch a television programme produced by the ministry of education and the national broadcaster c.c.t.v. the show is part of a government campaign to quote unify ideology on quote this year's theme of patriotism an hour and a half of flag waving history celebrating military cheering and achievement listing for any other authoritarian states and leaders who might be watching it's really a lesson in the art of propaganda we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. to look
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at the shit that's actually a sound them and. you don't seem to look at the nails you.
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immokalee in the morning with cuts to throughout history a large water concert is ahead with me and started fighting me in a developed nation state and soon there will be another trip to the job. now within reach of those seeking compounding those toxic substances little with. many invisible threats from al jazeera. calls for egypt's president to resign over their protests across the country demanding up to. muzzle. back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s.
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is sending additional troops and military equipment tucson to arabia and the u.a.e. in the aftermath of attacks on saudi oil facilities we share one planet like this to our only hope and why are we letting her get away a call for global action millions of young people take the lead in the biggest ever climate protests plus. a major chapelle at a research laboratory on the red sea i'll show you what jordanian scientists are doing to save britain for species. thousands of egyptians have joined red nationwide protests demanding the resignation of president abdel fatah they accuse him and other military leaders of corruption al-jazeera is banned from covering news inside egypt but they are reports that several arrests were made in the capital cairo shallot belly says. following developments. from cairo to alexandria to men sora anger and resentment
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filled egypt's streets people protested against president abdul fattah el-sisi calling for him to resign following corruption allegations and reus sites they flooded into cairo's to his square before police dispersed the crowd arresting some the square was made famous in 2011 during the egyptian revolution that toppled former president hosni mubarak the fact that people have been able to actually enter to henry square is in itself an incredible achievement for the people in order to try to protest against sisi so it seems that there is this bubble that's growing this tension is growing and it seems that momentum is increasing at minute by minute egyptians are frustrated about corruption but it was a businessman in spain that storks the fire calling for the protests muhammad ali started posting videos on you tube and facebook and early september he lead cissie and his military wasted millions of dollars of public money on palaces and hotels
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he said he knew because he built them i wonder why spend a huge amount of money building these houses i never understood his decision the problem was that cacs wife didn't want to sleep in the same home when mubarak's wife stayed taken low level corruption to a new label i built 5 villas for theses a palace for the president and a military camp in cairo. the slap the clip the one week ago speaking at a youth summit in cairo president says he did not directly address the accusations of corruption against him and his army but he did say this. how much do you think a day of operations in sinai costs we don't talk about this then we see someone carrying to come out and defame the army someone who wants to shock you panic you someone who dares to try to disparage the great value of our great army when cici little military coup of president mohammed morsi in 2013 he outlawed all
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unauthorized protests a government crackdown followed with tens of thousands of egyptians arrested including journalists like al-jazeera is own mahmoud hussein who is now being imprisoned more than 1000 days gyptian government crushed any protest ruthlessly so the fact that people are prepared to take to the streets tonight i think speaks to the enormous frustration the enormous anger that ordinary egyptians to work. from an egyptian whistleblower posting you tube videos the internet has galvanized egyptians frustrations and now move to the streets ballasts al-jazeera. responding to the protests human rights watch issued a warning saying president security agencies have time and again use brutal force to crush peaceful protest the authorities should recognize that the world is watching and take all necessary steps to avoid
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a repetition of past atrocities back in 20 levon activists on the streets of egypt sought to change the course of the country's history the january 25th revolution forced longtime leader hosni mubarak to step down the fall of mubarak paved the way for the muslim brotherhoods mahmoud morsi to become egypt's 1st democratically elected president in 2012 but a year later mass protests took place against morsi and he was overthrown in a military coup led by general abdel fattah el-sisi sisi went on to become president one morsy died in june this year standing trial since strengthened his grip on power journalists have been arrested including those working for this network groups accused security forces of frequent abuses as the crackdown on dissent let's speak to mastery about this is chair of the media and journalism program at the doha institute for graduate studies and is with us here in the studio thank you so much for being with us once again how important is it that
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we're seeing these protests once again on the streets of egypt despite everything that's happened in recent years a violent crackdown from the security forces how significant is it and how much momentum do you think there is in these current demonstrations i think egyptians of clearly broken a very significant barrier of fear so if nothing else they've they've been able to do that in just one night in terms of you know whether or not there is momentum we just have to wait and see i'm as curious as everybody else to see if people hit the streets again tonight and through this weekend especially next friday mohammed ali the man who you've been speaking about released a video last night he says he's planning to come back to egypt next friday so he obviously expects these protests. to continue and there may well be people inside the establishment who are behind him just to remind of us the demonstrations came after exiled south thanks ali gyptian businessman and to. ali who is also a military contractor accused president c.c.f.
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corruption he posted several videos online on social media that have been viewed hundreds or thousands of times how much of a threat is mohamed to c.c.'s power who is he and why does his message resonate currently with the egyptian people at the allegations of corruption and nothing new in egypt what why are people listening to what he's saying he's a significant threat to c.c. and one of the reasons why is we have to remember the context over the last several years sisi has come out in multiple public addresses and went out of his way to sort of reminded gyptian how poor the country is he says for a week and he repeats this we are very poor at the same time the government is cutting subsidies to essential goods for egyptians and he's reminding them again we have to do this because we don't have any money while this is all happening muhammad ali is alleging that sisi has spent tens of millions of dollars not egyptian pounds tens of millions of dollars on several presidential palaces and
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a private family home in a middle class neighborhood in cairo so this is all very very significant this is why people are so. angry if we're so poor at them how is it that you can afford all of this this sort of lavish lifestyle significantly last week at the youth conference not only did sisi not deny mohamed on these allegations but he confirmed them he said yes i have constructed presidential palaces and i plan to construct even more and this is what is angering egyptians right now and significant that mohammed ali is an insider that this is coming from an inside which makes you wonder how strong is cc's grip on power how united is a view. is gyptian military behind him today says he has been paranoid for a number a number of years a confident leader doesn't have to silence all forms of dissent to ban political parties shut down all opposition media a rest would be challengers to the to the presidency we have to remember sami and
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then an homage to feel came forward in 2018 and wanted to run for president these are insiders these are military establishment people they had backing from inside the apparatus that was the 1st clear evidence that we had that there is indeed a fracture inside the power structure in egypt syria cc's worried about it and the fact that mohammed ali is an insider coming forth with these allegations having worked with the military for 15 years this just adds to that to that evidence and to see these concerns and to be interesting to see how this situation develops and whether the protests continue in age of thank you so much for speaking to us and other news u.s. is sending more troops. and the united arab emirates to boost defenses in the face of what it calls a rainy aggression the deployment follows the attack on key oil facilities in saudi arabia wish the u.s. has blamed on iran i cannot from washington. it was
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a hastily arranged news conference at the pentagon following a meeting of the national security council the secretary of defense announced the further deployment of u.s. forces to the middle east the intention he said to bolster the defense systems of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense we will also work to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to enhance their ability to defend themselves it's not clear how many troops the u.s. will provide but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff emphasize this was a defensive deployment and indicated the u.s. would ask its allies to offer their support were contributing to saudi arabia is the french we would be looking as the secretary said for other international partners to also contribute to show to your abuse defense. the secretary of defense
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continued to insist iran was responsible for the attacks on saudi oil installations last weekend brushing off repeated iranian denials of involvement but at the same time confirming that the u.s. forensic team working with saudi experts had still not concluded its investigation . news of the deployment closely followed president trump's decision to impose new sanctions on iran at the end of the day as president trump hosts a dinner for the prime minister office trailer it appears that the u.s. economic pressure will be buttressed by a show of military force even at that this stage is declared to be offered defensive nature mike hanna al-jazeera washington. iran's foreign minister meanwhile has said saudi arabia and the united states a united arab emirates want to fight to the last american his comments came in response to the visit by u.s. secretary of state's my compare to the gulf region zain bazarov he has more from
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tehran finally granted a visa iran's foreign minister took off for the us friday morning to attend this year's united nations general assembly already underway at its headquarters in new york as he flew so did the tweets responding to his american counterpart u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who during a visit to the middle east a day earlier accused iran of war mongering it's not iran that wishes to fight to the last american rather he's be t.v. hosts who seem to wish to fight iran to the last american the team host a reference to crown prince muhammad and saw him on the line suggesting saudi arabia wants americans to fight its war with iran that's in a direct quote from a secret 2010 state department memo released by wiki leaks in it former u.s. secretary of state robert gates made critical comments about his country's saudi allies not wanting to get their hands dirty in diplomatic circles no doubt.


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