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tv   Erik Prince  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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list the mystique out there. did you just did you hear the doctor why don't they were there i thought i learned in the cold war i know you know i mean. how you pay is always a clip here to quote hall but. he had missed that she had a chance they could not learn about i don't know if i want to start the only one of 200 on my come up. but i want to hold my suit and tie a little more hot. sauce on them all honestly didn't. know either who. i haven't she got more and it occurred to me it should be done and.
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their job boards. are they shoved down their spam here. tomorrow home all the time and then pull it out tell him i did it. and mark the start and end nobody at home or. any body that stalin had no. money. and was out of. there are no money here but the more. of the. marsh and more some lie or. under horrible your cars that are or. are worth much of here locked in any. kind of also get
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a high legal get off. property or who got off. target of what the watch or not far behind you or. off on a heck out of the laptop are not a better. deal. than just. going to take. a hit. i think you.
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can get them for. the caps. if young the should i get one for the car. and sure i should. margaret i think it was the michelin ching the dish heavy hearted program and i think. that is what i don't mean. that you want to look. at the price of the senate. have actually left us where substance in particular as of last. night and. what that have. can click
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participate in such activities. that mcnamara basically. turned out ok for health. care. should be taught how to handle. that intensity fredricka struck us in the. back. for you know for the stump far. too ok thank you hank you get into the. caucus saturday and it will cost cash a few cash they don't like it yeah you. dumb
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dumb ass if me and i didn't go on the corruption down with. now a mess and said no more now about all the debt they're handing. us then our national. then athan down bust some are been has been the. butt of the town is. going to melt blood so much and i limp toughman in. the past year last year i had. the money for to. be up at any minute now i should i thought i'd. rather not do it and it got harder and less work now and in the wilderness 130 minutes. in the shop an artist who. has written bursts about the article. or for credit or. oh.
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man what was going to china was that your. love our soul has. come and walk for something. and have only passed from. that corner they. had she had better be sure kafka and at home. you knew to fear you are a lot of a shock to believe as they always have and it matters that i started when i wandered out of a truck i washed out of the french learned to be as to what it would be actual custom before they entered solomon with this stuff in one of the little front of the party and i managed imaginative. the kids maybe and here and about me yet the yet sometime i don't interrupt has what i say as a sort and it's rather as what can see as what the already. suffering with us is and a sort of the. ringback ringback
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one hand oh mom stand to be around and be said i don't. need to spend. ringback in the 20 best arguments too it's a hard one at 1st but then as the women and the best. part of money. be on the way and 3 can have been 3 that's are. i so i want before you got i would like nothing but i was a little bit on. the money for that to look at restaurants we had our very manager to have sorry about that we got that she was mad to match her marital home. mamadou is one of has a reality that's intended from inside of the stereotype and that is the never got
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to be a fact that mr riddell. under poshest me severus name have all of that the best in etc i did about ben at the end amateur nationalist men play i didn't bloody has been at the bottom that had a better than moderate minimal drug but less than a. parser. of our. village over how caught osama. and how to other us help the flow to interested in the last drop the i'll have a heart and i walk like they have no money into. it just not see our toughest them
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home on. the bench and bump out on cancer who help. listen i have. courts in the us already and i legit the ones not to. here until. we had a. person who had no hope of. leaving me and let. you know what you see because it's not. because of the roof of the shower and that's very. kind of. covered bridge before. the birth. the impact was unreal germany and. other.
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partly she didn't know but there. wasn't much going to happen after the mom had. given me i love watching the man had of shady. and 1st start then i usually don't hunt but hardit as best agent but i didn't. understand the question of him and i don't buy that they thought on. the stand i'm on the hot dog not that hopped a minute here must come a little denser but once i got my start on how buffy i mean hot and. i saw what she did 100 and i want to meet ups and have. lots of
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some at the start the but. not if you are the go home and who watch it. and i think that's bestie. i'm going to have if you're going to heartfelt i hope they make it should be on the in the home bomb who were there and they might have been in my hearts. out what's wrong with their home and my gosh that's not a limb out that's 5 percent more of the time in me so that one and it's i mean. martz had to do it and help but feel. lucky that to be a slave that he had. but let's see out of his men who often go out for hokkaido. you know how much of a score of men has she he should have done this will unleash talk into that got us
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and know about his chin in the ghetto as much invested in going to think. well i hope i don't perform i have to i know i'm done and to do that i mean we'll talk ok there are even what i want business we've been home about hi i'm bob it's got on well with album. in hand it's in when i should book them and yes she knew would you. need to have a new test of must have now looks like yours. and with similar to how modern age you will die it's what we shall teach our. problem harvest i thought and i'm someone about maybe 100 little folk to be known as just to be no one had been on the stand much from.
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the santa safeguards half and i thought that's one head outcome minimal sun. compass and 2 we had dash. and be on william clinton 5 have a home on the 100 or a path and one had money could know and i am used to them friends hoto 103 i missed . a hug or no and the most of us have a cell phone no. bots. digitas no clue us have thought ok i need to phone i mean we are for the know when i thought we as you said we flew is the of the have a shared one just the one. 100 summer until the need i'm going to visit a guy who can file a ballot. and we have a boy for toting
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a clown. with. a lawsuit that has shown like marco. and d a stalin and. the idea of the heck out of the how high and not enough not block off your head when. the enemy is here we are not in the hall so. i have my horn. and can to hear jazz of the honey i have or something number of. no i'm a hifi. mashi
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hard to make a mark on my head i'm that. and the quantum asshole. they had. a mash. up my beautiful little lotta hand that knocks out a lot of side my ass with i have a deal for straight out of an assault measure limits how well a lot of 40 of them like of course let them be and the government has the north who don't have. a shisha martyrs or just a should have decided had this moment and as you look i'm aghast that i thought that we don't even have left that we was war but as i'm. sure about a dot com haiti id you know it's not as if the market. had the idea she might have not lying. but i'm not about the only had
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a chance that. i could. have an army. of will shift all sorts of national so we have so we've got all of us are different but this is going to deal with you tomorrow. this was my visa lani given that me. and i was so honest that it has to be anywhere for a full minute hard but i'm sure there will. be more horse. madi caught in that we're. going to have a lot of us maybe what i tell my 7 i'm going to have all that miserable shot just you. was in the below we are if there are the. big storms generate fountains of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different
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perspectives and you hold to separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must you and your words but some tough stuff has to be said so some critics have to be listening post on al-jazeera . every year 50000000 tonnes of electronic waste is thrown away the majority is illegally dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded as of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. manmade on the waste trail on al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is 2nd to their all over the world and they do
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a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we helped of you understand and make sense of it. the top stories on al-jazeera several explosions have occurred in afghanistan as polls open for the presidential election one was in the capital kabul and another in the southern city of kandahar tens of thousands of security personnel have been deployed across the country for the vote the front runner is the incumbent president ashraf ghani who's already cast his ballot tony berkeley has more on how
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the vote is going from a polling station in kabul well we're getting reports that some people turned up to vote and their names are not on the register getting reports that some polling stations haven't opened because the workers haven't turned up now that could be because of this acuity situation it could be because they're just very apathetic and it's very difficult we were told that out of the $7500.00 polling stations planned for this election only $5000.00 were going to go ahead anyway and out of the 9000000 voters there are only anticipating around 4000000 to go and vote but if this polling station the center of kabul is anything to go by that figure could be way down on that. special envoy to ukraine kurt volker has resigned as the controversy continues over the u.s. president's phone call with the country's leader during the conversation trump is reported to have asked the ukrainian president for help in investigating his rival joe biden and his son who has business interests in the country. hundreds of
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protesters have defied a security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday in egypt and joined demonstrations calling for the president to step down they accuse abdel fattah el-sisi of corruption and destroying the economy. well the form of government can try to whose videos helped spark the protests has issued a new message on social media calling on president sisi to resign. as the how do. you see c s way that you will leave power if the people don't want you so please be a man if you would have done that your office is upset the people let them walk in the streets freely you promised the people freedom so please stop being a lion. protesters have looted shops and set fire to police cars in haiti's capital over food and fuel shortages at least for protesters have been killed in port au prince in recent days as haitians demand the resignation of president. the demonstrators accused of failing to deal with deep rooted corruption he's appealing the claim. of the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off the witness
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stay with us. on how he said you know what. that the. math to how. is it you have. said that. i could not have anything but. if you weigh. then that got
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a bent. and you're the. 5 atlanta you know 0 to $5.00 jets and if you're going to have the sort of mind i'd love to know gone supernational on their legacy and it's not a domino i'm not sort of a she had them. on the mobile. but up like russian box i'm not going to michael i'm not sure you have the absolute muscle so i need. friends i want to shaft me everyone had actually. we don't fight i'm going i don't i love your theory i was going to fellas when i got my grammar which i'm glad of it. would be on the if the had a bad day and. catch it on the federal rush the blair you know was a bit corny of me i thought a little bit surprised that his mother was always this woman had she had a little bit about the idea of life and that's the hard line with
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a lot of i've ever had it would be i thought it was a humane. thing about my national mathematics and i thought i said i mean i said it was right i'm going to but i'm not even that heavy and old many have said that's not the end i want to. go a little model. going to want to get another one who want to believe. me the. old hockey their. message is not a childhood that he'll have a home going to get a sitter know what other professors have been told him about what's the city on this issue the one that got me most sort of also. found that with the festival and the 1st move that got to be called the bet so you call him a house at heart all the school hutch i'm necessarily going to somehow be a bit of and i hace. right yeah i mean. that's the muck will have to go she
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will go home i phone and she should know it's who should. know of her fear. that high and it came on oh yeah but i'll be on the hook for more that up a lot of partners. that missed it and there's a lot of concern that the article my with the estoppel be any one of them on earth that you could choose to. manage that and then and even then you know enough of them. want them in their mind that this is not the sap it's been tom have mob and you're not going to get out of that one got that somehow commit them safely and have it be with them on the hey ya name drop mention so we don't have got the no problem it's a staunch. metal jacket that thought that.
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it was not my problem sam community ruffled. a she a she said but much for some compiler we didn't miss one clue for some time until. you hear what i had not thought of and at the simplest it would be trying to be like this is how it would be. consciously trying to flee to show what a little has been the problem i mean that much for one of his birth aging efforts so i thought i would have a ball of money i had no idea she had thought about that the army didn't want to let him until now i mean if there is no question i'll tell you what the piano did you know that that has not been much for a good one month with the new government baggage for. can i do something. here because the last comment being an agent that got you had
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limited release and the rest must have been tapped. me on that yeah that's not the only i knew. what in the must do or i may have had a child at the grease now. i think i did yeah i got him out of going to have a gun when i met mom and how do they i me got up there with school girl cudi and god the minute this movie the no one. saw it it was some at the time that his son had me who would die of me who caught him and he certainly had men over and have fucking come on i'm sure had to have got out. that me on the beach who got grew up in bed. who would go who want to piss in a. $190.00 how could they have a temper come on. come on you're the beat of the oh but. when they come to affect. me. or anybody else.
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but that is not. enough that you did. and what had been her do that you know i want a lot of. shall think. yeah oh i can get him in your heart that they should not zoomable not at all and one of the hard necessary i don't know on the subject on sunday but then i must be a nationalist did he or was she out at the water and he was my manager got mahmoud saikal put on what i want to live in and. a lot of superficial what danny shot little mother all of the knoll just let me look but only has she had any shoes with who commit another one might ask how to walk on the water not being solved it was
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a hard job but littlejohn won had the more diplomatic problem telling him a damned good joke along can metal be the judge of what. it was going to hook up without some stuff he got it. and. that would look good in the car when he got so to me. it got to them hard to think of many don't know that he. got a cost of it but it does possibly as he does have to have an internship cut them out and i don't know your kindness will happen in the street you know i mean mother now a man does not i bet he has a good man and all up if i don't know she's not the sort of thought they ought to
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have syllabuses there are the i knew my daughter had moved to chicago. with the whole you know mr hyde and then i'll call him if he has got make use your help that the background or. the law she doesn't want an introduction of the haunt. here would have been hard i wanted to be a kind of john and not just money not honest might not all get it had grown up a little more i said and after that i'm home but mr good was what she that's not him not the other man that's a cut on my skirt i want he should understand that naomi. you know but it's a good looking much for subtlety mr gresham you and mr funny you know he had much of a dandy. of those himself and much from georgia but that was really been a british the argument that he had to. have here at the
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capital heck i could at the top. as i'm not on the lawn. or were imagining. that i want to ask do you mean that i asked what that china. should know going home so want to know what are that's my kind of price or something so i'm home and that she had thought so but alan ok if you're 8 percent plus the doubt will mark yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm sorry to hear that until we actually. can out the magazine had let you live on the farm not to be on the study at the mechanic maybe i can have a lawyer exactly when i sat. in the hay to slow walk percy and any who are charged have. it to work and know a your. team. when you're here often is so good
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you've been having a shit into a shell of what a good dog j.b. and if it cost you can the clubs what good are. my damn animals without health and i don't have to share. it with with a damn shame or do without it you. mad at the whole ship and for someone i don't want to. a book. about a shadow poet had her id. number . it was a bad name. charlotte this is what a shelf shining there's a. whole lot. and not a but some have to pop out on a half mile. but
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. there was. one who took the 5th call consistency on his. goodness to look at the run. up to the top on where to put them there no. it was just him the super g. come out of the 2 tomorrow don't. know what. luke. was she going to do the only good deal because of nothing and looking at the last book i didn't know what to shift to do with the shift in the dummy to be that in charge who doesn't. complain of the people that's. a true democracy and. not a good thing most of the muscles in a wonderful company have an indian who is free of this woman who are nice enough.
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to let the last month in when you fit into all the modern mom pick in the whole of human shit with you know she wouldn't have done him. from on the design and not because of the show who. look like this now there's a lot of problems. the that was a. p.r. move to look at him started to loosen look at him and kind of look at you could only do the. most of the. forgot how to sit in the end it's all just can't i did it why do you have to make us. disobey have your i looked at him and let me have a good laugh at that because the ship. hadn't gotten and what was that i.
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said it was always when you get me. another bad as she. is the author of but i mean no i'm just but. they can't be your head of a car this is a kind of 1000000 man. so i would have been a guy. now you can't i did i could've been at the bar mounted on the bow cell phone have not been more glad that my which i hadn't. planned on would have been out. there that we just. saw on the record which i had no idea. who had you know most of my enemies in the zone what you. wanted but boston unlimited mall or what he. had gotten down to a bandage added that she just did your job i mean that. yeah
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had not been. out of i had so much. doubt about it as the watch was young like took that body how after that how awful but. about that and i need to just talk i'm such a little league. star. sort of. but only be with me. what buchtel mom about how do i want our son in the assassin had to live in her swamp. michel martin and in our efforts what did in the swamp and back then shuffle them and no more power to a little in form and you have to go home said i i think you had trouble walking up until i was sorry i'm not going to church i want to join would exist. until i got to be here it might it's more 3rd into bin it's more ted with on me up
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a good price about half what i've only in israel i'm a home or a job or money a cluster bomb or we had a bet on a common tool you have to go to my route what you brought up and all that noise in the journey is just coming home and along the shitter she heard her and there are whole lotta lobbying underway at me young as gents was going to be i'm going to run on her little son of god and i actually thought of her good heart and i don't want insanity i want to fall inside me all there are for have been called us well they are for them. that was to abandon the scene that. shot took a movement toward the working that. the mage were in i wasn't she going to have a lot of the men who were killed you know.
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ready ready ready you know he was on drugs. when this one down had 5 that i. thought that i'm going to have that attack. look i'm just i'm off. i knew it was the edge he'll join. mom i mean that's was a good look about that that's not a. business one artificial heart that saddam had that some of the more he was home . minister was a phenomenon of a gentile a home home. and a home
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a vehicle. i think i'm going to buy that is kind of you know let out that she had that the. more he could say he. said that granny. was on the cover that here look at the way he has become. the one of them. but nothing in the world that even the misuse. of. the. whole of the law. but 90 to. $97.00 plus and. a way to do that had committed sort of feel to me that i'm somebody mother i want even though. my my you know beautiful. as i needed here. on the one she had. a woman in need and
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they said love. the army i mean as much as deep. and even how well you know. this and all of the. choices they made that sadly enough. money for good in the end of the union up. yes i'm sure we can i can't remember who are you to decide to man his name. to mr mark machine or what kind of man who might do the deepest can on the hoff who shafted me on his arm yourself with. fresh blood out of the 100 and now suddenly to his feet but not have them which would mean none of them can fit any gentleman thought on a safari or if a man not the an englishman hasn't hasn't any surplus has an atmosphere far the
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national budget has down. there basically and so on but. and look at an anomaly in the southern us and i'm astonished and it look and i'm about it out up call it. an incident. and it's the i am. 'd suggesting that by the end when it started that's one or the other. draws it more have my have. was it all on iraq when i'm in it and. saw that one home i took
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a. ringback better. care for your bid if you. can't carry the open market. roller yes or no will. not find a shoe. with a boost up because some of us. there are clear that some of the critics of that. fall into this top of the particles of matter must must read as much this is a helpful they obviously offer that at least this rival. council who held
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up the office of my off the bottom and yes our office shuffle for the purpose for it. rather. than. all of your little. but of the city only left me a hand she. had to fill in the play that of a man as an example out of bounds. on the butt of a letter and the other that. they could on the. verge of. it so after the one she said. soften him when he had not thought of seeing any at 1st it was behind him and when i gave her. that you're not going to slave market so
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i. think this is how with a girl she admired you belong to something. and it fragmented fast and now it's about right in here sort of the look at the end madness haven't had that. many on that madness that's. what the harrar and the whole. company let in the come to him. in body and what we hope for one that did it is the harm of ok. i've got what do the minimum i have in the form of the end. and not the fat i am so happy that i had a mother that now madam and that one of the best at the cemetery in.
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until when the i mean. i don't. know how this shit may have never see it now mind of men nervousness ahead of bashar and this one. i did the. model at are clear oh i have been told to the. of her own wish someone had told her . i did ever see on. sunday i hadn't. and my 300 to my if and if you can i k. on or enjoyed. any of the her i did and in my.
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for most when we grow old we take life for the slower. not for this centenarian. online dating teaching the you keep you. she's a blog adored around the globe and she's doing. way. life begins at $100.00 eyewitness documentary on al-jazeera. and there we have some rain in the forecast across the middle east is generally further to the north and as this system here is streaming through the black sea on tools accounts been see so the caucuses will see some rain over the next 24 hours saturday really is quite damp as you can see and look at this how much and back
3:46 pm
because once that system clears out of the forecast is fading nice but a lot cooler than of late 21 degrees celsius 41 celsius in baghdad now the temperature still high for the south across much of the arabian peninsula cat in the 4 calls pushing into southern sections and again through saturday and sunday we'll see more rain into the south and the southwest of yemen a look at the time which is further to the role of doha warming up again on sunday up to 48 degrees celsius and still really feeling quite humid and also a bit warmer in muscat with a high of 34 degrees celsius damages are on the high side as well into south africa in particular 1st of all across into madagascar elsewhere it is dry but look at these temperatures 26 and been 28 in johannesburg on saturday that should be a dry they suffered a into cape town but by sunday we could see some rain in a little bit cooler at 19 degrees celsius the look at this johannesburg 29 degrees 6 degrees above the average.
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october on al-jazeera. this month smokes a year since the merger of the journalism gitmo shoji maybe has samo host a new series of interviews are going to tackle in the brain is simmons of our time . world leaders explodes and environmentalists will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the. brand new episodes of photons examining us is rolling on. and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize. october on al-jazeera.
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korea's 1st. afghans vote in an election overshadowed by security concerns and stalled talks with the taliban. this is al jazeera live from also coming up the u.s. envoy to ukraine resigned as the impeachment inquiry into president don't trump
3:49 pm
intensifies. keeping up the pressure people across egypt protests for a 2nd successive friday demanding president sisi steps to. let the games begin the world athletics championships kickoff in cats are we have the action including a moving show of sportsmanship i. have been several explosions in afghanistan as polls open for the country's 4th presidential election one was in the capital kabul and another in the southern city of kandahar inside a polling station where at least 16 people were injured the taliban had always threatens to target people casting their ballots tens of thousands of security personnel have been deployed around the country folks are choosing from 14
3:50 pm
candidates but it's likely to come down to 2 men the incumbent ashraf ghani and chief executive who have shared power since 2014 the election which has been delayed twice is taking place after taliban u.s. peace talks collapsed earlier this month the taliban have refused to negotiate directly with the afghan government. well tony abbott lead joins us live now from kabul only reports of explosions in various different locations this isn't a good start what more can you tell us. not a good start but i have to say it's one that we sort of expected these explosions were threatened by the taliban they have been good to their word as you mentioned the most serious one is a an explosion inside a polling station in kandahar agencies are reporting that 16 people were injured but they're also explosions near polling stations too in the north of kabul and one
3:51 pm
in helmand province that was a mortar that was fired we understand no casualties there we're also getting sort of information and tweets that say there has been an explosion in one go hard province in the east of the country so the taliban is ratcheting up the pressure here being good to its word because they told people not to vote they want people to stay off the roads or they would be subject to attack they are carrying forward with that. when people actually make it to the polling stations those people have braved the situation what are they experiencing when they get there is the vote going according to plan. well i'm in a polling station in in central kabul and if you go back 5 years to the last presidential election there were actually queues of people here waiting to vote now this morning there's been hardly anyone it's been a trickle i would call it less than several 100 people have come to vote now this could be one of 2 reasons one the security threat is intimidating them making them too scared to come or 2 those are
3:52 pm
a growing disillusionment with afghan politics the promises that were made and that last presidential election 5 years ago about improving and employment improving reducing poverty increasing security and reducing corruption while none of these have borne fruit and people here a little bit dissatisfied with the way things are going so it was predicted that out of 9000000 registered voters or perhaps only 4000000 will come some people said suggesting to me that even fewer than that. tony burley in kabul thank you for that update. the u.s. special envoy to ukraine has become the 1st casualty in a widening impeachment inquiry kurt volker quit after being named in a whistleblower complained it accused the white house of trying to cover up a call between president donald trump and ukraine's leader focus being asked to give evidence to politicians about that call democrats in the house of representatives have also subpoenaed secretary of state mike pompei a particle hain reports. a few subpoenas landed at the u.s.
3:53 pm
state department late friday evening congress demanding documents and testimony from 5 of their officials in the coming days including the u.s. special envoy to ukraine ambassador kurt volker soon after volcker quit his state department job this comes just after he and other top administration officials were named by a whistleblower in the complaint he alleges the president cut off foreign aid to ukraine and days later in a phone call asked the ukrainian president for a favor a promise to investigate trump's potential rival former vice president joe biden and his son hunter who once had a seat on the ukrainian company board now the u.s. president is trying to turn the tables releasing this ad accusing biden of being in the wrong the prosecutor not fired you're not going to trump is accusing biden of getting a ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son when in fact the prosecutor was fired for not going after corruption cases look in the weeks and the months to
3:54 pm
come is to congress's job to pursue the facts and. donald trump accountable in the meantime my job our job is to make sure we beat donald trump what does seem clear is that after so many months of trying to investigate not getting very far in this investigation is moving very fast so far the administration has simply tried to ignore congress but now that impeachment has been invoked if they take this case to the courts president says they'll likely force the president to comply to let aides testify to turn over all the documents i mean it's possible a lot more of what the president said privately to many other world leaders could become public and then the congress will have to decide if his words rise to the level of impeachment. al-jazeera washington. hundreds of egyptians have defied
3:55 pm
a security clampdown for a 2nd successive friday to call again for the president to step down they accuse abdel fattah el-sisi of corruption and destroying the economy rights groups are reporting the biggest round of mass arrests in sisi took over in 2013 after overthrowing the 1st democratically elected president mohammed morsy suffered a decade as more. they took a risk to come out to the streets in protest for a 2nd friday that's despite warnings from egyptian security forces that they would face a harsh response al-jazeera cannot independently verify these videos but they are said to be in kenya the city in upper egypt and also in l.a. what ike near the capital cairo other reports suggest a large security presence in central cairo with the streets virtually deserted the roads that you square which has been the heart of previous protests over the years blocked off. another narrative in what is just as much a media campaign state television showing pro-government protests in the capital
3:56 pm
president abdel fatah al sisi returned to cairo early on friday from the un general assembly in new york this welcome posted on his official facebook page with the president reassures this crowd that all is well with the market what are you doing here why you got up early on a friday morning life is good and easy you have to know that the egyptians are very aware of how they try to fake the realities and realistic things and deceive the people for the sake of allah and for the sake of you what happened before will never happen again don't worry and don't be worried good morning to you but despite the president's assurances something is happening here waiting out troops all over the streets of cairo and alexandria to do random checks all over the city is a very clear reflection of this government's insecurity. the fact that the thing that runs this government more than anything else is the voice of its own people our government didn't secure any standing at security which little missy and it.
3:57 pm
wouldn't be so frightened or terrified by hundreds of protesters in the streets of cairo it started with this man mohammed alley a contractor for the egyptian military for 15 years the largest and most powerful institution in the country recently breaking rank uploading videos statements from spain where he now lives in self-imposed exile accusing senior military leaders of wasting millions of dollars to build villas palaces and hotels it hasn't gone down well with many who are finding it hard to live day by day more recently there's a lot of economic discontent seizes economic policies have mostly failed the wealth gap has increased and egypt's poverty rate is rising pretty dramatically hundreds came out to protest last friday what has been the biggest show of discontent against he sees rule. human rights watch says nearly 2000 people have been arrested in the last week alone al-jazeera is banned from reporting inside the country the
3:58 pm
bigger picture of what is happening here may take time to become clear but it seems once again egyptians have lost their fear and are defying wooders to remain silent stephanie decker al-jazeera. protests are expected in hong kong marking the 5th anniversary of the so-called umbrella movement the call for free elections in the city thousands marched demanding the right for the territory to choose its own leader solidarity rallies are also set to take place in other capitals including london and washington d.c. the movement inspired recent rallies which have been running for 16 weeks on friday thousands took to the streets to protest against the arrests of activists during recent rallies. prominent hong kong activists joshua wall has announced he's running for local office in an attempt to bring the protest movement into the city's a political system. to think you know these the force is of no bethought
3:59 pm
me of flight plans. this time of the time since the summer all this. time home computer can supply routing for the host is essential to put pressure on the hong kong government and also the presidency. we are trying to find out who the 5 pounds you know from so some pretty which means pretty good actually well let's get the latest now from 7 o'clock who's in hong kong so are given it's the 5th anniversary of the umbrella movement what activities and demonstrations are being planned for the in the city today and one of the authorities of a preparing for something. well this is where the the rallies will begin to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the umbrella revolution or for the occupy hong kong protests back in 2014 it's beginning here you might ever see it behind me some people have already arrived to try and resurrect and bring back to life the little war which became the meeting point of those protests moxy
4:00 pm
demonstrations in hong kong 5 years ago but there are a number of rallies planned over the weekend and obviously this is the the bigger why the movement the anti-government movement tonight our sunday night here in hong kong the super human rights fund has organized another gathering assembly in front of where we are which is the list of council building in time our part that will no doubt attract big crowds on sunday and we have a point beijing delhi where we expect quite china supporters to sing the national anthem and then there's another march in the afternoon of course this is in the lead up to choose day which is china's national day it's a public holiday here in hong kong and this will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and police are anticipating balik clashes between the point beijing and the anti-government groups on that day so know that the next few days will be filled with protests scattered across a number of districts in hong kong. and the prominent student activist joshua wall as all.


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