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tv   Tunisia The Battle For Independence - Rebels  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change onal just hearing. palin and top stories of al-jazeera. presidency looks set to be on golf in another firestorm over reports that he asked a 2nd foreign leader for political help the new york times says the u.s. president asked the australian prime minister to help the justice department investigate the miller inquiry which examined russian interference in the $26000.00 election atika has more. for u.s. president donald trump right now it's all about the investigations the impeachment investigation into his dealings with ukraine and now another one published reports
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say that the president reached out to australian prime minister scott morrison for help looking into how the investigation into russian election interference got started and he's not alone his attorney general william barr reportedly did the same with the united kingdom and italy if true this would be unprecedented u.s. officials asking allies to help them investigate u.s. intelligence agencies and the congressional investigation into the ukrainian controversy is speeding ahead on monday new subpoenas for trump's confidant rudy giuliani's documents and his dealings with ukraine giuliani responded saying he might testify but is still claiming he is trump's lawyer which could imply attorney client privilege but analyst jeff hauser says giuliani has publicly said something very different rudy giuliani has said that he has not actually trumped personal attorney is doing essentially emissary work on behalf of trump as an individual on
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the trump campaign and that does not provide any sort of privilege which would protect his documents from going to congress the president has been taking to twitter and to the cameras to pronounce he's done nothing wrong the response from democrats in congress will find out and fast decline al-jazeera washington chinese president xi jinping says he will continue to work towards the peaceful reunification of china and a brief address during the country's celebrations marking 70 years of communist party it will be added that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty and security of necessary. we have to maintain the peaceful united one country 2 systems principle to keep hong kong and macau as long term prosperity and stability and to push the relationship side to develop peacefully and we will keep realizing and keep working hard to realize the
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peaceful unification of china. and meanwhile several antigovernment demonstrations are taking place in hong kong as china celebrates national day some metro stations are closed and dozens of shopping mall shut their doors over fear that the protests may turn violent. proust rebel politicians have voted to spend martin of his car from office and have symbolically sworn in his vice president the acts of defiance comes after his car a dissolved congress and an attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunals but the opposition members remained in congress even after the executive order and at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president joe of anomalies schools and businesses remain closed as the marches once again turned violent then straighter set fire to tar's and fought with police on the streets of the capital there is
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widespread anger about alleged government corruption spiraling 1 inflation and a shortage of gasoline turkey's president has vowed to continue investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi this week marks a year since the journalist was killed inside istanbul saudi consulate the saudi crown prince has told the u.s. t.v. network that he didn't order the killings but takes responsibility because it happened under his leadership. the chairman carmaker going to rejected calls to settle a customer class action lawsuit over its rigging of diesel emission tests this is the largest legal claim of its kind in modern german history hundreds of thousands of people are demanding compensation following the 2015 emissions scandal which has already cost the company $30000000000.00 and the news continues here on their laurels.
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gymnasia line between libya to the east and algeria to the west facing europe to the north and the smallest country in north africa. its strategic coastal position on the mediterranean made it an inviting the cation for a country seeking to expand their empires in the ancient world the phoenicians the romans ottoman kings and in the 1900 century france all have taken their turn to plant a firm foothold in tunisia. indonesia bans maintains of all pledge to belong to the influence of colonial france is still felt today french is widely spoken across tunisia and the chin is in community in france today numbers over half a 1000000. in the spring of 881 french troops invaded june is here meeting little resistance and agreement strongly favoring the french known as the treaty of bob dole gave the colonizers almost full control of tunis in affairs while french
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settlements in the country were also encouraged. gymnasia finally gained independence in 1956 following political negotiations and a campaign by china's ian fighters to end french colonial rule known as the full larga they drew inspiration from their ancestors rebels who opposed french rule immediately after the treaty of bob dole in the $880.00 s. . many of them from the middle of many. of their. mutual without commission had. a clear view. and if it. he would later become the full luggers 1st supreme leader i'm told want to subdue because we're all but is it a small missile. lettuce with lebanon model slowly but matters less
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he was has hospital said she will leave. because army can mean any good omen the all of the child to tunisia able to hear. and a more common was and when they can coma. one of the moment that if she is hearing impaired as they actually see anyone at the computer that said he can profit i make many a good many. will follow suit jennifer willmott father shish he would travel. with 2 years from contemptuously to put in the christmas kind of the tail and the family's kind of the limit trying to shift blame poorly as a. leg can be. more with well be comprehended maybe you know. how much better your. work cut out at then i bet it was that would remove it has been a dramatic there at that obvious. bad
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there were certainly but at least in the it was in the last little moment clipping fields probably had a little bit more combing electrons. lot of taluk. machines followed. by the 1920 s. discontent with french colonial rule was growing. an invalid what any. money they normally is a pain in the net that kind of never seen cannot defy. how we have cut. we're out of you and me. in the hallam of the. hand. if you made you do that. sort of than the.
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one you're on seeing locals were particularly resentful of the arrival of french settlers in tunisia. to me is a through the. gentle bush of fear. and with a little relief he well our lemon up his mother had a. poem and myself a can of soda that may be thought of the gentle bombing some of the thought that led the bed. be a shock. and most would feel libya because he had that. been asked and what i thought of the didn't look at of. fear. of some sort closer look into a lot of communicable. well i can't even feel the physician the full tribute in.
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the common wisdom had. was that. i'm about a very different football has a. poor homework and it use a comma i want to come. home and. have it i mean not madeleine and then months here. and. already met sally. hemings and. the story of muhammad duc budgie has long since ended to new zealand folklore it was a committed nationalist but served 4 years in the french army he deserted in 1916 and joined a resistance group in the south of the country in the next few years that budgie
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took part in attacks against french military installations a wanted man the french colonial authorities tried but failed to track him down until he was eventually arrested on the far side of the chin is he in border. violence how the fee libya will look at the scheme all assault up and fight and see and let the that and that the chef that minute our military come up behind. them. mohammad duck budget was executed not far from the town of his birth l schama in central tunisia he faced a french firing squad on a march morning in 1904. the story goes that he refused to wear a blindfold opting instead to die in front of his family and supporters. his execution only served to galvanize resistance to french colonial rule.
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where you don't tell if you're in a coma after the truck can come and see me and made any difference and move on. when we've been there. check in with our at our bed and yes you're right dr you're. not out of it and iraq to be in my hand we. need to know about that here in. unison internal politics went on hold at the outbreak of the 2nd world war in 1939 french in israel was ruled by the vichy government which collaborated with nazi germany in november 1942 german troops moved in and became engaged in a series of battles with allied forces known as the tunisia campaign until the german italian surrender in may 943 that eunice yoon felucca fighters seized the
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opportunity to restock with weaponry and point of a possible fight the french that had about to. go well. as one of. the negatives that of the universe. and. not all of the. tax and french military installations continued throughout the 2nd world war. said opinion will call it the fall of the limousine though it wasn't. any. time a thought i mean about a baby or kid not the be it anymore. with the. dollar. if a luxury to. me but. had
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been unfairly jealous someone. who hadn't had the. i had i could. be. when the war ended in 1945 many of the world's colonies sought to separate themselves from their european masters by demanding independence including tunisia . as a french protectorate the country had its own government led by a chinese in business or hama cheney but in the early 1950 s. real power lay in france. also emerging as a powerful political force was the nationalist leader people good people co-founder of the neo distorted party.
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he said to one scene move on without him as a. fresh direct feedback. that the message that big. trouble get back it up he brings out a drama. or card madness of fish looking for that had a horrible day and. then and at some thought. he was not. with no one seen the ballot. and it decided to bother. me and what and if i did the jihad. would give peace a new crime scene oh i'm in bed if i had been a minute. we. know where. we mean a better country and syria has. some tunisian
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politicians so to influence the full largest 3 resistance leaders so a dual strategy of politics plus violent dissent emerged leaflets in $100.00 rifles in the other. there in the cold in the summer i want news of people from seeing who kept the little think it's emerging here to see almost any woman said there was still has a little girl. believe in the mess a man and beheaded her assailant when you step here i mean you couldn't. even given a swat out of her and then had a totally naked number given the man who can as you who has been one of the strange indeed the lady in a small. startup. have a real helical most to laugh larry if it were tears we'd have charlotte this year
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blue eyes she was able to give. them. the bay i'm. in for as it were any type of government i'm losing more than one with a 1000000 but that isn't a decision i'm a little here if he had the cover of a stomach for largo resistance fighters drawn mainly from the mountainous rule south of 2 lizzie by 954 their ranks had swelled to several 1000 with armed units attacking the farms of french settlers police stations and communication lines tying up tens of thousands of french troops even their name the felucca had different meanings for different people in the lead who were no one man. and looted and when a greeting would net we know now what i'm up to record. there's a belief that owners that. the thought of. a
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. worth the. shabby deed that. let you try to fly. a leg. to see fat men hate to. feel have little. of. the reassembly of blood. infinitely better than. have a battle of. the fall are going to face an opposition that was better equipped better funded more experienced and had much greater numbers on paper the french army was a far superior force than the fall like a resistance but the tunisians had local knowledge and public support. but on their site. at the same time france was fighting
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a losing battle in indochina later vietnam and their feel was that the 2 missing in resistance movement would in the same way become uncontrollable. a new generation of young for lack of recruits join the resistance inspired by the organizations leaders right. the bus 100 miles good one he says about the locals who don't know how a new family threw a solar really made them since my view of the realization is it clear the maternal house had this blah going to movement millions of slaves in or a time losing their milk all we. really need him is into the snow which would be a $100.00 is risible water are also all water has a horse with his moves where our walk and work look we're not running on that amazing 1000000000 dollars in labs then
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a simile i'm sure to follow up column as on how you know how you can watch him or you know who you can or who knows him as i do all kinds of your own solo had also heard of. joining the resistance was not the only option open to young men from the south of tunisia some even considered a career in the french army. some of the way out of joe now they met him at their $830.00 that yeah. they left of thailand and everything but the actual and now glad you have. back you know yeah that is one energy to when you've got a. head as we had a few good one i knew would do well about what the him he never or he didn't the importance only if you know let's get.
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ahead red have see. you gonna or gusset man has weighed in with or gusset miniature human tally believe. it would never head to hell it can take a survey has anyone said this or they committed there for a whole entire suv or did it have her village and die or to keep it very fit to run . out of that. where you will have a net a little under most of that helpful alabama company but then angle is elma america france is called them kalua or and they know how and why and they never 1st went back and well how many door and they look and i believe that we are the ellis bandit in tin mal give each other a lot of what i did they made them a little but your were her in a kennel tell why don't we house law all we want your little boy to hold it hold it
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well that we're obama. boosted by new recruits the fall like as most urgent challenge was sourcing weapons and finance to conduct their campaign the main gun smuggling routes was from eastern egypt across the expanse of libya and over the chimneys you border a broad network had been formed between the different national liberation movements in north africa sharing contacts strategy and local knowledge. as a result the military capability and expertise of the larger group transforming young man raised in the chain is in mountains into efficient fighting units. through the 1st class who never sat. down do near him or know he has him and how is well he has him against someone in a similar kind of 1000000 who are in assume you are going to say anything about insults are no one here corollary is not the intent i leave. for i says
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one of then he would then he and so highly ominously outed me it is therefore my son's totem so i think mass what is then a little one are you sure have been elevated to be through it all to be $3.00 you been a very good dooms if you will of where millennium will call it when les love him to go and get ready. yeah i think that you. know from my. question if you're going to. own one model. despite keeping a low key presence there were occasions when for a lot of fighters would face french troops in open confrontation coming off the end game to independence how these bloody battles resulted in heavy casualties on both
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sides. or shadowman that's where they're. going to get on them and then you know what they're. my most memorable moments with al jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to. us if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength. growing dark and harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learned to play dangerous games they said if i throw stones
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they'll destroy the house and take me worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment they took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison live inside and out at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. subzero temperatures stream altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved what ordinary jointness does a lot of what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple
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pleasures. risking it all kurdistan on al-jazeera. hello i'm devika pollin and you're watching al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is chilean prime minister to help investigate the moeller inquiry according to reports in both countries now trump is already facing an impeachment inquiry over a phone call he creates president where he sought compromising information on the democratic presidential hopeful joe biden democrats are demanding documents from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani chinese president xi jinping says he will continue to work towards the peaceful reunification of china in a brief address during the country's celebrations marking 70 years of communist
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party rule he added that the military will resolutely safeguard the country's sovereignty and security if necessary. we have to maintain the peaceful united one country 2 systems principle to keep hong kong and macau as long term prosperity and stability and to push the relationship on each side to develop peacefully and we will keep realizing and keep working hard to realize the peaceful unification of china. several antigovernment demonstrations are taking place in hong kong as china celebrates its national day some matches taishan so are closed and dozens of shopping malls have shut their doors to fears that the protests may turn violent parries rebel politicians have voted to suspend martin visit from office and have symbolically sworn in as vice president the act of defiance followed this got as dissolution of
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congress in an attempt to stop it from electing judges to the constitutional tribunals but the opposition members remained in congress even after the executive order and at least one person has been killed in protests in haiti as many continue to demand the resignation of president you haven't a lawyer schools and businesses remain closed test the marches once again turned violent there is widespread anger about alleged government corruption spiraling inflation and a shortage of gasoline. turkey's president has vowed to continue investigating the murder of jamal khashoggi this week marks a year since the journalist was killed inside istanbul saudi consulate the saudi crown prince has told the u.s. t.v. network he didn't order the murder but takes responsibility for all those hot headlines al-jazeera world.
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in the early 1950 s. for largo fighters of tunisia clashed with french soldiers who for several decades had occupied the country unlike a regular army for largo were organized into small groups or cells so each given individual roles each cell could blend with the surroundings farmers by day fighters by night. veterans of previous campaigns were tasked with training new recruits transforming young farm boys into fighting men. internal security was handled by a specialist unit charged with seeking out spies informants and french collaborators the price for enemy espionage was severe. and if you're aware. do you want to see
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these decisions were sent from the leadership by secret messages. say how long no home. no home a lot of them are seen. on the wall now. for a long. walk to look. through our. little. thing it has. the full log of leadership was divided into 3 sections a policy unit which gave the organization overall political direction. next a strategic planning unit prepared operations whilst on the ground a field command would carry out attacks on their colonial opponents each section
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headed administrator keeping a record of activities for each region in the field this translated into a focus on internal security and secrecy. where you would know he was. in a mob. when you were overruled nearly an hour formed by your little company. as the vivid for those who would kill was. the real has. more to give you. this mythical bush. tracking down the for largo was a huge challenge for french soldiers they faced an enemy that merged perfectly with its surroundings. stopping and searching young men in rural areas yielded poor
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results and catching for lack of fighters red handed it was near impossible. now going about they got out only when i want to work out or not rather i never get or buy it that it's about the other but we know. them to be a minority given our will have a real computer at the fisherman if you get them is when the governor general. tends to telnet and what it meant the. amount of power. from the usual home would i sell now and then he can decide this 100 harmonically 30000 of them with his immediate whom who has you know who money to go live with too little to my goodness but. i'm an. old woman that led me home yet. well if she has that live near you haven't talked to one after. the attack then
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you're very. attached to this film made yet. c'mere than the kids had to be. while the fighting was left and meant the support role of women was equally important. your morale. be good but. no of them are not going to get a book we had to. live. under. the raw murder my brother the kind of the kind of and then there's no doubt it would motor movement. french efforts to destroy the for lack of by military means alone had failed. both sides recognized that france could only rule tunisia by consent and with each french shell that failed engineers in soil that consent was drifting further away
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mean pile for lago operations continued unabated french troops discovered that no town in the country was truly safe. we're doing rivera. for many. of the african and. a little bit. of a thumb and then now fuck that. telling us
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a lot of fear but i'm for multiple little shock if. any member be it came in welcome come up here. but i didn't and. he. told me you know him as nearly. there. the horrible to those in the can feel fear in the ember for book i'm feeling a limbo that. has its name i mean if i don't see what the new man. battle as lee how about the fear. for a fee it is hard to know for. sure of them they're looking for a book i visualize them oh i had but how. likely but how my now marlboro have any
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length. to make believe in god has made me. what special report by the side of the head that matter america can go to. for those who live to fight another day the early 1950 s. saw the for like a resistance ambushing french troops in locations throughout tunisia. and then make a motion and. then marco had. a shot they are called a lot of. cars a lot of fiesta. now here. or how i live my well. i'm aware here and over here from
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big girl that i'm really be a masculine way apparently plaid shirt but nowhere near the level that will i get another year and began when i tried yet now the latter gala a kind of a tell me. you're going to tell with barely an angled curl of a good bit of easy meal something me of them governor not a buyer yet another do hourly in that i don't go anywhere here and let your hair trigger that am a lot of well you know archipelago yeah. as well as taking part in face to face combat the full largo also employed specialist marksman. in this when the global time worth of cons and concern has come and there's little think. of the of the mc. skills issues menorahs so.
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we look in a circle we can we're all common folk. yet it isn't. one of the head of work and the book some of those don't work goes a little long but it can for. zuda. certainly still some of the berber some of look at a. criticism a little goober whom do little in a play to look at who love must be able to get. into the dance then the lower the lower the little they see. oh my goodness really though i had my other ones that are. now i may give him any and now but i want to let a panel be an up and down now no matter. or should come as it is the middle i really am pretty much form of get together and women and men you know was ready all day yeah yeah yeah i was there not. also
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targeted were french satellite. cromemco mean mildred and that's right it's us were it not for news good night out. and got some got free to dispute claims beautifully written from an incredibly quick black woman i didn't try to correct him i'm going to be n. 101 but even when i'm in my side it's time every year for the length of any good movie with a criminal threat of. a little how to convince a lot of. early if some a little to be on. have who are supposed to know doesn't let the so to. the been. led to be mccreesh a. label to feel in this one. none of it was the
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theater on the earth nano submarine moron who a lot of the very who have the like eilish are bad or wished i would go there lee is a lead sheet. and was she there father what are. the 3 for like the leaders representing different regions of tunisia met to decide the settlers fate. of diana nyad and i'm the one who are in the general us what and had more than one really more duty somehow to mark what could work nearly as severe as will the be near with no harm seal that it will make the very clear though that.
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when it amble ask him as can handle for we don't move but owners shall know micheel . our machines settle for cover in. the mud there's gold in the limousine and they were for us it pretty much. no to work another one let's not come for a book we're going to see a leg and those are. those are screen you and i'm to madrid to look around. talk a very quick 2nd really then they're going to marry a good youth out of. general where we can share all michele full nish how whenever she should the calander major it clearly there may be a good thing which appears now nic you know. of our line of men and what they would
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are but the above will. be somehow. and we're looking for our 2nd have. to museums have created their own musical heritage as a way of passing on stories of the fall log on to the next generation. birds are. heard there and i am. not a 3rd. version . of the rat where drugs are a bit more a work as a topical paramedic your empty words here meant bird if you don't that i never would have a problem. ned some thought that he may oh no need. for all of
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that i don't know and when this forces the other to return as the why didn't i think so i mean a lot of hopes you know and instead and then the debate. as unfair i'll say any minute to mr clinton that he needs against this backdrop of armed resistance and political pressure france agreed to come to the negotiating table the choice for tunisia was a simple one full independence or a political halfway house in which the french would retain key areas of influence like foreign affairs and defense these 2 options had the potential to cause a rift in china 01 nationalist leader. sort of compromise with the french his hardline political rivals would accept nothing less than complete independence. all the parties at the negotiating table also faced another problem what to do with the full largo you know wonders of our own. if you want to go with if you. see
9:48 am
you know. that i'm not out of the. fact have. had to i'm not there we have up we would that but. how about that but not the condom sub the idea when the motel we had. a visit from the french prime minister mendez falls was the probably used to the next step in the independence process decommissioning the for lockers weaponry. down with those of rounds. not others not to. send them. to do. has been destroyed if it be the the other maybe it was a part of the same lesson i thought.
9:49 am
favored handing over weapons and granting immunity to the resistance not all for lack of fighters were convinced. we're going to somehow that. not have in their work to leave. a bundle clear and i can admit. that would help if you go. yet and i want to live out of that 5 other thing. was the time but it came in as it should have a little. jane the comic and use them with. minimal for the bad. news i should have a look and see what he said as they had them 2nd and didn't seem to have the vision i think the show feel about that scene in the book astounds me you know how the most part of the it isn't anybody but in the lead to call me lame can send him home
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. you know the standard for some of us something. i mean it's. as. if you don't have some with cutouts in a. home home a. lot of our friends our homes you know and then that i woke up at. first i had to make that vote without i did. clearly. of an american. yet couldn't let you get into your cup. bathers where that had been to call me and i would have to be sat. there ok to be tired but leg heavy. and get out of conference i want to be here now and then and then he said we need your post lad we said we really will be met out
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of how much trouble yet it had more to have a plan of government that's a much slower there remained one unresolved issue the future role in tunisia of french settlers one for longer leaders to hire less would took a hardline approach far less of a. walk to the. heart that i had. limited mccoll me an event that he didn't see that we should be a lot on him on about under 10 may. be in the middle of mental illness with i had that we're. going to get without a. clear whatever. definitely but i've got to give a. new hand afghanistan
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a lot. less what almost been a sauna. i meet the. business say you mean. you would it's and it would. have to be them so can. lisa 1000000 selling if he'd leave at the for call her the commuter. we're live with them in a canoe ole can one of the lead and then there's a year of the year. at least heather built a little heat or comparison liberal bieber period see a scene you want i mean it has been reduced to a digit lead through who does share could work to. your new home. now a thing only now. in the fray you can. see how to. be different rather
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than. me and i think. they have a little. ahead a little bit shocking i thought. by the one that got. a half an hour. and. then a. definite. on the 3rd of june 1955 chin is here finally broke the majority of its ties with france with the signing of an agreement in paris between the prime ministers of both countries this saw not only the beginnings of a new nation but also the repealing of the treaty of bob dole so ending over 70 years of french colonial rule full independence would come within a year. who had been exiled in france returns triumphantly and was welcomed in the
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palace at carthage by the bay the monarch of tunis here but for some tunisians the deal did not go far enough. listed in for kiran how will it if a clear cut this one comes from seems even simple clear to look the minute at the that. they're 50 let me know and this has upset of producers what. ken would offer to. be had the difficulty of this one comes from seeing what a beautiful. what a beautiful place and what i mean that in the lives of a few little not who do not matter all of the being with the newton as soon as as much of the soon as you did feel a little some of the zombie funeral from scene with a little some of those i'm going to some seem of the taliban to be lied to him and held dear and behind a leer and believe in god oh my god i'm a sound. in ceremony that one on one of the or bottom up one liners come out of nowhere that i became one where it's at about my head i meant yeah big deal would do more. in the next episode division
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geneseo becomes a tinderbox of functional infighting nationalists call for more autonomy others are willing to settle for less all the time the felucca many still on and threaten to georgia into a new and bloody conflict. and i want to be happy i don't. have a destiny that i use a. good home. in this time better than k. 1000000 this is a movie of will be the it takes will give a good listener that i thought of for the eligible to slip. out and in the said are useful but give me. the dominion and your might to do wonders yet as appropriate appear by who are going to commit the most horrid. the melisma of the newsroom. and this and. that will hopefully they will win
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a single moment and i'm not how are. we any of that have a. al-jazeera world tells the dramatic story of the birth of a nation and how a political agreement reached my fronts into news you would spot the bitterest of few. this god. that's meant we were ok rivalry conflict murder division to have tunisia the battle for independence on al-jazeera. october on al jazeera. this about marks a year since the merger of the german there's a shock she made to her sound more haste in mind series of interviews are back to
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tackling there's a time. world leader explodes and environmentalists will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the. brand new episodes of. examining lessons thrown in all around and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize. october on al-jazeera. is so quiet across the middle east of the moment we have got a few showers over towards the himalayan plateau towards his back is down towards took many style but otherwise well hot sunshine coming through baghdad still getting up into the forty's kuwait city touching 41 celsius around that he says side of the med a pleasant 24 by route i for the next couple days in
9:58 am
a similar temperature to forge roussillon as you push a little further south was where we got to similar valleys across the arabian peninsula that was saying race and lay 3940 degrees celsius here in doha want to shout about the southern end of the red sea into that eastern side of the story the western side of the gulf of aden just pushing down around the high aground and there's more of the same as we go on through the next few days we've also seen a few showers recently into the east side off some africa. gonna show winds filtering here and i will just push a little further north which as we go through the next dial to popping up a touch of south of that is generally dry temperatures down on race and valleys but still not bad in temperatures here around 22 degrees as the central africa with tropical downpours continue from the ethiopian highlands right into the gulf of guinea and further west.
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every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste is thrown away the majority is illegally dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded hazardous with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. manmade on the waste trail on al jazeera. for most when we grow old we take life at a slower pace well not for this centenarian. online dating teaching the human kicking in doors. she's a blogger adored around the globe and she's doing it on her own way of.
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life begins at $100.00 eyewitness documentary on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets in hong kong despite reports that china has doubled its military presence there. pomp and ceremony in china as beijing celebrates the 70th anniversary of the people's republic. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from doha and it's also coming up more trouble
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for donald trump those ripples he maggi off the 2nd floor of the defense help to be able to discredit the miller investigation.


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