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families who have made them when we are no. houseboat hotels and famous doll lake sit empty. and with only local people riding a few of the gondolas many boat men are fishing to pass the time and catch a meal just before the restrictions earlier this month the government order tourists to leave the area taking with them one vital piece of the region's economy but it's not the 1st time kashmiris have suffered from work and businesses being shut down has it do. we know by the. abo and economy they have abundant that what they know their duties and uproot season everything is at stake but they know that the existence their culture. landscape. is at stake. doesn't know if he'll be allowed to transport his crop to market or find enough
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trucks to do so but he'll continue tending his fields because for many here culture and pride are more important than business and money. now is the only european union country to share a land border with the u.k. the deadlock over the irish border has held up a break that deal between brussels and blood on a hard break would be detrimental to arlin's farmers who export most of their produce and as the capital makes preparations for breaks at the influx of big businesses and property developers a pushing out. as lawrence lee takes a look a brags its impact on urban and rural areas right at the site has been marked down here on the site very little things which is ideal for the modern where these people are protesting outside the office of private equity company or to use their phrase
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a vulture fund these financial organizations buy property and evicted tenants who then say they're threatened with homelessness cutting the ribbon to celebrate sleeping in a tent is better a metaphor as you can possibly imagine it's generally gentrification mass addictions where people are being forced out because not all middle income earners would be forced out of the city because they can't afford to live a tremendous city because of of lupo's of education which which facilitate these goes we don't pay any tax in our own around for income i'm extract massive profits in the face of these individuals behind these companies but the end of the road is the irish parliaments where a quarter of government ministers are themselves landlords politicians sympathetic to the rents as say they can get nowhere with legislation to protect the pool we have settled repeatedly that we think given the very high proportion of landlords in the 2 major parties in the game they showed excused themselves from phone. on issues where it is a conflict of interest i don't believe that the landlords are going to pass laws which impact on their ability to make money from property. and that it's not the
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only explanation but i think it's a big part of the argumentation a lot of it just to check the bit between equity companies in the political class well i think there's no doubt it is easiest to chop. this housing crisis is a reflection of dublin's entire business model which is to entice tech giants like facebook google and the rest on the promise that ireland is a tax haven the rental market is designed entirely around their needs not those of irish workers the bottom line is the campaigners say that the economics of dublin's housing market have created a sort of social apartheid in which property becomes only the preserve of the rich who buy and then rents either to wealthy outsiders or foreign sorest so in short let's and gradually doublings working poor become priced out of their own city demand outstripping supply means renting one of these tiny cottages in dublin would set you back nearly $2000.00 a month peters lived in one for 13 years his landlady wants him to leave and he's
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facing spending 2 thirds of everything here on rent somewhere else that's the norm of working over 607080 percent of the peoples here isn't yet spent one year one of the unions through what would you do that if you had to speak if you had just been silly and the only income on rent could you put a little in or no you could be forgiven if you unbias it so if you want to do those university you have to move down the country you know you have to move to cheaper area. the squeeze on housing is affecting foreign workers to the apartment looks great it's only $1500.00 a month the reason it's not so expensive is you have to share it with a total stranger the rental company chooses your flatmates based on a guess as to whether you like each other most of the people living here work in the international tech companies it's the little things we find it's like how often
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do you clean your dishes to clean them straight after you have a meal to leave them there overnight you do it in the morning all those kind of things that we find that mice irritate another room ace we kind of find out before they move in and then kind of review both applications and see well you know this guy seems to fit with this guy this girl so on and so forth and then we'll introduce them and then it's really up to them after that and so is arlen tries to draw foreign workers in so the housing crisis balloons this recruitment agency says it's so bad that many people who are offered jobs in dublin don't even come because there's nowhere to live as ever it's smaller businesses that suffer some of the multinationals they could possibly pay a good relocation or they may have a company that will help them i think it's probably putting more and more stress and pressure on the smaller businesses who don't have the luxury of paying out massive relocation fee or they don't have the time to help search for you know accommodation around around dublin. because really it's just there's just not
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enough accommodation or it's a decade since the banking crash and orleans lost housing crisis in the interim a little was done to build new affordable homes for irish workers while the multinationals smell tax breaks as a national policy failure it could hardly be worse. and we're just about the car now trade off track here it's called the irish national planning championships but in reality it's more a celebration of farming showing just how seriously they take it on the island of ireland the men driving the tractors have rock star status here. was a sports heroes it was a job the race people are irish national heroes they were 3 days a 3rd of a 1000000 visitors inspect the machinery and the livestock it's all in the blood. and given that exports 90 percent of all the food it produces much of it to the u.k. the idea of the new border cutting the island into is a nightmare there's
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a real possibility of a coming from would not survive for her. and the potential maybe just to offer some of them are still ones critically be from above given the level of investment us out. how much do you think find out what the british government wants to achieve at this point is vague the best but it seems to accept the huge importance of irish food to the u.k. politicians use phrases like the all ireland food economy which most people don't understand in practical terms it's much simpler so it appears bracks it has come down to this the british government says it's happy for meats from that how to pass on checks through the irish border but knots apparently that piece of farming equipment over there and if that's appears ridiculously picky it's also the case of the british government doesn't seem to realise that that would be completely unacceptable it's about the irish governments and the european union the
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agriculture minister turned up to take questions there wasn't a single british journalist there there's almost no attempt to understand the irish position in terms of the volume of trade from the republican ordinarily in the region 700000000 and something slightly less coming from north south and the granular detail of that is you know. 10 percent of the pool is processed from the public 400000 sheep consoled for slaughter a give you a myriad of statistics on the continuation of the economy it's really important to us and those politicians who represent voters around the border insist that if the u.k. can't figure out what it wants it should let irish people decide for themselves this is why people say the failure to agree on brics it could lead to a united ireland so the choices are. the british government can either accept the backstop and the minimal protections that it provides in order to ensure that we
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don't have a hardening of the border or that can give the people in the north of ireland a choice as to which union they want to be part of didn't want to be part of the dysfunctional so called united kingdom or didn't want to as declared in the previous referendum a man part of the european union the essential contradiction of breck's it remains that the u.k. wants to shut itself off from the european union while keeping its border with the e.u. open any ideas proposed by the irish to square that circle have been ruled out as unacceptable in london and yet here they are still waiting for the british prime minister to come up with something else instead joining us now via skype from dublin is john mcgrane jones the director general of the british irish chamber of commerce john great to have you with us now economists reckon that ireland's economy could suffer a hit somewhere between 4 to 7 percent in a decade's time thanks to briggs it what's your assessment in terms of jobs and the economy it's a very serious situation not to be alarmist but we have to be realistic about the possibility if not the probability of
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a hired form of break that obviously we're working to achieve the least worst form of excess with politics politics and diplomacy but arlen's national economics and social research institute has published an updated forecast for just the next 12 months and deserves 6 percent swing between the 2 scenarios and we could move into a recession with the reduction in economic activity by one percent next year compared with the running forecast of growth of 4.9 percent if we don't have a heart breaks it so you can see the magnitude swing it directly affects major industries and indeed there's no part of the economy is immune to it because of the sheer extent of the relationships between our and the u.k. so the 70000000000 euros in trade that currently exists between ireland and the u.k. in the case of a of a no deal brigs it that would be radically reshaped. yes it would it in and in the case of a no deal brags that it would be radically impacted as quickly as within weeks
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meaning that the food sector and its level of sophistication in terms of the juicing great products grading b.d.'s that are shipped with wonderful logistics on 2 supermarket shelves within hours from irish farm to fork affected be as we say that sector would be really seriously damaged and the notion that hard wrecks it would somehow be job done for the u.k. it's only the start of the problem and the reality is heartbreaks it on the 31st of october would have an effect within days on the 2 way trade in goods and some services between the 2 islands even if there is a hard break say how important is it that the deal if there is one although the arrangement that has made leaves northern ireland and the irish republic able to trade freely across that border i mean how important is that the get some sort of arrangement that allows goods to flow across the northern irish border it's
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extremely important to be fair to most of the tightness in date in the brics a debate if nobody is denying that northern ireland is a very distinct and and special and specially exposed situation the book the physical border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland would in a heartbreaks it's an area be the only land border of the european union with the united kingdom that border is 500 kilometers long there are hundreds well over $300.00 crossing points across that border many of them on small local laneways and from our roads and across all of the border infrastructure which today is completely open and effectively invisible that that infrastructure that used to support a hard border would have to reemerge and and all of the. parties have now agreed that it's unavoidable and i would have to remove it it might take some weeks to to install but it would be a significant in peak impedance to the conduct of the $700000.00 of that
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road journeys that ferry freight back and forth across that border every year and that's not into say and all of it is significant security risks that everybody agrees are very substantial indeed it hard poor infrastructure was to reemerge john really good to talk to you and counting the cost many thanks indeed for being with us john the grain there from the british irish chamber of commerce and that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything you've seen you can tweet me out at a finnegan on twitter please use the hash tag a.j.c. to see when you do or you can drop us a line counting the cost of al-jazeera dot net is our e-mail address as always there's plenty more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c t c that takes you straight to our page and they'll find individual faults links even entire episodes for you to catch up on. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian finnegan from the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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planet is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the why that's all be with you throughout as well on vomit correspondent nick clegg will have reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called the threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly planet s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city
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they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. children the risk you don't think what you in the country's going to the school with the death of me what the sponsor holds to ban them from the we want to when they feets time chart on. yemen's who thing rebels say they're releasing hundreds of prisoners as a goodwill gesture and they're demanding the so do you a coalition does the same. the zone sewer life from headquarters in doha i'm dead you know a bit also a heads saudi arabia's crown prince denies ordering the murder of john xxiii but
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turkey's president says the investigation will go on. it's a war of words heats up president renews attacks against a whistle blower. and preparing to put on a big show we look at the challenges facing china as it celebrates 17 years of communist rule. hello yemen's houthi rebels have released hundreds of saudi u.a.e. backed fighters as a gesture of goodwill in the hope it will lead to a larger exchange of prisoners it comes a day after 40 commanders released video footage that they said show the capture of thousands of saudi backed fighters osama bin javid reports was paraded in front of cameras and told they can go home. these are some of the 350 prisoners released by yemen's hooty rebels assured me that it's an overwhelming sense of
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delight happiness and pleasure as i am coming home back to my family. we hope for the release of prisoners and detainees from all sides simply because we are yet many and all the prisoners and their families are suffering. they were on the list drawn under a un brokered prisoner swap agreement signed in stockholm in december the deal to release 7000 detainees was seen as a breakthrough through words peace for the yemeni government and the who tease of blame to each other for failing to implement it. will say this and conditional release should show their commitment about what can you not to get the last one we are prepared and willing for an all inclusive swap deal with or they are yemenis or other nationalities and to prove our sincere or to we have initiated the unconditional release of 350 prisoners we have called the united nations to pressure the other side to reciprocate. among those being held are saudi citizens
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who are who they say will be handed to the red cross aid workers have called for gestures like this as a way to build comfort. with hopes that it can lead to a peaceful resolution the people who were released today were our fathers sons brothers of course we hope to see more initiatives in the future bigger numbers from all sides and as the international committee of the ritz cross we are always ready to act as a new tour facilitator just as we did today in any future release operation so definitely we are hopeful and we also hope that this release we've got contributes to the revival of the stock on agreement in a media briefing on monday the spokesman for the south the u.a.e. coalition was noncommittal under leasing captives in response to the hutus from hundreds of fighters according to the who the military spokesman then launched a major attack inside the saudi territory of the drawn and destroyed multiple vehicles as well who doubles short the capture of hundreds of yemeni and saudi soldiers which al-jazeera cannot independently verify the saudi spokesman also
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cautioned against taking these videos at face value. it's part of a series of attacks including the one on saudi aramco which took out half of its oil production earlier this month the hoodies criticized world powers were condemning the attack and said oil is a commodity which is not more expensive than yemeni blood it is an escalation of violence in a war that many see as a proxy conflict between iran and saudi arabia a time of a job they're all turkey's president has promised to continue the investigation into the murder of jon. this week marks a year since the journalist was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul the saudi crown prince has told a us t.v. network that he denies ordering the murder but takes responsibility because it happened under his leadership well have more from turkish presidents in a moment but 1st this report from her. prince mohammed bin salomon acknowledges of responsibility but distances himself from the murder of sandy
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a journalist. the crown prince also known by his initials. brushed aside accusations he personally gave the order to kill the journalist. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government turkish officials insist the killing was given by the highest of his in saudi arabia the concluded in his assessment the order came from the crown prince as international pressure on sunday arabia. put 11 suspects on trial and fired close aides to. the trial is held in secret. and. the un special rapporteur. found out in her inquiry for the murder was
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deliberate but meditated and extrajudicial a report was dismissed by saudi arabia the crown prince is also facing growing calls to free activists who have been detained for months one such case is that of le jane i'll have little one of the most prominent female activists who fought for the right to drive her family says she was subjected to torture. if this is correct it is very heinous islam forbids torture the saudi laws forbid torture of human conscience forbids torture and i will personally follow up on this matter. and the meantime the crown prince faces more pressing issues drone attacks this month targeted critical oil installations and not 5 percent of the world's oil supply the u.s. vanes iran describing the attacks as an act of war and b.s. is calling for a tougher stance but draws military option against iran. if the world does not
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take a strong and firm action to deter iran we will see further escalation that will threaten world interests supplies will be destroyed. did and oil prices will jump to unimaginably high numbers that we haven't seen in our lifetimes saudi arabia also blames iran for arming the rebels in the. more than 4 years since the start of the saudi led military campaign thousands of civilians were killed the u.n. says the humanitarian crisis in yemen is the worst in the world. first if iran stops its support of the who thing militias the political solution will be much easier today we open all initiatives for a political solution in yemen we hope this happens today rather than tomorrow. but fighting has spared. dashing hopes for a peaceful way out the crown prince in his interview with c.b.s.
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didn't mention the g.c.c. crisis at all the blockade imposed by saudi arabia and qatar has led to deeper divisions and to raise concerns of further instability in the volatile middle east saudi authorities have recently announced easing visa restrictions and dropping strict dress codes for foreign women to attract tourists and diversify an economy addicted to oil many though say these steps are on the talent by a week to rebuild the image of the crown prince whose reputation has been damaged by the murder of the mother and the war in yemen has a. washington d.c. . well turkey's president has written an article for the washington post saying his country will continue to investigate these murder. calls the killing not only a tragedy but also a blatant abuse of diplomatic immunity noting the murderers traveled on diplomatic passports and turned a diplomatic building into
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a crime scene and were assisted in the attempted cover up by saudi arabia's top diplomats in istanbul would set a very dangerous precedent he writes it is in our best interest and of humanity to ensure that such a crime is not committed anywhere again but i mean who is a professor of journalism at the american university of beirut he says the murder of just one incidence in a long list of crimes committed by the saudi leadership. what does it mean if you take responsibility in this continues the same policies and the sugary killing is only the tip of an iceberg of a lot of brutal and sometimes criminal policies whether the the war in yemen or shaking down saudi business people or imprisoning human rights activists and it's a much wider range of criticisms that people have of the saudi leadership than just the has sugaree killing the killing is important for the manner of the brutality it was the inhuman grotesque brutality and the perpetual coverup which is still
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apparently going on if the u.n. and the cia both have pretty clear evidence that this was linked to his office and maybe to him that he's not coming across very credibly and this is a sad day for saudi arabia i think the u.s. rating agency fitch has downgraded saudi arabia's credit from a plus to a the agency says it's in response to rising political and military tensions in the gulf and the deterioration of the kingdom's fiscal position riyadh's is planning to launch an initial public offering of shares in one of the world's biggest oil companies around coke. hong kong's government is ramping up security ahead of china's national day on tuesday police are anticipating mass protests across the city as the territory continues to face months of demonstrations but despite the unrest business continues in the financial district with a beer company budweiser they're doing on the hong kong stock exchange sarah clarke has more. after a weekend of violence between police and protesters hong kong is business as usual
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. these demonstrations have become the norm of the last 4 months young rist has threatened the city's reputation as an international financial center but on monday the asia pacific arm of the world's largest brewer a day boot on the hong kong stock exchange rising nearly $5000000000.00 it's the 2nd largest i.p.o. this year it's a very good start to reopening the market is this the biggest to be the 1st meaningful you know large scale from raising we've seen for several months in asia yes hong kong continues to be and will be for the foreseeable future the main main international. both investing and capital raising venue but visors initial attempt to list in july was prevented by political interest the scale and intensity of those demonstrations has only escalated on sunday hong kong witnessed some of the city's worst violence protesters set fire to parts of its business district and
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government headquarters was under siege police have arrested at least 150 people in a half of students one was told these are. the weekend's violence is an ominous sign on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china hong kong government will officially host a flag raising ceremony the probation groups have also organized a number of events to celebrate national day but he added government movement will also come out in force tomorrow will be demolished in the movement in the face of terror and. you can only fight like it's a lost battle. when the tape to show its effect revolution becomes a duty pro-democracy groups have organized rallies across 6 districts including a march in central hong kong police have denied permission to go ahead that's unlikely to stop a movement that wants to spoiled.


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