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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 34  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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before so he's about people not going to sort of brazen out artist friends or black people but i deceive i'm not to feel people how to celebrate is that the british thing was i'm a poet trying to be free mind about stock and what are the same time i would not stand by when it's either spanish or whether it's black people white people or you know i've. been raised to say to you that generally greatest story is really important in the trudeau case because jerry's point about the children and what children are taught and at what age at what age were i think about white children learning practice racism trudeau was a teacher he was 29 years old he should have been the one in the school making sure that his students didn't come to that party in blackface as opposed to being the one to show up in the black face and we're talking about a 21st century occurrence that was 2001 and we have to remember here too this is the background of people like to forget you know growing up in canada maybe the you know people in europe etc don't know this but we're inundated with american t.v. so you know i grew up watching n.b.c. a.b.c.
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you know fox when it came into being c.b.s. so as well as a canadian t.v. show channel sorry t.v. channels so why i'm saying this willing you know being born in the 70s going of the seventy's there was a moment when i would turn on the t.v. and see the big blockbuster but buster splashy hollywood movies with actresses like julie garland and blackface but then by the eighty's late seventy's you know there was a mainstream consensus that we didn't want to see that anymore in t.v. what. sense what do you think happened because none of the have a conversation because it is unacceptable so when they happen what what what changed their minds i think part of that is listen it went underground so so a lot of these cases were white people coming out post censorship post mainstream censorship is white people in white only situations i think mention this a little bit right when there is not black people around there's not people of color around and if they're honest with themselves. some of them would admit i
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wouldn't have done this if my black friend had been their only black coworker except so part of that is we need to think about you know in a country like canada that builds itself on multiculturalism and racial diversity inclusion are we actually living together in canada are we actually building intimate friendships across rate in ethnicity are we actually you know eating lunch and going to the barbecue with you know the new workmate who you know is of a different race or ethnicity because a lot of the instances that are being you know talked about now like there was a white female who was a a law student in alberta in 1700 saying they're all off showed up in blackface it and it was a certain gathering and and what was interesting to me is she said nobody complained nobody minded everybody liked it but my 1st thought was hello how many black students were at your law school in 1070 in alberta probably not probably no black professors either and probably the black people who are in the you know the institutional system i'm story to say but canada is
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a racist country and they were probably people who didn't have the positions or the authority to think that they could point out that they were deeply offended by that party which they saw. so a lot of this party every one of them say something i'm going to jump in there because i want to bring something in from our community we got so many comments from them and it's picking up on something that you mentioned earlier charmaine about people thinking that this was exported and it was exported from the u.s. from hollywood and so that is how it infiltrated but we have a comment from someone and i pulled up a tweet that she sent and she talks about europe and so because this was imported from the us people think we don't have the same issues as the u.s. does and so therefore we don't have the same problems she writes this is how france chose to represent the $794.00 abolition of slavery on the walls of its national assembly it tells you all that you need to know about the country's attitude towards blackface to she sent us a comment elaborating on this have
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a listen to what she said. so one of the problems that we have if you are used to constant dissociation 'd was blackface innocent activity imported from that in central america forgetting the fact is had european roots and the talking here about a medieval chronicle of truly of the races fact is of disguising oneself as a black or more in order to mock up a little the other people call example since 1901 the 1st called the french national assembly self-restraint in 94 because of slavery the work by french artist overdue was it is a full blown blackface yet at least an attempt to have it display some of the national assembly they will as the majority of french refuse to see any harm in the artwork and denounce an attack on freedom of expression that it should of minorities in the sort of frenchness by american political correctness so jerry if she told us that people deny its roots because they think well it doesn't relate to our history this is just enjoyment this is just fun. you mean they're widely. i
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think that she met white people in europe. i think that what we have seen is that especially in the netherlands we have to remember that most dutch people grew up with what the fun memories about it but says the history of colonialism miss levy is not being addressed enough the schools a lot of people grew up thinking that this friendly list but this and they have. some people have no idea by the history behind it and i think also that you have a straight up racist people who don't hit with a goose people enough but you have another ignoring people women will be trying to do in the midlands his disciple to stay in this to educate the people says the government will do with this is the school refused to do with the just common people no help to step to the plate to teach one of the so we want to have to think
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again so i just jump in also because i think that there were many made a great has been done to say thank you for some time yet i thought when i started i led a like just personally it's also extremely exhausting gerri you know what i mean to have to try to constantly educate people about why this is offensive it's just it's really really draining and i think that's a conversation we've been having a lot amongst people within the diaspora that some people that say well one way to not be drained about this is just to laugh it off i have black friends that have seen black face and the gollywog dolls and things that are very racially offensive tell me i don't want that that sort of thing bother me you know once i let it bother me and i internalize that that's when i think that they've won and so i think like for me personally and for a lot of folks i've been talking to 'd 'd i it's become more of like a camp for culture towards this type of behavior where someone can dress in
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blackface and be completely canceled from either being re-elected said or as the saying you know. given certain job opportunities etc whereas before it used to be a time where well let's talk this out let's educate people and let's try to explain to them so i'm you know i think people are really bad and i do like to say i don't care i think we are i do understand united think we are really tired of this played in because i do think that when it comes to do human is asian it wasn't africa's winslet where the human race i think the way to enslave them with human eyes was they become no longer people but we started things to people but i was same time i do think that. i have seen it up a spirit for people who really change in use based on having those conversations but i do agree that is this lost them and we shouldn't be the one to do it i don't just get it and i guess i know it's also if i want to do something very quickly with you i'm going to call this the speed round this is c t v and this is the apology justin trudeau made and underneath it are some
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questions from people who clearly don't understand the history of plot say so maybe they do and it doesn't really impact them so this is a speed round for you or alexandra says it was 18 years ago it was a lack of judgment really comment on that lack of judgment it wasn't really his fault. my comment is basically you know he can easily get canceled for his actions there's there's not much empathy left for people that do these things and basically try to hide them when an even better if he had actually come out and said i this is something that i. you know this is how i feel about it that i speed round moving on smita christian as it was in 2001 when no one thought it was an issue and it wasn't a crying child may you handle that one ok listen i got a statement for everybody i know you don't you will understand this but can back in canada a very different situation he might not get cancelled and part of that is because
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canadians the average way canadian does not know because no history of the nation does not know that slavery happened here instead we were we ensuring a 30 year window of the underground railroad when african-americans were fully nort so part of it especially in the back this is being dismissed completely dismissed by white francophones you know that we need to understand the history too because they like to talk about british conquest in 760 they don't like to talk about what from the french empire at home in canada did to indigenous people and black people so there's a different context here he might get reelected ok one more for you know jerry and this one comes from collette again it's under the apology that justin trudeau made the 1st apology there was a 2nd one collect says this is a smear campaign against trudeau we have all dressed up for halloween or theme parties it's never in a race it's instead dressing up to be someone else and celebrate being different dressing up with celebrating your cultural ethnicity gender you take that on frankly a lot here white privilege. so for we have to understand whether you did it 30
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years old or not at the moment did it hurt some people and i do think that he got caught not once not twice but 3 times why didn't he made it front like ok i was stupid i was doing these things because in the middle of a lot of people are now it's preston that the rich who celebrated. they reach to like up like 50 now they want to eat anymore cause it think it's offensive but they didn't get called before they made that apology so i do think that for someone to be such a pussy since he should know better and he changes facebook i think it's played a profile with a black person next to him and i was like oh so nitrites at their lives you have black friends something is wrong you know so i think if it was anti semitic behavior. so why she would be put up with it was fun and everyone is doing it no i don't think that one is doing it i think there are people doing it we should know better and he should know better and he should up for what we did way earlier than
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to be caught up in this case terry mincing no words they're pretty 8 and so i want to bring in one more comment here has also mincing no words and he is the author of a forthcoming book exporting jim crow black face minstrel sea in south africa and beyond so really just expanding this conversation because it really does touch so many places of the world here is what chin you are sol we have to say the racist comedy of blackface minstrel shows portray black people as incompetent slaves who were supposedly unfit for democratic participation in a white nation the mets were so they were exported to south africa provided a forum for the british settlers to celebrate their belief in racial superiority the minstrel shows included music dance and comedy sketches they had more entertainment value than the pro-slavery lectures of the 19th century and this entertainment value was probably why blackface continues today some people still believe that it is fun to put on blackface makeup and perform outlandish caricature
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of people of color. so charmaine we've heard a lot of history we've heard a lot of why how we missed coming up what is your advice for people moving forward after the show what do you want to take away to be ok and i just want to say really quickly i don't want people to get the misperception that black placements will see also took place in canada in the 19th century right the same stage performances happen in canada but i also want to mention that we still also got the t.v. and the cinema in canada too in the 20th century so i mean we have one minute left how do we know it's coming up that we need is coming up in the netherlands what would you advise people to do when is it appropriate to wear black face i think it's never appropriate is never appropriate other people's cultures other people's races are not costumes we're not object to be put on and taken off please stop doing this i think everybody is pretty much unanimous of that point thank you lee left thank you jerry thank you as well and i should just say that jerry has
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a campaign his idea is to get rid of black paint which is a very traditional character in the netherlands have a look he has a petition you can find it on his twitter page and you can if you agree with him you can sign it and maybe change the tradition of blacking up for christmas time in the netherlands thank you guests for your contribution we really appreciate it as all the time we have now thanks for watching online. week stores generate sounds of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with the different angles from different perspectives
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karajan hold a lawyer to account separate the spin from. facts. not the misinformation from the journalism how careful must future your words but some tough stuff has to be said for some critics have to be made the listening post on al-jazeera. for centuries it was the remoteness of brazil's indigenous communities that protected them from the rapacious outside world now it's what shields those who are encroaching on protected indigenous territory starting fires and threatening the residents of the county when i had the 1st contact with the outside world in 1978 and what i catch eager talking her native language translated for us into portuguese remembers it well she says they brought diseases that decimated her community but that. we had a lot of land and we lived peacefully now we live with fear that are very few of us
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the invaders are coming closer it's difficult at 1st to gauge why a place so remote so tranquil should matter so much to the rest of the walls indigenous people who live here will realize this but now is the smoke fills the skies and the ashes pollute the river the rest of the world is beginning to realize it to. an ethiopian determined to tell the world a new story about a country our ships our humanity is the most beautiful thing concoct and i wish we can just realize that it and just the fact that despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera.
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the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi launches an impeachment inquiry into president trump amid allegations he asked ukraine's leader to dig up dirt on joe biden. along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the french president meets the iranian leader for a 2nd time at the u.n. and urges him to begin talks with president trump. heading home to a political storm boris johnson cut short his un trip to be u.k.'s highest court ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful. and the shock and chaos when an earthquake hit parts of pakistan dozens are killed and many left.


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