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tv   Tunisia The Battle For Independence - Division  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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singh and also we can sense a bit of a discontent among the voting public because actually turnout i mean i think it was in the mid 20 percent in the middle of the afternoon and even at closing time the turnout has been an issue hasn't it. there is absolutely no down of the voters in to continue to send those strong messages of a view to the political establishment closing to the night many of the established political parties like the heart of like. have been severely punished by voters who were they made significant gains in 2014 a completely losing ground the president the 1st round of presidential election we've seen the same pattern which is voters is sitting as you are frustrated with the political choosing outsiders the former. retired law professor who is now the likely candidate to become president and the man in jail that we will cover we
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who came 2nd in the presidential election the reason for that discontent is that people say that since 2011 the political elite failed to deliver on the promises they made when it comes to improving the living standards of the tin is in this is a country that has very small natural resources and there's this great demand from the people for better economy for bit better living standards for also increasing wages for for the workers something that the government cannot afford to make because the revenues he has are really very limited and i think now the new interim president will give another party a 45 days to form a coalition government if that doesn't happen they will have to seek and see whether the heart of tunisia can reach out to. other political parties within the parliament and form a coalition if that doesn't work it will have to call for new elections you elections simply mean that many it is there will be further upset frustrated with
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the political establishment and we might see another vote. so i can say that this is really a delicate situation for the country i remember in 20111214 when i was here covering the elections it is the mountain was read it because it up on the hopes were really high about a bunch of future that sentiment is no longer valid in tunisia and of course uneasy the 1st country of the arab spring and has always been seen by the outside world is very much a sort of emblem and symbol of its will be interesting to see how it all develops with the latest from tunis russian thank you now exit polls out of cos of osho to opposition parties coming 1st in elections there in the center left self-determination party and the center right democratic league of course of all look set to get 30 percent of the vote each the snap election was called following the resignation of the former prime minister on which head of the ny he's been
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summoned to appear before a war crimes court in the hague over his previous role as one of the commanders of the former costs of all liberation army. on meanwhile in portugal elections there as well exit polls for the country's ruling socialists on track to win its election with between 34 and 39 percent of the vote the prime minister antonio costas socialists were predicted to come out on top the opposition p.s. the party looks set to come in 2nd winning between 27 and 31 percent of the vote cost us prospects have been helped by portugal's economy which is growing more than the e.u. average thanks partly to a booming tourism industry. still to come in this half hour was the. thousands rally against the french government's plan to let single women and lesbians have babies via i.v.'s. and whether she marge is an unlikely winner from the u.s. china trade watch but garment workers say they are still being exploited. hello
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proper or tom was about to turn up in the military in that stormy weather and it's because of this really just it's like cloud and he did it is but behind it behind us a cold front therefore there is theoretically and actually a little bit colder now overnight that rain is going to head south it is snow over the alps and end up was cooler over the adriatic and the central mediterranean and you know what that means thunderstorms aplenty from sudden italy stretching back into north africa and across into greece and probably beyond and sundry weather tends to just the potential still for flash floods is colder drier sunnier in much of central eastern europe 8 to 11 degrees for you typically and still in the teens in the west near of the atlantic as opposed to not quite that cold yet and still
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very breezy on those the next band of rain is on its way into tuesday so the british isles the low countries denmark stretching down through germany well which time still the weather will spread across to the g.n. up towards the black sea greece looks a bit better and it's really looks a bit better because that rain does have the tail end into rogerian and maybe more specially to do so temperatures come down the potential for flooding comes back and that rain is slow moving crossing into libya. incarcerated. in russia's toughest prisons stripped off their liberties. and unexpected creative opportunities. a singing contest like no other offers a chance of redemption and hope for the talented few. visit in life inside
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and out a tale of fingers and murderers on al-jazeera. reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against u.s. president donald trump the person's lawyer says his client has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the journal complaining iraq's government has denied any of its security forces have fired directly on testers during 6 days of violent demonstrations this as another 5 people have been confirmed dead in baghdad
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taking the total number killed to 109 and the exit polls show tunisia's main religious party enough that coming 1st in parliamentary elections just ahead of its main rival the heart of tunisia turnout was low across the country amid growing frustration with a staff wished part of. the yemeni government says health services are struggling because of worsening petrol shortages the oil ministry is blaming the saudi u.a.e. coalition for imposing restrictions on fuel imports just one tanker has been granted permission to dock in the past 2 weeks providing enough fuel for just 5 days one and a half 1000000 students in jordan have returned to school after the teachers union announced the end of a month long nationwide strike the deal came after the government began legal steps against the union because they rejected an initial initial pay increase offer last week teachers had been demanding
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a 50 percent pay rise which the government had said would put $2.00 biggest strain on the country's finances a new deal will see salaries rise by up to 60 percent from next year. police in hong kong have once again clashed with protesters after tens of thousands the fi the ban on face masks to march through the city in heavy rain the chief executive carry land banned facial coverings in the hopes of coming for months of anti-government demonstrations but the move appears to have galvanized the city's use scott heide lawyer has more now from one cong. defying the mast bad and flouting the police who projected approval for their march thousands of hong kong protesters also ignored heavy rain most of them covering their faces beneath a sea of umbrellas this was the 3rd successive day of protests against the mass ban imposed by chief executive kerry lam she said emergency legislation last invoked
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during riots 50 years ago was needed after 4 months of protest against her rule the protest continued after the high court rejected an injunction challenging the ban judges say they'll review it later this month was after police blamed vandalism for shutting down the entire system on saturday more than half of all m.t.r. metro stations were closed on sunday. the protests which started peacefully quickly changed those there just to march fled from the front line as demonstrators regarded as hard core began to confront police hurling bricks and rocks at. their offense met by tear gas the demonstrators forced to head back to where they came from the park just as you can see on a pretty stiff over treating i what's been happening now for a couple of hours into this month that started peacefully but the major confrontation is taking place right around the police headquarters police pontiac us all from the complex itself and also from above while the protesters are
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fighting against what they see as increasing control from beijing they doubt change will come with the highlights and i say generally much i look at we know that this will not change the current situation us. as you can see the peaceful protesters the hard cold protest is however i think the meaning of these protests is more important we need to let the government know that we will not surrender. the protesters were arrested could be charged with not only participating in illegal gathering but also recovering their fridge got other al-jazeera. chinese souldiers also warned protesters who shown laser lights at their barracks in hong kong but they could be arrested it was the 1st direct interaction with military forces from the mainland in the city's 4 months of anti-government protests a yellow flag was raised from inside the barracks in calhoun tong warning demonstrators that they were breaking the law and could be prosecuted. north
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korea has accused the u.s. so falsely suggesting both sides are open to meeting again one day after denuclearization talks were called off in stockholm young says it will not meet washington for more quote sickening negotiations unless it abandons its hostile policy against north korea north korea's chief negotiator says saturday stalls broke down because the u.s. came to the negotiating table empty handed washington says the 2 sides had good discussions. in the u.s. 4 people have been killed and 5 wounded in a shooting in kansas city police are still searching for the 2 gunmen they fled after opening fire inside a members only bar in the early hours of sunday morning the motive remains unclear but police believe it was an isolated incident. thousands of rallied in the ukrainian capital kiev against a plan to hold a local election in the rebel held east protesters say the move is as
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a major concession to russia here in moscow signed a tentative agreement with russian backed separatists on tuesday set out guidelines for the vote around $13000.00 people have been killed in the 5 year conflict between separatists and ukrainian troops in the east ukraine's president says the deal is a vital step towards a peaceful settlement. thousands of people have rallied in paris against a new law that will widen access the idea of treatment to lesbian couples and single women under the current french law only heterosexual couples can access the medically assisted reproductive treatment if the law passes it will bring france in line with other european countries that live reports from paris the demonstration in paris began outside the french senate protesters want senators to change a proposed law the would allow access to i.v.'s for single and gay women not just
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those in a heterosexual couple they say the french government's new bioethics bill would deprive children of a father and destroy the moral fabric of french society and some worry could be expanded to legalize sarkozy. the law doesn't take into account all the right of the child or it future it only accounts for a woman's desire to have a child. it's important to defend the family unit a mother and a father for the balance of french society and for children's welfare the march was peaceful but police officers broke up a small council protest the controversial bill has divided opinion in september french m.p.'s approved it but only after a fiery debate over the report how dare you decide to inscribe into law that a child be deprived of the father this shocks me yes i'm emotional you are playing with fire these protesters access to. women this is
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a very serious crisis recent world to call like many of these people in the street 6 years ago to protest against gay marriage but the supporters of the proposed no they say it would be a victory for women's rights when she reached her mid thirty's benedict wanted to become a mother as a single woman she was unable to access i.v.'s in france so she travelled to denmark and portugal with the treatment is legally. if a little to all women i fell out low in my own country because i just wanted a baby and that right was ok all the european countries but not in france benedick son is now 14 months old he doesn't have a father 1st say although that mother in law and though the fact that he was wanted if the bio ethics bill becomes law it will fulfill one of french president emanuel mark ross campaign promises and create hope for single and gay women who
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dream of becoming a parent but these protesters say they won't give up their battle to protect traditional family values and stop the legislation for being passed. al-jazeera paris the trade war between the u.s. and china is proving good news for garment factories in bangladesh some manufacturers are moving production there and the country's exports are growing but bangladeshi workers say wages and safety standards are still too low and their chadri reports now from mushroom. bangladesh's garment industry is 2nd largest clothing exporter in the world after china it accounts for 80 percent of the country's total exports and it's expected to benefit the most from the fallout of the u.s. china trade war u.s. retailers are placing more orders with bangladesh to offset increasing tariffs on chinese goods because of the fact that there is no trade war. because of the
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present page they're looking at this region and bangladesh is certainly one of the beneficiaries of those orders coming in. to avoid the effects of the trade war chinese factories are relocating to elsewhere in asia bangladesh is low wage gives it a competitive edge in this labor intensive industry bangladesh has the most sustainable supply chain currently and we are the most compliant therefore there is no reason for bangladesh not to gain from this from this opportunity but we would need the help because consistently bangladesh has suffered a decline in prices so we seek the corporation and empathy of the rest of the world apparel exporter has boomed in recent years but workers are not satisfied with the new minimum wage set by the government last year precedent.
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for bangladesh's garment industry which has benefited from a rise in demand for its good but on a recent study 91 percent of the workers said their income is not enough to feed themselves and their families there has been criticism from the workers union and n.g.o.s that the rise in export benefit only the factory owners and international buyers not the workers gloppy part of being a garment worker lives with her family in a small one room quarter she struggles with her monthly expenses without her husband's income it would be hard for the family to get by. on a lot of this it's still very difficult for us i have to spend a considerable amount for my children's school fees and other expenses like medicine food rent and so on although the country's government export to the u.s. market grew in recent months things may not remain so rosy if president goes ahead with his plan and impose additional tariffs on apper all imports bangladesh already
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plays 15.3 percent duties to the u.s. amongst the highest of any nation tender child really i'll just. bangladesh. now changing batteries is usually a fairly straightforward task but not if you're on the international space station astronauts christopher cook and andrew morgan ventured out earlier to remove 2 old batteries in the 1st of 10 planned space walks they can see that replaced it with a new more powerful lithium ion one delivered a week ago no easy task as the new battery is half the size of a fridge. more and that everything else has been covering on the website. and now a reminder of our top stories a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against us
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president donald trump a lawyer who is now representing both people says his client has spoken to the head of the intelligence community's internal watchdog and he says the new whistleblower has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the original complaint trump is accused of using his position to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden and the sun ahead of next year's u.s. presidential election trump is repeatedly rejected the overage you know complaint iraq's government has denied that any of its security forces a fired directly at protesters during 6 days of violence demonstrations but the best talk continues to rise with another 5 people confirmed killed on sunday 109 have now been killed since the unrest began on tuesday and more than 6000 have been injured. really out of a limb cannot occasion everyone knows there were no armed battles clashes or confrontations between the security forces and the protesters but there were wicked
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and he knows hands that targeted the victims on both sides when we went and checked the bodies of the martyrs the injuries were in the head or the heart it is clear that the shooting did not take place from a close distance or from the area where the security forces were present a serious investigation is ongoing to find out who is behind such a wicked and he mis operation administered exit polls out of tunisia show the country's main religious party and the 3rd coming 1st in parliamentary elections with 17 percent it's just ahead of its main rival that's the heart of tunisia a party voter turnout was low amid growing frustration with the established parties and their failure to solve the economic crisis and police in hong kong have again clashed with protesters after tens of thousands the 5 a ban on face masks to march through the city in heavy rain chief executive kerry lam banned facial coverings in the hopes of coming for months of anti-government demonstrations. there are those
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a war the top stories talk to al-jazeera is coming up next with malawi's president peter mubarak and i'm going to have more news for you right here in half an hour i hope you'll join me then. as for all those. who say. he's governed a small african nation of malawi since 2014 petes him with the reka is a lawyer and professor who ran for a 2nd 5 year term in elections earlier this year but opposition parties said there were irregularities in the vote and the high court temporarily prevented the
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results from being released. the election commission has since declared the 79 year old with the reka the winner of the violence. leading to thousands of malawians protesting against the decision. police fired tear gas of protesters as the government accused the opposition of attempting to overthrow the president by force . now as he begins his new faces several issues including corruption poverty and health care we'll ask him what he intends to do to tackle these challenges malawi's president pizza moved to reka talks to al-jazeera. a term with the rica president of malawi thank you for talking to al-jazeera that you were recently reelected as president but it was a most controversial election with all sorts of allegations of vote tampering was
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it a free and fair election yes i think it was a quarter to 6 internationals there was there going union there come on off in the afternoon here in the b. side a quick. all of them said they were actually free fair and credible in for they would save them all you like they were to conducted should be an example to the rest of africa you know it can be that free for an incredible the problem though is how people in your own country perceive face or unclearly there are some people who say yes you are the president of the country but not the legitimate president of the country how do you win those people over well you still bullish and obviously one of the people in the country is the opposition in the position decided they lost the election and so i don't accept their size defeat and i think that trying to save their face by saying the election were rigged it wasn't going to court no then
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court so the code you saw where they flog the election was rigged going oh gosh royal and then the election will go to rig free fair and credible you know the allegations that making and perhaps you know the name they're calling you mr to pax because it's claimed that correction fluid used for tight rights is was used to change the ballot papers do you think there's any truth that i could have happened in any polling station i don't know what or the point of size a school musters and had to use so they used to pics to correct in schools on the u. of this cemetery or to correct the allowed to correct one of the long if god different problems or substructure and problems they're going to correct about their own and that's what they are trying to they did in some cases where they are wrong i didn't wish in the mid gregson in front of everybody all morning times including on us and
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also on mine does all the opposition those i'm struggling know won't do with what's going on so you don't believe there was any way in which there were a few mistakes made even if you didn't even if you believe the result was valid maybe i did from somewhere maybe 2 plus 2 of the 5. they realized issue before then they take that depicts correction fluid to correct that that's a loan thing i make corrections because what i did was from various polling stations the tightness and in the process of i doing i'm sure some dance music summit and if you discover the mistake the corrected in front of or the morning from the government also for the opposition should absolutely no no proof no sense what's wrong you've seen the people on the streets as you know this precedes through the courts how does this challenge to your legitimacy and your authority affect your ability to carry out the program you want to carry out
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a way to doesn't got your what number of things to take into account 1st of all then you call to that side and you can go to court i'm telling you the election results and another sometime the us before the chairperson and so i do to resign coming to a question only done to affect have been occurring or development programs that going on while doing that schools infrastructure all the things i promised in the company and the money for a strong we're going. up one point you try to pound on the protest you think that was a mistake you know we never try to bundaberg you had a 14 day down on the president no i don't abide i've read it was it that proto under the constitution. piers for process of our own and i support thought i'm one of the draft us with a completely different i'm a comparative courses where myself what has happened in vietnam inflation or the fiver they have been violent probit had been destroyed or 500 people have been
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severely in. total buildings destroyed schools burned and so forth now without a break do indeed want to go to court and ask get an injunction to say that. want to stop violent demonstrations until until they organize us on the demonstrations we carry the opposition parties through the hoops so-called human rights defenders correlation until they can prove to the court that in fact they'll be able to conduct peaceful demonstrations i strata put of the people on those who would protect the country and that's what that done and you know if doing so it's not over is another a stretch is what up on our polls writes not on legitimate rights and more the sorts along to protest no no i will also about demonstrations but this approach this will probity when you engage in peace and demonstration end up destroying
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other people's probity injuring people. oh intimidating people so they cannot move out freely you know you fringing up one there right no right is absolute it's all relative they must all be bunched together or the 14 rights in the constitution bill rise there must be bias no single right is spewed to the other that's all we're saying book would be all message to those protesting on the message that would have stopped this where there's no point at all a by the way you're talking about what texting while 56 elections every election the protested every election but the loans are going to court and protest that it will be a week 6 elections you know why the my congress money for the party but as people forfeit money and they come on bond a dictatorship that is not was the man who founded your nation question led a one party system for so long not going to one party system but one person says
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it's a one person dictatorship but the party don't count one person because but in every nerve in the party was associated with violence killings people disappearing people thrown into the river to be eaten by crocodiles people remember that there's no way i can assure you that there's no way malawians what everyone vote for the my congress party that's why the last last 6 elections and we know this when they met in february quizzically which is. that all my congress money and my son tombo they did over the so-called human rights defense coalition we agree we have that they are great that if they don't win the election this time if they lose the going to cause more lies next to the government will be unable to govern the country that's what they're doing is a scaped that would get up on in february their actions with the me they lost the
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election and immediately started these these things now when. would accept this a bit of a bit torrent we're going to accept these no the last time when they wanted to go on a cruise the airport on the border i said if they did that they would use force go that would be our gratian i guess that they're going to agree to that are going to are among those demonstrating a many young people and i don't want to be rude but they don't opposition candidates were quite a bit younger than you in the election in fact during the campaign there was even at one point to remember that you had died in terms of outside so many times in terms of succession do you need to bring on someone younger to groom them to take a vote for many young people have begun mean that you're in the cabinet how thick i believe forward that young people. that young and one of the people with a member of parliament she was here abroad she's 23 i don't think so this had to
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groom somebody this is a democracy this road a monarchy i can or to anoint him bori the people or decide in predator footprint in 3 of the convention who should be the leader of the party and therefore the presidential guy. the big route in politics right now is about the election but one of the other big issues in your country on going issue since you've had democracy has been the issue of corruption where it dulled joe predecessor joyce banda the cash gate scandal 201320148 3rd of the government's money disappears right there were allegations of corruption at the time when your brother was president there been allegations made against you even how corrupt is malawi's i don't remember having not cooperated. rather different way in other countries.
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there was a quick rub somewhere on those corruption biblical times those high priests. when corrupt and they all be corruption i know 20 of them go maybe 15 the dado public prosecutions estimated that maybe fed of a saint or income disappears with corruption there would be corruption but we try to manage it prosecuted the cust good people the 57 people indicted about 50 now been convicted someone in jail well fighting corruption one of them to grow up and bureau of funding that financing to youth agency to fund fiscal police well funny that when i die joe public prosecutions there for years is not in force me to use it they're doing their best at it but also the prop corruption the private sector in the media everywhere in the 5th
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community that's corruption like you know the country what we need is collective action on the part of the central government local government palming the codes the media faith community trade unions civil society all those we do i collected to fight corruption let me ask you though about yourself because you know your form of vice president who then went on to be one of the candidates against you one of the opposition candidates claims that money from police russians funds to place russians ended up in your policies bank accounts spread have you ever done anything corrupt you know how and in fighting the number one incident what happened was. we're trying to rebuild the party headquarters raising money donations to build the body headquarters and this person donated money to an account that's going to drop by the president they don't know we discover it. but in this business
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money was not really involved in some corner of fraud we didn't even know was involved some going to fraud at some point and they suspected that maybe the money into the that float fraud and he had overcharged actually that he knew that some of that my do need to be part once you discover that return the money that they broke under grew up in butte had a chicken farm but the money was used to pay for that by the headquarters there so the money isn't tight it's in the ground and the count in it has been frozen no i never benefited one like that one penny it is boy dicks. and people are going to vine days with all this mess and go around all these beds and that is politics and corruption is obviously just one of the economic challenges you've got ice you have
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a country that's one of the least developed countries in the world you have a lot of public see in your country how are you transforming or trying to transform the economy of malawi which mainly relies on exports of agricultural policy products i think and you saw what trying to unify go right because you say we need to turn our say for money importing consuming country. drop producing and exporting country and i think either is the key or do we have the corn market the stuff we got sadik afghan community market but also we have access to. markets food what the court everything but you need to do that would i'm sure you know about but to take advantage of those markets will go to produce something to sell you have to have something to sell one fica someplace else so we're going to one functioning why do you shouldn't more say now you guys are under a welcome but now we were told about how do you improve the economy why good enough
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very expensive skills development program training people young people invest skills with it cop into i.c.t. welding building whatever where doing that so far i've upgraded 14 community to go calling it by the end or the end there will be 281 in each district i do hope so skills training and then in frankston building their own son for for the transport making easy for people from rule area take their products and to the urban areas to market and it is 5 percent of people living room areas. they need to able to sell their product so or invest in education skills training infrastructure and growth like a green card the way i do from roy indefinitely vision if you can do that probably . i think you margo to be wrong however because of their ios i've destroyed so much
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of the gun on me i think reload reviving the estimates they go down on it will be because they'll destroy the infrastructure an industrial slowdown some people are afraid to open the strong ones for fear of rude of them for brought us back but i'm hoping that is a temporary there is a trend in africa of many african countries looking for economic transformation right turning to china and i know that your country is back in 2008 you switched your recognition from taiwan to beijing and you certainly have chinese investment and no one the 1st things they built was your new parliament building do you though think there are dangers of getting too close to china and the belton road initiative because you are perhaps not as close to china as some of your neighbors when he was again here i might well argue well i did all the knowledge and also
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lets me on my cell clearly i'll tell you some some western countries believe that china is pursuing not just an economic but potentially a political project like on this and you even heard the maori africa well you even heard the secretary general of the un in his speech in the general assembly said i fear the possibility of a great fracture the world splitting into 2 with the 2 largest economies on earth creating 2 separate and competing worlds each with their own dominant currency trading financial rules their own internet and artificial intelligence capabilities and their own 0 sum geo political and military strategies do you want to be in the position mr president of choosing between the. no known to be true but that has not been the case for that's what it is we had to cornwall so that you know one side united states nato on the other side and country it is not just in africa had to choose that well it was how much they were adventurers were no choice to go to
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a week or what would go do children this and so depending on some but but i don't think afghans who choose not to i reached a point where we were growing and therefore we must take our friends when they were asked of for the traditional friends they'll always be there by the new friends i try and i jump on india coming up once on brazil but you know playing on one base will be a russian afghan's i mean does you probably know next month for the fest i'm there will be a saudi arabia african summit in november so all these people and there was a turkish afghan summit a few days ago so there are various groups countries that are trying to engage africa to bring africa into the global economy i don't think the question of choosing really is a question will be engaging in congo relations with whoever we think is going to benefit us we're still making a choice implies someone you know that grew out of
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a youngster somebody. dominated by somebody that we must please i don't know that's the way now true but the geopolitical situation i think more questioning good maint diversifying our friends and their own mutually exclusive their own love for us to their own interests obviously every country has its own interests obviously there's no free alliance we know that but we also have on interest and we try to money them in a manner that's been efficient to our countries in africa let me ask you about one of the biggest challenge. is that many believe is facing the planets and that is climate change you well mozambique both front of no but you were hit by cyclonic die and cycling kenneth earlier on and then in the year you're country is suffered every few years from droughts how worried are you about climate change and what it
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could do to malawi wherever we're very widely and when i do go one in print of what being in for about 10 to 15 what they work from doesn't mean by humayun is free i thought of the country was flooded completely and there's over it was completed drought that led to a food shortage out over 8000000 people who are food insecure who had run over they won't try to find me a goodbye to free the people so it's really trying you know the electricity 98 percent obama power come from from the. river from the lake the lake they were going down so we're going to know about this article because the scientists say that the world leaders are not keeping up with the problem and potentially this become but they reversible what do you say to world leaders who are ignoring this i
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think of countries like for example brazil and australia i am the most powerful country on earth donald trump isn't interested in climate change what do you say to those leaders no i think that we will ask him to. listen more to the sound his robe a warning is real i don't eat i've been to my line but you go in there and you drive from room to month are now probably federal for the british half of the us there nor done under them is so high the water has gone the bride out i think we need to you know when the eggs thing started people would dismiss it. i told percent of your population ratio the positive yes but then yeah but it's no much more digests on a meeting with them said by george bush just came from their own is going down my house really improved installation is good and bad done better but what i'm saying
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is when ed started most people dismissed it we didn't realize the dimension of it now we do know i think it's collective responsibility but amazon is what happens at those forests destroyed that i think won't be long then whatever it is in the rest of the warsaw front we were short range than we have now so it's up going to have thing and you see what happens in my long afaics people in remote or oh whatever place people are because it's not a global war and i think is very important that the leaders get together as we did here and this yes they look at this problem as a global problem no country is going to live in isolation the fact they have a warning just like migration and employment in the ward that affects everybody in the european union much but in my unemployment in my own let's go that's right
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immigrant program through what to give them to help me do so when employment in mali who can do that those boys won't leave on crossly mention to come to you oh they'll go there good egg on their ass so help us make sure that the job's in maui stay there so they are useful not leave to go to rio so it's a collective collective issue it's not one country on. mr president finally what is your vision for malawi what do you want to be your legacy well i would like my lodging to be self-sustaining friends won't save sustaining said and then i would like my food to grow in part the youth women people in roy and that's why i introduced a skills training program because you know i use and remain i'll go home but i'm not through the night on infrastructure the connect people people in rural areas
4:45 am
are going to get into this city and i hope we're going to. why engage in a program of subsidizing housing for people in rural areas the poor people from is headed by. other children and edit be able. to do them all these people well bring them free holidays and out to subsidize homes for the payment holidays i'm hoping to 50 they'll be you know my dear god thank god it is in line and i would like my legacy to be that i tried to improve the life of the people people who want to be able to rule as women and the youth i did my best i tried to make their life better to make life hoppin bustle happening and they say make going to get so many bands life liberty and pursuit of happiness we need a bus without a hobby a people i know time is up people i hope but in all my data my answer will be
4:46 am
happier than they way in 2040 when i took on and i think we're getting them well you know and i do much appreciate them your interest in my well being. president of malawi thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera station and good . things. it.
4:47 am
was good. enough.
4:48 am
after the genocide of women on the most vulnerable they would have to for a time this has been live to them. one woman's vision uplifted many could last who do it's not easy this always existed they thought using it to empower women transforming lives in her community on and off the pitch able to take their children to school doesn't talk to decision but passion was reaching its goal women make change on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry against us president donald trump a lawyer who is now representing both people says his client has spoken to the head
4:49 am
of the intelligence communities internal watchdog and he says the new was a blower has 1st hand knowledge of some of the allegations made in the original complaint trump is accused of using his position to pressure ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden and his son ahead of next year's u.s. presidential elections. exit polls out of the new zealand show the country's main religious party and not the party has come 1st in parliamentary elections earlier the head of the heart of tea party said it had won voter turnout has been low made growing frustration with the established parties and their failure to solve the economic crisis asham how bad it has more now from tunis. now it was not a surprise another party or worse one of the most important political parties is 2011 in tennessee however they came 1st but they have not managed to secure the same number of seats they did in 2014 which means that you know we're losing some
4:50 am
ground the party that came next was the 2nd was the heart of tunisia and that's that's a significant. victory for the before heart of today is it because it was founded only 3 months ago by the media tycoon the bugle call we who is in jail and this year and this party's likely to shape the future of any coalition in. the the party that came 3rd which is another surprise in the election is the constitutional liberal party of morsi a party affiliated with the. political party of the former president's been highly the 4th is a coalition of independent candidates now the biggest problem in these results is that another which came 1st and hard to tease that was came 2nd and made it clear that they're not going to form a coalition government because they are widely considered as an opposing of the political spectrum in tunisia and the likelihood of a political impasse. is really high there is absolutely no down the voters' intent
4:51 am
as you continue. those strong messages of rebuke to the political establishment in tunis the i clued into tonight many of the established political parties like the heart of tunisia like. tunis have been severely punished by voters who were. they've made significant gains in 2014 a completely losing ground to the president the 1st round of presidential election we've seen the same pattern which is voters is sit in his ear frustrated with the political choosing outsiders the former. retired law professor who is now the likely candidate to become president and the man in jail that we will cover we who came 2nd in the presidential election iraq's government has denied that any of its security forces have fired directly at protesters during 6 days of violent demonstrations but the best talk continues to rise with another 5 people confirmed
4:52 am
killed on sunday i think up to. 109 people have now been killed since the end rest began on tuesday and more than 6000 have been injured the violence continues despite the prime minister announcing a number of measures to try to appease protesters. exit polls out of kossovo show 2 opposition parties coming 1st in elections they're the center left self-determination party in the center right democratic league of kosovo looks set to get 30 percent of the vote each the snap election was called following the resignation of the former prime minister ahmed shah to deny he has been summoned to appear before a war crimes court in the hague. meanwhile exit polls put portugal's ruling socialists on track to win there with between 34 and 39 percent of the vote prime minister antonio cos the socialists were predicted to come out on top the opposition p.s. the party looks set to come in 2nd those that war at the top stories i'm going to
4:53 am
have more on all of them in half an hour and also on the news hour that's coming up at $21.00 g.m.t. coming up next prison lives inside and out as you see. it. in.
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the morning. we'll be. right. the i'm. going to. the you.
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know watching news dixie now the show pony is going again we're screwed over to the bridge motor but made to look at it but obama had to be stymied to get at quotable . he saw. this thing between. the by email to me. the constant. need is the motor and you. used just we're just going to do some business review. it was only a year but it would be true then you did this chicken gurgle. but it got the new one is what i though you had to source to hear the most gloomy of putting in a good 30 with those but it's not going to switch to the usual morse code because chess at what your own is rules are in your my mil the abuse you sure there are
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such as. no nola movement. in the us is like. the us or with us that program up ok any melissy of the system might be it's still national hispanic rather. bitterly national program who watches. the peace news be at the c.s. it may not and chang business. in the previous his dog to do he will ask please. stop the world in the us of this it was just accomplished this is the. us that was particular which is unique reciprocity get over to. your congress is that it would be cheaper or durable to bring the action was a girl in the mirror. usually i had. to watch it.
4:57 am
yes i mean yes but was it the work or. the i mean you're. going to my last week but my you boys. have been huge slabs of leisure and you are just as you have been breakthrough year. talk about something you lost or broken a bijection she hasn't got all. your resources of course is a guess if you want to. delete it. if you need. to. but. she. is again. seeing. bush has.
4:58 am
changed feet under mubarak eat. eat. eat eat eat. eat eat and. please receipt and don't eat. and. see that we have to bear the least me yet and beyond borders. and as. 'd you. know. more through the roof it would be a producer. but i do see it when you meet interest not. just the watch he is
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just come by he says production but i am just not. where i want to get on my. bicycle in the grass there are. times when just let me push closer still. store and you should cheer when you do would you still on by you. and you have one course the 1st time you got homework actually. and i just gushing you still get the chilean baseball. card is lost more like us but you suffered a bleeding bush but you guys are so dreamy when you start also thinking about programming what the most of the concourse going across the little mccarthy. do you feel is. more poignant for all. your boys.
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is it that you know but i'd say you're just i had a bunch of people but i've never actually. hear the broad you would say for i suddenly just look to. you but otherwise you know what the hell will you know what i wouldn't know what you're doing whether i would do it you know whether you know i will get there but i want to before always. it is just. that when you're. done with that. when you put just a little person that's the great. think about was how would you build your. shelf for women on the bimah nights when the women nice you got daughter and son in a tombstone you would you buy and. use your new zealander's when you might see. a
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daughter moved by you to bear. the brule star you need to.


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