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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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demented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. for allegations about donald trump as an impeachment inquiry and 10 suffice the us president is accused of pressuring a 2nd foreign leader for his political agenda. hello and welcome i'm devika polony a watching out is there live from the house also coming up. pomp and ceremony in china as beijing celebrates the 70th anniversary of the people's republic. power struggle in peru rebel politicians suspend the president's functions and promote the vice president as supporters take to the streets. and at
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least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president juggernaut millions. now donald trump's presidency looks set to be engulfed by a another far storm this time over a ports that he asked as 2nd foreign leader for political help the new york times says the u.s. president the australian prime minister to help the justice department and us to get the moeller inquiry this examined the russian interference in the 2016 election particle hain has this report. for us president donald trump right now it's all about the investigations the impeachment investigation into his dealings with ukraine and now another one published reports say that the president reached out to australian prime minister scott morrison for help looking into how the investigation into. russian election interference got started and he's not alone
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his attorney general william barr reportedly did the same with the united kingdom and italy if true this would be unprecedented u.s. officials asking allies to help them investigate u.s. intelligence agencies and the congressional investigation into the ukrainian controversy is speeding ahead on monday new subpoenas for trump's confidant rudy giuliani's documents and his dealings with ukraine giuliani responded saying he might testify but he's still claiming he is trump's lawyer which could imply attorney client privilege but analyst jeff hauser says giuliani has publicly said something very different rudy giuliani has said that he is not actually transpersonal attorney is doing essentially emissary work on behalf of trump as an individual on the trump campaign and that does not provide any sort of privilege which would protect his documents from going to congress the president has been
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taking to twitter and to the cameras to pronounce he's done nothing wrong the response from democrats in congress will find out and fast lane al-jazeera washington and added thomas has more on the reaction from sydney. the spokes person for australia's government essentially said that there's nothing unusual about this phone call in a statement they said the ghostwriting government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts that help shed further light on the matters under investigation and the prime minister scott morrison confirmed this readiness once again in a conversation with the president so they've characterized it there merely as the prime minister of australia helping out the leader of a friendly country the us president in an ongoing investigation well the opposition party here in australia sees things very differently they think that this is scott morrison helping donald trump with what is essentially a political investigation into a political problem the militia investigation and they have said that his
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assistance is in disparate saying that mullah investigation and answer the elder naisi the leader of the opposition here has said that australia's prime minister has involved himself in what is essentially a domestic issue inside the united states and has a lot of explaining to do well australia is involved in a with face because it was a conversation between the australian diplomat in london and an aide to the then trump campaign back in $26.00 saying that kick started the motor inquiry george papadopoulos a young aide on the front campaign told alexander downer the australian high commissioner in london at the time that the russian so you believe had on hillary clinton that they were going to leak during the campaign and that meant that trump was more likely to win the election than he might otherwise have been alexander down the fact that information back to australia's capital camera and in turn his superiors in town berthold important enough information to tell the f.b.i. and that is where the whole millette investigation began well there's
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a lot of conspiracy theories perhaps in the us that that initial conversation in london was in some way orchestrated by the clinton campaign and that in many ways is what donald trump is trying to prove in some ways through this investigation so that's australia's involvement and here is scott more. that is to say that he will do what he can to help the. celebrations have begun in china marking 70 years since the communist party took power large parades are being held in beijing they're aimed at reflecting the country's increase to wealth and military strength our correspondent rob matheson has more on what's going on in beijing. these 70th anniversary celebrations were an opportunity for china to be able to show off its military strength we've seen thousands of troops we've seen hundreds of tanks and aircraft this was definitely china saying to the world we are
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a strong military force but it was also an opportunity for president xi jinping to send a cautionary note to the people of china yes he said we should celebrate the achievements that china has made up to this point but also we should be careful there is a rough road ahead i know this suggests that what he's talking about is the state of china's economy earlier on this year the expansion rate of china's economy slowed to 6.2 percent that's still a significant rate but it's the 1st time in 27 years that china's economy i started to slow down and president xi jinping knows that his government is going to be judged by the chinese people on how he handles the economy the other element of course was references to the situation in hong kong the ongoing protests there just across the border some of which have been directed against the beijing government he reiterated again the china was determined to maintain the one country 2 systems
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approach that he believed was going to work and home kong was also working in the special administrative area of macau but also perhaps that was a diplomatic message to taiwan taiwan is resisting challenges from china to become part of china china firmly believes the taiwan should be included in china but taiwan has been watching very closely the protests today going on in hong kong and have been resisting very strongly any attempt by china to be able to take it over so perhaps president xi using the opportunity to send a message that china will stand by the one country 2 systems approach it will guarantee greater economy for special administrative regions and so. the message perhaps to taiwan that this system worked. and as. hong kong is braced for several mass rallies as china celebrates its national day members of the pro-democracy group league of social democrats gathered in one china that's one of
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the just 6 districts where protests are planned throughout tuesday and some metro stations are closed dozens of shopping malls shut their doors over fears that the protests made turn violent you're looking at live pictures of one of those protesters in front of the british consulate with people there holding the union jack and the former colonial flag it's worth remembering that hong kong used to be a british colony until 1997 when it was handed back to china this is a familiar scene for the protesters lobbying the u.k. to take more responsibility for the citizens of hong kong we can now go to sara clark who is the hong kong for the latest 6. as we heard there in president xi jinping speech reassurance us that he would uphold the one country 2 systems have said seem to appease the protesters at all. no well as you mentioned there are a number of really cross coming home to die there are sick in various districts
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already one of the big. banks to be the biggest much of it. by the human rights fund that's the organization that's attracted a massive numbers of people one team in various weekends of the last month that are conducted a mile from where we are now whose wife right into central at this particular rally where we are it wasn't given permission permission by the police to go ahead but despite that these people are turning up anyway and this is a recurring theme we have seen here on sunday on sunday the police the right place made you know and that's where the confrontations kicked off early today we have seen. we have placed here now. so i believe. in the n.p.r. station the numbers are growing maybe but how you know for this much will start i'm moving to central and as you mentioned the police have warned this not to go ahead and as a result they're poised at 11 imtiaz the tram line to stop the story as opposed to
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pretty much the home is in a lockdown apart from these people gathering at these anti trying to rally concern the government has had to somewhat restrict celebrations due to these protests the canceled fireworks and it seems there's a lot of security around trying to stifle some of these protests what's expected as the day progresses and as the government likely to say anything. we've had 6000 police deployed on the streets to prepare for. rallies in the various marches the police last night this press conference said that they had intelligence that there had been there would be murderous attacks on the police and then more the public at danger they've issued threats of text messages to all our phones a whole phone call residents mourning them of danger and not to attend these rallies so they're stressed there and they're prepared for today but if it's anything like sunday we so i number of confrontations we had more than 300 rounds of tear gas fired on these protesters we had 115 people arrested on sunday and we expect
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similar scenes today starting with the latest in hong kong for us thank you 7. now to prune our politicians have voted to suspend martin from office and have some ball it is sworn in as vice president this act of defiance comes after a visit dissolved congress in an attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunal but the opposition members remain in congress even after the executive order by the ana sanchez has the latest from lima. now peru has 2 presidents. about the presidential palace on the vice president. has been sworn in and congress happened a while ago and to. sit in a small speech that the. move by president microscopical risk is an unconstitutional move although president he's got about a program to ask president to close congress if if he receives
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a 2nd. no vote of confidence which happened today was declared the vacancy of the presidency same opportunities that i was unfit he was a moral incapacitated to continue being a precedent now this happened without an impeachment without a trial which of course will raise questions about the legality of this move and congress in the meantime president bush got. the top brass of the military in in the presidential palace they have gone there to show their support the president's got a he also received the resignation of fold he's having of members and sworn in a new prime minister or cabinet chief how it's known here and outside of congress protesters supporting you scott are confronting the police the riot police throwing tear gas for some time and. protests have continued for some time in
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this crisis that has been going on for months now. and still ahead in our desire a. rival candidates in afghanistan selection claim victory but official results are still a long way off. how it's so quiet across the middle east at the moment we have got a few showers over towards the himalayan plateau towards pakistan towards took many star but otherwise more hot sunshine coming through baghdad still getting up into the forty's kuwait city touching 41 celsius around that eastern side of the med a pleasant 28 celsius for beirut over the next couple of days in a similar temperature to 40 roussillon as you push a little further south was where we got similar valleys across the arabian peninsula that we've seen recently 3940 degrees celsius here in doha i wanted to
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shout about the southern end of the red sea into that eastern side of the story the western side of the gulf of aden just pushing down around the high aground here and there's more of the same as we go on through the next few days we've also seen a few showers recently into the eastern side of southern africa. gonna show winds filtering here and i'll just push a little further north which as we go through the next day or 2 popping up a touch south of that it's generally dry temperatures down on race and valleys but still not bad in temperatures here around 22 degrees as the central africa with tropical downpours continue from the ethiopian highlands right into the gulf of guinea and further west. the $950.00 s. a clash of gung ho attacks and a challenge to french colonial. any 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the
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dramatic story of how modern geneseo was born the little give us back a little did seem a little boy. with red right witness testimony from the men who fought the french on the ground to newseum the battle for independence episode one rebel on which is iraq. again you're watching al-jazeera and there's a reminder main stories this hour the new york times says u.s. president. and prime minister to help investigate the moeller inquiry troubles already facing an impeachment inquiry over a phone call with ukraine's president compromising information on the democratic
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presidential hopeful joe biden democrats are demanding documents from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani. at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president. schools and businesses remain closed as marches once again turned violent as widespread anger about alleged government corruption spiraling inflation and a shortage of gasoline. and chinese president xi jinping says he will continue to work towards a peaceful reunification of china and a brief address touring the country celebrations marking 70 years of communist party rule that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty and security if necessary. well jeffrey b. was a stray bastard to china from 2007 to 2011 and joins us now from sydney thank you very much great to have you on the program even if we want to reference the speech
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he did many times emphasize the issue of reunification and who particularly was that aimed at or oh of course that is i think for him one of the most important objectives for his legacy as party general secretary and president of china very much reunification is all about taiwan president xi jinping abolish the term limits which makes him could be president for life. last year. what kind of an image is was he trying to project this time as he spoke with that grand military parades emphasizing reunification. there didn't didn't seem aggressive to you or did he was there as a note of conciliation. well i think he's very
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keen to present himself as a strong unify patriarchal leader of china. and references to not just the current period of leadership of previous several generations but reaching further back. home yesterday he visited more psyllium which is the 1st time that's ever been done so really today needs to be understood mainly in terms of chinese domestic politics sure there's a protection to the international community but this is all very much about reaffirming the leading role of the communist party cheese roll at the top of the communist party. the extent to which the communist party has built a strong prosperous internationally respected country and where is the communist party at the moment oh china is facing on president of the economic issues a lot of the international criticism
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a trade war and hong kong's protest to boot. yeah there are a lot of challenges i wouldn't overstate the economic issues economy still growing somewhere in the range of 6 percent which for a major country that's been going through 4 decades of uninterrupted economic growth is still an impressive figure people's incomes will still double in 1314 years if the type of growth rates and the trade more with the united states is a headwind but it actually feeds nationalist sentiment and the way she has played it i think has been playing to his strengths in the party strengths and reminding people that it's a hostile world out there and that chinese people need the communist party to stand by them and defend their interests so. well so headwinds of the biggest and the biggest challenge to she of course is hong kong and she's enemies of the leader at the at the top of leadership in china will be watching how he plays this very
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carefully because of course she has created many many enemies with his only corruption campaign the use of that to lock up political opponents remove them from power there are many enemies who are waiting to pounce and how can i think will be the touch tone for she and whether it provides an opportunity for his enemies to attack him jeffrey b. thank you very much it's great to get your insight. there been violent confrontations between police and anti-government demonstrators in haiti at least one person has been killed in the latest protests opposition leaders in the country have refused to participate in a national dialogue calling instead for more rallies. reports from haiti's capital all right now on monday the streets of the haitian capital port au prince were once again taken over by thousands of demonstrators. it's been 3 weeks since the unarrest began and protests against the haitian president show no signs of letting
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down. we're looking for president of melba ways to put him in jail because the haitian people don't recognize him as the president of haiti we've been fighting for so long but things don't improve all the government does is steal. clashes between police and demonstrators have become commonplace so have attacks against private businesses and police stations. authorities have been accused of excessive force using tear gas and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators one local journalist was shot during the most recent unrest but over the past few weeks the violence on the streets has claimed several lives. despite the police standing in our way we're not afraid of anything we will continue to do what we have to do. demonstrators blame haiti's president for a laundry list of problems the country is plagued by double digit inflation currency devaluation and an ongoing fuel shortage that's wreaked havoc on public
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services and international delegation of ambassadors known as the core group are tending to mediate haiti's ongoing political crisis but opposition leaders or unwilling to sit down for a national dialogue say the only thing that will stop the unrest in the country is the resignation of president juvenal noise. officials say public schools and several government services will remain shut down until the unrest subsides but with opposition leaders. more protests no one really knows how long that means. port au prince. yemen's hutu rebels have released hundreds of prisoners it's a move which could revive efforts to end a war that sparked the world's worst humanitarian crisis the u.n. hopes to lead to a larger exchange of prisoners for the saudi amorality coalition. has this report from the capital sana. was. raided in front of cameras and told they can go home. these are some of the 350 captives released by overseas
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assured me that it's an overwhelming sense of delight happiness and pleasure as i am coming home back to my family. we hope for the release of prisoners and detainees from all sides simply because we are yemenis and all the prisoners and their families are suffering was on the list drawn under a u.n. brokered prisoner swap agreement signed in stockholm in december the deal to release $7000.00 detainees was seen as a breakthrough towards peace but the yemeni government and the fees have blamed each other for failing to implement it both these say this and conditional release should show their commitment about what can you give me a lifeline we are prepared and willing for an all inclusive swap deal with or they are yemenis or other nationalities and to prove our sincere
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a team we have initiated the unconditional release of 350 prisoners we have called the united nations to pressure the other side to resupport. among those being held the citizens. will be handed over to the red cross ok to hold the release of $350.00 prisoners isn't. good well. to hold their own and was silent. site saudi arabia but they say that hasn't stopped the saudi quality from a king target. aid workers have called for against churches like this as a way to build counter dence with hopes that it can lead to a peaceful resolution the people who were released today were fathers sons brothers of course we hope to see more initiatives in the future bigger numbers from all sides and as the international committee of the red cross we are always ready to
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act as a new tour facilitator just as we did today in any future release operation so definitely we are hopeful and we also hope that this release. contributes to the revival of the stock an agreement in a media briefing on monday the spokesman for the saudi you equalisation was noncommittal on releasing captives in response to the with the freeing hundreds of fighters according to how the military spokesman they launched a major can say the saudi territory of the urine and destroyed multiple vehicles as well. the show the capture of hundreds of yemeni and saudi soldiers. to independently verify the videos this hour the spokesman also cautioned against taking these previews at face value. with these criticised world powers for condemning the a turk and said auriol is a commodity which is not more expensive than a yemeni blot. on the. turkish president
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is found to continue investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi this week marks a year since a journalist was killed inside istanbul saudi consulate the saudi crown prince has told a us t.v. network that he didn't order the killing but takes responsibility because it happened under his leadership. the killing was a blatant abuse of diplomatic immunity. at least 6 journalists have been imprisoned since protests erupted in egypt earlier this month the committee to protect journalists been charged with offenses including supporting a banned group and spreading false news the organization labeled the charges vindictive and thin as cues to arrest journalists for their coverage the protesters want president of the fattah el-sisi to resign they're accusing him of corruption and destroying the economy. the 2 front runners in afghanistan's presidential election have both claimed victory despite official results being weeks away now
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counting is still taking place after saturday's vote and the independent election commission says it's too early to declare a winner encumbered a shotgun he's come says he's won a clear 1st ballot victory but his opponent chief executive dollar says he has the most votes 20 berkeley has more from kabul. mr abdullah said he got the majority of the votes but it doesn't necessarily mean he's got enough to become president to do that he would have to have 51 percent but it's hard to know where he's getting his inside information from so far 3750 polling stations have sent in their votes that and that accounts for about 2100000 people but the still another 750 polling stations that still have to send in their votes the actual interim results will not be known until october the 19th and then the final result will be announced on november the 7th to become president you need 51 percent of the vote if they know they can do it gets that then it goes to a 2nd round probably later in november but maybe mr abdel is posturing for his own
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supporters maybe has some inside information it just goes to show that a lot of people here believe in conspiracies they believe that this election has been rigged pretty much like the one in 2014 at that time mr abdullah won the 1st round of voting and then president danny won the 2nd round of voting and it took some tense months for the 2 men to agree to work together in a power sharing government mr ashraf ghani as the president and mr abdullah abdullah as the chief executive officer and that was done with some strong arm tactics by the then u.s. secretary of state john kerry in fact people call this government the john kerry government there was a tense time there was fears that it would result in violence it didn't it's a different situation today but people are still saying that this vote was rigged you've got to remember also that how much legitimacy does this vote give the candidates out of 9000000 registered voters probably less than 3000000 have voted
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that's not a big say people have been intimidated by the taliban violence but they also a very disillusioned with the government run by president garnier mr abdullah. the greek government says thousands of refugees on the island of less balls will be moved to the mainland following a deadly far as an overcrowded camp leaves one asylum seeker was killed when the blaze broke out on sunday 17 others were injured around 12000 people are currently house at the morea camp which is more than 4 times the capacity separately greece has also announced plans to send another 10000 migrants back to turkey by the end of 2020 following an emergency cabinet meeting. german carmaker volkswagen has rejected calls to settle a customer class action lawsuit over its rigging of diesel emissions tests this is the largest legal claim of its kind in modern german history hundreds of thousands of people are demanding compensation following the so-called diesel gate scandal which has already cost the company around $30000000000.00 works wagon admitted
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using illegal software to cheat engine tests in 2015. we're watching our desire and these are main stories the new york times says u.s. president donald trump asked the president prime minister to help investigate the moeller inquiry trump is already full facing an impeachment inquiry over a phone call with ukraine's president where he sought compromising information on the democratic presidential hopeful joe biden now democrats are demanding documents from trump's lawyer giuliani. chinese president xi jinping says he will continue to work towards the peaceful reunification of china and a brief address change the country celebrations marking 70 years of communist party rule he added that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty
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and security if necessary. we have to maintain the peaceful united one country 2 systems principle to keep hong kong and macau as long term prosperity and stability and to push the relationship on each side to develop peacefully and we will keep realizing and keep working hard to realize the peaceful unification of china. while several mass rallies are taking place in the hong kong as china celebrates its national day some metro stations are closed and dozens of shopping malls shut their doors so with fears that the protests may turn violent government demonstrations in hong kong are now in their 17th week you're looking at live pictures from one of those rallies the official rally did not get permission from the authorities so people are going on a what they call a walk and seem to have taken over a major highway there now proves rebel politicians have voted to suspend martin
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and his car from office and have symbolically sworn in his vice president the act of defiance comes after his car dissolved congress in an attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunal but the opposition members remained in congress even after the executive order and at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president. schools and businesses remain closed as the marches once again turned violent demonstrators set fire to tar's and fought with police on the streets of the capital as widespread anger about alleged government corruption spiraling inflation and a shortage of gasoline counting the cost is next. children are risking it all. in the country split up in the school. the death of a. boy the sponsor is to ban them from the real one a 18th beats time. on. hello
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i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week come modi deliver on his ambitions to create a $5.00 trillion dollars economy with job losses on the rise consumers tightening their belts india feels more like it's in recession. kashmir's $2000000000.00 apple harvest left to rot after modi strips the region of autonomy. islands brigs it housing crisis dubliners of being driven out of the capital as big business drives up property prices. prime minister narendra modi has an ambitious target for india he hopes that by 2015 the economy will double in size to 5 trillion dollars making it the 4th largest economy behind the us china and japan .


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