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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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and the quote my dignity i mean from. how you phrase it was a clue in here that can help. here was so nice you had the chance they could not learn about you and now if i want to start their own here with 200 i'm a come up on hug i want to hold my suit and tie a little more hot. a knuckle to call us and i'm on your on c.n.n. and saw a little of what could go now are there who. i haven't she got my underclothes me here to be on in. their job board. are they shovels to be here.
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tomorrow home all the time and they will and are talking about how this. marked the start and end already and who are. any bugs that are starting and no one here firth knew and was out of. there no need for a problem or bottomless it to show up. on the. new march and more from my off. ome with but not all right here are as that are all. i want us not to hear laughter never hear any. kind of and also to get caught a high legal get all the way. to get off the target of what they watch or not far away and who're. pharrell soft on our
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vocabulary pop up. now here was a dish. that mr. clark was. talking. to critically after i talked to him. i think if. that's a perfect solution. but it can't be him for it to happen. this
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is off. the counter. if you can't have that should i get one for the test. matches ration of fish they are. marking. the machine beyond contact. that it's not at all to me. that you got. the same. acca husk where substances are the source of our. whatever happened. can't click participate in such activities.
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as you can not mcnamara very. gentle don't pay for health. care. should go to how to handle the. interests of the french are a truck or suv. accident very well you know for someone far from careless have to or can't you back you get them back the next saturday i think it will cost cash. cash they don't like it yeah. and i didn't go on the look it up to down with. now
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a message and that said number one about all the debt there. must then how national. that athan down by bus. are been has been the job of the town is. going to melt blood so much and i limp parchman in. the past year last year i had. the money for to. be up at any minute now i should i thought i'd. rather not do it and it got harder and less work now and in the wilderness one in the next 30 minutes. in the shop an artist who. hasn't to bust. before credit or. oh. man what was that one week. long. our solar has. come and look for something.
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hard. and have any grass on. it course they. had she had better be sure i hafta and at home. due to fear they are a lot of a shock to believe as they always have an amount of stuff that they wanted out of a truck i was an offensive line of b.s. the what if with the actual custom. ended somewhat even with the standard of the little front of the router and i managed my scenario to show the kids mary and hear about me yet the yet sometime i should have has what i said as an escort and it struck me as what can see as what the already. suffering with us is a valid sort of the 1st. ringback ringback
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ringback hand home mom stand to be around at least that i don't. need to spend. in the 20 best other than stores another one in france. that i'm going to be about. that after the thought of money. the only way i'm through can have been 3 that's are. i so i want before you got i would like nothing but i was a little bit on. the money for that to look at that of france we had our grammar i missed it laughs i'm very adult we got that she was mad to match her marital home. mamadou is one of has a reality that's intended from inside of the stereotype and that is then i wonder how much of this every had item to be a fact that's a mystery to me every. poshest
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me severus name of that the best in etc. been at any amateur nationalist men play i didn't bloody has been at the bottom that had a better that might have been about drug but less than a. parser. of our. religion that. got us other than the how to of us help the flow to have just added to the 1000. and 100 and i walk like they have no money into. it just not see our toughest them home a long walk off but many. want but all kinds are who help.
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this is i have. to sour long the kuwaiti they are saudi and i legit i once met so. here until there was a car we had in the last. but you know how in the whole of. me and let's head to head where. you were just because it was. because of the roof of the show are a little very. kind of. coverage before. the birth. canal and past was a real germany and. other. in about a bar you know partly she didn't know but there. wasn't much pain and hurt much at home on the. young i love watching them on how the hash of
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shady. jazz at night. and 1st started and i usually don't want. hard if that's best but i didn't. understand on the question of them and i don't buy that they thought on the sound of a beer muscles a connection mr animal the heart. took note of the matter at that hop a minute here must come a little denser but once i got my start on how buffett i am and how to manage it was a source sheet of 100 and i was the meet ups and have. lots of some advice to start the better. of his or not if you are the go hamann who watch it lots. and i think that's bestie.
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if you're going to go i hope they think it should be on the in the home bomb who were there and they might have been in my heart i mean outlets inside their home and my gosh that's not a lot about that's 5 percent more of what i mean to me so that one commits i meant . or. what that had to do it and help but feel. something. like that to be a slave that he had. but let's see if that has been a go for hokkaido. you know i'm a discordant hutchie he should have known this will unleash thought into how that got us and know our but i have to be good oh as much invested in truth you have to live and well i hope i don't perform up to the no advantage or do that mean motoko
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how can there be even what i want business we've been home. with all the. time it's in what i should book. and yes your book i'm ok i'm new to it. we just heard you need to have a new test of must have now looks like yours. and with similar to how modern age you will die it's what we shall teach our. problem harvest chamakh i can i'm somewhat of a maybe 100 little folk to be known as just to be known to have been on the stand what's wrong. and santa safeguards have done i suspect $100.00 have not come minimal sun. has
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come closer to we have dash. and we are millennium can top 5 have a home when the a hug or a fatima had money could know when i am used to them friends hoto. a hug or no and the most of us have a cell phone no i sabat. digitas no clue us have thought ok i need to find i mean we often don't know when i thought we as you said the flu is the of the have a shared one just the one. $100.00 somewhere and to borrow money i'm going to. visit a guy who can file a ballot. and we have a little boy for tony a clown. with.
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a loss of the mark or on him and be a stalin and. the idea of the heck out of the how high and not enough not block this is not off your head when. the enemy is here we are not mean the whole so. i have my horn. and can to hear jazz of the honey i have a something number of coal in the hifi.
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mashi hard to make a mark on my head i'm that. and the quantum asshole. they had. a mash. up my bit of a little like the hand that knocks out a lot of side my ass with i have a deal for straight out of an assault methadone is how well a lot of 40 of them i was quite let them be and the government has still not today don't have. a shisha martyrs or just a should have decided had this moment and as you look i'm aghast that i thought that we don't even have left that we was about as a it's not about a dot com haiti or the you know if there is a new market. that had the idea she might have most likely. and if i'm the mother daughter we had since that was there to be a kid so to get him an army is an army on the whole is just the most that's the
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most not so we have so we've got all of us are different but this is a government which is not on. one level this is not run by the salami that wasn't even the army i thought i was on is that it has been with the whole middle of it but i'm pretty sure they will take me well of course there's lots of. marty cohen in the world misspent i want to at least one of us me want to tell him i was 7 i'm going to have all the miserable shots with you was in the ball we're here if there are that will. do strange indeed good you have to show do good all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. dysphoric needs heroes heroes like no who are about to be
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refused a $50000000.00 bryan the achievement of heroes like him showcase by the international ace award it shines a light. to take you to new york now where we are just about to hear from u.s. president donald trump it's really incredible what's been taken place and. who's been a fantastic host to a lot of countries. the meetings they had on a bi lead or close were pretty staggering i think we set a new record but you have to check that out the. we met very very for pretty extended periods of time either. 2121 on one or just about at that level with pakistan poland new zealand singapore egypt south korea united kingdom india
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iraq argentina germany brazil france japan ukraine hundreds sell selvedge are 30 arabia jordan bahrain kuwait qatar oman u.a.e. chile. colombia ecuador in peru other than that we weren't too busy over the last 3 years and unfortunately the press doesn't even cover it you know we have we've made some fantastic deals like which you're paying for farmers we have a tremendous trade deal with japan and. that doesn't get covered because you waste your time when nonsense the p.m.i. manufacturers. index is has gone substantially up which was an incredible larry kudlow wherever you may be larry please stand. me
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just gave me these numbers. and existing new home sales are through the roof just came out. oil prices have gone down ever since the saudi arabia incident and they've gone down very substantially so we have plenty of oil. but those numbers were surprising to larry in the extent of the increase is that a correct statement so thank you larry kudlow. we think we'll make this little announcement to you because important you know the so-called whistleblower the one that didn't have any 1st class or 1st rate or. second tier information from what i understand you have to figure that out for yourself. but i've spoken with leader kevin mccarthy and the republicans many of them. and we're going to do this anyway but i've
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informed them. all of the house members that i fully support transparency on the so-called whistleblower information even though it was supposedly secondhand information. which is sort of interesting. and other things have come out about the whistleblower that are also maybe even more interesting but also insist on transparency from joe biden and his son hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of ukraine in china millions of dollars millions and millions of dollars taken out very rapidly. while he was vice president and i think they should have transparency for that and i have informed the leader about that and additionally i demand transparency from democrats who went to ukraine and attempted to force the new president who i met and is an outstanding person just met that
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a while ago some of you were there i think is going to be outstanding. to get elected on the basis of corruption you want to end corruption in ukraine and i think that's great. but they went there and they wanted to force the new president to do things that they wanted under the form of political threat they threatened him if he didn't do things now that's what they're kissing me of but i didn't do it i didn't threaten anybody in fact the press was asking questions of the president of ukraine and he said no pressure i use the word pressure i think use the word push but he meant pressure but it's the same thing. no push no pressure no nothing it's all a hoax it's all a big hoax and the sad thing about this hoax is that we work so hard with all of these countries and i mean really hard this is been i've been up from early in the morning to late in the evening and meeting with different countries all for the
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good of our country and the press doesn't even cover all of this and it's disappear it's really disappointing also to those countries that are with us and spend so much time with us so we want transparency we've informed. kevin mccarthy about transparency and we said vote for it so i think you have close to 100 percent of the republican votes i hope and. they get almost no attention but in may c.n.n. reported that senators robert menendez richard durbin and patrick leahy wrote a letter to ukraine's prosecutor general expressing concern at the closing of 4 investigations they said were critical in the letter they him ply that their support for u.s. assistance to ukraine was at stake and that ability to do the right thing they wouldn't get any assistance he does that sound familiar doesn't it sound familiar.
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and chris murphy who i've been dealing with on guns in are so nice and so is oh no we want to work it out we want to work it out but they're too busy wasting their time on on the witch hunt so senator chris murphy literally threatened the president of ukraine that if he does do things right they want have democrat support in congress are you going to look at all of this. one other thing i'm just going off certain. notes in. elements of what we've been doing over the last 3 days but this just came up few minutes ago the amazon washington post just put out a fake article that acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire who i've gotten to know and he's a tough cookie and i was surprised i was shocked to hear this was going to quit
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blaming the white house for something that they would let him talk openly freely and i was shocked because i know joe is a tough tough guy and i was really surprised to hear he was going to quit before it could even. be the talk him or talk to anybody else he put out a statement i didn't speak to joe yet. but he said at no time have i considered resigning my position in other words the story in the washington post was a fake. at no time have i considered resigning my position since assuming this role on august 16th 2019 i have never quit anything in my life and i am not going to start now i'm committed to leading the intelligence community to address the diverse and complex threats facing our nation. that's from the acting director of national intelligence a very good man joseph mcguire. so we're having
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a great period of time our country is the strongest it's ever been economically our numbers are. phenomenal wilber thank you and larry everybody the numbers are phenomenal our economy is the strongest in the world with the largest economy in the world had my opponent won we would be 2nd right now because china was catching her so rapidly we would have been 2nd by this time and unless somebody does a very poor job as president we're going to be 1st for a long way because we picked up trillions and trillions of dollars in value and worth of our country and china has lost trillions and trillions of dollars and millions of jobs and their supply chain. and they want to make a deal. this year america came to the united nations stronger than we have ever been before since by election the united states has
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not only brought our economy to a level that we have never seen the most jobs that we've ever had you know you've heard me said many times african-american asian american hispanic american the best unemployment numbers we've ever had and the most and best employment numbers 160000000 very close to that number in jobs we've never been anywhere close wages are up and inequality is down. something that people don't like reading about but wages are up i used to speak during the campaign and i talk about wages where people are making less money. 3 years ago than they were making 21 years ago 22 years ago and they'd have to be 2 jobs in 3 jobs and when i say 3 years ago i'm talking into the area sometime prior to the election. and they were doing very badly and now for the 1st time in many years wages are up
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and employment is up and unemployment is down and it's a beautiful thing to watch in a week of active and ambitious diplomacy here at the united nations america renewed our friendships we advanced our values greatly and made clear to everyone that the united states will always defend our citizens to promote prosperity i met with prime minister boris johnson at length the united kingdom continue more discussions on a magnificent new bilateral trade deal so we'll see what happens with respect to bracks it but i suspect we'll have a fantastic deal with the u.k. it should be much bigger than it has been over the last number of years over the last 20 years frankly it should be a much bigger deal that's true with many countries we're going to have much bigger
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trade deals with a lot of countries that have a opportunity to come and they all want to do business with the united states especially now earlier today i stood alongside prime minister of japan friend of mine a great gentleman had a great reelection. and we signed a terrific new trade deal which tremendously helps our farmers and ranchers and technology technology companies are. really big beneficiaries we also held very productive conversations with leaders of pakistan india and many other nations on achieving stronger ties of fair and reciprocal trade and with respect to pakistan and india we talked about kashmir. and whatever help i can be i said i offer it whether it's arbitration or mediation or whatever it has to be i'll do whatever i can recall is there at a very serious odds right now and hopefully that will get better. you look at the 2
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gentlemen heading those 2 countries 2 good friends of mine i said fellows work it out just work at it has a 2 nuclear countries have got to work it out. this week we also made incredible strides on national security with president dude of poland we signed a joint declaration advancing defense cooperation and crucially poland has agreed to put up 100 percent of the money something i don't think you've ever heard said before but they're going to put up 100 percent of the money of hosting additional u.s. military personnel that will be taken from various other countries we won't have more of or will have will be moving them around poland is building us phenomenal new facilities spending everything and there they're going to really do a job. but we'll be moving a few 1000 soldiers and poland will be paying that for it together with prime
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minister lee of singapore assigned an important agreement extending our defense cooperation says i'm been changed in many years and yesterday i met with prospective members of the middle east. strategic alliance which is a group that i know very well i know all of them and through this effort the nations of the middle east are taking more responsibility for securing their own future and their own neighborhood. and they're also reimbursing us and paying us for a lot of the military work that we incredibly do but because we're now independent energy wise we're energy independent we have very few boats going over the middle east we used to have i'm going through the straits all the time and you probably noticed that. every once in a while they go after somebody else's they haven't gone after as yet if they do
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they've got big problems but we have very few boats going over there they were saying the other day they've never attacked an american but i'm not asking for trouble but if they do they know they have far bigger trouble. but then they said but you know we don't see very many american boats over here anymore this week also brought extraordinary progress 2 nations of our own hemisphere in recent days we've achieved historic asylum cooperation agreements with el salvador guatemala and honduras we were with el salvador today a great young gentleman became the president he's strong and tough and he's taking care of crime. was really something today i was very impressed with him and likewise with hundreds who we met. we signed a cooperation agreement with both and also with quantum alo we're working with our
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partners in central america to ensure that asylum seekers can pursue relief as close to their home countries as possible that'll make a tremendous difference at our southern border. and. mexico i have to say president lopez obrador has been outstanding and standing partner and he's doing a great job in mexico the cartels are way down and the numbers are secretaries here now the numbers are way down way way down and we're doing that without the help of congress meaning the democrats in congress who won't give us a single vote to take care of loopholes we have loopholes that are so horrible and it would be so easy to fix and they know they should be fixed but they don't want to do it because they don't want to give trump any credit because it's all about the election that's all they care about they don't care about our country they care about the election and the said part is with all of the tremendous work that we've
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done this weekend whether it's secretary minucci dinner secretary pompei or who had some outstanding outstanding meetings with all of this tremendous work that we've done the press as even cover it and the democrats did this hoax go in the united nations which was perfect because this way it takes away from this tremendous achievements that we're. taking care of doing that we're involved in in new york city it in at a nation so that was all planned like everything else it was all planned and the which aren't continuous but they're getting hit hard in this witch hunt because when they look at the information it's a joke. impeachment that when you have a wonderful meeting or you have a wonderful phone conversation i think you should ask we actually you know that was
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the 2nd conversation i think he should ask for the 1st conversation also i can't believe they haven't but i heard there's a there's a rumor out they want the 1st conversation it was beautiful it was just a perfect under sation but i think he should do that i think he should do and i think you should ask for v.p. pence's conversation because he had a couple of conversations also i could save you a lot of time they're all perfect nothing was mentioned of any import other than congratulations but the word is that they're going to ask for the 1st phone conversation you can have any time you need it and also mike pence his conversations which were i think one or 2 of them they were perfect they were all perfect it's very sad what the democrats are doing to this country they're dividing they're belittling their demeaning our country so many leaders came up to me today and they said. what you go through no president has ever gone through and it's so
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bad for your country people laugh at the stupidity of what they've asked for here we could do asylum we could do all of these different things so easily we could do asylum quickly we could do loopholes get rid of them instead we actually make deals with mexico and with guatemala el salvador honduras and we're doing it with them instead of with our congress but we're doing it we get it and the wall is being built by the way it got little coverage i went to the border. it's going up in new mexico it's going up in arizona. it's going up in california believe it or not there really one of that wall in california san diego sooners was completed they said we don't want to wall they were begging me for a wall i should take it out and move it oh now the location we were with. the governor spoke to him a lot but the governor of texas will tell you governor of texas attorney general of
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texas the senators of texas corn ted cruz and we're building an incredible wall at. going to number one it's going to look great it's going to be virtually. impossible to cross unless you're one hell of a mountain climber it's very tough it's going to be very tough to get people and drugs over those walls because they're the real deal well i went to the secretary of homeland security and he got all those people together i said give me 4 waltz your optimum every single thing included and they give me 20 percent less 20 percent less and 20 percent less meaning less cost they came back they said this is the wall said this would be the best we have the panels on top which are entitling panels i don't know if you noticed the steel and. we have a different design for a different area but it's anti-climax very tough they've we had people going out in
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real climbers telling us which is the toughest at line but these are entitlement panels. very tough to get across and the wall is going up. many miles a week. and we hope to have over 400 but maybe as much as 500 miles which will pretty much do it because you have a lot of natural barriers you have mountains you have really rough rivers you have some really rough land that you can't cross very easily so they serve as their natural walls but we will have we think over 400 but we could even have 500 miles to combat the malice corruption of both the venezuela and then iranian dictatorships today she proclamation suspending the entry into the united states of senior regime officials and their families and further to promote american values on monday i was proud to be the 1st president in history to host
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a meeting at the united nations i was so surprised 1st president for this i can't believe that i'm for us as a book to franklin graham about that i can believe it at the united nations on protecting religious freedom and liberty for people around the world while some partisans and unelected bureaucrats in washington may choose to fight every day against the interests and beliefs of the american people my administration is standing up for the american people like no administration has in many many years you forgot the american people you totally forgot the american people. this week every. every week i really can say of my presidency we're standing up for american prosperity american security and the american way of life. and together with our friends and partners we're building
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a more peaceful prosperous and promising future we have a tremendous relationship now with a lot of nations that are very happy with what's going on and that includes in south america where they've been so helpful when nobody thought this would be possible the relationship with mexico as an example or el salvador honduras or guatemala nobody even knew about a year we sent them hundreds of millions of dollars and all we got back was caravans of people pouring in we had tremendous we had tremendous it was terrible and we've got that stopped in the countries are now helping us and we stop those payments by the way we don't pay those countries that money anymore but i will tell you if there is good is they seem to be they're really doing a job on crime and stopping the wrong people from leaving and coming to the united states will be helping them
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a lot with economic development projects and other things so with that we had a tremendous 3 days it was beautiful to see made a lot of new friends i read your list of all the countries i saw pretty much one on one and it's been very busy but it's been very very fruitful so we could take a couple of questions i'd love some questions on some of the things that we accomplished that anger unstead of the witch hunt the phony witch hunt questions which i know that's what you want to ask because. it's probably better for you but it's not better for the country so maybe we'll take a few a few questions place. thank you mr president you suggested that you didn't do anything wrong and in the course of your conversations with the ukrainian president but can you explain to the american people why it is appropriate for an american president to ask a foreign leader for information about
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a political rival and what you would have said if you discovered that barack obama perhaps and ask a foreign leader for information about you if you campaign for the presidency well that's what he did is it really when you think about it that whole which aunt was started and hopefully that will all come out but there's been some fantastic books written that just came out whether you look at great jared or. mccarthy's book that just. just came out recently and so many other books and a lot of books are coming out when you start reading those books you see what they did what they've done to this country is a disgrace they've hurt this country very badly and no other president should have to go through what i've gone through the president the new president of ukraine is looking to stop corruption. there's a lot of corruption going on and there was corruption i just told you about senators that threatened him with votes and no money coming into ukraine if they do things that's really what people are trying to say that i did but the only difference is i didn't do it to take
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a look at that call it was perfect i didn't do it there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden and there was with these senators and they threatened they said you do this you do that we're not going to give you votes that's that's the real deal so we have an honest group of people that have been maligned and you know it's a lot of people say i'll do i'll do even better i'm very happy yesterday i guess we had a 53 poll and a lot of people say add 10 points to anything. anybody voting for trump you can add any time you get a poll you can add 10 points or 7 points or 6 points take it any way you want but i don't know if i consider that to be a compliment but in one way it is a compliment and i guess that's what happened in the last election far more people came to vote than anybody thought possible so why should the american people then become people with an american president asking a foreign leader for information about american citizens well i think you could
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look at your senators and you can look at biden and you can look at all these other people but what we're looking for is corruption a an investigation started called the russian which aren't faction atlee and it was a total phony scam it was set up by people within the government to try and stop somebody from getting elected and after that per after that person namely me won and convincingly wanted 3 or $6.00 to $223.00 in the electoral college which by the way when you run a race if you're running electoral you know if you go by the college electoral college that's a much different race than running popular vote and it's like the 100 yard dash sure the mile you train definitely and i can't help it that my opponent didn't go to wisconsin and should have gone much more to michigan and pennsylvania and other places but that's the way it is. we won an election convincingly convincingly and
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then you had the text message on well if she doesn't win we've got an insurance policy how bad was that you know with the insurance policy that sort of what has been taking place over the last number of years insurance policy you know. there are a lot of very dishonest people with the ones that played it straight and you know what the millions of people out there that are looking at what's going on and those people understand it they see it and they think it's disgusting and our people are being hurt and our country is being heard when in n.c. pelosi allows her position to be taken over by radical far left wing socialists or worse. that's pretty bad that's pretty bad especially when the senators and all of these other people have actually done what they're accusing me of doing which i didn't do i'm going to have my pompei i say a couple of words are going to have stephen nugent say a couple of words and they will do
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a couple of more questions. as to present i thought i'd start by talking about iran we had a productive week we saw the europeans take a position with respect to the tax that took place the saudi arabia making clear this was a run just as president trump and i had been saying and have now joined us in saying that the existing j.c. pair frameworks is not going to work is not going to solve the world's problems are not going to create middle east ability either we had a good set of meetings with our middle east allies as well the president joined for a meeting of the g.c.c. where we talked again about how we can help deter and we want peace we want a peaceful resolution with the islamic republic of iran we're hoping we can get that way in the end it will be up to the reins to make that decision whether they'll choose violence and hate in this president said in a speech yesterday to the general assembly if there bloodthirst will continue to help that's the net we hope we can get the opportunity to negotiate with them to get an outcome that's good for both of them for the united states to make sure that they never have
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a nuclear weapon that they can't foment their terror with ballistic missiles in the way they have all around the world and i think we made real progress uniting the world on that here over these past few days thank you. secretary pompei aside on iran we had very good discussions with all of our allies about the sanctions program which is the maximum pressure and unity on the sanctions program the europeans made it very clear they would not do anything without our consent and then on the economic front we had the entire economic team here for all of the meetings secretary ross larry kudlow ambassador lighthouses are just left to go back to d.c. he's working hard on trying to get us m.c.a. passed but we had a lot of productive discussions the japanese trade deal and a lot of discussions on investing in the u.s. more jobs in the u.s. and more trade thank you. ok go ahead please.
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thank you christina parts i was fox business i want to focus on markets because i'll leave it to everybody else to talk about impeachment markets reacted positively after you spoke about china and that it would happen sooner that rather than expect unexpectedly yet you have the foreign minister of china saying that they have no intention of you know unseating the united states yet they're investing heavily in infrastructure and millet not anymore maybe but what is and maybe they just say they create is different this time the fact that you're saying it's progressing well i just think it's progressing i think they want to make a deal they're losing their supply chain you know you have something specific well i don't want to say that but i can tell you that these 2 men in this case more specifically steve were having some very good conversations and i guess it's next week that a group is coming in and the week after so we have a lot of we have a lot of talks going on and also by telephone. they want to make a deal and you know why they want to make a deal because they're losing their jobs because their supply chain is going to
5:48 am
hell and companies are moving out of china and they're moving to lots of other places including the united states and that's not good that's for worse than they thought and by the way in the meantime we take it in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs we take it in tremendous numbers in tariffs and we're helping our farmers who get targeted now by the way china is starting to buy our agricultural products they're starting to go with the beef and all of the different things pork very big on pork but if you look and if you see and they actually put out i think a statement but they're starting very heavy. ag again now they want to make a deal and they should want to make a deal the question is do we want to make a deal if u.s.m.c. doesn't pass through congress is that it for now after well that will be a shame well i don't want to have that question but you know how i feel about nafta i think after is the word. straight deal ever made although i also happen to think
5:49 am
the world trade organization was not one of the greats not one of the greats that was the creation of china which went like a rocket ship from the day they say it was it was terrible but. no we're going to find out it's going to be a very interesting question with nancy and chuck and all of these people focusing on the witch hunt because they can't beat us that the ballot they can't beat us at the ballots and they're not going to win the presidential we having great polls we have internal polls that are fair ohio. iowa pennsylvania's looking good north carolina we just won 2 races that a lot of people we thought were going to lose both those races one was down 17 points 3 weeks before the race and he ended up winning by a substantial margin by a substantial margin and then bishop and then we had a 2nd race as you know and he. was up one or 2 points and he ended up winning by
5:50 am
what was a 25 points or some incredible i'll ask you folks because i don't want to be inaccurate otherwise i have a front page story we have breaking news trump exaggerated. but he won by many many points and he was leading by maybe 2 maybe 3 but he won by. in the twenty's so it's been so looking great in north carolina looking great in florida and you had one or 2 congress been democrats saying listen we can't beat him at the election so let's impeach him right in here al green it's a beauty is a real beauty that guy. but he said very distinctively it's all it was all over the place i don't know that trying to lose that tape i guess but he said. we can essentially his that we can beat him let's impeach him that's pretty that's pretty dangerous stuff steve you had. thank you sir if you had expressed some
5:51 am
concerns about the president releasing the trailer why don't you go ahead and do it because i was getting such fake news and i just thought it would be better and now they're asking for the 1st phone conversation and i'll release that if it's important here but they're asking for because i had a conversation previous on a previous election. plateau that he had hit the current president had a couple of different lead and i spoke to him previous to the call that we released which was a very innocent call very very innocent very nice call and as he said we were i was in pushed i wasn't pushed meaning pressured he wasn't pressured at all but i don't like the concept of releasing calls because when a president or a prime minister or a king or a queen calls the united states general like to say gee we're going to release your call to the fake this media and they're going to make you look like a fool. what happens is it's hard to do business that way you want to have people
5:52 am
feel comfortable so i hated it but. you folks were saying such lies such horrible things about a call that was so innocent and so nice fact lindsey graham said to me when he read it was very interesting sigrid man he's a smart man he said i can't believe it i never knew you could be this really nice to a person he said i cannot believe you were so nervous i didn't think you had that in you to be so nice i was nice and nice to a lot of people people don't understand that. but i was but he was shocked that it was such a nice call and if that there he said there is nothing here and all fair people say the same thing but i don't like the president steve i don't like it where. you're dealing with heads of state. and to think that their call is going to be released but i felt that and you know we spoke to ukraine about it mike actually called up his counterpart and we spoke to ukraine about it because we want because they could
5:53 am
have been if they didn't want us to do it we would not have done it but he actually said that was a very unison call you can release it all you want and are you now braced for a long impeachment saga. well either we won i thought it was dead it was dead the mother report no obstruction no collusion you look at all of the things that happened. corey lewandowsky was fantastic the other day is as a person that they have been tormenting you look at all the people that they've tormented all the legal fees people came here with with bright eyes they wanted to make life so great for other people and they left where they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees that they didn't have and it's a sad thing what these democrats have done to ruin lives is so sad i have seen people with only good intention they came to washington because they wanted to make the united states and the world a better place and they went home they were dark they got hit by muller subpoenas
5:54 am
i think there were 2500 subpoenas or some ridiculous number 500 people were interviewed and yet they don't interview joe biden and his son if you're a democrat you have automatic protection that's years and years of people putting in certain people into positions. but when you look at all of the all of the trauma that these fakers have caused and the press the press is much of the press is not only fake it's corrupt the stores a rather corrupt. they're so wrong and they know that you know it used to be i used to get great press until i ran for politics i mean i used to be the king of getting good press i was very good at it and i got good i mean they covered me well for what otherwise i probably wouldn't be here and once i ran i said this is incredible but if you see the way they treat my family used to be treated great my family
5:55 am
works so hard the people that work with these people all of these people they work so hard they've done such a good look we have the greatest economy we've ever had we have a military to have trillion dollars we've rebuilt our military you don't hear the vets complaining we've got choice approved it couldn't be approved but when you see what happened with the viciousness and when you see little adam schiff go out and lie lie and stand at the mike smart guy by the way standard the mike and act like his sisters and then he goes into a room with nat learned they must left their asses of. they mostly have their asses off but it's so bad for a country. people have said rush limbaugh great man. sean hannity said it a lot of people said mark levin they said they don't know of one man anywhere in the world with all the men they know or woman that could handle what i've had to
5:56 am
handle and i think that's true but i handle it to me it's like putting on a suit all right how about one more question question on the economy a question on the economy go ahead. go ahead mr percy then b.p.i. t.v. from venezuela i mean as well as well yeah you may go in how you doing over there pretty bad our city i would say pretty rare but we are fighting and there was one of the great countries and one of the richest countries. not so long ago 15 years ago it's incredible but we're going to make it right i agree with that and we and we're helping you yeah well yeah i know and think you go ahead i have to question to take advantage of this mother to travel it to russia and just out ok they go to north korea. 2 of the most antagonistic nation in the u.s. interests what can be done to contain this what are they looking for in that
5:57 am
country because their special envoy mr ivans said that there roshan are willing to negotiate it this is one question and their other mr president you say that this also list is one of the biggest challenges you say yesterday in the united nation but the region is far from for um safe mother to steal a dictator fall in power. and in our 1000 and brazil are on their track about this socialist and populist are you wedded about it well you say that socialism will never happen in the united states can happen in the united states and voters well unfortunately have to use your country as the example of what socialism can do how it can tear the front fabric of a country apart. because i know a lot about venezuela i have had many many. friends of mine come from venezuela
5:58 am
they live many in miami. a certain section of miami i won't mention the name because of say i'm thinking about my business and i'm not but they are fantastic people and they like here president they voted overwhelmingly for me they like what i'm doing for venezuela we have an as well a very much in our hearts and very much in our sights and we're watching it very carefully and you know what i would say we're giving millions and millions of dollars in aid not that we want to from the manure standpoint but we have to because on the humanitarian people people are dying they have no food they have no water they have no nothing they die no medicine the hospitals are closed or we're don't even have electricity so sad to say let me just say that. we have it under control we're watching it very carefully and we're going to be very very clear and we're watching it very carefully including other countries that may or may not be playing games we're watching you very plugged you know if droshky is
5:59 am
talking with us say our way bill what can you tell us just put this in the back of your mind it's all going to be fine we know everything that you said and it's all going to be fine we're very much involved we very much know what's going on in. the world very much and we're ok thank you all very much thank you thank you very much . we've been listening to u.s. president donald trump speaking there in new york after as the u.n. general assembly is still underway and he was saying that he spoke with republicans about the memo of the phone call which was released by the white house in which president urged the ukrainian president. wrote in his lengthy to work with the attorney general william barr on a potential investigation into democratic presidential rival joe biden now president trump also said that he will be transparent on this matter but that he
6:00 am
also demands transparency from the democrats and more specifically from joe biden regarding his activities with ukraine he made many of the comments during the course of that speech but i will now go chopra chancy for a summary of what we heard and so should have that was a. well perhaps a long winded attempt to really change the conversation from what seems to be a brewing scandal to focus more on america's economy and lots of meetings at the u.n. right river he did not ask questions in the full knowledge that he would be asked about the this this current controversy about ukraine and it would cause a very different donald trump than the one we usually see this is why.


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