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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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another narrative in what is just as much a media campaign state television showing pro-government protests in the capital president abdel fatah al sisi returned to cairo early on friday from the un general assembly in new york this welcome posted on his official facebook page with the president reassures this crowd that all is well with the market what are you doing here why you got up early on a friday morning life is good and easy you have to know that the egyptians are very aware of how they try to fake the realities unrealistic things and deceive the people for the sake of allah and for the sake of you what happened before will never happen again don't worry and don't be worried good morning to you but despite the president's assurances something is happening here we're going out troops all over the streets of cairo now is and we are to do random checks all over the city is a very clear reflection of this government's insecurity. the fact that the thing that runs this government more than anything else is the voice of its own people
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a government that secure in its standing at security which little missy and it support among egyptians wouldn't be so frightened or terrified by hundreds of protesters in the streets of cairo it started with this man mohammed alley a contractor for the egyptian military for 15 years the largest and most powerful institution in the country recently breaking rank uploading video statements from spain where he now lives in self-imposed exile accusing senior military leaders of wasting millions of dollars to build villas palaces and hotels it hasn't gone down well with many who are finding it hard to live day by day. more recently there's a lot of economic discontent cc's economic policies have mostly failed the wealth gap has increased and egypt's poverty rate is rising pretty dramatically hundreds came out to protest last friday what has been the biggest show of discontent against theses rule human rights watch says nearly 2000 people have been arrested
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in the last week alone al-jazeera is banned from reporting inside the country the bigger picture of what is happening here may take time to become clear but it seems once again egyptians have lost their fear and are defying wooders to remain silent stephanie decker al jazeera. and you heard stephanie mention mohamed ali that's the former government contractor his videos helped spark those protests he has issued a new message on social media calling on president sisi to step down or rather there's no how do. they see you sway that you will leave power if the people don't want you so please be a man of your word don't let your offices upset the people let them walk in the streets freely you promise the people freedom so please stop being a liar. well the un high commissioner for human rights says more than 2000 people have so far been arrested michel basle a reminder of the egyptian government that under international law people have
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a right to protest peacefully and she urged authorities to radically change their approach to any future protests tim they called us as a nonresident fellow the institute for middle east policy and he says the situation in egypt remains fragile. the government's reaction even before the protests began was very intense in terms of the president himself addressing these videos we got a statement from the minister of defense insisting the military was you know unified we saw enormous amount of propaganda on egyptian t.v. channels promoting c c artists producing coordinated campaign of videos to promote him and then of course the reaction the day after the protests where over 2000 people have been arrested from several provinces as well as the real lockdown of public space to prevent anything from happening really indicates that the regime and the large. demonstrations that the government organized to support sisi in
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which they distributed food packets to people and bus them in and there are reports that different different organizations and businesses were made were making their employees attend. all these things indicate that they took what was a centrally protests of several 1000 people in the government puts it out of 100000000. and they've taken that very seriously and they've responded very intensely to it and that suggests that the regime is very aware of the fragility of its popularity and that while these videos by muhammad ali my my my not ultimately be the spark that sets off something larger it does still remains the case that there is a lot of timber in society there's a lot of anger there's a lot of frustration and something i something else may well be that spark and they're taking that quite seriously. pakistan's prime minister has used his speech at the un general assembly to deliver an extraordinary attack on india's crackdown
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in indian administered kashmir in milan khan warned of a bloodbath in the disputed region last month india revoked the semi autonomous status of kashmiri territory under its control and that speech earlier in his prime minister made no mention of kashmir donna has this report from the united nations. as a new yorker many many other believe the u.n. general assembly was drawing to a close in new york when suddenly it burst grimly back into life pakistan's prime minister imran khan decried india's decision to revoke self rule in majority muslim populated indian administered kashmir it was part of a policy he said of hindu nationalism and ethnic cleansing what is going to happen when the curfew is lifted will be a bloodbath. the people will come out then 100000 troops there they haven't come due as not in the mood he says he's done this to prosperity of this is supposed
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to be for the development of these 900000 troops one of they're going to do when the when the come out there will be a bloodbath in his speech accused india's prime minister narendra modi of fascism of pursuing an ideology of hate and racial purity drawn from hitler and mussolini in the 1930 s. he said the un must intervene to avoid conflict between 2 nuclear armed neighbors this is a test for the united nations you are the one who guaranteed the people of kashmir the right of self-determination. they are suffering because of that and this is the time this is the time not to appease like in 1939 appeasement took place this is the dime to take action and number one action must be that india must live in human curfew a short while prime minister modi had conspicuously avoided any mention of kashmir
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which india insists is an internal matter but there was a veiled reference to what he has previously called pakistan backed terrorism in the region almost there the hand. we belong to a country that has given the world not war but buddha's message of peace and that is the reason why our voice against terrorism to alert the world about this evil brings was seriousness and outrage we believe that this is one of the biggest challenges not for any single country but for the entire world and humanity the lack of unanimity among us on the issue of terrorism dense those very principles that are the basis of the creation of the u.n. and that is why for the sake of humanity i firmly believe that it's absolutely imperative that the world unites against terrorism oh what i as both leaders spoke a block away from the u.n. building anti modi protesters demanded the world take action 55 days of course feel
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no food no house no medicine and they can't go out it's not here we are here to protest we want to know the but let the word know what's happening there and nobody's doing anything. and on the ground in srinagar kashmiris under strict security controls and with indian troops keeping watch made their voices god was both prime ministers modi and khan met separately with president on trump on the sidelines of the un general assembly this week but nothing has come of trump's offer to mediate between them and hence no sign of any real progress in avoiding further escalation over kashmir jono al-jazeera at the un in new york. 7 on doma is a columnist with the wall street journal and he says imran khan is making the most of the global states to talk about customer. the way i see that speech i think he had 2 audiences in mind one was of course his domestic audience because this is
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a very emotive issue in pakistan and the 2nd of course has been the international audience and over the last 2 months or so ever since august 5th when india revoked autonomy for kashmir imran khan has been speaking repeatedly trying to get the international community more involved in this issue so far he hasn't been successful for various reasons i think this sort of is in some ways the sort of done more of something that he's been trying for a long time i am not sure whether this speech is going to move the needle i have not seen the bilateral relationship as bad since 2008 which is the year of mumbai attacks you know essentially you have both countries hardened have hardened their rhetoric even though the prime minister of india enter into more the in his speech today did not mention pakistan or kashmir just on sunday he was in houston where he addressed a very big rally along with president trump and over there he spoke quite
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aggressively about kashmir and about pakistan so i see hardening rhetoric on both sides in the meantime i don't see much given the indian position kashmir so i think for now at least for the foreseeable future we're going to see a continued deterioration protesters have lifted shops and set fire to police cars in haiti's capital over food and fuel shortages. and these for purposes have been killed in port au prince in recent days as haitians the mando as a nation as president given annoying the demonstrators accuse my failing to deal with deep rooted corruption and he's appealing for calm on the matter of the law has more from the capital port au prince. public services are closed shops are closed businesses public transportation is at a standstill demonstrators here have blocked roadways using practically anything at their disposal from debris to boulders burning tires since early on friday now this frustration really began several weeks ago beginning with fuel shortages and people
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here in port au prince blaming the president's trip down the east saying that that it's his fault blaming corruption saying that the president is incapable of effectively ruling the country now to give you a sense of how tense things are here in the city since early on friday thousands of people have been out on the streets are being comforted actions with police officers who have used here to tear gas and other tactics to disperse crowds there have been reports of injuries or been gunshots heard there's also been reports of looting several stores have been broken into this includes a police station in cité soleil which is a which is known as one of the poorest slums here in the city of port au prince now in this case people actually did break into the police station and looted it there are reports that police officers actually fled now opposition supporters opposition to the president are saying that this is a last march the final fight against the president calling for his resignation and there was one senator for the opposition that was quoted his name is yuri latortue
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who was quoted as saying that if as you have now referring once more to the haitian president if you know moyes does not resign today whatever happens to him is not our responsibility so again tensions remain high thousands of people still out on the streets of being dispersed by by police and there's there's a sense that these protests as they've continued for for 3 weeks now will will continue in the days to come. young people have been demonstrating across europe as part of the anti climate change movement fridays for a future it was started by the swedish teenager gretta turn bird in moscow greenpeace activists took over a stadium calling for action on climate change rome was one of the 180 cities and towns in italy where mass protests a place meanwhile timberg address half a 1000000 people at another rally in the canadian city of montreal the 16 year old activist told the crowd the fight against climate change wants top until world leaders take the problem seriously canadian prime minister justin trudeau was among those who attended but he was criticized but timberg for not doing enough the
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prime minister of the bahamas has used his address to the united nations to plead with the international community to help and help tackle climate change as island nation has been struggling to recover from the devastation caused by hurricane dorian so i urge. on my urgent plea to the. voices of many other leaders. and citizens of the global commons urging the nations of do. to treat the global climate emergency as the greatest challenge facing humanity. and climate change is leading to frequent droughts in somalia forcing people to leave their homes every 2 almost every 2 years the u.n. says more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been displaced by the other has this report from by door
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. draw a dusty and parched. desert sand is slowly taking over one's full time field since somalia. just 2 years of to the last drought and the country's again facing one of the driest thrain assistance in more than 3 decades. the victims of visible almost everywhere makeshift camps like this one for those affected by drought can be found in almost every city. this is by door in south west somali these people have just arrived from the countryside. however builds a heart for her family from old clothes she says it took them a month to get here but on the name brand i know what i want i want cattle died 1st and then the crops failed and we fled hanging out here but it is still follows as we have had no help. the people of somalia have always named droughts and use the buses total milestones but that was $1.00 is what 10 or 15 years up now they've
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become the new norm and scientists say that the country has dried up mark foster in the 20th century than at any other time in the past 2000 years. these bought in plains of sundin's 2 and have always known long dry spells but they've always been followed by a. enough at least to rebuild hearts so that's can be repaid and milk provided for the children thoughts changed 91 year old a loose ace has never seen shifting weather patterns some for giving. the whole of my day 'd here and i don't remember ground 0 it's not having food until recently this droughts are quite different from what we used to see there's no time for recovery they just keep coming back. just a few months ago the shop that i'm on had 25 goats now she has just 5 the rest with it and died in the current drought well up at the my welcome i high survive on
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donations from well wishers there's no pasture for the goats and i'm forced to look for grass for them in fountains and at times i even have to share my food with them . and it will hunting is not just an economic activity for the people of somalia it is who they are. and as the climate changes they too being forced change how about the well just baidoa in southwest somalia. and plenty more still ahead and auxerre another antigovernment protests in hong kong this time the focus is on the activists detained here the china border. chains abused and tortured nigerian police free at least $300.00 imprisoned boys. and women sports a good day for red bull and practice for the russian grand prix fire will have the details.
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hello there more good dry weather on the cause across much of central and eastern china want to get some pieces of cloud but there's really no rain in that at all where we will see some rain of the next couple days is across into taiwan and also you can see these wind arrows streaming southward so again we could see some rain actually pushing into lose on as we go on into sunday 7 ela 31 with a chance of scattered thunderstorms and the same up in taipei as well but a nice day in hong kong 32 and 29 celsius in shanghai now heading further to the south the rains be more extensive here as well pushing further into central and southern areas or borneo and a very wet couple of days ahead through much of sumatra and also the mill a peninsula sunday by sunday that's when the rain becomes
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a little bit heavier pushes further south so expect those usual skeleton of storms in singapore and also across into kuala lumpur now over into india yet again we've had some deadly floods this time maharashtra state has been severely impacted the last few hours a lot of activity again and we will actually save a break in the rain so this particular state beacon see through much of pradesh across into bihar west bengal that is where the rains are heavy of the next couple of days and so on your wet day mumbai again with a high the of 30 celsius. whether sponsored by cats owning. some just. for this raw meat to the cause. but we're all complicit in creating wild of terror and depression. now living in fear and denial they reveal their motivations and the shocking truths from the inside.
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witness the women of ice will amount to 0. 2 planes a film studio and 15 men checked no hotel mr. fire it is possible to fully clean the premises all forensic evidence but what you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned from mystery wanted to give an excess of the stuff that speaking about the hole in the books before even the saudi government would just have jamal khashoggi murder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching us is there and here's your line of our top stories this hour donald trump special envoy to ukraine has resigned the controversy over the u.s. president's call with his ukrainian counterpart continues during the conversation trump is reported to us have asked him to help investigate his rival joe biden's son who has business interests in ukraine. hundreds of protesters have defied a security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday in egypt and join demonstrations calling for the president to step. down they queues up the fight corruption and destroying the economy. pakistan's prime minister amnon khan has called on the un to intervene and prevent a potential bloodbath in the administered kashmir and here avert the region semi autonomous status last month a security clampdown has been in place ever since. afghans are starting to vote in the 4th presidential election since the fall of the taliban in 2001 polling
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booths are open across the country 100000 extra security personnel are on standby following threats of attacks from the taliban the front runner means the incumbent president ashraf ghani and his main rival is the country's chief executive. joins us live from kabul tony so as we said their polls have just opened what's the atmosphere there like. a very tense atmosphere here do here the city is in fact in lockdown people are very apprehensive about today because the taliban have warned people not to threaten to attack polling stations and has been a bloody run up into this campaign people are calling this a fear and fatigue election because of the security implications and also for t.v. because they feel that nothing is really changed in the political arena in afghanistan and their lives are not improved at all so people are about to vote will start pretty soon we'll have to see how many people actually turn out how many
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people are intimidated but there's about 9000000 people registered to vote estimates gauge at the moment that probably less than half will actually turn out to vote 7 and a half 1000 polling stations throughout the country at a stroke $2500.00 will not operate partly because of security issues and partly because there's not enough trained staff to man them so we'll have to see as the day goes on but i'm o. but i have to say kabul is change but quiet attorney for you 4 years ago when the elections took place there were loads of fraud and intimidation is it any different this time. people feel it's going to be more of the same in 2014 the last election it was marred by corruption by fraud by ballot stuffing and it really soured the people's feelings of politics here that presidency was sorted out by the americans who came in and brokered a power sharing deal and people feel that really corruption is still a problem here and they expect more of the same afghanistan is one of the most
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corrupt countries you have a modern. corruption monitoring agency here which says that basically people are operating in a corrupt way and they're untouchable nothing happens only one person high level figure in afghanistan has been held accountable for corruption in the last 10 years so people are feeling more of the same as to come and tell us what's at stake here we have ashraf ghani running again then his and another big political figure. do people have faith in either of these men. people feel that this this whole presidency for the last 5 years has been marred by this innocent infighting these 2 people do not really get on politically or in private life people don't feel that's going to change at all what people are saying really is that should have been a peace deal before these elections because if there's going to be some kind of peace solution coming after words president danny or whoever gets the presidency
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will really not consider you as the president so those peace talks that were going on between the americans and the taliban which were abruptly canceled that was being seen as a major setback but there are hopes here that those talks will resume after the elections and there are some encouraging signs i have to say well one is that we haven't seen any attacks so far today in kabul but also the taliban have been launching not only a military offensive but they've been launching a diplomatic offensive some of their leaders have been going around to moscow to china to shore up their situation and i think it shows signs that they want to get back to the negotiating table and there are behind the scenes a feeling that these talks will resume at some stage in the not too distant future and as he said there is going to the paul smith had to choose their next president and our tony burton he will be there to monitor the situation thank you very much. the u.s. says saturday selection in afghanistan must be credible and transparent washington
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has had a military presence there for 18 years and peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban fell apart just weeks ago ellen fresh air looks at what lies ahead for the u.s. afghan relations. 18 years more than $4000.00 american deaths and $800000000000.00 spent donald trump wants to significantly reduce the american military footprint in afghanistan there are $14000.00 troops there no but the threat from the taliban remains significant one former u.s. ambassador to kabul says the u.s. is still there because each president looks for a quick way out by my count we have had 9 changes of policy in the 18 years we've been in afghanistan we don't convey consistency to anyone when we rethink our policy every 2 years so i have a problem with that the trumpet ministration but there was true of obama 5 changes of policy in the obama administration come afghan president ashraf ghani campaign 5
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years ago on the idea of peace talks with the taliban but he was sidelined as the group met negotiators in qatar a deal was close but in the week of the anniversary of the 911 attacks in the us donald trump called an end to the talks they're dead they're dead 1st i'm concerned that they thought that they're to kill people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position this administration has threatened to withhold $100000000.00 in funding to afghanistan alleging government corruption and mismanagement in the run up to important presidential elections that has been seen by some as an implicit criticism of the cum president gani but not an endorsement of his main challenger abdullah abdullah one afghan expert says to the us the process may be more important than the result for the travel ministration they are simply looking for a candidate. wins the election and is free and fair
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a possible way is possible they want to have a president that is seeing with credibility and legitimacy by the afghan people it's very unlikely that's going to happen with donald trump insisting he has no intentions of restarting the peace talks in afghanistan and the new initiative will have to come from whoever wins the presidential election there and that means for the time being the war continues and so does the course in money and lives alan fischer al-jazeera washington. iran has released a british tanker that is detained 2 months ago in the strait of hormuz the paras now in international waters the seizure of the ship in july further escalated tensions in the gulf the vessel has started transmitting its location for the 1st time in weeks. the nearly established syrian constitutional committee will meet in switzerland at the end of next month the united nations special envoy to syria says the committee represents an important breakthrough for the future of the war torn
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country our diplomatic editor james bay spoke with care pettersen. for the 1st time of the 8 and a half years of war and conflict of actually have an agreement between the government and between the opposition as and seen so this sense an important message to the syrian people that change is possible have you vesey all the names with regard to human rights make sure there's no one with blood on their hands and given the tentacles of the assad spy service make sure there's no members of the intelligence community hidden in a secure nice let's be. clear i'm on this we want to be have done is to is to work on the assumption that the government is the responsible for their 50 that they have nominated the opposition is responsible for the 50 that they have nominated and then we have a middle 3rd that the u.n. them has been working on together with the parties so of course this is a compromise can you guarantee to us after all the time of the assads in power
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since $970.00 just sharm elections that at the end of this whatever constitution they come up with will be a properly democratic constitution and there will be as that resolution says free and fair elections i think what i can guarantee is the verdict of the constitution will be based on the aspirations of the syrian people you know this is syrian sitting together for the 1st time update on the half years of working on their own constitution and i see rightly pointed out the security council. pursuant to the new constitution there should be free and fair elections where all syrians should participate including their asper on the u.n. supervision so this is my mandate i've already of course discussed this both with the government and with the opposition s.n.c. i have of course i'm elected expert all ready berthing on this for me of preparing
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ourselves and of course preparing. hopefully then the syrian portis can i guarantee you that this will take place no but as you wrote this stated this is part of my mandate it's very clear to stamp that stated and it's also in from national consensus the state stressed take place. in hong kong thousands of protesters have been rallying in support of activists detaining at the border with mainland china many in the holding center have been treated for in a hospital for broken bones on thursday the city's chief executive kerry lamb how the public talk over the protests it was the 1st time she sat down with her critics since the pro-democracy demonstrations began 16 weeks ago sarah clarke has more from hong kong. thousands of people have rallied in central hong kong to show their support for those people who've been arrested and anger over what they say is police abuse on those who've been tying in a detention center on the hong kong china. this is the 1st of
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a number of protests in coming days on saturday will be an assembly at the legislative council building on sunday will be a march. bunch are expected to attract large numbers the police are preparing also it's a violent clashes one which marks the 7th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china by beijing groups will celebrate. the pro-democracy activists will also hold their own and china demonstration of us i will go out and voice my opinions i expect the m.t.r. change stations to be closed but i was still joined the demonstration to be more than 1500 people arrested in these anti-government demonstrations which are now entering this 17th week. now little progress has been made on securing a briggs's deal this part another round of talks taking place and brussels the chief brags that negotiator met with his british counterparts and arlen's foreign minister arland has accused the u.k. of not coming up with any new proposals paul brennan has the latest. it's been an
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extraordinarily toxic week in british politics particularly after those weapons day confrontations in the house of commons between the prime minister boris johnson and in particular opposition m.p.'s boris johnson calling a piece of legislation which is designed to stop britain leaving the e.u. without a deal as a surrender act and that really incited an inflamed tempest on both sides of the house but away from the arguments and the rhetoric of there has been some actual negotiations taking place in brussels on friday the problem is that there doesn't appear to have been any tangible progress from that we're going to hear from a couple of those people involved in meetings in brussels 1st of all the british bret's it secretary stephen barclay i think there's still a long way to go i think we are coming to the moment of truth in these negotiations we will see if that's a political world and both sides will commit it to securing a deal we're committed to leaving on the 31st of october but that deal just to be
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without the backstop now those sound bites moments of truth long way to go if he repeated those in several answers it appeared that that was clearly the pre-prepared answer he was going to give no matter what the question but the problem is that the irish foreign minister simon covais was also in brussels and he had a very different take on the stage that the negotiations are at until there is a serious proposal in writing that can be the basis for a negotiation. then the gaps that are wide at the moment will remain. and time is running out so you can see it's not just differences in the tone of the rhetoric it's also big differences in the contents of what's being said and what's being agreed or not agreed and remember all of this just 3 weeks until an e.u. summit takes place in brussels at which the hopes.


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