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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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the person on the phone asked where i was and after i told him at the main gate we didn't 3 minutes this person came out and told me there was no one inside they told me i was wrong but everyone left for the day and there was no point waiting. but who was the only witness to her partner's disappearance state she called the scene act i an old friend of her mouth and a high ranking official in turkey's ruling ak party. sorry she called me at exactly 4 41 pm which was 3 hours and 25 minutes after he went inside i called the saudi ambassador in ankara he said that's awkward i will call the consulate to see what's happened and i will call you back so he never called me back i called again and he didn't pick up my call so i sent a text message but he didn't reply i realised it was beyond his power also want to . jump she was already dead murdered by agents of his country's government
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at 3 o 7 pm surveillance video shows vehicles with diplomatic license plates leaving the consulate it is believed the journalists body parts were in suitcases and taken to the consul general's residence 200 meters away it's not known how they disposed of the remains so in the international media converged outside the saudi consulate after word spread that she. went missing days past then the 59 year old never walked out of that building the case became an international incident at 1st saudi officials insisted she left the building days later the saudi consul general opened closet and electrical panels in front of the cameras to prove it was not inside his actions through global outreach. i but i could i would like to confirm that the citizen jamal is not at the consulate nor in the kingdom of saudi arabia and the
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consulate and the embassy are working to search for him and we are worried about his case was one of them. then that also we are sure will join in the war in iraq with saudi officials continue to give conflicting explanations until they were forced to acknowledge the murder weeks later audio recordings provided details of the mouse final moments his murder and the dismemberment of his body he was politely taken to the consul general this office on the 2nd floor where his killers were waiting for him more trip a senior saudi intelligence officer told him he must return to riyadh please sit we have to take you back there is an order from enterable to enter paul demanded you'll be returned we are here to take you there are no lawsuits against me my fiance is waiting outside for me what to ask her to send
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a message to his son telling him not to worry if he is not heard from what should i say see you soon all right nothing how can this happen in an embassy right it mr drama how do you up help us so we can help you because in the end we'll take you to saudi arabia and if you don't help us you know what will happen in the end at 133 pm i noticed a towel when you drug me we will put you to sleep a plastic bag was then put over his head then there were sounds of struggling as well as commands keep pushing don't remove your hand. last words were a plea to his killers not to cover his mouse i have asked him or do not do it i'll suffocate. at 1 39 pm the sound of what turkish authorities have said is a chainsaw being used to dismember the body of her show she could be heard the
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operation had lasted less than half an hour a journalist father fiance had been murdered an international scandal was just beginning sen al jazeera istanbul joining us here in our studio is cynical so you are istanbul correspondent so it's a year to the moment effectively. at what point on either this stay october 2nd or october 3rd did you find out the news and then begin reporting on it well actually on october the 2nd in late afternoon everybody heard about i mean the officials heard about your mouth to shoot you not getting out of the consulate building because. forms of turkish officials we all know the story and we wanted an. news package but you know that when somebody is missing there's always the hope that 1st there was a hole a maybe he was taken out to somewhere else for interrogation or something else but
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he could have. he could see him from somewhere and so on the 2nd day it was obvious that something was exactly going wrong or what do you remember you started doing the live reports and then you start feeling ok this is this is not right this is not normal this is something different. that one of the things that i can share is that when i went in front of the consulate building on october 3rd it early morning there i met her teacher had to do was there. she was she was like she was like a soldier waiting on duty in front of the consulate but she was also trying to help the press as well she was trying to inform them as well and i saw her face and the there was something like a hole in her face because at that time we knew that tamara shifter went inside but no one saw him coming out so as i said there was
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a kind of hawk until we heard about some rumors a back at that time at 1st the story was a conspiracy a story of journalists being kidnapped or it but then when everything came up that ugly truth came up that he was killed in that context laid the story became like a thriller couldn't quite believe it could be ok and thank you for now we're going to talk to cinema again a little bit later on when we're joined by another guest but cinnamon did refer to her tutoring goes there a little bit earlier of course jamal's fiance this story was just supposed to be about paperwork for the 2 getting the paperwork very needed for their wedding. so we've got this report now. excuse me about well actually we've got the interview we've got an interview with her teaching as i spoke to a little bit earlier and just got her as i've done with sin him to explain how the day began for. tell you because this time last year i was very excited jamal and
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i were going to apply for the marriage process jamal was about to come back from a couple of days a brode i had done some shopping for our house it was a very exciting process as things were moving so fast that we were about to complete all the procedures for the marriage because the circumstances were right or jamal was willing i was willing there were only minor procedures we had to complete and we were anxious about these 2 when we woke up that morning there was no worry or bad feeling in my mind or heart this was not our 1st time there jamal was also very comfortable we had not even talked about whether or not we should go to the consulate i just asked him who he would be going there with and he told me a friend he didn't give me the name at that moment i was a bit worried thinking he would go alone i had classes so i canceled them and joined jamal because he had visited 4 days beforehand i think on the 28th of
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september what was the reception he got that day he went in and everything was ok yeah i thought. that was it happened a bit spontaneously because we 1st visited the turkish misspell a day jamal wanted to hear from doth or to some self exactly what happens when needed boston jamal didn't want to go to the consulate himself for these papers he was trying to figure out if you could get the papers from somewhere else or if we could get married without the papers jamal absolutely did not want to go to the consulate atomy disparity day told him the procedure was that he had to get the necessary papers either from saudi arabia or their consulate here and once he heard that jamal said let's try and then we went to the consulate together on the way jamal was very worried but of course i could not really grasp how deep his worries were looking back his fears all make sense but on the day i could not guess what could happen he did that but i just asked him what is what is worrying you saw. and
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i said we didn't have to go he said we must for the papers i asked him what could be the worst thing that could happen he said he didn't want to see the bad face of saudi arabia but he said maybe they would take his password from him or maybe detain him so i told him that since i was going bear with him and we would be together such things would not happen. he agreed maybe he got the strength from me or because he really wanted to get married he took the risk i don't know but after you came out of that visit he told me that there was shock inside everyone was very surprised to see him and they offered him coffee and tea they spent 45 minutes talking he left the consulate very relaxed and happy after that visit their day told him he would need to come back because it would take some time for the papers to be prepared jamal himself told them that he had a short trip that he was going to make abroad and come back he gave that information to them himself and the rest we all know so tell me then about this
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past year for you obviously it has brought you a lot of support not just in turkey but international support but i also wonder about the negative effect on you has have there been threats made against you has your life become more difficult in the past year even with all that support off the wall for the phone number you mentioned that i got international support to be frank there was only international media support international media really stood behind this and the world learned of jamal and how he was a very good journalist but there was no other off issue international support whatsoever neither from europe the european union countries nor america there was no government level support if you're talking about media sports yes but turkey in that sense was left alone politically and legally the process continued then only because of turkey's efforts and risk all the marks report and efforts have we got to where we are now that on a personal level what happened is something that nobody. i can't even imagine you
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asked me how that last day started for me well this is something that nobody can even think about or explain with words that there is 180 degree change in my life last year on the day i was a woman who nobody knew about and who only wanted to get married to jamal now jamal is gone and with you here we are trying to figure out what happened to tomorrow. on a personal level i developed a social phobia about how people will react and how davil perceive me i have this fear of being in crowds i distance myself from people i chose to be alone because of security reasons they gave me a bodyguard that changed my life so much. i'm normally a conservative person i'm not used to these things and nobody in my close circle is used to these things that i never thought that my life would be like 1st but from the last year to where we are now i'm happy that this case is still being talked about and perceive yes we've lost jamal but at least he's not forgotten the search
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for justice is still continuing my personal discomfort or the psychological suffering will get better i know even though i started the healing process late but again as i said i'm spiritually content in where i am today you said that turkey has been alone and it's always been speaking up about about jamal's death president or one wrote in the washington post just a few days ago about how he wants to push he wants there to be an international push that it is not in fact about a turkey saudi arabia bilateral arrangement or discussion he also said that he separates those who killed jamal from the leadership in saudi arabia. how do you feel when that do you do you separate them like that. jani i think what i read mr president's op ed by self i believe it's a very strong article and it's a piece that summarizes the message that turkey wanted to give all the way along
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i'm at the same point in the past media asked me what i meant by saying saudi arabia should be held accountable in this case and i want to say here again when we are asking for justice to be done for jamal we are actually asking that the people who committed this crime be put on trial not the people of saudi arabia even though the people who committed this crime are from saudi arabia and they do not represent all the people of saudi arabia the whole country and we want these specific people to be put on trial and punished and them to be responsible for this murder this does not include all the people of saudi arabia and. we should keep those who are in power in saudi arabia and the people who committed the crime separate from why do i say that in my opinion even though there are some bad examples of press freedom violations in the history of saudi arabia this specific case is again on to any press freedom my life and i might i think it's immoral to say that this is something that i was used to all the time that this is
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a matter of routine for saudi arabia in general this is not representative of all saudi arabia or all the people in charge and by asking the criminals to be punished and keeping those who rule saudi arabia separate is a delicate point that mr president emphasizes and i agree with a lot of they are saudi arabia is a very important country in islam worldwide and they are the rulers of the holy land that all muslims have a huge respect and faith in particular so i'm not comfortable about the feeling but also how do you worry being responsible of such terrible crime and i guess mr president wanted to underline that they are friends and i agree with him the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin salman has said in the last few days that while he didn't order the killing he says as the leader as a leader in saudi arabia he said i take full responsibility what does full responsibility mean to you what does. full justice in the end i mean do you know who took. this statement came at
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a very specific time i believe it's a statement that needs to be judged along with all the events from the very beginning if i were to comment on that one sentence today it is quite weird that he says he takes responsibility for the incident in general but he doesn't accept his direct responsibility i guess by taking responsibility in general he's trying to avoid his personal part in this this is a contradiction in this case we need to ask him if he's taking responsibility what are the details the details that the whole world is curious about why was just killed why was he killed in such an yway where is his body who gave the order for the hit team to come to turkey if the responsibility is on him then he needs to answer these questions not the 5 people they put in jail he needs to answer these questions the teacher changes thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate it plenty more to come on this jamal khashoggi one year special here on al-jazeera met
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includes and you've heard her name mentioned already the u.n. rapporteur i guess she is now back in istanbul she says there needs to be a much stronger response from the international community. geo with try to. ration economy consideration financial considerations all of that are playing against there our willingness and ability to to take a stand in and more generally maybe we live in a world where many people are a bit more coward. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment do you ever
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feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes deadly drugs. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved ordinary joy just the thought of what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to
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experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in kurdistan on al-jazeera. i know in our entire not in the top stories on jazeera the u.s. president is again be attacking leading democrats after they accused him of intimidating witnesses and inciting violence over the investigation into his phone call with the leader of ukraine donald trump is under increasing pressure from democrats who are pushing ahead with an impeachment inquiry into the july phone call they say then issue a subpoena demanding documents into trump's dealings with ukraine we will
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do everything in our power to make sure that that was supposed protected that that was a blowers. preferences in terms of their anonymity are respected. and let's let's not make any mistake here the president wants to make this all about the whistleblower and suggest people that come forward with evidence of his wrongdoing or somehow treasonous and should be treated as traitors and spies this is a blatant effort to intimidate witnesses adam schiff comments from to this response from president trump but it was all fabricated he should resign from office and disgrace and frankly they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states not only words but the main thing and it's a disgrace it should not be allowed to happen. and it's 4 people have been killed and more than 100 injured during a 2nd day of violent protests across iraq large and you government demonstrations
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took place in the capital baghdad as well as the cities of najaf asked for and the syria a curfew has now been imposed in several southern cities and internet access has been blocked in several areas. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have targeted a police headquarters with petrol bombs after an officer shot a demonstrator on tuesday it was the 1st injury by a live round in the months of demonstrations across the territory the teenage protester is now in a stable condition in hospital. and it's what teenie formerly known as swaziland a rally by teachers and government workers demanding better pay and living costs has turned violent and the crowds threw stones at police who used motor cannon rubber bullets and tear gas disperse the protesters in the city and then xeni. the her shoulder murder conspiracy lies injustice continues next hour of the news hour for you after that journey that i for now. where in there is
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stand bill one year on from the day jamal khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate and to his brutal murder and come out on the maria thanks for staying with us the un special rapporteur on your scan of my you've heard her name brought up a few times already she spent months going through the evidence she has listened to all of those audiotapes recordings and she came up with the most detailed account yet we had a chance to sit down for an in-depth interview with the special rapporteur i began by asking on his come out she felt that one iran should've been more progress by now. i would yes on the other hand i'm all saw. aware that justice takes time and that we do not want the kind of summary justice that is currently being delivered in saudi arabia. for a case such as the killing of mr cash only which raise to the level of an
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international crisis justice cannot be served in one year so while i would want us to be further along. at a more practical and pragmatic level fully aware that we need time but we need the resilience you say you are a pragmatic person. i guess that means you know that saudi arabia is a very closed society and that the type of justice you are seeking is unfortunately unlikely the likelihood of them handing anyone over of of transparency in their own judicial system to say that this is happened to x. y. and z. people. it's very unlikely and. i'm fully aware of it i stated in my report and subsequently that i do not think that justice for mr casualty should be held hostage of the saudi judicial system of it's like of independence and
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like a fair trial guarantees that's a given so what does that mean justice in in a case like that we need to look. for political justice for economic justice for current shoulder justice we need to ask of all those state that they undertake the investigation that saudi arabia is unable or unwilling to do they are currently in the united states civil institutions that have information which i hope eventually will be made public the cia is one of them the information at their disposal should be declassified so that we can all of access to their own assessment as to who ordered the crime within the u.s. congress there is an ongoing process demanding that a report to be issued by the director of the national security agency to
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reveal who has ordered the crime and to impose sanctions on various individuals at touch to the crime that paul says is has been initiated it falls adopted by the american house by your vast majority only 8 members voted against it we need to lead that process continued. to maturation and obviously to allow for that a truth telling to take place through that democratic process so that's just some eggs. of what can be done to ensure justice for jamal outside the saudi legal system there are other things that we should ask we should for instance demand that the next g.
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20 in riyadh. does not take place there that i know there are g 20 members of volunteers to host. the meeting failing that i think the member states that will participate to the g 20 must do that by demanding. certain conditions on the part of of riyadh they must also be prepared to take a stand something they did not do in osaka. 29000 in my view was instrumental ised by the us president to attribute legitimacy. to the crown prince in a context where there were vast number of critique that instrumentalities ition of the g 20 should not be tolerated by the other members of the g 20 they should take a stand and they must take a stand where over the next g.
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20 meeting take place so there are number of things that we can ask for there are number of things that we can do and that we can ask of our elected leaders that they do you mentioned the saudi crown prince who in recent media interviews has said that he takes in these are his words full responsibility. what do you make of that oh a look i you know i have 2 reactions to that statement one is positive i welcome it easer claim of responsibility or the need to be clay it. could have done that much earlier publicly at least. to me it is an implicit recognition of the state responsibility for the killing something i demanded in june when i released my report something that the authorities consistently rejected when the crown prince is saying i am the kweisi head of state
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therefore i am responsible for manuel exactly what is saying is that the state is responsible because it is a state ok so that's to me positive. adding said that he now needs to take the full implications of that statement which we demand among other things that he apologize. formally not only to the family but also to the fiance and you know to the friends and colleagues of mr castro give each should make that declaration public to is paul and issued commit to non repetition that's essential once a state has admitted that he teased responsible for human rights violations the main implication is of course 3 parish and for the victims but none of repatriation
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we want the state to take a range of measures demonstrating that the conditions and the policies of politics that led to the death of mr cashel you will not be repeated and will not be tolerated that we certainly haven't seen so far in fact we have seen quite the opposite that's my 1st reaction. my 2nd reaction to his statement is that east to not recognizing you spoil so no responsibility is creating a distance between the crime and himself because he says he didn't order the love but what is failing to also recognize is that is person no liability for the crime may come from the whether or not he has ordered but it can also take all their forms under criminal law of any well constituted legal system the chain of command responsibility can take several forms yes who has ordered
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but also who has incited who has failed to take the necessary measures to protect who knew or should have known that a crime was being planned but failed to stop it who created the conditions that made the crime possible all of those. amount to individual liability in relationship to the killing saw him a or you may not have ordered the killing we cannot take his words form 4 for granted. we need an investigation but we should also remind him that in addition to focusing on was ordered we are all sort of branch of or the cases and say now used to consider where is personal liability should be implicated in any case any statement is trying to create a distance between himself and the crime is you know is stablish in
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layers and layers of individuals of institutions of decision making so he's creating that distance. which a lot of high level corporate active stand to do or that was done there are there but you know i'm up there alkaline. no you know our i'm sorry but the fact actually betrays that allegation on the spot vigil that have been named including by the saudi prosecutor and that i've been implicated in the killing of mr casually i have a much closer relationship to the crown prince than is prepared to recognize in that public statement has the level of international pressure disappointed us all very few countries within the international community are prepared to take a stand and to speak. or to act in accordance to the some of their statements yes
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they may make the right statements particularly in the human rights council because this is where you are supposed to speak those statements but outside you know this said nothing during the g. 20 performance and see no sika so the just want to sit so you really do business through here so i think i think you know geo strategy consideration economy consideration financial considerations all of that are playing against their willingness and ability to to take a stand in more generally maybe we live in a world where many people are bit more coward than they may have been in the past this is why in my opinion what's happening right now in the u.s. congress is so important because we have here actors that are not only willing to speak strongly and demanding accountability from saudi arabia but that are also
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prepared to act on their worlds and to stand up for what they believe in you know i have not asked for diplomatic relationship to be to be stopped with saudi arabia i have made some fairly. important but also not impossible recommend. regarding sanctions for instance what is really bothering me i think right now is that saw few individual actors within the international community are prepared to take a stand. you know i have already mention or secular 2019 clear instrumentalities ation. no one prison there no one none of the head of state present. talk of stand to pour text the values
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of their country for many of them and took a stand to to distance themselves form the clear attempt by some individuals to to attack press freedom and to give legitimacy to someone that had been associated with with or killing no one took a stand that to me is unacceptable you know yes we also want more than taking a stand but taking a stand is a minimum condition and that is not sufficiently happening what i do hope. is that we is the actions of american congressmen and senators weezer continuing pressure from civil society with the information and truth telling that continues to or care that is gone own power
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lies that international community is hopefully going to own silence the international community that they will be prepared to speak up loudly and clearly for jamal and for justice for jamelle why do we need justice for jamal we need justice for jamal because of course he has been the victim of a gruesome murder that amply kits the state and then plea could c.i.s. leave all of the state we want justice because that kind of a relation should not go and respond to but we also want justice for jamal because . calling for the justice we are also protecting a lot of other drano least who were not as well known as whom we are not a merry can resident who were not hired and working for the washington post or care so we are letting everyone know that no one can get away with murdering
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a journalist no one can get away with murdering jamal khashoggi that's the signal that must be sent this is a signal that the international community must send so that journalists are wrong the world are protected for reporting for investigating and for giving us the truth on a range of issues the plot against jamal khashoggi was put together very rapidly following his 1st visit to the consulate which happened on september the 28th but i mean on top of that really he had been on the saudi radar for a very long time and you simmons now have the in-depth look at the saudi hit squad and the conspiracy. one year on the green flag of saudi arabia still flies above its consulate in istanbul marking the scene of a crime that spreads shock waves across the world instilling fear into every mindset critical of the regime no matter where the dissent might be. saudi
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arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salah man confined himself to saying it happened on his watch yet investigations point to him as the man who sanctioned jamal khashoggi his murder i know the murder was an intelligence operation metin is who's a former turkish intelligence officer has experience of spying and hit teams he had a posting in saudi arabia is the part of that in an operation like this to preparation phrases followed by confirmation and this comes from the very top authority there are also recordings and phone calls that can prove it. a former bodyguard to bin salmond and now a close aide mark abdel aziz treb was to be the leader on the ground. is an aggressive push a person who has very close ties with mohammad bin solomon about him in riyadh was a tiny a cured wiser to the crown prince the plot starts on september the 28th at the
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saudi consulate after a surprise visit of how shocked this is a phone conversation from within the building now made abdullah al mazin e saudi intelligence chief in turkey is questioned by him a trip in riyadh and replies yes we were all shocked there's nothing official but we know he's on the wanted list he tells of a trip how shockey is due back on october the 2nd in the evening mohamed el otay be the saudi consul in turkey phones busy any telling him there's an urgent briefing in riyadh they told me they need an official working in protocol but the issue is top secret nobody should know. zany is the one who heads to riyadh returning in october the 1st he's seen here arriving at ataturk airport in is down. pull out of shot are 2 assistants the main team arrived the next day in the early hours on 2 private jets with travis directing all movements checking in and out of hotels then laying in wait for her shocked in the consulate minutes after her shock g.
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entered what happened can't be disputed he was suffocated and state pathologist out a big cut up his body. later a van is driven to the nearby consular residence and what kind of man is co-author of a book diplomatic atrocity he says it's not surprising investigators are convinced his body parts are inside this van 5 bags are carried into the consul's residence. we don't have a clear idea what happened to body parts after entering the residence of. turkish investigators had to wait 15 days to get access they were blocked by diplomatic law and what was meant to be a saudi investigation in reality it was a clean up operation one theory being worked on was the body parts were destroyed here either by burning or dissolving them with acid and other chemicals another theory relates to a gap in surveillance on the day of the murder investigators later discovered the
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travel had left aboard this 1st private jet diplomatic bags once gowned the plane wasn't searched some if not all of these body parts could have been loaded out of view the plane took off at 5 pm less than 4 hours after the murder it was only the 2nd private jet that was searched after turkish security services once alerted rushed to ataturk airport another theory written off by most investigators as an alternative plan lies here in the sprawling belgrade forest 40 kilometers from downtown is down ball to villas at another location yellow over owned by a saudi businessman were searched whatever happened the saudi plan was to try to show had left the consulate alive here saudi general moustapha mohammed al madani sets out after the murder wearing his short g.'s clothes deliberately walking around areas where he'd be seen by c.c.t.v. and ending his walkabout by taking his fake beard off having already bungled the
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operation by changing back into his own clothes in a toilet at istanbul's blue mosque and strolling in front of the cameras. those c.c.t.v. images caught on so many cameras that istanbul's most important tourist attraction like all the others go to show what a fraud an operation it was but vesta gate is wanted to set about proving that the saudis by sending in an army general to act as a body double were planning a cover up of murder. what i've done and made any attempts at a cover up continued with the changing the saudi narrative watched by investigators and diplomats worldwide in london a former head of security at the u.k.'s counterterrorism unit isn't optimistic there's enough evidence that satan before a call but the government's the diplomacy means that that's almost certainly never going to have 12 months up to hundreds of security cameras tracked movements
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intensive searching listening devices proving a murder the cia and the un's own inquiries point to mohammed been solomon where his show just remains are left is undoubtedly a state secret in riyadh and a haze hangs over the full truth andrew symonds al-jazeera. time for a bit more discussion now thin him cause here you is back with our sara stamboul correspondent also we have our consumers with us the head of international law at the law firm stoke white it is difficult enough to get accountability and justice in a murder case if it were nothing to do with politics but here we've got all this international politics woven into it can there be justice in the fundamental question really when it comes to such cases as these the question here the dilemma is always. if you want to have justice or peace this is something that's demonstrated in
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usually in different kind of situations however here we have a premeditated murder of an individual in their. diplomatic building i'm sorry i'm just being told the teacher telling us of course we heard from earlier but she is apparently speaking now at the memorial service let's have a listen last year today i was standing here i was if you're in low waiting for my man to come out of the consul 8 we wanted to go to dinner we want to do you know why it's our friends to are waving no afterwords here in my life i stand here broken but brought proud to see you all here and you're all i
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still seek justice i want to know what happened so he's by the i want his friend to be released from jail i want those in power i hold accountable for their actions thank you so much no i don't know why to you to join me and in whale floral states on the decades to jam also memory i think. as we didn't see those pictures of the memorial stone and laid unveiled today in istanbul that is where we will leave you 2nd of october 29 year one new 20 chanting one year to the day since jamal khashoggi was killed i'm come our santa maria from the entire out of the routine here in istanbul and for joining us.
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hello there still some very warm weather across southern sections of all straight enough in the forecast now making a great deal of headway they're working their way across the bite but look at these times which is this is full thursday 27 celsius in perth there's a front just sliding by that is bringing some shadows they could what a way into by friday it'll bring the temperature down as well but look at this elsewhere 29 in melbourne 28 across and then again the next system comes through and this time which is dropping dramatically 15 degrees and hold off on just the scene on friday in melbourne me while still very warm in adelaide just to the north of that cooler down across into new zealand failing pretty cool really across the
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both guys charge on through into all clinton really a very unsettled cup a day showers for the most past on both days more than showers though impacting a japan and in particular the korean peninsula in the next couple of days and this is why it is now tropical storm and me time working its way quite quickly across the korean peninsula because the some very dark colors say this is going to bring with it some very heavy amounts of rain winds a continuing to ease but we're still looking at tropical storm strength and as i say pushing into home show on friday so caring by then the crossness all with a high of 26. to strengthen the good you have to show you all the more with it comes to fight against corruption. this for you 0 heroes like no who are about to be
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refused a $50000000.00 bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international border it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight the dark are used to shine a light let's make the rules to bet to please nominate your anti corruption near 0 .
5:47 am
for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most
5:48 am
ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. of. 0. point 0 on our entire this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. frankly they should look at him for treason donald trump lashes out at leading democrats after they are stonewalling the impeachment inquiry into his phone call to ukraine's president. the u.s. says it will impose tariffs on e.u.
5:49 am
goods after getting the go ahead in the world trade organization in a long running aircraft dispute. with. at least 4 people were killed in clashes with iraqi security forces on a 2nd day of protests over unemployment and corruption last i was. on call the residents rally against the police after a teenager was shot at close range on tuesday. at the world athletics championships it's dino's golden lines in doha ashley smith wins. the $200.00 metres world title. in the 100 pieces. u.s. president has again been attacking democrats after they accused him of intimidating witnesses and inciting violence over the investigation into his phone call when he
5:50 am
trains lead it doesn't trump is under increasing pressure and his july conversation with another man is a landscape democrats say that issue a subpoena demanding documents in his dealings with ukraine if the white house doesn't cooperate she reports washington d.c. . house democrats announced on wednesday that they would subpoena the white house with documents related to their impeachment inquiry if they don't receive by friday they've also asked for documents from the state department and president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani but they warn that no one should think they can avoid cooperation food then p. legal action challenging congress's authority for example how we are concerned that the white house will attempt to stonewall our destination much as they have stonewalled other committees in the past. it's why i say the white house needs to understand that any action like that that forces us to litigate or have to consider litigation will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice and of
5:51 am
course that was an article of speech meant against nixon the implications for the white house clear from the democrats don't think you can hold the impeachment process up in the courts if you don't cooperate with the inquiry will simply rolled out even to potential articles of impeachment as obstruction of justice and we'll infer that the reason you're not complying is because what the whistleblower said initially was true now the white house donald trump once again attacked the whistleblower who alleged he was abusing the office of the presidency to undermine the 2020 lections in his interactions with the ukrainian president. this country has to find out who that person was because that person's a spot in my opinion but later in a press conference with the finnish president mr trump said he would cooperate with house democrats in their inquiry however he grew irritated as he was asked exactly what he had been all skin the ukrainians to do in the 1st place biden and his son
5:52 am
are stone cold crooked and you know it is son walks out with millions of dollars the kid knows nothing you know it and so do we go ahead ask a quick question sir was what did you want president selenski to do about present by president biden and his son hunter. you talking to me yeah it was just a follow up of what i just asked you ready we have the president of finland ask him a question i have one form i just wanted to follow up on the one that i asked you which did you hear but if you want to hear me yes ask him a question i'm troubled presidential campaign released a new advert arguing that the impeachment process is simply the democrats attempting to undermine democracy because they comes at the ballot box it's nothing short of a coup and it must be stopped it's a message that does seem to be resonating with trump's base at least the campaign is reporting tens of thousands of new donors and huge sums of money pouring in she able to see out washington. is a former u.s. diplomat as director of global engagement under president obama he joins us from
5:53 am
washington now thanks very much indeed for being with us so the president has continued to hit back against him impeachment proceedings how serious is it for him . i think it's getting increasingly serious for him and he is becoming increasingly unhinged on hinge from some of the prudence that has been exercised if we could call it that over the last 2 years during the muller investigation he's lashing out and clearly there is some level of concern both at the white house but i think especially in the building behind me up on capitol hill amongst republican leaders from your time at the white house can you talk us through what exactly the reason if there is if a phony is conversation how much detail is kept and how much of it is then accessible well what happens in these conversations or the meetings for instance that took place today between the finnish president and president trump is you will
5:54 am
have members of the national security council other key advisers in the room there are also folks down in the situation room which in the west wing is located beneath the oval office there are going to take notes on that call and they will also have a recording of it that ultimately is distributed out normally amongst the national security council members who have relevant we call them equities in those conversations and then to departments like defense state department and the intelligence community and how significant is the admission that we've had now for just that my pay that he was in on the cole that from to the investigation. well the fact that 2 weeks he feigned ignorance as to what was discussed is remarkable and i think it actually betrays a degree of dishonesty which for america's top diplomat is quite concerning world leaders have to take this man at his word and if what he is telling the public if
5:55 am
what he's telling the press and political leaders up on capitol hill cannot be believed then he's got a serious credibility problem and on that issue of credibility i mean one of the things that john has done is hit back at people like adam schiff and in particular he's criticized him for paraphrasing president school has that laid. the inquiry the handling of the democrats' inquiry into the charge of kind of putting words into the president's mouth and and continue to add to the to trump's kind of ability to say this is all a scam and kind of you know made up top charges against him well i would acknowledge that the trial the democrats have been challenged have made mistakes both during the last couple weeks as well as throughout the muller investigation when they brought up corey lewandowsky the president's former campaign manager they just didn't seem to have a good game plan they didn't seem to be following the steps you would expect in
5:56 am
these kind of investigations to pursue the outcome that they were seeking one would hope that with the 9 months that they have been in control of the house of representatives they've learned some of those lessons and they will improve as they pursue this investigation just before you jump a said he always cooperate with congressional subpoenas that is a headline on this do you think we will see him. for a film that. well i think the statement yesterday by secretary pompe area was a clear indication that they intend to stonewall they intend to obstruct and this has been a pattern throughout very presidency for 2 and a half years not only when the democrats were in power but they have short oversight they have shunned efforts by congressional leaders to get access to information and individuals i expect it will continue bret drew and thank you very much indeed for taking time to offer
5:57 am
a large they're going to be with you one of trump's potential rivals for the u.s. presidency benny saunders has had a heart procedure after experiencing chest pains it's a message that sound has had an operation on tuesday after doctors found a blockage in an artery and successfully inserted 2 stents his campaign team says he's now conversing and in good spirits but they're canceling all his events and appearances until further notice and some data from the moment senator is the oldest candidate among the 19 contenders for the democratic presidential nomination . the u.s. says it will move quickly to impose tariffs on 7 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of exports from the e.u. this offer was given the go ahead by the world trade organization in a long running dispute over air bus judges found that the e.u. failed to abide by w.t. you rules in subsidizing air bus pan-european aircraft manufacturer washington says it will target aircraft archons cox whiskeys as well as wind and on lives from
5:58 am
france germany spain and the u.k. as for the move could trigger a wide a tit for tat transatlantic trade war. and your castro joins us live from washington d.c. how does this dispute start. lauren it actually goes back 15 years it was the united states that 1st filed a complaint with the world trade organization accusing the european union of illegally subsidizing the european owned airbus the leading competitor of of course the u.s. owned boeing and what happened was because the u.s. filed its claim 1st in the world trade organization deemed that claim credible it essentially means that the u.s. got a head start but what is missing from this picture here is that the european union only 9 months later filed the exact same complaint against the u.s. government for also in its words illegally subsidizing boeing and in fact the world
5:59 am
trade organization over the years has ruled that both sides are guilty just the fact that the u.s. case was submitted 1st that means the u.s. may impose its tariffs 1st which leads us to the announcement today from the united states of the forty's 10 percent tariffs on aircraft made in europe that's imported to the u.s. and an additional 25 percent tariff on other industrial and agricultural products amounting to $7500000000.00 of imports into the u.s. these tariffs set to kick in in just under 2 weeks now the e.u. has responded saying that it's in nobody's best interest immediately a resort to terrorists in this to remedy this case it has over the years been proposing a negotiated settlement seen as both sides have been deemed guilty in these respective cases in the e.u. says it wants to avoid triggering new tit for tat terrorist because come the new
6:00 am
year that is when the e.u. will be authorized to levy its own tariffs as well and the e.u. is very opposed to that idea for now saying that between allies there should be a negotiated truce lauren what about to go back to the airline industry with us will seem to start howley tariffs affect the airline industry do you think. well airbus has issued a statement saying that this would severely impact the aircraft industry that airplanes will be more expensive on both sides of the atlantic and in fact for passengers that price could be passed on in the form of airfare tickets as far as the greater trade picture though the concern is it's much wider because this would essentially open up yet another front in the global trade war the u.s. and the e.u. has been at a tentative truce in that trade war since may of 2018 that's when the white house agree.


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