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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. a lot on the back of this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the student protests are a shot in the chest by police as violence in hong kong overshadows communist china's 70th anniversary celebrations. leading democrats who want the u.s. secretary of state against restricting access to witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry. ukraine signs a deal with russia back separatists to hold local elections in the east of the country. peru's president gets support from the military and large sections of the
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public in his standoff with the opposition controlled congress. for the 1st time in 3 months of on rest in hong kong police of shots a protest with a live round the victim is reported to be in a critical condition footage of the incident appears to show a police officer pulling out a pistol and shooting the protester in the chest at close range the hong kong police force was quick to explain the officers actions in a post on social media by. a large group of protesters were attacking police officers despite warnings from the police the assailant still continued the violent attacks the police officers lives were under serious threat to save his own life and his colleagues lives he fired a live shot at the assailant 118 year old man was shot his left shoulder area was in. he was sent to the princess margaret hospital in
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a conscious state the police do not wish to see anyone injured in the incident it is really heartbreaking here we must again warn all rioters must stop all illegal acts police will continue to enforce the law seriously or earlier about 100000 protesters defied a police ban holding what they called a national grief march what resulted was some of the worst violence hong kong has seen this year but it was a starkly different picture in beijing their military hardware and thousands of troops paraded through chatham and square will have more on that shortly but 1st this report from adrian brown in hong kong. the police would warn the choose day would be very dangerous it was the pitched battles carried on into the night with protesters defying repeated police warnings for people to stay off the streets even diners ignored the call though this clash spread from one side of hong kong island
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to the other and then back again police a day earlier banned all marches but people still took to the streets not to celebrate 70 years of chinese communism but to mourn it really don't come up today when they have not cast tomorrow this is an illegal notch does are you all or will we all know there were more than a 100 arrests some of the most intense violence was on the other side of the harbor in cow looting. a much watched video on social media appears to show a policeman shooting a young protester in the chest with a pistol the hong kong police force say it was in self-defense but this was the 1st time someone had been wounded from a police bullet since the protests began almost 4 months ago today i'm set our national day is supposed to be a day to celebrate and be happy. but unfortunately some rioters
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choose to. do all these all these sorts of criminal damages assonance woundings assaulting police officer and their ers. behavior which more or less equal to a riot offense the anger of recent weeks had been building up to this day the most important date in china's political calendar this year many train stations and shopping malls were closed in the security clampdown just a few months ago hong kong was regarded as one of asia's most law abiding cities a model of good governance now all of that has been turned on its head with the police left to solve what is effectively a political problem these pro trying to protest is also see themselves as defenders of hong kong. 2 days to 70 per day of our model and i wish our madeleine to
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have prosperity to have peace people to be happy national day celebrations here were low key this year the annual flag raising ceremony was held in a secure area well away from the protests which marred what was never going to be a day of celebration adrian brown al-jazeera hong kong or scott hyder is live at the queen elizabeth hospital in hong kong where the protester who was shot is being treated firstly scots the shooting marks a negative milestone and in the 4 months now are protests where do we stand after some of the worst violence seen so far. yes the student a teenage student was transferred yesterday this had the shooting happened late afternoon on tuesday the student was transferred from the initial hospital he was taken to to queen elizabeth here we know that he went underwent surgery late in the afternoon on tuesday we're also hearing that family and friends of school friends came to visit him at this hospital late on tuesday now what's going to be
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interesting as we see things moving forward how things will involve you know this is the morning after if you will we saw agents report that it was widespread violence some of the worst violence we've seen in these nearly 4 months of protest during this period what's going to be interesting is to see how both sides react to you know we heard from the police blaming the protesters that the policemen acted in self defense protesters came out protesters groups came out last night saying that this was these were crimes committed by the police we'll probably hear more moving forward right now that's where we stand the city just waking up after this very devastating day on tuesday. where do we go from here. right now we know that the citizens group this is a group that kind of is over headed for a lot of the protesting movements protester movements they're going to be holding a press conference later on the day here wednesday at the teenager school who was
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shot they're going to be holding it there later we know that there's been a call they called so far again it's early hours it's just after 7 am here but vague calls for a protest of a calls for flash mobs so there is still word going out in these protesters chat groups that they want to continue with things it's going to be difficult because it's a normal week day a lot of times when we see these spontaneous protest spontaneous rallies no it happens on the weekends when there are a lot more people who are available to come out for these flash mobs but they're calling for that early calls for that here on wednesday the day after we saw you know 100000 take to the streets in some of the most violent actions we have seen since these 4 months of protests in a school in hong kong thank you. to mainland china now where the anniversary was an occasion for celebration the no protest parades were held in beijing at a sensitive time for chinese diplomacy this economy well matheson was the.
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aircraft funded through the skies of beijing for armored vehicles rumble through chan and square a display of china's military strength as president xi jinping calls for economic and political confidence and sends a message to hong kong. we have to maintain that peaceful united one country to assist them. to keep hong kong and macau as a long term prosperity and stability 70 years ago when john and square communist party chairman mao tse dong announced the founding of the people's republic of china. in the following 27 years mao so-called great leap forward plan to boost farming and industrial production led to famine and the deaths of an estimated 30000000 people his cultural revolution clamped down dissent a year after mao's deaf in 1986 new leader dench helping declared china would open up internally and to the outside world the china of today bears little resemblance
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to the china of chairman mao the new middle class is getting wealthier and the country's transformed itself into an economic global power but one of the central messages of things celebrations today seems to be a cautionary one yes we should acknowledge what china has achieved so far but there could be tough times ahead. for president xi as centralizing and strengthening control in beijing some of the president's political rivals have been swept up in his crackdown on corruption as well as the ongoing protests in hong kong and allegations linked to human rights the trade war with the us is forcing china's economy to slow down this is a not a adversity of high expectations that is going to be very glorious in the near future it's an anniversary in which we look back on what china has been able to attain and we talk about a new era of sacrifices and struggle in 198910 and one square. bloodshed when pro-democracy demonstrators stood up against time in 29 china is determined to
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show that its military is stronger than ever but the success of president xi jinping his leadership may depend on how he handles china's newfound prospectivity right matters. beijing. but a more ahead on the news hour including the clock is ticking but the problem of the irish border embrace it still remains to be solved. and in sport with peter no allows leads the way for team usa the world athletics championships. the war of words between the u.s. house democrats and a key member of president trumps cabinet as a rapid in washington as more witnesses are being called to testify in an impeachment inquiry secretary of state mike pompei has pushed back against an order for 5 of his officials to appear before congress he says is an attempt to bully and
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intimidate state department staff the chairman of 3 house committee say any attempt by pompei o to prevent officials from speaking to them is illegal and will be seen as obstructing the inquiry democrats are investigating whether president trump pressured ukraine's leader for personal gain in a phone call but a lot to me is a lenski has dismissed the allegations saying he cannot be influenced. i've never felt any influence on me and there are a lot of people in russia in the west standard ukraine who would like to influence me but i love the president of ukraine of independent ukraine and it seems to me that my state so far shows that it is impossible to influence me. castro joins us live now from washington d.c. heidi what more do we know about this heated exchange between sect your state might compare and the democratic chairman. well they're accusing both sides are accusing each other of intimidating witnesses but it's curious because these are witnesses
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who are former and current state department employees and it's an open question exactly who they may feel that they need protection from these are individuals who are implicated in this ukraine investigation by who may not be defacto trump defenders who are we talking about well one witness in part to go there is marie. vonnegut she is the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine who was suddenly recalled to washington in may and her name came up in this phone call between president and the president of ukraine in july in which trump said that she was in his words bad news she reportedly wasn't on board with the president's efforts to try to get ukraine to help dig up dirt on trump's domestic political rivals and she has agreed to testify before congress on october 11th and nother witness that democrats are hoping to hear from is kurt
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volker he is the former ukrainian envoy who according to a whistleblower report was sent to ukraine soon after this phone call between trump and zelinsky to help clean up the mess from that call now volcker resigned last week as soon as he received the demand to testify before congress and he has agreed to appear on thursday neil and how do you know that a. president donald trump he keeps insisting over and over again that there's nothing to see here well how is the president being say. well today he had no public events but he did publicly air his grievances on twitter in a series of angry tweets he again tried to discredit this whistleblower who at this point is still anonymous we know that he comes from the intelligence community and the president said on twitter why he wasn't entitled to interview this whistleblower and the people that he says in the white house who gave this
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whistleblower false information he went on to call all of this investigation a hoax that alissa did a critical response from a member of trump's own party senator chuck grassley who is the most senior republican in the u.s. senate he said that the whistleblower should be heard and protected now that wasn't a rebuke that called out president trump by name but it certainly is an indication that there is some brewing concern among the republican rank and file even as democrats are now continuing to build their case to a possible impeachment. in washington d.c. thank you for that update we'll just say see is a former state department official who served under president obama he joins us now from washington d.c. to firstly thank you for joining us so what do you make of this exchange between monk pohnpei of the democratic chairman who's waiting in all of this is a possible to say oh it is because all of this is going far deeper
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with tentacles in all kinds of places that we're just discovering but behind the scenes they're extending very far and very deep indeed and i mean the criminal ones of this administration are now effecting the state department the justice department the defense department our intelligence agencies except through. this secretary of state is in running with his predecessor of probably being around very soon as the worst one we've ever had and that is saying a lot because he came in claiming that he was going to bring the swagger back to us diplomacy in fact he's in danger in it and in light of his own future prospects he has a size and a senate seat and all of that is going up in smoke he is definitely not winning from this exchange and specifically what sort of pressure has the white house been putting on individuals to limit the scope of their testimonies everything that they can think of legal threats personal threats all kinds of
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things about. you must you know engage in extreme claims of privilege all kinds of things i mean it's really the height of this is something like we've never seen before and all eyes are really on the senate we're seeing chuck grassley now with a very strong statement others behind the scenes it's not just mitt romney there are some 30 plus senators republican senators who are preparing if a formal impeachment vote comes to abandon this president it is really heating up here in washington d.c. now as we've been saying repeatedly it doesn't matter what you seem to throw president trump and those close to him and he and his supporters continue to repeatedly say there's nothing to see he was difficult to gauge from outside the u.s. looking in is his public backing for against impeachment what do people really think that. well this is all something in motion remember that.
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nancy pelosi would never get to this point if she wasn't sure of several key things and one of those is a majority of the american people in favor of impeachment proceedings that is now coming into view we're now seeing polls that have things tied which is a big sea change in a very short amount of time and it's all moving in the direction of majority as revelation upon revelation comes out we are now looking at a kind of criminal enterprise that has descended on this city and on this government the rot starts in the white house and it's extend the noun to all of our top agencies to embassies abroad to our allies and adversaries top headquarters of governments i mean where else can it go this is going to get more dramatic there are many more shoes left to drop
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a lot of these officials including attorney general barr and secretary of state pump aoe are in very deep trouble it could be right away with obstruction of justice charges in the pietschmann proceedings themselves that are rapidly coming into view jeff stacy in washington d.c. thank you very much for your insight. elections are to be held in separatist controlled eastern ukraine aimed at paving the way for talks between the ukrainian government and russia which backs the separatists is the latest peace move on the ukraine's new government led by president selenski after last month's mass prisoner exchange with moscow for tour dates and b. reports. protesters outside the ukrainian president's office in the capital kiev they're angry about an agreement with kremlin backed separatists in eastern ukraine which allows for elections a little speech a territory they say it amounts to capitulation to russia to get their work in the war has been going on in ukraine as
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a secure almost 5 years ukrainian soldiers die the assured their blood and volunteers provide aid to the community cares about ukrainian independence and the in one day all of these if it's a broken by a statement of capitulation by the presidential office the agreement between the ukrainian government kremlin backed separatists russia and european monitors was signed in the belorussian capital minsk separatist negotiators say it's an important 1st step to end the fighting between separatists and ukrainian government forces the began after russian forces seized an annex the crimean peninsula from ukraine in 2014. it's a starting point where we begin the process of creating the conditions for political resettlement 1st of all it means a change in the ukrainian constitution and the adoption of a special long about the election. at least 13000 people have been killed in
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fighting over the last 5 years he claims recently elected president vladimir the lenski wants to revive peace negotiations with russia but says elections will be held only when ukraine regains control of all of its borders with russia still. all this means to journalists and members of the audience. that there will be no election under the gun and there can't be any. but these protesters fears the lenski has made too many concessions already and a warning that russia will be a tough negotiating partner in any future talks to end fighting in eastern ukraine victoria gates and be out is there let's bring in mark so makowski use a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council he joins us now live from washington d.c. mark thank you very much for joining us plus start by asking you well this seems to be quite a risky move from president selenski what's behind it. you know president selenski made a promise of peace and
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a promise of any corruption ukraine to incredibly lofty goals that you feel that he has a very short window to try to achieve so several months after an election he believes that now is the time to pursue peace with russia so you're starting to see certain steps that are being taken to achieve that goal one is a prisoner exchange where you have several key russian and ukrainian. personnel that are being exchanged some say that that price is too high for ukraine because some of the people that were released including someone implicated in the image $17.00 shoot down and now you're seeing the likely proposal of at least the accepting in current simple the steinmeyer plan which is a plan that your own foreign minister laid out that would sequence elections in return for which are all of russian occupation of the separate regions but giving them special status within within ukraine by ukraine's constitution so it's a once get think deliberately slowly is starting to make some pretty painful
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movements toward peace and again this is all leading to try to resume a presidential level dialogue in the normative format between the german french ukrainian and russian presidents this fall but former ukrainian officials worry that ukraine will be giving up some of its self and team by granting an election in the east of the country isn't there a risk that this could help consolidate demands for independence or at least greater autonomy for all of those separatists in the east the country. absolutely russia is continuing its occupation of ukraine russia continues to maintain forces in cognito in eastern ukraine that are supporting the separatists these calls for elections would have to be sequenced in a way that would see and allow russian influence to be undermined russia controlled these regions their media controls the message into these regions so russia is counting on an election in eastern ukraine essentially solidifying moscow's control
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over the east because they believe that the separatist leaders ultimately would win in that election so you really can't have korean fair elections in eastern ukraine under current conditions and that's exactly what moscow wants it wants to use this process with what it considers a weak ukrainian president who is growing more and more isolated from international partners in the west tire take advantage at a very decisive moment and solidify the kremlin's gains on the ground in the east and forever cold the donbass away from growing what else do you think is a play here how much is this is about fulfilling conditions for more international aid we know that the i.m.f. for instance stops giving aid to ukraine while there was this territorial dispute. you know you you're exactly right there's triple pressure points that selenski is facing one we discussed domestically internally he's facing pressure based on the promises that he laid out the president he's facing obviously pressure from the russian federation which continues to occupy ukraine but most importantly in recent
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weeks we've seen pressure from ukraine backers from the west france has laid out an interest in normalizing ties with moscow maybe even inviting moscow back to the next year when it's hosted by the united states obviously we have a ukraine scandal that's embroiling washington broiling the current president who put significant pressure on selenski to try to get him to make cooperation with this administration on serving the president's political needs in withholding militaria aid and of course germany is always a question whether or not merkel's future political position could undermine ukraine's support from what it has considered a very strong source of support from berlin so so one skier exactly right is facing pressure he kind of feels then maybe growing increasingly isolated so at least yes to try to achieve some measure of progress toward peace to at least showcase the try maybe he failed but he tried and russia is ultimately the source of the lack of
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ability to gain peace but he can't essentially make that claim until he tries to make some painful concessions toward peace all right. thank you very much for your insight. thanks for your time. north korea has fired a missile off its east coast towards japan south korea and japan say they detected the launch just before 8 am local time it came from one side and then crashed into the sea of japan. at least 25 soldiers have been killed in an attack on 2 army bases in mali central region of party government officials say fighters linked to al qaeda targeted its forces on sunday night and bull kesey doro about 60 people are still missing this is one of the worst attacks since a campaign against armed groups in the sahara region was launched this year iraq's prime minister says an inquiry will be opened after 2 people were killed during a violent nationwide protest another $200.00 people were injured as police fired
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rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators the protests were against unemployment and poor basic services rallies took place in several cities including another area of the capital baghdad. jordanian teachers have defied a government call to end their 4 week strike over pay the education ministry has threatened to sanction those who refused to go back to work the government offered teachers a payroll and choose day but it falls far short of the 50 percent salary hike they're demanding more than 1400000 students in public schools are affected by the strike. the speaker of iran's parliament has told al-jazeera that terror on is open to the idea of dialogue with saudi arabia it follows the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon's comments that he would prefer a peaceful resolution of regional disputes with iran to military conflict not all your arms full you must look at all the most of it iran is open to starting
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a dialogue with saudi arabia and other countries in the region and are ready and a saudi dialogue could solve many of the region security and political problems what we can say is that it's not an extended tea for saudi arabia to rely or depend on america riyadh can submit its proposals to be discussed at the iranian saudi dialogue table without preconditions from our side we also welcome what has been quoted that prince mohammed bin sultan man once dialogue perhaps it is good to new saudi arabia is thinking of the region's interests 1st we say to the who these in yemen that any cease fire will be very important we also confirm that it will be for the interest of saudi arabia to michoud presidential candidate now bill curry we will stay in prison after the court of appeal rejected his release request the media magnate is accused of money laundering and tax evasion but was allowed to run for president because he hasn't been convicted the 56 year old came 2nd in the 1st round of the presidential election last month he will now remain behind bars during
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the runoff vote on october 13th oh deary and so protests in the capital for the 32nd consecutive week they want the removal of politicians with ties to the former president lizzie's buthe flicker and the release of all detained protesters protests forced to flicker to resign in april after 20 years in power. still ahead on al-jazeera close to collapse the italian glass year is melting at an alarming rate and scientists say climate change is to blame. and in sports with peta why by many in 7th heaven against tottenham in the champions league. hello there still staying very warm and pretty dry across much of the southeast of
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the united states then we've got this line of plaid and this is bringing with it some thunderstorms severe at times and this is the dividing line really between the very warm dry as and then this much cooler behind it you can see quite a line of thunderstorms right there way up towards the northeast into new york where we have seen in the last couple days we will continue to see is a slight warm up into southern canada and also across northern sections of the united states that rain with the snow working its way east. that is another winter storm heading to british columbia tom it is not too bad. of a cool in new york at 19 and a very well 35 celsius there in atlanta and then let's head to south into the caribbean widespread shot across much of the region and of course we've seen some very heavy amounts of rain into southern and western mexico because of what was tropical storm nada now look at this this is a bridge that collapsed and all that water this is. and obviously this is the damage that those rains can do but the good news is the rain is actually easing out
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of the picture we will see more across central america and fairly widespread particular cause much of cuba but wednesday and thursday it isn't improving page. one in 3 brazilian women is a victim of domestic abuse. it seems every day a woman dies and it just becomes a statistic but some have broken away from the cycle of violence it's not easy to lose you have to ask account and inspire others to time and lives around i called the straw hat program the dream program my life changed after the course it gave me opportunities for my business women make change on al-jazeera. growing dark and harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they say if i throw stones they'll destroy the house and take me
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worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment they took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison my hiding out at this time on al-jazeera. watching out as they are a reminder of our top stories this teenager is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot by police at close range during violent protests in hong kong tuesday's protests coincided with celebrations marking 70 years since the communist party took power. u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei always called an order for 5 of his officials to appear appear before congress and bullying the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating donald trump's dealings with ukraine say any attempt by pumpin to obstruct access to information will be illegal. separatists in the east of ukraine have signed accords with the country's government and russia and a move that could bring peace in the region a step closer it paves the way for local elections in a territory that suffered years of conflict. several members of congress in peru have refused to vacate the building even after the president's decision to dissolve the body on monday police have been guarding the area and preventing other politicians from re entering military and police chiefs are supporting martin vickery as president despite the opposition controlled congress voting to suspend him from office a right wing opposition has a long standing feud with the scar over his attempts to tackle corruption but he still has widespread public support. the knowledge of where are the winners here
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are the people not to be scour the people wall and the people who've been looting for the complex to close. the president visit cata is a courageous man and that's why we support him or for peru's most recent presidents have been embroiled in corruption inquiries involving the brazilian construction giant oda wrecked the daughter of disgraced former president alberto fujimori is leader of the opposition majority party in the dismiss congress keiko fujimori is currently in prison awaiting trial after being accused of accepting $1200000.00 in illicit electorial funding from ota brecht iscar been a key accuse the opposition of trying to use congress and the courts to shield themselves from ongoing criminal investigations peru's judicial system is notoriously corrupt with judges caught on wiretaps negotiating deals on sense sentences for serious crimes or chuck walker joins us live now from san francisco
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california he's professor of history and director of the hemispheric institute on the americas at the university of california thank you very much for joining us can you start by telling us helping us understand why congress and president this car are locked in this power struggle. well peru is polarized and these are the 2 forces god raise the the end i think the more he forces and in congress that took the more it forces have a majority they are really feel besieged because of all the corruption trials around them in a sense many people see this that efforts to close the congress an effort to make sure that the corruption trials can take place while for him already party and their allies are trying to block him cover each other or that stand in unity etc so president because god are exhausted every possibility in his defense and said i'm going to close congress following article the constitution and we will have new elections early 2020 now is that we same process illustrates and supports the
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president how much support does he have across the board nationwide. he is quoted i mean that people are a little weary if you hear more he just a few more days the party has been in decline all of its leading members of the middle east most of them been caught in some sort of. conspiracy or corruption snare. in jail or followers in jail and i think there's a vast sentiment that people are fed up with this many wonder though about closing the congress i'm worried but i do think he's taking advantage of quite a bit of support on the other hand the opposition is maybe smaller but it has a majority in congress and it will fight for it it will defend itself roshi's late is no doubt and how successful indeed unsuccessful has been beaned in his war against corruption in the country. he hadn't been able to do very much is because the congressman every we all know it's a 2 shuttle it's systematic there need to be laws it's not just a matter of throwing people in jail a few people in jail and so we haven't had much success and what we're about to get
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more and more people named in the order direct scandal this is going to happen next week or in the coming weeks and this the timing makes a lot of sense it will be more easter than those accused also members of the outer party are trying to block this make sure that these names don't come out that they don't have to buy all of whom as you mentioned earlier have been caught and wiretaps have been named in brazil and beyond with the old record and all those national scandals in peru critically linked to drug trafficking all right chuck walker thank you very much for joining us thank you very much a white woman who shot an unarmed black man in his own home in texas has been found guilty of murder the woman was an off duty police officer at the time of the killing and she now faces between 5 and 99 years in prison the verdict has been hailed as a significant milestone in the battle to hold police accountable shihab rattansi reports. misguide in your team would you please stay even for those hoping for
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accountability the verdict was a shannon find the defendant amber geiger guilty of murder as charged with the one of the attorneys for the family explain why there were sharp intake of breath when the verdict was announced it's a sad reality that this community waited on pins and needles to decide whether or not someone could be held guilty for killing another young black man in his home while eating ice cream this should have been automatic this should have been anticipated expected but it is extremely rare in september of 2018 and the guy got returned to her apartment building after her shift on the dallas police force she says she was tied and mistakenly into the wrong apartment be unlocked apartment of 26 year old accountant both of these role who has been eating vanilla ice cream on his couch watching t.v. gaga said she feared an intruder was in her apartment she drew her weapon and shot both him twice she admitted she intended to kill him she says she soon realized her
2:38 am
mistake and was distraught which he. killed me. i want to get it. controversially the judge allowed her boys to introduce the costal doctrine the idea that a person's home is a person's counsel and therefore someone has a right to use lethal force in its defense a wonderful human being has lost his life. the evidence shows a shift in trash all pulled back by the prosecution dismissed that argument at its core. most of what she said was hard prosecutors allege geiger made a conscious decision to use deadly force against both him quote kamandi style and question why she didn't simply follow police procedure and stay in the car door if she thought an intruder was in her apartment and radio her colleagues on the police force for backup well and he that they allege gaga didn't give both him any medical help after he was hit and the jury appears to have accepted the prosecution's
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argument that the use of the consul doctrine was inappropriate given the draw was the homeowner and guy got the person trespassing. over the last several years there's been many high profile cases of police officers killing black people in the us in most the police of escape punishment by arguing that they feared for their lives the same argument used by geiger that did not work this time it took us lives and some wild life both up for the balance this entire state and the whole world to finally hear what we've been saying all along there are serious issues within the dallas police department and training issues the sentence for murder in texas is between 5 and 99 years in prison. they have been violent confrontations between police and anti-government demonstrators in haiti at least one person has been killed in the latest protests opposition leaders have refused to participate in a national dialogue calling instead for more rallies on what has more from the
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capital port au prince. on monday the streets of the haitian capital port au prince were once again taken over by thousands of demonstrators. it's been 3 weeks since the unarrest began and protests against the haitian president show no signs of letting down. yet god not exactly what we're looking for president you have no more ways to put him in jail because the haitian people don't recognize him as the president of haiti we've been fighting for so long but things don't improve all the government does is steal. clashes between police and demonstrators have become commonplace so have attacks against private businesses and police stations. authorities have been accused of excessive force using tear gas and live ammunition to disperse demonstrators one local journalist was shot during the most recent unrest but over the past few weeks the violence on the streets has claimed several
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lives. despite the police standing in our way we're not afraid of anything we will continue to do what we have to do. demonstrators blame haiti's president for a laundry list of problems the country is plagued by double digit inflation currency devaluation and an ongoing fuel shortage that's wreaked havoc on public services and international delegation of ambassadors known as the core group are attempting to mediate haiti's ongoing political crisis but opposition leaders or unwilling to sit down for a national dialogue say the only thing that will stop the unrest in the country is the resignation of president juvenal noise. officials say public schools and several government services will remain shut down until the unrest subsides but with opposition leaders calling for more protests no one really knows how long that means. zita proto prince around a 1000 refugees have protested in europe's largest migrant cound demanding better living conditions people march from moria camp towards
2:42 am
a port on the greek island of last boss before being stopped by riot police some held signs reading free os from hell an asylum seeker was killed in a fire in the overcrowded camp on sunday or a camp was built for 3000 people but currently houses around 12000. women a 1000 people have died trying to get to europe this year the united nations is calling for expanded search and rescue operations in the mediterranean sea. if the figures do show that we have passed the very sad milestone of a 1000 deaths so far in 29000 and that is the 6 here in a row that we have passed a 1000 deaths what i can stress is of course the numbers of people attempting to cross the mediterranean a much lower so that points to the fact that the journeys in subs are much more dangerous thousands of cattle and separatist supporters have rallied on the streets of barcelona barking the 2nd anniversary of the region's banned independence referendum separatist leaders pledged to keep up their fight for independence
2:43 am
spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez warned them not to play with fire spanish media say riot police have been sent to catalonia amid fears of violence boris johnson has confirmed there may need to be customs checks on the island of ireland after breaks it but says that won't necessarily involve new infrastructure his comments have been met with concern in the e.u. an anger in ireland which is against a return to a hard border or a challenge has this report from manchester. he's boris johnson thinking of bringing customs checkpoints back to the island of ireland it's what dublin fears after an irish broadcaster said it had seen leaks bricks proposals sent by london to the e.u. and the british prime minister spent cheese day morning at the conservative conference in manchester denying it it's of course early days and we're working very hard to get a deal over the line i think the references that i've heard a plan over to papers don't actually relate to what we are going to table i think
2:44 am
the some. confusion about what's being what's being reported but yeah look i mean this is going to be a difficult negotiation what breaks it means for the irish border is still as foggy as the landscape itself to preserve northern ireland's delicate $998.00 peace deal its border with the republic of ireland must be kept open and free of physical infrastructure but after bret's it this will be the u.k.'s only land front here with the european union so hardening of the border seems inevitable solving this conundrum has eluded everyone so far boris johnson's predecessor to reason may and the e.u. agreed the backstop a fudge of sorts there would keep the whole of the u.k. inside the e.u. use custom zone after bret's it until a proper solution could be worked out but boris johnson says he's ditching the
2:45 am
backstop for hard it's never been a clean enough break. the government is about to send europe its final ideas for whatever will replace the backstop but brussels doesn't like what it seen thus far we have received by now for documents from the u.k. as of last tuesday we have not received any proposals from the united kingdom that need or the object as a backstop as we have been retreating and demanding some analysts think the prime minister knows it's probably futile boris johnson has to square a circle get a deal the e.u. will approve which will get through parliament at the moment that looks all but impossible so it's hard not to believe that actually in number 10 what they're gaming is a situation as to how best to fail to get a deal to go to the electorate to look convincingly as if you tried your best parliament requires boris johnson to ask europe for a breakfast extension if he can't get a deal he says he'd rather be dead in
2:46 am
a ditch than do so but he still want to explain in any detail how he can avoid it. down to 0 manchester. experts say a section of a rapidly melting glass or on the italian side of could break off in the coming days italian authorities have closed the road and banned hikers from the area fearing the collapse of a much bigger chunk the glasses instability has been blamed on climate change and high temperatures over this summer months from pump on c.n.n. mom blank natasha butler reports the more paul mountain range is the highest in europe just dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in italy is the plot of past year for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving eyes has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change and could collapse the fate that is happening here. it's that the movement of the of part of
2:47 am
the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that train. laps or part of it the section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists is part of the glazier was to break away would cause a huge avalanche of snow ice and rock the wooden danger anyone using this road that is why the local mayor is taking no chances he has closed this road and will cause the hikers are not allowed to access any of the mountain hearts in this area the mayor says the shrinking glazier shows how climate change is transforming the region. which are this is evidence of global warming we have higher temperatures in the summer and winter now so our mountains are in crisis our glass is
2:48 am
a diminishing we must take responsibility and stop this as man chris and he lives in parts of our classes with some tories staying away livelihoods are also it risk . and i really hope the ice breaker soon so it's over because it's hard for me to work i make cheese but there's no want to buy it. how long the plan past your place you can remain intact is unclear but scientists say its case is far from unique nearly all of the more blah ranges glaciers are shrinking faster because of climate change what once seemed able to withstand the pressures of time is now very visibly fragile natasha butler al-jazeera italy. russia might be known for its vodka but it seems fewer and fewer of its people are actually drinking a new study by the world health organization has recorded a 43 percent drop in alcohol consumption from 2003 to 2016 is being attributed to
2:49 am
a big government push to change drinking habits over the same period russia's life expectancy has also increased dramatically. still ahead on al-jazeera the ups and downs of. the action from day 5 of the athletics championships.
2:50 am
time for the sport now we can join peter stamets of the world athletics championships and.
2:51 am
welcome back to the world that lasix championships at the khalifa international stadium where it's been a gold rush for america led by they stall men in the 200 meters or liles he cruised to his 1st will title with another impressive display in the final 19.83 seconds was good enough to see of canada's on great the grass and extremely honest to adam jimmie to the bronze medal by fellow countryman christian coleman in the 100 meters liles a living up to the hype and delivering on the world stage in the men's 800 meters final donovan brazier became the 1st american to win this title he's time of one minute 42.34 seconds was a new championship breakthrough the previous mark had stood since 1986. in the field events that was most successful team usa a very close poll the old final was won by sam kendricks to retain his title both
2:52 am
he and sweden's all moaned to plant cleared 5.97 meters but the american took gold on the count back rule having not made an error in the previous round. and australia have their 1st medal of the championships and it's gold kelsie me bobber winning her 1st world title in the javelin with a throw of 66.562. households course one of the only richardson has more on the day's action. in 2009 you signed ball was pretty much at the peak of his powers winning the 10200 meters at the world championships in that year and setting world records that stand to this day in a decade on no laws of the united states believes he is the heir apparent to bolt and he's just won his 1st major title that c. 100 meters under grass of candidates of the silver with alex cohen as of ecuador taking bronze were you as confident as you looked on that start line i was coughing
2:53 am
i knew that no matter what was going to happen the matter what position i was i come at that time and i was going to win that race because i've been in races where i've been in the last i've been in 1st i've been in the middle but i know no matter where i am i will come out and grab that when i'm happy i'm blessed to be able to be back on the podium i mean next year now i can or i can push myself more and i'll be ready for talking 2020 feel it's quite a rivalry building up it's when you're in know we're heading into those lympics yeah i definitely think that was the main show for today 100 was great and all but i think 200 brought out a lot of people i think people want to see that match up between myself and laws there's a lot more people understand so i saw nothing looking for there are more balance with him in the future less positive for athletics was the news that one of its most high profile coaches salazar has been banned for 4 years to various doping offenses he has in the past been in charge of 4 time olympic champion mark farah
2:54 am
and was in charge of a very softly to be championships because accreditation is now being taken away and he's on his way home from salazar has said he's shocked by the decision and will be appealing i've been speaking to track and field. right seat lindstrom about the sort of reputation and character salazar has he's an incredibly intense guy and my sense ever since this scandal. went public is that he probably wasn't intentionally cheating but he is so driven to have his athletes excel and publicly in the past said that he would do everything right up to the line of the galaxy and i think that any human being if you choose to live at the very limit of legality you almost inevitably step over and that's what he did tuesday also saw the doha crowd get
2:55 am
their 1st look at hometown hero s. abortion the high jump world champion from 2 years ago now in the last year he's been struggling with injury he is now back to full fitness now and will be jumping for gold on friday here's how the medal table looks at the stage of the championships 3 more gold medals for the usa pulls them further clear at the top australia's 1st medal sees them up to join 7th place in the women's 200 meters britain's diena ashley smith remains the one to catch she qualified fastest for wins they final with a time of 22.16 seconds american pay brittany brown and angela. one the other to save. american christian taylor celebrating his 4th world title in the triple jump he told me he's already looking ahead to tokyo 2020. at the olympic games i'll be going for my 3rd title then i can't believe it that you know my dream was to just be
2:56 am
a one time you know go to the world champion chips or or go to the olympic games to now be possibly defending my 3rd title it's a dream come true what's your message to young fans in this region about getting into professional athletics i would say just don't limit yourself you know there may be a lot of barriers or stereotypes whatever that may be there you know don't be scared to push them in person because regardless of where you are where you're from or bring or things that have been said against you you know just despite you that push through that away from the athletics it was an extraordinary night in the champions league is by and munich thrashed tottenham 72 in london by him coming from behind to win in emphatic style form arsenal striker serge gnabry was the store man scoring 4 of the 7 for last year's finalist spurs it's the heaviest ever defeat in european competition elsewhere club bruges almost full of an upset add rail madrid
2:57 am
they would sooner but row for back in the 2nd half through sergio ramos sandcastle mido to earn a 22 draw also wins on tuesday for paris and to man manchester city you venters to commit to a great start belgrade and shakhtar donetsk but barrett brothers are getting ready to make history at the rugby world cup bowden jodie and scot all in the new zealand starting line up floor wednesday's pool match with canada it's the 1st time 3 siblings have played in the same team at the world cup the all blacks have had any live in daybreak since the opening game when they gained south africa they're not only support from now we'll have more from the belief international stadium later on. well that's it for me for this news hour but you get more on all of us stories on our web site al-jazeera don't call don't go away i'll be back with more news shortly stay with us.
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the show cheema conspiracy lies in justice special coverage on al-jazeera. every year 50000000 tons of electronic waste is thrown away the majority is a leak can be dumped in developing countries right now electronic waste is the most traded as of this with retracing the tech through the criminal organizations making big profits and asking why the west is turning a blind eye. manmade on the waste trail on al-jazeera. al-jazeera stands swear every.
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student protesters shot by police ballance in hong kong overshadows communist china 70 eight's out of us 3 celebrations. running baka this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up leading democrats who in the u.s. secretary of state against restricting access to witnesses in the trump impeachment inquiry. ukraine signs a deal with russia back separatists to hold local elections in the east. and close to collapse a mobile glass here is melting at an alarming rate and scientists say climate change is to blame.


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