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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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saudi arabia says khatami was latest set for his role and could shock she's murder but in recent months they are reports he's still working for the crown prince the deputy head of saudi intelligence ahmed l a siri was also fired he gave evidence to a saudi court that he had told the team to convince to return to the kingdom had never ordered the use of force the kingdom blames him for organizing the mission saying it was carried out by men who exceeded their role foresty last november syrian 9 members of the so-called hit team which charged over the killing a member of the consulate staff in istanbul was also indicted 5 of them face the death penalty but one major participant sanctioned by the us for his part in the planning and execution of the operation still hasn't been charged that men sowed tanny he tweeted in 2017 that he's a trustworthy employee who carries out the orders of his boss the king and his boss
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the crown prince sir from our studio position here overlooking the bosphorus let's go out into stan bowl and start with anders them and see if that the turkish prosecutor's office and andrew what developments are there one year turkey has been the one driving this car is driving the investigation what developments are there. very few right now and that's the point kemal there is a focus as you saw in my report on what was happening in the run up because all the evidence points towards a very large state organized murder mission in which the target was jamal khashoggi and the seams the murder was top of the list in the options and now in terms of evidence they've done all they can here in turkey they were so hard
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and the spy world is involved obviously with bugging a video recordings and also particularly those video recordings from spike from c.c.t.v. cameras but also spies software used in phones was part of it and bugging undoubtedly although it is denied official levels there is bugging and that's across the espionage world it's not just turkey involved in the it's our sources suggest that special software particularly pegasus was used by at least 3 of the hit t.v. and also that same software could it be used on himself but in terms of this evidence it is here in this building the prosecutors have indictments ready they haven't published them yet but the cole to get the suspects out of saudi arabia and to come here to be officially transferred to the legal requirements has really fading down now because saudi has absolutely insisted that extradition is out
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of the question and there's no agreement as far as saudi goes they are having their own show trial effectively but i say a show trial i don't mean visually because it's it's a secret and effectively there are only a few people allowed to observe this there are 5 members of 'd the un security council allowed to be that turkey is allowed to be at these hearings when they take place that is but they don't half. any right to discuss the goings on with the court publicly they have to actually sign on to that it's an extraordinary situation because you have 11 people before that court whereas as far as the turkish investigators are concerned there are 15 that's the hit team plus 3 who were in forward teams organizing things and so where you have this situation where the saudi trial which started in january there's a cloak of secrecy over it but the bottom line to answer your question fully come
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all is that turkey is waiting and seeing now to see what saadi will do we've seen the elaborate public relations exercise on the part of mohammed been cited than we've seen his explanation which basically says yes i was on the watch and i was in fact in responsible you know in a it a statesman way but i did not have any direct dealings with this operation now you might think the 2. are really a problem certainly the investigators think so agnes kalamata has just been insistent she's the un special rapporteur she's been insistent that the finger points at him the cia feel on in all probability is the majority opinion his he's undoubtedly the man who sanctioned at this murder so we are now to conclude that question i'm sorry it's so long we're now at a point where the frustration which is really boiling amongst investigators who
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feel they've done their job adequately but they don't have the body they don't have the suspects either so there is a frustration and does it go anywhere from here a lot of people think side from the for rory the human rights for o'ree it's going away and we see all the evidence of that in terms of the geopolitics. that is andrew symonds at the turkish prosecutor's office here in stand bowl and from there we move to a location that we are all too familiar with the saudi consulate in istanbul and jamal shale is there for us where you have stood for many days and so many of our correspondents have been there for so many days and weeks jamal tell us what's been happening there today. well come at the same time as we started this special coverage a memorial service kicked off is well it's one that's been dubbed as a moment of silence
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a very clear message from the friends of the from members of human rights organizations from symbols of those who continue to struggle against oppressive regimes that the murder of the saudi journalist in the building behind me will not achieve the goals intended by those who tried to silence them speaker of the speaker have come out onto the stage and they've spoken about how it is now their duty not just to remember the life of jamal khashoggi not just to remember his message but actually to continue in what's he tried to achieve namely speaking truth to power being the voice of the voice of this i mean suring that those in power were held accountable we've heard from human rights organizations we've heard from friends of jamal khashoggi from the fiance of jamal khashoggi we'll be hearing from the nobel prize winner tawakkul karman from yemen there is dissident voices
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from egypt there is up on the stage where the one of the world's richest men jeff bezos their owner of the washington post of course through. use to write for so that is the memorial service that has kicked off but there are also other events that will follow that including the unveiling of a memorial stone in this garden in this square that is in front of the consulates where as you mention we stood for so many days reporting on what's had happened inside trying to get to the truth and this memorial stone will not just stand as a memory. and a physical place where people can go and pay their respects because as we've heard time and again one year on come out and we still do not know where the remains of his body. this out your thirty's this by it's an attempt to try and claim some sort of responsibility finally have still refused to tell the world what they have done with those remains so this true stone is important for that reason but also
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important because the building behind me that's consulates may be a bit to try and clear the name from what has become such a notorious assassination probably the most notorious of modern times have sold that building so in a few months time the flag above it. will not be there we're not sure what will happen to the building itself but at least that stone will a testament that once upon a time there was a journalist who walked inside to get some papers to start a new life but never came out after. the saudi consulates in istanbul thank you so much jamal plenty more to come on this jamal khashoggi one year special here on al-jazeera and that includes and you've heard her name mentioned already the u.n. . she is now back in istanbul she says there needs to be a much stronger response from the international community.
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economy consideration financial. playing against. willingness. to take a stand and more generally maybe we live in a world where many. the focus. of. october on al jazeera. as the deadline of
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a type of authority fast gets closer stay with us for all of the ninety's developments on breaks in. the hot sun will host a new series of interviews with the teacher tackling the big issues about tone loading does ex-pats and environmentalist will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the optics faultlines just by taking a microscope to the most contentious issues facing america and local news coverage of the announcement of the 2019 the nobel peace prize winner october announces the for. me i. then say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the world to me and al-jazeera shares these personal journey it's.
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inspiring stories of people perseverance on their chosen path. weakness documentaries on al jazeera. where in the stone bowl one year on from the day jamal khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate and to his brutal murder on come all santa maria thanks for staying with us the un special rapporteur on your scan of my you've heard her name brought up a few times already she spent months going through the evidence she has listened to all of those audiotapes recordings and she came up with the most detailed account yet she's back here in istanbul she's at that event where you saw jamal not long ago but we had
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a chance to sit down for an in-depth interview with the special rapporteur and i began by asking on his county she felt that one iran should have been more progress by now. i would yes on the other hand i'm all saw. aware that justice takes time that we do not want the kind of summary justice that is currently being delivered in saudi arabia. for a case such as the killing of mr cash only which raises to the level of an international crisis justice cannot be served in one year so while i would want us to be further along. at a more practical and pragmatic level fully aware that we need time but we need to resilience can you elaborate on that well we need time because we need the various initiatives that are been started in turkey in the
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united states and internationally to. move to their fullest extent we need resilience because while. judicial accountability is ultimately what we're looking for that goal and outcome is going to take simple year olds particularly if what we want is for the chain of command behind the killing to be fully investigated and for the identity of those who have ordered the crime while inside to the crime or one of benefited from the crime for these identities to be made public that is going to take more time but so we need resilience because we need to keep asking i think the international community and the authorities in saudi arabia will be quite keen for a return to business as usual and we need to be hanging there and and cysteine that
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justice be served you say you are a pragmatic person. i guess that means you know that saudi arabia is a very closed society and that the type of justice you are seeking is unfortunately unlikely the likelihood of them handing anyone over of of transparency in their own judicial system to say that this is happened to x. y. and z. people. it's very unlikely and. i'm fully aware of it i stated in my report and subsequently that i do not think that justice for mr casualty should be held hostage of the saudi judicial system of the dislike of independence and like a fair trial guarantees that's a given so what does that mean justice in in a case like that we need to look. for political justice for economic
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justice for cultural justice we need to ask of all those state that they undertake the investigation that saudi arabia is unable or unwilling to do they are currently in the united states civil institutions that have information which i hope eventually will be made public the cia is one of them the information at their disposal should be declassified so that we can all have access to their own assessment as to who ordered the crime within the u.s. congress there is an ongoing process demanding that to report to be issued by the director of the national security agency to reveal who has ordered the crime and to impose sanctions on various individuals at touch to the crime that paul says is has been initiated it falls adopted by
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the american house by your vast majority only 8 members voted against it we need to lead that process continued. to maturation and of fully to allow for that a truth telling to take place through that democratic process so that's just some eggs. ampoules of what can be done to ensure justice for jamal outside the saudi legal system there are other things that we should ask we should for instance demand that the next g. 20 in riyadh and. does not take place there that i know the g 20 members are volunteers to host. the meeting failing that i think the member states that
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will participate to the g 20 must do that by demanding certain conditions on the part of of riyadh and they must also be prepared to take a stand something they did not do in osaka. 29000 in my view was instrumental ised by the u.s. president to attribute legitimacy. to the crown prince in a context where there were vast number of critique that instrumentalities ition of the g. 20 should not be tolerated by the other members of the g. 20 they should take a stand and they must take a stand where over the next g. 20 meeting take place so there are number of things that we can ask for there are number of things that we can do and that we can ask of our elected leaders that
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they do you mentioned the saudi crown prince who in recent media interviews has said that he takes and these are his words full responsibility. what do you make of that oa look i you know i have 2 reactions to that statement one is positive well com is a claim of responsibility or the need to be clay it. could have done that much earlier publicly at least. to me it is an implicit recognition of the state responsibility for the killing something i demanded in june when i released my report something that the authorities consistently rejected when the crown prince is saying i am the choirs the head of state therefore i am responsible for mine was exactly what is saying is that the state is responsible because it is
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a state ok so that's to me positive. adding said that he now needs to take the full implications of that statement which we really demand among other things that he apologize. formally not only to the family but also to the funeral say and you know to the friends and colleagues of mr castro give each should make that declaration public to is paul and issued commit to non repetition that's essential once a state has admitted that he teased a response.


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