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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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later. someone. shouted. he worked hard and achieved excellent grades in secondary school as
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a result she gained a college place training as a research scientist at leiden university from there. achieved a masters degree and pharmacy. now about 10 years ago 20072000. that was wonderful i was impressed by addition and she was on a. fine student and she had a background coming from iraq and. making a new start in a new environment but she picked up very rapidly so we were very happy with her as it. made only for. him out of the way of. how.
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how do you. feel. about on mr may danny. and you might. have. to fight. the kind of to. have a. it's always important that a university keep close contacts with this was the radio let me sort of piece the people who have done their studies and university in the case of not it was it was very clear that her skills her quality or professional role also could also contribute to the profession as it is today and she's going to do it for
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instance to the national pharmacy journal and in a regular column in her writing but also the way she's going to be used to teaching is very much appreciated so i hope she will continue to do and. that's phenomenal. kind of. the had many a kind of luck. a futile and i shake up of the months ahead to say the lia. on a thumb with the side. and i would just. thought it could merge with the side. if i thought it could lamble what it out on top on. center what. some almost the cleveland. had that. i should get along. i've met a few little of those that are in mn a bomb
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a national sub. had just done. the work and. might have been and what the feeling was even a 2nd call but i figured out a few 100. to build me a plan for the percentage of. a financial assessed. hasa kind of with that info could have been how who are. beneficial thought dolly mia if you want to know that if i feel and that be at the base i decided that i felt that meant that it's come to that it could how i thought of thoughts and i want all of them about us to mad an idealist side the. center
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wants. what i can famine feel of mush. shattuck a 2 hour linda polman nominate. a shock. so that at the feel of the. little necessity. i got to know not i think roughly about 5 years ago when she was a managing pharmacist of one of the pharmacies that was operating in our network. and i was responsible i'm still responsible for finance and i g 4 for the organization i work for and she was interested in obtaining a share in the pharmacy she's operating which is where we are located now some sort of autumn of the early shock a t. above a sister that suddenly had to be led at the macand the height and as that can be had a. smile and shake a letter yes. misapply less money a $1000000.00 euro. to fund this but
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a lot of. that's not that we have promo him at and i'm and a little matter to look at them whole is about him a little buzz about a guy like not a picture professional work very seriously and she's also very driven personality also very proud of what she has achieved but also of her background and that is what you can use and apply as well in the inner inner exercising a role they have you have this so that. the in world of that if so how was the thought of agency athlon. took any. pakistani was that it was a. exception seem to me at the cleburne mean what anyhow that high middle school as an a b. and
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a how well and but then could not sleep. bill had him in what. was a shame a maze non-hunting. had decided yet. build him. how to manage and. that you are well i can. just let the loss of my mother you know many and you shall not have been no less a. 3 aside ellie ellie so often got. just.
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they were like are not common in sunny were janet in sunny florida. home center to be more. fearful and what they're like i'm afraid i wish i had that what a cover till mother for say the lia how is the garden of. a one way that the heart of a sally it can hear but there are certain. other like in the heaven of the. sabbath of. the cult. of pharaoh out of a posh. county. larger . than. that.
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dr he has achieved a great success as a pharmacist and businesswoman in the netherlands. experience of arriving in europe as a young girl remains fresh in her memory including the difficulties and challenges of landing in a new country. she devotes time helping today's refugees to find jobs and to integrate into society. to belong to the very forward made for a hold. the. moment hill fell love looked a little syria. a particular and now. they have 4. more year over it. all are the. but it made them all the orcs here we're
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a city before horse and that's very that's a hard on there's an openness that is about a whole hour for the overheads them in the economy. in the beauty of their vehicles because. the drilling and i. really would not. solve all this it is. still for her all to get. source like off from arkham. rocks that particular kate and hill who are some of the dogs and that is what they all love the new. how can. they love them or should get into. a market that they have the leisure is sort of so i wish i had that side the look a story you know what i don't want one feel that if the one i'm in. and. the logical and you don't really have to be bad so then that's some of the other law.
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the 7. so that's a lot of. the good not that i grew by he is a high profile successful businesswoman of our parents living and working in the netherlands aside from her business commitments she makes time at seminars to share how workplace experienced with young people from a variety of national backgrounds. some students find it very difficult. to overcome all the challenges that they have to overcome if they want to become an entrepreneur and so now they have. teamed up with. with the business community a female entrepreneurship. truth and selects together of course which got the staff there can be to make sure that coaching will take part. of course we hope it
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will eventually get our diplomacy started. me to. say that i'm a. sahm feel. that . i have been. been. there. and i miss my little hollyer that. we have in our net we have a yearly election of ethnic minority business woman of the year and every year we have a major affair and it's
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a black tie event with 5 people the top of the netherlands the politicians the ambassador everything that means something in the netherlands is on this affair and because for 15 years we've been organizing this and in 2015 was one of the nominees who was presented for the ethnic woman award of the year and we have an independent jewelry chose her to be here at the businesswoman and my 1st son here at the thomas philips a posh. i haven't been on the island of the men. who are. at the mouth of a coffin. 3. so i did them the. money he had.
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it's been many years since now dad left her native iraq she has integrated well amongst the people of the netherlands my family gathering serves as a reminder of her iraq you it's. how in the. regina ireland. want to lochner men and women and i was 40 and images that are so i am and how on earth an f. on robert the s.s. you are but my little. one how is. this wine and. believe a man or. woman or you again. or the one next if you're on
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the 2nd on homeland of 2 i just know it's not. a nurse or. how that a kid liquid hydrogen such. a letter or cathartic and. no doubt the bundle at the mill are meant to show emotion i fell in iraq at home harbor here without a conclusion. yeah ended up and had. them being here and i couldn't. move out of. here because it was stated at the. top of but it. still been us be what's. and alice but that. where she mark
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a lot of the black is sort of below kind of the more. savage can now watch out that the girl of the black is a stick and before we act you. can have as a call the author of libya. talk to another group a pharmacist a business leader and inspiration to many young people in her adopted home the netherlands. in part to another successful woman this time based in italy samantha bill carter is an elected member of milan city council. and a fake deer wild about the power by party are clearly and so have all collini. but why are. my feet and how long how alike a theater napoleoni are near or what that.
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klein cancer plays and experience the world is like never before cats are always going to places together we will be tamed by this fighting force the world has ever known united states army the sober life of the tsar or the club or dependent city we have this not to read the way. and the reality of the 21st century enough to get it in a video for him at all only if the persons that are sending out you should be child
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should not. child soldiers relocate on al-jazeera. as world leaders gather in new york u.n. secretary general and tell you the terrorist will hold a climate action summit to sound the news. but will countries heed the warning and deliver concrete plans to reduce emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe. get the updates as they happen on al-jazeera. hello again i'm martin dennis in doha are the top stories here about is there a president has i will harneys says iran will present a plan to the u.n. which is designed to secure the gulf without the need for foreign intervention speaking at a military parade marking the anniversary of iran's war with iraq president rouhani said a planned u.s. led task force threatens peace it includes the u.k.
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australia bahrain saudi arabia and the u.a.e. the u.s. accuses iran of being behind attacks on the goals energy infrastructure a charge iran denies show you just how the on how we were going to presume to plan at the un so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security bug our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region police in hong kong have used tear gas in sharp tin district after anti-government protesters set small fires outside a shopping mall earlier the crowds took over the mall targeting businesses linked to mainland china this is the 16th straight week of often violent demonstrations which initially began over a proposed extradition of which is now been scrapped. protests have taken place in
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egypt for a 2nd night demanding the resignation of president abdel fattah el-sisi security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the streets of serious and gazer dozens of people were arrested after much larger rallies were held on friday and the protests have followed president easy to new york he's there for the u.n. general assembly and is due to meet president trump egyptian's rallied outside his hotel accusing him of war crimes. the leader of britain's main opposition labor party is facing internal fighting over breaks it jeremy corbin's due to address the party faithful at their annual conference after intervening to stop a measure. and to oust his deputy. the world's oldest travel company is fighting to stay in business lenders are threatening to pull out of a $1000000000.00 rescue do with thomas cook the british company needs to find a further 250000000 dollars to avoid collapse that threatens to leave tens of thousands stranded on holiday it could mean the loss of around 20000 jobs but those
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are the headlines let's go back to our jazeera world now. throughout the world live large and small of the arab diaspora men women and children who have settled that road. why people move varies greatly persecution and conflict has caused millions of arabs to leave their homelands others leave for economic reasons or to follow their families. no 2 stories are the same yet what binds each of them is a connection to their arab heritage. europe has long been a favored destination for many from the middle east so many abdul qadeer lives in
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italy where she works as a public representative her is a remarkable success story as milan's 1st muslim female council member. sumi arbil car that was born in the italian city of beirut to jordanian and palestinian parents she has enjoyed a special relationship with the city of milan since her student days at milan university had also lobola baba also asked them an advice and i. hope. that he could for that a good ask so what by the most though a journey. comes with about. just one little foot or the whole of the arm and foot some year to many. santa claus some of us.
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and a lot of unnecessary margarette about him i think there are some of us it. started to see alitalia in our so many young men whom while back about so many i don't mean to allow that you have cannot the idea. that you have the sort of art you have for a kind of job that one actually thought the idea but the toughie at the arm of mine . of the course of the scottie hat. muslim or the usual honey i'm a. muslim in. islam yeah. the men of the west. medina to milano but there are still.
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well well that us to biology who are all. of us to be. mobile or. do nothing about now but that. but dick. hole does a lot of me in my journal. some more. dad didn't want me to. be. allowed to. not talk when someone italy will ask me about. my year old bust. me and. without my low mark but i'll be a lot of the band. that are so blessed.
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to. have done i said i'm the c.r.c. my son home i'm going to chill for love it or suffer to live what i behave. with olive be happy do your journey. what will be be my certain comfort to feel look. on. do look out on the how that out to the exterior digimon what about enjoy italia with our own oh my word what. one of us arctic my home. to behold. but our one.
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every day is a busy one for so many hours. aside from politics she plays an active role in several muslim youth groups and is also a prominent women's rights activist. however she says that what drives her most is writing. becomes an awful lot 1 of. will and thus that allows. her to very can a book that. you. mean i will mostly math with of course analytic tibor. what are the feel of them feel if the amount of fear they might. feel about the. job iack woman nearly drowned mortal fear. and it could. have been can be added. but still it's not even the mean for you know we have we're only small men and i mean how we could man not this would almost $35.00 women not. muslim are
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you must be and how. shocking to have thought about blacks so you could shoot. the. doctor and i'll talk with somalia could be enough to going on to what i've been. told been under the queen the killer left or you know momentum cui used office in that it's a the cupboard key with the disease there you go you know what ari i will feel describe it on purpose and i was we need to talk it up with another number some money there ya know that can quit on the way or do you need to but i'm going to do the yana. between your letters for the brought a bottle because the queer looking. careful see the school so what i'm on. the. point of it i think you live somewhere. but i've only 17 my. neighbors if you look at it is a surgeon talking to me and you will disappear from intercourse with
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a duty he had at least you see. and you can listen while the. kenya morning. when i look at that is that a particle article in the salted on him withdraw to 40 some of the nipples e.q.'s some of them and you know by the quote one of them in more of a word or deed. that they have in the case of this. if i see fit in so have the goodness why. before i. left or when it meant rebuttal in other stuff that i had with the possible piper said what's that
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is a very competent senior but i'll settle for him are they different. from. the queen or judge year horn lifted them and if we listen i was a lovely model do you know who made a well in some german mini bellowed the last 3 or the whole. war and least of all it to my floor for you to jump. in. but that you could but we could start listing our name our father a common genial are one but how well do you live there and who are but are you a. know where you're the journey here islam you. oh well. what of the you still are your shovel boss we do. because it emerged that us saw.
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mercian matter how well a know. be dumb our. lad why young. blacks the relax around until it has how long you thought you will be sure to be cooler most because they learn it all more. you see our service doctors are for. the good for you are never so i thought she had the allergy but they aren't here. to know what had done. almost one and a half 1000000 muslims now live in italy this makes. then one a few ups largest muslim communities the majority have integrated well into italian society while at the same time maintaining their arab identity. with it that
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way it is clear that this is not the fault that we are having everything to get out of that because you know we have a good idea we have. to see a new vision which is exactly that if i say that again i think. that it's the way i could have missed it is that the bond with us and with the band comes on us and about the couple does we have a couple of them and. i say. how good it all of them but i think what i'll do what i don't you know what i normally would do you know that i'm not a sob that if this is a little it's obvious talent to have it myself talk about the audio do you like that it was so lovely of him that those who could not look at me i don't think he would but that's get them out of the line not to be to satisfy but send us a little bit but that i could go.
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in 2016 so my yob bill cognitive became the 1st muslim woman to win a seat in milan's local governing council previously she had been involved in politics working as a member of the italian democratic party. now as an elected councillor she found herself in a position to argue for real and meaningful change in her adopted city. i would she lesson sort of been no i. feel c.s.l. for the. quad. feel good you know me you must know your thought is. what. will be our. fee. this
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a young. woman had. to feel when i. see myself and i. still feel the. thought of d. i would imagine what i see. c.r.c. must mark and i would offer cut in i still feel his. love sci fi. b. b. b. must. in one of them those. of us you to me so shyly. with your new. but i. got a lodger in door. got there late on their level would sooner care what us economy our point. when i think he is more pure air on t.v.
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is more political. but come yet it. is i never about him that i don't understand some people. get on the course and. sit in the mirror and the door store. non-support in front of a quandary in africa. going on a drum and. my son prep it on. a mattress in the school so i want to your career because for my own that i don't want to. stand in madea. i shouldn't feel that. mage is a bad idea. for god to do all for credit in. an adjustable no. i still feel. love seeing the how lee had
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when one can also. well you will put a foot of good on the going to show my young capri mind and it's your new queen companion i thought i live here all responded the so we thought that a sauna more to push the event a bus shot that ok i've ordered another without a congenital scored more than 3. maybe at sea on i could look it was the center of the newly minted k. case going on only jordan or not the thought in the book. or your case i assume donkey was this week about you that responsibility that put a thought in vain or in one of the other. uncle or whatever calming me down or going in the main door key for the school dedicated the school psionic it was to calle not dense your not put a psionic majority mine put them in took out or if you know they're so great ok i
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guess minty thought more people to do the it see it a for the truncated they are counted on islamic accord vain or part that you buy on of the markets which is entirely. the man who work among the. cathedral an innocent is what that elite in or loves me call them sci fi medicine bloody a liquid at the laugh. in my denny the one about my city. well i can and i would do it to feel medalists what would you would. actually method mostly mean and 99 out windy but i'm now rich lee. and morton in philly secondly if you mean i know the man and 90. and i didn't give a fuck that. mother you would be doing it mean. to him that a man had done it at a muslim. we
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don't even. know. a war less than half as i hold most in me but stubborn and that. a half was our last hope martin the 2nd fifi milano i know had the most amount of don't know where from which we can in fact get a photographer had west lesson in fact get it off we're not only die use as we all die as selim been in germany. obama would do the village of you know what would. be his job to her. and i will hear from her the midst of a whole journey and connecting with a live in a small engine me on. a corner so they're going to look at the job because only you know someone you're here let it kind of. seal are the little part on book.
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to my fill. them and lifted them she hadn't before what the other form of that short summary a member was to my other party. than i. thought about that santa by then and the i would have might have some of what i said. about indian. then thaw the
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suffering. i had that the. taliban and daddy and what i said myself that i. am not to add to that how we met about how. muslim that. as i recall feel and do all the. r.t. to you or me no more the edge and also the whole we hear. that more so. so here. we are there's a bit. of fear. that to be year after. year.
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by reform and what the market will add that even. i held him as the car bob. bob the love that i saw. bottom in a big maid's award for the bottom of the world with gina handing out of my bags and a lot would. who are stores who would eat what i feel a hell of. joy was american i'm out of my strange. bed in germany. were that us the us number one but that figure. that if i who must. but it came ashore well over an over from
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medical room in 60 years when i can. remember will laugh plenty and from a feel when i came out of a dollop of hot water after. the 3rd quarter me. what on earth. mean a lot of men know what my come on what about the montage of summer had the whole of billy. clean fi la militia and muslim. brotherhood are assessed now most of the suburban muslims italian job. anyone with money to get. my thank you thank you and take good walk out of the tower will be i thought we are clean and so help all collini a colombian my buddy well really and my feet but how would you feel how i like to
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see your are not totally any on a haul for what a formidable how a lot that go through your art. manimal but. that was sort of. so deal of n.r.t. you know laddie had the one time in africa and no lauzon haphazardly feeble the nurse. found on for free by the us i don't. know if joe had that kind of art and or career. or. know what hopefully if so the whole.
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counselor saw my dil card dead and business leader dr now dad and the baby do not know each other yet have much in common they're both successful women of middle eastern heritage living in europe and both at the same time remain deeply rooted to their arab background they and their families have been welcomed in their adopted country and in return each has worked hard to repeat that while.
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the 1950 s. a clash of gun politics and a challenge to french. in a 2 part series al-jazeera was tells dramatic story of how modern israel was born. give us back our land and sea. with a rare eye witness testimony from the men who fought the french on the ground to newseum the battle for independence episode one rebel as iraq.
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howlers a modicum of good news here look at the satellite picture in sync where we are over the amazon basin the rain forest is a bit of right now still not the wet season but this is a good start on the southwest corner $71.00 millimeters out of those thunderstorms now they're not really picked up very much i'm afraid on the full cost no would they be expected to be so it's a generally dry picture where the hint to the showers stretching for the data was ecuador and a bit beyond leader might even get a share or 2 there probably not but amazonia the amazon basin typically still fairly dry and that's true all the way further south as well right down to sudden off of argentina most of the action is still up in the caribbean fast numbers of showers are running through the lesser antilles and the greater antilles even a tropical circulation but it's over the water so we can almost ignore it there's a lot of fairly heavy rains to nicaragua and we have had some decent dimples in
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mexico particularly in baja california where there's a dying tropical storm now tropical depression. of the u.s. mainland has been pretty stormy over the upper midwest now more recently the midwest and this line is pretty obvious one a slow me or frontal system are the side in the thames a different along that line expect some pretty heavy rain. the weather sponsored by catherine is. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your camp still fight against corruption. new chiro heroes like no who are a barber who refused a $15000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world
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a better place nominate your anti corruption hero now. talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers era rewind returns with a new series and brand new updates on the festival to see this documentary by the compelling onion the onion the sweet spot the hard. to rewind continues with losing louisiana is once a thriving community. water with lettering above downtown right on the southern tip of the it lies supply feet below us on al-jazeera one of the really special things
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about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we dug. in cuba good audience across the globe. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine denis coming up in the next 60 minutes iran's military might on display as its president
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says he'll put forward a gulf security plan to the united nations. hong kong summer of discontent continues with barricades tear gas and street battles. small but defiant crowds protests for a 2nd night against egypt's president at home while demonstrators greet abdel fattah el-sisi as he arrives in new york. and we take you to one of the most pristine rain forests in the world unscathed by fires that being scarred in another way by humans in small england and italy ground out victories of the rugby world cup and it's a bonus point win for oral and in their kill whole match with scotland. the president has a rouhani says iran will present a plan to the u.n. which is designed to secure the gulf without the need of foreign intervention he
9:50 pm
made this promise whilst watching parades showcasing his country's military arsenal tensions are really high after a series of attacks measure recently a missile and drone strike on saudi arabia's oil industry al-jazeera is in the iranian capital tehran and we've got john hendren our correspondent in washington d.c. we'll go live to both a. against the backdrop of a military parade iran's president proposed a new security plan for gulf waterways. we're going to present a plan at the un so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. iran's
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peace plan comes at a critical time pushing a message of peace and hope in her moves at the un general assembly in new york rouhani will be trying to sink the latest american backed international coalition being formed in the middle east this time to patrol international shipping lanes in the gulf the u.s. floated the idea of a maritime coalition after attacks on oil tankers earlier this year america and gulf allies blamed iran for the explosions investigators said they found no conclusive evidence to say who carried out the attacks countries that have joined the maritime patrol mission so far are britain bahrain saudi arabia more recently australia and the united arab emirates. following attacks on saudi oil plants last week also blamed on iran without definitive proof iran's leaders will be concerned about the u.s. plan gaining more support. not all of them are those who want to link the region's incidents but the islamic republic of iran
9:52 pm
a line just like the apostles which have all been revealed if the truthful and really sick security in the region they must not seen with pins 5 digits bombs and dangerous arms to the region. this week advance in cities across the country will mark the beginning of iran's 8 year war with iraq in 1980. 8 supported then iraqi president saddam hussein something rouhani reminded iranians of in his speech. so we can go live now to zain in tehran and zain so president rouhani not content with that this disapproving of recent u.s. action in terms of sending additional troops and materiel to the region is that he prepared to present his. plan for peace which is a conciliatory move on his part. that's absolutely right there is a lot of history a lot of tension between many of the countries here president hassan rouhani was clear to make that point today as part of the holy defense week commemorations he
9:53 pm
pointed out that the countries in the region all came against iran to help iraq fight it during the iraq war now a lot has changed since then iraq for instance is one of iran's closest allies now and president hassan rouhani was also keen to tell all the other countries that it still has tensions with that all can be forgiven as long as islamic countries come together he wanted to remind people that the united states is only about dividing the region and pillaging their resources he said and he also said that when it comes to lasting security in the region it has to be the countries in this region the indigenous people to the area that are responsible for it now iran government iranian leaders would like to see all of the countries in this part of the world come together secure their own security and force the united states and u.s. assets out of the region now will this plan will this proposal really take any sort of holds and it has to be said that iranian leaders must also consider this
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a highly optimistic thing if you consider the ground reality in this part of the world there is rarely a country that doesn't have some kind of u.s. military presence here in the middle east and so in terms of what this is meant to accomplish on the iranian side it really feels like a wonderful bit of global public relations of p.r. to help iran take the moral high ground ahead of world leaders coming together in new york at the u.n. general assembly all right thank you for that zain bizarrely there live in the iranian capital tehran now let's go to the u.s. capitol in washington talk to john hendren akhara spondon so all eyes as amos saying really focusing on what's likely to happen at the u.n. general assembly which kicks off in earnest in the action on tuesday when the leaders actually start to speak but has there been any response then from the u.s. administration to the fact that president rouhani seems to be counterpoint saying
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their actions and sending more military hardware to the region with a natural peace plan. well president trump spoke just minutes ago and he said on the south lawn of the white house that he had no plans of meeting with iran during that u.n. general assembly meeting and we hear that kind of talk often it does not mean that the united states won't be speaking to iran through intermediaries at a lower level through other countries that's the kind of thing that generally would start you wouldn't have a conversation between president trump and iranian leaders at that meeting so it's very unlikely that the trump will meet with rouhani there however lower level talks are possible both sides have talked about restraint nevertheless the u.s. has sent hundreds of troops to the region it is part of a naval operations that involves saudi arabia and the united arab emirates i think the likely answer from president trump on this proposal will be no don't hand live
9:56 pm
in washington d.c. thank you. the hong kong police have fired tear gas to disperse protests into trash pretty much parts of a shopping mall and adjacent metro station some people also set small fires near the mall and shop distrait the self-governing chinese territory has been gripped by 4 months of often violent demonstrations they began over a proposed extradition law which has since been scrapped scott heide law has more from inside the mall. on a day that we had to subpoena the focus for the protest movement to be at the hong kong international airport it has actually shifted here to a mall in the shotton area of hong kong for a couple of reasons for that one is this is an area this is a mall in particular that the protesters feel as though they were subjected to police brutality back in july that was one of the reasons they came here another reason there are business entities shops restaurants in this mall that the protesters feel have extra connection to beijing so they came here to boycott them
9:57 pm
actually there are a lot of signs on the floor and as you can see some something that looks like a stream or behind me that's one of these restaurants part of this group that they came out in and stole the reservation tickets and hung that up here they've been protesting they've been chanting they've been singing the anthem actually they even brought in a chinese flag and they had kind of a congo wind of people stepping on the chinese like for about 1015 minutes now there are still a lot of people milling about in this mall this is something we saw on saturday as well they focused on a mall in the new territories as well where right now this is where the focus of the protest movement is on sunday we expected it to be at the at the hong kong international airport but there are a lot of checkpoints around there so we suspect that they moved on and a lot of the focus is going to be here. they'll be more protests in egypt demanding the resignation of president abdul fattah el-sisi dozens of people were arrested after friday's much larger brothers who denounce corruption oppression and poverty shall. cause mass protests may be
9:58 pm
a rare sight in cc's egypt crackdown on dissent is not. thank suez and he government protesters who gathered for the 2nd night in a row were confronted by police and other security personnel. who fired tear gas and other forms of ammunition at what appeared to be unarmed demonstrators egyptians 1st took to the streets on friday evening demanding that former army general term president of the fatah has sisi resigns in cairo was the numbers weren't huge their voices were loud and clear i was in alexandria egypt 2nd city people angered by corruption poverty and oppression called for the same the people demand the fall of the regime in months laura and mahalla as well as several other cities what appears to be a nationwide movement has begun to form these protests come off the back of revelations by a former military contractor named mohammed ali who exposed millions of dollars
9:59 pm
worth of embezzlement and theft of state funds by c.c. and his family at a time when the egyptian president has introduced sweeping austerity measures claiming the government has no longer able to subsidize living costs on such a day ali released another video giving sisi a one week ultimatum i am still waiting for a response from the defense minister and security forces saying the c.c. is out he is no longer fit for office next friday is also makes him says i'm waiting for that decision and the next step is a multi 1000000 man march we started in our local streets but next friday we will take to the major square as. mohammed ali is not a political leader but his message has resonated with menu gyptian is the majority of whom live on just 2 dollars a day or less was the people are starving my life savings have evaporated why why decease to starve us while he lives in the jury's palaces why is he trying
10:00 pm
to humiliate us he is supposed to be a public servant working for us is that it sees. he who is in new york for the united nations general assembly denies corruption allegations describing them as lies and banned all unauthorized protests after he led the military coup which deposed egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsy 6 years ago tens of thousands of egyptians were arrested and jailed in the government crackdown which followed now human rights watch is calling on the egyptian government not to repeat past mistakes urging leaders to protect the right to peaceful protest in upholding egypt's obligations under international human rights law should immediately release all days arrested for soli exercising their rights laws there are parallels that can be drawn with the 2011 uprising which led to the ousting of autocratic president hosni mubarak the situation today is also different .


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