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and i hate to say this but donald trump to his credit has opened the door to a dialogue with iran unfortunately the authoritarian leaders in tehran have no interest in pursuing dialogue so i think this this is i think the sticking point that needs to be resolved if we want to get away from a disastrous war that we're on the precipice of franco would a u.n. inquiry satisfy this u.s. and ministration. i would be all in favor of that i can't imagine the administration wouldn't as well but there's only one problem with that. and principle that sounds nice theoretic through the theory theoretical point of view the point is this i think iran as it is in the past would just reject it so what this is at the at the end of the the at the end of the day un so therefore i don't know how long that inquiry would take it would be contested there's no question the results of it that's not somebody that everybody would they would automatically. be in the un a body that anyone would necessarily respect and what would be the remedy afterwards i say after this long it would take a while there's
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a long inquiry iran actually was the culprit then what happens in terms of do we have a military strike 6 months from now and retaliation so that's one problem but but the comment made about diplomacy is an important one it's foreign minister sorry for who has taken diplomacy and the ayatollah khomeini who's taken them off the table when the instructions have been given to speak to no american official president trump was never said that he said just no american official including the visuals in new york there were some in our in washington who had advocated to revoke the visas for if the iranian delegation to even travel to the un meetings tomorrow next week in new york and that was rejected by president trump i think president trouble is open to the dialogue the problem is you're iran but at the end of the day the culprit in the region for the instability is iran we know that whether it's in syria or lebanon or yemen this is this regime that has been
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exporting terrorism and as a consequence a very tough sanctions which are now going to be stiff when iran is lashing out i understand it from a standpoint of global politics that iran has few options since it's unable to break through the sanctions with the european allies to do resort to military threats to say this is what's going to happen to these sanctions continue but the culprit for all of the for all of these activities beyond this incident is iran you have in america your reaction please. well i disagree with both of your guests 1st of all with regards to syria the u.n. did nothing until 2013 and when you run actually entered syria was when there always already tens of thousands of foreign fighters were funded and brought into the country if it wasn't for iran we'd have black flags flying both over damascus and trying to sort of the cracked and it's well that's it just has a whole lot and it's absolutely true and hezbollah actually entered syria in the
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middle of 2000 ron has been supporting us for news a war and stop showing how many who were silent about that look at the intelligence agency document of 2012 which did not belong to your own government have a bit of probability glenn and this is reminding us the syrians are going to be backing a war criminal record i would have of your government off behind your any human rights document 1012 intelligence agencies we honor them and they want to read if you're if you don't allow me to talk with this is reflective of the regime in washington's behavior how it silences any sort of critique your audience have no voice anywhere they can't have 5 minutes on al dizzier then that's really say they don't have it in their own country either because it. is all of your viewers so go and read the logic to your let's let's i mean how much of these are your. now yes if he won't let me talk to us i advise your viewers to read the u.s.
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defense intelligence agency document of 2012 where the united states and that organization was the lead of by general flynn michael flynn and he he also an al-jazeera stated that the united states allowed the extremists they allowed their allies in the region to support the street extremists and the extremists had the upper hand in the fighting and they according to the document were trying to create a salafist city between syria and iraq this was early on in the fighting in iran came well after that but with regards to when we talk about the u.n. let's look at yemen the u.n. only had the saudi regime on their black list for 72 hours and then they removed it so when we talk about the u.n. we're not talking about an unbiased the u.n. when saddam hussein invaded iran they never condemned the grass or during the war and when they used chemical weapons and i ended up by 2 chemical attacks and friends of mine didn't when that went chemical weapons were used in iran the u.n.
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security council never condemned the united states or saddam hussein or any of the european countries who supported them but the real story here is the war in yemen which is is quite obvious the most horrific story in the 21st century this war has to come to an end the sody regime if they do not want to their assets to be targeted the only way forward is for them to stop bombing schools stop bombing hospitals funerals who weddings school buses and and starving the country with the help of the united states and others any support that the iranians have given to the people of b.m. in their resistance against the saudi aggression is nothing compared to what the united states and its allies in the region and its allies in europe have done for so. and i will get here in just a 2nd i want to bring in. in. you heard what i guess in their own law
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and randy had to say it's about yemen this is where we're at and this is what needs to change however you seem to have some strong opinions i would agree with him that the war in yemen is horrific and it is destabilize the region and it is led to a huge humanitarian catastrophe but so has the war in syria which mohammad marandi is defending in terms of iranian participation that has killed you know roughly half a 1000000 people in iran has very bloody hands for what it has been doing in yemen so there's a lot of regional instability that's taking place now where i think if you want to be darting that if you want to be objective see warning of what he has to be able to attribute blame to all of the stabilizing actors that saudi arabia that's the islam republic of iran that we do i mean real government and that's also the united states government absolutely see the difference between mohammad marandi and i is that i'm not a an apologist for the united states government in fact i'm very critical of u.s. foreign policy both in the past and the president unlike him who's across apologist
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for everything that comes out of the mouth of the hominy let's bring in adulthood. because you're trying to get the language that you use reflects the way who you are and that's let's keep the civilized. it's very difficult for the iranians to come to the negotiating table if you keep putting sanctions on them if you sanction their senior leadership it becomes very difficult for them to actually sell it to their people and come back to the negotiating table what's the way out for the u.s. while this. well number one you're absolutely right and this is precisely why iran launched this attack in my opinion against saudi arabia it's to demonstrate that they have no options but to flex their muscles in the region and send a warning shot which was heard in saudi arabia and the and the gulf states that this could mean all out war which the saudi arabia and its and the u.s. does not does not want so the way the way out of the but here's the bigger problem
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for the united states and i really respect the other guest who i disagree with and doa because he is right he is critical to us but he's also critical of the other side so i have a different view but i give him a lot of credit for for his honesty. let me say this from our standpoint we have very hard options this is not an easy way out the problem is we're how we got here which i do not want to repeat the history of the failed policies of the previous american administration and frankly even other administration for weak on iran that iran we are is is now on the cusp and has been on the cusp of course of becoming a nuclear power that's that is from my perspective what drives our policy the problem is and i think the president was right he's saying we're not going to feel good for 5 or 6 years of buying security and then and then actually license to almost have under the agreement the ability to develop nuclear weapons in in
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a few years so he bit the bullet meaning the president by that expression i mean he decided very directly to say this is not going to happen we're going to put pressure on iran through sanctions to change its policy and to really call it what it is which it which is a terrorist state the problem with or the problem or the challenge for us right now is i think there will be stiffer. sanctions coming but the options become more difficult there's question of why. the iran will really come through with its threats and escalate and continue to do these types of activities have been engaged in and then frankly lead to a confrontation or whether iran will come to its senses after it does this types of antics and decide. because of sanctions but but by scoring some points to have the west come and suggest discussions and agree to those i would hope would be the
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latter but the president is not going to change course on sanctions that is for sure and in fact there might be some military response if our allies are aligned ultimately our goal is to change the iranian regime's behavior and that is our goal and our goal is to keep it from becoming a nuclear power in the region at all frank thank you very much i want to bring in mohammed. comes in as well and you know just me but we all running out very quickly we have more on the it's the sanctions the real issue here if the sanctions are lifted the iranians will come back to the negotiating table is that the upshot of it. no it's not at all that it's us aggression in this region just like in syria as we know in wiki leaks the united states used saudi arabia was supporting isis and they were destroying syria and the they hide the reality unlike your 2 guests you and i also disagree that trump is did not your guess and go ahead trump opened the
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door for negotiations that's nonsense the united states is engaging in economic warfare against ordinary iranians the iranians were sitting with the united states at the negotiating table and that was the united states that left the table after tearing up the agreement the iranians signed the nuclear agreement in order to create stability in this region and they gave significant concessions to get there but the but trump toward that agreement the iranians have said that the u.s. goes back to the deal that they will accept a new state of affairs meaning negotiations can take place so it's up to the united states not to be not the iranians iran's not going to appease the united states and finally saudi arabia is heading towards a cliff and so is the united arab emirates whether your guests like it or not they cannot continue this war with it with yemen and get away with it the yemenis are going are getting stronger the saudis are getting weaker the saudis have are able to protect themselves us by spending hundreds of billions of dollars wasting their money giving them to the united states and the united states has shown nothing for
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all its presence in the region they be united states is only creating instability and you will believe you me that if the war in iraq or how do we already have to tell you do you want to come to their house and he said well i'm going to have to stop you there this is a once again all about the politics of this is sanctions it's about the regional players saudi arabia it's about iran it's about the u.s. role saudi arabia seems to be reliant on the u.s. often it's been said that saudi arabia will fight any more and he will to the last american is not a bad policy is that a failed poll. should things change for saudi arabia well saudi arabia the house of saud they're not getting much sleep these days because they were hoping that donald trump would be their savior so they're in a state of shock right now that on 2 occasions when trump had the opportunity to strike at iran that they haven't so there's going to be a lot of soul searching in saudi arabia about his relationship with the united
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states i don't think they have many good options but these are difficult days for the dictators in riyadh but more broadly speaking i think in terms of diplomacy next week is a unique opportunity when all of the heads of state of the members of the u.n. will be in new york the french proposal which we haven't talked about which looked like it had some legs which looked like it could sort of be perhaps a way out of this conundrum needs to be revived and you know a manual marker on the french president will be there as well rouhani will be there so will trump let's hope that cooler heads prevail and there can be a way out of this disastrous conflict that's the responsibility of all of the a dictators and authoritarian regimes in the middle east including the international players led by the united states which you know has to bear a lot of responsibility for this and it's right and we are out of time i want to thank all of us another house for me i'm having randy and adolfo franco and thank you too for watching you can see the program any time by visiting websites algis
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their adult home and for full the discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the whole team head by fidel. the cow grows of toga. defenseless against the whims of an indifferent international marketplace. and
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political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on that until. our chocolate a taste of independents on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home we will maintain finest
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fighting force in the. united states army the sober life. the dependency. and the reality of the 21st i'm trying to do here. only if the persons that are sitting out you should. not my child soldiers reloaded on al-jazeera. hello i'm hiring these are the top stories here. thousands of people have been protesting across egypt calling on president. to resign there are reports that one person was killed in the northern city of mansoura of the suffocating from. mohamed el masri is the chairman of the media in general is in program of the institute for
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graduates the things he says it's too early to draw conclusions on how the security forces are reacting. some people are suggesting that this might be an indication that there are those within the security apparatus who are sympathetic to the protest movement sympathetic to mohammed ali the man that you've been talking about all morning this is certainly a possibility i'd like to let it play out a few days before i make any conclusions on that the mubarak era security apparatus was sometimes you know they took a sort of a hands off approach and then another times they they crack down brutally more u.s. troops and missile defense systems are being sent to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates is their true friend against what it calls a rainy and aggression iran denies american allegations that it's responsible for attacks on saudi oil pipeline plants a week ago the head of iran's revolutionary guards is warning any country that
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launches an attack will become a battlefield same as ravi has more from a new museum exhibition which is showcasing it rainin military might. 2 of the senior most figures in the islamic revolutionary guard corps were in attendance at a new military exhibit at the horizons war museum the head of the i.r.g.c. hussein salami and the head of the aerospace division they're both on hand to unveil an exhibit titled hunting vultures the vultures american drones hunting them a not so subtle point that iran is no longer on the defensive when it comes to securing its own strategic interests in the region and calling up a victim are yet to the bitter reality is there is american aggression into our land but the sweet reality is that there drones have been taken down this means that men under sanctions were able to take down examples of american might what were your drawings doing in iran space of course we had it we hit whoever violates our borders we have the will to take action and the tongue to claim responsibility
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for what we do the politicians argue over twitter and the foreign minister zarif is at the u.n. in new york president hassan rouhani is due to speak at the u.n. general assembly later this week in the waters and skies around iran there are the beginnings of what many fear could become a low level conflict an example of what's already happening we have the wreckage of an american global hawk it's one of the most sophisticated u.s. drones it was shot down by iran earlier this year and this is the very same surface to air missile defense system that did it it was transported here from the south of the country where it was deployed to be a part of this new exhibit at the hands war museum predator and prey on display in the same place a kind of visual equation that seems to suggest that if there are any foreign aggressors that want to continue to contend with iran they should be prepared for a much more evolved iranian military. yemen's easy rebels have offered to solve all attacks on saudi arabia as part of the peace plan their political leader mark the shot says fighters would stop targeting the kingdom but only if the saudis
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reciprocated in yemen who has claimed responsibility for the attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities protests as a fort with police in hong kong during what was expected to be a peaceful rally riot officers formed a barricade assassins of people march towards government offices some demonstrators had even been seen throwing stones towards the police and setting up barricades hong kong's in its 4th month of protests that began with opposition to a proposed traditional law which is now being scrapped. the british minister in charge of bracks it says he's optimistic after a meeting with the european union's chief negotiator seem barclay says there is a common purpose between the u.k. and the e.u. the talks focused on the contentious irish border is c. because he said to continue on monday when britain's prime minister boris johnson will meet the e.u. council president donald tusk at the u.n.
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but up to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next sound was. we bought the house about c. years ago hoping that we would be able to retire here but from here you could see how much sand we lost underneath the house. the world is running out of sand consumed by industry and construction stolen and transported by criminal mafias around the world at the time it has been employed we don't. put a credit do i like that i'm not exactly. washed away by rising sea levels. being in the middle of the indian ocean for the last 5000 units equal just. lost
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to human greed and stupidity. when we use that sand. we loose. we've never needed so much sand so badly with beaches and entire islands already disappearing who will when the sand worse. for most of us san makes us think of days at the beach sand castles and sunshine and once the holidays are over we slip back into our busy lives. but is feeling the sand between our toes or caught in our bathing suits the whole story. does this so familiar substance play any other role in our daily lives. standard is what i like to call the unsung heroes of law it's because there are
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just endless examples. of the way in which sarah and intersects with daily lloyd's which we all really know commonly aware of. sand has quietly infiltrated every corner of our world melted and transformed into glass it sits on every shelf. it's also the source of silicone dioxide. a mineral found in hour winds cleaning products detergents paper dehydrated foods hairspray toothpaste cosmetics. and an astounding variety of other products we use every day. but it's a strategic mended such as. you. think about your computer. you know and it can be manufactured if you do not have high quality said. the minerals extracted from sand are at the core of our hyper connected society they
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form a basic material for microchips without which our computers credit cards bank machine cell phones and many other devices would not exist. sand even alps or supply in our airplanes the plastics lightweight alloys of the fuselage and jet engines even the paint and tires are all made with sand. it's almost become like a they don't think too much about it but you can't live without it. and the industry with the biggest appetite for sand. construction. for the last 150 years sand mixed with cement to form concrete has shaped the contours of our increasingly urbanized world. because of its low cost strength and ease of use disgrace larry has become the dominant building material around the globe.
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the quantities used are astronomical. to build an average house it takes $200.00 tons of sand. for a larger building like a hospital around 3000 tons. each kilometer of highway devours 30000 tons. and to build a nuclear plant the estimate is about $12000000.00 tonnes. production of sand exceeds 15000000000 tons. and that is a quantity that is so huge that it's beyond imagination how much is 15000000000 you don't know because no other resource is used in such vast quantities as
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maybe with the exception of water. so where in the world does that much sand come from. let's just say the sand men who work in the aggregate business have not been affected by the economic downturn. behind air and water sand is the most used commodity in the world. business is booming but meeting this demand is not always an easy task sand is not something that's easily found like you might think it is used to be that you'd have a sand and gravel deposit and you'd simply go and dig it up out of the ground so you'd have sand to make your roads bridges and buildings up but that type material has all been taken away it's gone abuse it already. with the process of service and exhausted we started dredging rivers for sand but this is lead to
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flooding. now we've turned to the oceans for sand. to satisfy our seemingly insatiable appetite for sand we've industrialized extracting it from beneath the waves. and the workhorse of the industry is a dredger. a giant tanker equipped with a suction arm capable of pumping huge quantities of sand to the surface. and. the right bessel in the right location can pump up to 400000 cubic metres of sand to the surface every single day. each dredger cost anywhere from $25000000.00 to $200000000.00. but the sand is free. so the thousands of tankers combing the world's oceans every incentive to suck up as much sand as possible for their increasingly hungry clients.
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an astonishing example of this appetite within a few decades this fishing village has morphed into a modern architecture is a sandbox for developers were no fantasies too grandiose. but as projects. of sand using huge volumes of sand and construction projects concrete and indeed just making more land as is been doing with the with the artificially constructed islands. landfills or even bigger consumers of sand the concrete. with a booming economy the emirate launched an ambitious expansion project.


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