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tv   Climate Hackers  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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true just think all this is this is far away we don't care really we'll think about that later on now taking on many environmental and climate crisis is a battle on many fronts not least that of the ocean the thing is where scientists want to explore and document all companies want to come and drill and these polar extremes are replicated across the climate debate isn't it really all about how one sees what lies beneath all reserves worth billions or healthy ocean ecosystems and the wonder of life in all its great biodiversity clark al-jazeera off the coast of french guyana. testing still to come here on the news in sports the want to be's going to rampage action from breeze world cup coming up in just a few blocks. planets is feeling the heat of the climate an ecological emergency the world's leading
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scientists are warning of an existential crisis in the face of it reversible changes to the us climate all be with you throughout as well our environment correspondent nick clark will have reports from the front lines of the crisis and showcase new solutions to help called by threat al-jazeera brings you a new weekly primates s.o.s. what sets up the facts on the science behind the issues affecting our planet's. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism. you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in the meeting going on joining the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them you know money join one man when they. make it and survived the initial. sound of the box us this is year that. amount. al-jazeera clearly is different because there's
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a maturity about its views gathering in their lives really genuinely over also this child but the bad side the risk of a story are going to go over a lot more going on in our culture 0 is setting out the basically you know the reality on the ground that other males will grow slowly become but the just the magic of the business world that's what we do nothing else but we do well. to play in skate film studio audio and 15 man checks you know what tell me stuff we're not sure. it is possible to fully clean the premises off and skeletons but one. you then leave is evidence that you have fully cleaned some mistruths i wanted to give that except when i'm at it from started speaking about the role in me for even the saudi government if i will just have jamal khashoggi mudder in a saudi consulate on al-jazeera.
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elegant a quadriplegic has walked again for the 1st time with the aid of a revolution remind controlled exoskeleton researchers in france develop the technology which translates brain waves into mechanical movement paul brennan reports 4 years ago this man was paralyzed in a form even today his spinal cord is too badly damaged to transmit signals from his brain to his limbs and yet he can walk. by using the power of the mind of a 65 kilo exoskeleton. what was performed was movements of an avatar on screen and an exoskeleton in all 4 limbs and that's new it's never
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been done from the brain controlling all 4 limbs so that's exciting for this domain of research the test subjects name is t.-bo a 28 year old french optician. 2 years ago back in 2017 the researches implanted 2 senses into both skull other side of the sensory motor cortex that's the part of the brain which controls movement the electrodes detect brain signals and then a computer algorithm processes those signals and within 350 milliseconds the algorithm translates the brain's electrical impulses directly into this mechanical suit the exoskeleton tivo moves literally using the power of his mind 1st he practiced on controlling a computer avatar now he's learned to move all 4 limbs of the exercise and suit this may look slow and unsteady but in technological terms it's a massive leap forward the french scientists behind the success guillotine were not available for interview on friday an official media launch takes place next week.
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are not new the particular ability assistance has been developing rapidly in recent years but experts say this harnessing brain power is still in its infancy people with very high levels of petrol please are able to control for example electric wheelchairs by puffing and sucking with a device now so if this brain implant is really to transform that and bring the promise of people by their thoughts controlling their mobility and their environment it's got a long way to go. the road ahead may be long but every journey begins with a single step. paul brennan al-jazeera. amazing restaurant santa up the road at khalifa stadium here and for the sport.
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thank you very much adrian while the host nation qatar celebrating the 1st gold medal at the world athletics championships. successfully defended his high jumper title on a night that also saw a wall the record broken so has the action i feel the sights sounds and i've been praying for i home town hero my jumper it's the basha in full flight after recovering from until surgery last year haven't come close to elimination the qatari cleared to meet his 37 i it was something none of his rivals could match i had meant bosh and became the 1st man to successfully defend the high jump title to world championship everyone that my family friends and all people of. the support i wasn't really ready but that they did that they are the real champions there lift me up today it's just amazing
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really i have nothing to say they are the champions you can ask. american to leila mohamad treated found at the packed khalifa international stadium to a new world record. the 29 year old winning the 400 metres hurdles in 52.16 seconds that's 400 ths of a 2nd better than the mark she set herself in july i'm hama's gold adding to her olympic title from rio 2016 i. stayed. off the show missed out on gold in the women's 400 meters ah i believe in god they gave behavior found something to cheer about in the men's event he blew away the competition to win the final. thank you 3.48 seconds and take home the gold medal. the closest finish of the night came in the men's 3000 meter steeple chase defending champion princesses computer with kenya and ethiopia teenager let me
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battle it out to the line after an agonizing wait it was completed was called the knot was cuba's young braves came out on top in the women's discus final with a throw 69.17 meters the title adds to her pan american crown one in august and she'd be looking to add more gold to the collection and next year's tokyo olympics so he'll malik al-jazeera. and there was another gold medal awarded on friday away from the national stadium japan's castle yemenis claimed the 20 kilometer race walk title on till has a waterfront it did it with a time of one hour 26 minutes and 34 seconds to came to pass a 2nd race walking gold medal in qatar the victory means hill compete at his home in lympics next year as the world champion was
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a serious run hole patent joins us now in the studio the whole plenty to talk about last night day 8 but 1st of all let's start with qatar's golden boy what a great comeback from has a separation incredible year considering he had a long throw career threatening injury that could have ended everything but i was in the stadium fortune off to be the last night i'll set the scene for you. the balls at 233 he's never jumped that hard this season because of his injury problems he doesn't know his body is going to hold out he's missed 2 attempts one more final exam the crowded are not there also every time he did the capacity chronicle if you would stand up you have all of the camera phones down everything and what is he doing on it when. then you start with the fun the plan the articles get everybody going runs up plates to the 3 and up that you never get back a day to day 5 to 37 well championship in the pocket the time to type of job done i
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mean not son of a great champion what he told me he's a great showman absolutely he said pretty talented and yet when the chips are down he has a great job and he delivers and that's what champions do and i'm that's what he's learned from all these years of being in the spotlight learning at the spot or cademy which is and i try to nearby you know that's what great champions do when they have to pull it out the bag up on the one for the i just 7 and other great performance the one female athlete yeah mohammed's 21 year old had already broken the world record in the american trials that if you did it once again the world championship final ending a $100000.00 bonus in the price that she was charged all the way by out by sidney mclachlan 20 years almost certainly will be a world champion of the a world record holder in this event but for now was it was the queen of the track certainly yesterday but thinking about i want to emphasize far from incredible i was privileged to think that we're also tapping on
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a time when we had the 3000 meters people trying to which i was in even close to finish it was it was a fight i finished i needed to step right kenya's concept keep yourself from ethiopia as a then show game african found the good in african fans who were sort of sitting next to each other in a big block to my right they were going actually driving in from a they've been the result of the choppers the whole thank you very much that was held in a column and that's only a small form and you're back to adrian. now one of africa's most acclaimed artists and it sui has had its 1st exhibition in the middle east the ghana an artist has won many awards for his work it's made predominantly from rubbish it's been featured in galleries worldwide from the guggenheim in bilbao to the new york mets museum laura burton manley met with him at doha's museum of contemporary. not many artists want their work to be rubbish but that's what. constructs
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his arts from he sources much of his material like bottle tops and cans for alcoholic drinks for recycling stations in african countries you know drinks hard to link the continent of africa europe and america you know and the. drinks were brought for us to africa. and then they. took part in the. transplant. intitled triumphant scale the artist says this exhibition in doha reflects his body of on a large scale in both space and time its work that spans his rich 5 decade long career and that's why his bottle cap series is that the heart of this walk made entirely from bottle tops it's difficult to describe the share size of
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this. inspired by 15th century story about a king who imprisoned the artist migrant ancestors who then destroyed the city walls to escape. he is connecting us called bottles you know tips and covers so by saying that this is part of the colonize ation there is a political message and it's about building bridges our state of building walls and how also from africa or from the me that news from different places in the world. this produce work that makes sense to the entire world and that's he says his work doesn't begin with any political motives it's only once he's put them together they're open to interpretation laura had a manly al-jazeera doha rattle and santa was telling us about the athletics
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in doha away from the championships england have booked their place in the quarterfinals of rugby as world cup they crushed argentina 3910 in pool c. to get there and a straightly have boosted their chances of advancing they run in 7 tries as they beat your wife 45 to. be factual data of the latest in just a few moments that's it for the new south thanks for watching i'll see you again. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best of out is
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a list documentary it's just sick and. it's not just the to remind continues with uncomfortably numb this is gaza central jail and this is the section where they're holding prisoners on drug charges both users and dealers here has 120 of them in 3 different cells on al-jazeera.
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you don't look for a future in the country split up it was. the death of a. home to bed. one on 18th week's time. on. iraq's parliament is set to discuss how to stop days of anti-government protests that have killed at least 93 people.
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also coming up more protests in hong kong after a night of violence forces the city to shut down its rail services. the u.s. democrats subpoena the white house for documents relating to their impeachment inquiry but the president says he won't cooperate and. has to vote in its 2nd election since the revolution but the winner faces a tough challenge. but we begin in iraq where at least $93.00 people have been killed in 5 days of anti-government protests there's widespread anger against corruption and a lack of basic services including clean water and access to education meanwhile the government has lifted a curfew in baghdad and parliament's expected to address the crisis shortly well for more on this let's bring in algiers imran khan. parliaments to just start
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how likely is it that they will be able to come up with any kind of solution. well firstly the question i think should be is how likely are they going to be able to meet the meeting should have got under way the emergency session just about 3 or 4 minutes ago what we're hearing from parliament is a number of and he's haven't actually shown up yet whether they will show up or not remains to be seen then he should be a certain number of m.p.'s show up in the parliament to be able to debate these measures that the government wants to be discussed to try and appease well the protest is one that hasn't happened yet whether it happens in the coming hours we don't know 2 of the major political blocs have actually said they're not going to come to that meeting one of them is led supported by a very influential shiite cleric a another one is a very influential politician. in a j feet but it has been very much a 24 hours of politicking we've seen the religious parties and the politicians take
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this protest movement very very seriously let's take a look at the developments that happened over the last 24 hours 7. protesters take cover under a bridge in central baghdad as gunshots ring out scenes like these have led to strong political reaction religious leaders and politicians taking the protest movement seriously but. the speaker of the parliament mohamed hold lucy is now publicly backing the movement. well you must pay tribute to all the young heroes whose weapons were their words to convey their message to all the institutions of the iraqi state for the need to proceed with the real reform and the need to pay attention to the people's livelihood influential shia cleric worked out also that also issued a statement saying that the government should be dissolved and new elections held the iraqi prime minister. appealed for calm but his words are seemingly having little effect that have been made promises by the prime minister are to fool the
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people and they are firing live gunshots silence this. as a peaceful protest they set up these barricades and the sniper sitting right there since last night grand ayatollah ali al sistani issued a letter which was read out by his representative. now and that we hope that the voices of reason and logic can prevail for the best interests of the country all the officials have the responsibility to make the right decisions to move forward everyone should be aware of the danger i think cecille violence before the student . the government says it's listening to approaches his demands and will hold an emergency session on saturday one of the main political books also issued a statement saying the government must implement sweeping reforms within 10 days other political blocks of boycotts at the problem and recession saying it doesn't have an agenda it can implement. a crisis.
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the age of the protesters has surprised many in iraq but with a young unemployed generation it's perhaps unsurprising that frustration has turned to anger and anger and violence the trend seems to be that the protests are intensifying and and certainly they will they will continue i think one question is whether they are brain celebrations or professions coming up might have some effect on breaking the momentum but certainly the there is a lot of momentum behind these protests. in baghdad there are checkpoints every few 100 meters and mobile patrols drive through the streets tension on the streets remains. on the protests own the curfew has been lifted what do we expect to happen next is even possible to say. well if the polish stays anything to go by what's going to happen is the protesters will start gathering in the streets
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around risk way in baghdad and in other cities in the south and they'll try and march on in baghdad into tucker square in the other cities towards government buildings and then what will see is the iraqi security forces try to push them back and that's really the pattern that's been followed over the last 5 days all of that politicking hasn't really had an effect on the protesters in fact it may well of had a negative effect on the protesters because they say it's not just this government that needs to be replaced the full comes from not just this government previous governments as well and it's actually the system of governance within the country that seems to be a larger problem these are structural problems say the protesters that need to be addressed real reform needs to be implemented now that's not to happen overnight it may not even happen in the next few months so what this means for the protest movement is very unclear but if like we've seen over the last 4 days 5 days we
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are expecting to see scenes of violence and clashes with the security forces against the protesters once again emraan come on. more protests are being held in hong kong on saturday but are smaller than usual hundreds of people demonstrating against a ban on face must despite them being counseled by its organizers it was called off to hong kong's rail network was closed because of what authorities called malicious of vandalism on friday metro stations were set on fire during rallies against the mass bambos him by chief executive carrie lee. has more from hong kong. despite a late message going out by protesters on saturday to be events of the day had been canceled hundreds of people still gathered in causeway bay that grew into thousands and this is a march that's going toward the one china area now it's very interesting because the protest movement they said that they wanted to cancel the event to save up for on sunday because they say there's going to be a very big day on sunday you know as this is transpiring there was
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a video message released from terry lane the chief executive of home and was using what she said she called wiod tears on friday the violence carried out by writers on friday as a justification for the mass ban that she put into place photobucket didn't how. ling held their rights as extreme acts made hong kong into a dark day last night it is made hong kong paralyzed everyone is worried anxious and even scant the hong kong government has the greatest a temptation to suppress violence i appeal to everyone to support the government to stop violence in a legal way. obviously as you can see in the faces of these marchers today they're defying that ban and probably saw more of that expecting much more of that on sunday because the multiple events were planned and that's why the organizers initially said they wanted everyone to stay home and rest up for a big day on sunday. u.s. house democrats have subpoenaed the white house for documents relating to the impeachment kwara and the president donald trump says he won't cooperate until the
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house of representatives votes to approve the investigation this comes as text messages have revealed how much pressure ukraine's president was put on the term vested trump's political rival joe biden. has more from washington d.c. and i want to think you it appears ukrainian leaders clearly understood what president trump meant when he spoke with the ukrainian president by phone in july and asked for a favor the favor was a ukrainian investigation into trump's political rivals at home the payoff an invitation for president volodymyr zelinsky to visit the white house and the evidence one day before the call kurt volker the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine sends a text message his alinsky aide heard from white house will go writes assuming president z. convinces trump he will investigate get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 we will nail down date for a visit to washington then after the call ukrainian official andre your back tells
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us diplomats once we have a date will call for a press briefing announcing among other things and election meddling in investigations. is the gas company linked to the son of former u.s. vice president joe biden the text messages released by house investigators show u.s. diplomats and tribes personal attorney rudy giuliani continuing to pressure ukraine to draft a statement announcing an investigation but none was released then in late august the ukrainians learned of trump's decision. to withhold nearly $400000000.00 in u.s. military assistance the u.s. ambassador to ukraine bill taylor appeared incredulous texting i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign the response came from or to the sunland a wealthy hotelier and trump donor who was appointed ambassador to the e.u. i believe you are incorrect about president trump's intentions he writes the
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president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind there is no pro quo and that was the fact that i saw that televised ever that text defending trump came just as the u.s. media was catching wind of a whistleblower report accusing trump of wrongdoing in his call with the ukrainian president that's what's launched the impeachment inquiry now targeting the president democrats heard from another witness friday the intelligence community inspector general who investigated the whistleblower report we have evidence of text messages between state department officials expressing concern as early as may that rudy giuliani had a jew there was a giuliani biting thing going on that had concerned a state department official we have evidence that a state department official was concerned that there was a linkage between security assistance and as he described
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a domestic political campaign democrats are trying to build a compelling case for impeachment not only to convince the american public but also senate republicans it would take a swell of republican defectors to remove trump from office and thus far there's only been a trickle. castro al-jazeera capitol hill. to museums votes on sunday in their 2nd general elections is the 2011 revolution the conservative party is comparable. eating against a newly created party the secular heart of tunisia but as he reports from china the winner faces the difficult task of fixing an economy that's been in trouble for years. and it's likely to be a tight race and candidates are taking no chances now she doesn't know she the leader of another party is running for the 1st time in a bid to rally.


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