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b. peacefully and properly addressed in accordance with the un charter security council resolutions and bilateral agreement no actions that to would it unilaterally change the status quo should be taken as a neighbor of both india and pakistan china hopes to see the dispute effectively managed and stability restored to the relationship between the 2 sides mr president the development is the master key to solving all problems development should be be placed at the center of the global macro policy framework with a continued focus on priority areas such as poverty reduction infrastructure education and public health we need to maintain global development corporation where north south cooperation as the main channel supplemented by south stars cooperation we need to build an open world economy and how developing countries better integrate into the global industrial and value chains. the
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un member states should achieve a complementarity between the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and their medium to long term development strategies in efforts to pursue high quality development china spelt and road initiative aims to achieve development that is open green and clean as well as high standard sustainable and people centered on the b r i an initiative highly compatible with the 23 agenda has become a road to cooperation and prosperity. delivering real benefits to people the world over we hope that other countries will seize the development opportunities created by the b.r.r. to add fresh impetus to the implementation of the 2030 agenda. addressing climate change is a global consensus and cutting emissions calls for considerate global efforts the un. climate action summit has achieved positive outcomes
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china as a co-leader of the nature based solutions. has played its do role to make this possible china believes in acting in good faith will deliver what we have signed up to fulfill our obligations and work with real actions to contribute to the building of a clean and beautiful world china places high importance on the life and health of its people and has always taken a 0 tolerance approach to narcotics we have placed often to non related substances under control a move that goes well beyond such scheduling by the us this demonstrates that china has actually flee participated in global narcotics control with a keen sense of responsibility onto the ebola outwork in outbreak in africa as the alarm is sounded once again china has already sent emergency aid supplies to the democratic republic of the congo and its neighbor neighboring countries affected by the epidemic china has also signed public health experts and maintained close
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collaboration with the world health organization and the a commission besides china won't donate another $18000000.00 u.s. dollars to the global fund to fight aids tuberculosis and malaria mr president i want to conclude with a quote from president xi jinping our world is full of both hope and challenges we should not give up our dreams just because the reality around us is too complicated we should not stop pursuing our ideals just because they seem out of touch or out of bridge but has worked tirelessly to promote the purpose of the principles of the un charter and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind thank you. china's foreign minister when you addressing the u.n. general assembly. he said china is a country with a 5000 year civilization 1400000000 hardworking people china will never be cowed by threats or subdued by pressure. points for guessing who he was talking about they
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are a lot more subtle in his concerns about a trade war with the united states than perhaps donald trump was in his address on the 1st day of the general assembly now approaching the podium another member of the u.n. security council permanent 5 it is so gay lover of the foreign minister from russia . ladies and gentlemen. the 75th anniversary of the united nations which was established as a result of victory in world war 2 and the realization of the need for a collective mechanism in the firm to maintain a national peace and security unfortunately as well this anniversary is getting closer but regrettably the events of the cold war which started soon afterwards prevented this tremendous tremendous creative potential from being unleashed the hope arose again almost 30 years ago when the berlin wall symbolizing confrontation of the 2 irreconcilable systems fell it was the hope for the possibility to finally
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turn the grievous pages of wars not only hot wars but also cold ones and to joint efforts for the benefit of mankind however we have to admit. although world war 3 was prevented thanks to the un the number of conflicts on the planet does not decline and enmity has not weakened new and extremely good challenges have emerged in international terrorism drug trafficking climate change illegal immigration the growing gap between the rich and the poor it is getting harder to address these and many other challenges from year to year the fragmentation of the international community is only increasing in our view the reason for the current state of affairs is 1st and foremost in the unwillingness of the countries which declared themselves the victors in the cold war to reckon with the legitimate interests of all other states to accept the realities of the objective course of history. it is hard for the west to accept seeing its centuries long dominance in world affairs
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diminishing new centers of economic growth and political influence have emerged and are developing without them it is impossible to find lasting solutions to the global challenges which can be addressed only on the firm basis of the un charter through the balance of interests of all states. leading western countries are trying to impede the development of a policy centric world to recover their privileged positions to impose standards of conduct based on the narrow western interpretation of liberalism on others in a nutshell we are liberals hence anything is permitted in pursuit of this policy the west has been increasingly loath to recall international law and more often and insistently dwell on the rules based order quote unquote the aim of such a concept is obvious to revise the norms of international law which no longer suit the west and to substitute it with rules adapted to its self-serving schemes which
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are elaborated depending on political expediency and to proclaim the west and only the west as an indisputable source of legitimacy for instance when it's an advantageous the right of peoples to self-determination is important when it is not it is declared illegitimate in order to justify their vision is to rules the west resorts to manipulation of public opinion dissemination of pop false information double standards on human rights suppression of undesirable media and bans on journalists doing their job more over the west has now got a teacher's pet so to speak among their charges in the post soviet territory instead of collective work based on equal rights close formats outside of legitimate multilateral frameworks are created and approaches agreed upon behind closed doors my narrow group of the select few are then declared multi. lateral agreements this is accompanied by the attempts to privatized the secretariats of
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international organizations and to use them in order to advance nonconsensual ideas in circumvention of universal mechanisms attacks on international law have reached alarming levels the us withdrawal from the j c p o a endorsed by the united nations security council resolution 2231. is widely remembered washing not just repudiate did not just repudiated its obligations and trying to in this resolution but started demanding from others to play by american rules and to sabotage its implementation the united states has set a hard line towards eroding un resolutions on the international legal framework of the middle east peace process it suggests waiting for some sort of deal of the century meanwhile it is taking unilateral decisions on jerusalem and the golan heights made to the 2 state solution to the palestinian issue which is essential for satisfying village intimate aspirations of the palestinian people and providing
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security for israel and the whole region is in danger. apparently when nato members were bombing libya blatantly violating united security council resolution they were also guided by the logic of their rules based order it resulted in the destruction of libyan state hood and intrigue and the international community is still untangling the disasters repr questions of nader's adventure with african countries affected the most there are still hidden agendas in and countering terrorism despite the universally binding security council decisions on listing terrorist organizations some countries made it a rule to shield terrorists from punishment and to even work with them on the ground as it's happening for instance and i'm ganna stand libya and syria. the united states has already been saying out loud that high yet to should outlaw sham is a rather moderate structure with which it can do business it recent this discussion
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on the situation in the syrian live show that the united states is trying to convince other members of the security council to follow this unacceptable reasoning the west also has its own rules in the balkans where it is pursuing an open course of undermining security council decisions on kosovo and bosnia and universal conventions together with security council resolutions are an integral part of international law that the west would like to substitute even in these conventions with its rules as happened in the o.p.c. w. whose technical secretary technical i stress technical was illegally granted a tribute of functions through unlawful manipulations and shameless pressure in direct violation of the chemical weapons convention and exclusive prerogatives of the security council. we are seeing continued games played there with conventions that commit countries to upholding linguistic educational
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religious and other rights of national minorities even here our western colleagues are guided by their own rules they turn a blind eye to the open denial of national minorities rights and abet the retaining of in ignominy as phenomena of statelessness in europe the course towards a revision of international law is also increasingly observed in the persistent policy of rewriting the history of world war 2 and justifying the growing number of manifestations of neo nat's ism and vandalism against the monuments to the liberators of europe and the victims of the holocaust the key principles of the un charter such as not interference in internal affairs not use of force or the threat of force are also being sorely tested now we are now seeing the attempts to add venezuela to the list of countries whose state hood was destroyed. before our eyes through the aggression or coups inspired from abroad like the growing overwhelming majority of u.n.
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members russia rejects attempts to return latin america to rules dating back from the times of the monroe doctrine that america used to overthrow regimes in sovereign states stooping to methods of military blackmail unlawful coercion and blockades as it continues to do in relation to cuba in defiance of u.n. resolutions next year marks the 60th anniversary of the declaration of the granting of the dependance to colonial peoples and countries and peoples which was adopted in the knish at the initiative of our country however a number of western states are still clinging to the old rules ignoring this declaration and other decisions of the general assembly and decolonization addressed directly to them while keeping former overseas territories under their control this november marks another anniversary 20 years since the adoption at the o a c e summit of the charter for european security and the platform for cooperative security these documents set out principles of cooperation for all countries and
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organizations in the your atlantic region heads of states and governments sullenly declared that no one should provide for their own security at the expense of and at the expense of another security regrettably the consensus reached back then at the highest level yes. is again beings substituted by a rule that nato. practices as it continues thinking in terms of searching for enemies while moving its military infrastructure to the east towards russia and increasing its military budgets although they exceed the russian one by 20 times we call a nato to return to the agreements on shipping equal and into visible security in the o.e.c.d. area recently a number of high ranking european politicians have been speaking in favor of this in particular this was demonstrated during the meeting between the presidents of russia and france in august the asia pacific region is a reliable and open security infrastructure architecture as well it is dangerous to
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yield to the temptation of dividing it into conflicting blocks such attempts will be at odds with the task of dividing it into conflicting blocks such attempts will be at odds with the task of the uniting countries in the region in order to effectively addressing continuing threats and challenges there including the task of resolving the whole range of issues on the korean peninsula exclusively by peaceful means now actions taken by the united states which following its withdrawal from the a.b.m. treaty destroy the i.n.f. treaty with the overwhelming support of all nato members have caused massive damage to the global system of strategic stability which had which had been established over decades now the united states is questioning the future of the new start treaty. and they are refusing to ratify the comprehensive test ban treaty moreover in their model it has lowered the united states has
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lowered the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons in its doctrinal documents the united states is setting a course towards transforming cyberspace and outerspace into an arena for military confrontation in order to prevent further escalation of tensions russia proposed several initiatives and president putin announced a decision not to deploy land based intermediate range and shorter range miss. in europe or other regions if and as long as enough americans refrain from doing so as well we called on the united states and made it in nato to join such a moratorium we've also we've repeatedly suggested to washington that we start negotiations on extending the new start treaty together with china we support the harmonization of a legally binding document on the prevention of an arms race in outer space so far the reaction of the united states and its allies has not been encouraging. we are alarmed by the prolonged lack of any answer to our proposal made to american colleagues a year ago to to adopt how i level russian american digged declaration on the
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unacceptability and intimates ability of nuclear war which by definition cannot have a winner we call on all un members to support this initiative today i would also like to make an announcement at the current session of the general assembly we are introducing a draft resolution on strengthening and further developing the system of arms control disarmament and nonproliferation agreements we invite everyone to engage in constructive talks the adoption of such a resolution would greatly contribute to the creation of conditions for successful holding of another n.p.t. review conference next year and russia will continue to work persistently in order to strengthen universal security. in this fear we are acting with utmost responsibility exercising restraint and enhancing our defense capacity obviously not at the expense of a fact of ensuring our national security and invoke compliance with international law and because we support the consolation of efforts to combat international
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terrorists under the auspices of the un in the interests of mobilizing the potential of regional organizations to counter the terrorist threat russia convened a ministerial meeting of the security council with the participation of the collective security treaty organization the shanghai cooperation organ. zation and the commonwealth of independent states among the most critical tasks for the world community is the elaboration of broadly acceptable approaches to regulating cyberspace and understanding the processes related to the creation of artificial intelligence last year the general assembly of human endorsed the beginning of substantive work on discussing the rules of responsible conduct of states in the information space a resolution on combat in cybercrime was adopted at russia's initiative and is important to work towards achieving legally binding agreements on all aspects of international information security what we need to step up efforts to vessel attain
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their resolution of numerous crises and conflict in all regions of the world the main point is to see compliance with already existing agreements from parties not to allow them to invent pretexts in order to. refuse to implement obligations under the already undertaken during negotiations this concerns also conflicts on the post count soviet era territory including the need to strictly follow the provisions of the minsk package of measures to settle the crisis in the east of the grain in syria where major success in combat in terrorism has been achieved a top priority now is the advancement of the political process led by the syrians with the assistance of the un with a decisive contribution of russia turkey and iran as guarantors of the santa format the establishment of the constitutional committee has been finished which was announced by the un secretary general antonio good terrorists a few days ago past post conflict reconstruction and creation of conditions for the return of refugees can now be tackled here the un system is to play an important
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role here on the whole the middle east and north africa still face many challenges we are witnessing what is happening in libya in yemen the prospects for the palestinian peace process and implementing the arab peace initiative are on the verge of collapse efforts to play the kurdish card which is combustible for many countries are alarming there. gulf region is facing an artificial escalation of tensions we call on overcoming existing disagreements through dialogue without resorting to baseless accusations for our part we made a contribution by presenting this past summer there were needed russian plan for collective security in this region in support of efforts by the african states to put an end to conflicts on their continent yesterday russia organize a meeting of the security council on strengthening peace and security in africa at the end of october sochi will host the 1st ever russia africa summit we hope it's outcomes will help increase the effectiveness. of addressing modern challenges and
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threats and of efforts to overcome problems of development that african countries are facing the reform of the security council is aimed at improving the un anti-crisis and peacekeeping activities given the realities of the multipolar world the main task is to find a formula which would correct an obvious geopolitical imbalance in its current composition and would ensure increased representation of african asian and latin american countries in the council with the broadest possible agreement of the un member states moment ladies and gentlemen the dividing lines are harmful not only to the globe to global politics but also to the economy it's inclusive growth is curved as a result of the w t o norms being substituted again by other rules methods of unfair competition protectionism trade wars unilateral sanctions and blatant the blatant abuse of the status of the american dollar all of this leads to the fragmentation of the global economic space and negatively affects people's standards of living we believe it's
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necessary to get back to substantive work within the u.n. system and the g. 20 to this and we will contribute to the creation of favorable conditions including through the opportunities offered by the brics where russia will assume the chairmanship in 2020 together with other like minded countries we said. the harmonization of integration process this philosophy lies at the core of president putin's initiative of the greater eurasian partnership involving the eurasian economic union countries shanghai cooperation organization a.c.n. and which is open to all other eurasian states including e.u. member countries. we have already started moving in this direction by interconnecting the development plans of the eurasian economic union and the chinese project one belt one road consistent implementation of these endeavors will contribute not only to increasing economic growth but also delaying a solid foundation in order to forge an area of peace stability and cooperation
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from lisbon to jakarta ladies and gentlemen in the run up to the next anniversary of the united nations i would like to underline the un centered system of the world order this by the ultra trials remain. remain stable and has a great capacity for resilience it is a kind of safety net which guarantees if the charter is respected a peaceful development of mankind by finding a balance of sometimes rather contradictory interests of various countries and as we approach that 75th anniversary the main conclusion is probably that the experience of now on ideological cooperation of states in the face of a common threat again in the years of that most bitter of wars is still relevant today as challenges and threats are no less dangerous only working together we will be able to address them half a century ago the prominent scientist and public figure the nobel prize laureate andrei sakharov of growth the following words. the division of mankind threatens it
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with destruction if mankind is to step away from the brink it must overcome its divisions and go it was the unification which was considered the key task of the un by its founding fathers let us be worthy of their legacy and memory thank you very attention. right so we've just been listening to the foreign ministers of russia and china. spoke 1st making references to the trade war between his country and the united states warning that trade disputes in tariffs would be bad for everyone saying that it would result in a global recession and then just hearing there from russia said again lover of he spoke a fair bit about arms control he criticized the u.s. withdrawal from the i.m.f. treaty the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty also expressed concern about the future of the start treaty which is due to expire in 2021 and the purpose of
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that treaty is to really limit u.s. and russian nuclear weapons deployments our diplomatic editor james bay is at the united nations and joins us now and chambers it's quite a sign of the state of international politics moment when you have countries like russia and china talking about the importance of working together to overcome divisions and and tackle the world's challenges. absolutely and certainly missed a lot of rough speech was very very strong on the problems of the west and how the international community is being divided by things that western nations do and you know every time we refer to the west of course the cameras cut to the seats of the u.s. in the general assembly hall the u.s. delegation there with some of the more junior diplomats sitting in those seats
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a typical speech from the russian foreign minister he always delivers these speeches at breakneck speed he always speaks towards the end because he's a foreign minister not a president or a prime minister and remember that bloodier putin does not come to new york very often to the u.n. he tends to come about every 5 years and we understand it's likely he'll be here next year because next year's a very important general assembly when all the leaders gather it will be the 75th anniversary of the united nations but mr lavrov running through the world's problems running through the situation in the middle east talking about how it was an important time now for syria and the political process toward talking about what he said was an artificial escalation going on in the gulf a summary of the world's problems very much from a russian agenda from the russian foreign minister who is dashing off now down the corridors of the u.n. to the floor directly below me where he will be giving
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a news conference in the next few minutes and i'll be going to that shortly. and james what have obviously you know russia and china are often voting in unison on the united they're both members of the u.n. security council and are often aligned on in terms of their positions on international issues what do you know of bilateral meetings between these 2 countries that during the course of this general assembly. yeah well there have been bilateral meetings between the 2 and they do coordinate reason to be closely on issues as you say only last week they both were there and vetoed again on syria in the u.n. security council we treat them just the same russia and china but they are different china tends to support russia when it vetoes on syria russia does tend to take the lead on these middle east issues in the security council with regard to
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those 2 countries but i think the bigger story although you see the theatricals in the security council and vetoes and whatever and we always focus on russia the biggest story here potentially though is the rise of china they have just joined the security council in the last month much more vocal russia is china is is in general much more vocal much more assured when it comes to international affairs than just a few years ago china used to sit on the sidelines and say not as much they are now trying to deliver a much more assertive posture on issues not just economic issues but political issues and involvement at the united nations and it's worth reminding you that the u.n. secretary general raised the divisions between the u.s. and china in his speech on choose day here at the u.n. and warned of 2 competing worlds one led by the u.s. and one led by china and raise the prospect of what he called the great fracture
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and he said that needs to be stopped and they need to keep the current un universal system going ok thanks very much james we'll let you down to that press conference james bay the united nations. pakistan's prime minister used his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's crackdown on indian and if the kashmir iran can tell the offending arranger modi's actions would end in a bloodbath and he urged the u.n. to intervene to prevent war between a nuclear palatinate this. what is going to happen when the curfew is lifted will be a bloodbath the people will come out there 900000 troops there they haven't come due as never in the mode he says he's done this to for the prosperity of this is supposed to be for the developed but these $900000.00 troops what are they going to do.


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