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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2019 6:00am-6:33am +03

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i'm quite frankly mitch mcconnell. kline attack on which is iraq. war allegations about donald trump as an impeachment inquiry intensifies the us president is accused of pressuring a 2nd the foreign leader for his political agenda. meanwhile the us president's lawyer rudy giuliani is subpoena for documents about ukraine. hello and welcome to figure pollen you're watching our desire live from doha also coming up. stealing the spotlight from china pepper spray and scuffles in hong kong as beijing celebrates the 70th anniversary of the people's republic. power struggle
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in peru rebel politicians suspend the president's functions and promotes the vice president as supporters take to the street. so donald trump's presidency looks to be good and galt's by a nother firestorm over reports that he also a 2nd foreign leader for political help the new york times says the u.s. president honesty is truly in prime minister to help the justice department and investigate the moeller inquiry that examined the russian interference in the 2016 election that's it i hate has this report. for us president donald trump right now it's all about the investigations the impeachment investigation into his dealings with ukraine and now another one published reports say that the president reached out to australian prime minister scott morrison for help look into how the investigation into russian election interference got started and he's not alone his
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attorney general william barr reportedly did the same. the united kingdom and italy if true this would be unprecedented u.s. officials asking allies to help them investigate u.s. intelligence agencies and the congressional investigation into the ukrainian controversy is speeding ahead on monday new subpoenas for trump's confidant rudy giuliani's documents and his dealings with ukraine giuliani responded saying he might testify but is still claiming he is trump's lawyer which could imply attorney client privilege but analyst jeff hauser says giuliani has publicly said something very different rudy giuliani has said that he has not actually trumped personal attorney is doing essentially emissary work on behalf of trump as an individual on the trump campaign and that does not provide any sort of privilege which would protect his documents from going to congress the president has been taking to
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twitter and to the cameras to pronounce he's done nothing wrong the response from democrats in congress will find out and fast political again al jazeera washington . and we can now go live sound to thomas who is in sydney for us so andrew what's been the reaction there in australia. we haven't heard anything yet to hear from us from his prime minister himself but a spokesperson for the australian government essentially said that this was all we're insane that australia's government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts that help shed the light on the nazi is under investigation and the prime minister scott morrison confirmed this readiness once again in a conversation with the president will australia's government also did is published a lets up that australia's ambassador to the us wrote to the trumpet ministration back in may he saying at that time when trumpet said publicly that he wanted an
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investigation into the best a geisha and that joe hockey australia's ambassador had sent less than saying that australia stood ready to help with that investigation at all stop morris and they in that bunker with donald trump at the beginning of september was can that will and surprisingly perhaps australia's opposition party doesn't see it the same way anthony albanese the labor politician you want to take stock morrison's job in the next election he says that this is all very murky and shows a much too close relationship between the us president and australia's prime minister a political relationship one that goes way beyond too friendly countries he said about an hour ago now his assistance is in discredit saying investigation so he sees this as a political investigation by don't trump not merely a legal investigation in the scott morrison should be distancing himself from what is essentially a domestic political issue a way to beat the labor party here with morrison was much too close to us president still morrison was in the us on a state visit last week one state he was on stage with the us president what looked
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like a campaign rally in ohio so already a lot of disquiet here in australia that scott morrison is much too close to the trunk and this only feeds into that. the inquiry inquiry has to do with russian and to ference into the 2016 election so why is this cheney being asked about it. good question well in a sense it all began with an australian diplomat alex to down a list alexander downer who was a former foreign minister of australia but by 2016 was a strain is essentially ambassador he was the high commissioner to the united kingdom he was in london and got invited to a meeting at a wine ball with george puppet openness so at the time was working on the trump campaign trump hadn't won the nomination of the republican party but he was close to it and over drinks in this london wine bar papadopoulos said to alex on the down but he expects a trump to win the election in part because he knew the russians had some on
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hillary clinton and that they were likely to leak that during the campaign well alice alexander downer thought this very interesting information he put it back so you can and camber in turn felt that it was worthy of telling the f.b.i. about this information and all of that leds so another investigation under trump's presidency so in a sense that of us today she wouldn't have happened without initial conversation in that one bar in london and that conversation eventually making its way back to the f.b.i. well george puppet of us in spain twits up early on tuesday really rubbishing alexander downer in saying this is his chickens coming home to roost he thinks alexander downer was a spy essentially for the clinton campaign and he thinks this is all going to lead to that thank you very much to thomas in sydney for us. celebrations have begun and china marking 70 years since the communist party to power large parades are being held in beijing they're aimed at reflecting the
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country's increase to wealth and a military strength. meanwhile hong kong is braced for several mass rallies as china celebrates national day members of the pro-democracy group the league of social democrats gathered in one china that's one of 6 districts where protests are planned throughout the day 8 metro stations are closed and dozens of shopping malls shut their doors over fears that those protests may turn violent. we have 2 correspondents one in hong kong and in beijing scott huyler's standing by in hong kong but 1st let's go to rob matheson who's in beijing for us we heard president xi jinping speak any references to the challenges that lie ahead . but it was very much a rallying call david which was no it's really unexpected he's been making a very similar speech for months now i'm one of the concerns that the party has had is the changing nature of china's economy and he mentioned this in the speech will
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come to hong kong in a 2nd but in terms of the economy he said that china would continue to satisfy the people's needs for a better life and the reason that i'm mentioning that is because china's economy in the foot at the start of this year actually started to slow down a little bit about 6.2 percent now but actually seems quite a lot some countries would be delighted to have anything over 6 percent expansion in the economy but people in china are getting very used to having money in their pockets and he knows that his government and his leadership is going to be judged by the chinese people and how he handles the economy but of course yes he did refer to. the situation in hong kong not specifically but he did give some reference to the one country 2 systems part here's what he had to say. we have to maintain the peaceful united one country 2 systems principle to keep
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hong kong and macau long term prosperity and stability and to push the relationship on each side to develop peacefully and we will keep realizing and keep working hard to realize the peaceful unification of china. now there is no question that this situation in hong kong is an embarrassment both to president xi and to the chinese government this is exactly the kind of distraction they did not want when the 70th anniversary celebrations were taking place but also it's interesting that he is reaffirming china's commitment to maintaining this one country 2 systems plan one which is also clickable to the china special. administrative region of macau but also perhaps sending a message to taiwan which china believes firmly should be part of china china taiwan is resisting all china's overtures to that effect but to partly because it is watching what's been going on in hong kong perhaps this was president xi trying
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to stress the fact that china will stand by this process and at one point he did say that he was determined to follow the path of greater autonomy for these regions . rob matheson in beijing for us we can now go to hong kong that's where scott standing by so scott i don't suppose the protesters were piece by achieving things reassurance that they're going to want uphold the one country 2 systems for hong kong. no david definitely not and we know that you know there go there are some protests expected today but it has to be said the police have done pretty much everything they can to stop and slow down any type of protest today on this national day we know that 11 m.t.r. train stations have been shut to try to stop protesters from going where they say they might be going again this is something that's interesting to the the plans for today are pretty big with the protesters there was 1 march that they were going to try to do but that was canceled because they didn't get police permission but we're
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hearing there might be a walk along the same march route so we might see some protesters come you know nothing has really started so far today there was a small protest around here and one child where i am that is because behind me the flags were raised part of this national day ceremony flags were raised and so the some protesters cite that as a good venue for them to vent their frustrations about what's been happening over the last nearly 4 months of protests here so we could see some things that involve over the coming hours and again you know the police have really kind of ramp things up based on the information they say they have there was very violent details of what the protesters were going to try to carry out today so the police use that as their leverage to ratchet up security around the city and shutting the train stations even before there's even any evidence really of any protesters coming out there via scott hyder keeping an eye on the situation in hong kong for us thank you
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and still ahead tonight is there. a california law that could pave the way for student athletes in the u.s. to get a share in the illegal dollar industry of college sports. how i once again well winter certainly has kicked in with a vengeance across western parts of canada and in the ensued the northwest of the united states sunny and montana we saw around about $120.00 centimeters of snow here and that wintry weather is going to continue just making its way a little further a switch for a time central part of kind of the city sing something of a wintry mix down to the southeast in conus have very different story temperatures on the high side high pressure is in charge you can see this warm front that red line on that shot to the south of that that's where the heat is so we see
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temperatures easily getting up into the low to mid thirty's here but behind that we're struggling to get above freezing in calgary those we go on through the next couple of days that warmer weather well just not just way into central and eastern parts of canada chicago gets up to around $29.00 cells at the wrong time at around $27.00 degrees and that boundary between the cold air and the warm air that's where we got some really lively storms still some wintry weather just talking in behind at least for a time and we're hanging onto that heat in the southeastern corner that is in the caribbean there's quite a rash of showers particular across the great tarantella as it's law to try and find for the lesser antilles but shasta central america. they say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way
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in the was. found his iraq shares these personal journey he's. inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. and we can use documentaries on our own choosing. allegheny watching out is there and here's a reminder for our main stories this hour the new york times says u.s. presidents are on trial because the australian prime minister to help investigate the miller and fiery trap is already facing an impeachment inquiry of her phone call with the ukraine's president where he sought compromising information on the
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democratic presidential hopeful joe biden democrats are demanding documents from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani. chinese president xi jinping says he will continue to work towards the peaceful reunification of china and a brief address during the country's celebration marking 70 years of communist party rule he added that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty and security if necessary. rebel politicians have voted to suspend martin from and from office and have symbolically sworn in his vice president the act of defiance comes after his car dissolved congress in an attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunal but the opposition members remained in congress even after the executive order ariana sanchez has this update. well this is a very fast moving story congress has just clear the vacancy of the presidency they
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have filed a motion they filed a motion. about an hour and a half ago and now they have declared the president president unfit to govern because of moral incapacity this is just the 4 hours after president of the solved congress because there was a lack of transparency in the appointment of the justices to the constitutional tribunal a very important tribunal that house that can have a say in the investigations of the carwash investigations of the other bridge scandal and also it can have a say in the future of the most important congresswoman the most important party leader. who is in jail because of the carwash investigations now the vice president mrs house has been sworn in she is said that the solution to the crisis we shouldn't have been a populist one referring to the dissolve thing of congress she said that it was an unconstitutional measure by president martinelli skara and that she was taking the
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presidency temporarily. for now there are protests around. the center of lima where the presidential palaces congress is going to riot police the perimeter has been closed of that area of people have been protesting since early today since early monday but now it is unclear what will happen if the president. use force to take the congress the legislators out of the out of the chambers or will he comply with this. decision by congress. at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president given our. schools and businesses remain closed the marches once again turned violence demonstrators set fire to tires and 40 police on the streets of the capital there is widespread anger about alleged government corruption sparring inflation and
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a shortage of gasoline. has this update from port au prince. thousands of people took to the streets in the haitian capital port au prince on monday as we've seen in days past people burning tires they set up roadblocks there were instances of people attacking police stations cars set on fire of course the big concern is over loss of life unfortunately we can confirm that at least one person was killed within the context of the protests that took place on monday opposition leaders continue to call for more protests saying that the only way out of this crisis is the resignation of haitian president should know more ways now there is an international delegation of ambassadors that are in haiti that are trying to mediate the ongoing political crisis calling on the opposition to a negotiating table but opposition leaders say that they are on willing to negotiate again saying that the only solution here is for the president to step down meanwhile public services are are at a standstill there public schools have been closed until further notice there's an
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ongoing fuel shortage making daily life very difficult in haiti and unfortunately there is no way to know exactly when that further notice is going to and. yemen's who the rebels have released hundreds of presidents it's a move which could revive efforts to end the war that sparked the world's worst humanitarian crisis the u.n. hopes it will lead to a larger exchange of prisoners with the side coalition. has this report in the capital. of the. raided in front of cameras and told they can go home. to some of the 350 captives released by both these assume in baghdad but it's an overwhelming sense of delight happiness and pleasure as i am coming home back to my family at home and i mean. we hope for the release of all prisoners and detainees from all sides simply because we are you many's and all the prisoners and their families are suffering. they were on the drone and the
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un brokered prisoners who agreements signed in stockholm in december. the deal to release $7000.00 detainees was seen as a breakthrough towards peace but the many governments and the houthi have blamed each other for failing to implement it both these say this and conditional release should show their commitment about shammi allow a canyon to get me a last one we are prepared and willing for an all inclusive swap deal with or they are yemenis or other nationalities and to prove our sincere a team we have initiated the unconditional release of 350 prisoners we have called the united nations to pressure the other side to reciprocate. among those being held saudi citizens who the houthi say will be handed over to the red cross to hold the release of $350.00 prisoners isn't guest of good will.
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to halt drone and was silent inside saudi arabia but they say that hasn't stopped the saudi qualis from a saudi king targets. aid workers have called for against churches like this as a way to build counter dence with hopes that it can lead to a peaceful resolution the people who were released today were fathers sons brothers of course we hope to see more initiatives in the future bigger numbers from all sides and as the international committee of the red cross we are always ready to act as a new tour facilitator just as we did today in any future release operation so definitely we are hopeful and we also hope that this release we've got contributes to the revival of the stock an agreement in a media briefing on monday the spokesman for the saudi u.a.e. quality was noncommittal on releasing captives in response to the with the freeing hundreds of fighters according to how the military spokesman they launched
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a major can say the saudi territory of measure run and destroyed multiple be. because as well. the issue the capture of hundreds of yemeni and saudi soldiers. to independently verify the videos the saudi spokesman also cautioned against taking these previews trey's value. these criticised world powers for condemning the a turk and said oil is a commodity which is no more expensive than a yemeni block. turkey's president has vowed to continue investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi this week marks a year since the journalist was killed inside istanbul saudi consulate the saudi crown prince has told a us t.v. network he didn't order the killing but takes responsibility because it happened under his leadership. says the killing was
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a blatant abuse of diplomatic immunity. 6 journalists have been imprisoned since protests are up today in egypt earlier this month the committee to protect journalists say they've been charged with offenses including supporting a banned group and spreading false news the organization labeled the charges vindictive and the thin as cues to arrest journalists for their coverage the protesters want president of the fight to resign accusing him of corruption and destroying the economy. british prime minister boris johnson has denied accusations by a journalist that he groped her 20 years ago the case has been overshadowing the 2nd day of the annual conservative party conference in manchester already challenges their. questions questions questions boris johnson attended the conservative party conference facing many what is his bricks it strategy did he improperly favor a us entrepreneur with public money when he was london mayor and the latest to the
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great female journalists 20 years ago his answer is no you and i think what the public want to hear is about what we're doing to level up and unite the country that's debatable but it's certainly the view amongst women party members i spoke to i don't think it really mountains i think that he and the service personnel it's a woman just amaze getting back to it so that you know he's trying to do his job in the same smearing on the mainland and also that can't help but think that this isn't just a i'm not a i'm not the smear against get breakfast done is boris johnson's oft repeated mantra he still insists he'll do this on oct 31st no ifs no buts deal or no deal but neither he nor his advisor dominic cummins of explain how they'll get around palm entry legislation that expressly forbids crushing out of the european union with no acceptable settlement in place and they are both asked repeatedly of
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course that happened on time you've already asked me the same question but mr cummings cryptic response is we shall just have to wait and see opposition leaders fear a trick and they met in london on monday to strategize about the liberal democrats choice winston says they won't push ahead with a vote of no confidence in the government this week even understands that if anything that would just increase the risk of the right thing and therefore playing into the poorest of the some inside the party lament the path taken by johnson and cummings to dominic grieve has consistently rebelled against a hard line breaks it where watching the to kitty with mr cummings has behaved and . it's somebody who frankly has a revolutionary view of how politics should be conducted and appears to be willing to smash anything in the sake of achieving he's a. well planned he's very dangerous. there was
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a question about the fate of this conference following last week's supreme court ruling that the government suspension of parliament was on at least that one now has an answer but on who will be leading this country and if it will still be part of the e.u. in a month's time in the words of dominic cummings we'll see. how does a manchester chairman carmaker votes ragen has rejected calls to settle a customer class action lawsuit lawsuit over the rigging of its diesel emissions tests it was the 1st day of the hearing which is the largest legal claim of its kind in modern german history hundreds of thousands of people are demanding compensation following the so-called diesel gate scandal which has already cost the company about $30000000000.00 volkswagen admitted using illegal software to cheat and 2015. the greek government says that thousands of refugees on the island of les paul's will be moved to the mainland following a deadly far at an overcrowded camp want to silence eco was killed when the blaze
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broke out on sunday 17 others were injured around 12000 people are currently house the more morea account which is more than 4 times the site's capacity separately greece has also announced plans to send another 10000 migrants back to turkey by the end of 2020 following an emergency cabinet meeting. college sports are in and cities in the us like no other country millions of americans watch college football and basketball on television and the advertising that goes along with the games didn't generates enormous amounts of money despite that the athletes of play the sports are forbidden from making any money for their efforts on so now rob reynolds has this report from california because a california set off an earthquake in the big business of u.s. college sports becoming the 1st state to give student athletes a way to make money governor gavin newsom signed a bill allowing california college sports players to hire agents get paid for the use of their names and images in product endorsement deals to be the law also for
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bid schools the governing body of college sports the national collegiate athletic association or n.c. double a from booting students who choose to receive compensation off their teams do some sign the bill on a talk show hosted by basketball legend live bron james later posted it on twitter it's going to initiate dozens of other states to introduce similar legislation and it's going to change college sports for the better by having now the interests finally of the athletes on par with the instant interests of the institutions now or rebalancing that power arrangement college sports are wildly popular and profitable in the u.s. the n.c. double a reported revenue of one point $1000000000.00 in 2017 mainly from selling the rights to broadcast basketball in football games to television networks but team
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members get none of that with all the n.c. double a strongly opposed to california legislation it says unfortunately this dual already is creating confusion for courage and future student athletes coaches administrators and campuses. not just in california analysts believe erected by the in she doubly just separate players from profits is starting to crumble i think the idea of cleated athletics where the student athletes are engaging in the enterprise for the. physical benefits the emotional benefits the sense of teamwork and camaraderie i don't think that exists in a world where it's a $1000000000.00 industry and so as clear let x. continues to. create money for many stakeholders you're
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not going to be able to prevent the student athletes from benefiting from that the california legislature goes into effect in $23.00 raptor which. also. you know what you've got is there and these are main stories the new york times says u.s. president donald trump has also used train in prime minister to help investigate the miller inquiry troubles already facing an impeachment inquiry over a phone call with ukraine's president where he sought compromising information on democratic presidential hopeful joe biden democrats are demanding documents from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani and chinese president xi jinping says he will continue working towards the peaceful reunification of china and a brief address to the country celebrations marking 70 years of communist party rule he added that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty
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and security if necessary. we have to maintain the peaceful united one country 2 systems principle to keep hong kong and macau long term prosperity and stability and to push the relationship on each side to develop peacefully and we will keep realizing and keep working hard to realize the peaceful unification of china. rebel politicians have voted to suspend the march in this car from office and have symbolically sworn in his vice president the act of defiance comes after his car a dissolve congress and then attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunals but the opposition members remains in congress even after the executive order but at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of the president you have a choice schools and businesses remain closed as the marches once again turned
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violent demonstrators set fire to tires and fought with police on the streets of the capital there is widespread anger about alleged government corruption sparringly inflation and a shortage of gasoline chevron carmaker folks wagon has rejected calls to settle a customer class action lawsuit over its rigging of diesel emissions tests it was the 1st day of the hearing which is the largest legal claim of its kind in modern german history around $450000.00 people are demanding compensation following the so-called diesel gate scandal which is already cost the company about $30000000000.00 folks who are going to middle using illegal software to cheat and in tests in 2015 stay with us now for witness that's next. i'm counting the cost modi's economics faily of job losses rising consumers tighten their belts plus stripped of its autonomy kashmir's $2000000000.00 apple harvest is left to last and islands brags that housing crisis has doubled most of driven out
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of the car counting the cost on al-jazeera. and it's. not in the. long.


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