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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the president must be held accountable no one is above the law us democrats opened a formal impeachment inquiry into president donald trump. and you with al jazeera also coming up on the program french president emanuel calls on the u.s. and iran to show courage and resume talks over the nuclear deal. comment has not. this is the unanimous judgment. just. a huge blow for boris johnson as
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the u.k. supreme court ruled that it was unlawful to suspend parliament. and spain's highest court ruled that allows the government to move the remains of the country's most controversial dictator. us democrats have opened a formal impeachment inquiry into president donald trump over claims that he sought political help from ukraine case relates to a phone call trump had with ukraine's president in which he discussed democratic presidential hopeful joe biden. the president has admitted to asking the president to crane to take actions which would benefit him politically the action of the trial the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and
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betrayal of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law. or president trump is already taken to twitter to slam the inquiry saying such an important day at the united nations so much work and some much success and the democrats purposely have to ruin and demean it with more breaking news what chant garbage so bad for our country. our times he joins us live now from washington so reaction there from president trump has there been any other 'd reaction coming in. funny you mention it actually we're imminently expecting reaction from nancy pelosi as opposite number in the house of representatives we have a 2 minute warning about 2 minutes ago that the that the house minority speaker
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will be speaking very shortly in congress to give their reaction but as you can see from donald trump's tweet defiance and in fact the one from how to video ready to go he or she also tweeted a video which gave us the sort of augment that we can expect going forward which is if the democrats keep saying they can't beat me in 2020 their only alternative is to impeach me and it's basically a selection of bits culled from the news from the t.v. news of various democrats saying we'll go to impeach him by any means necessary blah blah blah one wonders presented al green saying you know if we don't impeach him he may win so this is the argument now this is a sign of the weakness of the democrats this is a sign that they can't beat me by fair means they want to subvert democracy with these which ones which they continue in even after what was seen as a bit of a bit of a down squibb of the mother report so now that they're going on and on and on and you know some in the white house think this is great for him this will mobilize his base into 2020 just to the time when some might have been wavering because of
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economic issues and other issues but this is one narrative that you know that works with that core 3035 percent of his base you know the most maybe and that's key in an election they've got to get that tired out you got to get that base you can win with that turnout depending on what the democratic turnout is so theoretically he's terribly happy having said that we've had some reporting suggesting even though politically he might be able to see that on a personal level he's not terribly keen to be the 3rd president in american history to be impeached it's just something he doesn't necessarily like the idea of so there are all those competing interests and the reason why today is rather important is nancy pelosi was also one of those people who saw political danger and going down this road she also could see how divisive his she also saw how difficult it might be for democrats who were holding seats in republican air. it's too to make these arguments there's also that will that sort of investigation fatigue because of moment wished of necessary to come out with all the wild speculative
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conclusions that some democrats have hoped so there are all these risks but apparently police who thinks things have gone 'd too far so she thinks things have gone too far but it is an act. inquiry assassin. once again we are just stuck getting ready to listen in to the house my in arkansas . we are hearing from kevin mccarthy now. they have been investigating this president before he even got elected they have voted 3 times on impeachment on this floor twice they voted before one word of the mall report came back. our job here is a serious job our job is to focus on the american public our job is to make tomorrow better 'd than today our job is to legislate not to continue to investigate something in the back when you cannot find any reason to impeach this
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president this election is over. i realize 2016 did not turn out the way speaker pelosi wanted it to happen but she cannot change the laws of this congress she cannot unilaterally decide when a pietschmann inquiry what she said today made no difference of what's been going on it's no different than what natalie has been trying to do it's time to put the public before politics. thank you. well you have the right to a brief statement that from house minority speaker kevin mccarthy republican essentially denouncing nancy pelosi as impeachment inquiry against president she announced of course that she was launching a formal impeachment inquiry that has already been some reaction from president trump and he has dismissed this as being a witch hunt and so you were listening into that
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a brief statement from kevin mccarthy but he seems to be saying well this is what we've come to expect from the democrats and it changes nothing well you just sort of have a point the other the dust has settled a bit of what police actually said we're going to ask about what did she actually announce did she announce the mechanics of some sort of formal inquiry she said ok we're launching a formal inquiry but what does that actually mean she mentioned that there were already 6 committees in congress in the house investigating donald trump now what happens to all that i mean where does that how does that connect to a some sort of formal impeachment does there have to be a floor vote in the house off the full house to norm start formal impeachment in the past you suggested that also have to be a full house that's actually happened before the clinton impeachment i believe is that they actually had a big big vote in the house to launch the formal inquiry before it could actually begin there and there's a split there's a difference in opinion and in fact justice. as he actually mentioned as.
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as we just heard there's already supposedly an impeachment inquiry underway in the in the house judiciary committee which actually nancy pelosi was a bit scathing about saying well they can do that doesn't mean a full a full house vote or at the very least i haven't heard those one yet so there is going to difference of opinion in the democratic party of also another question if this is all about getting that whistleblower but whistleblower testimony remember this is all because of. a coverup too far as far as democrats are concerned a whistle blower said that they were he was he will she was concerned about what donald trump was saying to a foreign leader that went to the inspector general the inspector general agreed this is serious stuff gave it to the director of national intelligence the director of national intelligence is supposed to give that information to the relevant people in congress he has not done that but if. he's been given a thursday deadline if the director of national intelligence does give that whistleblower account to the congress on thursday what does that mean for this for all of this so we have a lot of questions right now at the very least it's showing that it's applying the pressure and perhaps there's
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a hope that at the very least maybe some of the stonewalling will stop from the trunk administration and the democratic inquiries will get some of the information though ok thank you very much shavar chancy with the latest and i can also now speak to republican strategist joins us via skype now from west virginia and so as you're hearing there the democrats do have existing investigations into u.s. president donald trump what then is the impact of this impeachment inquiry. well the impact is really great because the fever pitch had reached a level where people as he could no longer ignore it of course there were many democrats that were newly elected in 2018 that came to the house of representatives with the goal of impeaching this president they can heat on it they want their seats with that and there was a sense that nancy pelosi was holding on for too long but the latest explosive about this phone call in which president trump has allegedly asked this new
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president elect in ukraine dig up dirt on an american political cone it has really driven most of the american electorate to what we need scratch their heads and say what's next and i think that's where we're at right now where republicans like myself believe that this was the point that we can no longer turn our backs on the peace it has to happen the congress has to at least undergo some formal process that it is not up until now to hold the president accountable for what could it take place this phone call as you say nancy pelosi has resisted and proceeding on impeachment certainly with an inquiry oh any talk of proceeding against the president that has now changed because of this when you know what momentum in the wake of these allegations of abuse of power relating to ukraine what then are the next official steps. well it really depends on who you ask in
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this moment it's a little bit confusing because there have been times in the past that members of congress like congressman * for example a democratic belief from texas had gone down to the house floor and at least tried to file the articles of impeachment now it's a little bit gets murky at that point as to why they did go forward the political will it seems that they are on the democratic side because just recently recently as a few days ago only a couple days ago everything like the hours and days over here is a couple of days ago it was 7 democrats who are vulnerable to across the country road up that opinion tauriel to the speaker of the house in the sense of the american public say they also now wants impeachment they want that person so that was the target the road different democrats have always said different things many have agreed with the speaker that it would divide the country these articles of impeachment need to be filed and of course the senate will have its job as well the
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forces that it is led by republicans it makes americans right now wonder what is politically possible and what is actually possible under the powers of the u.s. constitution so i think we need to wait and see exactly what she announces after all especially given what we are mccarthy is that she said it's official so we have to trust that formal articles of impeachment will be filed are you not but then i have to also ask you about the political impact of all of this trauma campaign has suggested that actually this impeachment inquiry could give him an advantage in the election next year does it allow him to and his campaign to promote a narrative all of president trump being linked to mice by members of congress. certainly there is an idea that he could really play out that message and we know that kind of message we already know that the american incumbent american of the president enjoys
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a great deal of power from be incumbent and that means surely an idea that reelection will be won over easily because the thing is that most americans do go to the ballot box with the idea 2 of what's another 4 years that the economy's going great and there hasn't been something that is upset our d. way of life right now what's happening is so inside baseball very inside the beltway and so in the weeds for most of us washingtonians we've been waiting for this day i've also been puzzled as to why it didn't happen a couple days ago versus today but the political calculation here where the trump team is that this is an 8th grader this is something that is going to be good actually just prior to our interview i received a text from the top campaign think this is a rich hunt gave now your donation will be matched 2 times and i think that's really huge because that tells me that they already know that they were ready to clog up with their base and say look at the democrat they've been screaming about
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impeachment from the day i took office how we show that they are concerned only with conducting a witch hunt in congress and not with producing solutions legislation for the american people just as your heart is just thank you very much. appreciate your thoughts on the story thank you. well now britain's prime minister bars johnson says he strongly disagrees with the supreme court ruling which found his decision to shut down parliament for 5 weeks unlawful critics have called the suspension a cynical ploy to stifle debate about pranks and pays will now return to parliament and growing calls for the prime minister to resign or brennan reports. the outside the supreme court began to threaten demonstrators we're going to mystic moved inside the judges delivered their devastating ruling with calm deliberation
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and issue whether prime minister boris johnson suspended parliament lawfully or simply to prevent parliament from holding his government to account the effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme no justification for taking action with such an extreme effect has been put before the court the court is bound to conclude that that the decision to advise her majesty to parade parliament was unlawful. because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification this case went to the fundamental issue of the very nature of democracy here in the united kingdom and it was a stress test if you like of the separation of powers between the 3 branches of government but this conflict is far from over the outcome is a vindication for gina miller the campaigner who has fought the government for the
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past 3 years to uphold the law or on breaks it. today it's not to win any individual or cause it's a win for parliamentary servant the separation of powers and the independence of our british court. news of the court's decision prompted a standing ovation from delegates at the opposition labor party conference where the party leader was on his feet at the time the supreme court has just announced its decision. and it shows that the prime minister has acted wrongly in shutting down the demand for parliament to be recalled gathered pace at the speaker of the lower house stepped in i have instructed the house so far it is to prepare not for the recall. the purgation was unlawful in these void to prepare for the
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resumption of the business of the house of commons. problems are you going to. promise to johnson receive the news in new york where he's attending the un general assembly he said he disagreed with the ruling but with respect it made these look we're going to get on and deliberative to the 31st yes of course it will not come back but. you know we'll respect that and get on with back in london that his position is now in question parliament will resume on wednesday morning it promises to be a 2 mulches return paul brennan al-jazeera the supreme court with al-jazeera live from london much more still to bring you on the program including this afghans are demanding on says after 40 civilians were killed during an operation targeting the taliban.
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how the weather is slushy dry across australia the moment high pressure and. we do have some clouds and see central process easing a switch it might even feed a few showers if it's wools east coast as we go on into the last a pot of the week that is to the southeast and cold of 15 celsius for melbourne on the cool side 15 degrees the full high boxes 119 in adelaide a similar temperature there 2 for path in this day as we go on a thursday similar conditions harris well brightens up into the center there for alice springs will see a few showers welcome shell's i suggest into southern parts of queensland and down into the southeast those temperatures started to pick up quite nicely some pleasant sunshine from melbourne a 90 degree celsius now well it's a present for new zealand over the next couple of days we've got the family a class waiting for picking up a southerly wind it's going to be cold they'll be some snow over the high ground
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and also to lower levels of that but a wet weather coming through here move on and also seeing some wet weather as well for tom it brightens up dries up a little as we go through thursday but staying cool wet and windy across the south island for a good part of the way we'll see some what about the grassy pushing towards japan as we go on through the week but for now is fine and dry. an ethiopian woman determined to tell the world a new story about her country our source. is the most beautiful thing we've got and i wish we can just realize that it just the fact that despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia all know just 0.
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welcome back at just a quick look at the headlines now the u.s. speak at the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi says house of representatives will launch a formal inquiry into whether president donald trump should be impeached over a phone call he made with the president of ukraine in july. persons prime minister boris johnson is saying he strongly disagrees with the supremes court ruling which found his decision to shut down parliament for 5 weeks unlawful. and of course soon following developments at the united nations this week french president emanuel has called on iran in the united states to show courage and to
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resume talks made the comments at the u.n. general assembly where need is on meeting to discuss the wilds most challenging problems. denounce what he called iran's blood lust james by his reports. as he arrived at the general assembly the world was watching for president trump's next move on iraq the u.s. is being joined by the u.k. france and germany in holding iran responsible for the drone attacks on saudi oil facilities but the president to launch the policy it lacks a way of russia on tehran that both wanted still for now every talking about possible diplomacy heard about it on iran i think we're doing very well let's see what happens with iran but we are very we're in very strong position on iran and i think they'd like to do something and i think would be a smart thing for them if they did and of course when he took to the podium inside the general assembly hall there was plenty of criticism of radiant policy but also
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i'm not the only brunch. america is ready to embrace friendship with all who genuinely and seek. peace and respect. many of america's closest friends today were once our greatest foes the united states has never believed in permanent enemies we want hawkers not add this is america knows that while anyone can make war only the most courageous can choose peace ok in the speech there were old so tough words for china in an effort perhaps to increase the pressure on beijing ahead of forthcoming trade talks the american people are absolutely committed to restoring balance to our relationship with china . hopefully we can reach an agreement that would be beneficial for both countries. but as i have made very clear i will not accept
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a bad deal for the american people. when he spoke at the un secretary general raised concerns that the war of words between china and the us could develop into something much more serious i hear the possibility of a great fracture the world splitting into we did 2 largest economies on hers creating 2 separate and competing world which with their own dominant currency trade and financial rules their own internet and artificial intelligence capacities and their own 0 geo political and military strategies what do you turn to the official luncheon with other world leaders and the secretary general president trump praised the united nations that was in contrast to a typical trump speech which promoted national sovereignty ahead of multilateralism and slam the globalists james plays out at the united nations where john holl
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joins us live now from the united nations in new york and present macron speech a little earlier on he spoke a great deal about iran and about the need for the u.s. and iran to come together which suggests that those french led efforts to find some sort of negotiated solution or at least some incentive for iran to stay in the nuclear deal you know the efforts are still very much ongoing. very much ongoing a lot of shuttle diplomacy taking place behind the scenes here at the general assembly as yet no sign of any of it bearing fruit we saw earlier emanuel macron running up the flag once again as we've seen him before of multilateralism black list of cooperation among nations calling on leaders to find the courage that they lack to build peace to reach consensus bringing up iran in particular saying look it's time for the u.s. and iran to negotiate again any more pressure on iran will only deepen tensions in
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the reason region it was all a sort of rebuke not just of u.s. policy on iran but also of donald trump and his style of unilateralism and all the leaders who follow in donald trump's footsteps it was emanuel macron as peacemaker as senior statesman on the world stage and his country france as a global voice of reason thank you very much jonah jonah how with all the latest from united nations in new york. we go to afghanistan now hundreds of people have been protesting against the deaths of at least 40 civilians after they were caught in the crossfire between the government and the taliban on sunday night the government says it was targeting a taliban training base private parts. afghanistan's military says the attack against foreign fighters was successful but once again it seems civilians including women and children became casualties sources in helmand province so the victims were attending a wedding party on sunday evening when they were attacked. as the rescuers attended
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to the dead and injured a crowd gathered at a local hospital waiting for any news the should be unless i get a plane arrived and bombarded the wedding ceremony and some nearby houses including my own around 50 to 60 people were martyred and 5060 others are wounded 0 1 this attack follows another last week in eastern province when a strike is said to be targeting an i saw hideout kill dozens of villages working nearby afghan civilian deaths in coalition operations have long been a contentious issue particularly because of the sophisticated weaponry used by nato and u.s. forces even with them having with all the precision. weapons and all the you know up to date latest technologies the civilian casualties were unavoidable of course the underlying. requirement for all of this is good intelligence if you
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don't have good intelligence often what happens that you end up you end up targeting civilians. the u.n. says that more civilians have been killed this year in operations by the afghan military and the coalition allies than by armed groups including the taliban a report just published by the ministry of health has further highlighted the problem showing that in the past year 3300 civilians have been killed and another 16 that a half 1000 wounded robert bridal just here a couple. spain's supreme court has ruled that the remains of francisco franco can be moved from a state more psyllium terminus of old cemetery franco spain and often brutal dictatorship between 19391975 spain socialist government has made their way location of his remains a priority dividing opinion in the country as victoria gaze and he reports. to many
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spaniards general francisco franco was the hero to many others he was a dictator the the for the relatives of the republican victims who died fighting fascist forces in the spanish civil war the supreme court's decision was one made long campaign for the franc has remained should not lie in a publicly funded state muesli in the valley of the full in name of dread is dedicated to all spaniards who died during the civil war in the 1930 s. judges unanimously rejected in a pail by frankie's family and approved the removal of his remains. crown. frank i must speak sheer and because the valley of the fallen must become a memorial a reminder for all those who suffered and gave their life to achieve something that today is being stolen from us. you was a dictator i wouldn't even call him a person he was a dictator and
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a criminal and because of bad he shouldn't be in a public place just the controversy has divided political opinion in spain. the ruling socialist government and prime minister pederast sanchez wanted franco's remains removed to a private family site for burial opposition parties accused him of exploiting the issue to win votes in a them busy general election franco died in 1975 but his legacy still divides opinion some think he was an anti communist hero others point to widespread human rights abuses throughout his almost 40 years. is in power most people have called the fact that. he was a great you've gotten to be in now. but probably. being. from or worse what's the one. this supreme court ruling looks like finally ending decades of controversy over way
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he should be buried victoria gay to be out there al jazeera dot com for all the latest all the stories uncovering in this bulletin and much more. so a quick recap of the headlines this hour u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi is saying the house of representatives is set to launch a formal inquiry into whether the president on a trunk should be impeached it will examine whether trump sought ukraine's help to smear the former vice president and democratic presidential nominee joe biden trump has dismissed the probe as witch hunt garbage. the president has admitted to asking the president ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically the action of the truck the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact
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of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law. britain's prime minister boris johnson says he strongly disagrees with the supreme court ruling which found his decision to shut down parliament for 5 weeks on lawful critics had called the suspension a cynical ploy to stifle debate about breaks it and m.p.'s will now return to parliament and the crowd and calls for the prime minister to resign but johnson remains defiant. that the judiciary in our country we respect. because i disagree profoundly with what they have to say i think he was entirely
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right. during the problem with queen's speech this is. the way through the i'm very pleased beach for 400 years. and french president emmanuel has been speaking about iran at the united nations general assembly and he also said that it would be a last opportunity of iranian president hassan rouhani left the united states without meeting the u.s. president well earlier on u.s. president donald trump was speaking about iran and he denounced what he described as the country's bloodloss so it's not a tall clear if such meeting is possible or even a remote prospect at this point but those are the headlines he started out as there . didn't you astray from the 4th story let's go say that no chinese in terms of the laws we bring you the stories and developments that are rightfully changing the world we live in what's more the laws of piracy are you
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