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tv   Edith Eddie  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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at least. to me it is an implicit recognition of the state responsibility for the killing something i demanded in june when i released my report something that the authorities consistently rejected when the crown prince is saying i am the choirs the head of state therefore i am responsible for manuel exactly what is saying is that the state is responsible because it is a state ok so that's to me positive. adding said that in our needs to take the full implications of that statement which we demand among other things that he apologize. formally not only to the family but also to the funeral say and you know to the friends and colleagues of mr castro give east should make that declaration public to is paul and issued commit to non repetition
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that's essential once a state as admitted that it easer responsible for human rights violations the main implication is of course 3 parish and for the victims but no one repatriation we want the state to take a range of measures demonstrating that the conditions and the policies of politics that led to the death of mr cashel you will not be repeated and will not be tolerated that we certainly haven't seen so far in fact we have seen quite the opposite that's my 1st reaction. my 2nd reaction to his statement is that east to not recognizing you spoke of so no responsibility is creating a distance between the crime and himself because he says he didn't order the love but what is failing to also recognize is that is person no liability for the crime
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may come from the whether or not he has ordered but it can also take all the forms under criminal law of any well constituted legal system the chain of command responsibility can take several forms yes who has ordered but also who has incited who has failed to take the necessary measures to protect who knew or should have known that a crime was being planned but failed to stop it who created the conditions that made the crime possible all of those. amount to individual liability in relationship to the killing saw him a or you may not have ordered the killing we cannot take his words form 4 for granted. we need an investigation but we should also remind him then in addition to
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focusing on was ordered we are also wrench of or the cases and say now used to consider where is personal liability should be implicated in any case in the statement he is trying to create a distance between himself and the crime is you know is stablish in layers and layers of individuals of institutions of decision making so he's creating that distance. which a lot of high level corporate active stand to do or that was done there are there but you know i'm up there outline. no you know our i'm sorry but the fact actually betrays that allegation on the spot in the vigil that i've been named including by the saudi prosecutor and that i've been implicated in the killing of mr casually i have a much closer relationship to the crown prince than is prepared to recognize in that
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public statement has the level of international pressure disappointed us all. i think there's been a lot of media pressure certainly because we have seen it as an issue of press freedom as well as human rights. but i wonder if they could have been moved me internationally to mr needs to be more from the international community absolutely i think the over all the international community as been reluctant to respond adequately to to what has happened. if if we remember what happened when canada took a stand. go almost for the imprisonment of a young woman activist. the reaction from saudi arabia was very strong very angry and nobody among the other member states nobody came to the defense
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of canada which was left to basically angling on its own facing the the the anger of saudi arabia that is a kind of context and situations that is the reality when it comes to the country very few countries within the international community are prepared to take a stand and to speak. or to act in accordance to the some of their statement jessamine make the right statements particularly in the human rights council because this is where you are supposed to speak those statements. but outside you know they said nothing during the g 20 performance and see no sika so the just don't want to upset so you really do business through here so i think i think you know geo strategy consideration economy consideration financial considerations
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all of that are playing against their willingness and ability to to take a stand in more generally maybe we live in a world where many people are bit more coward than they may have been in the past this is why in my opinion what's happening right now in the us congress is so important because we are here actors that are not only willing to speak strongly and demanding accountability from saudi arabia but that are also prepared to act on their worlds and to stand up for what they believe in you know i have not asked for diplomatic relationship to be to be stopped with saudi arabia i have made some fairly. important but also not impossible recommendations regarding sanctions for instance what is really bothering
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me i think right now is that saw few individual actors within the international community are prepared to take a stand. you know i have already mention or secular 2019 clear instrumentalities ation. no one prison there no one none of the head of state present. talk of stand to pour tect the values of their country for many of them and took a stand to to distance themselves form the clear attempt by some individual to to attack press freedom and to give legitimacy to someone that had been associated with with or killing no one took a stand that to me is unacceptable you know yes we also want more
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than taking a stand but taking a stand is a minimum condition and that is not sufficiently happening what i do hope is that we is the actions of american congressmen and senators with a continuing pressure from civil society with the information and truth telling that continues to or care that is gone and power lies that international community is hopefully going to earn silence the international community that they will be prepared to speak up loudly and clearly. for jamal and for justice for jamelle why do we need justice for jamal we need justice for jamal because of course he has been the victim of a gruesome murder that the m.p. kits the state and then plea could c.i.s.
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leave all of the state we want justice because that kind of regulation should not go and respond to but we also want justice for jamal because. calling for their justice we are also protecting a lot of other drano least who were not as well known as who we are not american resident who where not hired and working for the washington post or came saw we are letting everyone knows that no one can get away with murdering a journalist no one can get away with murdering jamal khashoggi that's the signal that must be sent this is a signal that the international community must send so that john only stay around the world are protected for reporting for investigating and for giving us the truth on a range of issues final thought from you and this is on a more personal level for you the amount of work you put into the report was enormous you fact finding missions do you feel and this is
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a strange way of phrasing but you feel it has been worth it and that it will be worth it that there will be a result from all of that yes i certainly feel it has been worth it. first it as bored in it does. added. a different dimension to the killing of mr cashel it has also saw made a human rights issue out of the killing of mr casually until my report they i had been mini investigation by journalist but his killing not been analyzed form the standpoint of international human rights lawyer. what my report has done is put it very firmly in the domain of international human rights law and therefore very firmly as amply kitted the response abilities of a ranch of all the states that are committed to human rights protection 2nd
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my report has made it more difficult for actos and kid to to evade their responsibilities i was highlighting the implicit recognition that the crime was a state crime that to me is a very important development and something that may not have happened otherwise i did not been for the report and for a few other actors thirdly my investigation as old saw. brought into sharp light the many accountability deficit within the international system something that even i was not aware of before i started that investigation it has shown the powerlessness of the un the difficulties of moving with is something that should have been
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immune amply technical and driven by human rights but became the hostage of international politics within the united nation so it has shown how little the u.n. could do in a very troubled political environment it has all sorts on that we have as an international community no mechanic for investigating that kind of crime we have established dark tribunals we have established a commission of inquiry for massive human rights violations for what happened in syria in me on march in yemen but for targeted killings. we actually have been largely powerless and silent. i think this was the 1st
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time in the history of special procedures special rapporteur that. such an investigation took place it does show on how much can be extracted form a symbolic case such as mr cashel given both for mr cashel good and for the protection of those anteaters all saw allowed us to point to the need for the un to equip itself we along a structural means of responding to targeted killings targeted killings and targeted violence i will say more generally of people who want to think with their conscience of people who are independent mind who believe in critical reporting who are undertaking investigative reporting those targeted killings are in the increase. they are reflecting the intolerance growing
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intolerance of the world we live in for people who want to think of their own therefore it is important for the united nations to take full stock of what i have found of their own weaknesses and equip themself with the means to report respond adequately and this is why i have demanded that the member state of the un establish. a standing instrument was manned it will be to investigate targeted killings and other act of targeted violence against john least human rights defenders and people who dare dissent and believe for. democratic values freedom of expression and human rights. so i missed and that full interview they are obviously making the point that they haven't been or
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they haven't been enough countries around the world who have stood up and actually taken action yes they've been words but where the actions been so we want to build on that and look more at international diplomacy here and what has and indeed hasn't happened and matthew brize is joining us to do that a former now let me get this around the right way you were a white house official under presidents george w. bush direct and then you worked for the obama administration as the u.s. ambassador to as about it's ok so you know you diplomacy and i wonder if that's where i might actually start the fact that the role of a of a diplomat the job of a diplomat it you are treading a tightrope the whole time and you'll there to look after your own country's interests but you are they have to well react and call out if necessary is that been the problem here almost that people have traded too much on the side of we'll just keep quiet because we don't want to we don't want to push but we don't want to rock the boat too much exactly i mean you you of identify them that the key to
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lemons or challenges of diplomacy you have to enforce your policy when the other side is breaking the rules but doing so imposes costs on yourself and i think the government in riyadh has game just out perfectly they know that there's a president in the white house who very much wants to focus on keeping the saudis calm maintaining stability which means then the rules that we thought we were playing by no longer have any meaning because under president trump the u.s. isn't going to enforce them so why is the international study relationship so important you hear the likes of donna from saying hey we don't need their oil anymore we've got our own we can be energy dependent president bush was saying years ago we have to wean ourselves off middle east oil so i'm wondering why is the what is so crucial about the saudi relationship now in well 2819 this year of since instrument's death i think you.


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