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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 279  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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we can see the echo of this in the rest of the world so 14 easier to to to to succeed in establishing a. proper constitution and 2 or 3 main constitutional organization which is the hiker which is controlling the all division in the country now like the likeness of the of commune the u.k. for instance and the election commission which is now running the whole election process so the election process has no interference from the ministry of the interior like any other country for example or from any other course of the government it's amazing the whole political elite now this kind of phasing out and then another new elite is coming again this is due to this independent electoral commission commission which has been the different of the of the previous governments noted in malawi thank you for coming in to talk to us and people having me all the best. now hong kong protesters of turned out in their thousands to demonstrate against a british colonial era emergency law which was used to ban face coverings police
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fired tear gas as well and threaten to arrest those who shined laser point as at a chinese ami building got hired last fall from hong kong. defying the mask bad and flouting the police who projected approval for their march thousands of hong kong protesters also ignored heavy rain most of them covering their faces beneath a sea of umbrellas this was the 3rd successive day of protests against the mass ban imposed by chief executive kerry lam she said emergency legislation last invoked during riots 50 years ago was needed after 4 months of protest against her rule the protest continued after the high court rejected an injunction challenging the ban judges say they'll review it later this month. after police blamed vandalism for shutting down the entire system on saturday more than half of all m.t.r. metro stations were closed on sunday the protests which started peacefully quickly
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changed those there just to march fled from the front line as demonstrators regarded as hard core began to confront police hurling bricks and rocks at. their offense met by tear gas the demonstrators forced to head back to where they came from the pontiff as you can see on a pretty stiff overtreating i what's been happening now for a couple of hours into this month that started peacefully but the major confrontation is taking place right around the police headquarters police pontiac us out from the complex itself and also from above while the protesters are fighting against what they see as increasing control from beijing they doubt change will come with the highlights and i say generally michel look at we know that this will not change the current situation us all as you can see the more peaceful protest is than hot cold protest his. however i think the meaning of these protests is more important we need to let the government know that we will not surrender.
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some protesters were arrested and could be charged with not only dissipating in an illegal gathering but also recovering their fish scotter al jazeera from. sri lanka's president has decided not to run in the upcoming election by 3 palace at a center spot a constitutional crisis last year when he sacked and replaced the prime minister a decision later overturned by the supreme court he also faced criticism over the government's handling of an intelligence report warning of the attacks which happened in easter the next presidential election is june of ember 16th saudi arabia says it is working to remove sudan from the united states as sponsors of terrorism list sudan's new prime minister. and the leader of its sovereign council abdul fattah rober han are in saudi arabia meeting officials there the foreign ministry also said it wants to increase investments in sudan and improve
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existing projects it has in the country. still heavy on this news are the sports manchester city feeling the bite of wolves far away have the details in a moment. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your calm still fight against corruption. destroy new cheering each heroes like new who are a band who refused to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the world a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. recently
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reelected for a 2nd 5 year 10. we asked the president of malawi about alleged election fraud and corruption there's been allegations made against you even how corrupt is malawi the president of malawi paid to missouri to al-jazeera. just a quick update on the parliamentary elections in tunis here we're getting the 1st exit polls which are putting the the party with 17 percent of the vote followed by the new a group the secular half of 14 percent however leaders from both parties have
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already declared that they have won these the 1st. exit polls putting the enough the party about 3 percent ahead of heart of 2 needs a 17 to 14 percent so we'll keep an eye on those results coming from to news media right now though time for your sports and for that we join forest smell the world of the championships here and. welcome back to the khalif international stadium where in the last few minutes the championships have come to a close and the stadium the final events of 4 by 400 meters really saw double gold for america and then seen beating jamaica to the title and goal 2 for the u.s. in the women's race phillis france's sydney mclaughlin. and wide line johansen is winning in 3 minutes 18.92 seconds there was an incredible performance from timothy chariot in the 1500 meters final the kenyan raced clear of the field to take gold
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in a time of 3 minutes 29.26 seconds to secure his 1st walk title there was a 1st for uganda in the 10000 meters final joshua took teddy became the country's 1st ever track world champion in the women's 100 metres hurdles gold went to the united states now lead taking her 1st world title in a new personal best time of 12.34 seconds in the field in the lake a man hambo continues to dominate the long jump scene the german added the world title to her european crown winning gold with a leap of 7 meters 30 centimeters and in the men's javelin 21 year old anderson peters from grenada is celebrating gold and he led the competition from start to finish winning with a throw of 86.89 meters. this is how the final medals table looks the united states well clear at the top with $29.00 medals in total 14 of them gold kenya finished in
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2nd place ahead of jamaica and then china and ethiopia algis there is one hope and joins me now in the studio what an at stake the final day of competition what if in the sand out and that's what we're talking about it before the 1500 meters in the men traditionally the blue ribbon event of athletics and timothy cierra really announcing himself on the world stage with that gold medal just 23 years old adding to the silver that he won in london in 27 saying and ironically the 5 gold medals that kenya have now won thanks to that gold medal from timothy i mean to they have exactly the same number of goals as they got in london but also same number of silver for bronze so 2nd in the medal table a great performance for kenya in general and also history for uganda joseph winning the 10000 meters and in the era of my farah my father being the world champion since 2030 in this event and there was no drama in the men's javelin we talked about. some peaches winning gold but the guard he won silver magnus could he
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seriously injured himself with his 5th throw and had to be stretchered off to hospital but fortunately for him he's a 2nd round thrower of 8621 was enough for him to finish in the silver medal position and what if your thoughts on the championships overall i think in terms of what we've seen on the track in this field the time of the actual athletics has been a huge success sebastian carey was selling the head of the are there but i f. is this call this the most successful championships ever from a point of view of performance and i've got some stats for you we had 3 world records we had more than 20 continental records broken that's twice as many as london in 27 teams are on the track. the chairmanships have been a huge success it's just off it they've been a few issues of course ok great to have you with us throughout these championships thank you so much for all. ok tara was won 2 medals at these championships but another standout moment for the host country was marion for competing in the hurdles she spoke to someone about her experience and was very proud of.
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myself and i competed with my job on. it was very. unusual for people from around around the world to see women competing and track and field and i did the person was very proud and honored to represent qatar in qatar and everyone was here even to me. the emir of the country was it was there and and. then. commits everyone supporting me and came and the problem is. maybe i took the place but i did. however people congratulated me i took the gold leg i was impressed. that it's a variant of a very and i think. away from the athletics in france have qualified for the rugby
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world cup quarter finals after a tight victory over tonga the french were outscored by 3 tries to 2 but how don for a 23 points to 21 victory their match with england on saturday will decide who finishes top will see. new zealand have taken a big step towards the knockout stages after thrashing the maybe the all blacks ran in 11 tries to win by $71.00 points tonight will clear at the top of the. and the english premier league magister says he suffered a surprise defeat at home to walls a damn a tree or a scored twice in the final 10 minutes to clinch a 2 nil victory city are now 8 points behind leaders liverpool also on sunday their wins for arsenal and chelsea. and tennis now that jock of age has his 4th title of the year but world number one dropped just 5 gave the beat australian qualifier john millman in the final of the japan then this is the 76th title of his career.
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and the china open only osaka came from a set down to be top seed ashley barty in the final it's a 3rd title of the year. and marc marc has a moto g.p. champion for a 6th time spaniard one sunday's race in thailand to wrap up the title it's his 53rd career win in moto g.p. there are still 4 races left this season. china's basketball association is suspending its relationship with n.b.a. team houston rockets after their general manager daryl morley posted a tweet in support of the hong kong protests yeah ling the chairman of the c.b. a was a star player for the rockets for 9 seasons morley's tweet was later deleted and that is all your support for now will have more for you from the cliff international stating later now on but for now it's back to come all for thank you just a few fun little stories to bring you something
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a little lighter 1st of all the world's largest research institute for giant pandas which is preparing 3 cubs to be released in the wild who does not like the love like oh who doesn't love seeing pandas here they are well because the motion center in southwest china is 1st introduced in tubs to hog wild environments you know alongside their mother is expected to help diversify and grow their population which is classified actually as vulnerable last year there were 11 giant pandas released into the wild 9 survived the worldwide population of wild giant pandas only at about $1800.00. also we've got tens of 1000 spectators have converged on the u.s. side of new mexico to watch one of the largest festivals dedicated to hot air ballooning of the skies above albuquerque filled with hundreds of multicolored hot air balloons part of the international balloon fiesta and finally france's renowned moulin rouge cabaret is celebrating 130 years since it 1st kicked open its doors
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for audiences. the cabaret with its world famous cancan dancers began in $1809.00 each show requires a 1000 outfits $10.00 to $15.00 costume changes per performance 600000 spectators every. hour from us here and the team in london are back in just. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more with your game still
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fight against corruption. destroy new chiro change heroes like know who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make a rule to bed to bleach nominate your anti corruption mirror now. recently reelected for a 2nd 5 year term. we asked the president of malawi about alleged election fraud and corruption they've been allegations made against you even how corrupt is malawi's the president of malawi paid to missouri talks to al-jazeera. t.v. channel office a photo opportunity for many. and fake profits for
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a few that is tourists flood europe's must see destinations tensions are rising. with local communities paying a heavy price for popularity. power asks what are the true economic and environmental costs of europe's tourism isolated on al-jazeera. also see arrivals as the opportunity to understand the very the french way where their mouth is and we don't leave our. lawyers say a 2nd whistle blower has come forward about president trump's efforts to get ukraine to investigate his rival joe biden.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out as iraq life from london also coming up . the death toll continues to rise in iraq but the government denies its forces shot at protesters exit polls are showing now that tunisia is main religious party coming 1st in the country's parliamentary election. and hong kong police moving to disperse tens of thousands of masked protesters defying a colonial era back. hello welcome to the program a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against us president donald trump a lawyer who is now representing both people says his client has spoken to the head of the intelligence community's internal watchdog and he says the new whistleblower
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has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the old regional complaint trump is accused of using his position to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden and his son ahead of next year's u.s. presidential elections trump has repeatedly rejected the over the general complaint well shipper clancy joins us live now from washington d.c. as a ship 1st of all how significant is the existence of the 2nd whistleblower. well on the cuts one of the arguments that the trumpet ministration has been making against the whistleblower the main whistleblower who made the official complaint and we should be clear there's no other official complaint there remains only one whistleblower complaint but the point is this person who's come forward corroborates that initial complaint talk to the inspector general for the intelligence community and presumably help the intelligence the inspector general come to pollution that the whistleblower complaint was credible and urgent which is
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why the inspector general for that the complaint to the director of national intelligence who was then supposed to forward it to congress but didn't so it basically undercuts one of donald trump's one of donald trump's main arguments in all this is based on hearsay that from what we know that the the original whistleblower is a member of the cia who was attached to the national security council was in the white house at the time and they were simply reporting concerns that had been expressed to them by others who actually witnessed the whole traumas interactions with the ukrainian government and specifically the there was there were concerns that donald trump was asking the ukrainian government to get involved in the 2020 alexion by investigating one of the tribes potential opponents on the 22 of the election joe biden and if the existence of a 2nd whistleblower undercuts trumps argument i was trying from south reacting to this. that wasn't the only argument of the trump administration has been putting
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forward old trump is maintained and that's one of the reasons why he's quite happy about other countries to look into all of this but it's part of his role as president to look out for the national security of the united states and if joe biden is vice president or any of the other democrats or even if the whole russia get investigation began as a result of malfeasance of some sort corruption maybe in the intelligence community maybe the democratic party if the ukrainians were involved that it's his job to get to the bottom of it this is all part of the national security so he's continuing down that line he's saying look i think as someone who safeguards foreign policy national security it's in my right to be questions and trying to get other countries to cooperate as we try and get to the bottom of things and in fact has been tweeting this morning and he's really focusing heavily all not biden angle this is the last week that i saw the biden family was paid all fear and simple the fake news but still baking excuses for something that's totally inexcusable dog and by the way i would love running against one percent joe biden i just don't think it's going to happen and so on so it's interesting though because the argument that
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it and it is getting traction by the way in the in the race for the democratic nomination is should joe biden have stood by as his son was suddenly receiving a huge amount of money from a ukrainian energy firm while joe biden was formulated ukrainian policy for the obama administration already some of the democratic presidential hopefuls assemble they would never have done that this is becoming an issue it is quite effective even though of course it's a bit hypocritical for donald trump because the same questions are being asked about his own children and conflicts of interest because for example if i could trump got a lot of trade logs from china just as donald trump was negotiating trade with china so this does go around but it does it does certainly does have you all to some questions about this is quite effective you have returned see with the latest on that developing story from washington d.c. she had thank you.
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to go to iraq now where the government has denied that any of its security forces a fire directly a protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations but the death toll continues to rise with another 5 people confirmed killed on sunday i think up to. 109 people have now been killed since the unrest began on tuesday and more than 6000 have been injured the violence continues despite the prime minister announcing a number of measures to try to appease protesters they're demanding jobs better public services and then and to corruption well the interior ministry has announced an investigation into the deaths but denied government forces are to blame but clearly from the limca not occasion everyone knows there were no armed battles clashes or confrontations between the security forces and the protesters but there were with hidden heena sans the targeted victims on both sides when we went to check the bodies of the motss the injuries were in the head or the heart it is
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clear that the shooting did not take place from a close distance or from the area where the security forces were present a serious investigation is ongoing to find out who is behind such a wicked and he miss operation. well the prime minister says he'll meet protestors to discuss their demands and he's already announced a 17 point reform plan to try to appease them. these says any dead protesters will be designated martyrs that will ensure their families are granted special privileges is also promised that those injured will be treated at the expense of the state including overseas medical care the government will set up a program to train $150000.00 unemployed iraqis and offer loans for small and medium sized businesses it will also provide a 3 month jobseekers allowance for another $150000.00 people but he says protesters must reciprocate and end the rallies which have paralyzed the capital and several other cities since tuesday they want calm as more now from the capital back that.
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iraqi progress. seems to be under a tremendous amount of pressure within the corridors of power there is a significant move to try and call for elections he's only been in power for a year and he's tried to appeal for calm over the last few days just a few days ago he was saying that he needed time to try and mount a cabinet reshuffle to try to address some of the protesters demands that hasn't worked at protests still ongoing and they seem to be getting larger particularly in the south of the country and in the center of the country now he's also been speaking very recently in the last 12 hours where he's been talking about the protest movement itself that's interesting he's actually addressed the issue of life eye on the protesters he said what's going on is that the security forces only fire when they come under threat that is being rubbished by the protesters who say the security forces are actually firing indiscriminately he also addressed the
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protesters concerns and said i'm going to go and i'll sit with them and i'll listen to them it's actually worth taking a look at what he had to say. i'm ready to go with broadly proteus is stationed and meet them on boys to other locations in other provinces without any armed forces i will go and meet them without weapons and sit with them for hours to listen to the demands and if this will ease the situation the number 80 to do that in the coming days and the scenes return we call them halting the protests in baghdad streets and also in the provinces so that's a promise that they're addressing the concerns of the protesters however we are hearing that the protest movement will continue i was out on the streets of baghdad intact or a square the focal point on sunday afternoon what i saw was a tremendous amount of security i was also hearing that protesters were gathering in small number around the streets of baghdad. exit polls
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out of tunisia show the country's main religious party the enough the party has come 1st in parliamentary elections earlier the head of the heart of tunis the a party said it had won voter turnout has been low amid growing frustration with the established parties and their failure to solve the economic crisis well joins us live now from the capital tunis and hashem is of course been covering these elections at tell us a little bit about this and not there a victory by how much in was it a surprise. no it was not a surprise another party who was one of the most important political parties is 2011 into this year however they came 1st but they have not managed to secure the same number of seats they did in 2014 which means that in a whirl another losing some ground the party that came next was the 2nd was the part of tunisia that's that's a significant. victory for the before heart of today is it because it was founded
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only 3 months ago by the media tycoon that we will cover we who is in jail and this year and this party's likely to shape the future of an it coalition in. the party that came 3rd which is another surprise in the election is the constitutional liberal party mostly a party affiliated with the. political party of the former presidents they lived in been highly the 4th is a coalition of independent candidates now the biggest problem in these results barbara is that another which came 1st and that was came 2nd made it's clear that they're not going to form a coalition government because they are widely considered as an opposing of the political spectrum in tunisia and the likelihood of a political impasse into this you know is really high. which i guess complicates many situations and economic problems that tunisia is facing and also we can sense
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a bit of a discontent among the voting public because actually turnout i mean i think it was in the mid 20 percent in the middle of the afternoon and even at closing time the turnout has been an issue hasn't it that is absolutely no down the voters' intent is you continue to those strong messages of rebuke to the political establishment closing to night many of the established political parties like the heart of tunisia like. tunis have been severely punished by voters there were they have made significant gains in 2014 a completely losing ground the president the 1st round of presidential election we saw we've seen the same pattern which is voters is sitting as you are frustrated with the political it is choosing outsiders the former. retired law professor who is now the likely candidates.


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