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terry fund but skepticism of the i.m.f. runs strong in one order and throughout latin america when many blame austerity policies for the economic struggles they face every day. divers are exploring unknown waters off the coast of french it's all part of a campaign to better protect the world's oceans this is the 2nd of his reports from the region. in the amazon race. alexy rosenfeld is dived all over the world but this is something new along with his team he's diving where no human has been before we're now 135 kilometers from shore and around 600 from the mouth of the amazon. it's a real challenge to diving conditions and no no no one has ever dived here before we have to go through a really thick layer of sediment from the amazon mouth this layer is about 20 meters deep and after that it's pitch black until the bottom there is
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a deep and complex dive careful preparation and double checking of equipment is essential. so there they go and they'll be heading down to a depth of 110 meters which is so deep that i only have 50 minutes on the seabed and in that time they've got to collect samples and send them back up to the surface and then they have to stay in the water submerged for 3 hours to decompress . they drop down. into almost darkness seen by their dive lights. at the bottom they have to work fast collecting biological samples other divers scan the reef and film it for review revealing a richer ray of biodiversity. the samples ascent up to the surface. to pick them
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up and we hold the moment pulled and as the divers stay below to decompress the samples are right back on the esperanza is all manner of life care including all types of molluscs crustaceans sponges and stuff and. now you finding missions you don't recognize well fancy fancy because this is all easy stuff so very very few people know them very direct meanwhile back with the divers some inquisitive ham a head shot by the decompression stop but it's just an inquiry shots lose interest and head off. back on the ship it's time for a closer look at the kind of species that exist here it has been an extraordinary morning and one that even the most experienced divers have found exhilarating it's it's really i mean we're we're diving where yeah nobody has ever been it's like discovering you when you were on it in age when our oceans are threatened by climate change overfishing oil drilling and deep sea mining the scientific evidence
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the team gather will help bolster the case for greater protection of the world sees . al-jazeera off the coast of french guyana. and for the world moto g.p. champion.
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living in the largest city in the us you don't really get up close to the world's
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largest animals like the ones in the ocean but new york has them out enjoying the dividends of whale conservation efforts kristen salumi went to look these tourists have come to new york to see a show but not the kind one typically associates with the big city here along rockaway beach and brooklyn the wildlife is the star attraction. this is the main species that we are going to be looking for today. specifically humpback whales. not too long ago whale watching here was a hit and miss affair these days it's practically a sure thing. it didn't take long at all for the spotters to find what they came for. like. oh ok. that's great news for captain tom palla deano who runs the cruises 4 times a week his family has made a living on the water here since the 1940 s.
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. now in the fifty's and sixty's and seventy's there was very few where you would see want to year this year. it's probably 98 or 99 percent of our trips we do see whales which is absolutely right in the last decade the whale population around new york has just exploded there were 272 sightings last year compared to just 5 in 2011 experts say the reason is cleaner water. stronger pollution controls have brought back dolphins to as well as the whales favorite food a fish called menhaden researchers from the group gotham whale have been on board tracking the creatures we developed datapoint simply where the whales are what their behavior is species and we take photographs of those whales and we share their kind of matching profiles with people up and down the coastline for the
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public it's easy access to the might of nature magnificent the wells are amazing and of course to be able to see them right here at that all over the world watching whales but what cool thing to do is seem off the coast my home area. and a whales tail of a successful conservation effort kristen salumi al-jazeera off the coast of new york. times via sport now we're joining far as smile of the world athletics championships are in tow. welcome back to the khalifah international stadium where 6 titles are up for grabs on day 8 at the world athletic championships the 1st was a cited a short time ago and in a new world record time america's dahlia mahama taking gold in the $400.00 metres hurdles final in 52.16 seconds sydney mclaughlin in 2nd also finished inside the
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previous world record time well there would be no more popular winner of a gold medal here than multiset bar she came in the high jump the cattery athlete won in london 2 years ago and is now looking to become a double world champion and front of his home fans is one of 3 jumpers to clear to meters 33 so far all the issues of heat and humidity in the night road races are set to return later on friday with the men's 20 kilometer walk earlier this week our sports correspondent andy richardson spoke to the head of world athletics about shimko about the conditions the runners face. what were your feelings at the finish line of the women's marathon and seeing the athletes come through those conditions i was really proud of what i saw that night i think nobody was out there under playing the challenge that those athletes had. they were they in large part came here extremely well prepared we have probably never as an international federation
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be better prepared to deal with the challenging climatic circumstances i went in i spent the whole night there i was watching the way athletes that. really just ran out of road and decided to call it a day with entreated we i think we had 11 that went on to a hospital observation and that was just simply for observation and being very careful and they were through very very quickly the 20 k. walk was in kind conditions the 50 k. walk too we still have the 20 k. women's and the men's marathon as a former athlete did you feel that you were giving these athletes the best platform to perform at their absolute peak at a world championship i think look i absolutely openly accept the once a decision had been taken by the council to go to doha that was clearly going to be
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the challenge we always knew that the road events would be the challenge and that's why we spent so much time interesting we've done a lot of work while we've been here on understanding a great deal more on behalf of the athletes of the management of heat an interesting leigh and slightly perversely that will probably be a bigger issue for us in tokyo than it is in doha because a good 90 something percent of the athletes that are here are performing inside the stadium. now way from the athletics south africa had their 2nd win at the rugby world cup they scored 7 tries in a $4093.00 be. on this point victory over italy south africa topped the for the table but have played a game more than new zealand italy need to beat the all blacks in their last pool match to reach for the final. and that is all your sport for now it's now back to commercial for a thank you finally the threat to freedom of expression has been highlighted by writers from around the world meeting in the philippines the week long pen
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international congress was held as the philippines slips further towards the bottom of the press freedom list jamila reports from manila. feeling they are poets novelists journalists writers from all over the world have been in manila for a major literary gathering over the past. but one chair remains empty. and. his loss is felt deeply here is a. mexican pool with a bit of both the star reads verses about the killings often connected to the drugs war in her country at least 11 mexican journalists have been murdered this year.
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the tyranny has taken root she says and the world must not forget. the whole writes about how political turmoil in hong kong has turned streets into a battleground. it's a message often repeated here writers from uganda ukraine and indonesia also read their prose almost all with the same underlying theme they say repressive regimes are tightening their grip over freedom of expression it's no coincidence that the penn literary congress one of the largest and will gatherings of writers from all over the world is be hosted for the 1st time in the philippines which has slipped
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further down the world press freedom index during the rule of president the terror to the journalists rights groups reporters without borders ranks the philippines. 134th of a 180 countries we have allies you know other countries there was a very important question raised earlier from. i think someone from or we asked among other things so what else can we do to help you writers artists journalists in the philippines and i think that's the kind of question that's been raised in other panels in the other discussions here at the 50 international congress so there's a real sense of solidarity this side to the crackdown on freedom of expression there remains a strong sense of defiance here writers tell us they will push back through literature using words to fight syria any similarly dogon al-jazeera in the law.
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and that is it for the news hour from here in doha from the city bar in the team along to the back of just a couple of minutes time with more on come on santa maria thanks for joining us. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more we become still fight against corruption. needs heroes heroes like know who are bad or who refuse to 15000000 dollar bribe the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make a road to bed to please nominate your anti corruption nero now. subzero
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temperatures the stream altitudes deadly. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved quite ordinary jointness that's what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all to stop on al-jazeera. the al-jazeera world tells the dramatic story of the birth of a nation and how a political agreement reached my fronts in tunisia would spark the bitterest of
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fear. this god the london see a demand that meant we were still occupied rivalry conflict murda division opt to have tunisia the battle for independence on al-jazeera. i. iraqi security forces fire on hundreds of protesters as a wave of civil unrest sweeps the nation. about i'm christi paul and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. serious protesters crime the streets of hong kong after the territories leader
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bans the use of face masks. standoff in washington a defiant donald trump refuses to say if the white house will cooperate with an impeachment inquiry against him plus. i recall reporting for 130 kilometers off the coast of french guiana in south america as dive teams for projects brought me on as a reef where no one has ever been before. and iraqi security forces of opened fire on hundreds of demonstrators as the government struggles to contain a wave of civil unrest at least 10 people have been killed in friday's violence in the capital baghdad more than 50 have died since those protests began 4 days ago as the corruption poverty and a lack of basic services boiled over into rallies on the streets iraq's top chick cleric has warned both sides to end the violence the fort's 2 lights iran card
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reports. protesters take cover under a bridge in central baghdad as gunshots ring out iraq's security forces continue to fight bullets unarmed protesters dozens have been killed during the past 4 days and nights of anti-government protests i. than 2000 people have been injured overnight the iraqi prime minister. appealed for calm his words seemingly having little effect. promises by the prime minister are to fool the people and they are firing live gunshots out us this was a peaceful protest they set up these barricades and the sniper sitting right there since last night i said grand ayatollah ali al sistani said in a letter read out by his representative. and. we hope that the voices of reason and logic can prevail for the best interests of the country all the officials have the responsibility to make the right decisions to move forward everyone should be aware
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of the danger of excessive violence before it is too late. in the holy city of najaf in southern iraq mourners awful one of the protesters who died a child there's no god but a lot of shade with he was martyred in a protest he was calling for the rights of the people he was 23 years old. the protest similar to others earlier this year aimed at government corruption the lack of jobs and basic services as well as religious discrimination the poll of and says it's listening to protesters dumond's and will hold an emergency session on saturday the age of the protesters has surprised many in iraq but with a young and often unemployed generation it's perhaps unsurprising the frustration has turned to anger and anger into violence a lot of the protesters have reached a conclusion that the road is blocked and that the political parties have failed
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the ayatollah is now playing a fatherly role but he might not be able to influence the protesters. in baghdad there are checkpoints every few 100 meters and mobile patrols drive through empty streets despite the curfew protesters continue to gather not just here but across the country and we can speak now to iran in baghdad say iran those appeals for calm across the country don't appear to be working and parliament is going to hold an emergency session on saturday that's absolutely right in fact in the last 5 minutes tech risk which is just about half a kilometer that way i've been hearing gunshots ring out not just in that direction but across baghdad from where i'm standing now the emergency session of parliament as you say takes place on saturday what they're going to be discussing remains to be seen already one of the major political blocs has actually decided not to take part in the session because they say there isn't
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a clear agenda now all of these appeals for calm haven't worked there are protesters out across cities in the south and here in the center of baghdad baghdad as you know is under curfew right now and what's happening is that those protesters are out of that out on the streets in defiance of that curfew and it doesn't seem to be holding now a lot of opposition politicians are sensing an opportunity here. speaker of the parliament actually came out publicly on the side of the protesters and said the government must do more to act expect to see a lot more politicians taking a look at what's going on in the streets and deciding that this is the opportunity to support the protesters against the government if i can live for the latest they baghdad for us thank you. define protest as in hong kong a challenging
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a ban on face mosques which is now in effect she executive carrie now has invoked a colonial era law to enforce the ban and gang greater powers to come down on pro-democracy protests and he said been battling demonstrators who attacked chinese shops subway stations and set fires on the streets a 14 year old boy has been we did it by gunfire scott height of reports from hong kong. placemats have become one of the main symbols of the protester movement here in hong kong they're also a way to hide identities from surveillance camera now it's illegal for protesters to cover their faces. their protests have become increasingly violent and initial peaceful rallies the largest ever seen here calling for the withdrawal of a proposed extradition law had escalated into running battles in vandalism. their demands became more of a broad push back against what protestors see as growing control from beijing chief
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executive kerry lamb has turned to a british colonial era emergency law not used since riots in 1967 anyone who wears a mask could face up to a year in jail and a $3000.00 fine. hong kong is not in a state of emergency and we are not proclaiming that hong kong is entering a state of emergency. but we are indeed in an ok sion of serious danger which is a state a condition in an emergency regulations ordinance was many of the protesters said that they were not deterred by the emergency law and will carry on as before. other so that might stop some demonstrators but the banner won't help end the crisis possibly having the opposite effect goes i think some people with the afraid of bearing the legal consequences and are not going to protest in the future i also think that such a hot line approach is not going to work in the long run my dumb idea this group of
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protesters was has been moving about here in the central financial district going started with a march of thousands now it's pared down to hundreds so what they're doing is they're bouncing between main intersections and blocking them off after work hours the number of protesters swelled into the thousands again. barricades were built fires lit they then moved on from the financial district the marching mass of people growing the majority the protesters ended up in causeway bay clogging the streets and vandalizing m.t.r. subway stations and businesses the protesters you unsympathetic to their movement. as routine now riot police came in to push the protesters out most left but small numbers faded into the smaller streets. and with the announcement of more protests planned for this weekend it's a routine that will probably be repeated it's got hardly al-jazeera home. u.s. president donald trump says he won't cooperate with an impeachment inquiry until
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the house of representatives has those hits to approve the investigation the white house is facing a deadline to turn over documents to congress well democrats will they will issue an issue subpoenas the trunk says he needn't comply until of those has taken place when it comes as text messages reveal how u.s. officials works to push the ukrainian president to investigate trump's leading opponent joe biden i did joe castro is at the u.s. congress in capitol hill but 1st let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how could a kennedy what exactly has the president been saying in the last couple of hours well the u.s. president continues to undermine the impeachment inquiry as you point out preparing 'd from the white house to formally object to the impeachment inquiry unless there is a formal vote in the house of representatives the president says that this is not about him trying to get out information about his political adversary in this case the former vice president joe biden he says this is about rooting out corruption and he
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says that if foreign countries can help with that that's all he was doing and he doesn't care if this involves joe biden or anyone else that reporters did have the opportunity to ask the president directly about his efforts to impede the investigation here's what he had to say. that's up to the lawyers i know the lawyers think they've never seen anything so there they've never seen anything so i just i've been president now for almost 3 years and i've been going through this for almost 3 years it's almost become like a bar the by day. interesting need the vice president also appears to be getting caught up in this control to say. absolutely there is that with each day a new trump administration official ensnared in this and for a 2nd day the headlines around president mike pence there are reports that he was aware of that now infamous july 25th phone call between donald trump and the
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ukrainian president where the president allegedly seemed to kind of dangle or withhold military aid in exchange for an investigation against his political rival joe biden no it's not clear though if mike pence had any knowledge of that aspect of the call still he is defending the u.s. president in fact he says that this is a serious allegation not about the president but about the biden said if there is corruption in his view it should be investigated completely at the white house thank you let's take you from white house to capitol hill and speak to hide and heidi tell us a bit more about what's been happening in friday's hearing. travel cities of this is the 2nd day that it yet another possible star witness is providing closed door testimony to house investigators inside the secure floor of the capitol right now is the inspector general for the intelligence community michael atkinson he was the
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person who that is the whistleblower reported deemed it credible and played a large role in making sure that congress received it which is what drove us all to this point launching the impeachment inquiry but even as committee members are hearing his testimony has here are still reeling over the revelations from yesterday when former special envoy to ukraine kurt volker also testified behind closed doors but he also gave over his text messages which have been released to the public and they appear to paint a picture that u.s. diplomats and ukrainian officials had a clear understanding exactly what was being asked for and what was at stake when president trump on that july 25th phone call said to president bill and there is a linsky of ukraine do.


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