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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 1:00pm-1:14pm +03

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for access to the consulate as well as meeting with saudis authorities here and in saudi arabia we are waiting for their response but she was never given access and in june of this year a damning conclusion 15 saudi stated shouldn't acting under cover of their official status used state means to exit cute mr casualty it was overseen planned and endorsed by our liberal officials and it was premeditated calomiris called for an international investigation and criticize the un security council for not doing enough to act but at this year's g 20 the family photo telling perhaps the crown prince center stage next to the u.s. president and the host prime minister shinzo adding a noticeable difference from the one taken a month after the shoji was killed and dismembered inside the saudi diplomatic mission a year on the journalists body has never been found but it seems that the world's
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leaders have moved on and it's business as usual stephanie decker of 0. robbing go live now to 2 of our correspondents who are in stamboul for as we go to andrew symonds at the prosecutor's office so 1st let's go to jamal those shell he's outside the saudi consulate and jamal of course this is the scene of the actual crime isn't there and but there are many people in the sample today who are determined that jamal khashoggi death will not go will not be forgotten. far from it they are ensuring that's will be far from forgotten rather martin in fact the memorial service that is being organized here has been dubbed a moment of silence and as people from around the world will be gathering to speak both friends of mine official tree as well as symbols of the. struggle for justice and the struggle for freedom particularly in the middle east
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which for structure would seem to be a champion of gather to address the memorial service here there will also be unveiling a tombstone just of this green square next to me which is opposite the saudi consulate obviously as we heard from his fiance for the ija. body is still not been recovered we still don't know where it is and the idea behind unveiling this memorial stone rather let's say is to at least have a physical place where people can remember where this crime happened and what's more important here is that the message that is being constantly reminded by his friends by his colleagues and by human rights activists either through op eds that have been published in international outlets like the washington post the new york times and others or whether it is by the messages that they've been giving
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through television interviews is that they must not allow for the memory of jamal official to for the message that he had which was speaking truth to power which was uncovering essentially the wrongdoings of certain regimes within the region that this message must continue and people shouldn't be scared despite the and that's he himself face all right jamal thank you for that jamal is that outside the saudi consulate in istanbul now. andrew simmons and he's outside the prosecutor's office also in istanbul and it wasn't that long ago that the u.n. general assembly when president edda one committed himself to continuing the investigation into the matter jamal khashoggi do we have any idea as to what sort of form that will take the onus to answer is no the form they'd like it's a is an extradition but the word on the attempt to get an extradition is blocks
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really because saudi arabia will have no truck with any call to move the suspects to turkey that's the reality 7 kilometers away you have the consulate on the mood there one of absolute outcry international outcry on a human rights basis about what happened a year ago hey you have the cold reality of a massive investigation this place was one of the busiest buildings in the world just over 11 months ago when it reached its height the investigation pushing and pushing with leaks some of them from here some of them from the police some from investigators and a case a solid case for murder charges but no it isn't taking place and now we have the politic the real politic if you will with mohammed bin soundman addressing the world saying he was on watch and he stands accountable but on the other hand that he has no direct involvement in the murder all the evidence points towards the fact
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that he did order rates and that is the belief of so many investigators around the world but the international mechanism to make that work just isn't there and is there a political will when you have saudi arabia the biggest exporter of arms and the largest oil producer in the world that's the reality that's what the united states on the presidential level will have no truck with a full full inquiry a proper international inquiry a turk's of ourselves on this and they have a case but what can they do the reality is not a lot. andrew symonds live from outside the prosecutor's office in istanbul thank you. well the death of a virgin. has resonated around the world andrew thomas reports from a protest in sydney australia. this protest outside the saudi consulate in the center of sydney has been organized by human rights groups and saudi refugees in australia to mark the 1st anniversary of the murder of your mouth but it's not just
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about marking that grim anniversary it's also people here say about continuing the sort of work that he was doing speaking out about human rights abuses in saudi arabia and the imprisonment of political prisoners by journalists inside the country and protesting the ongoing export of weapons to saudi arabia while the war in yemen rages marcus was a brave champion of human rights and many many human rights defenders around the world and saudi arabia standing up today and calling for justice calling for an investigation into his standing with the more than 30 political prisoners that continue to be locked up in saudi arabia for nearly speaking out for their rights we are his voice we we deliver his theories deliver his i.d.'s and we we are in the same battle we fight for democracy and human rights then like mass 'd . but it's very important myself even here in australia yeah urban areas there are this protest outside the saudi consulate here in sydney is one of the 1st take
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place in the world on wednesday simply because australians winds up but there will be others worldwide that's when he goes on. now x. has a saying a section of a rapidly melting last year on the italian side of mo could break off within the coming days the italian authorities have closed the road and they've stopped hikers from entering the area for fear of the collapse of a much bigger chunk of this crash here the instability has been blamed on climate change and higher temperatures over the summer months from very close to europe's highest mountain range the tasha butler reports. the more prominent in range is the highest in europe jutting dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in italy is the plot of past year glazier for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving eyes has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate
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change and could collapse the thing that is happening is that the movement of the or part of the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that couldn't train. collapse or part of it the section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists if part of the glacier was to break away would cause a.


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