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with his extended family next door to where his future home should be taking shape been done. building a roof needs a lot of rods if the prices were like before it would be done by now but with steel prices shooting up work on building our home a lifelong dream has stalled now we wait for the prices to go down. bangladesh relies on importing scrap metal from the us to make steel rods which are the backbone of the new buildings but that become more expensive to build because they import costs have risen. president trans trade war with china is impacting bangladesh a still industry which imports a significant amount of scrap iron from the united states protectionist measures taken by the us administration is really using supply and increasing prices and so the cost of constructions have gone up in bangladesh. the capital dhaka is the heart of the still drug market still traders say business is bad and on
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accomplished i'm a little. yes there's an impact with cells almost coming to a halt people who are planning to build a home a very cautious now as i have to borrow money while the market is volatile. some still traders are stockpiling stocks betting prices will rise when or if the trade war eventually ends yes the price is changed. why are writing more on speculation and when it went up sharply precedent costing poorer countries as well as rome and china there's been a construction boom in bangladesh over the past 20 years or so but the high price of construction materials such as steel are threatening to start a recent economic growth chaudhry i'll just turn the bangladesh. team of divers have been descending into the unknown off the coast of south america.
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part of a unique expedition charting the recently discovered amazon reef with the 1st of his 3 reports his nick clock. here on the northeastern edge of south america lies an outpost of france where in the cooler tropical evenings they relax as they might do in paris or not but this is cayenne in french guyana and the launch point of a unique expedition to explore and dive a whole new world we jump on the expedition rib and head out to sea the ship with the joint is lying 20 kilometers off shore the esperanza is one of greenpeace's campaign vessels and right now a dive ship and a flotilla poetry combined. so the amazon river and the amazon mouth is here the amazon reef presence was 1st revealed. here's a girl off the coast of brazil here with her 1st greenpeace expedition in the area and a 2nd when this expedition in the area last year identified the reef presence also into fresh rianna watchers we head off to find it no one has died the seas before
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this expedition almost immediately were accompanied at the bow by a school of dolphins just joining for the ride these waters brimming full of life. a sign a device they call the fish is launched and scans the sea bed it images anxiously observed on deck we scanning the bottom of the ocean between 81 and one in 20 meter to find you there is a rock star reef this expedition is not alone with an interest in what lies below now 500 kilometers in that direction lies the mount of the amazon and the brazilian waters where it's estimated up to 14000000000 barrels of oil and companies like b.p. and the brazilian government for that matter they want to get at it and the fear is that should there be an oil spill the great outpouring of the amazon river which is the world's largest. spill in this direction destroying. pristine ecosystem
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is give much more argument to the global call for marring conserve ation and creating marine protected areas this is one of the kind of player tara we need to protect in the world because if you have economic species you are vulnerable to ecosystem so that's our way to the global leaders for marine protection. meanwhile the sane our team found a section of reef suitable for diving. and you can see some heel we got up to 67 meters high reached at the bottom so with us clearly some interesting some interesting area actually go in and dive to. save time to prepare the dive for an early morning mission into the deep. with a new day will bring. al-jazeera off the coast of french guyana. still ahead. as for in a row for the king of. all the details. it's
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time for the sport now let's go to peter statement of the world athletics championships. welcome back to the f.a. 6 world championships at the khalifa international stadium where deena ashley smith has lived up to her reputation as the golden girl of british athletics and clinched her 1st will title she powered to victory in the final of the 200 meters in a time of 21.88 seconds
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a new national record america's brittany brown and swiss runner moujik come boogy took sober and bronze respectively this gold for ashley smith as to her silver medal from sunday's 100 meters 5. i've worked really hard this time piece it's nice coming into it pretty strong so i wasn't allowed myself to get distracted by anything and i'm just grateful to have paid off and just cause it's a p i watch company mean so much to something that i didn't like when i started the track and that i didn't think i was everything to be able to be about champion i just always aim to improve every year there was a surprise in the men's 110 meter hurdles final as defending champion obama cloud to finish last after making a complete mess of his race america's grand holloway taking gold in a time of 13.10 seconds and one title was decided in the field of a supposed puppet for yet a taking his 4th world title in a row in the men's hammer the gold with
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a throw of $18.00 our sports correspondent andy richardson has been speaking exclusively to sebastian coe the president of the i.w.a. if says he's proud of the way the athletes have coped with the conditions in doha but admits the attendances have a times been disappointing. the fact that the sessions have been in the evening clearly to respect the the welfare of the athletes but that has meant that the sessions have gone on later and you know if you've got young children you probably leaving early or at a time to get them to school the following day so all these things look i wouldn't i would have preferred it more people in the stadium but i really genuinely don't think that that has led to under performance by the athletes i mean i'm i'm witnessing performances out there i'm savoring i can't remember a world championships where we're going to go back with such a world class performances and times and 28 countries already at the halfway point
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having won medals as a former athlete did you feel that you were giving these athletes the best platform to perform around salut peak at a world championships i think look i absolutely openly accept the once a decision had been taken by the council to go to doha that was clearly going to be the challenge i was never concerned about the street smarts and the intelligence that was going to create the technology to allow the athletes some of them asylum is the best conditions they've ever competed in the stadium we always knew that the road events would be the challenge and that's why we spent so much time interesting we've done a lot of work while we've been here on understanding a great deal more on behalf of the athletes of the management of heat an interesting way and slightly perversely that will probably be a bigger issue for us in tokyo than it is in doha because
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a good 90 something percent of the athletes that are here are performing inside the stadium to keep track and field growing and expanding was it always important to bring athletics when you part of the world to bring it to the middle east yes it was but actually count on is not new to our 30. here in the 1990 s. watching athletics we had a grand prix final we had one of the best world indoor championships in 2010 and it's been a diamond league stop off for as long as i can remember so i think we should be respectful the this is a country that really understands and loves our sport going forward we're not going to run for home just because we've taken it into an environment that has challenged us i think that we have to be recognising that if we claim to be a global sport then we sort of sort of should take the sport around the world one of the stars of the championships has been always cost involved home who
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successfully defended his title in 400 metres hurdles he told me earlier he wasn't sure if this title was sweeter the 1st it's very tough to say in london was very special because it was my 1st gold medal it was actually my 1st world championships as well so you know the shock and surprise will probably i will never get that feeling again but at the same time coming here to defend the title it's it's something different it's much tougher also because the competition is getting crazy good so so for me was this was probably. a tougher barrier for me to to to make then then the world championships in london so you know some people say that that the next one is the best one but i'm not sure i can't i can like i can tell the limping game saying there is next year or so of course everybody's hoping for a medal in the olympic games but i think it's going to be tough it's going to be it's going to be the toughest race of of my career i think that's because all the guys
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are saying everybody's so talented everybody works so hard everybody's moderator now so i really got really got to work now to to to maintain my my title. earlier the new javelin world champion kelsey li barbara strayer joy in journey guys are all of. for a certain 4th and kind of like hung around that 4th place for quite a while but after my 5th round through our i really felt like i had something bigger there and. with that deadline of one walk through ari sort of felt like i needed to pull everything together that i've been working on all season and show what i'm capable of doing and and put the big they're out there you're the 9th australian twin a world title how is it gone down back home because you competing incredibly early in the morning and when it comes to the fans over there yeah it was the buzz this morning there was lots of lots of media lots of friends of the family all getting around the result back here and displaying lists began some of the big names of our
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sport was was quite an honor and i think that's sort of the 1st step of sort of the realisation of what i've been able to achieve here away from the holders liverpool were given the scale at home in the champions league. 3 goal lead and we're pig back to 4th from gave the reds 43 you win in the heavyweight closure of the night 2 goals from luis suarez saw barcelona come from behind to beat him through one of the also wins on wins they've gotten chelsea. at the rugby world cup holders new zealand were in strong form again they ran in aid to troy as in a bonus point victory over canada this try one of 2 schools from brad webber 63 mil the final. there was also a bonus point victory for france against the usa. with the 4th try in a 33 leaves france in england with 3 wins from the foods 2 games in.
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sport from now we'll have more from the international stadium later on. well that's it for the news hour remember you can find much more to our website al-jazeera dot com don't go away though in our studies it will be here with more news in a few minutes time before me me you've heard all the team here in doha is goodbye for the out. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other potential and this and that this is all from plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is 0 on al-jazeera october
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on al-jazeera. as the deadline of october 31st gets closer stay with us for all the ninety's developments on bricks in. the hot sun will host a new series of interviews with at each tackling the big issue it's about tone. locally does experts and environmentalist will assemble in iceland to discuss the future of the optic bull club just back taking a microscope to the most contentious issues facing america and looking to coverage of the announcement of the 2019 nobel peace prize winner october amount to soon. 2 planes a film studio and 50 in no hotel use them near my. farm it is possible to fully clean the premises all forensic evidence but what you then
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leave is evidence that you have 40 cleaned just 3 wanted to give an excess of the stuff to speak about the old in the us before even the saudi government if you just have. to show and you are in the saudi consulate on 00. 000 where every new. garden and his son are stone cold and you know it. all come backs of claims without evidence from donald trump as democrats warn that any attempt to stonewall the impeachment inquiry would be evidence of obstruction.
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hello i'm not starting today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iraq imposes curfews on a number of cities including the capital baghdad as the death toll rises on the 2nd day of violent protests. the u.s. court ruling that could allow users to legally inject drugs under medical supervision in specified locations. are going to be greenpeace campaign ships as brands are reporting on a unique scientific expedition off the coast of south america. now joe biden has described donald trump as desperate and defensive hours after the us president called his potential 2020 democratic rival as stone cold crooked
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without offering any evidence as the impeachment inquiry intensifies and trump has again denied pressuring the ukrainian president to investigate biden and accuse the democrats of conducting a witch hunt trump tweeted the do nothing democrats should be focused on building up our country not wasting everyone's time and energy biden who's on the campaign trail says that trump's actions are an abuse of power oh let me make sure i'm very clear to mr trump. and the special interests funding these attacks against me i'm not going anywhere. you're not going to destroy israel you're not going to destroy my family i don't care how much money mr president or how dirty your tracks get. and house speaker nancy pelosi and intelligence committee chat and schiff accuse the president of intimidating witnesses they also expressed concern i have
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a secretary of state has now confirmed that he listen in he listened in on that call between trump and the ukrainian president vilinsky how she had attendees following all the latest developments from washington d.c. . house democrats announced on wednesday that they would subpoena the white house for documents related to their impeachment inquiry if they don't receive by friday they've also asked for documents from the state department president trumps personal rudy giuliani but they warn that no one should think they can avoid cooperation through the legal action challenging congress's authority for example we are concerned that the white house will attempt to stonewall our discussion much as they have stonewalled other committees in the past. it's why i say the white house needs to understand that any action like that that forces us to litigate or have to consider litigation will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice and of course that was an article of speech meant against nixon the
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implications for the white house clear from the democrats don't think you can hold the impeachment process up in the courts if you don't cooperate with the inquiry will simply roll that to potential articles of impeachment as obstruction of justice and infer that the reason you are not complying is because what the whistleblower said initially was true that the white house donald trump once again attacked the whistleblower who alleged he was abusing the office of the presidency to undermine the 2020 lections in his interactions with the ukrainian president this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spot in my opinion but later in a press conference with the finnish president mr trump said he would cooperate with house democrats in their inquiry however he grew irritated as he was asked exactly what he had been in the ukrainians to do in the 1st place. and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it is son walks out with millions of dollars the kid knows nothing you know it and so do we go ahead as you put the question sir was
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what did you want president selenski to do about present president biden and his son hunter. you talking to me yeah it was just a follow up of what i just asked is are you ready we have the president of finland ask him a question i have one form i just wanted to follow up on the one that i asked you which did you hear what do you want to hear me you ask him a question i'm troubled presidential campaign released a new advert arguing that the impeachment process is simply the democrats attempting to undermine democracy because they beat him at the ballot box it's nothing short of a coup and it must be stopped it's a message that does seem to be resonating with trump's base at least the campaign is reporting tens of thousands of new donors and huge sums of money pouring in she able to see out washington all the washington post is also reporting that vice president mike pence was involved in efforts to exact pressure on ukraine's president by donald trump castor has been following those developments from
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washington d.c. . the washington post reports that vice president mike pence was used by the troubled ministration as an instrument in delivering its pressure on ukraine to fight corruption now officials close to penn say that the vice president was unaware at the time that the corruption was trying trying to get ukraine to dig up dirt on his potential political rival joe biden now back in may it was tense who was supposed to fly to kiev to attend the inauguration of ukrainian president the lot of years olinsky however that trip was canceled the whistleblower saying that was because ukraine had not shown enough interest in trump's request for an investigation to be opened into joe biden been following the phone call between president trump and kalinski in july pence was dispatched to again to explain to zelinsky why close to $400000000.00 of u.s. military aid to ukraine was being withheld he told lenski it was because ukrainian
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did to do more to fight corruption although he didn't say joe biden by name in that meeting with alinsky it was likely understood by ukrainian officials that joe biden was likely that the target of the investigation a president trump wanted started. on to other news that and 7 people dead in ringing to clashes between anti-government protesters and police in iraq security forces opened fire on a large crowds as they converge for a 2nd day in the capital and other cities across the country a complete curfew is now in place in baghdad until further notice the southern cities are also under a calf you run kong has more from baghdad. thank you gunfire in central baghdad as iraqi security forces confront protesters for a 2nd day. threat wednesday iraqi security forces placed a ring of around to korea square the focal point of the protests. but they weren't
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deterred by the show of force they came in large numbers and full running battles in nearby streets and in other neighborhoods their message to government leaders is simple the phenomenon of our demands we won't work we won't work if they do not want to treat us as iraqis then tell us we're not iraqi and we'll find other nationalities and migrate to other countries so that the money that we are demanding the changes we want the downfall of the whole government that message of bringing down the government will concern prime minister other loved his office says he will meet the protesters as well as set up a commission to investigate events including the deaths of demonstrators quite who the prime minister will meet is unclear analysts suggest this is not a newsman that seems to be led by any political party or religious movement but is born of frustration you know there is no one coming behind. because you so that you see that from the. the slogan they are their eyes if you think
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there is no going this no guy no religion it's the government has cut off internet services nationwide a sign of how seriously the leadership sees the power of social media used by the protesters and it's not just the capital baghdad we're hearing that protests have been taking place at least 5 other cities and that's going to be concerning to the . of image now what sources close to the iraqi government have told out is there is that they're very worried about opposition political parties and religious parties joining the protesters because that could swell numbers and make this a major nationwide movement now right now seemingly this protest movement is actually leaderless what most analysts are suggesting that it may will become bigger and bigger in the coming days but quite how effective it will be remains to be seen imran khan i was there. north korea has confirmed that it successfully tested a new type of submarine launched ballistic missile
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a missile was fired into the sea towards japan the 1st such test in 3 years the launch came hours after the north said it would resume denuclearization talks with the united states on saturday washington is restraint from john young well for more on this we can speak to mason ritchie who is a professor of international relations at university of foreign studies and he joins us now from seoul so the south koreans were saying earlier that it was a submarine cable missile and now the north koreans have confirmed this so what does this mean in terms of pyongyang's attack capability now. well in the 1st place there clearly means that north korea is underlining the fact that they have no intention of dismantling their nuclear program and that every moment that we are engaged in diplomacy without results is a moment that north korea is improving their forces both qualitatively and quantitatively and they are building out a survivable nuclear force not just
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a residual weak and fragile force and they're making progress among other things new delivery systems including the submarine the one ballistic missiles and also different forms of propellant and this is a solid propellant missile which i believe among all of our missiles with solid components has the longest range so they're getting better at this every day i want to ask you a little more about the range i've got some numbers in front of me this missile for you twice as high as the international space station but if it was find it a standard trajectory it could have traveled some 1900 kilometers so that puts on one of south korea and japan and range and then if it submarine capable it's potentially even further again even as far as how why a potential. yeah this appears to be a medium range ballistic missile with a minimum and minimum energy trajectory of roughly 2000 kilometers this is definitely a qualitative. improvement in range versus what we've seen from the testing.
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was the missiles by north korea over the last few months and this will i think put pressure among other things on the trumpet ministration and how they do in north korea you know trumpet said the short range ballistic missile tests that were not a problem that they were standard this is obviously. higher terms of threat of course it's very much will depend on how good my 3 a submarine capabilities are and you know what we know about them so far is that they're not particularly sophisticated in submarine warfare technology by the u.s. and japan and south korea would have a very good chance of being able to track north korea submarine so i wouldn't treat the threat in alarmist way that clearly north korea is improving their delivery capabilities well as you say the timing of one of this is obviously no coincidence so a show of strength before next week's talks how is that likely to impact as those discussions .


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