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of the violence the public violence he calls it in south africa where foreign nationals have been targeted they've also had south african businesses in this country affected as well he has stressed the importance of south africans and nigerians abiding by the rule of law having to respect each other's countries this both in nigeria in south africa essentially both leaders have held each other accountable for dealing with the issue of in a 4 week violence we. said instances of people not liking each other essentially for south africans it is recognition for from the government that they are deeper issues that the government has made known that it should deal with for me to live. in pretoria thanks for your. this is a hoax this is the greatest hoax donald trump attacks democrats determined to pursue his impeachment. but despite high qualifications these jordanians have
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little hope for the future why doctors and lawyers but changing careers while leaving the country. we're still got some rather wet weather affecting south korea at the moment this is what remains of what is now tropical storm amid tag it's running into the sea of japan but still quite a legacy of showers longer spells of frank coming in behind size and wet weather to more than parts of honshu over the next a day or say 27 celsius there for turkey a wet and windy day then for home she was to go on through friday but you see things improving for the korean place this little backwash of showers will just run up to central areas pushing into north korea as we go on into saturday clearing out
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into the open waters the main system will continue to weaken further but still some wet weather in the forecast certainly staying warm getting up to 30 degrees celsius sassed the afternoon more hot and humid weather popping through hey if i'm out of hot weather to even see least in parts of china it's jenny stuff on a dry shanghai $31.00 celsius $32.00 celsius the 4 hong kong further west we have got some pretty wet weather which will run its way down across a good part of vietnam is a scattering of showers as per usual into the philippines some very heavy showers along the spells of right running in across a good part of malaysia we have got some heavy rain there fitting singapore and also quite a number. for most when we grow old we take life for the slower peg's well not for this centenarian. online dating teaching the use in
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door. she's a blogger adored around the globe and she's doing it the only way. life begins at $100.00 eyewitness documentary on al-jazeera. but again you're watching i just hear a minder of our top stories this hour sporadic gunfire has been heard in the iraqi capital where anti-government protesters are defying a curfew this video shows people inside doing district running to avoid live fire from security forces least 20 iraqis were killed in 3 days of demonstrations.
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britain's prime minister boris johnson as delivered his new proposals to revive bragg's it talks with the european union it includes a new regulatory zone in northern ireland to replace the backstop arrangement in the existing with. nigeria's president is visiting south africa following attacks on foreign owned businesses there last month how do hadi says he is discussing the welfare of his people and i'm doing government through 600 citizens home following attacks in johannesburg last month. north korea says its latest weapons test was a new type of submarine launched a ballistic missile. it was fired towards japan on wednesday hours after the and now segment of the resumption of denuclearization talks with us on saturday nation which is a professor of international relations at university of foreign studies he say is the missile launch is unlikely to affect the u.s.
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and this is definitely a qualitative. improvement in the range versus what we've seen from testing of ballistic missiles in north korea over the last few months and this will i think put pressure among other things on the trumpet ministration and how they do in north korea you know trumpet said the short range ballistic missile tests that were not a problem that they were standard you know this is obviously. 'd higher terms of threat of course it's very much will depend on how good north korea submarine capabilities are and what we know about them so far is that they're not particularly sophisticated in submarine warfare technology by the u.s. and japan and south korea i would have a very good chance of being able to track north korea submarine so i wouldn't treat that threat in alarmist way but clearly north korea is improving their delivery capabilities. in hong kong an 18 year old student shot and injured by police during
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anti-government protest has been charged with rioting and assaulting 2 offices students of the chinese university of hong kong held a rally to condemn the shooting of their colleague on tuesday which was a national day in china so a car cares more from the court where the student was charged. the 18 year old high school student who shot the live bullet during tuesday's demonstrations by a police officer has now been charged with a number of offenses including rioting arson and assaulting a police officer that he wasn't able to appear in thursday's court hearing it was shot in court simply because he's still in hospital in stable condition he was one of the group of 7 cases that were heard at the shot in court but only 4 of those people were able to attend because of the injuries now a couple 100 people gathered at that court to show their support for the high school student who was shot because the police are still under pressure as to why they used live bullets during that demonstration and why they targeted the protesters chest now on friday the government is expected to announce a special meeting the executive council which is affectively the government's
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cabinet will host its beijing is expected to consider implementing a new anti mass bill which simply bans the use of masks being worn at these unlawful assemblies are considered by the government not the strategy would be used by simply used to utilise through the emergency powers now the probation groups have already showed their support towards this particular act on this particular motion on friday is expected to hold that executive council meeting and will make an announcement shortly after. joe biden has described donald trump as desperate and defensive after the us president called his potential 2020 democratic rival stone cold crooked without offering any evidence trump again deny pressuring ukraine's president to investigate biden and his son details of a call between the 2 were made public after a whistleblower complained that prompted the democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. well now from she had. house democrats announced on wednesday that they
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would subpoena the white house for documents related to their impeachment inquiry if they don't receive by friday they've also asked for documents from the state department am president trumps personal lawyer rudy giuliani but they warn that no one should think they can avoid cooperation through legal action challenging congress's authority for example so we are concerned that the white house will attempt to stonewall our discussion much as they have stonewalled other committees in the past. it's why i say the white house needs to understand that any action like that that forces us to litigate or have to consider litigation will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice and of course that was an article of speech meant against nixon the implications for the white house are clear from the democrats don't think you can hold the impeachment process up in the courts if you don't cooperate with the inquiry will simply roll that in to potential articles of impeachment as obstruction of justice and we'll infer that
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the reason you're not complying is because what the whistleblower said initially was true now the white house donald trump once again attacked the whistleblower who alleged he was abusing the office of the presidency to undermine the 2020 lections in his interactions with the ukrainian president this country has to find out who that person was because that person is a spot in my opinion but later in a press conference with the finnish president mr trump said he would cooperate with house democrats in their inquiry however he grew irritated as he was asked exactly what he had been asking the ukrainians to do in the 1st place biden and his son are stone cold prophet and you know it is son walks out with millions of dollars the kid knows nothing you know it and so do we go ahead ask you quickly the question sir was what did you want president selenski to do about present my president biden and his son hunter. you talking to me yeah it was just a follow up of what i just asked is are you ready we have the president of finland
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ask him a question i have one form i just wanted to follow up on the one that i asked you which did you hear but if you want to hear me yes ask him a question i'm troubled presidential campaign released a new advert arguing that the impeachment process is simply the democrats attempting to undermine democracy because they can beat them at the ballot box it's nothing short of a coup and it must be stopped it's a message that does seem to be resonating with trump's base at least the campaign is reporting tens of thousands of new donors and huge sums of money pouring him she able to see out washington in mali the families of 25 soldiers killed by fighters linked to al qaeda are demanding information from the government protesters in the capital bamako say army commanders are withholding details about monday's attacks on 2 bases and the government is accused of failing to properly equip soldiers 60 soldiers remain missing. jordan has a high proportion of university graduates but many find it tough to get
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a job youth unemployment rate has risen to almost 40 percent unable to find work in their chosen field many of starting careers they never expected and chapelle reports from the capital. after a beer graduated from university she struggled to find a job she wanted before starting over and finding a new profession but i thought i would be for less than a lot for 7 years so i tried to get a job either in the public sector all of the private sector but there was nothing so i took a beauty trying pools in i took another course on business and launched my own beauty cell and you have to do something that will actually get you a job and state of traditional fields. her hometown of a short drive from the capital amman attracts tourists to see mosaics that are thousands of years old but tourism isn't enough to provide jobs in the area has the highest unemployment rate in the country which civil society organizations want reduced. the most we design course topics based on market research in each city
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based on what each market needs him a job at the local market needs employees who work in human resources beauty salons and fix mobile phones. jordanians expect more from their government which is saddled with public debt of around 95 percent of its g.d.p. government spending cuts and austerity measures were imposed last year to secure a $723000000.00 bailout from the international monetary fund the cutbacks have caused discontentment especially among young jordanians youth unemployment is 39 percent and a quarter of university graduates are jobless there are many reasons why the labor market is struggling some of them out of the government's control jordan needs help to stimulate its economy and a workforce in high paying jobs that pay their taxes. the government says it's rolling out new initiatives to create jobs especially for the kingdom's young people considered to be one of the most educated populations in the region
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economists say jordan's government and society as a whole needs to stop favoring some professions that's because the market is saturated and jobs aren't being found easily even for highly qualified graduates we have a generation and we think today we have very high unemployment among engineers medical doctors and pharmacists so why are we sending through an official policy more students to study these subjects knowingly in advance that. they won't find jobs so i think this is one major public policy flow that the government has to deal with immediately recent research by his firm showed that a 3rd of jordanian adults want to leave the country because they have no hope for their future that total has doubled since protests in modern and other cities 8 years ago against the rising cost of living and schapelle al-jazeera. a
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colombian politician who was jailed for buying votes has escaped from custody i don't know had been a school to buy a prison guard to a dental appointment once the guard was out of the room she opened the window and used a rope to shimmy down the street below a motorbike was waiting for her and quickly sped off the government has launched an investigation. a team of divers has been descending into the unknown off the coast of south america nick clark joined the unique expedition charting the recently discovered amazon reef. here on the northeastern edge of south america lies an outpost of france where in the cooler tropical evenings they relax as they might do in paris or not but this is cayenne in french guyana and the launch point of a unique expedition to explore and dive a whole new world we jump on the expedition rib and head out to sea the ship with the joint is lying 20 kilometers off shore the esperanza is one of greenpeace's
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campaign vessels and right now a dive ship and a flotilla poetry combined. so the amazon river and the amazon mouth is here the amazon reef presence was 1st revealed. here's a girl off the coast of brazil here with her 1st greenpeace expedition in the area and a 2nd when this expedition in the area last year identified the reef presence also into fresh rianna watchers we head off to find it no one has died the seas before this expedition almost immediately were accompanied at the bell by a school of dolphins just joining for the ride these waters brimming full of life. a sign a device they call the fish is launched and scans the sea bed it images anxiously observed on deck we scanning the bottom of the ocean between 81 and one in 20 meter to find you there is a rock star reef this expedition is not alone with an interest in what lies below
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now 500 kilometers in that direction lies the melt of the amazon and the brazilian worters where it's estimated up to 14000000000 barrels of oil lies and companies like b.p. and the brazilian government for that matter they want to get at it and the fear is that should there be an oil spill the great outpouring of the amazon river which is the world's large. that spill up in this story destroying pristine ecosystem is give much more argument to the global call for marine conserve ation and creating marine protected areas this is one of the kind of player with 0 we need to protect in the world because if you have economic species you have the rubble it causes them so that's a way to call up the global leaders for marine protection. meanwhile they say not even found a section of reef suitable for diving. you can see something here we got up to 67 meters high reached at the bottom so clearly some interesting some interesting
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areas you go in and dive. so time to prepare the dive for an early morning mission to the day. with a new day will bring clark al-jazeera off the coast of french guyana. making movies is a difficult and sometimes dangerous business for palestinian for make their works are now being celebrated at a film festival in ramallah it is also trying to make cinema more accessible for people across the occupied west bank and gaza near the abraham was at the festival premiere. this is one of the main cultural events that has to do with the movie industry in palestine it promotes many work of palestinian independent movie directors as well as introduce international film to the palestinian audience the week long event attracts a lot of media attention and wants to help bring more people to cinemas and cinemas to people who don't have movie theaters aiming to help the movie industry
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especially as it faces financial challenges these obstacles such as the military checkpoints there the war live the permit regime all these fragmentation system imposed by the israeli army impacts heavily on the palestinian killing me producers and filmmakers and teams the opening film it must be have been by palestinian director released him. and it's palestine's nomination to the best international film award at the oscars. but the last rites in the order have rights or else with the you better than all the ways that the world cries and most of them are but. this is al-jazeera let's get a round up now while top stories sporadic gunfire has been heard in iraq each county where anti-government protesters are defying
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a curfew is clear shows people inside doing district running to avoid bullets fired up by security forces at least 20 iraqis have been killed during 3 days of demonstrations britain's prime minister boris johnson those delivered his new proposals to revive briggs it talks with the european union it includes a new regulatory zone in northern ireland to replace the backstop arrangement in the existing with war with all due. the essence of on new proposals is a new protocol on northern ireland consisting of 5 elements. in the 1st place all our actions are based on our shared determination to sustain the belfast good friday agreement the fundamental basis of governance in northern ireland the protection of which is the highest priority of all and from this follows the 2nd principle namely that we shall of course uphold all the longstanding areas of cooperation between the u.k.
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and off friends in ireland including the rights of all those living in northern ireland and north south corp the common travel area which predates both the good friday agreement and the european union itself. 3rd we propose the potential creation of a regular trees on the island about and covering all goods including agra food for as long as it exists this would eliminate all regulatory checks for trade in goods between them and moving on to nigeria's president is visiting south africa after attacks on foreign owned businesses there last month how many will hadi says he is discussing the welfare of his people north korea says its latest weapons test was a news type of submarine launched ballistic missile it was fired on wednesday hours after they announced the resumption of denuclearization talks with the u.s. . those are the headlines we're back in half an hour inside story is next.
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iraqis march to demand jobs and improve services in the largest demonstration yet against prime minister abdullah abdullah mocking their pm is a repeat of previous protests so are iraq's leaders miss main and why isn't the government able to deliver this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program fully back to bowl iraq's barely year old
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government is being forced to deal with a not just nationwide protest since taking over the. riot police contain demonstrators in baghdad on wednesday 24 hours after a bonus and tear gas was fired at least 3 people died and hundreds of others were injured in baghdad as well as other cities high levels of corruption and unemployment are 2 main reasons for the anger and there's unrest over the recent dismissal of an army commander credited with defeats and i saw in mosul 2 years ago imran khan has more from baghdad. the protesters the bones of very simple they calling for the government to create more jobs more opportunities particularly for the poor in society also say that the government has failed to tackle corruption which is led to a lack of development will surprise the government is how quickly these protests spread not just here in baghdad but in nasiriyah i mean not just as well and that's
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taken the government by surprise they're actually a folding a government task force to look into how this took about now the events will choose they took place very early in the day in the afternoon when those a very small protest that was quickly dispersed by the security forces then there was a call on social media and then there was a much larger processed on. tuesday night and that's really when those big clashes happened between the protesters and the security forces they tried to come across the bridge from tucker a square tahrir square is just about half a kilometer that way and it looks like the protest movement is developing now that's going to be a concern for the government the big fear is is this if they protest movement becomes a nationwide movement and that will really concern the government not just for security reasons but for political reasons as well a lot of these people are young they've never voted before and certainly they'll be
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looking to their political leaders to try and give them something to give them some hope for the future they say that they have no hope for the future and that's why they're out in the streets. let's take a closer look at why iraqis are angry youth unemployment stands at 25 percent many protesters are university graduates who can't find a job and they blame corruption and when they just favoritism for many of iraq's problems transparency international ranks in iraq as the 12th most corrupt country in the world and since 2004 almost $450000000000.00 of public funds have disappeared according to official think is another persistent complaint is a poor quality of public services shortages of electricity and water and failing infrastructure continue to plague communities. known as helping us no one is supporting us we're giving our blood getting used is gone we have no results we want to internationalize the case because there are no results were poor we have
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nothing but our voice in ourselves well they have the weapons and the money and only i am an our problem is with the parliament it is them who distribute the hall among the thieves we do not want to parliamentary system we want to republican presidential system to lead us. today the iraqi people have lived 16 years under a parliamentary system that does not work all we have seen of it are wars blood fighting and looting the corrupt are passing their position to one another. let's introduce our panel now in baghdad. he is a political analyst and specialist on the modern history of iraq by skype in athens is judy it's nearing a political analyst on iraqi affairs who's watching the protests very closely and in ankara youssef. a middle east analyst thank you all for being on inside story thank you for joining us nationally in baghdad the problems facing iraqis have
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existed for years what exactly spock's this week's demonstrations no that is. things happened in this week that. rising in order that there's some agenda behind that but i thinks things have an especially when do you believe the general sidey and that shift their position from the high command. in iraq achieve and shifted to the another position that that's the things makes many many talks of the streets of iraq an order that i think many people of the streets shouting and begin to talking and this is a conspiracy against the iraqi people or they've got to see something and to and to use the things for the agenda that i think what's happening
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yesterday it's coming. because. increasingly the suffering people. you see a sort of a yes indeed many demonstrators let me just explain to our audience said that many demonstrators indeed have been holding posters of iraq's counterterrorism chief. saadi who is recent dismissal set off controversy with some people blaming it on iranian backed iraqi politicians so would you say there's a direct link between his dismissal and the demonstrations that we've seen in baghdad and elsewhere. this is one because i'm a thinks of the big no the people and the protesters youngs know they are raising money as long as the money demanded every every day all that greed is the rising value and today they did the jobs they they want to fight corruption the corrupted people they want to explicitly they want many things but i think the problem of
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outside the ship the moving the. moving the place or moving the problem ok order that i think many many many many many people use that they talking about conspiracy from the sort of agenda judith in athens i know you've been following the situation very closely those who've taken to the streets have denounced the house of problems that plagued their daily life including of course corruption unemployment and a lack of services not surprisingly for iraq there is no political faction between these damn behind these demonstrations there was no political faction that explicitly called 42 states protests how significant is that in your view and are these demonstrations spontaneous. yes it's the fact that normally when it is them stretches it you know there is
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a political power behind it and especially a lot of our southern last years and he's in your home mom he's very light months. i think there is a connection to the fact that there is so much land and news the games the testers and the fact that he was involved this time before all the demonstrations that he organized have been sort of peaceful even when the demonstrators broke into the endzone a couple of years ago the police hardly did anything about it and now there is the army on the streets against these young people meeting in the and they are 6 really shoot in with bullets and ok to shoot in the air the bullets now if we don't really have heard at least 200 to find something like 3 people who were killed adrift in the summer of 2018 there were similar nationwide protests in basra
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more precisely how has the situation not improved at all for iraqis since then i mean has have things got a more sway back east. the main problem in basra. has become a need for peace. but the main problem really is corruption and that's what most of these functions to get and the corruption has not to go because it's in milling in the system. but this equality is a militia are very much part of the garage and if you want to get a job in the governments and if there are thousands of people who are ready and waiting and waiting for a job in the government. the private sector is small if you are working for a joke like that you will have to say i spoke to some of the tell me that she had already been through our jobs that she's going to start off with the holidays. and
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that was $10000.00 now anything any question that is is is being met the culture that people are she may. have some kind of child or a piece. everything a little so. i think it's an enormous the system is in place nothing very much will change highly on nash me your thoughts on this issue of corruption transparency international has wronged iraq as the 12th most corrupt country in the world your in baghdad tell us how this corruption manifests itself in everyday life for iraqis. no the iraqi people know they talking every day every minute about the corrupted people who are ruling they are like now and they know. all the iraqi people confidence that. all the
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politicians or all the m.p.'s and all the government as they say they are corrupted people not the that they approve that because they say we spend. $3000000.00 in. 20 years. 11 years but nothing on the ground not going to see you know what serves no medicines no health every think its very worst very bad and go on to worse another that i think is the biggest of the boast a problem now in iraq is the corrupted because now the new generation is coming the generations they don't they don't follow and anything on the ground no job no the wheel of the economic as a stop no trades not likely culture no industry nothing they talking about to relieve all the rulers that will relieve all the government because they don't see anything about them then i think this is what's behind what what's happening and
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what the broadest sense is needed the feds the things they want to government to fight the corrupted the corruption situation but they think and one of them they they do use the corrupt people because now the iraqi government does sign many agreement with many many companies but. all that's money goes to the pockets of the corrupt people. let me bring into the conversation now what are your thoughts on what's happening right now in iraq it's significant isn't it to see these protests in baghdad because many had viewed the iraqi capital as being in a state of recovery since the fall and i still.


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