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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 157  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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congress hundreds of police continue to reinforce security around the building only allowing members of congress is permanent commission to enter the premises. to be a rebel lawmaker who supported swearing in an interim president on monday came under attack angry peruvians who garbage him to show off just how disenchanted peruvians are with legislators their. legislators helped a thief one of their own lead with a credential others going to seat others are involved in drug trafficking there was a mafia of sex offenders in their cars decision was good watching the drama unfold some peruvian say things should have gone in a different direction to make up we have to learn to respect the state powers maybe this will change things around but why can this car wait for a year if he couldn't govern he should have stepped aside. critics of discover say he's a weak precedent now members of the opposition majority say he's the roof new dictator
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and he's this isn't is a could it possibly lead us to this surely we will go to international organizations to protect our rights but also we will march alongside peruvians to recover our democracy in the middle of this uncertainty and as the hours go by president my position is consolidating he has the army he has the police but most importantly he has the approval of most group. and opinion poll in may said 71 percent of peruvians disapproved of congress 63 percent wanted it closed on tuesday many said they felt relieved. i'm happy because finally they brought down the rats nest they supported corruption. i. want all those involved in corruption jailed and are hoping the scholar may deliver that to sire if he prevails my youngest son just. still had an object there are israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under pressure as hearings into
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corruption cases against him get underway. and close to collapse the long long glacier that's melting at an alarming rate. hello mostly clear skies across much of the middle east we have seen a bit of cloud of the just pushing into more southern sections of pakistan drifting to the north as well and we could see one or 2 scottish maybe even a thunderstorm over the next couple of days is not too bad in kabul at 25 celsius and very nice to the eastern end of the med so 28 in beirut and on thursday very little change that rain staying well to the west of turkey we'll see a bit more cloud really just a covering much of the central areas of pakistan that we have further to the south
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no less a guess in the heat no indeed with the humidity so feeling very sticky and we'll have that you know on a wednesday one or 2 more shots for sheens the west and the south of yemen they begin to drop a little bit by thursday and elsewhere no real change in fact if anything they'll be a hoss in doha with a high of 40 celsius and talking of heat it is been very warm across much of the south africa and not much in the way of rain showers that we could have some rain certainly into capetown a wednesday into thursday some drizzle and the look at these temperatures about 23 degrees in been on wednesday 22 across in johannesburg and it really warms up by the time we head into thursday so these times and been about 6 degrees above the average and a. 25. was sponsored by tony. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children. with a stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is
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a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be patient to be able to do teach and i believe join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be on mount is iraq. hello again you're watching al-jazeera and his reminder for our top stories this hour in hong kong hundreds of people have gathered outside the school attended by the teenager shot by police during protests on tuesday he was in a critical condition but has since stabilised that was the 1st time a lot of bullets has been fired at a protester and this years on the arrest. us president donald trump has denounced
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the impeachment investigation against him as a coup as secretary of state my comp a a has called an order for 5 officials to appear before congress. the chairman of 3 of the investigating house committees say any obstruction by pub will be considered illegal. and cruz vice president has resigned her post as well as decline the opposition's doesn't nation to be the interim president. at all as was sworn in off of the opposition controlled congress was dissolved by president martin. but she hopes her decision to refuse to roll will lead to new general elections. now it's one year since the journalist jamal khashoggi entered saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul to change documents for his upcoming marriage in never came out investigations by turkish officials indicate that because he was killed and dismembered by a saudi hit squad saudi crown prince maman been solved months says he takes
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responsibility but denies ordering the killing. say is demanding answers from riyadh and the current crown prince monley the. it is meaningful that this was brought close close to the october 2nd date it sounds to me like it was something that was said to weaken or listen public pressure secondly if that is not the case and it was carried out under the crown prince's responsibility then we would have the right to ask him about the details then why was jamal killed and why has the public not been informed about the death until now i am talking about the details for instance we don't know where the body is his funeral prayers have not been performed there is no b.-real if he carries full responsibility then i believe we should be able to ask these questions in that case mohamed bin so munch should give an answer. stephanie decker now looks back on how a global of car for justice for jamal khashoggi s murder has gone on answered. i am
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concerned about it i don't like hearing about it the u.s. president reacts to the news a prominent saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has been killed and dismembered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul other countries to condemn the allegations some summoning their saudi ambassadors to demand on cers but what was going to be the political fallout. major that month tens of top executives and media pulled out of a prominent investment summit in riyadh but reportedly still center lower level representation saudi arabia has billions of dollars of investment in military deals with other countries especially the united states 3000000000 dollars 533000000 dollars 525000000 dollars that's peanuts for you here are interested this is a meeting between the 2 men at the white house earlier in the year saudi arabia and
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the u.s. have been close allies for decades and donald trump made it clear soon after the killing that the $1000000000.00 deals would not be affected in terms of the order of 110 $1000000000.00 think of that $110000000000.00 all they're going to do is give it to other countries and i think that would be very foolish for our country but there are other things we can do that will be very severe. initially the crown prince mohammed bin some man got a bit of the cold shoulder at the g. 20 standing here on the far right traditional family photo. an awkward moment captured turkey's president. on policy in the crown prince without as much as a glance but over time despite the international condemnations there were no cotton diplomatic ties no major sanctions calling the only independent investigation carried out by the un special rapporteur for extrajudicial summary and arbitrary executions and. we met her outside the consulate during her visit are you related
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to the saudis allowing us. we have made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate as well as meeting with saudis authorities years and in saudi arabia we are waiting for their response but she was never given access and in june of this year a damning conclusion 15 saudis stated giant acting under cover of their official status used state means to exit cute mr castro it was overseen planned and endorsed by our liberal a few shoulders and it was premeditated. telemachus called for an international investigation and criticize the u.n. security council for not doing enough to act but at this year's g 20 the family photo telling perhaps the crown prince center stage next to the u.s. president and the host prime minister shinzo abbey a noticeable difference from the one taken
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a month after the shoji was killed and dismembered inside the saudi diplomatic mission a year old the journalists body has never been found but it seems that the world's leaders have moved on and it's business as usual stephanie decker. legal and political pressure on israel's prime minister is expected to intensify on wednesday the attorney general is beginning pre indictment hearing since 3 separate corruption cases but human netanyahu maintains his innocence the indictment well make it harder for him to negotiate a power sharing deal after last month's inconclusive election arafat's that reports from western. one main theme emerges from the challenges facing benjamin netanyahu both in their content and in his response the israeli prime minister's concern for what his critics call his obsession with his media coverage. after a 3 year flood of systematic and partial leaks it is about time that the public hears everything also my side in
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a complete whole manner without mediators without since the ship and distortion that was his reasoning he said for requesting that his pretty indictment hearings in front of israel's attorney general should be televised have a high mandelbrot rejected that his office suggesting netanyahu is lawyers concentrate on their case not public opinion he is recommending charges against that and you know in 3 separate cases each with its own code number in case 1000 now then you know who it is why sarah or ledge who received in some cases requested gifts from billionaire associates totaling more than $200000.00 case 2000 refers to what the attorney general calls. an offer of a bribe by the israeli media magnate on moses that he knew i was accused of discussing a plan to disrupt a competitor to moses daily newspaper if moses reporters covered netanyahu more favorably the charges under consideration in both cases fraud and breach of trust but it's in case 4000 where the greatest paralyze for netanyahu he faces possible
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charges of bribery a much more serious crime than you know who is alleged to have used his then power as communications minister as well as prime minister to change regulations favoring the owner of israel's main telecom company the alleged payoff not just positive coverage on the new site while the what the a.g. calls an extraordinary intense relationship with the prime minister and his wife dictating details of content and presentation and the prosecution has a valuable asset in the shape of. a long time close confidante of the netanyahu family who turned state's witness last year it's going to be very very difficult to attack that witness some of felber who was so close to getting out pointing the finger at him again that is what this thing was a case 4000 from the other cases the other cases there isn't necessarily insider netanyahu a person who's pointing the finger. one option for self-preservation has eluded netanyahu last month stalemate election preventing any new legislation that could have granted him immunity his main rival benny gantz maintains that he won't share
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the premiership in a unity government with someone facing indictment with those talks failing netanyahu is likely to return the mandate he received from the president just last week to try to form a government he knows time is against him if he's indicted but tries to stay in office he'd be likely to face a supreme court judgment on whether that would even be legal as well as increasing political pressure to step aside ari force it west jerusalem. north korea's far one missile from its east coast towards japan just hours after saying it would resume nuclear talks with the u.s. on saturday south korea and japan say they detected the launch from one song seoul says it's possible it was launched from a submarine which would be a 1st this year. the tests also come a day after south korea celebrated its annual armed forces day by showing off nearly delivered u.s. made f. $35.00 selfe warplanes it's part of souls biggest ever weapons purchase pyongyang
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says the new weapons are grave provocation that violates recent into korean agreements that boris johnson has confirmed there may need to be custom checks on arland off to bragg's it but says that won't necessarily involve new infrastructure his comments have been met with concern in the an anger in our land which is against a return to a hard border or a challenge says this report from the conservative party conference in manchester. it's boris johnson thinking of bringing customs checkpoints back to the island of ireland it's what dublin fears after an irish broadcaster said it had seen leaks brecht's it proposals sent by london to the e.u. and the british prime minister spent cheese day morning at the conservative conference in manchester denying it it's of course early days and we're working very hard to get a deal over the line i think the references that i've heard a plan over to papers don't actually relate to what we are going to table i think
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there's some. confusion about what's being what's being reported but. this is going to be. a difficult negotiation what breaks it means for the irish border is still as foggy as the landscape itself to preserve northern islands delicate $998.00 peace deal its border with the republic of ireland must be kept open and free of physical infrastructure but after bret's it this will be the u.k.'s only land front here with the european union so hardening of the border seems inevitable solving this conundrum has eluded everyone so far boris johnson's predecessor to reason may and the e.u. agreed the backstop a fudge of sorts there would keep the whole of the u.k. inside the e.u. customs zone after bret's it until a proper solution could be worked out but boris johnson says he's ditching the
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backstop for hard it's never been a clean enough break. the government is about to send europe its final ideas for whatever will replace the backstop but brussels doesn't like what it seen thus far we have received by now and for documents from the u.k. as of last tuesday we have not received any proposals from the united kingdom that need all the objectives of the backstop as we have been retreating and demanding some analysts think the prime minister knows it's probably futile boris johnson has to square a circle get a deal the e.u. will approve of which will get through parliament at the moment that looks all but impossible so it's hard not to believe that actually in number 10 what they gave is a situation as to how best to fail to get a deal to go to the electorate to look.


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