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tv   A Tale Of Singers And Murderers  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2019 11:00pm-12:02am +03

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left party is trying because president has decided not to run in the upcoming election by 3 power set a center caused a constitutional crisis last year when he sacked and replaced the prime minister the decision was later overturned by the supreme court he also faced criticism over the government handling of an intelligence report warning of the easter attacks the next presidential is due on the presidential election rather is due on nov 16th found a serious mental fernandas reports from colombo. a record 41 candidates posting cash bones for the election head of handing in nominations on monday but the president might be policy resave not being among that group now when he believes he's pretty sesar that's former president mahinda rajapaksa it was a complete we've where he sort of swept that election saying that he was only in for one term to bring change however his tenure has been fraught with
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disappointment for sri lankan voters and despite in recent months trying desperately to mount a reelection bid to try and ghana support for that relax in bed president citizen there has been forced to admit that he's not going to make it the sort of reasons for public discontent with the city saying the rule has continued just here in april we did see those tragic sort of easter bombings the fact that it was sort of a tragedy of huge number of errors that led to that spate of bomb attacks claiming so many lives was not something that people are willing to forget so this is president serious in his way obviously of realizing and meeting that he's not making going to make it so he's just going to stop with that 1st presidential bid
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we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera police again use tear gas hong kong protesters were angered by a ban on facebook we'll take you there. ethiopia has put in the big strides at the world championships to become the 1st run off for his country with america 18 years . hello rain has returned to one of 2 places in china it's been raining up in the high ground in the west this mass of white is produced brain in hong kong and if anything that will develop in the next day or so might even get a proper circulation out of it and you know what that means that means significant rain in the area associated with it sas rest in china northern vietnam the still the potential for some rain further north chengdu or eastwards as you can see but
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mostly it's still a fairly dry picture except here where the expanse of green is getting bigger but the northeast monsoon will dominate now for the next few months the monsoon rains of india as you know have been very heavy recently in bihar for example they seem to be not so much this massive cloud here but these are the usual sharia activity in pakistan and might do the same again but rosin concentration over india or being in maharashtra or bihar it's don't so much that it's more east and a bit this size still heavy rain in the cold and in bangladesh is as to potential and the northeast of india but as you can see there's not a huge area for example of the pradesh where it's dry more showers alive again i think today in amman otherwise it's still dry.
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every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories. the least as we turn the cameras on the media will mean in services control much of egyptian media it becomes an extension of the arm of the president and focus on how they would cool down the stories that matter the most getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy they pose it too late we already had the information they're listening pounced on al-jazeera. hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour a 2nd whistleblower piece for the inquiry against president donald trump has come
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forward and that could still be more a person's lawyer told a.b.c. news that his client has spoken to the inspector general of the intelligence community he or she is said to be at teligent official with firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations are applied in the 1st whistle blowers complaint. iraq's prime minister says that he'll meet protesters to urge them to stop violent action as demonstrations enter a 6 day at least 105 people have been killed more than 4000 injured so far. and she is ians of those in the 2nd parliamentary election since the revolution 8 years ago sunday's vote is seen as a test of the established parties who are accused by many of failing to solve the economic crisis. facing hong kong have fired tear gas at arrested protesters who are defying a ban on wearing mosques opposition activists lost their. legal bid to overturn the ban and close a few hours ago the city's leader invoked a 50 year old colonial era nurul to impose the face covering ban on saturday says
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it's needed to help stop 4 months of unrest high court judges say that they'll hold a judicial review of the ban this month if the chief executive can use the emergency powers in this way there is nothing stopping her from using it to do other things such as prolonging the detention time and to contravene the fundamental human rights and freedom of the hong kong people all even suspend elections so i think the high court sees the importance of this case and that is why they have taken the rare move in allowing this case to go forward within the shortest period of time out 07 o'clock is in hong kong. well i said no mikey a number of arrests we believe about 50 arrests to be made where we are now with me i'm trying to slide by and one shot you still have the right police behind me you might be making us rest so this is what started as
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a peaceful rally began includes my bike. taken much to central and returned back to where we are now to the right place and fought a number of multiple rounds of take us all those protests mind me the crowd and i have dispersed there's also been another another rally and chance to fire on the column side this is where we believe there's still a taxi driver in the protests now the taxi driver was then taken up and these are the reports on my video shit on twitter at the moment when the police here to clear it must the crowds arrests ah big night when one might be the 1st direct involvement by china's people's liberation army in hong kong a yellow flag has been seen within the army barracks and common tong the flag warned demonstrates is that they were breaking the law and could be prosecuted for sas this was shining laser lights on buildings in the barracks. a protest is underway in paris against a change in the law allowing single and gay women to get fertility treatment final
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parliamentary approval is needed to end the restriction on in vitro fertilization treatment or i.v.'s only for women in a heterosexual relationship conservative catholic groups in france say that medically assisted reproductive treatment deprives children of a natural father. is at the protest hysterical. people have been marching across paris protesting against the french government's clowns to open up i.d.f. access to a women so that would include women and single women at the moment r.t.f. or to treatment is only available to women if they are in a heterosexual couple that want these demonstrators say is that is wrong is going to erode the traditional family unity scared to deprive children of a father and they say that in a way it's part of what they see as the moral decline that is happening in front 6 years ago many of these people were in the streets protesting against gay margin
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they were worried that in the future this elusive low could be expanded to include sarkozy and that perhaps sarkozy could become legalized by different states support this no other say it would be a fiction for women's rights and for equality a more they say is that it also muscle whether a child has a mother and a father 7 because often these days couple still stay together for the family unit is a multitude of combinations what they say matters is that a child is wanted and. it's a struggle to make ends meet for many in russia average incomes of fall in the past 5 years and half the population that's around $70000000.00 people less than $550.00 a month to get by many families are taking out risky and high cost loans but that's only making them worse off from moscow al-jazeera stop boston reports. 4 weeks anastasio your diet has been receiving threatening phone calls that collectors are
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telling her they will hurt her child or family if she doesn't pay back her loans she lives in a town 2 hours drive from moscow and the salaries there are so low that she can't afford the rent she was offered loans despite being a single mother without a steady job but with high interest rates she's been able to pay them back with his charming i'm disappointed in myself but it's true that these loans are available to everyone and it's very bad there are a lot of sad stories i think i managed to do with this emotionally because i have a child and i need to fight for his sake but i heard very tragic stories of people who commit suicide heard a lot of these stories thousands of credit companies have opened up in recent years with many offering so-called fast cash on line a recent survey shows that 39 percent of russians believe they only paid about half what they deserve for the work they perform to help people to get better jobs
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moscow has started a pilot project that offers advice training and psychological support to 250000 people who have fallen below the government standard of living. the 1st thing we do is to clarify the situation what has happened to them and that their income is lower than the living standard what is their psychological condition their qualification level and if it corresponds with the job market do they have a motivation and what their needs are but since it opened 3 months ago 22000 people have visited the center most are women staff here say men are less inclined to look for help because they feel poverty as a taboo that it may put in as promised to have the number of people living below the poverty line by the end of 1st term 5 years from now but some economists say this is unrealistic since the economy has to grow at least 3 times as fast as we able to achieve this and they say low oil prices and sanctions imposed on russia
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are only part of the problem and structural changes are needed. put in has criticised his government for working too slowly on a national project aimed to increase state spending but even if they are implemented efficiently some economists don't believe they will fix russia's economy problems. what's happening isn't reasonable distribution of the revenue mistakes in the budget planning i think until the paradigm changes the political paradigm and the political paradigm on the top of the will remain at the current level we know that despite all the new national projects the state statistics agency had to report at the level of poverty hasn't decreased but even increase this year when i must see i couldn't see a way of clearing thousands of dollars of debt she decided to look for help on the internet her emotional letter is typical of many that now can be found on russian websites the advice she got is to file for bankruptcy but even if she did that she
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still need a job that space for one bedroom flat stop fast and al-jazeera stooping low russia . gold miners are among 20 people killed in an attack in bicheno faso gunmen raided the illegal mind size in the wall and province of soome it's the latest in a series of attacks blamed on various armed groups some of which are linked to al qaida and eisel. in yemen some and southern separatists backed by the u.a.e. have withdrawn from the west coast and moved into the port city of 8 and it follows an agreement last week between the u.a.e. and its saudi partners to hand over the city to southern separatists support for the fighters has caused tension between yemen's government and the emma roscius who along with the saudis intervened in yemen to fight who the rebels will than 4 years ago and the government is warning that health services are struggling to to worship worsening fuel shortage the oil ministry is blaming the saudi u.a.e. coalition for imposing restrictions on fuel imports just one tanker has been
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granted permission to dock in the past 2 weeks one tanker provides enough fuel for just 5 days. sudan's new prime minister abdullah ham dog and the leader of its sovereign council are in saudi arabia general abdul fattah han met officials in riyadh following that meeting saudi foreign ministry with the saudi foreign ministry says it's working on removing sudan from the u.s. state sponsors of terror list morgan reports from khartoum. it's not the 1st visit for up to. it is his 1st as the head of the sovereign council and it's also prime minister abdul him ducks 1st visit to saudi arabia and it comes just days after he met with saudi delegations at the united nations general assembly where he told them that sudan does not need aid and does not need financial support what it needs is economic development from its allies which include saudi arabia discussing economic ties between the 2 countries the 2 thoughts are also expect to discuss
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political relations especially about sudan's involvement in the were in yemen sudan participates with more than 10000 soldiers on the ground in yemen fighting on the united arab emirates side and people here in sudan have been demanding that the soldiers be brought back home and that they should not be participating in the world because sudan has nothing to gain with participating on the saudi arabian side people are also wary about saudi arabia's motives in supporting the transitional government they say saudi arabia played a role in urging the military to attack protesters on june 3rd at a pro-democracy sittin in front of army headquarters where hundreds of protesters have been reportedly killed so they're saying that they want the prime minister to make sure that the relationship between saudi arabia and sudan are based on mutual interests and that will not hold or any or in any way affect sudan's transition to civilian. efforts will be one of the enduring memories of the world athletics
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championships and that he won his country's 1st verisign title at the event in 18 years it was the last of the road races in doha where competitors have battled heat and humidity reports scientists have used views to find ways to help our streets. i tested insurance for the run as a test of nerve for the organizers doha's aircooled khalifa stadium isn't an option for the road races and despite a midnight start time high humidity contributed to more than a 3rd of the field failing to finish last week's women's marathon conditions were kind of for the men's race with humidity below 50 percent. higher humidity what happens is it doesn't allow the body to court so our star mechanism sweating and the evaporation of sweat off the body is your cooling mechanism skin is your largest organ in your body so the ability to cool and evaporate is important higher
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humidity you're not a bad hurting that sweat out your body. more than 50 competitors at these championships have volunteered to consume electronic capsules which contain the moment says and transmit is to keep a track on their core temperature during events there are also infrared cameras being used during competition to measure the athlete skin temperature. again these are single use their missions it's the sort of information performance experts can use to better prepare athletes 50 says with heat and humidity set to be a big factor at next year's tokyo olympics months before these championships runners were receiving guidance on what to expect in doha if you're an elite athlete considering the medical setting we have here and if you have if you have previously been through a committee vision i would say yes definitively it's safe because we have all through an over scaling over equipped medical staff and medical plan in this
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marathon 18 runners failed to finish from a field of 73 out in front it was a sprint finish to the line as ethiopia's lisa decease a one gold in these conditions are not going to produce a personal best in the world records i mean again you've got to be very well trained but you know again it's. part of the sport is part of what we're facing in durance events and births and better some around the world so it's part of the new normal. conditions appear to suit decease he won and he's best on it this season on the richardson al jazeera doha. it is good to have you with us hello adrian forget here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera a 2nd whistleblower in the impeachment inquiry against president on the trumpets come forward and the could still be more the person's lawyer told a.b.c. news that his client has spoken to the inspector general of the intelligence
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community he or she is said to be an intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations outlined in the 1st whistleblowers complaint. iraq's prime minister says that he'll meet protestors to urge them to stop violent action as demonstrations and a 6 day at least 105 people have been killed and more than 4000 injured so. i'm ready to go with brotherly proteus is stationed and meet them or seen them on boys to other locations in other provinces without any armed forces i will go and meet them without weapons and sit with them for hours to listen to the demands and if this will ease the situation the number 80 to do that as in spin the coming days in the sense in return we call on halting the protests in baghdad streets and also in the provinces people engineers here voting in their 2nd parliamentary election since the revolution 8 years ago sunday's vote is seen as
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a test of the established parties a-q. who are accused by many of failing to solve the economic crisis several newly formed political groups are trying to gain support to outsiders when most of the votes in the 1st round of presidential elections last month. shrank as president has decided not to run in the upcoming election my 3 policies are saying a spot to constitutional crisis last year when he sacked and replaced the prime minister but that decision was later overturned by the supreme court he also faced criticism over the government's handling of an intelligence report warning of the east attacks the next presidential election is due on the 16th place in hong kong i have used tear gas at arrested protesters who are defying a ban on wearing face masks opposition activists lost their legal bid to overturn the ban the city's leader invoked a 50 year old colonial era law or to impose the face covering brown on saturday says that it's needed to help stop fill months of unrest opposition activists say
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that it's unconstitutional high court judges say they'll do they'll have a just to dish will review of the ban later this month. now time for the listening post. children risk it all the same unfortunate in the countries look at the school. the death of a report the sponsor calls to ban them from the real one a 18th beats time. on. within minutes of its release the whistleblower point sparking talk out on our show the president right now in great britain or are we right now. with the president also talking. with the. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week donald trump and fox news there are signs that the president's biggest supporter on the american airwaves is having some serious 2nd
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thoughts he draws crowds that will put bollywood superstars and indian cricketers to shame india's no rent remoting and the art of the overseas mega rally one year after the killing of jamal khashoggi the saudi crown prince gets a grilling on american television and comes up short and gretta to him berg's climate speech as a swedish death metal song somehow. strikes the right now. as the impeachment inquiry in the u.s. congress gathers steam president trump tweets about a crew and talk of a looming civil war there are signs of an in-house civil war at the biggest most influential news network in the country fox news the complaint at the center of the impeachment story filed by an anonymous whistleblower alleges the trump abused his powers by asking the government of ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden a possible opponent in next year's presidential election fox has been
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a bedrock of support for this president and there were some signs before the ukraine story of dissent at the network on where fox should draw the line in its backing of trump however this story. has exposed those divisions like never before the hosts arguing with each other on the air reflect a deeper split amongst fox executives and within the network's owners the murdoch family and as fox's best known viewers it's not like donald trump hasn't noticed some of those angry tweets he used to reserve for c.n.n. and the new york times are now heading fox's way our starting point this week is washington d.c. . the prospect of the impeachment of donald trump has been a preoccupation of much of the american news media since before trump was even sworn in this headline was published just 6 days after trump was selected more than
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2 months before he took office then came the russia gate story out of washington and the latest on the russian best again on the alleged collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin during the 2016 election the investigation into that by special counsel robert muller had many u.s. news outlets feasting on the story for more than 2 years in the american presidency right now is the product of collusion between the russian intelligence services and an american campaign i mean that is so profoundly big in the end it fell short of the high expectations that many journalists in their excitement had helped to create all of which has made it easier for the white house to argue that the ukraine story which is centered around a phone call between trump and president followed the middle is just more of the same. the russian investigation was such a complex set of facts that i think it was tough for democrats to really explain
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why trump should be impeached thank you very much here whereas here with the whistleblower complaint regarding trump ceilings not just with ukraine with other countries as well is a lot more straightforward and so i think that. lend itself to making a clear case for impeachment the white house to have just released the transcript of the july 25th phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president selenski there was a discussion about some military aid that we were supposed to. put upon that and so then this phone call africans and trump says you know paraphrasing but ok i'm going to need you to do us a favor. and the favor that he's asking is he wants him to investigate his political rival. donald trump leveraged his power over ukrainian leader and that's very simple you can explain that to almost anyone and
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once you explain to them that it's illegal it will be very easy for them to understand much of the media in this country is not just fake it's corrupt the president's response has followed the standard shoot the messenger pattern attacks on the news outlets reporting the story as well as a few potshots at the network that usually has his back fox news signs that donald trump's affection for fox was on the wane had come even before the ukraine story turned up the heat 6 weeks ago after the network ran an unflattering paul trump tweeted fox isn't working for us anymore. in the past month idea the president has been calling into question some of fox media hosts as well as the network itself for not always coming to his defense the president expects fox to be in his corner he expects people to come to his defense of men when they don't necessarily at least in his eyes there is some tension there for most of his term
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fox has defended the president ok surely news anchors shepard smith and chris wallace have swum against the current and told it like it is why did the president use private attorneys rather than it out of the. they are vastly outnumbered and the hardcore support for trump comes in primetime through the hosts of opinion shows names like carlson hannity and ingrid the ukraine story has resulted in that schism being laid bare on fox is there. so you have this tension within fox of these 2 anchors essentially sailing each other's integrity shep smith. covered as you think it's appropriate he had on judge entered a part time that he has said that these are serious issues raised by the supreme lord that that to which the president has admitted is in and of itself a crime yes this is the same crime for all this is insufficient devoted president's position so you saw tucker carlson some hours later
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a 2nd chance we're not former federal prosecutor joe is it a crime here former federal prosecutor well i think judge you know politan oh there's a full shep smith came back you know a day later and said attacking our colleague who is here to offer a legal assessment on our air in our home is repugnant shep smith said who could disagree his ideas this is ridiculous and then tucker carlson did it again the next night punkin not clear if that was you or maybe someone's repugnant and so that's a feud between shepard smith and tucker carlson did kind of highlight schism at fox news again this isn't really a new thing. but because impeachment is such a significant thing to possibly remove a president from office seems like the stakes have gotten higher and so these feuds have become something that people are talking. and that's schism that fox viewers
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see in the networks output also exists and probably starts at the executive level. rupert murdoch's heir apparent lachlan murdoch is reportedly far less a namrud of the president than his father is. and although fox continues to hire ex administration officials like former director of communications picks it has also hired one of trump's republican adversaries the former speaker of the house calderon which may prove significant down the road. if you could combine a roller coaster and revolving door that would describe the relationship between the republican party and the white house and fox news and this is part of. murdoch by certain. figures cross the political spectrum you know it will be undone if the trump himself. but for the moment or now. it's impossible to see. the relationship between it may well be the paul ryan wants to.
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see a world i would say that the president's bedrock of support at fox is wavering. i don't think his relationship with fox news is going to change and may criticize certain people within fox but his relationship with the network is still very strong he needs fox in a way that they really get to his base they get to the people who. vote for him and well he hopes will vote for them again. sometimes facts centers hit the road with president trying not to cover him to campaign with you. when jeanine pirro or sean hannity appear on long side trump at a rally they look more like running mates than journalists when hannity returns to his studio he routinely criticizes other reporters for their lack of objectivity biden incorporated they have now been exposed as by the media mob is one and the cloud on ukraine hannity argues the real story is the corruption of the biden
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family and as one of his colleagues said this past week hannity and by extension fox news are all that stands between donald trump becoming the next richard. the president the washington post brought down in the 1970 s. watergate scandal you know if it wasn't your show sean they would destroy him absolutely you know the difference between donald j. trump and richard nixon you know it is kind of an interesting thought exercise to think about what you know how things might have been different for nixon had he had the conservative media infrastructure that exists today therefore. i shall resign the presidency effective. because you know if you read about watergate a lot of the big revelations that occurred in the washington post or on you know during the watergate hearings there wasn't kind of this right wing infrastructure spinning it you know immediately into tens of millions of people every night but i do think that it's likely that nixon would have survived water he had he had
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something like fox news spinning the watergate hearings highlighting democrats looking bad during moments where they were questioning witnesses that sort of thing . it kind of provides a whole different way of interpreting news events. that is something fox has always offered americans a whole new way a right wing way of interpret ing the news we're going to lay out the truth each and every detail what the president did absolutely nothing wrong nothing its reporters are skilled at glossing over the facts but the executives calling the shots no there is no escaping the numbers they live and die by ratings something donald trump knows all about and the polls now showing a majority of americans are in favor of impeaching the president do not bode well for the trump fox relationship it's already starting to get messy the break up
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should it come to that will be must watch t.v. . we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers tarik one year ago this week the saudi journalist. she walked into that saudi consulate in istanbul where he was suffocated killed and then dismembered the cia has concluded that the man who ordered that killing was the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solemn on known as and the s. this past week and b.s. went on c.b.s.'s 60 minutes in the us to defend himself how did that go through richard when one of them from on 1st appeared on 60 minutes back in 2018 phoebe death of norah o'donnell themed rather impressed with his ideas this time around she was much more forceful did you order. absolutely not you know this was a heinous crime like those but i take full responsibility as
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a leader in saudi arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the saudi government is a pretty weak response because mohamed been fun man is the saudi government and a killing of a high profile citizen on foreign soil would never have been carried out with i have faith all right but he was just one target of riyadh's campaign against internal dissent he was a journalist had that platform in the washington post his story was always going to get a lot of coverage but c.b.s. also asked about female dissidents in saudi arabia who have also spent time in prison how did n.b.s. deal with that so the question was about a new general how to rule story is when we have much less about she's a women's rights activist who was kidnapped from the u.a.e. back in march 28th seen and has been imprisoned in fighting ever since i don't know . about reports that have flowed has been tortured while in jail this is how he responded. if this is correct it is very heinous islam forbids
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torture the saudi laws for be torture of human conscience forbids torture and i will personally follow up on this matter as you can imagine this exchange has generated a lot of debate online not least among saudis i spoke with the activist and blogger a member and i shot about the interview on 60 minutes. obviously he's contradicting himself because in the previous interview that he didn't previously on the same show he said that the woman had been arrested because there was evidence against them by now me saying that he doesn't know happening i believe he's fully aware of it and the fact that they've been keeping her away is kind of for a red flag that there is something happening decided government is trying to hide it and perhaps one of the reasons why they didn't have more is it's own prison because they're afraid that she's going to speak to the international community about what happened that was
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a moment shot on female activist still in jail for still paying a price in fact arabia a year after her shock she's killing ok thanks to our. india's prime minister narendra modi has honed the art of the political spectacle the rallies the rousing speeches he held want to couple of weeks back that attracted 50000 people including donald trump in houston texas it was the 15th for a rally modi has held why it's not as though modi supporters with foreign citizenship can actually vote in indian elections but they do have money theirs is amongst the wealthiest immigrant communities in the u.s. so houston was a fundraising opportunity that neither modi nor trump could afford to pass up the indian diaspora has other political uses that modi is tapping into back home when an indian emigrant is seen as having made it abroad as a lawyer a doctor or a tech whiz and they support modi that reflects well on the prime minister and it all gets fed into the well oiled modi media messaging machine the listening posts
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may not be now on or around remote careful clever use of overseas indians to appeal to voters at home. houston prime minister met in the movie has a problem already by. actually he has a few if you would india's prime minister which images would you rather see on television screens back home hundreds of foreigners descending on the capital new delhi in protest soldiers deployed across in lockdown trying to keep a lid on the geopolitical powder keg crowds of people protesting you your party's ideology and policies. would you prefer a picture is like the. $50000.00
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supporters most of the indian americans. filling a giant stadium and cheering at your rally the american president donald trump standing alongside waving at supporters and walking hand in hand with you which pictures would you choose. modi currently is besieged on a number of fronts the economy is in a shambles kashmir is another burning issue increasingly you're getting a fair amount of negative international attention so this was a show of strength for modi and it's also a message sent both to his supporters that we will do what we want to do we are standing strong and a message sent to his detractors that i remain unfazed by a criticism i could clearly see that mr modi was on a damage control mode at a time when things were slightly sour between india and the united states of america especially when it comes to trade.
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so at houston i could see that he was making that pitch to the united states and was also making sure that everything is hunky dory between india and the u.s. and particularly between the 2 personalities mr moore the and mr trump the so-called how the mood in houston was just the latest of 15 foreign rallies modi has headlined since coming to power in 2014 and president trump is just the latest foreign leader to stand alongside him back in 2015 it was london david cameron and an even bigger crowd of 60000. as prime minister has travelled out to be a nearly $100.00 times visiting some 60 countries. whether it's new york johannesburg. spends an inordinate amount of time on the road with communities
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building political ties and forging political narratives he's trying to bring everyone together you know we might be. we british you might be american but we're still indian and have indian heritage. for no one really is proud to say they're from india and there was some sort of you know remote 3rd world country that no one really gave any importance to seeing prime minister nor they go out to different countries just make people feel proud to be injured i think mr modi and his b.g. have understood the power of the diaspora very well and they have been able to tap into this power like nobody else has what is different about the current diaspora is that they have the means the internet going on air travel to be able to actually access their motherland very easily which are the whims of indian immigrants would not have been able to do and what the b j b has done is take this idea that india is your motherland and you have gone
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elsewhere to work and you can be loyal to abort. the beauty peace courting of the overseas indian did not begin with the modi government the practice began way back in the 1930 s. and by the turn of the century b.g.p. leaders like prime minister atal bihari gradually were staging annual events celebrating the successes of indians abroad in this year's general election where in the movies b.g.p. harnessed the constituency and it delivered staging prudy flash mobs in cities around the world and donating dollars pounds and their hands to the cause campaigning in the world's largest democracy is an expensive business and tracking all those overseas to nations is not easy since the system is deliberately opaque but this much we know when it comes to fundraising the b.g.p. run circles around its congress party competition they're
11:42 pm
a source of tremendous capital those dollars are very very valuable the 2nd point i'd say is that just in terms of influence these many of these. may not be able to vote but they have family members they have relatives back in india when you combine it with the ways in which information spreads on whatsapp they just sort of become these amplifiers off certain kinds of information or narratives about india and finally i think symbolically the indian community here is seen as a model minority or community of achieve us so if they can claim those people as his own he gets again a certain amount of symbolic capital so to speak. as public relations events movies foreign rallies don't just play to one audience the diaspora they're also targeted at indians back home the rallies are live streamed live tweeted and more than anything they are made for t.v. .
11:43 pm
it's the illusion to just look at the. indian t.v. channels have seen amongst the most eager to jump on to the prime minister's bandwagon there are vested interests of owners genuine ideological alignment in some cases and often just commercial good sense because among these popularity with increasingly nationalist masses to go wall to wall and he puts on a show like his brand they go on to the point don't go day by day that's when the big debate coming up on the other side and the much more trump mostly the media in india is largely pro-government so very few have had reports on the anti war the that is that were happening in houston in boston in new york that will not be emphasized in the indian media what will be emphasized is mr trump
11:44 pm
you know endorsing mr moore the mr moore the endorsing drum. media management has a big part to play everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is an open free and fair democracy there is pritam of the press if you watch the ingenue extremely critical of prime minister modi and the b j p government more so than other foreign channels i think. everyone's just really sick to death of reading the news every day and so when movie doesn't address the international community i think people that are willing and open to listening to him they already know the facts and they would know what actually is happening and he would he's done is actually for the benefit of india that last point is debatable the overseas rallies clearly benefit prime minister modi he's vetted by the many countries he visits is granted awards by governments of countries like saudi arabia's russia and the united arab emirates even by organizations such as the bill and melinda gates foundation but the stated reasons
11:45 pm
for all those foreign trips is not to boost the movie brand or to provide more content for all the indian news channels in his corner it is to attract more investment into india are now better trade deals and to boost exports and all of that hasn't quite materialized mr ball he took or were as the prime minister and 2014 between 201421140. which was almost double the number of the trip that his plea to sesame street had made but have they been very effective to take back investment to the country i doubt that because statistics show otherwise india is the 3rd largest investor in the u.k. the u.k. is the 3rd largest investor in india this was the story even before 2014 and it's continues to be what this should be seen as the more this spectacle is not just about more the. at america it does about the global politics of
11:46 pm
emotions and passions and the strong man populous leader and what this value is telling us that is the populist need of the world coming together and been doing constituencies through it they all have a similar vocabulary and these kinds of events are schalke acing their vocabulary and they can. to the best of the worlds and this is about a certain global politics which we all need to keep an eye on. and finally gretta to unberth 16 year old climate activists as you have never seen or heard her before to in berg's been taking a lot of flack from so-called climate skeptics and elements in the right wing news media with an axe to grind although they'd probably prefer a chainsaw because it runs on petroleum they have gone after her over her mental health they've depicted her as a victim of parental abuse the political left as well as
11:47 pm
a pawn of the liberal news media to berg called out political leaders for not doing enough on climate change at a speech at the un last week and when a metal head a drummer from new york city heard that speech and the language that she used he decided that her passion and her outrage were worthy of a musical make over the result 3600000 views and counting is the stuff of which metal means are made we'll see you next time you're at the listening. what do you protest in about how does things in their online well i think mental
11:48 pm
state i'm directly out of i can't legislate or join us on sand this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue myanmar is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk. the solutions amount to 0. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera
11:49 pm
a 2nd whistleblower has come forward and this one has 1st hand knowledge of donald trump's phone call with the ukrainian president. also in the news iraq's prime minister promises to meet protestors but it's all for is not enough to stop the armrests. police in hong kong fired tear gas at demonstrators and arrest at least 50 people define the ban on wearing months in a struggling economy is a major issue is tunisians vote in parliament elections a big test for the established parties. and i'm far and smile at the world athletics championships where there are 7 titles up for grabs on the final day and add on the road so he said to cease and makes history becoming the 1st ethiopian marathon winner for 8 years.
11:50 pm
starting in the united states where a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump a lawyer who is now ripped representing both whistleblowers says his client has spoken to the head of the intelligence community's internal watchdog according to the lawyer the new whistleblower has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the original. complaint that is donald trump accused of using his office to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden ahead of next year's u.s. presidential elections these allegations of course triggered the impeachment inquiry which the president has repeatedly called a witch hunt chaper tansey as our correspondent in washington d.c. on this one i guess you have possibly the most important thing we know so far is the idea of 1st hand information. writes the pushback from the white house and told trump has been that the initial whistleblower complaint was based on
11:51 pm
secondhand information that is several people who listened in on the conversation related to the whistleblower the initial whistleblower that they had concerns about the conversation that donald trump was abusing his office the office of the presidency in order to get a foreign power of ukraine to intervene in some way to get involved in some way in the 2020 alexion by investigating someone who may be known from its opponents in the 2020 alexion but we should be very clear about what we're talking about right now that it's not that there are more whistle complaints no more official whistleblower complaints in some ways this actually helps us understand the process that the that the inspector general for the intelligence community went through once you receive that initial whistleblower complaint that is he spoke to others to corroborate that initial whistleblower complaint what we're talking about now is corroboration of the one of the only whistleblower complaint that is people who
11:52 pm
listen to the conversation were able to say yes we did have those concerns so that's what we're talking about right now but that this person who is being referred to as another whistleblower is now being represented by a lawyer which could prove significant as we move this process forward but there it remains only one official whistleblower complaint nevertheless it does at least appears a possible pressure on the u.s. president's there was always talk that more could come out on this. right but it's not clear whether any more has come out because again this is corroboration of what's already come out so this doesn't appear to be moving it forward in that sort of different way as far as everyone is concerned everyone's position remains the same for the opponents of the president or for those who feel that that the evidence already out that shows some sort of wrongdoing well this just shows look you called just get away with saying well that initial whistleblower doesn't know what they're talking about because it's 2nd head because now we have someone who
11:53 pm
has for us hand information for the for those who think that nothing is going nothing terribly untoward has happened donald trump for example it just proves that well i mean things are exactly as they were as far as donald trump is concerned it's perfectly right for the president of united states to also for foreign help investigation into potential into potential wrongdoing actually the president does have a great leeway in how he will she eventually. prosecutes foreign policy even appointing in their own voice of foreign policy so you know they could argue well look rudy giuliani is just my personal on the elliptical foreign policy area off can sunset these positions are still sort of defied this doesn't change anything but it undercuts that idea that everything is based on secondhand information which remains what has remained one of the main the main planks of the of the donald trump's defense but the point is that i mean i think over all of this there is always that question well it's true the president can prosecute foreign policy as i
11:54 pm
haue over here once but if it was so innocent then why was this information locked down in a secret serve a new you know accessible by code words and so on that that remains the kind of the main kind of smoking gun because at the moment we just have 2 competing views of what the president is allowed to do and that's just based on your particular viewpoint as to what you how you can sort of dull trumps conduct in office to be generally in some ways ok thank you for all of that she had her tansey in washington and now in reston virginia on sky a republican strategist read a show that it was hiring or maybe i'll just use your title there strategist what would be your strategy right now given that as she has just been outlining the whistleblower complaint has now got a little bit more behind it. well i think this is a lot more behind the 2nd whistleblower is something that was sort of unexpected her many of us who were witnessing donald trump all last week talked about how the 1st whistleblowers account was completely inaccurate and he tried to discredit it
11:55 pm
he actually went so far and some of his language of why don't whistleblowers should perhaps not exist and that's really troubling langridge the fact that somebody stepped forward to express their concern and said look i've heard things through colleagues in the intelligence community this person was a member of the intelligence community and self this is so big because members of the intelligence community are historically to be very nonpartisan people who really say it like we see it and a 2nd was that what was really unexpected after everything president trying to boss we it was hard to think that anybody else would step forward so donald trump and his associates so far the. strategy they've had is just to go on the offensive it's a witch hunt it's the terror it's most terrible thing that's ever happened to a president in american history it's not really different from how he's going against any other controversy but surely this particular controversy this impeachment is going to require something a little more nuanced. certainly it would but i think we'll see the same strategy
11:56 pm
continue an effort to undermine discredit and use it democrats here and say the democrats have been trying to impeach me from day one they would do anything to try to remove me from office and by using a sort of state is what he's always said the president always that that they're actors within the branches of government and us that are undermining the elected officials like himself people who've been democratically elected and there are people who work against him this is so indicative of the very language used this in his campaign and so i really think that's what he'll continue doing is use a strategy to say there's a deep state working against me how can i possibly exist and ethan dish and i've been existing in there are 3 years and now there's going to be this grand conspiracy i think that's the part we have to be concerned about strategically that can make it seem like there are there's a grand conspiracy against the president and he should be removed because of the
11:57 pm
accounts from people who really have just never wanted to see him there and i think it's exciting that there is a 2nd person for people like myself i was concerned that the 1st whistleblower didn't have a 1st hand account this 2nd whistleblower supposedly has the 1st hand account but he has represent he or she excuse me if that represented by the same lawyer as a 1st whistleblower so there's going to be a lot of he said she said in the next week but it's certainly a good think that this 2nd whistleblower has a 1st hand account of that creating call which is at the heart of this entire matter the thing i wanted to ask you about is the level of cooperation we see the lights of my pump a secretary of state on the white house not really playing bowl as far as subpoenas go and providing information i mean is that what sort of tactic is that it sort of has that feeling of well are you trying to hide something. it certainly feels like they're trying to hide something action such as storing things on to another server
11:58 pm
or it didn't having been read it i think these are things that a lot of high up folks in the executive branch in the trunk administration felt like would never see the light of day that the average american would never come to know what was brought scrub from a server are things like that and so now what you see from folks like secretary powell heo is an effort to really just patch what seems to be a leak we know in the past that leaks have this administration is ripe with leaks but this is so different this is completely different in nature because it involves a present personal lawyer rudy giuliani that we because he continues the use of the power of american media to sort of fight back and defend the president but then you have people like secretary powell hero doing things that are rather confusing and i think what's at the heart of it all is that they want to protect trump until the entire ship goes down and they feel that if they stand by him they all have the same story that the ship will go down when
11:59 pm
a shot joining us from reston virginia arena thank you for that do appreciate it certainly thanks for having me moving to other news in iraq's prime minister has promised to meet anti government protesters in response to days of unrest that's now killed more than a 100 people thousands of protesters have been demanding job spitta public services and an end to corruption early of the speaker of parliament threatened to join the mass demonstrations unless those demands are actually met the government's announced a new reform plan but it hasn't stopped the protests in iran come on in baghdad now and run exactly how much pressure is the prime minister under now. well it really depends on who you speak to if you speak to the protestors and to politicians or religious parties started backing the process they say he's under a tremendous amount of pressure and he needs to call for an early election however the prime minister himself has been speaking what he's been saying is conciliatory and also he's been trying to appease the protesters in fact some of the language
12:00 am
he's been using has been very interesting indeed he's actually turned around and said well look i am willing to go and sit with the protesters i'm going to listen to their demands he hasn't actually done that he's also promising social reforms is probably saying economic reforms so it's that kind of language that we're hearing from him that suggest that he is under pressure in the corridors of power they are discussing this idea of an early election now the early election hasn't been confirmed but we're hearing 3 political blocks are calling for an early election we're hearing religious parties backing the idea so yes the prime minister seems to be certainly under the most pressure in his prime ministership so far it's actually worth just taking a listen to what he had to say. i'm ready to go with brotherly proteus is stationed and meet them or seen them on boys to other locations in other provinces without any armed forces i will go and meet them without weapons and sit
12:01 am
with them for hours to listen to the demands and if this will ease the situation the number 80 to do that in the coming days in the sense return we call them halting the protests in baghdad streets and also in the provinces and iran the protest movement itself any sign of slowing down. no in fact actually looks like he's getting bigger as these political parties try and back the protesters certainly within the south itself we've seen very significant overnight demonstrations and protests in fact in nasiriyah and this is very interesting and the protesters burned down the headquarters of all of the political parties and said now syria is now free of political parties that just goes to show you that it's not just the government they're angry right now they're angry with the entire political system here in baghdad we are hearing that protesters are gathering normally what happens is the protesters gather and then they try and get a critical mass of number of people together and they try and march into the center
12:02 am
of baghdad and that's really when we see those violent clashes take place so although the protest movement has been going on 6.


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