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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2019 7:32am-8:03am +03

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good. bed post baby the one of the body could listen to a short just to me stuff this boy was. still a pig. some wilco asked. us running to the car. but we're all complicit in creating a world of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice will amount to 0. across the united states
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indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that that's not happening yet. as quickly
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prepares to exit the people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns over spent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns. paid for bricks it people in power on al-jazeera. this is 0. holland this is the news our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the u.n. turns up the heat on world leaders with a damning report warning that the last 5 years are said to be the warmest on record
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. we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective. america's top diplomat says the u.s. wants to avoid war with iran and sending additional troops to the gulf is for defense and deterrence already vibrant. ones bad from the u.s. the indian prime minister narendra modi takes center stage in texas if you received a warm welcome from president donald trump. on a potential holiday from hell hundreds of thousands of people risk being stranded abroad at the world's oldest travel company goes bust. the u.n. is warning world leaders attending its climate change summit in new york that the effects of global warming are speeding up the world meteorological organization
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says the average global temperature for 2015 to 29000 is on track to be the hottest of any 5 year period that's because carbon emissions have hit new highs the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere in that time has increased by 20 percent compared to the previous 5 years and sea levels have risen by 5 millimeters a year that's due to the increased rate of ocean warming and the melting of the greenland and west antarctica ice sheets. terry tell us is the secretary general at the world meteorological organization and he says the details of the reports are not surprising these changes are very much 7 linked to the fact that we have. been using growing amount of force we will use coal oil and gas and and sample last year mr sparrow see the rising of 2 point one percent then that led to again the record high concentrations of carbon dioxide that are spirits is the
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main that has been warming on the planet and also it has been warming the oceans and i mean that's been also causing the melting of graziers and sea ice and that's also contributing to the sea level rise that we have observed so we are if we don't do anything we will creep $3.00 to $5.00 degrees warmer planet by the end of the century and to avoid that cyclical circle terrorists use just decided to hold a private summit that you have here in new york to morrow and the basic idea is to raise the recent level in climate mitigation that we would reach the limits of paris agreement which is from $1.00 to $2.00 degrees warming and that would be much better for the welfare of the mankind than facing these $3.00 to $5.00 degrees warming with which the graph and if people do anything. later in the program i'll
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be speaking to the norwegian prime minister sharon salzberg for more on the climate initiative. u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorists will be pushing countries to speed up their greenhouse gas reduction targets at monday's c.n.n. climate summit thousands of world leaders are expected to attend it's part of the annual united nations general assembly our diplomatic editor james face has more. it's the biggest diplomatic gathering in the world with delegations from all the countries that are members of the united nations in 2 and a half years heading the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists has made great efforts to resolve the world's most deadly conflicts but with little progress in an interview for al-jazeera is planet s.o.s. he told me he wants the focus of this year's high level week on an issue he says is even more important climate the sets of each of these conflicts is to a certain extent localized and climate change became
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a global set for humankind and the global set for the planet and seeing that evolving in such a way that climate change became an excellent it out of conflict. with tension growing between the u.s. saudi arabia and iran the situation in the gulf will be high on the agenda and one of the un's most experienced diplomats told me with so many key players in the same place at the same time there could be important developments and things can move very fast and it would be foolish to rule something out on grounds of 90 ology when as you say you've got all these world leaders and foreign ministers together it does mean that we actions can be very swift and initiatives can be taken privately without having to have the full pep listy of a leader fly in or go somewhere every year the general assembly week gets busier and busier today the count is 90 one's heads of state 6 vice presidents 45 heads of government 5 deputy prime ministers the number of meetings requested has now
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climbed to 630 this part of the u.n. the visitors lobby is normally open to the public to join the high level week it's one of the most secure places on earth all around the u.n. temporary rooms are being set up these are what are known as bilateral booth so you can see the leather chairs the table there's room here for 2 or more delegations to meet a short notice if necessary in some privacy. organizing this event is a mammoth operation insiders have told me just getting the motorcades of presidents prime ministers and foreign ministers here so they can speak back to back on the podium is an operation akin to a traffic control jamesburg days out jazeera of the united nations. after days of antigovernment protests in egypt calling for president sisi to resign a counter-rally has been held in suez these are the latest pictures of
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demonstrations in the coastal city on sunday for sisi supporters gathered waving legion flag that people have been taking part in where protests across the country since friday 365 people have reportedly been arrested. he has warned journalists it's monitoring coverage of the protests to ensure they abide by professional codes or desire is banned from reporting inside egypt. trading on egypt stock exchange was suspect is suspended for 30 minutes on sunday after it fell 5 percent analysts say the fall is linked to the protests. an egyptian lawyer says prosecutors have ordered the brother of a u.s. based egyptian activist remain in custody for another 15 days in cairo on him was arrested on thursday and detained on allegations that he joined an illegal group and spread false news his brother while ghonim
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a facebook page that helped ignite the 2011 uprising he says his brother's arrest was retaliation for his recent criticism of president sisi and some other news donald trump is expected to make the u.s. his case against iran in his address to the u.n. general assembly next week he says he's not planning to hold talks with iran's leaders who will also be new york but secretary of state might pompei or says the u.s. government's policy on iran is to avoid war john hendren has more from washington. president donald trump is sounding newly optimistic about iran tremendous progress with was made with iran so we'll see we'll see but it's all going to work out always does we get it to work out if it doesn't sometimes takes a little longer but i get things to work out the u.s. rhetoric in general on iran has taken a turn toward diplomacy the u.s. secretary of state who initially accused iran of an act of war for last week's
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attack that have saudi arabia's oil production now says the u.s. seeks a diplomatic solution above all we do want a peaceful resolution of this that's our objective president trump and i both want to give diplomacy every opportunity to succeed but make no mistake about it if we are unsuccessful in that and iran continues to strike out in this way i am confident the present trump will make the decisions necessary to achieve our objectives both trump and iran's president hassan rouhani plan to attend a united nations general assembly meeting this week but trump says they won't be talking to each other ever on the sabbath completely but i have know it was just a baby with iran denies any role in this saudi oil attacks who the rebels in yemen say they are responsible in our valley more tensions have risen since the u.s. pulled out of a 2050 nuclear agreement with iran last year the u.s. says its maximum pressure campaign is working but there are few tangible signs of progress since then iran has shot down a u.s. drone and the u.s.
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has blamed iran for attacks on oil tankers on the saudi oil site with the united states sending hundreds of troops reinforcements as well as anti missile defense systems to both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates iran's foreign minister sounds pessimistic i'm not confident that we can avoid a war. i'm confident that we would not stalked war but i'm confident that whoever starts one with not be the one who finishes it so this standoff continues which both sides say they want to end with words not weapons john hendren al-jazeera washington. earlier president told western powers to leave security in the gulf region all nations tensions are high after a series of attacks including a missile and drone strike on saudi oil facilities being blamed on iran same as romney has more on this from tehran. against the backdrop of a military parade iran's president proposed a new security plan for gulf waterways sure. we're going to present
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a plan at the u.n. so that iran in collaboration with regional states is able to maintain security in the persian gulf the strait of hormuz and the sea of oman to the world that the presence of foreign forces can cause insecurity for international waterways maritime movements and energy security but our approach will create solidarity unity and coordination with the countries of the region. iran's peace plan comes at a critical time pushing a message of peace and hope in her moves at the un general assembly in new york rouhani will be trying to sink the latest american backed international coalition being formed in the middle east this time to patrol international shipping lanes in the gulf the u.s. floated the idea of a maritime coalition after attacks on oil tankers earlier this year america and gulf allies blamed iran for the explosions investigators said they found no conclusive evidence to say who carried out the attacks countries that have joined
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the maritime patrol missions so far britain bahrain saudi arabia more recently australia and the united arab emirates. following attacks on saudi oil plants last week also blamed on iran without definitive proof iran's leaders will be concerned about the u.s. plan gaining more support. not all of them are those who want to link the region's incidents but the islamic republic of iran a line just like the past laws which have been revealed if the truthful and really sick security in the region they must not see him with pins 5 digits bombs and dangerous to the region. this week events in cities across the country will mark the beginning of iran's 8 year war with iraq in 1980 gulf arab states supported venner rocky president saddam hussein something rouhani reminded iranians of in his speech but he also said that all can be forgiven if there is unity among islamic countries that the united states is only interested in dividing the region and
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pillaging resources and that the security of the region lasting security is only up to the people indigenous to the area same bus ravi al-jazeera to iran. we can now return to our top story and that's the un slate's us warning on climate change and the effects of global warming joining us now live from the un headquarters in new york is the prime minister of norway. prime minister great to have you on the program thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us but i want to ask you about starting with the climate protests we saw on friday when millions of young people mostly young people took to the streets calling on people like you world leaders policy makers and industry leaders to safeguard their future how did that make you feel and has that motivated you any more ahead of this climate summit . well it does i think it's. both
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appreciative and important that young people moving the climate agenda that they are restless because they own the future and it's important that we listen to what they have to say of course i can understand that young people feel that everything goes to so i think we are seeing new innovations new technologies things moving forward but i think it's too slow we have to accelerate the progress we have to increase the activities and of course there are countries who are doing too little and there and all of us can do more to make sure that we are not increasing the. warmth of the this world more than 1.5 degrees sure speaking of doing more there's no question that norway has a great reputation when it comes to its own environmental policies but at the same time norwegian gas accounts for about a quarter of gas consumption in the u.s. you're one of the.


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