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tv   Losing Louisiana  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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later sort of risk what's one piece of helicopter news this thing is that by trying to please a group of voters here almost every label whatever. members will voters will come in later in their droves and you see from the slight uptick polygamy's got from that revokes policy last week that that is a real and present danger. even before conference began there was an unexpected push by cauldron loyalists to scrap the role of deputy leader held by tom watson who insists labor must adopt a clear and bricks it stance corbett intervened to stop that move but on monday conference is set to vote on competing motions on breaks of policy labor government when address the rads is of course. and despite the clear promises on things britain's care deeply about it's far from clear labor can come up with a brics it stance that will win over undecided voters if a snap election is called. al-jazeera brighton. the world's oldest travel company is on the verge of collapse with lend us threatening to pull out all the
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$1000000000.00 rescue dale executives from britain's thomas cook have been holding talks with the president has in london in a last ditch effort to keep the company a life without some agreement hundreds of thousands of people could be left stranded on holiday and 20000 jobs could be lost as catherine stansell reports. it's britain's oldest travel company operating in more than a dozen countries with $19000000.00 customers a year but thomas cook struggled to be profitable. despite a $1000000000.00 injection of cash earlier this year the company said on friday it needed an additional $250000000.00 to stave off collapse before but now they contain a very bad news for the 600000 people around the world on thomas cook holidays when word spread about the dire financial situation this hotel in tunis briefly refused to let holiday makers leave demanding money afraid that they wouldn't get paid if
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the company went bankrupt. i paid more than $2000.00 for the holiday they want more than why i paid i told them i'm not responsible for thomas cook place can the blackmail if you pay it you know you don't mind the british government is promising to help anyone stuck abroad i can reassure people that in the worst case scenario the contingency planning is there to avoid people being stranded more than a 1000000 people around the world have holidays booked with thomas cook if the company goes bust there is little danger they will lose their money thanks to various consumer protection schemes thomas cook is seen as the inventor of the modern day package holiday a cabinet maker from yorkshire he was a strong supporter of the temperance movement and believed travel would help britain's refrain from drinking alcohol he started out by arranging day trips by train in the 1840s the excursion. proved so popular that within 20 years he was selling to us to continental europe the middle east and the united states but the
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modern day company has been under intense financial pressure rescued from near bankruptcy 8 years ago and how people book their holidays has added to the company's plight hifi travel shops have been facing stiff competition from the internet and while package holidays like those from thomas cut off and provide good value many consumers are now shopping around online booking their accommodation and flights separately to create a perspective ravel experience despite being a mainstay in the british travel industry analysts say the company's struggles to compete thomas cook is a marvelous brand it has incredible heritage but i'm afraid in the 21st century in the a roche's competition of the travel industry that counts for nothing or what matters is do you have a profitable business and sadly in the case of thomas cook we know the answer is no . a 178 year old business steeped in history but apparently failing to keep up
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with modern times happenstance or al-jazeera london now the usually busy streets of central paris were almost empty on sunday as the city celebrated world carfree day residents and tourists took to the streets of the french capital strolling around the shoals leaves a trail for the eiffel tower without a vehicle in sight it is the 5th consecutive year paris has gone car free for the day in an effort to cycle pollution the city has battled several episodes of oppressive small. and dozens of climate activists have paid their final respects to a swiss glass here that is set to completely vanished by 2030 the pits sold last year in the garra south's in eastern switzerland has been steadily retreating as global temperatures climb at less than a 10th of a square kilometer of last year has shrunk to a fraction of the size it was 30 years ago when scientists 1st recorded it
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activists held a funeral for the disappearing last year calling for radical action on climate change. when i started doing all sponsored measurements on disclosure 14 years ago the glacial was already small but it was intact then it is strongly melted so we have lost massive amounts of eyes over the years but it remains like one glacial one eyes mass and in 2018 with this very strong summer heat waves it suddenly split into 2 and it started falling in pieces all right still ahead so on the news hour find out why a referee had to stop clay and it wasn't because the player base will have the details in sport. in this life the most incredible stories are often true.
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and sharing go on experiences. makes the unfamiliar for me. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something what great of the soul in this life what i want to raise is freedom of expression. the right to. sean and a lot into the darkness. because you're destroying the desire to understand that. makes us human. to human condition is universal.
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thank you. again as promised his piece of this forbes. felicity thank you very much will start of the rugby world cup in japan where england and italy have registered victories in their opening pool matches the key win on sunday that went to ireland the seeing all for arrival scotland with a bonus point victory in tricky conditions lauren smith has the action. but. the talk to rank sides in who lay with top spot in the final table resting heavily on this much it was island who settled the fastest james wright and captain rory best both bubbling over inside the 1st 15 minutes. it was scotland's attacks were soaked up by the mean green machine the great laid low penalty their only score of the day was as the rain poured down the charts
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a 2nd period following i delivered a full focused point try for the irish for magic on web a 27 point score just 3 conceded a convincing start to the top of the judgment stage i know they were no issues with the weather under the dome roof in sapporo as england kicked off their campaign against a tongue the side full of our eye but the early 4th came from manly to allow me to crash over for the opening try i and his game isn't all about strength i speed the key this time as he breaks to wait a 2nd before. the 2nd half scores from jamie george and luke out on dickey with giving the post point i the 353 victory and the perfect star in full c i. was. him paul b.
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libya provided an early scare for italy a terrific movie ended with davy and stevens flying over for the opening try and the makings of an upset round the cards. but actually restored control with 3 tries before half time this one from tito to i. if each of the are to make the world cup quarterfinals for the 1st time in both the weeds against the school teams will be crucial. match o.b. dozy school their 7th and final try in a 4722 victory. but the final say on the day went to the plucky debian's chad plateau school their 3rd try proving they're not just in this tournament to make up the numbers lower smith al-jazeera. a refreeze stopped playing at the city our match between atalanta and fiorentina not because of the players but because of the fans referee or subtle who'd racist chance against home team player del
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barrett the game was stopped for 5 minutes until the stadium announcer read out an empty racism message off of the delay the game resumed but ended in a 22 draw. english premier league leaders liverpool maintained a 100 percent start to the new season with a 21 win away at chelsea on sunday the reds wins in france through a train to alexander arnold goal of amino then doubled the lead before half time and go to a concert they pulled one back for the blues but it wasn't enough to prevent your going tops main maintaining a 5 point lead at the top of the standings earlier where stan defeated manchester united to no in london andreae malenko and they were incredible helping the team nickname the hammers go forth in the standings while only going to salsa as men are down in 7th. sometimes along the road you're going to hit some bumps as we've said some highs and lows this group was out there determined they had the show to decide we want to get out we get up and share in the dressing room and they've got the the
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focus right fifa president gianni and fanciness says iran will let women into the stadium for the country's next international men's match this comes after a female fan died in hospital 2 weeks ago after setting herself on fire outside a court in tehran she was charged with appearing in public without a hit job after trying to enter a venue dressed as a man now as it stands women are not allowed inside stadiums we cannot wait any more we have been assured that as of the next international game of iran which is to be played on the dance of older women will be allowed. to enter football stadiums this is something very important since 40 years that this was not happening team europe has retained the laver cup after wins from roger federer and alexander very have federer set up of the team so when all these early
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games john is made came out on toxic schools 76 the final was then a winner take all and very of did just that against me last round each winning 6616 for the celebrations were just as entertaining to watch as them i. think it was a controversial winner this year singapore grand prix for ferrari driver sebastian vettel the 4th time formula one world champion famous 1st victory in over a year on sunday thanks to a lucky strategy call his teammate charlotte clare by more than 2 seconds the clay was trying to make it i had trick of wins after starting from pole position for the 1st time red bulls max for stuff it was that it was a very late called obviously i thought it was a bit early because i wasn't sure whether we can make the tires last in the 2nd stint. but yeah basically then i i just gave it everything in the out lap because i saw the 2 cars in from me in front of me not not getting specially lewis so yeah i was then very surprised obviously the lap later to come out ahead and i felt strong
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and certainly a brown says he's quitting the league just 2 days after being released by the new england patriots over 6 can go to women have accused the 31 year old of sexual misconduct from denies all the allegations the form of pittsburgh steeler store made the announcement on twitter on sunday. former masters champion danny well it won the b.m.w. p.g.a. championship it went with on sunday came out on top by 3 shots after a 5 under par $67.00 on the final day this is the 31 year old's biggest take since winning at all guessed it back in 2016 when it started the day tied with spain's john raum who came in 2nd. and that's what the sport will see you again later felicity back to you in london peter thanks so much now the renowned symbol of the much loved superhero batman illuminated cities around the world this weekend celebrating the cake crusade his 85th birthday the sign of the dark knight was 1st projected in melbourne before lighting up buildings in asia europe africa
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and the americas many fans dressed up to mark the anniversary of 1st appearance in the pages of d.c. comics back in 1939 comparing it to once in a lifetime solar eclipse like that's. that's it from me and that is our team join us again in a couple of minutes by. the mccoy. weaponized throughout history. oscar to me and started fighting developed by nation states there will be enough to.
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know within reach of those seeking. the most toxic substances. invisible thread on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. rewind returns
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with a new series and brand new updates on the best of all just to stop them intrigued by the complete onion the onion the sweet spot the hard. cold to rewind continues with losing louisiana it was once a thriving community. with murdering your boat. right on the southern tip of the xian of the lawyers submerged 30 feet below us on al-jazeera. the u.n. turns up the heat on world leaders with a damning report warning that the last 5 years are set to be the warmest on record . hello again i'm going to steve barger watching al-jazeera live from london also
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coming up iran's president promises a regional peace plan to secure the gulf and warns foreign forces to stay out. process in hong kong take a violent turn again with a sock a shopping mall and subway station vandalized. and donald trump joins india's prime minister for an unusual joint rally dubbed howdy modi at a stadium in houston texas. follow the u.n. has turned up the heat on world leaders ahead of its climate summit on monday in new york in any report it was that the impacts of global warming are speeding up the un's world meteorological organization says the average global temperature for 2015 to 2019 is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period on record
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that's because carbon emissions have hits new highs the amount of the gas going into the atmosphere in that time increased by 20 percent compared with the previous 5 years and sea levels have risen by 5 millimeters a year due to the increased rate of ocean warming and melting of the greenland and west antarctica ice sheets will patel retard this is the secretary general of the world meteorological organization he says the details of that reports are not surprising. things have been proceeding us we have made it all reasonable yes. these syrian cities are very much. been using growing amount of. coal oil and gas and. temple last year they missed their old student rising at 2 point one percent then that led to the record high rations of. the averages that may. have been warming the planet and also there's been warming
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oceans and it has been also causing the melting of lazy arse and sea ice and that's also contributing to the sea level rise that we have observed those taking part in monday's un climate summit having given a chance to immerse themselves in the police to that of some of the world's biggest cities and installation of sixto was reproduces the toxic atmosphere experienced by people in sao paolo new delhi beijing and london every day the pollution pulse mimicked the air quality smell and temperature of the city the artist types the dames will inspire action. i mean i think when you've had time to list meetings and come from cities you kind of fall asleep for an hour having an experience like this really wakes you up it's it's not really about wards it's about how you're born the response to the issue directly so it's a visceral experience i think in
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a way that cuts into people's emotions a more more quickly than loss of huge tax and speech issues u.s. secretary general antonio terrace has told will they do is they need to come to the podium with concrete and transformative plans to halt rising global temperatures achieve carbon neutrality and cut carbon emissions the climate summit of course is part of the annual united nations general assembly all diplomatic etta james bass has more from new york on what to expect in the week ahead. it's the biggest diplomatic gathering in the world with delegations from all the countries that are members of the united nations in 2 and a half years heading the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has made great efforts to resolve the world's most deadly conflicts but with little progress in an interview for al-jazeera is planet s.o.s. he told me he wants the focus of this year's high level week on an issue he says is
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even more important climate the sets of each of these conflicts is to a certain extent localized and climate change became a global set for human kind and the global set for the planet and scenes that evolving in such a way that climate change became an excellent it's out of conflict with tension growing between the u.s. saudi arabia and iran the situation in the gulf will be high on the agenda and one of the un's most experienced diplomats told me with so many key players in the same place at the same time there could be important developments and things can move very fast and it would be foolish to rule something out on grounds of ideology when if he say you've got all these world leaders and foreign ministers together it does mean that we actions can be very swift and initiatives can be taken privately without having to have the full peponis a leader fly in or go somewhere every year the general assembly week gets busier
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and busier today the count is 90 once heads of state 6 vice presidents 45 heads of government 5 deputy prime ministers the number of meetings requested has now climbed to $630.00 this part of the u.n. the visitors lobby is normally open to the public bridging the high level week it's one of the most secure places on earth all around the u.n. temporary rooms are being set up these are what are known as bilateral booth you can see the leather chairs the table there's room here for 2 or more delegations to meet a short notice if necessary. in some privacy. organizing this event is a mammoth operation insiders have told me just getting the motorcades of presidents prime ministers and foreign ministers here so they can speak back to back on the podium is an operation akin to air traffic control james pays out his era of the united nations.
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iran's president has told western powers to leave the security of the persian gulf to regional nations led by terror on has a rouhani made the comments while watching parades showcasing his country's military also not he also promised to unveil a regional peace plan at the united nations next week to secure the gulf region without the need for foreign intervention tensions are high after a series of attacks including a missile a drone strike on saudi oil facilities he has more from tehran. against the backdrop of a military parade iran's president proposed a new security plan for gulf waterways show your job we're going to present a plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways
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maritime movements and energy security our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. iran's peace plan comes at a critical time pushing a message of peace and hope in her moves at the u.n. general assembly in new york rouhani will be trying to sink the latest american backed international coalition being formed in the middle east this time to patrol international shipping lanes in the gulf. the u.s. floated the idea of a maritime coalition after attacks on oil tankers earlier this year america and gulf allies blamed iran for the explosions investigators said they found no conclusive evidence to say who carried out the attacks countries that have joined the maritime patrol missions so far britain bahrain saudi arabia more recently australia and the united arab emirates following attacks on saudi oil plants last week also blamed on iran without definitive proof iran's leaders will be concerned
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about the u.s. plan gaining more support. for all your money those who want to link the region's incidents but the islamic republic of iran a line just like that which have been revealed if the truthful and really seek security in the region they must not see him with pins 5 digits bombs and dangerous to the region. this week of events in cities across the country will mark the beginning of iran's 8 year war with iraq in 1900 gulf arab states supported ben iraqi president saddam hussein something rouhani reminded iranians of in his speech but he also said that all can be forgiven if there is unity among islamic countries that the united states is only interested in dividing the region and pillaging resources and that the security of the region lasting security is only up to the people indigenous to the area. while president trump is expected to make the case against iran in his address to the u.n.
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general assembly next week he says he's not planning to hold talks with iran he will also be in new york but secretary of state says the u.s. government's policy is to avoid war john hendren has more from washington. president donald trump is sounding newly optimistic about iran tremendous progress with was made with iran so we'll see we'll see but it's all going to work out always does we get it to work out if it doesn't sometimes takes a little longer but i get things to work out the u.s. rhetoric in general on iran has taken a turn toward diplomacy the u.s. secretary of state who initially accused iran of an act of war for last week's attacks that have saudi arabia's oil production now says the u.s. seeks a diplomatic solution above all we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective president tried but i both want to give diplomacy every opportunity to succeed but make no mistake about it if we are unsuccessful in that and iran continues to strike out in this way i am
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confident the present trump will make the decisions necessary to achieve our objectives both trump and iran's president hassan rouhani plan to attend a united nations general assembly meeting this week with trump says they won't be talking to each other nothing ever on the sample completely but i have that is a baby with iran denies any role in this saudi oil attacks who the rebels in yemen say they are responsible in our valley more tensions have risen since the u.s. pulled out of a 2050 nuclear agreement with iran last year the u.s. says its maximum pressure campaign is working but there are few tangible signs of progress since then iran has shot down a u.s. drone and the u.s. has blamed iran for attacks on oil tankers on the saudi oil site with the united states sending hundreds of troops reinforcements as well as anti missile defense systems to both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates iran's foreign minister sounds pessimistic i'm not confident that we can avoid a war. i'm confident that we would not stalked one. but i'm confident that whoever
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starts one rig not be the one who finishes it so this standoff continues both sides say they want to end with words not weapons john hendren al-jazeera washington hong kong police have clashed with protesters outside a shopping mall which was vandalized along with a metro station the demonstrators trampled on a chinese flag and lit fires as they targeted stores links to china it is the 16th straight weekend of anti-government protests circle reports from hong kong. they arrived in the hundreds taking over some of the city's largest shopping malls at the time plaza and shot teen they converged on every floor shops like to buy land with a target this time some stopped on china's national flag before ripping it out of the for hours they sang and.


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