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unilateral steps which would a infringe on turkish continental shelf rights are these on the rights of the turkish cypriots on the north because it is not enough to say look don't worry i'm going to give you a share of any proceeds turkey also disagrees with the area cyprus is demarcated with its neighbors saying it should be a lot smaller if we accept the turkish version of the cypriot exclusive economic zone we will be left with 31 percent of what it actually is today all of the discovered it in cyprus so far will all fall in other countries. and i think turkey must 1st answer the question how is that in the interest of turkish cypriots much is at stake according to the united states geological survey the eastern mediterranean holds 350 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 3 and a half 1000000000 barrels of oil that alone is enough to power the entire european
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union for 20 years at the moment cyprus egypt and israel stand to most of those resources and turkey has none of them the overarching question is whether turkey will demarcate its maritime interests according to the international law of the sea like its neighbors or raise the temperature further jumps are up a loss al-jazeera atoms there's been an unusual sea rescue off the coast of colombia involving possibly the most expensive life raft in history 3 men were fished out of the pacific by the navy almost 7 hours after their boat capsized on saturday the men have been floating in shark infested waters using about a ton of cocaine to keep above water with a street value around $70000000.00. telecommunications companies around the world race to introduce a 5 g. technology a tiny south korean village is among the 1st to receive it what's more remarkable
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is that the villages in the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea when hey has this report on either side of the border are 2 villages that were built as symbols of peace but stand as reminders of country still technically at war here in the middle of the demilitarized zone a line of trees is all that separates north and south korea day song dong is the only civilian south korean settlement inside the buffer zone which was created when the korean war ended with an armistice in 1953. we live so close by and we see the soldiers all the time we can feel any change of atmosphere directly as we live with the soldiers and the north koreans right across from us access to this isolated village of less than 200 people is strictly controlled by soldiers under the united nations command it's a unique place in many ways and now here's something most of the world doesn't are 5 g. cellular network it's being touted as
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a smart village with firestarter giving the 30 schoolchildren their latest technology and helping to reduce that feeling of isolation and better security for farmers who need military escorts when going to fields close to the border but can now stay in town more often and use their phones to chick and water crops. the introduction of this technology is clearly beneficial for the people who live in this village and obviously it's a good marketing ploy by the company that introduced it but undoubtedly there is also a message in it for north korea which lies just beyond these fields it's a message that says look at the technology right on your doorstep and consider the economic opportunities that could come with denuclearization. i don't know where and when there is a peace movement around the world i hope for an opportunity and a future to show our technology to north korea but that move towards peace stalled after the last meeting in june between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and since that meeting
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which was held just a few 100 meters from day song in the demilitarized zone there have been no further talks worrying many observers. yes. to the north koreans they need to commit to denuclearization. hoping the north korea will do so in the near future. they have scrambling technology in place across the border. network the high stakes diplomacy high tech innovation is being taken as close to north korea as possible. in the. south korea.
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time for the sport now let's go to peta statement of the world athletics championships here and. welcome back to the f.a. 6 world championships at the khalifa international stadium where deena ashley smith has lived up to her reputation as the golden girl of british athletics and clinched her 1st will title she powered to victory in the final of the 200 meters in a time of 21.88 seconds a new national record america's brittany brown and swiss runner move come boogy 6
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over and bronze respectively this gold for ashley smith as to her silver medal from sunday's 100 meters 5. i got really hot in the samples it's nice coming into it pretty strong so i wasn't allowed myself to get distracted by anything and i'm just grateful to want to pay down and just cause simply i was company means so much to something that i didn't i but i saw it in fact that i didn't think i was ever going to be able to be about champion i just always aim to improve every year there was a surprise in the men's 110 meter hurdles final as defending champion obama cloud finished last after making a complete mess of his race america's grand hollaway taking gold in a time of 13.10 seconds and one title was decided in the field events poland's public figure they taking a 4th world title in a row in the men's hammer clinched the gold with a throw of $18.00 s. our sports correspondent andy richardson has been speaking exclusively to sebastian
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coe the president of the i.w.a. if post says he's proud of the way the athletes have coped with the conditions in doha but admits the attendances have a times been disappointing. the fact that the sessions have been in the evening clearly to respect the. the welfare of the athletes but that has meant that the sessions have gone on late and you know if you've got young children you probably leaving early or at a time to get them to school the following day so all these things look i would i would have preferred it more people in the stadium but i really genuinely don't think that that has led to under performance by the athletes i mean i'm i'm witnessing performances out there i'm savoring i can't remember a world championships where we're going to go back with such a world class performances and times and 28 countries already at the halfway point having won medals as a former athlete did you feel that you were giving these athletes the best platform
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to perform or absolute peak at a world championships i think look i absolutely openly accept the once a decision had been taken by the council to go to doha that was clearly going to be the challenge i was never concerned about the street smarts and the intelligence that was going to create the technology to allow the athletes some of them asylum is the best conditions they've ever competed in the stadium we always knew that the road events would be the challenge and that's why we spent so much time interesting we've done a lot of work while we've been here on understanding a great deal more on behalf of the athletes of the management of heat an interesting way and slightly perversely that will probably be a bigger issue for us in tokyo than it is in doha because a good 90 something percent of the athletes that are here are performing inside the
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stadium to keep track and field growing and expanding was it always important to bring athletics when you part of the world to bring it to the middle east yes it was but actually count on is not new to our 30. here in the 1990 s. watching athletics we had a grand prix final we had one of the best world indoor championships in 2010 and it's been a diamond league stop off for as long as i can remember so i think we should be respectful the this is a country that really understands and loves our sport going forward we're not going to run for home just because we've taken it into an environment that has challenged us i think that we have to be recognising that if we claim to be a global sport then we sort of sort of should take the sport around the world one of the stars of the championships has been always cost involved home who successfully defended his title in 400 metres hurdles he told me earlier he wasn't
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sure if this title was sweeter than the 1st it's very tough to say london was very special because it was my 1st gold medal it was actually my 1st world championships as well so you know the shock and surprise will probably i will never get that feeling again but at the same time coming here to defend the title it's it's something different it's much tougher also because the competition is getting crazy good so so for me was this was probably. a tougher barrier for me to to to make then then the world championships in london so you know some people say that that the next one is the best one but i'm not sure i can't i can like i can tell the limping games in there is next year or so of course everybody's hoping for a medal in the olympic games but i think it's going to be tough it's going to be it's going to be the toughest race of of my career i think that's because all the guys are say onc everybody is so talented everybody works so hard everybody's moderator now so i really got really got to work now to to to maintain my my title
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. earlier the new javelin world champion kelsey li barbara will strayer joy in journey guys are all. sort of sit in 4th and kind of like hung around that 4th place for quite a while but after my 5th round through our i really felt like i had something to give the and. with that deadline of one walkthrough ari sort of felt like i needed to pull everything together that i've been working on all season and show what i'm capable of doing and and put that victor out there you know the 9th australian to in a world title how is it going down because you competing incredibly early in the morning when it comes to the fans over there yeah it was a buzz this morning there was lots of lots of media lots of friends of the family all getting around the result back here and displaying lists against some of the big names about what was was quite on and i think that's sort of the 1st step of
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sort of the realisation of what i've been able to achieve here away from the holder who were given the scale at home in the champions league. 3 goal lead in with a pig back to 4th. gave the raids a 43 you win. in the heavyweight clash of the night 2 goals from luis suarez saw barcelona come from behind to beat in some of them 31 of the no camp also wins on wednesday for better see a doctor in chelsea leone i.x. and senate same pieces at the rugby world cup holders new zealand were in strong form again they ran in 8 tries in a bonus point victory over canada this try one of 2 schools from brad webber 63 no the finals. there was also a bonus point victory for france against the usa baptist's with the 4th try in a 339 when it leaves france and england with 3 wins from the food 2 games in pools and that's all you sport for now we'll have more from the international stadium
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later on and that's it for me for this news hour remember you can get much more on all of our stories on our website al-jazeera don't call don't go away they'll be back with much more news in a few minutes time. october on al-jazeera. as the deadline of october the 31st gets closer stay with office for all of the ninety's developments on brings it to. the hot sun it will host a new series of interviews with our teachers tackling the big issues about tone
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loading does experts and environmentalist will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the optics full bloods just by taking a microscope to the most contentious issues facing america and we'll bring you coverage of the announcement of the $29.00 team the nobel peace prize winner october amount to soon. subzero temperatures stream altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved the ordinary joining total of what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all on the carcass stuck on al-jazeera. didn't the u.s. treasury or just
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a few months ago say that no child was going to live the lives we bring you the stories and developments the dramatically changing the world we live in what's behind the eyes of piracy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. biden and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it. more combative claims without evidence from donald trump as democrats warn any attempt to stonewall the impeach been acquiring would be evidence of obstruction. i believe this is al jazeera life and also coming up.
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iraq imposes curfews on a number of cities including the capital baghdad and the death toll rises on the 2nd day of violent protests. for stones and delivers a new brakes and offer to the e.u. including proposals to resolve the irish border problem. the u.s. court ruling that could allow users to legally inject drugs. medical supervision in specified locations. comet if donald trump is unleashed a furious attack on the impeachment inquiry amid an intensifying standoff between the us president and congress denies pressuring ukrainian law to me as a lenski to investigate his potential rival joe biden and these again accuse the democrats of conducting a witch hunt after his fiery press conference trump tweeted the do nothing
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democrats should be focused on building up our country not wasting everyone's time and energy or house speaker nancy pelosi and chairman of the intelligence committee adam cheff accused the president of intimidating witnesses and stonewalling the investigation i also expressed concern over u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o who has confirmed he was listening in on the controversial conversation between trump and selenski she had returns he has the latest from washington d.c. . house democrats announced on wednesday that they would subpoena the white house for documents related to their impeachment inquiry if they don't receive by friday they've also asked for documents from the state department and president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani but they warn that no one should think they can avoid cooperation through then p. legal action challenging congress's authority for example so we are concerned that the white house will attempt to stonewall our discussion much as they have stonewalled other committees in the past. it's why i say the white house needs to
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understand that any action like that that forces us to litigate or have to consider litigation will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice and of course that was an article of speech meant against nixon the implications for the white house are clear from the democrats don't think you can hold the impeachment process up in the courts if you don't cooperate with the inquiry will simply roll that in to potential articles of impeachment as obstruction of justice and we'll infer that the reason you're not complying is because what the whistleblower said initially was true now the white house donald trump once again attacked the whistleblower who alleged he was abusing the office of the presidency to undermine the 2020 lections in his interactions with the ukrainian president this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spot in my opinion but later in a press conference with the finnish president mr trump said he would cooperate with
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house democrats in their inquiry however he grew irritated as he was asked exactly what he had been on the ukrainians to do in the 1st place biden and his son are stone cold and you know it is son walks out with millions of dollars the kid knows nothing you know it and so do we go ahead as you put the question sir was what did you want president selenski to do about present my president biden and his son hunter. are you talking to me yeah it was just a follow up of what i just asked you are you ready we have the president of finland ask him a question i have one form i just wanted to follow up on the one that i asked you which did you hear what you wanted you hear me ask him a question presidential campaign released a new advert arguing that the impeachment process is simply the democrats attempting to undermine democracy because they can beat him at the ballot box it's nothing short of a coup and it must be stopped it's a message that does seem to be resonating with trump's basic least the campaign is
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reporting tens of thousands of new donors and huge sums of money pouring him she never turns the out or washington staying in the us $1.00 of the leading contenders in the democratic race to take on donald trump in 2020 years in hospital bernie sanders is complain team says the senator was at a campaign event 20 minutes chest pains doctors found a blocked artery and have successfully inserted 2 tiny chews known as stent stents sanders is awake and talking but campaign events are being canceled until further notice. 7 people are now dead and we need clashes between anti-government protesters and police in iraq security forces opened fire on large crowds as they converge for a 2nd day in the capital and other cities across the country a complete curfew is now in place in baghdad until further notice other southern cities are also under a curfew imran khan has this report from baghdad. ok gunfire in central
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baghdad as a rocky security forces confront protesters for a 2nd day. throughout wednesday iraqi security forces placed a ring of around to korea square the focal point of the protests. but they weren't deterred by the show of force they came in large numbers and full running battles in nearby streets and in other neighborhoods their message to government leaders is simple the phenomenon of our demands we won't work we won't work if they do not want to treat us as iraqis then tell us we're not iraqi and we'll find other nationalities and migrate to other countries that nobody thought we had demanding the change we want the doctrine of the whole government that message of bringing down the government will concern prime minister other loved his office says he will meet the protesters as well as set up a commission to investigate events including the deaths of demonstrators quite who the prime minister will meet is unclear analysts suggest this is not a movement that seems to be led by any political party or religious movement but is
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born of frustration you know there was no one coming behind to stick around because you saw that you see that from the. still complain there are lies in for things going to snow going in this. village and the government has cut off internet services nationwide a sign of how seriously the leadership sees the power of social media used by the protesters and it's not just the capital baghdad we're hearing that protests have been taking place and at least 5 other cities and that's going to be concerning to the government now what sources close to the iraqi government have to hold out as they are is that they're very worried about opposition political parties and religious parties joining the protesters because that could swell numbers and make this a major nationwide movement now right now seemingly this protest movement is actually leaderless what most analysts are suggesting that it may will become bigger and bigger in the coming days but quite how effective it will be remains to be seen in
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ronkonkoma which is their bag. u.k. prime minister boris johnson has unveiled what he's calling the final brakes an offer to the european union it comes only 4 weeks before the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. and includes proposals on how to replace the irish backstop the team barber has more. it's gone down well with the party faithful but in the end the message from the british prime minister to brussels wasn't take it or leave it but rather can we talk about it today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have checks at or near the border in northern out as boris johnson addressed the conservative party conference his envoy was on his way to belgium with the actual brics it documents given the full worth of the proposals with the 1st the new text is supposed to replace the so-called backstop the insurance policy to prevent
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a post breaks it hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland crucially northern ireland would not be in the e.u.'s customs union boris johnson accepts goods going between an island in northern ireland would be subject to customs checks but insists physical checks could happen well away from the border. in brussels the reactions been less than enthusiastic dairies progress. but to be frank a lot of work still needs to be done to reach into feeling this free for the pick people to backstop no border or arnold economy and protecting the she go to market. first assessment of nearly every member of the axis steering group was not positively do you think it's a serious effort or is is just trying to put the blame on you. and i think that last point was not so bad that in britain there have been suggestions johnson's
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plan was draft. it specifically to be unacceptable to ireland and hence the e.u. paving good way for a no deal or crush outbreaks it at the end of this month it is not an outcome we seek a tall but let me tell you my friends it is not come for which we are ready talks of spoken on the phone with germany's chancellor angela merkel his irish counterpart leo veronica and the president of the european commission john claude younker he's due to hold more talks this week. he's also seeking to suspend the current session of parliament next tuesday before a queen's speech a week later launching his new legislative agenda when a steel feels his opponents don't trust him some fear he'll try to bypass a law passed last month of bludging him to seek a break that extension if he doesn't have a deal by the 19th of october that's just after the next day you summits so expect to push back and possibly more legal action as about deadline approaches the dean
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barber al jazeera united states is set to impose 7 a half $1000000000.00 worth of tariffs on imports from the european union the tariffs are in retaliation for the e.u. subsidies given to europe in here an airplane manufacturer air bus which the world trade organization says were illegal but the e.u. could impose its own tariffs next year with a w t o ruling over unfair tax concessions to u.s. aircraft boeing expected in a few months stock market so fall heavily again on fears of a weakening global economy the footsie in the u.k. saw its worst day since 2016 after poor u.s. jobs data coupled with weak manufacturing reports led to a sell off of in equities stocks also fell across europe as the uncertain geopolitical outlook hurt investor confidence. to hong kong where protestors have thrown petrol bombs at a police station in retaliation against the shooting of a teenager by police officers retaliated by firing tear gas meanwhile hundreds of
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other protesters rallied in a local shopping mall a place thousands of origami paper birds on the floor and sang glory to hong kong an anthem now associated with the protest movement north korea has confirmed that it successfully tested a new type of submarine launched ballistic missile a missile was fired into the sea towards japan the 1st such test in 3 years the launch came hours after the north said it would resume denuclearization talks with the u.s. on saturday washington is urging restraint from pyongyang still ahead on al-jazeera after wards here in my life i found here.


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