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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 274  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm +03

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voted corruption. in the usa they want all those involved in corruption jailed and are hoping that at least got that way delivered up to sire if he prevails i am a scientist i just got a copy to. still to come here at al-jazeera amounting brassiere in europe's highest mountain ranges being transformed by rising temperatures the scientists say why many in sudan believe a changing government hasn't really improved their lives. there was surprising flooding yesterday in the isle of man parts of england the cloud that brought does not come across the short jump into the low countries and that stretches all were down to as the alps as an active frontal system i think most the
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heavy rain has gone for except maybe in the alpine areas so that's the picture for today mass a dark green here is levy near the snaps italian alps the austrian alps maybe and then lighter rain but still rain running up towards potent and then dashing off down towards north africa the air behind these cold brighter only 30 degrees in london rather better madrid fairly obviously and the warmth to still there in these if anything has been in harm's 31 degrees today is next in bucharest 23 given look at moscow back up to 40 a bit above where it's supposed to be on average now this whole mass does move slowly eastwards and southwards overnight but as snow for the top of the out you notice the heavy rain for thursday is going to be somewhere in the adriatic southern italy and then telling off further north it's still cold behind 11 degrees a high in berlin and 14 in london that's a picture of the next 2 days as more to come but in the immediate future we just look at north africa the tail end of that front will bring some rain to know. 26 to
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start but it cools to. sponsor. is a dialogue. have to. take is really human survival everyone has a voice that starts with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little beige and literally be able to look at each and i joined the conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims. they will be with us and they will be.
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a reminder of the top stories here it. is in hong kong or out in support of the teenager who was shot by police during demonstrations on tuesday the british foreign minister has called the use of live ammunition a disproportionate response. my pompei has called an order for 5 years official to appear before congress bullying the chairman of 3 of the house committees investigating donald trump's dealings with ukraine say any attempt by pompei to obstruct access to information would be illegal. vice president has resigned 24 hours after congress nominated misstated as interim president president got a decision to dissolve congress on monday provided protests in the capital lima and opposition accusations of being a dictator. it's really years since journalist jamal khashoggi entered saudi arabia's consulate in this. to obtain documents for his upcoming marriage she never
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came out investigations by turkish officials indicate because she was killed and dismembered by a saudi hit squad saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man says he takes responsibility but denies ordering the killing. say is demanding answers from riyadh and the crown prince. it is meaningful that this was broadcast close to the october 2nd date it sounds to me like it was something that was said to weaken or listen public pressure secondly if that is not the case and it was carried out under the crown prince's responsibility then we would have the right to ask him about the details then why was to mark killed and why has the public not been informed about the death until now i am talking about the details for instance we don't know where the body is his funeral prayers have not been performed there is no b.-real if he carries full responsibility then i believe we should be able to
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ask these questions in that case mohammed bin some months should give an answer. sent shock waves throughout u.s. politics and put a spotlight on washington and riyadh close relationship mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . a gathering on capitol hill to remember. the event arranged by the project on middle east to mark received the same organization that hosted the journalist last public appearance in the u.s. before he traveled to turkey and his death. just over a year ago he was full of praise for the saudi crown prince crown prince thank you very much the day before mohammed when solomon had paid a visit to the white house a slight smile on his face as president trump outlined the financial importance of the saudi relationship some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered to certain area very soon but many in
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congress had a different view on the value of the relationship expressing deep concern about the saudi war in yemen there was always deep tension between congress and the white house on the issue of saudi arabia the war in yemen just one of the reasons stretching back to the involvement of saudi nationals in the $911.00 attacks the murder of u.s. resident jamal khashoggi added yet another layer to congressional theory this intensified even further after the cia chief briefed congress on the matter angering even the president's most loyal supporters i want to make sure that saudi arabia is put on notice that business as usual has come to an end for me the president though insisted the saudi relationship would be maintained dismissing questions about the crown prince's involvement as irrelevant maybe he did and maybe he didn't writes a president this is
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a minute in the months that followed congress passed legislation opposing arms sales to saudi arabia demanding the withdrawal of u.s. forces supporting the war in yemen and insisting the administration a step to accountability for jamal khashoggi is murder. the bulls dismissed by presidential veto and a year after jamal khashoggi is death congregational angus' still burns we're gaining bipartisan support here in congress for stronger and stronger action this is this issue is not going away the over rocking reality though that the executive will continue to defy congress on the saudi issue until it is changed either through the ballot box or by a successful impeachment trial of the president before the senate my kind of al-jazeera washington. rather going back to istanbul now we go to andrew simmons outside the prosecutor's office and we've got jamal who is outside the saudi consulate of course jamal this is where the crime was actually committed and
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there's an whole array of people and groups who are determined for this crime to be remembered. indeed martin and they are organizing a memorial service will begin the exact minutes on this last year of the street and to that building and then dumping this memorial service martin as a moment of silence and the idea behind this name is a century sending a defiant tone to those who murdered. that this bites their attempts to try and silence a free press to try and silence somebody. had written about what he saw as either corruption or oppression not just inside eurabia but also in the wider arab world that those attempts to silence those voices will not succeed far from its they have
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given birth true more determination amongst other groups so you have colleagues of his from the united states you have human rights activists you have his fiance you have politicians from egypt for example the former presidential candidates a minority you have others who will be addressing crowds who are gathering there will also be unveiling very quickly a memorial stone and this is very important and very significant for 2 reasons at least one the fact that still now we do not know where the remains of john kerry's body is we heard from his fiance there that they haven't been able to hold a funeral prayer for him properly because it had to be done in absentia because of the fact that we don't know the body is and therefore this stone is significant in that respect but also important that they're holding this because the saudi consulate building has actually been sold by the saudis so it could very well be under new ownership soon and maybe i did the building gets changed or or would no
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longer be there so having that stone in the square opposite the building where he was murdered. it is at least a testament remembrance to. the last journalist thank you jim and tomorrow outside the consulate in istanbul let's go now to andrew stevens he's outside as i said before the prosecutor's office there and. one year on and jamal khashoggi his fiance still demanding answers still many things that are resolved. very much so the mood of his public prosecutor's office in this call complex very different to what it was a year ago back then a colossal inquiry that is on a diaper list of people 15 in all plus another 3 connected to the whole conspiracy murder charges expected they could be the that could be
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published we could have done indictments less publish it's not sure when but in terms of any extradition from saudi to turkey of the suspects highly unlikely because saudi is putting its foot down has done from the outset it won't do that so everyone finds themselves confined to the saudi system which is secretive there are a total of 11 suspects before a special court which started its proceedings in january in total secrecy more or less. 5 of those suspects face the death penalty looking at the names there are a few standout. qahtani who was a special advisor to crown the crown prince he had several jobs he was fired from all of them he hasn't been seen for months publicly no one really knows the truth about what's happened it's rumored that he's been poisoned and he's dead that it's
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not a surprise if that was the case because that is a policy that's well known about for executions of not only dissidents but also people within the the house and solid as well in terms of people who have evidence for example or who fall out of favor but right here at the public prosecutor's office as i say it's going to be a frustration and it's turned of frustration if you will because so much work has been done the leaked tapes the audiotapes all of the surveillance the spying effectively is a huge. the important factor to what's happened all of it could prove murder undoubtedly but pointing also to the connection with the crown prince mohammed bin . that is where 'd the whole situation stands still because of geopolitics you're not going to see anything further it's expected by diplomats anything other
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than the words he gave to the american networks which was fell well short of saying yes i ordered that killing andrew symonds live outside the public prosecutor's office in istanbul thank you that's been almost a month since the transitional government was formed in sudan after those months and months of protests but many sudanese say they haven't seen much change to their lives and their demands to be included in this new democratic process is being met with aggression him all the reports are nearer in the south africa region. 17 year old gets mahmoud has been missing school for a week she was injured during protests in south dar for less than 2 weeks ago dismissed says the school released them early because of a shortage of bread students from other schools protested then things turned violent. they were boys burning times
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during the protests the soldiers were firing tear gas at them and they were throwing the canisters back at the soldiers we ran into katun and found soldiers mounted on pickup trucks some of them fired live ammunition one of the bullets hit my foot. according to activists here at least half a dozen students were injured in the 2 days the protests lasted they were also angry about the lack of fuel these shortages are the same issues that led to the months long nationwide protests that forced the president almost bashir from power the military took over earlier this year until a transitional power sharing agreement was signed in august with protest leaders and but more than 6 weeks after the deal those any changes are yet to be seen and felt it wasn't just bread and fuel shortages that brought people out different than . many other cities in sudan there are growing calls for state governors to be dismissed they were appointed earlier this year by former president i'm going to be here and people say that the fact they're still in power means the old regime
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hasn't gone away. activists say there have been repeated incidents of violence in the state already marred by conflict this it dozens have been shot by armed men in the past year and that no action has been taken against the attackers. as governor admits more needs to be done to provide security. no one can tell people not to protest that's the right granted to them in the transitional constitution agreement we've secured bread and fuel for the people no but we admit we are weak when it comes to security because we have a lot of counties and not enough security forces we have spoken to the sovereign council about that and their pledge to increase security forces so people will feel safe according to the transitional deal all the military governors appointed in february are to be replaced by civilian governors and till that happens resistance committee which organize the protests says it will educate the city's. residents about their rights. activists say there have been depleted
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incidence of violence in the state already marred by conflict dozens have been shot by armed men in the past and that more action has been taken against us. says she knows her rights and was focusing on that when she went to school the day she was injured she wants to know why there were bullets fired when those protesting had been armed and only demanding bread and the change they've been promised he will morgan and does the south door for now say a section of a rapidly melting brassiere on the italian side of more could break off in the coming days italian authorities have closed the road of the band hikers from entering the area because they fear the collapse of a big chunk of this cross or the grasses instability has been blamed on climate change and high temperatures over the summer months that's actually about the reports now from europe's highest mountain range the more plan mountain range is the highest in europe jutting dramatically into the sky on its southern slopes in
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italy is the plot of past year for as long as anyone here can remember the vast expanse of slow moving ice has been part of the landscape but that could soon change scientists say the glacier is melting at an alarming rate because of climate change and could collapse the thing. happening in. the movement of the parts of the front of the glacier is much faster than the rest of the glacier and this means that we have a sector of the glacier that train. part of it the section at risk is the equivalent in volume of $100.00 lympics swimming pools below it a valley popular with tourists if part of the glacier was to break away would cause a huge avalanche or.


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