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tv   Tunisia The Battle For Independence - Rebels  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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has gone wrong for him he's lost every single vote in parliament lost over 20 of his own m.p.'s who now have no loyalty to him and he's been accused of misleading the queen and unlawfully suspending parliament it's one thing him saying he wants to get on with his plans but in politics everything's about momentum and at the moment he hardly has any as to progress in the u.k.'s preparations for dealing with a no deal bracks it's that also seems as clear as mud earlier the man in charge of bracks at preparations was asked repeatedly with by politicians from all sides whether the country would be ready but much of it was a bit like this will lead to weekly food basket of an average low income family be higher or lower all the same in the event of a new deal so. it's a very fair point but the the it is one of those questions it's one of those questions that it is impossible to answer. the government's expected to try to hold
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another vote on having a national election it's already lost too because all the opposition parties won't do it until they're sure no deal breakfast is off the table at the end of october there's no suggestion at all the government will win this one either the whole thing's a horror show lawrence leigh al-jazeera london appel brown joins us live now from westminster and paul's opponents back and boris johnson what he says but isn't defined as ever is. an astonishing day frankly felicity amongst many extraordinary days that we've seen here in the recent past in parliament i mean the tone was set early by the attorney general geoffrey cox who in his big booming baritone came out with a very bravura performance extraordinary 2 tumultuous scenes in the chamber saying this parliament is a disgrace i mean it provoked fury from the opposition benches one particular exchange with barry shipman the labor m.p.
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ended up going viral on social media it was so vociferously and then the prime minister came to the chamber and he too was taking not a single step backwards no apology no remorse nothing they say a week's a long time in politics with only 24 hours ago the supreme court said the prime minister had given unlawful advice and perrotte parliament unlawfully and yet boris johnson's son stood at the butt dispatch box and said that as far as he was concerned he thought the court was wrong jeremy corbin the leader of the opposition 'd said and i quote that the address from boris johnson been 10 seconds of bluster from a shameless prime minister who thinks he's above the law pretty much sums it up yeah i mean when you go to a government like this the can't win any votes except for a palm of his power lies normally of course the opposition would be desperate to hold a general election but they're not going to call lots of confidence in upon a straw man. despite the goading and threats and cajoling from the prime minister
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you know he's effectively challenging them daring them to call a no confidence vote in his leadership saying if they don't do it by the close of play today then he's going to assume that they do have confidence in his leadership looks that this is all strategic game playing with a very very serious purpose behind it the fact is that the opposition feel that the conservative party boris johnson prime minister boris johnson is setting them a trap that if they do call a no confidence vote it will allow him. to take control of the agenda the timetable for a general election he could name a date before the october 31st deadline and then switch it at the last minutes and effectively britain would leave the european union and parliament would be powerless to stop that. labor is holding it's not that they're not being tempted by the off the ball that boris johnson is inviting them to take a bite out of holding them there for the time being in the battle inside the
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chamber behind me goes on more interesting days to come. i still has on the program israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu gets another go at forming a government following last week's deadlocked election. thousands of to test students protest in indonesia over controversial draft criminal code which could extramarital relations. however got some rather lively weather across western parts of here we have seen some storms down towards the southeast and pushing out to the balkans even i was was a black sea but it's really up towards the northwest where we have seen a lot of activity going on some very strong winds and some rather large showers longer spells of rain as well so going to see more of that wet weather more that
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windy weather or some weather this rattling its way through on thursday 18 celsius in london still going to feel like it can get to around 21 there in paris blustery showers here as well a little quieter to central powers 20 celsius there for vienna and also for berlin but some lovely down poles just still around the balkans pushing further east was for mania as we go through friday but it just making way for the next isn't really just but the difference one after another these weather system is rolling in from the atlantic further south the med. it's fine and dry that fine weather there across much of space and portugal it extends down across northern parts of africa last week pretty good over the next couple of days 28 celsius there and algiers over the next day or 25 and dry across a good part of north africa come into the tropical belt some really big downpours right across the gulf of getting.
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some more color asked. that it's running to the core. but we're all complicit in creating wild of terror and oppression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their narrative asen and the shocking truths from the inside. witness the women of ice down. to 0. again undermine of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has denied he pressured ukraine's leader to investigate one
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of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidates joe biden scandal has fox unimpeached meting choir into the world's most powerful leader. their own president has accused the u.s. of merciless economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington or his country is on to american sanctions as a recording address the u.n. general assembly all fears rise over simmering tensions in the persian gulf. the british prime minister is facing repeated calls to resign after parliament reconvene for the 1st time since its suspension was deemed illegal. israel's president reuven rivlin has tasked a long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu yahoo with assembling a new government following last week's deadlocks election many a who still has no clear path to a 5th term emerging from the september 17th ballots without a parliamentary majority he has 28 days to form
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a coalition but can also within for 2 week extension as needed i force it has more from west jerusalem. who is really president riven rivlin had made it clear earlier this week and indeed since the election result came in that he wanted to see a unity government between the 2 biggest parties benjamin netanyahu xli could and benny gantz is blue and white but the talks that he had sponsored and tried to broker failed after just 2 days worth of trying and so he decided that the other option available to him was to give the mandate to try to form a coalition government to one of those too many chose benjamin netanyahu because he had a coalition bloc in waiting of some 55 seats in the israeli parliament the knesset you need 61 for a majority coalition government benjamin netanyahu came on to the up to the podium to say that he had a slightly less bad chance of sensually of making a government than benny gantz did but he seemed to rule out the prospect of trying
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to peel off a few seats here and there to rule without blue and white to govern without blue and white saying that he would still pursue a unity government and he was open to the prospect of some kind of rotational prime ministerial deal now blue and white has been briefing that the problem has been that netanyahu would not accept going 2nd in such a deal that he wants to stay in pole position in order to try and fight off corruption charges that are looming against him he has a pretty indictment here in june next week benny gantz is saying that he won't serve under the leadership of a prime minister who is facing indictment on corruption charges so we remain in this kind of political status that israel has been in for so many months now there's no saying that he won't play this out that if he can't achieve such a result within a few days he would give the mandate back to the president and then the president
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has made it clear that he doesn't have to give it to benny gantz he could just throw it across to the knesset itself to try and come up with a solution so we're still in an ongoing political stalemate here. the brother of algeria's deposed president has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for plotting against the state and undermining the army side beautifully co was convicted by a military court along with 2 former intelligence chiefs and the head of a political party who also jailed they are the highest profile prosecution since president of the disease but a flicker resigned in april after 20 years in power and months of protests against his will haiti's president is urging for calm after days of process that a power lies the caribbean nation demonstrators in the capital port au prince have been demanding the resignation of german are maurice he's accused of corruption and of failing to solve worsening fuel and food shortages most of haiti's fuel used to come from venezuela but supply has dried up due to unpaid debts
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police in indonesia have fired tear gas and water cannons at student demonstrators who rallied in the capital for a 3rd day about changes to a controversial criminal code which could ban extramarital relations and make it illegal to resume insult the president mohammad has more from jakarta. students marching in indonesia's capital and several other cities calling on the government to hold controversial legislation being debated in parliament last week the government passed a law to amend the power of the corruption eradication commission this week parliament planned to make changes to a pending criminal code bill which could discriminates against religious minorities outlaw sex outside marriage ban abortion and make it illegal to insult the president but the outcry by protestors forced a delay. of students to work with police outside parliament in jakarta
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security forces responded with tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds. there are so many problems weakening of the anti-corruption commission and then rushing to pass the criminal code they want to pass other bills to before the parliament term ends but there is no transparency. as the tear gas cleared the clean up the gun rights police and ambulance has remained on standby for protests around parliament there's a clear message left behind this defeat he says we are anti parliament and down below it says you're violating the people's rights the students here say they'll continue this fight until there's change for decades previous indonesian governments have tried to change laws that were established on the dutch colonial rule president djoko we doto revive discussion when he was elected 4 years ago human rights groups say the latest proposed changes and he reformist. for the last 20 years in the need to have gone through
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a reform process in which. the agenda on corruption at the cation human rights protection have had tremendous achievement the law will roll back all reforms in indonesia and the field of human rights and human rights and to corruption. analysts believe this is why politicians are pushing to create indonesia's own criminal code but the political fallout could threaten president djoko we don't has credibility he was a president who are riots on the public support who is riding on the wave of the public support from the very beginning but now he is turning against the public that means that he will be viewed by the public purse more to being for the elliotts for the political parties and so on and so forth. concerns are growing that the pending criminal code will be introduced when the new parliament is sworn in next week protesters say they'll continue to make sure their voices are heard
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for him have it al-jazeera jakarta. slash greenhouse gas emissions now watch cities vanish underwater rivers run dry and marine life collapse that's the warning from scientists behind a major study on the harm climate change poses to our oceans glasses and ice caps and from our mountains to our coasts nobody will escape unharmed oceans absorb more than 90 percent of the heat generated by greenhouse gases keeping our planet livable bursts at a terrible cost by the end of the century the numbers of marine animals will have decreased by 15 percent and fish catches by almost 25 percent coral reefs will turn boneyard white as hot sea water is starved of oxygen he says also melting glasses and ice sheets sea levels could rise by one meter by the year 2100 affecting hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas ocean currents will also change
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causing disasters like super cyclons and storm surges to strike once a year by 2050 flood damage is projected to increase 102-1000 times by 2100 some island nations will be uninhabitable and far above in the himalayas classiest feeding 10 major rivers could shrink dramatically heating water supplies across a swathe of asia or greenpeace scientists are building a case to protect more marine areas and desires and it clogs on a vessel in the south atlantic ocean off the coast of south america. yes we're on board the greenpeace ship esperanza where scientists are investigating a newly discovered area of reef we're about 600 kilometers from the mouth of the amazon in that direction and about 130 kilometers from the shore french guiana and scientists here on board conducting all manner of research from the seabed to the
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surface hoping to bolster the case for protection of the world's oceans to the chuen of 30 percent by the year 2030 the team here following closely the publication of this report which lays out in start terms how the oceans are warming the dangers of sea level rise which could affect hundreds of millions of people and the impact on bio diversity in earlier we spoke to search plane from the french center for scientific research and he gave us his assessment the concern is 1st of all very personal news that i i grew up we've the world we were certain scenario we were certain vision of the world and then we were certain wildlife and i'm always a little bit sad thing that i will leave to my daughter i've got a daughter she's pretty young she's only 20 year plus and so i will leave that we're a very different song to what i get and so it's a personal sense of the 1st before scientific i would say sincerely on that in the context of the i.p.c.c.
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you get to worry about life being i've been able in several centuries and 1000000 to adapt to different and then suddenly changing that habitat transforming that he thought and so the end of these these are the end of those 4 and we don't know exactly but clearly they'll be strongly affected yes the climate is changing and yes our finances changing yes we are getting into over temperature and this is this is this is going to change our or our abbots this is not going to be all the changing the wildlife this is going to change also all the agriculture this is going to change also where we living and then our lifestyle. search plane that well it's evident that the oceans of the world are taking a direct hit when it comes to the climate crisis it's also clear that research and science like which we're seeing here on board the esperanza is crucial if we are to mitigate the worst effects of climate change the italian prime minister just at the concept has called for action to tackle global warming after revelations that
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a glass here on europe's highest mountain is at risk of collapse roads in the vicinity of more blown have been closed and alpine hamlets evacuated the local mess to farnham as a lot she says a section of the glass here containing about 250000 cubic metres of ice could fall down the mountain threatening a nearby fadi town for a quick reminder that you can catch up with many of the stories we're covering by going to our website he's addresses out to 0 dot com al jazeera dot com for the latest news and sport. and reminder the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has denied he pressured ukraine's lead up to investigate one of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidates joe biden their phone conversation in july's the center moves by furious democrats who want the
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president out of office and have launched an impeachment inquiry but in a news conference with the ukrainian president trump tonight the accusation is written in a way. and i know there was and by the way you know the words don't actually have to do is one of the 4 but you know that would you could ask the question and i agree. iran's president has accused the u.s. of merciless economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington while his country is under american sanctions housen rouhani has addressed the u.n. general assembly off ears rise over a simmering tensions in the persian gulf iran's 2050 nuclear deal has been unraveling ever since u.s. president put the trunk pulled out last year the iranian government has retaliated by scaling back some of its commitments to the pact. our patience has a limit when the u.s.
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does not respect the united nations security council resolutions and when europe displays inability the only way she'll be to rely on national dignity pride and strength they call us to negotiations while they run away from treaties and deals or are. we negotiated with the incumbent u.s. government on the 5 plus one negotiating table however they fail to honor the commitment made by their predecessor on behalf of my nation and state i would like to announce that our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative and the british prime minister is facing repeated calls to resign off the parliament reconvened for the 1st time since his suspension was deemed illegal or stance and has defended himself to m.p.'s sang he believes the supreme court ruling on palm it's probation was wrong serious opposition members are demanding johnson step down over the illegal suspension johnson has challenged the opposition labor party to instead corn for a vote of no confidence that means to achieve the election. and there is the latest
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headlines here on al-jazeera stay with us the stream is coming next thanks for watching l.c.c. apply. conditions for rainbow refugees continue to the terror right they face an untenable feature in overcrowded bangladesh but it's still too unsafe to go home to me and all i've said and i'm only going to end the year in the stream joined us in our live you tube chat on twitter. i have covered. i have covered violence throughout my career but i have never heard of anything like that happening to human beings.
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the time i arrived to the camps it was unlike anything i've experienced before it was pain and misery and trauma in a school so large that it was almost unfathomable even for somebody who was seeing it right in front of their eyes it's a place that isn't equipped to deal doesn't have the infrastructure it doesn't have the sanitation it doesn't have you know the sort of facilities at that amount of people. just a glimpse of what life is like for the 1200000 recking are refugees coming and living in bangladesh this month things became even worse many migrants lost their only lifeline to the world where the government blocked mobile phone access in the camps the move was apparently for security reasons but the waiting the worry it's just another sign that they've outworn their welcome overwhelmed by the refugee
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crisis bangladesh has tried and failed to send the wrong that back to me in march twice in the past year but refugees have refused fearing renewed violence at home just last week the united nations warned that genocidal conditions unquote still remain in myanmar and its urged the government to do more to improve conditions. lacking international pressure the mostly but his country of mia mom has done little to welcome the muslim ranger home meanwhile bangladesh is planning to relocate some refugees to remote flood prone island in the next few months and officials have made it quite clear that they can't play host much longer so what will happen to their hang their people well joining us to discuss is mohammed senior correspondent for al-jazeera english he speaks to us from doha called daughter we also have a need to shoot she is head of women and children's affairs for the european council and he joins us from the brook in germany and finally a roman a sun when they sign is the coordinator for campaign and media relations at the
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coalition and he's come in frankfurt germany we also invited several officials from bangladesh and myanmar to join the program but none of them were available guess it is good to have you thank you for your time i want to start here with a comment from bangladesh's foreign minister he says we are willing to send them anywhere to anyone who wants to take them we cannot afford to keep them for years then being the remainder mohammed you were reporting at the end of 2018 from cox's bazaar where so many of the remainder are actually there there in refugee camps does this indicate a sense that bangladesh is it is also it is tired it has no more time for handling the rigging or crisis and the refugee situation. it certainly does femi and you know we're starting to hear more of this type of rhetoric from bangladesh officials look bangladesh it's a difficult situation for them because the country is really polarized when it
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comes to this issue and there are many people in bangladesh that will ardently support their anger and the country has been quite generous are and are refugees but there are also many in the country that do not support the refugees and would like to see them gone so the fact that this rhetoric has been ratcheting up that we it's been reported at least in bangladeshi media the last month or so that there have actually been officials that have said that if their anger don't want to leave that they're going to actively make conditions more difficult for them in the camps which is hard to imagine because you know i've been to those camps 4 separate times and the conditions are appalling i mean they're much improved to where they were a few years as ago but they're still terrible conditions so when you hear that it certainly looks like the bangladeshis are now really sort of running out of patience with the situation and trying to figure out what to do about it the problem for them is that every time they go down that route these through petri asian schemes they have to involve the u.n.h.c.r.
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the refugee agency so when there are bangladesh's government agrees with me in march government that there is going to be repatriation of are being backed me and more well the u.n.h.c.r. the refugee agency has to then go and interview the people that are wrong 'd. really be repatriated and every time the un has done that everybody that they've spoken with has said they do not want to go back and can you blame them the u.n. has repeatedly said that conditions are still not safe on the ground in myanmar for any kind of her turn that range will not be guaranteed any state is shipwrights or freedom of movement and just last week as you mentioned a few moments ago a u.n. fact finding mission independent investigator said that 600000 remained in myanmar still live under the threat of genocide so it's a very difficult situation for bangladesh it's a very very difficult situation for the refugees and human. it appears that the bangladeshi government is running out of patience i think that that is something our audience would completely agree with so we posited this to them this headline
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that bangladesh's prime minister has proposed relocating thousands of refugees to remote island in the bay of bengal here's what gordon had to say about that a member of our community it sounds like she is trying to get rid of them the she being shaped has seen or why not integrate them into society and need i'll give this one to you the idea of trying to get rid of them is that how you see this is this trying to make conditions so harsh for refugees that they want to leave. 1st one i would like to mention to the public. we are very grateful for all the ringgit people are grateful for saving our lives but the conditions what do you are facing in the cans are also not or the dignified life we want to return home but you have to help. relocating as one can to russian charland is not part of the durable solution pushing us back to was. to the hands to the very hands of the perpetrator who committed genocide against our community is not part of the durable
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solution that's why the international community what it has to do it cannot just simply carry on saying they get fired one free and safe return for their work and yes it has to act on it has to pressure the government of myanmar to create the conditions also bungler this government cannot simply restrict our movement take over our own life and i don't like the mobile phone but instead of that it has the roof well i mean i'm up to the international criminal court or bring the perpetrators of genocide to i.c.c. this is what this government can do that is part of the durable solution fight for our rights that we get our rights back in your mar as well this isn't any time ready to return these and i i want to show our audience what i need to means by this idea of dropping some of the refugees off at another location have
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a look here on my laptop i know you would know this but the benefit of our viewers this is called dispossessed where 1200000 refugees are this is boston charter and need to mentioned and emily quarter brought up this tiny little island here the idea is that the refugees are relocated i understand they're not going to be forced to move there but this is what the accommodation will look like when they get there and the options are because that is a lake that they can fish but that's about 8 and they said when you heard about that as a plan as a way to address the situation in cox's bazaar what do you make of that it's happening. yeah. but by the foreign minister had a interview with the valley german media recently he said do you know they are going to close down 100000 refugee to the center but that day said you know they
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are not going to force anyone but they have made clear that that they are going to hold 100000 to that this island this island he said you know i have come out coming to that how can we force them. because you know we are we have no alternate option we have only they give us their land and the whole state aas soul. they are trying to do what they want but the you know all without our constant and on and you know they're saying well we will have to live you feel old there you know that the people can see and you know let like i live in germany i have visited many cause and tracy and can hear of their memory of glazes well with the lifestyle law and has looked like a concentration camp and also there is no guarantee that you know these islands when it will be a deceptive manner from the. from there you go so it is like a debt and there is no guarantee all you know that that the life of that this
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$100.00 and those who will be forcibly if you look at dead people still does you know like it i would call it you know it is it killing seed that killing seems we escaped from that caving scenes from yemen now we are again going to face another killing seeing him but at the age. i mean to me can i also just add to that it may sound this point about us in charge because i keep in touch with many of the refugees who i've interviewed in cox's bazaar and they are so scared about the prospect of potentially being forced to go to this island and we must put that into some kind of context here too because you have this is a population is considered to be the most or one of the most persecuted minorities in the world when they were living in me and more they were marginalized to the extreme they were persecuted for decades they didn't have freedom of movement now the ones that are in bangladesh they can't move around freely they're essentially
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trapped in these camps in these very poor conditions and now they may be even further marginalized if if it does happen if it does occur that they are forced to go however many of them whether it be 100000 or 200002 this island and it's not just that they wouldn't have freedom of movement on that island you have rights groups that are said repeatedly they're concerned that these could be prison like conditions they're concerned about the weather and the effect that it would have on this island which is made out of silt off the bay of you know in the bay of bengal which is prone to flooding as you mentioned before they're saying that one of the most vulnerable populations in the world could become a lot more vulnerable if they are forced to go to the site of part of the reasons that we will have to because of political well will and how much is done so far for the u. toronto which until now have had a. as you mentioned on instagram that there's a brand new report from the united nations that report was talking about the
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potential for of on all genocide a for a honda people running at. the u.n. reputable for human rights this is what he said just recently have a listen ma'am i has done nothing to dismantle the system of violence and present condition and the rohinton have a main rakhine live in this. same dire circumstances that they did prior to the events of august 2017 very denied citizenship and recognition face regular violence including in the context of the ongoing conflict between the our current army and the time i got our neighbor to move freely and have limited little access to food health care and education livelihoods and services so nice as these are some of the main reasons that they don't want to go back home they don't feel that they will be safe back home can you explain a few more reasons as to what the situation might be back home for them and why they would prefer to be caught as bizarre let us not forget one fact then still
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talk entre the international media does not have any access to the archives the international humanitarian agencies don't have unfettered access to the archives and also you know you and fact finding mission has been denied access to it including the special report all so how are we expecting. there are hundreds of how we're going to repatriate to a completely lockdown area once we are going to push these people to this side of the myanmar then you know come meet new people from the unity eleonora. yet completely losing these people so that's why there is no accountability who can provide us security who is willing to provide us security we are not protected by law that's why it's very important for us our rights that restored people we talk about. and all but you cannot decide on the feed all the big 5 years of genocide when their wife is are not included in any part of the repatriation
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process so ruining a wife if must be heard they must be part of any negotiations and then there can be success and on that point i want to let you know i said i want to bring in a few more voices from online picking up on the point that media was making this is feisal on twitter who says no more genocide we want justice we want to go back to our homeland we want the military held accountable for alleged killing looting and rape we want our rights back so that's one person the other comes to us via a video comment that she sent us and she's a real human rights activist and here's what she told the story so important that when we look at the rohingya issue so we've got beyond the humanitarian crisis the various yes when you refugees in bangladesh are still in very very dire conditions they're still facing fear intimidation in order to force them back into burma the situation in burma has not improved either since the founding 17 this is confirmed
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by the u.n. fact finding mission report and other ports that have come out and confirmed satellite images built military bases surrounding your villages to swallow some kind state as well as the new rebuilt in terming camps the military and the government of burma have no intentions to actually make the situation better or you know create any sort of reparations for not just for him but also the ethnic minorities so nice i'll give that to you i know you want to jump in but if you could also address her point there that mean mars not making it very welcoming for . people to come back and question cause of burma because it's formally known as burma and that video coming. so if yemeni government and the military want to bring back to these more than india and really enjoy it you know say supply about from us was on to state a whole day need to resettle the 130 really change refugees who are
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trapped inside the concentration camp for more than 70 years since 2002 x. after the violence they were tracked into their concentration camp and instead of the out there so if they really want to repatriate their people from bangladesh plus so let them settle back in their origin of villages in sydney or s. where in day care center a kind of state and resort if there are so citizenship that with. that blue baby. refugee in bangladesh daniel they have to provide international protection it is just necessary or because there is no going to it that these people will not be prosecuted again and they creamy not must be brought to the gestes because in all because of the impunity they have been continuously beaten that crime against their growing debt not only that across the country will get out that many many other that it might
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already they also will suffer very but they are organized as a seed is in doubt of what i was as a group that is the difference between and. and those that it minority so reduced the most important is the last because the justice and the international protection than the full citizenship post has to be reduced to will not find out who will assess this phil slight problem in my memory all too often are the timing of the junta crisis this feels like this is this is not all of them were among 2 possible . i just wanted to add 2 points to be repacked creation process if me or my government is not allowing our identity to be accepted inside me and more we are not protected we are not safe and also myanmar government should abolish this bid the international community who are supporting this national verification card system this is the genocidal to be every are forced to write our
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ethnicity as bengalis it means denying our own identity these are also very important and it talks about prepared creation our discourse i want to bring in a little clip and this is rashid. and on the actual anniversary of the beginning of the reading of crisis when they had to leave me a mall and then go to bangladesh he was talking about what is it that he and his fellow refugees want so we create amounts have a look have a listen to me and i suddenly have a money launderer we shall go back on for conditions they are one we have to be given citizenship to ring us remaining in myanmar have to be shown to us 3 un peacekeeping force has to be there to protect us for we have to be given justice for the crimes committed we shall go if the international criminal court can do justice a lot it's amazing how many missing very clearly and heavily to what anita and
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mason have been saying but it doesn't even look like we're even close to getting a resolution what do you know you're. i would say you're absolutely right i mean it's unfortunate but that's just seems to be the reality and several fronts i mean one of the major problems is that and this is a point that anita touched on is that you have governments. that are speaking to one another about the writing issue time and again they are not talking to the rowing they do not have a seat at the table when it comes to their future and also what has happened to them in the past so this is something that's very frustrating that this is not a great demand this is just simply asking have a seat at the table when it comes to trying to determine what their future might be but it's much more complicated than that i mean we've touched a few times if you're in the program today about let's just say the international
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criminal court i mean every time that i have gone to cox's his ardent spoken to the refugees there that the survivors they have said that they want to see the international criminal court get involved in this and they would like the international court to mete out justice to those officials in me and more of a fair responsible for the genocide and you know that's a that is a process that is riddled with iraq shia complications and just just to give you a little example you know in the past few months you had the prosecutor for the international criminal court officially ask the judges for permission to launch an investigation and still a decision has not been made but even if it decision is made the international criminal court's jurisdiction when it comes to this is not in me and mark is manned mars not a signatory to the rome statute is not a member of the court they would have jurisdiction because bangladesh is
4:42 am
a signatory to the rome statute so what they would be investigating at least in the initial phases of any kind of official investigation would be forced deportation across the border into bomb that just gives you some example of how. difficult this process is so even if we get to a point where the i.c.c. says yes we are investigating this they have to figure out the scope of the crime they're investigating they have to figure out where they're going to do the investigation and we're talking something that could take years to potentially even take decades and really has no impact right now on the ground for those who are into refugees who are so desperate and their anger toward me and what you're saying there of course is so dire and so important that it makes the idea of a mobile phone communication blackout seem smaller and juxtaposition of course it is at the very heart of being able to hear those voices so i pull up this week that we just got from protect their hand that's their handle and they write when a democratic state blocks the mobile phone and internet communication of an
4:43 am
oppressed people or refugees there is a problem so i need a we've got a video comment from someone an anthropologist who actually is studying the rangar refugee camps in bangladesh and he links the telecommunications blackout that is occurring right now to the future of iraq have a listen to what he told us recently top in restrictions on access to mobile phone networks and phones affecting read into refugees in bangladesh or terroristic of that country's governments reacted stance in this crisis and on the issue of repatriation in particular what's needed rather are proactive policies including expanding 3rd country resettlement as myanmar today under on sun suki's leadership remains a rhesus to apartheid state for civil and political rights including citizenship erling to reduce any repatriation of those conditions is tantamount to a famine and would directly implicate the government of bangladesh and myanmar as a genocide of the region. so neither he mentions
4:44 am
a 1000 the international law term in which a country would put refugees back in harm's way by sending them back to where they know they will be harmed what do you make of his comments. he's frightened in many ways but one point i would like to see the international community in a different rate although in your population are very vulnerable they are very traumatized so if don't additional hours for resettlement so all has been qualified but this is not our aim we don't want to resettle in 3rd world countries in 3rd countries we want to return home so the international community including the government of myanmar should create should pressure the myanmar government to create conditions which are safe for us to restore our citizenship rights this is what we are longing for we don't want to go to any part of other countries memoir is our home you are not stateless we have
4:45 am
a state just help us create the conditions that we can return home. because there's something that i would i want to share with you because in all of this conversation we're talking about some solutions that anita and mason have been talking about muhammad from his perspective as a journalist covering this story for the last 2 years i want to show you something on my laptop which is something that we haven't reference and these are the young people who are caught up in this often when there's a conflict or a crisis situation young people don't get to go to school or that have education so there's going to be a whole generation of rango who are not educated who haven't had access to school and this is a problem that we are not even factoring into our conversation so do have a look at the habits instagram and then you can also look at some of the young people who are also very severely impacted by the hanger crisis that is currently happening in myanmar cox's bazaar in bangladesh that is all the time we have for today thank you to mohamed to anita tánaiste and i thank you for watching seen
4:46 am
exide. there was a lot of there in this community and. 14 yet all of you want our own men she worked with local women to solve the main problem plaguing their
4:47 am
community was told to keep the live action plan haven't gotten sick and led the way . transforming your difficulty into a success sir barring a woman to meet you standing on only. women make change on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 killers of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. an ethiopian was determined to tell the world a new story about
4:48 am
a country our human ships are humanity is the most beautiful thing concoct and i wish he can just realize that i am just the footbaths despite the challenges she became c.e.o. of tourism and head of ethiopia's land development project my ethiopia on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie and with a quick look at headlines u.s. president all trump has denied he pressured ukraine's lead attorney vest to get one of his biggest political rivals democratic presidential candidate joe biden trumps phone conversation with vladimir selenski in july is at the center of moves by furious democrats who want the president out of office but trump insists he's done nothing wrong. there was no pressure and no that was by the way you know there was
4:49 am
no fresh or you have to do is see if what went on in the fall but you know that if you could ask the question and i appreciate the incident the corruption is massive now when biden son walks away with millions of dollars from ukraine he knows nothing and they're paying them millions of dollars at corruption when vital that of china with $1500000000.00 in a fund and the biggest funds in the world can't get money out of the giant and he's there for $1.00 quick comedian who flies it on air force 2. i think that's a horrible thing well we're working with ukraine and we want other countries to work with ukraine and when i say work i'm referring to money they should put more money and we've put a lot of money i gave you. that frankly president obama was sending you pillows and sheets and i gave you had to take bus just a lot of people didn't want to do that but i did it. well our white house
4:50 am
correspondent can they help. yes it seemed at one point is if the ukrainian president had almost been briefed on desired talking points maybe reading too much into it but certainly it seemed that donald trump was kind of coaxing him along at one point when he said look i've read everything with regards to the memo about that phone call i don't want to be involved in the u.s. election it was a normal phone call nobody pushed me donald trump kind of jumped in there in other words no pressure right. it seemed as if he was kind of trying to remind him what he needed to say and that made it feel rather unusual for a normal by lead at the u.n. general assembly what was also unusual about it felicity was that it was in part about what happened 29000 in part what happened in 2016 because donald trump then went on to remind those who were paying attention to listening to what he was having to say that in his mind this was politically motivated this investigation
4:51 am
the impeachment inquiry into his telephone call with the ukrainian leader back in july much like the rusher probe that he called a witch hunt and then he kind of pivoted to talk about hillary clinton his democratic presidential rival of the last election not the one that potentially he could be facing off in 2020 so it seemed donald trump was fixated not just on the future and not just on a phone call of recent past but also on the last election it made for some very interesting viewing and a lot of difficulty at times trying to figure out what the overarching message was from the u.s. president was it defense or was a deflection or whether it was a combination of both moving forward. iran's president has accused the united states of muscle of economic terrorism saying he'll never hold talks with washington while his country's on the american sanctions has been rouhani has addressed the u.n. general assembly while fears rise of a simmering tensions in the persian gulf iran's 2015 nuclear deal has been
4:52 am
unraveling ever since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of it last year the iranian government has retaliated by scaling back some of its commitments to the pact. the british prime minister has challenged opposition parties to call a motion of no confidence in him before the house rises on wednesday or is johnson has been facing repeated calls to resign over the supreme court's ruling that his move to suspend parliament was unlawful but johnson told a packed parliament that he believed the u.k.'s highest court was wrong and israel's president reagan rivlin has tossed long time prime minister benjamin netanyahu with assembling a new government following last week's deadlocked election as you know who still has no clear path to a 5th term after a mugging from the september 17th ballot without a parliamentary majority he now has 28 days to form a coalition but can also prevent for a 2 week extension if he finds he needs it as the top stories coming up next on
4:53 am
al-jazeera it's witness stay with us.
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you know son are you going to do that because a. what in the world that it has of somehow will that has not been on the spirit that will lead to a hero mash instead of on much faster. than it would have done what i throw a crisp on the one who called the ha ha the whole world that i have been has you know what i've been told that when a sauce they're stuck up on and it has a match on have one how they are. i jumped on late at night now that i have i but not antagonize hans 1st me are you sure how is that how. or what. my lead the last. will will not be a and i am part of a korean bitterness of what i have to credit. going to him so i want santa
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well known for its a convent all well i got to honor my home start them all and they are preserved. and as he has me in the stuff i want to rock was not however now i am darawshe well arthel some of that snow i had some questions and i assume in there is an image that is it today. that's just a little you have a bad day even although less than one start. listen of hummer. and what it like it's in the zone here or buckle an engine gay out of the. one little clip incident all must come on the truck or it was all just more dashing in the g q.
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i had to tell her. father she can. have. the literature. but when i. find that d.n.a. howard in you bill bet you anything about the lot. out there anymore you know there is an. over then. he had not fought. in the flood the floods also. and a few more that the same are you now thought it was phil betsy i. had monthly and even. has their own i. don't know. did you manage the richer you hope so but there is a lot for pajama to money. yeah man he did it you barry and he was out in a sort of fertile sort of.
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the space shuttle my. mom. not done and. i want. the money and no one. so i can tell even to let the should i'm sure there are certainly and had to be had . with all of them if you don't have to hook into who jumped on this one so that i
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have them to be bought and start when you don't like them and fought them a marathon never going to. tell them what must be. understood your problem but. what can of them to go to a county that if you could marry is that good i thought. you know that's the. whole of such a small number now sorry let it out on a trickle but i shall some day i'm going to feel. that my. normal. home. will be home in time also and the last of my couple would want to know mom call me home again if you look at one also when i want to go to market reform on that you know why you're not in the last apartment. he even had to present color list to stick out there. do you just have to do
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your but they're quite right they were there. in the cold my union. how you pay is always a claim here that can help grow. the shop take a buyout now. it's a lot i miss that o'neill was 200 home and must come up about how about a water hole in my soul and i know more hot. enough was the policy and i'm off on play you know i was in and shot a lot a lot of cars don't know i did oh but i have 2 of them i haven't seen either why i said maybe you should be on em.


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